Solo (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Marco is an infiltrated agent.

His mission:

To stop the trafficking of the
Corona 'Ndrangheta clan.

Shitty Ukrainians!

He's managed to gain
Bruno's trust, Don Antonio's son.

How did you say your name was?


You're bright.

But the mission endangers the relation
with Barbara, his colleague.

How long will it last? A month?
A year? And us, Marco?

Marco, in fact, can't refuse
Don Antonio's proposal.

He must marry Agatha.
The boss's youngest daughter.

It will be a great marriage.

But his cover is at risk.

Agatha found out that
Marco has another woman.

I saw you at the airport.

And tells Bruno.

Did you talk to your brother?

Who didn't hesitate to kill her.

Marco, however,
can't interrupt his mission.

A huge load of drugs is coming
to Gioia Tauro from Turkey.

It's his final confrontation
with Bruno Corona

who discovered who Marco really is.

The last person she saw, Marco,
was me...

Be quiet Bruno!

- It was me.
- Shut up!

You are pregnant, Agatha.

Ah, let me go!

My cover can still hold.

If Antonio Corona stayed at home,

it's because Bruno didn't tell
him anything about the plan.

The blitz is in place.
I can't do anything anymore.

No, damn.
No, damn...

Stop...! Stop!

Stop, police!


Show me your hands!

Antonio Corona, get out of the car!

Get out of the car, I said!


Go, go, go...

Give me the gun.
Nobody should follow us.

Good evening Don Anto.

Stay still. Stop.

Lower your weapons.

Lower your weapons!

Nobody should follow us.
Is that clear?

Stay still, don't do anything.

Stay still.

Roi 1 to central.

Look up the following license:
7491, black color,

with Don Antonio Corona
and the Solo agent as passengers.

Agent Emanuele Chiani is hostage,
give us the position.

Roi 1, we have identified
a suspicious car.

We are following it.

Are you shitting your pants, cop?

Turn off the lights.

Give me the key.

What have you got in your head?

Here Roi 1, we lost sight,

we request logistical support by land.

We're returning to the base.

Put him there.

Don't do anything stupid...

I want to know how the
hell you could come to us...

At the port... who
informed you of the shipment?

We've been following Gulesin
for two years now...

it was him who brought us to you...

Now, I'll ask you for the last time.

Where is my son?

I don't know anything
about your son, Corona.

He doesn't know anything,
so we don't need him.

Shoot him.

Bruno is dead.

A policeman shot him.

I'll kill you with my own hands,
I'll kill you!

With my hands, I'll kill you...

Breathe... breathe...
let's go outside...

Slowly, slowly, breathe... breathe.

But you... where the hell were you?

You left him there,
to die like a dog!

They were shooting at us, Don Anto...

I tried but they outnumbered us.

Bruno is dead... and you are alive.

Who the hell is it?

Keep calm.

It is the person who will
make us invisible.

- Don Antonio, pleasure to see you.
- Greetings, Gaetano.

I was hoping that this day
would never come...

We are in your hands.

It's an honor for me, Don Antonio.

Make everything disappear.

Including the cop.

- I'll do this...
- What the hell are you doing?

I told I'll do it, leave it.

Marco, Marco what the hell
are you doing? Let me go...

Shut up. Shut up and listen well...

They kidnapped Agatha.

What's your plan?

The operation is over,
you have to come back...

When they find out that you were
the one who killed Bruno...

they will hang you by the balls.

How the hell will they find out?
You shut up, you don't give a damn...

And do you want to stay inside?

But why?

Agatha has nothing to do with the
damn business. It's all my fault.

You have nothing to do with
Corona, not anymore...

I'm staying inside
until Agatha is safe...

I have already lost
too much with this.

How long will it take?

I'm going to check, Don Antonio...

Barbara is dead.

This is not the way for you
to clean your conscience...

Save yourself... if you can...

But why didn't you shoot him?

Let's go!

Did you see him die?

He died with honor.

I can guarantee this to you.

Man at sea!

- Go, there's a man at sea. Go.
- Where is he?

- Go, go...
- Pull over...

Eh... there he is, there...

