Solo (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript


Come here...

My daughter...

You now have to rest.

Lena, Assunta...



It was terrible when they told
me you were dead.

Who told you that, dad?


Of course...

He was there.

Is there anything I need to know?

I'm pregnant.

Promise me we won't go back.

It's too risky now.

- Even if we stay?
- No.

As long as we're under your
father's protection, we're safe...

Me, you, the baby...


So you saved me because
my father ordered you?

What are you saying? You know it's not
like that, I did it to protect you.

Yes, like with her...

Barbara was important to me...

like you are...

How can I trust you?

Because I made a choice...


What do you want?

Dad was looking for you...


I don't know.
He's in the stable.

Aren't you coming?

I already told him what I
needed to tell him, Marco.

Come, I'll show you something.

I killed him in here...

When I was little boy, my father,

who was the head of the Andrina,

ordered me to execute a traitor.

One who had betrayed the family.

And this man kept shouting
that he was innocent.

When hanged him to the beam,

I looked at him, I had doubts...

What if he were really innocent?

But I killed him anyway...

because orders are executed.

Bruno told me everything...

I had lost both my children...

and now I got them back.

And a third one has been added.

You are a Corona.

Second Season


They're checking the movements
from Albania after what happened.

And Gulesin?

He's dead.

They are examining the corpse,
there's no sign of the girl.

Marco did it.

Lengthening his list of crimes, yes.

First Bruno's escape. Now a massacre
out of the national border.

He must have been forced to do it.

That's what he has to prove to us.

He managed to free the girl,
his mission is over, right?

He'll come back...

The time to lower our heads is over.

We don't hide like rats,
begging for mercy.

The Coronas don't
beg to anyone.

And now, it's time to let everyone
know we are back.

The Palmieri know this...

Of course, but they don't know
what I have in mind...

Tonight we'll take back the port.

Attacking them from the
front would be risky.

And we have the province on us,
so we must respect it.

But respect what?

They took the port from us

They lost that right.

Don Antonio, may I?

The Patriarch took the port
because he saw us weak.

- And he was right.
- He was right, yes alright.

But let us show him that the
Palmieri are weaker than us.

And how should we do that,
in your opinion?

Let's leave the port to them...

and we'll take all the rest.


The plantations, men, weapons...

let's show them who we are...

and then we'll take back what's ours.

No, we don't have enough men.

Our men are ready.

Well done to our little cousin.

Your are ready...

Can we trust them?
What do you say?

Or do we have to
do a background check?


She should be quiet!

If it were for her,
Agata would be dead by now.

You could have died too,

yet I didn't pull back.

But you were having a good
life in Rome, until yesterday...

and you came here to do harm.

You should go back to Rome,
and your good father's soul...

- Don't talk about my father!
- Don't you dare!

Lena, sit down.

We will do as Marco says.

We will attack the Palmieri's
where they don't expect it.

Send my regards to Melo Palmieri.

From next month onwards,
they have to pay another 10%.

All of them.

The Palmieri didn't take
over the port to do charity work...

What did you tell to your father?

The truth Marco...

That a shitty cop shot at me.

Don't worry about my father, Marco.

My father is grateful
but he stays at home.

On the field are you and me.

And anything can happen on the field.

Your father just recovered you.

Think how sad it would be
for him to lose you again.

Do you have a light, brother?

Who the hell are you?

It's not that good to work
for the Palmieri.

They keep you in the middle of
the fields from dawn until dusk.

We will open to you
the doors of our home.

We'll give you the keys.

The Palmieri gave us a job.

And they protect us.

Do they protect you?

And do you call this protection?

Slaves need protection.

Are you a slave?

I want to tell you a story
about slavery.

One day a wolf, a very weak one,
met a nice fat dog.

And the wolf tells to the dog:
"Hey, dog...

I'm hungry."

The dog answered:

"Put yourself at my master's service,

and you can eat as much as you want."

The wolf thinks about it...

but then, he sees the dog has a
chain attached to his neck...

and then do you know what he said?

Enjoy your meal...

And went his way,


Here is the freedom.

It's up to you.

What do you want to do?

What do you think?
Did we convince them?

As a child you always
came to this room.

What are we doing here?

What do they have to do
with our family?

I also owe it to Assunta
that I have you back.

And how do you know
that's what I wanted?

You didn't lose the vice...

of offending your father.

You made Marco do something
you wanted to be done.

Marco risked his life to rescue you.

