Solo (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

There's nothing to fear
anymore, dad.

The Patriarch can't do
anything about it.

When are we going to talk to him?

You are not coming with me.

Marco will accompany me.

He will be dealing with
what we have regained...

...until needed.

It is thanks to him
that we are still here.

But I am your son!

- It's me who bears the Corona name...
- Stop it, Bruno!

I won't change my mind!

You have never
noticed anything, dad.

Of what I did for you...

- say: 'I'm proud of my son!'
- I've been proud of you!

But now, I don't trust you anymore.

Don't you trust your own blood, dad?

But you trust a shitty cop!

What are you saying?

Take it easy...

It was just me and him
on that boat, dad.

Only me and him!

But then when I said that a cop
shot at me. I was telling the truth.

Marco... he shot at me!

I'm sorry, dad...

I'm sorry, I brought
him to our home.

it's my fault...

I was wrong about everything.

You were my biggest mistake.

- Bruno...
- Dad...


I'll handle this...

Tell me it's not true...

I wanted to...
but I couldn't do it.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because, your promises
are worthless...

You don't know
what you're saying, Agata.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

I don't want my child to
be like my brother.

Nor like you.

I'm not like your brother.

I've never been...

So, tell me, what should
I tell our son?

Who is his father?

He is an infiltrator...

he is a policeman.

How can I believe you?

It is the truth.

So, you have lied to me
since day one?!

The man who lied to you, isn't
the same you have in front of you now.

And now what are you going to do?

There's still a chance...

if I can give them the Patriarch,
we will start from scratch.

A new life, far away.
In another place.

That's the reason I wait until now.

Come here.
Please, wait...

Not now, Agata.

Please, not now...

Don't leave me alone.

That woman...
Did she work with you?


And did you really love her?

Were you married?

We would have after the operation.

Operation that included
our wedding!

Tell me the truth, Marco:
do you have any children?

What happened?

Why is it all open?

Where's my brother?

My father, where is he?

I found him on the floor...




How did it happen?

I was there...
I heard a noise,

like something fell.

I found him trembling...

But where is Pira?

But why didn't you call us?

What is this?
A questioning?

Are you sure you couldn't
have done anything?


This time you couldn't have
saved him either.


Take care of her now...

instead of worrying about me.



He didn't suffer.

I swear.

I made him suffer...

Get out...

Get out!

Go away!

From now on, we have
to be very careful.

We will have the eyes of the
Commission on us.

Do you understand?

Of course...

Of course, I understand.

Season 2

- My condolences
- Thank you.

- I'm here for you.
- Thank you...

- Courage.
- Thank you.

Bruno, your father was a man of
honor, may he rest in peace.

Carretta was our first provider.

I didn't expect so many people.

My father always said that it
isn't necessary to impart fear

respect is more important.

And I never understood
the difference.

Perhaps I understand it today.

Donna Assunta didn't come.

I suppose she send
someone else to cry.

Call Agata.

My condolences Bruno.

Agata let's go, come on...

I won't go in there.

You are the only woman in the
family. Don't do this to your father.

And where is aunt Assunta?

I don't know.

Do you know it?

According to you, did he kill him?

If anything happens, I'll meet you
at the house by the sea.

All right?


Now, you are my brother, Marco.

You will be my right arm,
as you were to my father.

By my side, in front of the Patriarch.

If this is what Don Antonio wanted...

Be ready,

because when you least expect it,

the son of man will come.

I don't see Carretta.

Do me a favor, call him.

I want him to say
something about my father.

Praise you, oh Christ.

I asked the parish priest, to kindly
offer the Homily, in this place,

and to read the crucifixion of Our
Lord Jesus of the Apostle John

because it reminds me of today.

It reminds me of what
my father left.

John says that it was Pilate who
wanted Jesus to be King.

Because the others, the priests
didn't want that.

John says that after the crucifixion,

below him, the soldiers who had
just nailed him to the cross

quarreled his clothes
like craving dogs...

