Sol Yanim (2020–2021): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

How will Burak's attention end as his curiosity about Serra's mysterious actions continues? While Burak's interest in Serra gradually increases, Serra and Selim's forced study will bring ...

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Dad! Dad, quick!

Mom can't breathe!

Who's there?


Sorry, there was no card on the door.

- Come back later, please. - Well.

How many rooms do you have left, Serra?

I have one more room left.

Two more for me, by the way do you have any extra shampoos left?

Yes, they stayed, I give it to you.

Good good. I understand.

Then arrange an online meeting.

Can you put it back, baby?

Needs to talk about working from home.

I don't like people talking about working from home.

See. It's been an hour since he talks about work on the phone.

Dad probably isn't happy with that either. If it hadn't mattered so much, he wouldn't have been picking up.

The Nile, even if it doesn't matter. The little details are very important to your father.

For example, I feel offended. If I had a problem, he wouldn't have talked to me that long.

He would have cut off the conversation immediately.

Honey, we're late. Let's go already.

Let's go honey.

Okay, go ahead and you're already late anyway.

Let me know when you get out of the doctor, okay?

Okay, I'll let you know, don't worry, Dad.

See you soon.

Have a nice day.

What kind of doctor are they going to?

From artificial insemination.

What is this method? Well, they can't have children.

I don't understand why they still insist so much?

They will spend their lives visiting doctors.

Is there a better feeling than being parents?

It's obvious they're trying to the end.

Serra, don't scare me!

Alright, forget about it already!

Easy for you to say, Pinar.

Help! Help!

Do not shout! Do not shout!

Do not shout!

Otherwise I'll cut your throat!

I swear I remember that man's stinking breath ...

Okay, that's enough.

Better thank this person.

Don't tell me, Pinar.

I swear, were it not for this person, they would take my money, passport, cards!


I cut in and change the subject right away.

Maybe we'll spend some free time on the weekend?

You will relax a little, it will do you good.

I can not. There are so many things I can do.

What are your things to do?

There is a pile of clothes in the house to be ironed, we will drown in them soon.

And I also have to prepare for the project.

Girl you faded from the inside!

What are you advising me, dear trainer?

Should I tell you what you should be doing at your age?

What should I do?

You must urgently learn how to live, Serra. You think so?


If the Russian millionaire, our Russian brother repaid you with a good sum ..

Shouldn't we go shopping?

We'll tear ourselves a little.

Indeed, shopping is a very good idea.

Exactly! This is what I expected from you! Bravo!

Come on!

What are you doing?

We haven't seen your parents in a couple of weeks.

What's up with them? Are they satisfied with the center in Australia?

Very, very pleased. They came with beaming faces.

But my dad complained a little about the diet. It was very difficult for him.

Ihsan, dear, let's also go somewhere before winter begins.

We will feel lighter, we will lose unnecessary kilograms. I'd love to.

Do you need diet and detox, Asena?

Exactly. You are so slim, after all.

You know what I'll look like if I don't eat the way I did when I was a model, Biricik?

Because I have a very big appetite.

Sevinc, what did you do?

Is it possible? We just talked about diet and detox.

Well, what I can do? Will we try Biricik?

Yes, let's try then.

Thank you very much, Sevinc.

Eventually, he found his way home.

This is certainly a new habit - to make an appointment and make the guest wait?

Mr. Selim's calendar is full.

Who knows where it came from and from whom.

Hello Biricik.


How do you do?


We should do the project in tandem, that's why I came.


Well done Biricik.

If it weren't for you, he wouldn't even think about tasks.

Look, he has already forgotten.

Wait a minute, I think you had absolutely no idea about this task.

I guessed?

No its not like that.

Shall we go upstairs? Let's do it right away.

Yes, yes let's go and do it asap.

By permission.


What's that supposed to mean, Biricik?

Why these unannounced visits?

Is that how you should treat the guest?

No, it's not for that reason ..

Do you think I came to you?

What's on it?

What do you think?



I do not believe! You really made it?

Of course I did! Don't talk like you don't know me.

You didn't mention it yesterday night.

Yesterday was not a good opportunity for this, that's why.

Sorry to disturb you, but they are asking for the Lord.

Your car needs to be checked over.

- Okay, Sevinc, I'll be right there. - Well.

Please take care of your business.

Just turn on your computer so I can start downloading it when you exit.

Leave it. I'll do it when I get back.

Selim, I won't eat your computer.

Turn it on now.

I also have my personal documents here, I will sort them.

We will gain time, sketches etc. will not take much time.


Managed to?

I turned it on.

Thank you, I'm getting started downloading.

To save time.

Luck is on my side today.

Hello hello.

I am starting the program now and in order not to make mistakes, I called you.

Yes, yes, I turned on my computer first. Now I turn on the second computer.

Okay, that's it. I connected.

Okay, I clicked it, I'm waiting.

Yes, yes, that's how it was done.

Now, like we talked, I'll be able to see everything from here, right?

Documents, cameras, can I view everything?


I'll pay you soon.

Thank you.

Welcome to the mysterious world of Selim Kutlusay!

Best sister, I have to pay off the debt on the card.

Can you borrow me 300 lira?

The money Mr. Selim is giving away as tips is a big problem for my brother.

Recently, I went to my father's.


You know he fell and broke his leg?

He has a leg in plaster up to the knee.

Are you even listening to me, Ihsan?


Your dad broke his leg.

At least the man is sympathetic

Let everything pass away.

And Ali was fired from his job.

Is there a suitable job for him in one of the companies?

This brother of yours is being fired all the time.

What is the boy supposed to do, baby?

How many times have I told you not to come to me with your family's problems?

Okay, honey, you're right.

I married you, not your family.

Don't make me remind you of this.

You don't have to repeat it, I know that.

You can ask Umar if he needs staff on campus.

I'll see what I can do.


Have a nice job, brother!

For 5 liters, juicy.

Sister, do you want a lemon?

Come on!

How am I going to get it all home?

Together with that 35 lire.

Thank you.

What are you doing?

Why are you smiling, you idiot?

What? Shouldn't I be laughing? I smile and that's it.

Guys, what's this about?

Play ball, man.

What happened? Are we bothering you?

Who are you to disturb me?

He's a brave guy in this market.

Brother Typhoon, take it if it's not a problem.

Leave it.

Barbara, forget it, they started coming here while you were gone.

It will gather 50 people and they will come to us.

The lady will go away, they will collect it.


We do not like to collect, but to destroy.

Help! What are you looking at ?!


Help! What are you doing?!

