Solo (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

After Barbara's death, Solo's mission, which has become too risky, is suspended . . . but he is not willing to stop.

You call is being transferred
to the voice-mail.

Barbi, it's me. I tried to call you
but you didn't answer.

Call me, I'm worrying.

Bye. Shit.

Fuck, no.

Barbara, hey. My love. My love.

Please, breathe, good girl, breathe.

Breathe, breathe, keep breathing.

I need an ambulance in Manni Street,
it's a gunshot wound.

She is half-conscious.

She's in front of me.
She's already lying. Fuck!

Stop giving me instructions! Come now!

Now I turn you over, slowly.
I want to see how you are.

Slowly... my love.

Like this, my love.

Shit... Alright, my love.
Everything's alright, my love.

Look at me. Hey, hey.

Barbi, my love,
look at me, look at me.

The baby.

Everything's alright,
don't think about it.

You're good. Look at me.

No, no, don't think
about it, my love.

Damn, let's go, let's go.
I will take you there.

Resist, my love, we're almost there.

Move, shit!

Barbi, open your eyes. Barbi.

Open your eyes, my love, my love.

My love, my love.

My love, no. My love.

My love, hey, my love.

My love, no. My love, no. My love, no.

My love, no. My love, no.

My love, no. My love, no. My love, no.

Shit, what have I done?

She deserves a state funeral.

Of course she does.

I'll make a coffee.

When I met her
she didn't drink coffee.

After one month of night shifts
she gave up.

She couldn't resist too long
without a good coffee.

And she said mine was special.

How did you know I was here?
Do you have other place to go?

I intuited about you.
I should have split you up.

I didn't follow the regulations.
I'll regret it forever.

The mission ends here.

I'm going ahead.

If Bruno discovers about Barbara?
And the mission?

I'll take the risk.
You don't understand.

It's me who will not take the risk.

My conscience won't take
another agent.

This is our job, I'm going ahead.


Did you talk to the press?
No. Nobody knows her identity.

If so, there's still a chance.

Let me talk with the Interpol.
I must reorganize your protection.

You can't leave now.
We must stay close to you.

Hey, man.

Don't screw it up.

Barbara was right,
your coffee is special.

Did you understand me?
I did, I did.

Hurry up, I'm going down.

Marco hasn't come back yet.

I know, he's still in Rome.

He is executing commissions for me.

Why doesn't he answer the phone?

How would I know
why he's not answering.

What commissions?

Do you need something? You can ask me.

Feli, come on in.

- Any news?
- Nothing.

I can't find Don Vincenzo anywhere.

I've searched all around.
Excuse me.

- Feli.
- Yes?

I loved Santo like a brother.
You know it.

If it was my uncle,
he will pay for it too.

A little more light will be better.
It's a risk, someone could see you.

Do you know what happens
if your nephew finds you here?

Don't worry, I'll compensate
your problems.

If I don't get killed first.

I told you, don't worry.

This is the last one, you better go.
I decide when to go!

Give me the shot
and don't piss me off!

Sit down.

I'm sorry about what happened.
She was one of our best agents.

Now everything changes.
What does it mean?

The operation can't continue.
It's too risky.

We know perfectly how risky it is.

But our man is not afraid
to go forward.

With all due respect,
it's not just about the agent.

There's a risk of ruining
the whole operation.

We've activated our B plan.
Which would be?

We'll stop the Turk's cargo
in territorial waters.

How are you going to intercept it?
Already done.

Why didn't you inform us?
We were not obliged to.

What about laccarino?
Wasn't him your aim?

He is not listenig to me. I repeat:
The operation has been compromised.

Stopping the cargo
in the Mediterranean

is the only way to bring
something back home.

As they say, we must cut our losses.

Cut your losses, you dickhead.
I've lost a colleague,

and you say it was in vain?

We are sorry about your loss.
Very well.

But there's one detail.
You two don't decide a shit.

I am heading the operation.
And I decided to proceed.

The cargo must arrive to Gioia Tauro.

Don't you even try to block it.

You can't make such a risky decision!
Of course I can!

If we lost the cargo after it gets
to Corona's hands,

you'll take the responsibility.

- Go fuck yourself.
- Damn it!

Open the fucking door.

Did you see Felice this morning?
Any news about my brother?

- Nothing yet.
- Find him.