"They split my clothes among them

and they let the destiny
over my tunic!"

But Jesus didn't care
about these things,

because he was a merciful man.

The mother was also there,
by the cross,

and the mother's sister...

And next to him, John himself,

who was his beloved disciple,
the one that loved him most...

And then, Jesus said to his mother:

"Woman, here is your son!"

And to John, he said: son...

here is your mother.

This is the testament of Jesus.

Nothing, no wealth,

he just wanted to establish
who was part of the family

and who wasn't...

And only then, when he realized
he had done, what had to be done,

he said: everything is complete.

He bowed his head and waited.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

May he always be praised.

My condolences, Bruno.

As it was expected for your
father, will be with you.

Thank you,

but you must know that
I am not my father.

Some things that you decided
with him, need to be reviewed.

What the father has kept silent
in life, the son takes on.

And very often the son is not up
to their father's expectations.

Let's go.

This is Emanuele Giraldi, from
the Service Operations Center.

He comes with me.

Thank you for reporting this.

Let's go...

Dr. Luca Novelli please report
in orthopedics.

Where are you taking me?

So, how did it go?

Marco managed to escape...

He managed to escape?

Did you lose him?

I'll take your head off
if you don't answer.

Speak, what happened?

A cop took him.

Did they arrest him?

It didn't seem like an arrest.

It didn't seem like an arrest...

Did you see the cop that took him?

And would you recognize him?

This place is not safe anymore,
we have to go away.

I have to change my
plans because of you.

You, find Lucia...

and don't come back until
you've found her, or I'll kill you!

That traitor will pay.


- What's up?
- Prepare your things, we have to go.

- Where is Marco?
- Marco is fine.

- Prepare your things.
- But why?

Because I say so.

You are still here?

- Where is agent Emanuele Giraldi?
- He's not here.

Go find him.
I want to know where he is.


Are you feeling better?

Let me understand: your boss
doesn't you know you're here?

There are several things
that my boss doesn't know.

And now you trust me more than her?

She was an operation agent,
like you.

In the last operation, she infiltrated
a lap of traffickers and...

she kept some of the stuff.



Obviously nobody knows anything,
for the Department she's clean,

however, I still I don't know
if I can trust her.

But, you will now explain to me how
you ended up in that hospital...

Bruno Corona tried to kill me.

- But weren't you friends?
- Oh yes, sure...

Don Antonio had chosen me,

to go to the Patriarch with him...

Then what happened?

And then Bruno found out

and he also killed his father.

Are you telling me it's over?

I saw the Patriarch,

I can recognize him.
It's not over.

The only chance you had to
get to the Patriarch went to hell.

I'll take you away from here.

I can't leave now.

What do you want to do?

I have to see Agata.

Bruno where are we?
Why did we come here?

Marco got arrested.

We have to hide here, for a while.

Take this to Ahmad.

Do you think he will talk?

I don't think anything.

I just know I have to protect you.

And Marco would agree.

Agata, now you must be
strong, even for him.

You talk about him
as if he is dead.

Go upstairs and pick a room.

I knew you would come.

Come here.

I still can't believe Bruno
tried to kill you...

He wants to make it even with
everyone, do you understand?

First he killed Donna Assunta,

then he tried to kill me

and I'm sure that he
killed your father.

If Bruno wants you dead,
we should go now.


He has a weak spot.

There is a person
he would never hurt.

What do you want me to do?

You have to work for me.

For us.

Let them believe
you're on his side.

Stay close to him and try to find
out where the Patriarch is.

I'll do the rest.

And my brother.

I know...

Don't be fooled,
Bruno will find out...

you won't be able to
save her every time...

you won't succeed...

Agata can look after herself.

Tell me.

She isn't home, not even her brother.

The car is there, they didn't take it.

Nobody saw anything?

What the hell does that mean?

What did they do?
Did they fly?

And at the port?


Maybe you didn't ask kindly.