Straight ahead, go like this.
Go straight... go, go, go...

Stop here...

Is he alive or is he dead?

Take him...

Turn him around...
pull, pull...

Be careful.
Take him.

Be careful.
Turn him.

You must notify Agatha.
Tell her to join us.

It's useless...

Let me out!...

Open up!


I'll give you a hand, Don Antonio.

Nothing has changed.
I was fond of this place.

At the time of the first plain war.

Every day someone died.

If I don't get the name
of Agatha's kidnapper,

I'll start a war again.

In your opinion who was it?

All of them, nobody excluded.

These years we've been making

more enemies than friends...

Bruno moved without the
Province's permission

and Agatha could have become
the price to pay.

Screw the Province's opinion,

if the families know where she is,
we beat them all, one by one...

Without the petioles,
you don't get anywhere.

We must take back what's ours,

before the cops get
their hands on it.

What's in his head?

Agatha... he won't rest
until she is safe.

Since he lost Barbara,
he lost his mind...

Have they found
Bruno Corona's body?

No, nothing yet...

At least we've recovered
the drugs, haven't we?

Yes, but it isn't enough.

Hell will break loose in Rome.

Gulesin and Iaccarino
are still free,

and should we talk
about Antonio Corona...

What should we have done,
according to them?

According to them,
the operation is closed, finished.

Marco must return.

He won't.

It's true. If he's fixed
with doing everything by himself,

we are all screwed.

He saved my life though...

Let's go.

Who is this woman?

Donna Assunta.
My wife's sister.

Why wasn't she at the wedding?

After the death of Carmela,
we grew apart.

Her husband,
Cosimo Tridente

was a boss of the Aspromonte.

He died six months ago.

What's the situation?

A car patrolled an hour ago.

Asked some questions.

But the situation is under control,
don't worry Don Antonio.

As soon as Caligiuri
unlocks the funds,

we should let everyone
know that anyone

who provides useful
information about Agatha

will get a good reward.

All right.

And is this the plan?

Wait for... someone to tell us
something? Give us information?

It requires patience...

We are weak and wounded now.

When the wolves are
wounded, they wait.

They lick each others
wounds and wait...

Don Anto, I'll bring her back to
you, even if it's the last thing I do.

But let me do it.

Trust me.

I trust you...
but you have to be careful...

I already have lost a son...

What happened?

They were shot.

And who was it?

I don't know.

- Were you here?
- Sure.

And did you see anything?

No, they were wearing hoods.

Then, they took that
girl and ran away.

Listen, do you have CCTV here?

Yes, sure.

- And the videos?
- No, not those.

The police already took them.

I understand, thanks.

Oh... but who are you?

Just curious.

I should have guessed...

But you didn't...

as it was necessary
to look for you.

Where is Agatha?

Nobody has touched your wife.

My drugs on the other hand, yes.

We had a deal,
and you didn't respect it.

That load was yours.
It was traced,

they were behind you.
Bruno Corona got caught in the middle.

Where is Agatha?


- How are you?
- No one has done anything to her.

For the moment...

What the hell do you want?

Twenty-five million euros.

It's what my shipment was worth...


It is the sum that Iaccarino
was willing to pay

if you had done your work...

Twenty-five million...
how the hell will I get that?

We have police sniffing our ass.
What the hell do I do?

That's your problem.


Don't give up, Agatha!
Don't give up!


You have ten days...

After that my son will know what
to do with the little Corona.

The Turk is a son of a bitch...

At least we know that Agatha is alive.

Twenty-five million is too much...

I have an idea...

I know where to find them.

We Corona, we have deep roots,

but our branches expand very far...

This month went better
than expected...

We invest all of these
in North America.

The rates right now are excellent.

That's what you tell me every time.

Why, don't you trust me anymore?

Don't you want to change your life?

We'll give up everything and leave.

We won't lack anything.

What I want, is not
a trip to the Caribbean,

you should know that.

That asshole woke up.

Get ready and get here immediately.

All right.

And bring the souvenirs, please.

Don Antonio, good morning.

Here are the cash and the documents,

I arrange a trip from
Naples to Spain.

And there, I have opened
a current account.