Apologize to this lady!

Sorry, sister!

Leave it!

Hope you're okay?

They didn't hurt you?

In what sense?

These two, haven't they hurt you?

They are the cause ...

No, it's okay, thank you.

On the occasion...

I am barbar.

Actually my name is Barbaros, but in the area they call me Barbar.

As a nickname.


I was away for a long time, I went on business.


When did you get out of jail?

Have a nice day.

Yes, that's how I left. Did something happen? Why are you so interested? You missed me?

What was I supposed to miss?

My God!


How are you, Aunt Ayse?

What should I know? Let's say everything is fine and everything will be fine.

Are you coming back from the market?


Good news.

You were very tired too when Binnaz passed away.

A human would not be able to deal with mother, work and study this way.

Bravo, daughter.

Goodbye, Aunt Ayse.

See you soon.

Aunt Binnaz?


Honey, my only one!

My dear!

My only!

I missed you so much.

My dear.

Let me see you. You've become so thin. You've lost a few kilos, did you?

Of course, I missed your food.

Don't worry, sit down ..

I'll beat you up in two days.

Did you go shopping too?

Like, I missed you.

Oh baby I missed you too

My condolences.

How are you?

Thank you baby better.

What did you do?! Did you handle it without me?

Well, I did what I could.

And your mother probably isn't helping you at all.

You can't see Nilgul helping you.

You don't know my mom?

Even if she wanted to, she wouldn't help. He doesn't even know how to do housework.

People like her came into this world to minister to them. And people like us came into the world to minister.

Actually, it's true.

I'm more worried about you than your mother.

You face such problems at a young age there.

Forget about it. I'm used to it. I can handle it, so don't worry.

How good that you came, how good!

My one!

But here you made noise.

Mom, don't say you just woke up!

No way daughter that I just woke up?

Binnaz, started cleaning immediately upon arrival, and I immediately ran to my room.

I'll close the window to keep you warm.

He doesn't leave me alone.

And you also talked about me.

- I heard all of your conversation! - Disgusting!

He reappeared.

Who are you mad at again?

Who are you looking at? On him.

Barbaros. It turned out that he was a tyrant in our district, he terrified everyone.

They put him in prison for a couple of years, we were so quiet.

And now he's reappeared! Plague!

There are no bananas.

- Bananas? - Yes.

I will buy, mommy, I will buy.

Daughter, there is calcium in bananas, it does me good.

Good good.

Look, she's back again.

That's good, we've been without it for so many days.

"She's here again, she'll start making noise again." - Unbearable.

And it also paints black.


Apart from you, is there no one to gossip?

What rumors do you mean?

Besides, your mom is the nasty one! You hear what I'm saying ?!

Talk normally.

Why are you messing with my mom?

We should ask you what to talk about ?!

Yes me! And what you don't like ?!

Not loved!

Don't piss me off because it's gonna be bad!

Go away.

Come here!

Divine punishment!

Come here! Divine punishment!

I will make you wish you were born! Can you hear me?!

I wish I didn't see you here again!

I'll kill you!

Daughter, how did you get in?

You left your key in the door.

Let me see your face.

O mother! Who scratched your face so much ?!


- You already got into a fight ?! - Mom.

It's not worth dramatizing first thing in the morning.

Talk quickly, who were you fighting ?!

With the daughters of Macabula, but they deserved it.

My God! God help me!

Hello Nazli! How are you?


You're going to work?

This is how I go to work.

While I still have a job. Until I was fired, of course.

No, honey. Why would they fire you? Where would they find a good employee like you?

Yes of course.

Daughter, talk normally!

You're braiding nonsense.

Nazli, we made some tea, do you want it too?

No, I don't want tea, it affects me badly.

Yes, it's bad. Let him drink alcoholic beverages.

I don't know who you've gotten into, daughter. Why are you like this?

Who did you get into?

How were your days in the countryside? Were you bored?

Can you not be bored there? I almost died of boredom.

I'm sick of her.

I'm sick of her. Am I to suffer from your problems?

Should I take care of her? I don't know anymore.

If Binnaz hadn't deceived me by saying it was for a few days, I wouldn't have gone.

Be silent, daughter! It is a sin!

Do you feel sorry for him? Your grandfather in the grave falls over.

Did we go there for fun? We went to the funeral.

Nazli, hello!

Good morning, Mrs. Nilgun.

What's with you? You painted your face different colors again.

Did the cat scratch you?


What if she likes it? Is it not so?

Come on, let's have some tea.

I will drink here, daughter. Pour me some tea.

Mommy, take a glass. We'll drink tea in the room.


And you, like mother and daughter, talk quietly.

How many times have I told you ?!

How many times have I told you to dress normally, dress normally ?!

This is my normal state! Don't worry about what others say!

Get over it now, Mom!

What are you here for?

That you would give me money for the ride. I don't have a dime.

You will kill me.

You will kill me.

Seems like you're not so bad, do you mom?

God help me!

I swear this girl is gonna kill me.

I swear she'll kill me.

What happened again?

Like what Serra? Can't you see what condition she's in?

He goes to work while others go home.

He comes home early in the morning.

Some "Bar-Ruk" works there.

"Rok-Bar", Binnaz. Rock bar.

No matter what's up!

I'm afraid something might happen to her.

Can't you see he's swinging in the clouds?

Would it be bad if she found herself a good job?

Or maybe we will also go to this bar? We'll tear up a little.

Enjoy your meal!

Are you done already?

Then sit down at the table.

No, I won't stay, Uncle Ihsan, thank you.

I wish you a tasty meal.

But what are you?

Who saw a guest be released at dinner? Come on.

Sit down.

Exactly, my dear. Sit down, we'll have dinner together.

I already have plans for the evening, I can't change them.

I promise to stay next time.

All right, daughter, as you like. We'll be in touch.


Once again, enjoy your meal.

Please don't bother, see you later.

Send your father greetings.

Okay, I'll pass it on. Good evening.

See you soon.

And your sister is gone?

They invited them to some dinner, they went there.

Biricik is a good girl.

He's doing fine with you.

I like that she supports you. Look, she even thought about the lessons.

It's just a job, Dad.

Nobody supports anyone.

Do not say that.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to be able to choose people.

And most importantly, you need to choose your life partner well.

Biricik is just that kind of girl.

Smart, successful.

Can you take it, please?

You're right, Dad. Man should be able to choose his partner well.

However, we find ourselves in a paradise of beautiful women hiding their true faces.

This is the assignment you and Biricik are working on.

What is this?