Do one thing: get to
the coast,

from there go down to Reggio,
and I'll think of something.

You know Agata,

it was the worst moment of my life.

Dad was in front of me,

he looked at me...

he was crying for help

but I was paralyzed...

when I moved it was too late.

Do you remember this?

The knife.

Dad used it to slaughter the pigs.
Where did you get it?

I want you to baptize me.

We are at war, and I
want to stay by your side.

This is not a woman's thing...

But I want it.
I want it anyway.

Easy Agata...


Oh, I thought you weren't coming.

Did you leave your phone with Agata?

Well, then, as soon as we
are ready we can locate it.

I'm glad you're here.

You are the policeman I couldn't be.

Not for long, my friend.

As soon as I finish this operation,
I'll quit.


Because it wasn't
suppose to end this way...

It's not over Emanuele...

it's not over yet.

Is this enough?...

Was it enough?

I don't know anything...

Where is Quinto?

Answer me.
Where is Quinto?

You know nothing...

Will you talk?


I'll go right away.

Kill him.

No, you have to do something else.


I have triangulated the trace
of Agata's phone.

So Bruno is there...

It's hard to tell...

maybe she lost it,
or she got scared and threw it away.

How can you trust that woman?

The woman is calling.

- Agata...
- Marco...

Something is happening...

I think that Bruno is
about to kill someone...

Where is he?

I don't know...
I heard them talk about a woman...

Wait, I may know who
he's talking about.

We'll try to get there, stay calm.

Come on, you have to come with me.

Where are we going?
Where's Bruno?

He is waiting for us.

Where is he?

I don't know, I just obey.

Like you did with my aunt?

- Emanuele?
- I found them.

A room for two at
the "Stella" pension.

They checked in yesterday,
there is no check out date.

Where is it?

Villa San Giovanni.

I owe you my life.

As soon as we leave here,
all of this will end. I guarantee you.

Let's think about saving the old lady
now. With Corona it's over.

Maybe we take a boat...

I have to meet
Politi at the marina.

He wants an advance.

And when do we have to leave?

At five o'clock, if all goes well.

What are we doing?

Did you want your baptism?

Get off.

I will be right back.

Exit through the back.


Don't worry.
Just do so.

What room?


Let's go.

- Go around the back.
- Ok.

I had no other choice,

they wanted to kill my brother!

What should I have done?

I respect this.

And that's why I won't
do anything to you...


Shoot her.

Come here, quick.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go...

Did you call me?

Send the message to
the other families.

The moment has
arrived for everyone

to make the right choice,
according to the new rules.

Go and prepare the
men for the meeting.

Without his father, Bruno Corona
has become a menace for everyone,

and he must be stopped.

We have enough with the
actions of the Corona's.

Tell me what happened?

I killed her Marco, I killed her...

to convince Bruno...

If you hadn't done it,
he would have...

It's not your fault.

Is this what you tell yourself
to sleep at night?

Nobody comes out clean here.

Nobody comes out clean...

That doesn't change things for me.

Tell me what you want to do?

Tell me...

look at me, look at me...

Hey listen, listen...

Bruno will be after us forever,
and so will the police...

but tell me what you want to do?

Tell me...

look at me...

Do you want to stop?

It's all right for me, it's okay...

but tell me now
and we'll stop right away.

This has nothing to do with you...

it's not your fault...

this has nothing to do with you...

The owner says she
didn't see anything...

I have my doubts.

Do you think it is the
work of rival families?

To me, this looks more like
settling the scores.

An execution.

She had been reported
together with her brother

for having favored the
inaction of Bruno Corona.

If it's the Corona's work,
so Emanuele...

or our undercover agent
should inform us...

Former undercover agent.

Let's go, we won't
get anything from here.

Don't send it away,
I have to talk to him.

Oh, so how did it go?


What does that mean?

Did you see Agata?

Come with me.

I guarantee you as a woman
of honor, my shoulder...

cold as ice, strong like steel,
humble like silk.