That's all you need.

We won't go anywhere.

We won't move until they
have released Agatha.

Pardon me, Don Antonio...

but let someone else
do this and you save yourself.

You think about your duties,
and we'll take care of our things.

I want you to sell all our shares,
I need pennies, in cash.

These aren't transactions
you can do overnight...

You got ten days!
Ten days...

Yeah, they are all after us!
If we start doing this kind of...

Did you hear what
Don Antonio said?

We need money, now!

You're sweating...

You're supposed to be solving
problems, not creating them.

As you wish.

And take the bag.

Goodbye sir.

- Do you need anything else?
- No, no...

Won't you come along?

Oh Alexander, come,
come here...

I need your signature
on these documents.

Yes sure...

We have to close some open positions.

Are you kidding?

If we close these, everything will
collapse, are you mad?

Why, don't you trust me?

I need a little bit of liquidity,
but everything will be settled.

Don't worry.

Listen, you said your "friends"
were investing long term,

that's why we moved in a certain way.

I don't know how you got stuck on this
but I won't risk my ass for your crap.

On the contrary,
you have to risk your ass...

because if you don't sign,
they will kill us.

Fix this situation and make sure that
the company comes out clean.

You and me, are not carved
with the same wood.

Tell this to your Calabrian friends.

Hello... police... I have information
about the Corona's.

What is it? A jeep?

- It can't be.
- It is a jeep. They followed you.

- They found us, walk.
- What's happening?

Go down. Walk, go down...
and let's not waste time.

Move. Quick, go.
Don Anto, let's go.

Here we go.

Stand still! Stop!


Keep your hands up.
Don't move!

Where do you think they hide?

I don't know, but if Rome ordered
to stop them, they won't escape.

Erika Mattei, Central Management
sent me to oversee this operation.

The Coronas are my operation.

They were.

I didn't have any
communication from Rome.

You have it in front of you.
I'm sorry, it's time to step aside.

A man of mine is in there.

I want an official explanation...

Where do you want me to start from?

From how you failed to arrest
Gulesin and Iaccarino?

Antonio Corona's escape or the
death of your agent?

Marco will bring
me Antonio Corona.

He should've already done it.

Agent Solo's mission is over.

The mission will end when
Marco rescues Agatha Corona.

Trust me, nobody knows
Marco better than me...

Then be useful.

Make him come back, anyway.

Someone sold us.

Is it possible that it was Gaetano?

No, it couldn't have been him...

That bastard of Caligiuri...

Stop, stop, wait Don Anto...
Don't put him on alert.

Why? What do you want to do?

I'll personally take care of it.

I want to take back what's ours.

The police are onto us.

And we'll be careful.
We don't have any alternatives...

I can't talk right now.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Are you coming with me?

Are you kidding?
No, Claudio, I'll stay here.

We have been waiting
for two hours.

In my opinion, Caligiuri is gone.
And everywhere is full of police.

Apart from money, Caligiuri
also has another vice, women.

Unfortunately for him he chose
the wrong woman this time.

And what do you know, Don Anto?

I have my informants.
I keep an eye on him.

Here she is.

Stop her.

And who the hell are you?
Leave me!

Uncle Antonio.


What are you doing here?

We have a friend in common.

Take us to your house.


I know what happened.

It didn't have to end like this,
I'm sorry...

Does my mother know you're here?

There is time...
we will clarify everything.

I can't guarantee you a hiding place.

Not here in Rome.

It isn't what we are looking for.

Caligiuri made the wrong choice.

He's a bastard!...

He screwed us,
he screwed up all of us

and then, he went to
the cops and talked.

Leave me out of this story.

No, your cousin was kidnapped and if we
don't pay the ransom, it ends badly.

In your veins flows the same blood
as my daughter, don't forget.

It was your fault...

it was your fault...


Why don't you stop?

At least I have to save Agatha.

You're not doing it for her...

You sacrificed everything
for this mission...

It was you who killed me...

It was Bruno Corona...

It was your fault...

Where have you been?

I went for a ride, I couldn't sleep.

It mustn't be easy.

In your shoes, I would go crazy.

Agatha is strong.