Dad! Yeah, quick!

Mom, she can't breathe.


All right?


I'm talking about Biricik, about the task.


Serra, look, isn't that the same necklace as mine?

I'm talking about the cola on her neck.

It's like that necklace your dad gave me for my wedding anniversary.

Where is he?

The necklace is in the safe?

Mom, what safe? Do we still have a safe?

Your father had a friend - a jeweler.

He brought stones to this cola from Belgium.

They are all custom-made.

You liked them very much .. when you were little you liked to wear my jewelry.

One time you dropped my toilet earring.

Binnaz pulled out that earring the first time.

I wonder how she did it ?!


What form are you in?

Come on. Just enough?

Maybe it will turn on.

Come on.

Hello, brother!


Good morning, boys.


Welcome brother!

If you did, we would welcome you with a drum and a spin.

We would come to greet you.

I swear I didn't know you were coming, brother!

It has long been known when I will come!

Everyone knew, didn't you?

I was in trouble, brother.

Don't lie to me, Salih.

I swear to you, I almost got caught by a case.

When I was gone you did what you wanted huh?

What does it mean that we did what we wanted, brother? Can't you see the condition we're in?

We followed all your orders from prison.

Neither more nor less.

You say so

What, bro?

Okay, don't drag it out!

While I was away, a girl named Serra moved to our neighborhood.

You know her?

This girl?

Say who she is.

Brother, they moved here about 6 years ago.

He lives with his mother.

And your Nazli.

Her mother, Aunt Binnaz, knows them.

They live in one street.

Yes sir, I was following him.

Little beetle, it's not worth crushing it now.

When he grows up, we'll take care of him then.

But anyway, it belongs to the Lord.

What is this?

Why are you angry again?

Brother Onur.

Did Dad say something?

He didn't have to say anything.

It is enough for me to remember what was.

Look forward then.

What's happening? You are constantly thinking about the past and losing your temper.

You're a young boy, take it easy.

It's easy for you to say that.


- Look at this, Brother Onur. - Bravo!

I've won a lot of matches in the past.

I gave up basketball because of my father.

Who knows, if I hadn't abandoned ...

Come on, don't overdo it. We all know you abandoned her because of your teenager's rebellion.

In addition.

It has become a habit for you to blame your father for everything that happened.

Come here, programs till 11.

What are you talking about?

- In these shoes? - Come on, come on, come on.

- First goal! - Bravo!

Boy, I slept very badly. Everything hurts.

If you spend every night at a party, it will.

I won't go to the sports hall this early in the morning anymore. Don't call me.

Nothing will happen. You will go home early, rest.

No, I have yet to start a project.

It will take me all evening.

I did everything. More specifically, Biricik asked someone to do it.

I mean, I'm calm, worry about yourself.

Biricik asked someone to do a task.

You talked so much for the reason I invited her to a party.

What happened? Did you start seeing her because of classes?

Be careful that things don't get too far.

No, that won't happen. I had made up my mind a long time ago.

Actually, you know what you're doing, brother. I'm flying!

What happened so suddenly?

I need to talk to the lecturer. I'll see you later, okay?

- All right, fine. See you soon. - Thank you.

Don't work that much.

We just came back from vacation. You lost all your energy in two days.

Wrong, Ihsan? You're overexerting yourself too much.

What does it mean?

On the one hand, work, on the other hand, stress because of the children.

Their ill-considered actions.

Believe me, it's scary for me ...

What are you afraid of?

Honey, I'm scared that you will overexert yourself and get sick from the stress.

My God.

I don't understand why you started talking about it so early in the morning.

Instead of saying that your wife loves you without memory ...

He sees no one but you ...

Always thinks of you ...

Does anyone in this house love you more than I do?

Or it cares more about you.

See you soon.


Hello, sister Sevgi!

Why are you calling from your father's phone? Something happened?

No, no, don't be upset, daughter.

He just went to prayer. I decided to call.

What's up?

What's up with us, daughter? Daily affairs.

You can say that everything is fine.

- I am waiting for your congratulations. - What happened, daughter?

Maybe you are pregnant?

Sister, Sevgi, are you kidding?

We've already talked about this. Why are you still asking?

Did you not know Ihsan?

How do I know, baby girl? You said yes, and it immediately occurred to me.

Then share your news. What happened?

I found a job for Ali.

Really? Please God!

I told Ihsan. He said he would do it.

May God be pleased with him.

Sister, Sevgi, don't overdo it.

I spend my whole life having to put up with his spoiled, wild son and his naive daughter.

Let it help at least.

Well, no matter, thank you daughter.

Okay, just don't tell Ali anything until it's clear, okay?

I will meet him today, but for now I won't say anything.

Okay, my dear, okay.

Okay, we'll talk later.

Kisses. For now.

I am kissing you too.


I dedicated my entire youth to the Kultusay family.

Let them do it at least.

Good morning, professor.

- Good morning, Serra. How are you? - Well thank you. And with the Lord?


How's the Selim class?

Doesn't he annoy you?

I'm not upset, I'm fine.

Good good.

Hope he treats you well.

I can do it, please don't worry.

Thank you. I will never forget what you did.

What are you also professor? You're welcome.

Good day.

Serra, are you here too? What a coincidence.

Professor, I would like to talk to you about an important topic.


If you please let me go.

Professor, I think I'm a bit behind my class.

- I don't have time, tell me on the way. - Of course, I'll tell you on the way.

I think if someone helps me I can improve my grade, professor.

And she passed the library, she came back home.

I got back home. But have you walked over here?

As you can see, I'm here.

Come on, we'll work.


I promised my friend.

But you seem to deserve praise.

I see you got up with your left foot again because you insult your colleagues.

Do you even make a list of things you might get angry about before you leave the house?

You love order.

Maybe you even chose a strategy for your mood ...

You too have a nice day!

Have a nice day!

Selim ?!

If you are not busy then we can discuss these topics after lunch ...

We can, we can, it suits me, but we don't learn here.

After a few hours, the walls are pressing on me, we will practice in the cafe.


What cafe?

We will practice at the university!



No, period.

A free lesson will fall out and then we'll practice!

See you later.

See you soon!

In the evening, I am busy, I have to study.

I also have to finish my project.

I told the professor about my idea, he liked it.

That's good.

Aunt Binnaz?

Serra, don't ask me how it happened.

Your mom is gone.

What do you mean mom is gone?

We went out to get some air. I was shopping ...

In our area?

Yes, I turned around and she was gone.


What exactly?

She wanted to go to the grave, but I said you wouldn't like it ...

that maybe you guys can go together on the weekend.

