Solo (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

Lena... what did you do?

Ensuring our safety.

We will start from here.

The Tridente will come back hard.

You sent Antonio, Marco, our men
to their death... you are crazy.

He screwed us, kill him!

No... no, it's not true.
The exchange went well!

Kill him!

Agata no! Everything went fine. No!

Your husband, your father...

they will all pay for what they did.

Get down!

I won't move.

Not now, please, not now...

Let me save her, please. You
saw it too. They'll kill her.

It's over.

You are under arrest.

Let's go.

Bruno Corona!
Do you know who he is?

He was the boss!

You, get undressed.

What about this?
- I think it's enough, isn't it?

He can handle it!

Given your condition you'll spend
several hours in the infirmary.

This will be the only privilege
you will have here.

The one who loves you,
must be glad he couldn't kill you.

It would have been too easy.

Now you are here!

And I'll make sure
you regret not being dead.

Season 2

What the hell did you do?
What the hell did you do?

You screwed it all up...

But what the hell are you saying,
you took the drugs only thanks to us.

- Do you remember your cousin?
- Leave her!

Do you remember her?
You killed her!

It's all my fault!

I had to be sure that
something would remain for us.

The Corona have already
abandoned us once!

Do as Donna Assunta says.

This family is a curse.

And the victim is always
the same: your daughter.

I will not let you
talk to me like this...

about this family,
now you too are a part of it!

Did he hurt you?

I didn't need you.

You have courage to
talk to me like this...

They had to deal with me,

not with Donna Assunta's daughter.

But you are my daughter.

You should be thankful
they didn't kill you.

They would never have done it.

We are of use to them.

We need them too.


But they must understand that
even if we are women,

they can't do what they want.

I've thought of everything,
you don't have to worry.

If you want to become like your
father, you better think next time.

Because of you, we now
need to guard our backs.

You are afraid...
I'm not.

Uncle Antonio is old.

That's true, but Marco is desperate.

Never underestimate
a desperate man.

Why are we still?

None of your business.

My father loved Italy.
I hated it.

It's not the only thing
we didn't agree with.

I know that feeling.

Not being able to bury
him was the worst part.

I'm sorry.

Ah, you're sorry, eh?
You're sorry... eh...

But you're worthless for yours!


Do it... do it if it makes
you feel better.

I have already been here once...
I'm not scared...

I have nothing to lose...
like you.

It's my fault he was alone.

No. It was his choice.

Because he loved Marco like a son.

Yes, but he didn't have to
protect him up to this point...

Look, I can get you
reassigned if you want...

No, I won't move,

until I understand what
the hell happened...

They got shot...

this means that someone
tried to screw them.


if Marco hasn't returned,
it means that he's still in trouble.

Listen Emanuele...

for me, it's okay if you stay,

but don't make the
same mistake as Nardiello.

From today, Marco has to be
considered as one of them.

- It's me!

Excuse me...

Marco, where are you?

I'm sorry, damn...

That's all you've got to say?

I need to talk to you...

alone, at the abandoned plant,
in half an hour.

- All right?
- Ok.

Is he really alive?

Will they send him immediately?

Bruno Corona.

Sit down with us.

It's important to have
friends inside. Sit.




Can't see him. Maybe he found out.

All right. Let's wait. He trusts you.

Stay still and don't do anything
stupid. Give me the gun.

- And turn off the radio.
- Keep calm.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

You're the one in charge, right?


You're only making things worse.

They can't be worse.

And it's not my fault.

You stole the drugs,
you gave it to Gulesin...

Nardiello died for protect you.
I would say it is all your fault.

I would never have
left with the drugs.

Once exchanged,
I would have called in.

Bullshit! Nardiello said so too.

He no longer trusted you,
so he warned me.

You lost your mind, Marco.
It's only fair that you pay.

I have to save that girl!

I know, you don't give a damn.

But I need your help.

You have to protect me,
you can't leave me alone!

What the hell are you planning?
An ambush?

It is not possible.

Surrender and help us
to get Antonio Corona.

Of course, why not. After all
I've done, you'll arrest me, right?

I've already lost too much
in this story.

If you stop now,
maybe we can avoid prison.

I won't stop.

It doesn't work like this...

Good, then you're a dead man.

Bruno Corona is alive.

What the hell does that mean?

We have him.

How long do you think it will
take until his father knows?

Think of it, Marco...

I know what it means to do
this job and believe me:

it's time to stop...

You don't know shit!
Go, get out of this car.


Provincial 12, state 48.

Let's get all our patrols.

And don't use the radio,
he can hear us.