You should be grateful.

Marco has got me in another prison.

What are you saying?

This family will be always like this.


How long have you known?

When uncle Vincenzo was still alive,

always told me:
revenge is like a fire...

It burns everything so the
bad weed doesn't grow back.

Do you think this is true?

But a saying doesn't
bring the deads back.

So why did you shoot me?

Because I still didn't know it.

It's done.

Let's go.

Turn right.

- Why?
- Turn right.

Pull over.

Where are you going?

Marco, I'm a fugitive, not a faggot.

See you at home.



You're playing with fire, Marco.

Agata is free. What are you
waiting to hand over?

She's pregnant.

What do you want to do?

Declare war to all the 'Ndrangheta?

The Coronas have
their days counted,

and their arrest won't be
enough for you to return...

And who told you that
I want to return?

Marco, Mattei already considers you
one of them and I ran out of ideas...

I'm not like them, Emanuele...

Aren't you?

Where is the difference?

Look, let's do this:
I'll get you the Patriarch.

In return, I want freedom
for myself and for Agata.

The Patriarch?

What are you talking about?
We don't even know if he exists.

He exists, I tell you.


Your word might be enough for me
but surely not enough for Mattei.

I don't care about Mattei.
Whatever I do, I do it for me.

I want to decide
which side to stay in.

- What will you do with Bruno Corona?
- Bruno still needs me alive.

The family must remain together
so that we can get to the Patriarch.

Listen Marco, you are now
alone playing this game,

I can help you any more...

- I'm sorry but you'll be...
- Alone?

As always.

I shouldn't have left you alone.

If it wasn't for you and your
brother, I would be dead...

I don't forget certain things.

When will we see each other again?

I don't understand, what do
you want to be: the girlfriend?

What shall we do?

Shall I take you to
the movies tomorrow?

Or for a nice walk by the sea?

Do you get that I have all the
Calabrian cops attached to the ass?

They think only for me.

I don't know when we'll
see each other again.

But we'll see each other again.

Don't worry, Marco knows
what he's doing.

You look so much like your mother...

but you are braver than she was.

What do you want from me?

With time you will understand...

The only thing I understand is that
my mother killed herself

and she abandoned me
in this shitty place.

You are still angry,

but it's right that you are still
angry with her.

Do you know what I feel for my mother?


At least she managed to escape.

What are you doing?

- You're pregnant...
- That's my business.

No Agata, this isn't only
your business anymore.

We will need to make decisions.

And you've already taken them,
haven't you?

You will start another war...

Not now.

Not with Marco.

Now you are a family

and I will never let your
husband risk his life.

As soon as the situation calms down,
you will go to Germany.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

To leave.

I have to talk to Marco,
you won't decide this.

You said nobody was in here!

If you're screwing with us,
I'll bury you with my own hands.

Keep calm.

Leave it to me.

I'll handle this.

Stay here.

Oh, what do you want? Leave me alone.
What do you want?


The weapons are here.

Pull it out.

Call the others and start loading.

Oh, oh, oh, what are you doing?

That's pointless.

What's going on?

I think Carmelo Palmieri is coming.

Let's go, fast.

Take this...

What the hell are you doing?

What should be done, Marco.

He spared us the trouble
of going to look for him.

What are you doing Lena?
Put the gun down.

What the hell do you want to do?

He is Carmelo Palmieri.

He is the man who killed my father!

Get on that damn pick-up
and go home! Move.



Let's get out of this place.

I won't leave the port.

You're making a mistake.

Look, if you don't have the balls,
you can stay here!

- Damn...
- Stop it.


Well done...

Let's go.

Do you still think it was pointless?

Let's go.

Great son of a bitch...

It was so near...

What the hell do you have
in your head?

The plan was to get to the
Patriarch and talk directly to him.

Why the hell did you
have to kill Palmieri?

What plan, Marco?


My fathers?
What plan?

We had to bring the Patriarch to the
Corona's side. That was the plan!

Damn you!
Damn the Patriarch!

In my house I don't need
anyone's permission.

Of course, of course...

things have changed Bruno...

What the hell are you saying?

You have triggered a war,

but we are not ready.

That son of a bitch of Bruno Corona.

Are you sure it was him?

He shot at me.

He killed one of our men.

The armory is empty.

- Did they empty it?
- Completely.

That piece of shit is making fun
of us at our own home...

He took our men and he wants
back what we took away from him!