Bruno was strong too.

As children we were
always together.

Antonio has told me
about some things...

He told me what happened
between him and your mother...

My mother couldn't endure
my aunt's death.

I still think it was Antonio's fault
if she committed suicide!

Agatha is like her.

You'd say they're strong but...
it is only what it seems.

You haven't seen her in a long time,
you don't know who she is.


the rebel of the family forced,
as everyone, to marry the wrong man.

She had to be respected...

It's me who has to respect her.

You're like her brother,
like her father...

you're my uncle's right hand.

Do you think he would choose you,
if you were not like him?

It's my favorite book.

It will keep you company.

I've already read it.

I'm sorry.

What if my father doesn't
find the money?

He will find it. He's a Corona.

It isn't true, I haven't read it.

Thank you.

Listen to me well, Lena.

This is the only chance we
have to save Agatha.

Caligiuri must think that you
are going to leave with him.

We will take advantage of this.

You'll be the bait, it will all go
smoothly, you have to stay calm.

We'll bring him to Don Antonio for the
money transfer to a clean account.

I'll take care of the rest.

But where the hell is she?


But where were you?
You were making me worry...

You should.

You really thought you could
screw up the Coronas like that?

Stand against families
is a death sentence...

But we can leave...
we can have a new identity...

And what kind of life would that be?

When the least you expect is
to be shot in the head.

Wherever you are,
because that's how it works!

Did they send you?

Keep your promise to the Coronas,
give them back what belongs to them...

Keep quiet and walk...


Go... go, walk...

Caligiuri put down the
gun and don't do anything stupid!


Hey! Come down...

Release the money to that account
and nothing will happen to you.

I guarantee, you'll be free...

I spoke with Don Antonio...

Don't do anything stupid, Caligiur...


He didn't have to die.

With the death of Caligiuri it
won't take long until they find us...

Maybe there is a place
where we can go...

It was your fault...
you aren't doing it for her...

At least, I have to save Agatha...

and that's why I'm
willing to do anything.

You sacrificed everything
for the mission...

I know you don't believe me...
I can't stop now.

I have to rely on them.

Lena will open the doors
to her house.

And thanks to her,
I'll be able to rescue her.

It's risky this time...

because it could go wrong...

I won't let you die in vain...
I won't allow it...

I won't allow it, Barbara...

I will be right back.

Full tank, thank you...

Good evening.

We hope this is the right thing to do.

There's no choice.

Nothing's guaranteed...

You're really in love, eh?

So perhaps it is true that this
wasn't an arranged marriage.

That she wasn't forced to marry you.

Again with this story?

You killed my man...

you could be more kind to me.

Damn... what should I do?

Stay calm and be ready...

That's okay.
Give me the keys, come on.

A little bit of patience...

Give me the keys...
Come on, come on...

All right, as you wish.

Let's go. Quick.

That's useless here.

Welcome to my home.


Please, sit down...



Why did you bring him here?

There were problems in Rome.

My profound respect, Donna Assunta.

I'm happy to see you in good health.

I can't say the same
thing of you, Antonio.

You look weaker with the years...

It's only appearance.

I'm not here to ask for your help,

but to propose a new alliance.

You are in a miserable state!

There isn't anything you can propose.

The land and the port,
this is my offer.

You are offering things that you
no longer control.

But as soon as the storm passes,
we'll have what used to be ours.

And we will do it together.

We don't need another war.

But you must be interested in the man
who killed your husband!

I will bring you the
head of that bastard.

And that's why your daughter
Lena came back here.

Now, you're concerned
about my husband?

You missed the funeral...
and now you come here...

to profess you will revenge him.

What Don Antonio means to say...

Since when, has Don Antonio
someone to talk on his behalf?

He can speak on my behalf...

What kind of father are you?

Not even with your
daughter's life at risk,

you find the humility to
ask for forgiveness

and cry for help that
you don't even deserve.

I only ask God for forgiveness

and remember that my
daughter is your niece.

Better to die alone than to share
my life with you Antonio Corona.

Your mother should be aware
that it takes a man

to guide the fate of your family.

We won't act like the last time.
Listen to me, okay?