I don't like to leave things pending.

Put that phone aside!
Let us eat in peace!

I'm not hungry. Marco...

Hello. Good afternoon, Don Anto.

Where have you been?
I had things to do.

You could've answered.
I had no battery.

Don't stand there, sit down.

I'm sorry, I've got things to do.

Come to the port later.

Agata, serve him the meal.

How was your trip?
Good. It was good.

What did you do?
I don't give a damn who she was.

Any person in your place would
be food for pigs.

But you are very lucky because
I should have killed you.



I got it.

No rush, Marco.

No rush.

Where are you going?

To the office.
People start to suspect.

It's for your sake too, Don Vincenzo.
You are not going anywhere.

Sit down.

That doctor never goes out.
You think it's normal?

He's not taking patients.
He's probably sick.

He's hiding something Bruno, trust me.

He's never in the office.

Let's pay him a visit.

See who is it.

Doctor. Bruno Corona, I knew it.

Shut up. Don't do any bullshit!

I know you are inside!

Open the door!

Don't worry. I won't hurt you!

Open that fucking door!

Uncle Vice, I want to see
your face before I kill you!

Get in, get in, don Vince!

Who the fuck was it?
One of the Spallones!

Tano Spallone.
We should have killed him too.

They sent him home after the wedding
with his mother and sister.

I didn't think about him.
He's a mama's boy.

If he wants revenge,
why doesn't he come here?

Why does he need uncle Vincenzo?

When does the Turk's ship arrive?

In two days. Why?

Does Vincenzo know?
No, he doesn't.

Uncle Gargano told my father
about an agreement

that your brother was going
to do with them.

About Coronas' drugs
and Garganos' refinery.

It was bullshit.
But one thing is true:

Five tons of heroin will come
to Gioia Tauro from Turkey.

Five tons? If you're kidding me,
I'll cut your throat.

I'm not kidding and if we
get the cargo in Gioia Tauro,

they will negotiate with us.

When is it arriving?
I don't know that.

But there is a way to find it out.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.

Ave Maria, full of grace.
The God is with you.

You are blessed and blessed
is the fruit of your breast, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.

Where were you?

Go back to pray.

I will pray. For the good
soul of our son.

What about you? Still working
for those who killed him.


What's with your eye?
It's nothing.

Why did you take so long?

I had things to do, sorry.

- Does it hurt?
- A bit.

Will you tell me
what's wrong with you.

Nothing, really, I'm just tired.

You are not just tired.

I saw you at the airport.

With that woman.

Are you saying you followed me?

Who is she?

Tell me who she is.

I want to trust you
but you have to do the same.

You saw me with that woman and then?

- And then what?
- What did you?

I got back home.
Did you talk to your brother?

Agata, answer me! Did you do it?

- Marco, calm.
- Answer!

Maybe I told him. I was angry.

Do you think you are different
from your father, your brother?

You are exactly like them!

Marco, it's me. Call me.
We need to talk.

Marco, it's me. Call me.
We need to talk.

Marco, it's me. Call me.
We need to talk.

Why are you up?

What happened in Rome?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Tell me the truth,
what happened?

Nothing. Nothing happened.

Go to bed, it's late.
Did Marco meet a woman?

Answer me.

It's all settled now.

What does it mean? What happened?

That I took care of it.

What did you do, Bruno?

What do you think? It was me
who brought him into our family,

and I must remedy everything.

You are my sister and I will let
anybody make you suffer.

No! No!


Agata, are you there?





- Dad, what's up?
- Blood.

- What?
- Open the door!

Oh my...

Agata! Answer me!

Dad, help me!

Where are you taking her?
I'm coming now.

Where is she? Intensive therapy.

How is she? I don't know, Marco.

What did you do?
I'll kill you myself!

- Dad.
- Leave me!

I trusted you.

What have you done? Answer me!
Dad, the doctor.

- Mr. Corona?
- How is she?

The situation has stabilized.
Now she's safe.

She lost a lot of blood
so she needs rest.

- Can I see her?
- In a few hours.

She's sedated and sleeping.
Thank God.

Mr. Corona, we will get your daughter
back on the track

but she will need therapy
and a psychologist.

My daughter doesn't need

Look, most of the people
who cut their veins

cut them horizontally to get attention
not do die.

Your daughter cut them vertically
because she did want to die.