My feet like lead,
my belly a grave,

my chest is a ballad,
my mouth a fairy.

Now you are ready to hold the
weight of the name you carry.

Shoot her.

Can I trust you?

I only have you.

And him.



The Patriarch has summoned
the districts.

And he will give me the regency
of the port and of the land...

And you will come with me.

You are the only family I have left.

You lied to me from the day one...

I'm not like your brother.

I've never been.

I killed her Marco...

I killed her...

Nobody comes out clean here.



Be careful...

We have the time and location of
the meeting with the Patriarch.

This evening.

Now it's up to you.

Your pacts with the undercover
agent are worthless...

I trusted you at first...

And you did well,
because I don't trust you,

I also didn't trust
the central command.

Look, we won't get
an opportunity like this again...

The undercover agent
should already be in jail.

It is thanks to him that we have
information about the meeting

and of the Patriarch's identity.

And let's see...
what do you want in return?

Immunity for Agata Corona.

- You can forget it.
- Agata isn't like them...

Marco's just using her
to bring Bruno to us.

Agata killed the girl who
betrayed Bruno Corona.

And Marco was there with them.

Is this how he's using her
against his brother?

First the accounts in Canada,
now murder...

Agata Corona is like them.

And you can tell Marco,

there will be no
deal on her immunity.


What a damn...

Why didn't you tell me shit?

You knew didn't you, Marco?

What the hell is this about?

That Agata killed Bruno's woman.

She was forced to do it...

Look, don't bullshit me...

don't give me that shit!

Agata is a criminal and will
be arrested just like her brother.

It's me who you've
put it in the middle!

You're done, Marco!
It's over! It's over...


Be calm, stay calm Emanuele...

This isn't over...
it's me who made her do it...

and it's thanks to Agata that
we have the Patriarch.

- Keep calm...
- No, no, you won't go anywhere.

We'll take the Patriarch.

Shit, Emanuele. You can't do this
to me, please, remove the handcuffs...

Yes, what are you going to do now?

You told me a bunch of bullshit.
You put me in the middle of this shit.

It's enough.

That's enough!

You're an asshole...

According to our source,

the meeting will
gather the regional commission.

We are talking about
local territorial leaders,

the representatives of the
important Trinity.

It is useless to explain to you the
importance of this mission.

We don't know exactly
how many will attend,

so we have to keep our eyes open.

The place is isolated and
offers many escape routes.

We must not leave one
millimeter without cover.

If we leave a gap,

the Patriarch will take advantage
of it to disappear again.

And so, our mission
will have failed.

But the man you should
fear the most...

is Bruno Corona.

He is an unscrupulous man.

With him we shall not
lower our guard, never.

He isn't like us,
but he's not like them either.

Bruno Corona has already died once.

You got what you wanted, right?

It seems like you're sorry.

We will get the Patriarch
and the Coronas because of you.

You've made the
right choice.

No, nothing has gone
right in this operation.

You are not like Marco.
Don't talk like him.

Do you think you know him so well?

No, but I know this job and
I know how it can change you.

When my mission is over, this will
be stuck on me. I'll take it with me.

I'm trying to get clean
with all I've got...

I suggest...

you don't lose sight
of the Corona.


Bruno is coming out.
He took a car.

He's with two men and Agata.

Ok, don't lose sight of him.

Copy that.

I can see Bova
and Politi Del Reggio's.

I confirm, they are them.

Here is the patriarch.

He's the one who just entered.

Copy that.

I don't see Bruno Corona...

He has not arrived...

Search for Bruno Corona.

Emanuele where are you?

Where's Bruno Corona?

Emanuele answer me.


So what do we do now?

Ok, get ready.

Group two, get moving.


Stop! Stop! Stop!
Open fire!

Stop! To the ground.

To the ground!

So, did Bruno Corona
send you to kill me?

Get in the car.


Emanuele can you hear me...

Emanuele, damn, can you hear me?