Maybe I'll go there and have a look around?

No no. I will go there. You look in our area.

If you find her, let me know right away, okay?

Good, good daughter.

All right?

Come sit down for a while.

What happened?

The lady felt dizzy, it looked like ...

Okay, brother. Thank you.

This lady is with me.

Who you are?


I came to visit someone ...

Let's sit down for a moment.

No, I'm not gonna sit down.

I will go to my son.

Well, I will accompany you.

You look good.

Thanks sister.

I wanted to thank you personally.

For what?

That day, you gave me 300 lira. It saved my life.

No matter how much I thank you, it won't be enough.

Who are you ali?

If not for you, who would I give money to?

Besides, is it worth talking about 300 lire?

If only I could give you more.

I would ask my dad, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with it.

I hear so many words at my address.

Man is getting old and does not understand what he is talking about.

He's always been like that.

It's not about age.

You just grow up and notice more.

He did the same to me.

I don't know, sister ...

Maybe a miracle will happen and I'll save myself just like you?

Ali, people make miracles themselves.

Nothing will happen if you sit and wait. Nobody will do anything for you.

You have to do something for yourself.

Don't you dare to forget about it.

You're right.

I love Istanbul very much, it is beautiful, both up close and from the residence.

Where is our tea?

Have you seen Selim?

You're still talking about Selim.

Girl, don't worry about him. Wake up finally!

You're talking about something you don't know. Jealousy.

Mom ...

Serra ...

I came to see my son ...

Mommy, why didn't you tell me? I would bring you here.

I missed Yigit a lot.

I know...

Me too...

I can't stand my life without him.

My heart tightens.

Everything inside is broken ...

I can't even touch him with my hands because he has cut his.

You too will commit suicide ...

No! No! No! No!

No! No! No! No!

Do not say that! Do not say that!

I have no one but you! How could I leave you ?!

Whom will I be hugging?

Whom will I be kissing?

Whose fragrance will I smell?

I didn't mean to worry you, I'm sorry.

Go to university, I'll come home.

No, sister Binnaz was very worried about you, first I will take you to her ...

Daughter, am I a child? I will go alone.


I'll take you to her. I'll be back later.

We go.

Who was with you?

I do not know.

He came to visit someone.

He helped me when I felt unwell.


It's interesting, I didn't even have time to see his face.

Teacher, when is my friend coming?

Beetroot, I am glad that you strive for knowledge so much.

A friend you will study with will be coming soon.

The teacher Selim was helped by this concept. I thought: if there are so many benefits, why not try it as well?

Why am I not learning this way too?

- So I came to you, it should be fine. - You thought right. Beetroot.

Thank you teacher.

We have just such a goal.

So that students together make progress and focus on learning together.

I, too, really want to make progress. Believe me, teacher.

I understand.

You will amaze you.

She came?

She came, she came.

Come in.


I came.

Come on Asuman, come on.

Burak, I will introduce you to Asuman.

Asuman, Burak.

Teacher, this ...

Beetroot, I looked at your grades, they're in perfect order, you don't need any help ...

On the contrary, you must help.

Asuman has a slightly weaker exam score, so you will study together this semester.

Get to know each other and start catching up on material.

Teacher, I understand, but ...

Continue outside. I have work to do, friends ...

Thank you, Asuman.

Let's go.

Can you check what about our order? Please?

Already ma'am.

This tension is going to kill me.

See, I can't even have lunch with a friend.

Honey, turn off your phone.

Mine is muted.

I just write back.

You answer every call, don't answer it. Take a moment to rest.

Because I work with Americans.

People don't have practice.

It is very difficult to work with Americans if you have worked with Germans before.

What high school did you graduate from, Asena?

Because of my father's work, I couldn't study all the time.

I graduated from many schools, I have many certificates, but I do not know German ...

Okay, what about college?

You graduated from university, right?


I will ask you something, what type of water is it?

I am completely full of water.

We placed the order half an hour ago and you still give us water.

Where is our food?

Dear lady, I will be following your order.

Go there and wait for them.

It's nothing serious, okay.

We love this place, for the good atmosphere, but not that much ...

They have serious handling problems here.

I do not like this.

Look, they came later from us and are already eating ...

Yes you are right.

Biricik was with us yesterday.

I saw your beautiful daughter. She came to study with Selim.


She didn't tell me anything.

Maybe because she was nervous.

Nervous? Why? What happened?

Typical Selim, only Allah knows how many girlfriends he has ...

He forgot he was supposed to study with your daughter.

The girl was forced to talk to me and Ihsan.

Of course, she was very bored.

No, my love. It is impossible.

She loves Uncle Ihsan.

Of course, how do you know that.

It can be said that Biricik was born in the hands of Ihsan.

They have a lot more conversations with each other than you and me.

Tuval, you got me wrong.

I'm just warning you to protect Biricik's heart.

Our boy is too entertaining.

Today he is running after Biricik, and tomorrow God knows who.

I'm totally on her side. I support the girls.

Our food finally arrived. I'm as hungry as a wolf.

What are you doing here?

What do you think?

You said we were going to study this afternoon, and you don't answer the phone.


I did not hear.

Okay, no problem.

What's your program?

I'll adjust mine to it.

I can't answer now.

Take a look at her.

Did you miss class?

Don't be silly, my dear. Why should I leave them?

You and your failed lessons aren't my only problem!

Look, I'm not happy with this situation either.

You can see that I have to take tutoring from you.

I should pull myself up.

But it's not for me. It's all so stupid ...

You are used to being at the center of everyone's life!

All people must make you happy!

What a great life!

But life isn't always like that, Mr. Selim!

Girl who are you Yes, and it started all over again!

Who are you to talk to me like that ?!

Are you so wonderful or what?

On the contrary, you are unbalanced, irritable and grumpy.

What are you looking at?

- It's because of you ... - You ...

When will we start learning?

What I am doing?

Do you have any bigger plans?


Asuman, leave me alone, I have to go.

Where are you going?

Do not go!

Look over there.


That girl next door ...

How do they know each other?

Where? Why can't I see them?

Over there! Over there!

So Burak likes chubby girls.

Beetroot has nothing to do with it. Most likely it's a friend, right?

Yes, exactly, my friend.

It's just a boy. What were you expecting?

- Everything is possible. - I told you.

Beetroot works like that. He is chasing a free relationship. What are you still waiting for?

Thanks. Thank you very much.

Asuman ...

I want to leave. I am not satisfied with the position we are in now ...