You don't know my daughter!

And you can't talk to me like that!

Dad, take a seat.
Do you need a stretcher?

No, I don't need anything.
I'm alright.

Dad, I take you home.
Marco, go get the car.

You go. I'm the husband. I'm staying.

I take you home, Dad. Let's go.

Did your hear what happened
to Don Antonio's daughter?

What is it?
She wanted to end like her mother.

Listen carefully,

mind your business
if you want to go home tonight.

What else do you want?
Life sucks, right, Felice?

Good evening, Felice.

You killed my son like a dog!

Calm down and don't talk bullshit.

What do you want from me?

Your son came to me
before being killed

and told me he doubted of someone
and was worried.

I didn't listen to him
but then I thought it over

and I thought that
Santo was probably right.

I'll help you find your son's killer

but you must do something for me.

Let's go.

I hoped she would be
stronger from your mother.

I spoiled her. I gave her everything.

And what did I get? Nothing.

Don't say so, Dad.

What happened in Rome?

With the Turk?
No. With Marco. What happened?

- Nothing.
- Are you sure?

Is there anything you didn't tell me?

I never hide anything from you.

Who calls you now?

You see.

My friend.

We? We are ready.

How are you?

I'm hungry.
I'll bring you some food.

Wait. Come here.

Forgive me.

Forget it, Agata.
Let's talk when you feel better.

No. I want to talk now.

It's my fault.

I didn't want to cause this pain.

Agata, it's my fault.
I should have talk less.

Why did you marry me?

Why did you come back
after what my family did?

I'm not like them.

But you are.

You are even worse.

My relatives were born here.

Probably they didn't have much choice.

You are different.

You could choose.

I don't want to see you anymore.

Go away. Please, go away.

How are you feeling?

The analysis look invigorating.
You'll be out soon.

But the analysis show something else.

The value of the hormone
beta hcg is very clear,

you are pregnant, Agata.

- Yes, alright.
- Thank you.

What can you say about Santo's car?

It's hard. It's quite destroyed.

But on the left side there are
traces of different color.

What color?
A light color, like grey.

As if another car bumped it?
I thought that too.

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

You were at the hospital?

Your sister doesn't want
anyone there.

She's crazy but strong.
She will recover.

I'm worried about my father.
He's torn up.

I brought you to our family,
you made an oath to me.

If you misbehave, I'm responsible.

I didn't tell my father
what happened between us.

The issue is solved, right?


I have news.

The American will pick up stuff
out of the territorial waters.


Because he doesn't trust.

This time things must go smoothly.

It will be alright.

I know.

Iaccarino will pick up things
out of the Italian territorial waters.

Are you sure about that?
Of course I am.

Don't do anything at the port,
let them work.

We'll seize the cargo
when laccarino is there.

We wanted to trace it down to America.

Now we have a problem,
we are not ready to move in.

What the fuck does that mean?
Aren't you supported by the Interpol?

They disagreed with my last decisions.

And Rudy laccarino waits
for five tons of heroine

in the Mediterranean?

What do they have to authorize?

With the cargo on board,
we'll take it with the Coronas.

If anything goes wrong,
the central office will kick my ass.

It will be alright.
Trust me, trust me.


Good girl. Like this.
I can do it.

Why don't you want
to sleep in your room?

Why should I?

I'd worry less.

I like it here.

You can't treat me like this.

Can't treat your family like this.

We are not a family.

We are nothing.

You are my daughter,
and I'm your father.

Leave me alone.

How is it possible?

Why did they do that so Santo?

When Marco entered this house
everything went upside down.

What about my son?
Maybe he discovered something.

What do you mean? I don't know.

But Antonio and Bruno
didn't honor your son's death

and they made that snitch
become one of them.

You've always been
there for then, right?


If so, don't you deserve some respect?

I don't know anymore.

Now, Feli, go back home.
Your wife is waiting for you.

We've completed our part.
Now it's his turn.

We must be patient.

We are asking him to betray
a family he's served all his life.

He should see with his own eyes
what we've discovered.

Son of a bitch, bastard.

Put them there.
By the containers. Come on.


The trucks are here.

- Hey Felice.
- Don Vince.

From what I'm about to do,
there's no way back after this.

Don't worry.
You are doing the right thing.

The Coronas are dead.
I've got the information.