That was what the Patriarch
gave to us.

Ah, it's to him that we must ask
permission to be able to react?


The port is ours. It's time for the
Coronas to acknowledge this.

What you did was what I meant when
I said we shouldn't expose ourselves.

We are at war.

You only know how to start a war!
Not how to win it.

The world has changed, Dad.

The world has changed and
it will continue to change.

However, our rules are
always the same.

Because they are fair.

And you haven't learned this yet.

It was my fault.

What does it mean?

That I apologize, Don Anto.

It was my decision. I did everything.

So, it's you who's going to apologize
to the Palmieri

and to the Patriarch.

If you went all the way down,
you had not to apologize to anyone!

I'll take care of this.

Why did you protect him?

You want Bruno to trust you.
Isn't it so?

I only want the best
for the Corona family.

Uncle Antonio didn't swallow that,

he knows how Bruno is

and knows how you are.

Bruno is his son,

he will manage to get back
his father's trust.

My father also trusted me,

he thought I would never
follow his example...

He wouldn't let me.

I hated him for this...

But I hate even more, those
who took him away from me.

Why do you tell me these things?

Revenge is useless.

What's going on?

I spoke to my father.

He insists that we go to Germany...

He says it's too dangerous
for us to stay here.

For the child, he know it.

What did you tell him?

That you must decide.

I think it's early...


It's better if we're here...

But now that my brother is back,
my father doesn't need anybody.


I think you're wrong.


You must understand him...

Now Marco has certain duties.

Towards whom?

Your father told me everything.

I'll help you.

The tests are fine.

Have you felt frequent
nausea? Dizziness?

Yes, sometimes.

In the next weeks, they will decrease.
Don't worry.

Loosen your pants
and uncover the belly.

What is that?

The heart.

I've been to the doctor, with Assunta.

I'm fine.

We're fine.

It's him...

or her.

It's still early to know...

Dad wants to announce this soon,

he says everyone should know.

He is wrong.

He must stay out of this.

So why didn't you
accept his proposal?

Why don't we leave now?

Do you think things will
change in Germany?

Until we solve our problems here...

They will never end, Marco...

Our son must not feel fear.

Do you trust me?

You know what
my family is going through...

and you also know that my father
has always respected you.

I owe everything to him.

And if Don Antonio asks me
a favor, I'm here.

At his disposal.

I'm expecting a child.

It's a beautiful thing!

Trust me...

it will be a great ceremony.

Thank you, Don Carmine.

The Patriarch?

We don't even know if he exists.

They will never end, Marco...

What did you tell your father?

That a shitty cop shot at me.

Don Anto, I was about to come to you.

To apologize for what you did today?

I was wrong.

Yes, to protect Bruno.

We are a family...

Bruno one day will have to command it.

I have to know if he can do
it alone, without you.

Agata spoke to me.

You will like Germany,
your son will grow well there.

Are you sure you don't need me?

We need the Patriarch,

and his approval.

And now, because of Bruno,
a war could start.

And that's why I want to stay.

I don't pull back.

I have no doubt.

But it's not just about you.

In the middle, there's
my daughter and my grandson,

don't forget that.

How many of these did
you say you have left?


Damn, you're beautiful...

I can take more,
but you must go easy.

Some nights,

I dream that there is a scorpion,
just here, that stings me.

Then I wake up with a startle

to get it off.

But there isn't anything, only pain.

Bruno, get over this!


Can you tell me how?
Without these?

You're weak, you still have to rest...

I can't rest.

Otherwise he'll take everything.

- Who are you talking about?
- About Marco, my brother-in-law.

Now he's in command.

He decides everything.

My father goes along with
him like a puppy.

Your father did everything
to have you back...

You're his son.

Bruno, you're the most
important thing he has.

You shouldn't compare with anyone.

Now you're back home, with him.

That's not my home.

The port is my home,

I grew up among those containers...

I'll have it back.

Even if that's the last thing I do.

But you can't do it alone.

This is what I'm asking you.

Do you know Carmelo Palmieri?

Do you want to help me?

Yes... yes, Bruno.
Everything you want.

Everything you want.

Everything I want.
Everything I want.

What do you want for your child?

Everything, except my life.

So why don't you go?

What are you waiting for?

To give him freedom,
I have to take mine!

Otherwise, how can I look at him?

Oh Marco, you can't sleep either?

I know it very well
why I can't sleep!

And you know it too.