Well. See you later.

See you soon.

What are you doing?

Honey, what was that?

Are you chasing love again?

Don't be silly, Biricik.

This is a new feat of Professor Onur.

You see, our senior students are supposed to help young and old.

Listen to these words.

This is absurd.

Come to our place in the evening.

You will relax a little.

Didn't you miss the nightlife?

We will see.

That's what life goes on, Barbara.

Don't shoot, just come.

You think so?

Besides, remember the old days.

The main thing is that your mother is not on our heads again.

No, why would she?

I was very young then.

That's why her reaction was so sharp.

So, are you saying it was because I had a little fun with you that your mom was so angry?

Who are you looking at?

A girl coming back from college.

How do you know she's coming home from college?

She will not look at you, my lion. Do not even think about it.

It is not known.

All right?


So why are you so pensive?

Your brother was very fond of delicious food and a beautifully set table.

Do you remember?

How could I forget?

Of course I remember.

I can't forget how little he was, he went to elementary school then, dad took him for a kebab one day.

But, of course, you didn't like it.

He got nervous, sat down and touched nothing.

He used to test his sauce on us.

He made the same as Elif and we liked it.

Let's not talk about this stupid girl.

It's all because of her.

Maybe if she hadn't left him, my son would have been with us now.

Mom please.

Please don't do this.

Okay, I'm silent.

He loved eating in cafes, whenever we flew to Paris he would go to intimate restaurants.

And you were delighted with the colorful macaroons.

Once you ate too much and felt sick.

Regardless, you didn't let me take your batch of macaroons.

Dad took you in his arms and took you to another room ...

I'm full.

Mom ...

One day I will take you to Paris again.

We will stop at your favorite hotel and do some crazy shopping in the street next door.

And you will try new dishes in the restaurant.

Promise you.

How many times in your life will you turn 37?

Only once.

Please, Ihsan, don't make me sad, please.

Asena, do you have to throw a party at home to be happy?



Nile, convince your father.

Do something, support me. Please.

Say something.

Dad, there has been no celebration in the house for a long time.

A man wants to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones.

I don't understand why we should invite so many unnecessary people.

So we will invite our loved ones.

Daddy, this is a very serious topic for me.

Because that will create huge traffic on Instagram.

Nile, there are also colorful warehouses. Truth?

In my opinion, we should not deprive my stepmother of this.

If you want it, organize it as you like.

Thank you very much, Ihsan.

We will have a good time!


Even you will have a great time!

What is this behavior, Biricik?

What's wrong with my behavior?

Daughter, are you hiding something from me?

Mom, what happened to you so suddenly?

Why did you come here with some weird scenario?

I had lunch with Asena today.


Enjoy your meal.

She talked crap and got me off my feet.

So Asena pissed you off.

Why did you let her upset you?

I'm very surprised, it's not like you, mom.

It was about you, my beautiful daughter.

What, do I have to do with this?

She said Selim doesn't care about you at all.

You are one of a thousand girls in his life.

And I have to prepare you for every possibility.

What does it matter to her?

Does she have to talk about my relationship with Selim?

Hurry up Biricik. There is no ash, no fire, otherwise you will lose it.

Hey, I want to ask you something.

Is there another way to see what's happening on the laptop if the person doesn't turn it on?

I turned into a tree by waiting.


I understand well...

I didn't do anything for you to drink ...

No, I didn't pour myself.

Thank you daughter.

Enjoy your meal.

He's listening, Dad.

It's okay, don't worry.

Yes, I am careful.

I took the medicine with me.

Okay, daddy, okay.

I have to go. See you later.

Sometimes I feel suffocated in my father's love.

What happened?

Nothing happened.

Yesterday I didn't feel well.

In the morning, before leaving for work, he prepared my medication, and now he called to ask if I took them.

Am I a little girl?

Ah, that youth, ah!

You will not understand your parents' love until you are a mother yourself.

So dear audience, Brother Ahmet commented on the fact that we don't understand each other again.

You scored a point, congratulations.

In my opinion, Brother Ahmet is right.

It's bad to be someone who loses their parents' attention.

Sometimes it's hard to take care of yourself.

You say to yourself: she would like someone to pay attention to me.

I think you should appreciate what you have.

May Allah rest your father's soul, Serra.

If he were alive, I am sure he would have taken care of you, daughter.

Yes of course.

Yes. He would definitely be worried.

Never forget what I said, okay princess?

You will become a wonderful mom like your mom the Nile.

- Don't get frustrated if you think otherwise. - God forbid, Papa. Well.

Thank you.

What are you doing here, daddy with your daughter, tell me.

As you said: father-daughter conversation.

I'm leaving. I'm already late for an appointment.

You can't be satisfied with one kiss. I'll walk you back.

See you soon.

See you soon.

Maybe we'll have a cup of coffee?

I've had a drink before, Asena. Thank you.

Well the Nile? If I don't ask, you won't. Are you trying to IVF again? Or are you hiding something from me?

For God's sake, is that possible? Due to my father and Selim's problems, I just kept quiet. That's all.

- Are you sure? - Of course.

Then tell me ... what are the latest results?

Cells were collected yesterday. now we are waiting for the next stage.

Well. Very exciting. Let everything go as well as possible. Which trial is this?

This is our third attempt.

It's nothing. People try 10 times.

But, of course, problematic cases. Moreover, it's a bit sad.

Why did you say that now?

I mean, I don't even know how to say it ...

Well, it happens ...

This business has a natural way, but there are also mechanical changes.

They say it separates the spouses a little or something. Haven't you ever heard of it?

No, I didn't.

It also means that it is also a pity to sacrifice a good marriage for the sake of the child.

There is no need to put pressure on you to have a baby. In my opinion, the most important thing is marriage.

Although, for sure something has changed in your relationship since it's already been 3 times. Excuse me.

Come on, let's have some coffee anyway.

I don't want Asen, thank you. I'm already late for an appointment.

OK, see you later.


Welcome. How do you do?

Fine. Thanks, and you?

Thank you, fine too. Only when I can't see you do you always try to get somewhere.

And every time I look up, I can still see you in front of me, you know?

Because I'm interested in why you are trying to get somewhere.

Why are you so interested in it?

Or get to know you better, "Little Red Riding Hood".

Just be careful that this Little Red Riding Hood does not turn into a wolf.

Does that mean you can joke too? Great.

Thus, I argue that there is a truth behind every joke.

Then I will say otherwise.

If you are a wolf - I do not mind.

Burak, talking to you is really fascinating, but I have to go to lectures.