Mr. Nardiello...

Ok. Mrs. Mattei...

It's been 48 hours, and you didn't
give me information on agent Solo.

It's the same information
that I have. None.

I hope you understand the
new rules of the game.

There won't be room for
autonomous investigation.

I don't even know
how to proceed.

I told you, I have no information.

And basically, it's the reason why
they sent you here, right?

If you excuse me, I should go...

Why are the two of you here?

Because we have to
bring you back.

We can't guarantee your
cover anymore.

I see... but what the hell is that
blitz bullshit at the bunker?

It was an order from Rome.
An anonymous tip.

Anonymous? It was Caligiuri,
the accountant of the Corona.

Yes, we heard about it afterwards,

when they found the
corpse at Fiumicino.

Marco... tell me the truth...

It was an accident. He was
shooting at me. I had no choice.

Your situation is already compromised.

Do you have any idea what this
operation means for Rome?

I don't care about what
they say in Rome...

There are rules that I can't change.

What rules?

Do you understand what I
did to stay undercover?

For them, the operation is over!

The operation ends when
I'll bring Agatha home.

Do you hear yourself?

"When I bring Agatha home". You're
no longer lucid, you can't go on.

Damn you!

Ohhh... what the hell are you doing?

Back off...


If you don't return immediately,

you will be considered
as one of the Coronas.

I should arrest you.

When will this story end?


My father will have what
he is after

and you can go back to your beloved.

My father is the only
person I don't miss.

I wouldn't miss mine either.

In my country, I grew up indoors
with three armed doormen.

I stopped going to school at 11.

Never a friend, never a girl.

A prison, like this.

You are a man.
You could choose.

The blood, Agatha.

Don't you feel it flowing inside you?

And the more you hate your father,

the more the blood holds
you close to him.

It's true,

but the blood is not a condemnation.

Maybe you just need to find
another person who will free you...

And you've already found them?

I thought so.

So it's better this way.

Soon, you will go back to your life...

whatever it is.

We were wrong to come here.

It's too soon to tell.
Lena can convince her mother.

I don't understand how the Tridente
can give us the money we need.

We need men and weapons,
now that we have no money.

And Donna Assunta is the only one in
Calabria who could provide them.

If he knew you would bring
Antonio Corona to his home...

I just wanted our own good, and
Don Antonio respected my father.

However, he didn't do a
thing to avoid his death.

The Palmieri are beasts,

nobody would have imagined
that they would've gone so far.

Why do you want to help them?

They are not your family...

No, I don't want to help them.

Without Dad we lost our
position and protection.

We need a man, mother...

As Don Antonio says, in
Aspromonte, women are not in charge.

Not yet at least.

Your father's men are
now my men, Lena.

Oh yes? And for how long?

When the Palmieri or
other families come knocking,

they will be the first to
turn their backs on us...

This is not your place, Lena.

Do you know how much
it took to convince your

father to send you away...
I wanted you far...

because I wanted you to
be different from us.

Without ever asking me
what I really wanted...

And what is it that you want?

What my father always wanted.

That people fear only by hearing
the name of Tridente.

For this, I brought uncle Antonio here.

He's here, because he wants revenge.

And I'm going to please him...

because we want it
as much as him...


Follow me... I can't hide you here.

I know this place...

You want to start a war again

where there are already many dead.

My husband... your son,
they left us too soon.

Bruno... I haven't even had the chance
to mourn him as I should...

You will do it here.

On this land... which once
belonged to his mother...

Goodbye, my son.

May you rest in peace...

Saint Michael Archangel...

give me the strength and the sword
to avenge the death of Bruno...

Let's take him to the hospital.
He's poorly.

But do you know who he is?

The name Bruno Corona
tells you nothing?

If it's true that it's Bruno Corona,
you're crazy...

you know his people are ruthless...

No Lucia, they know
how to be grateful.

Yes... but not if we give them
a corpse, though...

Lucia, don't worry,

I already know who can help us...

And then, hurry up.

My friend, my son made me shoot...

Don Anto, do you think they
control us or protect us?

Donna Assunta is playing her game.

She is a strong woman, our kind.