He knows the territory better than us.

Yes, I know.
But I have no alternative.

What did he tell you?

He wants to save her.

We can only hope no one
else ends like Nardiello.

How the hell is that possible?

Emanuele betrayed you.

What did you expect?

Bruno is still alive...

I couldn't kill him.

It's as if you had.

I don't know what to do anymore...

Your job, the policeman.

For them, I'm not a policeman anymore.

You've never done it for them...

You understand me, don't you?

I know you.


You don't want the others to sleep?

I feel sick.

Are you going to
whine like a little boy?

You must help me.

You'll go in two hours in the
infirmary, at the time established.

- We arrived.
- All right.

Marco... where is he?

You don't know.

And you don't like it.

Can we trust him?

Aren't you ashamed?

You are the last person who
can talk about trust.

In another situation

I'd already thrown
you to the pigs.

You would have done
the same thing.

If I'm not mistaken, it was you

who used your daughter's marriage
to adjust certain matters.

You put her at risk...
in the first place.

I solve the problems,

but you leave them open.

And do you know why?

Because you are nobody.

You don't know what
it is to be in charge!

But I know the business.

I already know who to sell the
drugs to, it is matter of days.

We need money and
you know that too.

Without it, we won't go anywhere.

Where have you been?

To get some air,
there's not enough here.

And that?

I had a problem with the cops.

I didn't want to lure them home.

Come Antonio!

It's important!

The victim is now held in
the Palmi's district penitentiary.

The circumstances are not clear
on how Bruno Corona survived

survived the police's blitz at sea.

A drug exchange has been intercepted,
organized by the clan

considered hegemonic in the
Gioia Tauro territory.

Marco, it's a miracle.
It's a miracle...

The head of the family, Don Antonio
Corona is still fugitive.

The investigators believe that
the boss hasn't abandoned Calabria.

And now, let's get on
with the weather report.

Two guards to make him walk?
Can't he stand up?

Let me help him.

Leave us alone.

My name is Erika Mattei.

I'm the Vice Quaestor of the
Operations Center Service.

They tell me that you
are not doing well.

You got shot three times and
you're alive by a matter of inches.

Life in here is hard,

but it's worse for those who have
committed crimes like yours...

Or they could be better,
if you collaborate.

A good way to fix past mistakes,
don't you think?

Work with us and
you'll go to a better prison.

Your family has lost everything.

And we can find your father
without your help...

Think carefully Corona...

You risk not having
a nice end here...

Take him back to the infirmary...

The last person she saw
was me, Marco!

- Be quiet Bruno!
- It was me, Marco.

- Shut up, you damn!
- It was me...!


If it's true they don't know how it's
possible that Bruno is alive! I know!

Saint Michael has given me grace.

Yes... yes, it was a miracle, sure...

Now things will change...
also thanks to you.

I was summoned by the Patriarch.

There are news,
about where Agata is...

Do you know what that means?

Agata is alive...

Both of them are alive...

Will you stop looking at me?

They pay me for this.

And where are the others?

Wait for a bit and you'll see.

And if instead we leave together?

I can give you much more money
than they will.

And I can give you
something else too.

Let's go.

Yes, take it easy.

What sort of place is this?

My home.

You must contact my family...

I am your family now.

It is only a matter of time...

- Greetings
- Greetings.

Good evening, Don Antonio.

The procedure is always the same...

Don Anto, don't go without me.

It works like this.

Stay here and wait.

Any news about my daughter?

I know where she is.

I know where the Turk's
son is holding her.

And now, what do you want in return?


Just that you behave
like a good father.

Your son Bruno...

they tell me he's poorly. And that
the police want to talk to him.

Bruno is one of the few
who know my face.

Knows everyone in my commission.

He is a threat to everyone.

We must prevent him having
strange ideas come up...

You are offending me...!

Forgive me...

You know my son,
he would never betray our families.

I knew him, yes...

Before his family ends up
without any value.

Now who can guarantee
that he hasn't gone mad?


You have to deal with it
as soon as possible...

If you don't, I'll take care of it.

- Gennaro...
- Don Antonio...

What does this mean?

Don Antonio wants to know
what are you doing here?

Don Carnesi came to
keep us company

because some things,
I can't do by myself.

I need witnesses.

What did he do?

Carnesi was a fool.

He took someone in family
who likes the police.

He spoke too much.

He made him disappear,
but in cases like these...

Must die also who brings the rat.

For others to remember.

He doesn't speak,
he doesn't react.

The interactions
are at a minimum.

What about the TAC?

It seemed all right,
but everything is possible.