That's why I'm talking about it.

I mean, we go to university and we are fooling around, and you always come in a hurry ...

.. you pass us at high speed.

And we don't know anything about you. This is what interests me.

Where from, where are you going, why are you in a hurry? I do not understand.

If you want, don't push yourself that hard trying to figure it out.

So you say, "leave it to chance"?

Yes, it would be much better.

Okay, then I'll accompany you to the lecture ...

What's more, maybe after the lectures we will have a drink.

What great weather is today, isn't it?

Appearing to university in such weather can ruin your nerves.

Mine, for example, are torn!

Okay, let's be silent. Let's not talk.

Interesting, I wonder, are we trying to keep this secret to ourselves?

No, if this is true, delaying this case is dangerous to your health. I warned you.

What secret are you talking about?

Suddenly you appeared on the stage, huge floodlights turned towards you.

The more we try to get to know you ...

..the faster you run away from us.

We know nothing about you. Therefore, we are interested in who you are, what you represent and what you do.

Don't be interested. Why are you interested in me? For example, you don't interest me at all!

But you guys have been making perfect deceptive comments about me lately.

Well. In order not to say anything lying about you, I am asking. Who you are?

How did you get here? Where do you live? What do you like?

I live with my mom in a terrifying neighborhood.

The limousine I came to the university belongs to the boss. And the driver is his driver.

We're not actually going to talk about it. It's too confusing.

My life is between university, work and home.

I even forgot what I like. Is that enough?

Is it so?

Cholara, Smurfette Marry. Great, great that was.

I mean, you made it all up, but you couldn't do it with the limo?


Where are you? I'm looking for you everywhere.

- The reason? - The reason?

What is the reason you are looking for me everywhere?

We were supposed to study today, forgot?

I said, "I can't get it in my head" and now you and this ...

You took it to be true.

Stop talking cryptically at last!

I will not stop you. See you soon.

Of course, don't stop us.

What? What? What? Why are you looking at me like crazy? What happened? What?

You scared out?

Don't be afraid, buddy.

Beetroot, you really are a funny guy. You should see your facial expression.

Just kidding. I'm kidding. Let's go get you a coffee.

We'll talk a little and then we'll do the tasks.

Our goal is to talk about something.

I wonder if I can forget about the internship and arrange a great vacation in the summer.

What internship? I swear I don't plan any internship.

What are you going to do, Biricik?

I will do an internship at our office in London. My father, on the one hand, wants me to start working.

I mean, you know, the college is private, I'm happy here, and my father is even happier.

- Hello girls. - Hi.

- You're gossiping again, girls. - Are we gossiping?

- We were talking about the internship now. - Now?

You, are you sure you haven't found the place yet?

I'll say something. We can do an internship together in our London office.

It will be fun - both rest and work. What do you say?

We will see. There is still time.

You're right.

- Help me. - What happened?

What was going to happen? The girl Professor Onur assigned me stuck to me. She stuck to me.

I don't want to detach. Damn it!

Wow, seriously?

Friends, do not laugh. Look, I'm serious.

Selim, why don't you talk to Professor Onur? This is your brother-in-law. Can you solve this case?

If I could do something, but you know you can't undo the decision ...

Yes, I don't care about that decision and this ...


In my opinion, you will soon be sharing the same feeling about Serra soon.

Biricik, you really like to make such weird comparisons, don't you?

I really like.

- Come on, let's get some coffee. Come on let's go. - Come on, come on.

Excuse me?

Can I ask you to come over for a minute?

Be right back.

I'm listening, how can I help?

I want to exercise here, I don't know how to gain weight, I can't do it.

Seven and a half. We will try. If it's too light, we'll increase it a little.

I'm ashamed. You did it so easily. Sorry, forgive me for not being able to.

No, sometimes it doesn't work.

Where is it "easy"? I seem strong on the outside, but it's hard for me.

In my opinion, for an athletic woman like you, the weight is just right.

Generally speaking, you should strain yourself a bit to do this, right, Miss Asena?

- Do we know each other? - I'm a coach - Baris.

- I know you from my social life. - Really?

-Overall, since the beginning of your modeling career, I've been your fan.


- So, my fan is now my coach? - Yes, it happened.

- Don't interrupt, continue, please. - Well.

Yes? Well?

You're not letting go again?

For what reason? Nothing similar. He just tries not to show it to anyone.

- I want to share a secret with you. - Divide.

- He proposed to me. - No way! When?

Last summer in Bordum. These were the best 2 days of my life.

- Only 2 days? - What? Isn't that enough?

Do you know how many girls there are at the university who are willing to do anything to spend an hour with Selim?

No, you just recently said "all summer".

You wanna call me a liar? I'm not lying, did you understand me?

See you soon.

What happened here? Was it some kind of joke or what? I do not understand.

My job to do in pairs.

- What does it mean? - It means that...

I can't stand your arrogance just because you're dealing with me. These are the tasks. I don't want to study with you.

What should I say to Professor Onur ?! I gave him my word!

- Don't worry, I will talk to him and he will decide. - Stop it! Don't extend it.

Yesterday we tense unnecessarily. This is the past. Let's forget.

You didn't really tense yourself up. That's why you shouldn't use the plural.

I will not tolerate such behavior. Such things are not for me.

So what should we do? Will we be offended and not talk like little children?

Is that your opinion?


For example, you can ask for forgiveness.

No way. What else? I'm sorry, but you directed hundreds of harsh words at me.

How quickly you forgot about it.

Unbalanced, rude, arrogant. Exchange further?

What did I say. Very, very bad things.

Listen, I have 2 hours of free time. I wanted to offer you exercises.

You wasted 10 minutes talking empty-handed.

Well, if you insist so, let's work then.

I insist? I insist? I'm doing it for you for a good cause.

There is no way I can decide if this girl is pretty or not.

Very pretty girl. Could it be otherwise?

- Do you like her? - I like it, of course, my dear.

- Honestly, I think she likes you too. - Cheese? Do you suspect she likes me?

Where did such passes come from? Because I spoke to Serra at the entrance earlier.

From her behavior and actions, I did not feel it at all.

Hear something? Or someone told you something? Did Serra tell you something?

Calm down, breathe. My God..

- Are you kidding me now? - I'm not joking.

No, she didn't say anything. And I didn't hear anything.

Moreover, I very much doubt Serra can talk to people at all.

She is an exceptionally anti-social person.

Okay, then where did the idea that she liked me came from?

I noticed many of her looks in your direction.


Yes, I can't understand it from the beginning.