And I remember who you
are every bloody day,

and what you did to me.

I'm getting used to it, you know?

It's good for me, it keeps me lucid...

It's what I tried to make believe
to your dad!

Let's do something, Marco:

from now on,

I will take care of my
father and my family.

As long as you and I are away.

What is it that keeps you awake,

Come on, you can tell me.
I won't be offended, you know...

It's me who doesn't let
you sleep at night.

Is it true?

Leave me alone, Bruno...

Go to bed...

Send my regards to Carmelo Palmieri.

And my blessing too.

He can take his revenge.

Are the cars ready?

Yes, they are waiting for us outside.

It seems it was yesterday
when Agata was a kid, eh...

And now...

Do you remember who is your father?

Or should I remind you,

like when you were a child?

I do remember, dad.

I do remember.

So, the next time you
want to disobey me,

find the courage to admit
it in front of everyone.

Is everything ok?


You are wondering
why I gathered you here...

What's there to celebrate?

Given that they took
everything away?

They told us what we had to do
and how we had to do it.

But I won't allow them
to tell us who we are.

Because they don't know us.

They don't know we aren't the kind of
people who kneel before others!

Only in front of the Lord!

And now, today let's celebrate
this family. Our family.

The pride of belonging to it
and make it grow.

Let's celebrate the arrival
of my first grandson,

who, even if he will go far from here,
he will always be a fruit of our land.

And please...

teach to him first the Calabrian,
then the German language.


Well done...

So Marco, are you taking my sister
away and play dad abroad?

Your father didn't say when...

there is time.

Listen to me: the sooner, the better.

I'm talking to my nephew's father.

This story doesn't end here.

I am not running away.

Do you think you and I are different?

You're wrong.

We are the same.

But now there is a child in between.

I'll take care of that.

Tell your son he should thank his
uncle, for coming to the world.

Because without me,
you wouldn't have met Agata.

Congratulations my beautiful.

It's still a little too early
to congratulate me.

Why is that? Don't you feel
like a mother yet?

But I already feel like an uncle.


I'm here...
I'm here...


Damn you!

Go, go, go,
go, fast...

Dad! What is it?

What's wrong, dad?

What's wrong?


Get Carmine.

I want to kill him with my hands!

I'll look for him in the village,

you take Ahmad
and go to his house.

Easy, let's go.

Ahmad, go behind.

Four victims.

Two inside the restaurant,
two on the coast.

Have you already identified them?

Only one.

Who is it?

It's Rino Palmieri.

Where is the owner of the place?

We are looking for him.

Yes, but where are the
waiters, the guests... all of them.

It's what we are trying to understand.

I know him but I don't
know where he is.

Keep looking and let me know.

One of my men knows the owner.

He is not at his home.

It seems like he has a property
in the countryside, near Palmi...

I'll go there.

I know where he is.

Are you sure he's here?

There's no time.
Go away, I can't save you!

Don't do any stupid thing,
and surrender.

Do what I'm telling you.

Follow him, damn! Get him!

What are you doing?

Go away...


Don Antonio will have to
be pleased with a corpse...

I told you to get him,
not to kill him.

Carmine was one of our protectors,
he trembled just by hearing our name.

He was just an infamous.


But why, dad?

Because our name doesn't
make anyone tremble anymore.

Carmelo Palmieri should keep his
brother company in the cemetery.

He's a wounded animal and you only
want to punish him?

And when is the best time to
put down an animal, dad?

When it is weak.

Now it's time for us to take
back what belongs to us!

Bruno is right.

Palmieri is now weak.

Even for the Patriarch.

What does the Patriarch
have to do with it?

It's him who ordered that
the port to be taken, right?

It's him who gave the permit
to kill us.

And instead, Palmieri has a dead
brother and we are alive and well.

And what does that mean?

That we must go to the Patriarch.

He is right.

You had to bring my brother
back to me!

We have to find the Coronas again.

They must die.

One of our man called me.

It seems like Bruno was
seen with a lady.

Let's find her, right away!

Come home.

Do you think I'm running away?

- Where should I go?
- That's it, come home, it's dangerous.

I've already heard this...

Agata, these people don't forget.

I do it for you, for me, for our
family. Am I clear?

And who is your family?
Do you know that?

You're just a puppet
in my father's hands.



Agata, sorry...

She will come back.

I know.

But this is not prudent.

Even Bruno was not prudent.

If it wasn't for you...

It was just luck.