The ship will be here in a few hours.

It's a merchant ship
and will moor at the pier.

It's called "Black Seal".
How many trucks do you have?

Two. Don Vince...

You were right about Marco.

Finally I will make justice for my
son. I'll help you. But not now.

- What does it mean?
- Trust me.

Right now just let it go.

Feli, I think Marco is a cop.
We can't kill him.

It's too dangerous.

- Who was on the phone?
- My wife.

Did you tell her I said hello?
Of course.

Go pay the drivers.

Don't shoot me
with the camera, Antonio.

Let's put out those little candles!
Sure, help me.

Good girl.

Happy birthday, mommy.
Thank you, my love.

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear mommy,

Happy birthday to you...

Thank you.


- Go ahead.
- Yes.

It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Pull over.

What the fuck Felice, put down the gun.
- Pull over, I said.

What the fuck are they doing?

Get out of the cars!

Stop! Hands up!
Come on, get out!

- Come on. Go!
- Go!


Get out, Bruno.

You have found a worm like your self,
uncle Vice!

Only men of honour
are standing in front of you.

Stop this bullshit, Vice,
let's kill them.

Come on. Come on. Go.

You know what you must do.

I can't. You are still
blood of my blood.

Let's go.

Come, come, drive in.

Drive in, like this. Come on, come on.

Well done, go. Like this.

Do you want to kill me?

I owe you, Don Vince.

Well, I was in debt with you, right?

We'll take the deal with the Turk.

And we'll deliver the cargo
to the American. Have fun.

Listen to me: Leave the house!
You understand?

Listen: Leave the house! Now!

What's up Felice?
My wife is as stubborn as a mule.

She won't leave the house.
Go there now.

I have to do something first.

Felice, don't do bullshit.

Where are you going?
Felice, get back!

Fuck you, asshole.

I'm going to Felice's house.
You go to Santo's.

We will move heaven and earth.

Let's go.

You are not welcome here.

Where is your husband?
Why do you want to know?

You want to kill him too?

You shouldn't believe in every rumor.

People are bad.

You are bad.

You are raising your head too high.
I just tell the truth.

You mother killed herself because
she let the demon out in this world.

You cannot mention my mother's name.

Where is your husband?

Kill me first.

Slowly, donna Angela.


Put down the gun.

Where is the cargo?

Why did you kill my son? Fucking cop!

What are you saying?
I know it was you!

Your son died in an accident.

I will kill you.

Let me go, let me go.

- Let me go.
- Calm down.

I feel sick, I feel sick.
Calm down, Felice.

Better now?

Come on, stand up.

Slowly. Like this.

It's over.

It's all over now.

I beg you, send somebody to my house

to take away my wife.

You are doing the right thing.

Bruno, I'm listening.

How did you find it out?

I'm coming now.

What happened?

The Coronas' found her?

What did they do to her?

Felice doesn't answer me.

He's with his wife.

No, I think he has done
something stupid.

Tano, this place is not safe anymore.

We must leave immediately.

Alright, get the trucks ready.

Take away these fucking trucks.

Uncle Vice, it's a deja vu.

Shoot! Shoot!

I'd recognize your shitty gun
even in war.

You have no more bullets.
Kill me.

Since when did you want to do it?

Your father approves it now!

If you kill me, I will take
what I know to my grave.

What is it that you know
that I don't?

You let screw yourself
like an asshole.

Let's go.

You killed him?

He won't slender our name now.

If we lose the cargo
we will become chickenfeed.

The Turk is like us.
He never lets people escape.

Everything's under control.



I don't have the coordinates
of the meeting with laccarino.

You have to get on board
with your phone.

With the drug, the operation
is active again.

The Interpol guys are fibrillating.
Just one thing:

Intervene only after the unloading.
Of course.

- One more thing Marco.
- What?

I've unblocked info about
Agata's account in Canada.

Bruno got her into a mess. Shit.

A heavy delict on her name.
A huge turnover of dirty money.

She doesn't know it.

I know. But the account is on
her name. It's not easy.

You are the only one who knows.

Thank you.

Good girl.

Happy birthday, mommy.
Thank you, love.

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear mommy.

The guys are at the port,
are loading the fishing boat.

What fishing boat?

It's called "Don Pepe".

Fishing boats are the best,
they are inconspicuous.