But now a puzzle one and two and it's in place.

Bircik, are you serious?

Yes, but I don't understand the girl.

First, she's rich, we've seen it, but she's not like us. It has a traditional style.

He has a terrible appearance. Just a nightmare ... and that suggests she's very greedy ...

Due to this, such girls have low self-esteem ...

- They keep their distance, they push people away, did you understand? - I understood.

- If you want, I can help you. - If you can do something, do it ...

But as I said. We need to get to know the girl, we need to gather information.

Who is she, what does she represent, what does she do?

Let's find out. We will set a goal for ourselves and on this basis we will come up with our strategy.

Mrs. Asena?

- What's up? All right? - All right.

- I have only one request. - Listen. How can I help you?

- Prepare a program for me with coach Baris. - Okay, I'll talk to the coach and arrange right away.

We will send you the details by e-mail.

- Thank you very much, my dear. - I recommend myself.

What happened?

Nothing special.

What are you laughing at?

Say finally.

Just don't get angry.

I understood. You're laughing at something related to me.

Okay, I'm not gonna get mad. I mean, if I get angry, I won't say anything. Speak finally.

- Well. Do you promise - Come on.

- Are you ready? - I am ready.

I am giving away tasks that were to be done in pairs. I don't want to prepare together anymore.

You know those in love, from old Turkish movies who return letters? You looked exactly like them, you know?

- What does it have to do with it? - Well. I'm very sorry.

- Because I lost my nerves. - Yes, this is how we organize our life which comes from your nervous system.

- But you got upset. - No, I'm not upset.


I'm not mad at such trivial things. Living without it is very difficult. There is no need to add negativity.

What difficulties may you have in life?

I'll open the window. It's too stuffy in here.

What's happening?

Where are these people going?

She screams, saying Selim Kutlusay. She will jump.

Did I hear you right?

Yes Yes. Run, run.

Bring Selim Kutlusoy to me!

Poor girl, nobody knows what her problems are.

What problems might he have? She is obsessed with the guy.

Selim, son, come quickly to the garden. Remember the girl you dated last summer?

She climbed onto the roof.

Well. Disconnect. I see you.

- What are you saying, boy? - You had a lot of fun with her in Bodrum for a few days.

And the last time I gave her your hat. The girl was delighted, it was her.

And? What does this have to do with me?

How should I know buddy? She screams, "If Selim doesn't come, I'll jump."

It would be better if Asuman jumped.

What are we going to do, brother? Are we gonna climb the roof for every girl we've played with?

I gave no one hope.

Besides, I don't know this girl.

Even then, you manage to say something similar. You really are gross.

Thank you.

Look at these words .. how dare she.

Crossing prohibited.

- But I can help, please. - You can not.

- I only have a few minutes. Please, can I come in? - Please move over.

Serra, come on.


Hence. On the right.

She always wants to be the center of attention. This is some kind of joke.

No no no no! Hülya, don't you dare!

You cannot be in the university building. You have to go outside.

Brother, I know that. They sent me from downstairs. I was about to call you. That's why I came.

Who is calling me?

Do you see that door at the end? You go up the fire escapes and there is direct access to the roof.

Brother, whoever called you, what's the difference? The girl wants to jump off the roof. Come on, we have to go.

Run, run, brother. Come on.

This area you see is the most ideal point of the hotel complex that we are planning to build.

- Great. - I like it too.

Excuse me. Please forgive me.

- Onur, honey, let's go. - Something happened?

Sorry, we need to end this meeting, urgent. Let's go.

Excuse me.

It's a real shame. Disgrace.

- Senseless creatures, what to do with them? - They're gross. Disgusting.

If all those obsessed with Selim would climb onto the roof.

There would be no girls at the university anymore.

Hülya ...

Stay away, I'll jump!

Good, good, good.

- Hülya, come to me, my daughter. - "Stay away!" - I said, I will jump!

Well. We'll stay here. We're not getting closer.

Serra in the lead role. This girl flashed so suddenly.

A shining star on the university scene - Serra.

- Zeynep, if you can. Be silent! Enough!

You started talking nonsense again.

In all student stories, this event is a large-scale incident.

Bring Selim Kultusoy!

I will not come down! Let Selim come!

What will change if you jump?

- You don't know anything! Get out of here! - No no no no! He will jump!

Hulya? Let's say you jump. You will die.

They will forget about you in a few days.

Everyone will continue their life as if nothing had happened ...

However, your loved ones ... do you even think about them?

Do you think about the pain you will leave them behind?

Your mom...

Imagine if your mom disappeared from your life forever ..

If she killed herself for you?

What would you do yourself?

Even the thought of it is terrible, isn't it?

The departure of a loved one from your life.


Hülya ... for the sake of mom.

Don't make your mother suffer for your loss. Please.

Please come on. There is nothing you cannot decide, Hülya.

Hülya. Please stop!

Please, I understand you very well.

I understand you perfectly. Please.



All right, the show's over. We go.

Let it stay in the past, brother.

Come on, brother!

The girls I know and talk to won't leave me alone after all this.

Only, at the end of summer you had something there ..

You have to take that into account, Selim.

What are you talking about, Eda ?!

If you haven't noticed I'm single. I have no responsibility.

If you want to consider everything then I'll look everyone in the eye ...


Wait a minute, brother!

I will do anything and I will not explain myself to anyone.

Okay, take it easy! You are very tense! Come on let's go.

- It's Eda, after all. - My God.

Close your eyes, rest.

Are you sure you want to see him one last time?

Yes I'm sure.

Mom, can I not go?

You will go!

Say goodbye to your brother!

I cannot leave my son alone in such an icy place.

It will freeze in here.

He doesn't like the cold.

Did you bring your brother's sweater?

Bring ...

- Mrs? - Mom?


Serra? Where is your father? We will inform him.

Are you okay Serra?


All right, teacher.

If it weren't for you, something more terrible might have happened.

I didn't do anything like that.

Just a little...

You're in shock, that's normal.

This is the first time I have encountered such a situation.

I was stunned.

It's not easy to watch a man die.

You are right.

But you..

..and you didn't lose your cold blood for a minute.

You convinced Hülyia to resign.


I wonder why this girl did this?

It has to be some serious trauma for a person to decide to end his life.

For God's sake, Selim! What do you mean, "It's not my responsibility" ?!

If this girl jumped, what would you do? Would you say the same if she died?

What was I supposed to do, sister?

Should I marry all the girls I play with ?!

So choose the girls you play with more carefully!

If Dad finds out about this, what will you tell him, Selim ?!