No, Marco.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Agata should thank you,
instead of getting angry with you.

Agata can't understand.

She is different.

And is this why you love her?

Because she can't understand?

Because she's different.

Sometimes it would be better
to have someone next to you

that shares the same ideas like you.

Someone who knows
how to take responsibility...

like you.

She just needs a little bit of time.

Of course, time...

You did everything in a hurry...

You didn't get a chance
to know each other

and you became husband and wife...

And she's just a child...

It's very difficult
to stand behind her.

What are you doing?

I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

I told you that you
couldn't come tonight.

And who the hell are you?

The only people you'll see tonight.

What do I have to do?

Whatever I tell you...

or I'll shoot.

Don Anto, did you call me?

Come in, Marco.

Do you know what is the
hardest thing for a boss?

To choose.

That was what my father told me,
when he choose me.

I did never talk to my father.

And well, even without his advice,
you have chosen well.

Me on the contrary,
I've been wrong too many times.

You have always acted
in your family's best interest.

Today, I put them at risk again.

In the end everything
went well, right?

Agata is fine.

And this thanks to you.

I did what I had to do.

And then, it means...

that at least one time,
I did choose right.

Agata is a lucky woman.

I'm lucky...

To meet a family like yours,
being treated like a son.

This is what you are to me: a son.

What's going on?
What's tormenting you?

That I don't know what I have to do...

for me, for my son...

Their faults will be your own.

So it has been and so it will be.

With Bruno, I realized this too late.

But you won't make my mistake.

I don't know,

I no longer know what is right
and what is wrong.

You know you shouldn't
call me on this number.

Carmelo Palmieri is here...


Well done Bruno.

He thought he would screw me,
I'll screw him in the end.

And that sad face, eh...

Everything will be OK.

You had what you wanted, now go away.

There is still one thing
that belongs to me.

Whatever you're about to do...
this time we do it together.

Stay out of this, Lena.

You can't go there alone

And if uncle Antonio knew, he
would stop you right away. You know.

I don't understand.
Are you blackmailing me?

I'm telling you that you
can only trust me.

You are not ready.

If I wanted to wait I
would've gone to Rome.

Like you, I also want those
sons of a bitch dead.

It's my chance, Bruno.

You can't take this away from me.

Don't mess up this time.

- Where is he?
- In the main hall.

Go away.

Why the hell is nobody here?

Bruno Corona!

Come out!

I don't think you will let alone
your cousin.

Come out from where you're hiding...

behave like a man...

And have the decency to defend
the women in your family!

What the hell are you doing?

So, Bruno...

What are we going to do?

- Will we stay here all night?
- Where the hell is...

Shut up!

Come on out, I'm waiting for you.

Where the hell is that whore?

Die bastard.




He escape, damn.

What the hell did you do?

She's alive...

She's alive...

come here...

come here...

come here with me...

Help me for God's sake!
Come here...

I was there for you.

And we didn't even have a shelter.

When Lena was born,
I had to do it all alone.

I hoped with all my heart
to not have a male,

because I knew what he was
going to go through.

But she was a female.

I rocked her all night,
without sleeping.


I'm cold...


Fast, Bruno.

You will be lucky, I can feel it.

I'm not like you.

I tried...

but I can't live like this.

And you don't have to live like this.

Nor you, nor Marco...

Your place isn't here.

Make room!

Make room! Quick!


I'm cold...

I'm cold...

- Lena...
- I'm cold...

I'm cold...

Lena... no...

What the hell did you do?

The Palmieri...

- Bruno!
- Lena, look at me!

Lena, what did they do to you?


Mom, forgive me...

forgive me...

- No love...
- Forgive me...

Look at me...

Look at me Lena...

look at me Lena...

It's your fault! You killed her!
You all killed her!

We can't stop now...

We have to finish what we started.

Carmelo Palmieri must die.

Lena... I didn't want to
take her there...

but she wanted her revenge.

And all...

I'll kill that son of a bitch, dad!

I swear!



What are you up to?

I could ask you the same question...

I don't owe you any explanations,
it's none of your business.

No, it's my business,
if my boss is under methadone.

I should have already made a report.
You know it well.

The situation is much more complex...

I'm sure,

but this isn't valid only for you...

You saw him again, right?

You are helping him...

Be careful, Emanuele.
Don't trust him.

Because of him I risked
my life yesterday.

I would say that if you're here
it's because he saved you.

Are you Saverio?