Where do they put the drugs?
Under the ice for the fish.

When are you leaving?
I'm not leaving.

- You are.
- Me?

Too risky for me.
And I only trust you.

Am I right?

You are right.

Of course you are right.

- When?
- In two hours.

I'm going to get ready.

The boat is called "Don Pepe".
I'll be on board.

Bruno is not coming.
I don't have yet the coordinates.

Where are you?
I have to do something.

Why are you here?

She looked like you.

She was more beautiful.

Agata, listen to me now.
I don't want to listen to you.

This time you must listen.

I saw documents of your family.

There's an account
abroad on your name.

What are you talking about?

We are about to do something risky.

The police is behind.

If everything goes wrong,
you will be in trouble too.

Why would I trust you?
Why would I lie to you?

I've agreed with a captain.

He will take you to Barcelona
on your father's boat.

You leave in two hours.
Don't tell anybody about it.

I can't force you.
Leave me alone.

Make a good decision.

Everything's ready to sail away.
Have a nice trip.

It's a spectacular day.
Don't worry.

Here I am.

Let's go.

Well? Antonio Corona is at home but
Bruno is not yet back from the port.

And you? We're starting.

Wait for my signal to intervene.
Ok. Good luck.

Let's go.

It's time.

What are you doing?
We are not there yet.

What do you want?

Fuck it!

Excuse me! Why are we slowing down?

Where were you going?
Why are you here?

Go back home. I need the boat.

I won't move.
Since when do you decide?

Agata. Agata.

Fuck it! Fuck it!

Agata. You are pissing me off.

Open the door!

- Leave me!
- Come here.

- Leave me.
- Hey!

You pissed me off!
Now you start to collaborate!


Fuck it! Shit!

Marco, what happened?

There's nothing on board.
It was a trap for me.

I know where Bruno Corona is.
I'm going to get him.

Come on, speed up!

I'm sorry, I didn't want to scare you.

You don't scare me, you disgust me.

Let's go, we've lost plenty of time.

Nardiello, what are we gonna do?

There are only corpses here!
We must know where he is.

The drugs can be
where Bruno Corona is.

- Yes.
- What should we do here?

Wait. I can't authorize you
if we don't get the drugs first.

Where's Marco?

I should have killed you time ago.

Put down that fucking gun.

Do you want to arrest me, Marco?

It is right. That's what the cops do.

Do you have the handcuffs?
No, you don't.

Because you are not a regular cop.

You are a fucking snitch.

I'll kill you, Bruno!

Where's laccarino?
I won't tell you.

It's over. Tell me where he is,
give me the coordinates.

Do you believe laccarino
would come here

to be arrested
by a shitty cop like you?

Iaccarino wasn't coming!

Where is Agata?

Agata is at home
and she belongs to us.

I've got the cargo and Bruno Corona.

We are locating you. Coming soon.

I don't remember
the color of her eyes.

Although I stared at her
before I killed her.

Enough, Bruno... Enough.

I shot her.

She stared at me while dying.
Shut up!

She couldn't believe I'd come in.

What the fuck do you want, Bruno?

Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

I was the last thing she saw.

Shut up, Bruno!
It was me, Marco.

- Fuck, shut up!
- It was me.

Shut up!


Where are you going? Stop!

Stop! Where are you going?

Let me go! Leave me!
Who the fuck are you?

Who the fuck are you?

What the fuck happened?
Where's Agata?

They took her away. Who was it?

Fuck it, shit!

- Yes.
- We've got the drugs.

Green light for the blitz.
We get moving.

Be ready.

You call is being transferred
to the voice-mail.

Marco, we have no choice.
Stop everybody.

If we arrest him,
Agata will be useless.

They want to negotiate.
My coverage still works.

If Antonio is at home maybe Bruno
didn't tell him the plan.

The blitz is in action.
We can't change it.

No, shit, no! Fuck it!

Stop! Stop!

- Freeze! Police!
- Stop!

Show me the hands. Open.
Get out of the car!

Quickly, quickly.

Antonio Corona, get out of the car.

I said get out of the car!

Go, go, go.

Give me the gun.
Nobody should follow us.

Good evening, Don Anto...

Don't move! Still!
Stand down! Stand down!

Nobody must follow us. Clear?
Stay still. Don't do anything.

Stay still.