This is a strange case, I tell you.

Just don't forget that he's a killer.

And also a patient,
and he is in pieces.

How do you feel?

In the meantime, if you want,
I can prescribe other drugs.

However, you should not stay here.

So if you can do something, do it.

I won't die here.


Don Anto... I thought
he didn't leave you alone...


Where were you?

I was here.

Always here.

Hurry up.

Can we trust him?

We'll take care of Bruno,
for heaven's sake.

But now it is Agata
who's important.

You didn't understand
who we are talking about...

We must work together with him,
we can't ignore his request.

First we must know how is Bruno.

We must be able to talk to him.

I'll go.

You don't have to do it.

I want to do it.

It's dangerous.

It's the right thing,
the Patriarch requested it.

He'll remember us.

You'll go there, and everyone
will know that we are involved too.

This is why my father
had me studying.

To make myself useful and honor him.

He loved you so much.

I know.

That's why I want to avenge him.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Attorney Lena Tridente.

I represent Bruno Corona.

I would like to see my client.

There is no request
from the detainee.

There's also no evidence
that he's poorly...

Please, sign here.

Here you go.

Thank you.


How are you?

Do you recognize me?

Greet my father for me.

You must stay calm.

Given your situation, I will ask
lightweight security measures.

I will do everything
to get you out of here.

Do you understand?



I have to tell you something...

Agata, your sister ended up
in the hands of someone...

your father will do everything
to get her back...

Marco doesn't give up easily...

You must not forget
that we are out there.

We'll help you...

Look at me Bruno...!

Do you understand?

Greet my father.

What is it?

I have a pain in my head.

Are you sick?

- I have a headache.
- Bruno, what's up? Bruno!

- I am in pain, my head...
- You can't touch him.

The interview is over.

Help him...

You must help him!

I think he recognized me,

but I have struggled
to recognize him.

He's not looking well.

Not well at all.

In those conditions, I don't
know how long he will resist.

What if someone makes him an offer?

The Patriarch will know.

And he will want to solve it
in his way.

What I can do, is to submit a
release plea for health reasons.

But it will take its time.

Time is the only thing
that we don't have.

Do what you have to do.

We have to go.

Lena, now that you are exposed,

the contacts must be
kept at a minimum.

She is right.

- Did she moved?
- No.

Come on guys, let's go...

Corona, what the hell
are you doing there?

Stand up...


What are you doing?

Come on,
let's get him up.

Come on!
Pull him up...

Why haven't we investigated the
Tridente after the Corona's escape?

I don't know, Madam.

For what we know, these families
have been traced for years.

Blood ties never go wrong here.

Let's put a tap on the phone and
monitor it. I think they are involved.

Open up, police!

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

We have an order.

Please, make yourselves

It's from prison.


We'll send him to the hospital.

Call the hospital, have the
equipment ready for examination,

and a bed.

Leave him, I'll go.

What did you think?

That I wasn't coming with you?

You don't fool me, Corona.

But what are you saying?

I don't believe him...

What took you so long?

The police are onto us.

Is everything all sorted now?

There's no problem.

They have stabilized
him at the hospital.

He has a head trauma.

It seems that he did it to himself.

I think we can take
advantage of this.

What does that mean, Don Anto?

We'll help him escape.

Are you kidding?

It's the only way to keep
our promise to the Patriarch.

And get Agata back.

You must think how to do this.

As you wish, Don Anto.

What's up?

Am I wrong?

Or every time I talk about my
cousin, your face changes?

To me you seem like a person
who knows how to use his brain...

But my cousin is crazy,

and everybody knows that.

Your cousin is like a brother to me.

He brought me into the family.
I can never forget that.

You know well why I'm nervous...

Marco, I can help you
bring Agata back home...

Of course, why not...
I've seen you help...

I apologize.

I was wrong, I'm sorry...

let me make this up to you...

Agata is lucky.

Let's hope so...

You must eat,
you can't go on like this.

I'm not hungry.


I got them for you...

So, am I free?

Only if you earn my trust.

So, I'm still in your prison.

I assure you that
there are worse.

Take him back to his room.

See you later.

Vice Quaestor
Erika Mattei

Thank you for receiving me.


From your phone call,
you didn't seem very convinced

about Bruno Corona's condition.

Well, they tend to bluff.
It's normal to doubt them.

Do you think he's faking?

I think it's possible.

He could take advantage.

Allow me to disagree.

Beyond the gun wounds,

the Neurological examination
haven't shown any anomalies.

Or am I wrong?


This is the problem
with you policemen;

you minimize the effect
of being wounded.