I am Bruno, a friend of your father.

He asked to take you to him.

But where is he?

Don't worry.
Don't be afraid.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on.

This is the way to my home...

Where are you taking me?

I told you, we're taking
you to your dad.

Now, on the next corner,
you'll see him.

Meanwhile, do we want to phone him?

What do you say?

Do you have a cellphone?


Call him.

- Love...
- No.

I don't think so...

- Please...
- That's better.

Say hello to your dad.


Love, do what they tell you.

Sorry dad...

- I thought they were your friends.
- Oh, Dominic...

if you say a single word to Carmelo,

I will crush your son
with my own hands.

Do we understand each other?

What do I have to do?

Go the shipyard.

In half an hour.

Oh, who called you?

My son's school.

He isn't feeling well.

Oh well, do it soon.

Do you want some?


Get down.



I don't know how to babysit.

Now you take your child and go home...

but first...

you must let me know if you
really care about your child

more or less than you care
about Carmelo Palmieri?

At the chop shop.

Contrada Pantano.


Thank you.

What the hell are you doing?

Give me the phone.

Give it to me, go away. Don't let
anyone see you. Disappear.

Did you want to kill his father
in front of him?

Yeah, I forgot that a child
is about to be born.

Is your heart tendering, Marco?

You have not changed.

You were a cop and
you are still a cop!

That son of a bitch has escaped.

You go there!

What the hell are you doing?

He was mine...

He was mine...


I ask for your forgiveness.

in the name of our family.

There's no family anymore...

Not for me...

Things can change.

You need my forgiveness...

but I won't give it to you.

I don't have the right to forgive
myself, how can I forgive you...

Lena died because of your son.

It's my fault.

I have him grew up like this.

Bruno isn't like you.

He's evil.

He's rotten inside.

Open your eyes.

I've already thought of Bruno.

All right.

The Patriarch said this.

Marco get down and come with me.

I left Ahmad to the hideout, but...

We can't stay long here.

The Patriarch asked to meet me.

Finally, the Coronas will be able
to take what belongs to them.

And it's because of you, Marco.

I'm glad Don Anto.

So, my work ends here.

No, you won't go to Germany.

You must stay with me...

You can't leave now...

There's nothing I can do for you.

You promised me.

I need you...

at least whilst Marco
and I are still here.

Marco and you?

Do you think you are leaving?

To Germany, as Dad said.

You and Marco will stay here forever.

But my father said we would leave...

Your father has decided.

He wants Marco to lead the Corona's.

And Bruno?

Bruno has failed,

and he must accept this.

And you too.



I want to be alone!

Donna Assunta...

where are you going?

Far from here.

Antonio chose well.

But you should worry about Agata.

You risk losing them.

- Where the hell were you?
- I tried to stop her...

Where did she go?

I heard her talking to the doctor.

As I told you, I don't want to
interfere with your decision...

I'm just asking you if you are
sure of what you are doing...

What did you and Marco talk about?

What must be done and
who should do it...

Let's not be afraid again, dad.

The Patriarch can't do
anything about it.

When are we going to talk to him?

You won't come with me.

Marco will accompany me.

He will be dealing with
what we have regained...

until needed.

It is his merit, if we are still here.

But I am your son,

I'm the one who holds the
name of the Corona...

- Stop it, Bruno!
- Stop what?

I won't change my mind!

You have never acknowledged
anything, dad.

Of what I did for you...

to make you say:
I'm proud of my son!

I've been proud!

But now, I don't trust you anymore.

Don't you trust your blood, dad?

But you trust a shitty cop!

What are you saying?

Why are you doing that?

It was just me and him
on that boat, dad.

Only me and him!

But then I said that a cop
shot at me. I told you the truth!


he shot at me!

I'm sorry, dad...

I'm sorry, I brought him into my house.


it's my fault...

I was wrong about everything.

You were my biggest mistake.


- Dad...
- Bruno.

I'll handle this...

You know,

when I was little and you
were not home until late,

I was always awake.

Because I knew I had
to look after the family.

You always told me...

the family comes first.

What happened?

Let's go...

let's go, come on...

Tell me it's not true...

I wanted to
but I couldn't do it.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because now, your promises
are worth nothing...

You don't know what you say, Agata.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

I don't want my child
to become like my brother.

Nor as you.

I'm not like your brother.

I've never been...

So, tell me...
what I should tell our son?

Who is his father?

He was an infiltrator...

he was a policeman...