What did you think
you were doing?

Did you want to hell with me?

I am your blood!

And you wanted to screw me!

What the hell did
Marco teach you?

Didn't he teach you anything?

No one can screw your brother!

You did me a favor, you did...

the Patriarch, the commission is
now water under the bridge.

Thanks to you.

Kill me, like you killed our father.

What are you saying, Agata?
Sit down!

You don't have
the courage, do you?

- It's better if you keep quiet.
- Coward...

- It's better if you keep quiet!
- Coward...



Leave them here,
they'll keep each other company.

We have a problem.

The Patriarch has fled.

What the hell are you saying?

This means that you don't
even know where he is...

I've known you for a long time.

They told me about you, they told
me you were a smart guy.

That I should keep an eye on you.

Because you are not with the Corona's
unless you have their blood?

Antonio told me, you know?

He wanted to leave you in charge
of the family instead of Bruno.

Nothing is left of them now...

Neither the family, nor the honor...

nor the blood...

Help me find him.

And why should I?

Because the rules have changed

and I saved your life.

Did you know him well?


And Barbara?
Did you know her?

Her, yes...

she was a friend of mine.

He loved her very much, he said.

He told you the truth, for once.

She was the love of his life.

So why did he stay with me?
After all he has been through?

You're asking me?

Why don't you tell me...

Domineddio is dead.

The Trinity is ruined.

The time of the Patriarch,
of the commissions ended!

Now, the strongest is in command,

and we are the strongest!

From now on, they must
tremble when they hear our name!

So... what do we want to say
to our mutual friend?

Back off Corona...
damn you...

I don't understand.

Find someone else to
deliver your messages.

Maybe we didn't
understand each other...

You are the message.

Bruno Corona is a dog on the loose.

Fighting for money, for survival.

He doesn't know anymore
what is the honor!

Bruno Corona killed his father,
he deceived the family

and this organization.

And now, he's completely alone.

From this moment on, your bond
with the Corona's is dissolved.

You have my blessing.

We found him.

Who's your source?

Saverio Morabito.

A trusted friend.

Get ready.

The weapons are here.

Very well...

Now what do we do?

We'll prepare to close
what is still open.

You take care of Agata.

I knew he would send you.

It is strange that there is no guard.



Damn you!


Come here... No, damn...
come here...

Come here...
Come here...

come here...
come here...

It's my fault...

it's my fault...

it's my fault...

There is no one here.

Bruno Corona has escaped...

He didn't escape.

- He gave us a warning...
- A warning?


That this is his territory.

He can do whatever he wants.
- No, he can't.

It is under the Patriarch's command...

Yes sure.
Of course.

That corpse was the first of many.

The next one will
be the Patriarch's...

Let's move.

You're all condemned, asshole...

Leave it alone, Bruno.

It's over!

Bruno this is not convenient...

What the hell are you doing?

Where is Agata?

You got here late, Marco.

You are not a lucky man with women...

I can't believe you Bruno.
She's your sister.

Come on Marco, we already
played this little game...

Shut up...

Come on, let's not waste time...

Come on Marco...

- Come on!
- Shut up.

Go ahead...

- Not this time, damn!
- Go ahead!

Not this time...

You were right, Marco...

What the hell does that mean?


she's alive...

Where is she?

I told Ahmad to take
her to a safe place.


Your brother is late.

And won't run to
be a dog guard?

It's Dr. Mattei.

I need reinforcements at the
former undercover agent's house.

- Stand up.
- Why?

We're leaving.

What did my brother tell you?


Police, stop!


Put that gun down...

put that gun down...

Give it to me...

Marco said everything
would be ok.

Marco said many things.

Turn around.

What do you want to do?

Look, you'll be under arrest too

if you don't surrender,
you're like them...

Where is Emanuele?

Emanuele is dead.

Was it Bruno?

Now he can't do
anything to nobody.

Did you kill him?

I arrested him.


I won't come back.

We won't come back.