Even the choice of this
house isn't a coincidence.

Is it your wife's?

It's a way to reproach me...

that she died because of me...

Excuse me, Don Anto, it's ok
for the Tridente to protect us...

but will you let me
check the surroundings?

Access routes, escape routes...

With all due respect for
Donna Assunta, but I don't trust them.

Well done.

Humm... Marco... Marco...

Marco... Marco...

You know the rules, Don Antonio...

Sir, everything is ok!

You can go.
Go ahead, I'll come after you.

Close it.

I am honored by your call...

I saw Bruno grow up, until his oath.

Knowing he's dead gives me grieve.

And I thank you for these words.

And I know what happened
to your daughter.

We'll solve it.

And then, I will come
to San Luca to relate...

It's best to do it before.

Time has gotten in the way.

Agatha's rescue is urgent...

I said before... before.

When you and your son Bruno
began to manage the land

and the port your own way...

It was a matter between us
and the Gargano.

Antonio, look where you
dragged your family...

for wanting to do
things your own way.

They declared war on us...

Only San Luca declares war...
and only San Luca ends it.

And how does he want to end this war?

Who was it Don Anto?

Men of the Patriarch.

He who decides everything,
and controls everything.

The Patriarch?

But I thought he was a legend...

It's convenient for everyone
to believe in him.

We have to talk to Donna Assunta.

You need to drink water.

Come here...

Please, help me... I'm pregnant.

San Luca decided that the port will no
longer belong to the Corona's.

Lost the port and also Gioia Tauro...

What does that mean?

That the land is now commanded
by the Palmieri.

But they... are disgusting...

The Patriarch thus decided.

This is the end of the Corona family.

No, ma'am.

Once Agatha is freed, we will
take back everything that's ours

and we will give you your part.

I swear to God.

You can win against one family,
you can win against the Piana...

but not against the
whole of Calabria.

One thing at a time.

Now let's think about Agatha.

Even if I give you all my men,

you'll never get to
gather all that money.

Not now that the Patriarch
has spoken against you.

Who said we needed money?

Explain yourself.

Gulesin said he wants what
was taken from him,

three quintals of heroin.
His drug shipment.

The one that the police took.

I seem to hear my son.

These crazy ideas...

That drug is locked inside
their judicial deposits.

That's why we need your men,
Donna Assunta.

It's a hopeless move.

Don Anto they don't expect it.
That's why it works.

We don't have any alternative.


Stop the car!
Move. Get off!

Move, move, stop!

Oh... oh... ohhh...
you piece of shit...

Who the hell are you?

Keep calm. You have to stay calm.

The heroin shipment seized
from the Corona's, do you have it?

It arrived three days ago...
it's surveilled 24/7...

How many men?

At least six.

The drug will leave tomorrow
morning to Gioia Tauro's incinerator.

They will take the highway
to go there straight.

We will force them to detour
to the state road towards Scilla,

in the intersection of the
three tunnels.

On the truck, there are two agents.

Two escort cars, before and after the
armored car, with two agents on board.

At the entrance of the first gallery,

there will be one of our men
who will be sent to start the fire

and set the road into flames.

At that point, we can't go back.

And they can't either.

Everything is fine here, we can go.

You win.

You were the only one
to believe it.

It's not over yet.
Tell them to hurry up.


Do what you need to do.

And now, doctor?

The wounds are healing.

I could cure them...

I don't know how he survived.

A miracle.

Or a curse.
He can't stay here.

He could get infected.

That's not an option.
He won't leave this place.

If you deliver a corpse to the family,
I don't know how they will take it.

If it wasn't for me,
the fish would be eating him.

Think of your sister.

Hand him over.
He is a dangerous fugitive...

Where are you going?

Before someone else does it.

Six agents were not enough
to protect the Corona's drug load,

because it is clear that the
Corona's took it back!

The Coronas are on their knees,

they couldn't have done this...

Surely someone helped them.

Perhaps one of your agents,
or should I say former agents.

Only a policeman could figure out how
to block our transfer operation...

First Caligiuri's death,
now the attack on our convoy.

Do you understood what
we're talking about?