The traumas that this leads to.

And anyway, look...

I have never known anybody
capable of faking this.

Have you?

Doctor, they need you.

I'm coming.

I have to go.


Let me guess,
he didn't agree with you?

We must talk
with the Penitentiary.

We must keep him under control.

Will you take care of it?

Am I disturbing you?

I managed to get your custody.

I couldn't leave you.

Did you try to escape from me,
by doing this?

- Nurse...
- No, what are you doing?

We don't want more company.

Life's strange, eh?

First you were in charge,

Spreading fear.

Now, you have to obey me.


The only escape route is at the back.

The other leads straight
into the commissariat.


How far is it?

Three kilometers, maybe four.

So if something goes wrong,
within 5 minutes they're onto us.

We need a description
from the inside.

We can't fail.

I put something to eat in the fridge.

Thank you.

You don't have to thank me.

You're my guest.

But if you want to stay in this house,
you must begin to change your mind.

And you have to make decisions
together with me.

Freeing Bruno is madness.

Even if it works, we won't
be able to leave the house.

It's necessary,
because of you.

And I have to think about my family.

Bruno and Agata are your family.

If your sister were alive,
you wouldn't have doubts.

Leave her alone,

you only use her when
it's convenient for you.

- You never forgave me.
- You killed her!

I loved her, and you know it!

Not enough to stop her!

All my life, I have thought
about one thing...

I thought about the family.

The way you do in Calabria.

The way you are doing now...

My wife, her soul rest in peace,
wasn't good for this life.

For you it is...

You look amazing.

I'm glad you understood...

How much longer?

She must be careful.

Let's see how he reacts to therapies,
and to a good night sleep

that will do him good.

- Thank you.
- See you later.

There she is...

Why are you doing this?

Do I know you?

At jail.
At the interview.

Why are you defending him?

What kind of question is that?

Excuse me.

- Are they enough?
- That's okay.

The department is
under surveillance.

He is on the 3rd floor but the only
way to access is through the 2nd.

Via an internal lift.

How will you do it?

I need you.



I spoke to your lawyer.

Great beautiful woman.

I bet you had fun,
before ending up here, right?

I want to sleep.

You want to sleep?

You're an asshole.

I wanted to keep you company.

Just talk.

Is Agent Ghedina in there?

Is it worth it?

I don't have other choice.

You can save him...

or kill him...

You will still solve the problem.

Did you get everything?

All you asked for.

Is the car okay?

They won't stop us
over a broken light.

Do you think I started
doing these things yesterday?

Okay, okay...


Bring back my son.

Don't worry, Don Anto...


- We are ready.
- Ok.


And what do we do?

We'll wait.

Madam, Madam you can't go in there.

Visiting time is over.

I am the lawyer of the detainee.

I'm sorry but those are the rules.


I couldn't get in.

There is a guard.

I am sorry.



Let's go.

Come on...

I'm sorry, but I can't let you in.

Go, go, go...!

On the ground...
on the ground!

Stay down... stay down...

Now, I'll enjoy myself.

Go and keep company to the worms.

There's no hurry.

No hurry... Out, out, out...

Go, go away...

Go, go...


They did it.

My Lord, thank you.

Unfortunately, Franco and
the other guy...

But could they do it by themselves?

Bruno and Marco are not alone.

They are with Lena.

What does that mean?

This place isn't safe.

Now they will not give me peace.


is a brave woman.

You are quick.

Now give me the information
on my daughter.

Where do I go?

Continue on this road,
soon we'll find our car.

What should I do?

Keep going straight and
stay calm... go slowly...

Go, go, go now.

Any news?

The Patriarch called me...
Agata is in Albania.

Why the hell in Albania?

Gulesin's son has
lived there for years.

Trafficking with local smugglers.

There's a boat waiting
for you at Guardavalle.

We are going to a safer shelter.

How is my son?

What the hell is going on?

I'm going to get Agata.

You won't go by yourself.

You shouldn't.

You smoke a lot.

I know.

But I can't live without it.

No... Not yet, please.


- There is no one here.
- Shit...

They were here.

You were right about the Tridente.

Yes, and also about Bruno Corona.

But I don't give a damn
if I were right...

we had to intervene before
Lena Tridente helped them...

I don't understand
Marco anymore.

I don't get why he helped the only
man who knew the truth about him.

Because he's an expert now...

and maybe he managed to
convince Bruno. What do you think?

You are pissed off with him.
And this is all right.

But I don't believe that
after speaking to him,

you're still convinced that
he can become one of them...

Look, it's only you
who's make distinctions,

as far as I'm concerned,
Marco doesn't exist...

It's thanks to him that the
Corona's are reuniting.

They have drugs to deal
with and a strong ally.

As you can see,
we don't have any hope.

Take this...

I thought it was for you.

You too need a clean car.


tell my father I will
bring Agata home...

Thank you.

Did you see?

Another boat.

Do you believe in
our Lord Jesus Christ?

Never had the pleasure.

But I believe in him.

And I pray every single day...

even if sometimes
I don't understand Him.

He seems to be having fun with us.

You just have to thank God,
and that's all.

Ah yes? I should thank Him?
And for what?

Ah Marco?
For what?

For you still being here.

You're a shitty cop...

Maybe Bruno, maybe...

I failed as a policeman
when I shot you...

Am I supposed to believe you?

Do you think I am a fool?

Do I look like a cop?
Do I look like a cop?

Do you know what the problem is?

That we have your sister in common

and to bring her home
we need each other...

We are ready.



Is this place safe?

Antonio says it is...

What's up?

I'm tired...

All my life hiding.

I don't want yours to be the same.

There is no need to cry mom.

We just need to be careful.

Sometimes you scare me.

Dad lived his life hiding.

I can do too.

You don't need to do anything,

you can go home if you want to.

Do you think I'll leave you alone?

There's nobody at home.

It's all right for me,
if you want to stay close to me.

But from now on,
I will speak only for me.

I have to thank you.

I am putting everything
back in its place...

The drugs?

The delivery is arranged.

Do you already have a place?

I was hoping you could help me.

I'm not at my place anymore.

I have an idea.

Where is the Turk?

In a villa just outside the city.

The indications of the
Patriarch were precise.

Have you been here before?

Yes. What do you need?

A car, and a driver.

- Ok, I know who to call.
- Good.

What's wrong?
Are you scared?

Aren't we enough?

Look at yourself.

You can barely walk.

I have already missed
an opportunity.

Oh Marco...

It's the first and last time you
give orders in my presence.

Have we understood each other?

Things have changed.


No, no problem...

No, no, I'm not tired... Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Who were you talking to?


How long have you
been working for him?

Two years now.

And where is he?

He's out.

Can I ask you a favor?

Would you bring me some water?

All right.

It's a local number...

Here they are.

- Marco!
- Agata!

I'm in a villa by the sea...
- I know, I know, we're coming...

Are you here...?

Agata... What the hell is going on?

Please don't hurt me...

- We have to move, damn.
- Yes, but what did he say?

They caught her!


- You shouldn't have.
- I swear... I won't do it again.

Shut up!

I won't wait anymore.

Noo! Noo! Noo! Stop!

- Noo! Noo!
- Shut up!

Stay still!

Please, please... please...!

What did he do to you?

Tell me what he did to you?

- I want to know...
- Leave her alone.

- Don't you see...
- Don't interrupt me!

Come on. Hurry!

Keep going.


Thank you.
It was a pleasure.

The pleasure was mine.

The load is almost ready.

See you.



Agata is free.

Everything went well, then.

Next time we move the drugs
back with using the port.

It's the last thing I'll do.

Going against the
Palmieri is a duty.

For dad.

Uncle Antonio,

what is it?
Are you sick?

No... no, it's nothing... nothing...

I'm fine, I'm fine...
I'm fine...

Let's go, come on...

Come on, Carme...

Where the hell are you taking me?

We have always liked good wine.

Rino, Carmelo...

We thank you for receiving us.

I have to thank you Palmieri,

for the good work you
did at the port...

and for your silence...

It is about this that we need to talk.

I'm afraid we can no longer
guarantee being silent.

The Corona's?

They have the drugs,
if they haven't already sold it.

And now Bruno is free.

Chiddu doesn't reason.

I'm afraid they will go
for the old conditions.

No... I know Antonio for a long time.

He is an intelligent man.

He won't go against the
new order we have established.

He won't be against me.

- But really...
- I've talked,

and I don't like to repeat myself.

Serve yourself!

You have to feel the earth inside.

Can't you sleep?

You forget her so soon, Marco!

What was her name?

Barbara, or am I wrong?

Don't try Bruno...

you shouldn't even say her name...

Don't make me do it again...

I'm already dead, Marco...

Whenever you want!

Will you tell her you're a cop?




my daughter...

Now you have to rest...

Lena, Assunta...

- Bruno!
- Dad!


It was terrible when they
told me you were dead...

And who told you?


Of course...

He was there...

Is there anything I need to know?

I'm pregnant.