It's clear that when it comes to the
Corona's, my agent is involved...

but my agent is involved because
the operation hasn't finished.

My agent is an infiltrate, he's not
one of them. Is it clear?

Lower your voice.

The mission is over.

I was clear, and Rome was clear.

Do you want to be an accomplice of the
crimes your agent is committing?

You've only a chance to avoid all the
shit that will rain down on you.

Stop the Solo Agent, or I will.
Do you understand?

Good morning doctor.

The person in charge
of the operation?

I need the documentation
of the load transfer.

We sent it to Gioia Tauro,
as they requested...

Yes, in fact, it went to people
who don't know how

to solve this matter...

I need the shifts list of
the last three days.

I need names... addresses,

service status, everything.

- Can it be done?
- Sure. Let's go, come on.



No... no, it's just that I can't
stay still, I can't wait.

It's like hearing Bruno.

I always criticized him for
trusting his instinct...

that's how he chose you...

but in your case he was right.

And like him, from now on,
you'll be by my side.

What's going to happen
once they release Agatha?

When you are alone and they're all
over you, there are two alternatives;

The first is to die...

the second is to kill.

Get to the top and take the place
of him who wants you dead.

Are you talking
about the Patriarch?

The Patriarch is just a name.

San Luca needs Calabria
to stay upright.

And me... this is what I want to do:

take away Calabria from San Luca.

Piece by piece,
province by province.

Now I feel like I'm hearing Bruno...

Let's get out of here.


This way. Go, go, go, go...

This way, they are close.
Come on guys...

What's your name?


Come on...

Stop, police! Hands up!


Wait. Leave me here.

I can't leave you here.

Leave me here.
Do you know who I am?

If they take you with me,
it's over. Go.

This way.

Go, go, go...

Down, down.

He's here... He's here...

Go! Go! Go...

This way.

Come on, move, move...

We got him.

He's here guys. Come on,
come on...

Come with us...

Officer Nardiello,

I would like to talk
with Dario Liguori.

My husband is not here...

Yes... I'll take a quick look...


Who are you?
What do you want from me?

Get you out of the mess
you got yourself into.

What are you talking about?

Liguori, don't waste my time,
we don't have any. Clear?

They threatened my wife...

Thank you.

That's why I didn't speak.

Just tell me if you recognize him.

Yes, it's him.
I recognize him.

It's loaded, be quick.

I'm following the truck
with the drugs.

As soon as they stop,
I send you the location.

Agreed. We're coming.

Finally your boss is in the
right place. Let's go.

Antonio Corona.

Finally, we meet again.

I'm sorry for what happened to Bruno.

Where is Agatha?

Not far.

What the hell does that mean?
This wasn't the agreement!

Be calm.

She's in good hands.
Nobody will harm her.

Your drug is here... Gulesin.

Well, let's proceed.

He'll take you to Agatha.

Lena... what did you do?

Our warranty.

We will start again from here.

The Tridente will come
back powerful.

You sent Antonio, Marco,
our men to their death, you're crazy.

When the Turk realizes
they will be far away...

If Agatha dies because of you,
they will sweep us away.

Marco will save her.
It will go all right, mom.


what did you turn into?

Come on, fast.




I hope we do other business
together in the future.

It is probable Gulesin.
There will be time.


This is bicarbonate...

This is the last time...

What the hell did you do?

There is one alive...

Bring him here...

They cheated us, kill him!

No, that's not true!
The exchange went well!

Kill him!

Agatha! No. No, everything
went well. No!

Your husband, your father,

they will all pay for what they did.

Stay down!

I won't move.

Not now, please, not now...
let me save her.

Please, you saw her too...
they'll kill her...

It's over,

you're under arrest...

Here we go.

Who betrayed us?


There was a part of drug and
the rest was bicarbonate...

I checked the load last night...

It is your fault...

I trusted Donna Assunta.

Donna Assunta
has nothing to do with it.

It was your nephew who screwed us.


If something happens to your
daughter, I swear I'll kill her...

with my hands I'll kill her...

No... no...

Is this what trust means?

Do you believe that human relationships
can change the rules?

It was the Solo agent.



Let me go!
Piece of shit...