Do not worry. Dad will be understanding.

At least I'm not making his mistakes.

I didn't marry this crazy woman!

Fine. Good job!

Say the same thing to him in the same way, this man will go mad.

How can you say it's okay ?!

The girl tried to commit suicide because of you!

Little sister, how naive you are!

You can't stop someone who really wants to die!

Either way, he will do it!

And this girl just wants attention.


I've called her so many times, but her phone is off!

Maybe the battery is dead.

Don't worry, take a seat.

What if something happened to her ?!

No, God forbid. What could it be ?!

Don't be so upset!

But where would she go without letting me know?

It could be so. It's a young girl.

Will she always come back at the same time?

Maybe she wanted to go for a walk?

She wouldn't go for a walk if she had to go home.

Or maybe she went to the cinema with friends?

They mute their phones there.

My daughter wouldn't go anywhere knowing her mom was waiting for her at home!

What if she's tired of me?

If she ran away leaving me?

Is it even possible?!

Serra wouldn't do something like that!

I'll call the police!

No, wait.

Wait, wait, hang up!

Turn it off, come sit down.

Listen, I promise you. We'll wait another hour.

If he doesn't come, we'll call the police, okay?

Pour me a glass of alcohol, Binnaz.

- No. - Binnaz!

I'm already nervous, I don't want to be angry with you!

Lady, Nilgün, you will not drink alcohol, I spilled everything!

I'll bring you medicine.

I don't want medicine!

Now that you've poured everything out, go get a new one!

You do not hear?!

Oh lord!

Okay, don't worry. Wait. I'll bring you medicine.

Binnaz, she's gone!

She's gone, she left me!

Onur spoke to this girl's mother in the hospital.

I don't know the details, but he says it's Selim's fault.

The girl is undergoing psychological treatment, she is obsessed with Selim!

Nile! Don't try to protect Selim!

If the girl is crazy, what was he doing with her?

Oh dad!

You called on me, Dad.

Sit over here.

When will you finally understand who you are?

What do you mean?

You can't play with girls!

Match the name you bear with your behavior!


Yes, the case of the name Kutlusoy has started again!

Be careful what you say!

Dad, even if I speak normally, you still find something in my words!

And you, are you still protecting him from me?

Look at him! He doesn't even know how to talk to his father!

I'm sick of picking up your [ __ ]!

Right now that the accident has been forgotten ...

It is now suicide that has fallen on our heads!

Dad, calm down a little, please!

Selim, you should come to your senses too!

Sister, what have I done?

The girl is obsessed with me and wanted to commit suicide!

This is my fault too?

You do not see it? Even Daddy is already obsessed with me!

I wonder why ?!


Maybe because you constantly blur our good name in different situations ?!

I'm sick of you putting your last name first!

I am your son.


Daddy, calm down, please!

It's really not this boy's fault!


You are back! You didn't quit!

Mommy, how are you back? Where would I go?

I thought you left me and walked away.

Don't you dare leave, okay?

Honey, you were late and mom was a little worried.

I thought you had enough of me.

I thought you left me and ran away.

Mom, where did you get this from?

But what time is it, daughter ?!

You are not coming home at this time and your phone is off!

Mommy, could I leave you?

My battery died, so I couldn't make a call.

I told you, Miss Nilgün!

I said her battery was low, something fell out.

You also said that she went to the movies with friends, don't make this up.

She said!

I didn't go to any cinema.

At school..

I had to stay at school and fill in the gaps.

I didn't notice how much time has passed. This is because.

Okay, come on now!

The table is ready, the girl must be hungry.

Come sit down.

Come on mom!

Look, I'm going to put some hot soup on you now.

Come on too.

I'm coming!

Here you go, enjoy!

Hello?! Lady, Sibel, hello!

Turaj Serra Yildirim from the Faculty of Architecture.

Hello, I'm listening.

I'd like to meet Professor Onur.

Professor Onur hasn't come yet.

Oh, he's not here yet.

Okay, then how can I find out about Mrs. Hülya's condition?

Mrs. Hülya's condition is good.

There is nothing to fear.


I am very happy!

Thank you very much!

- Light work! - Thank you.

Good morning!

Good morning!

He left early, said he was going to the gym, Dad.

What gym at this time?

A constant topic at our table is Mr. Selim and his antics.

- Thank you! - Enjoy your meal.

Thanks Selin!

Onur, I didn't have your return yesterday evening.

Something was going on about this suicide?

I stayed in the hospital late so as not to leave Hülya's mother alone, Mr. Ihsan.


It's the name of the girl who tried to commit suicide.

Only now ... the girl is in a clinical situation.

How is that?

Previously, she had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorders.

She was prescribed medications.

Even her condition was constantly monitored.

But her condition did not improve.

He lives with his family?

With Mother.

Her father works abroad.

Pity her, such a poor woman is so unhappy now.

She is very ashamed of you, her friends, Selim ...

... for what happened to you.

All night she asked for my forgiveness.

Daddy, you see, it's not Selim's fault.

You didn't need to jump at him like that.

The girl is obsessed with Selim.

She secretly took pictures of him.

He has a lot of his photos on his phone.

Like some crazy woman.

How good we came here!

All right, let's go.

Let's start a shopping marathon,

Let's start!

Now what do we buy and why?

Tell me about this topic.

Pinar, my mother is very depressed.

Can we buy her something, something to cheer her up?

She loves shiny things.

So we came to buy something for your mom?

In fact, it's just a few things that are missing home, but ..

After I came here, I thought we would decide that too.


What do you think you need, Mrs. Serro?

Can you tell me?


I don't need anything!

Oh Pinar, from home to work from work to college.

Mom needs something more.

No, wait a minute!

I do not understand!

Does Aunt Nilgün lead a social life that I don't know about?

The woman is always at home, am I wrong?

Okay, we'll look for that too. I promise.

But first we will save you from the classic uniform!

And then we'll look for something for her. Come!

- Look! - What's wrong with my uniform?

Have you vented your anger on the punching bag again?

What was I supposed to do?

What was I supposed to live on?

You're right.

Come on, let's sit somewhere and have a cup of coffee.


I will not say that my father is very different from yours.

Most likely, this is the fate of the dominant children.

They see us more as their employees than as children.

At least yours doesn't live here.

He's in Ankara. Do you think there is no time for local matters from there?

Two regular Turkish coffees for us, please.

Never mind, let's leave it at that.

We are young, we will walk, we will rest, we will have fun.

As they say..


How's it going with Serra?


Well. That's great.

You seem to be attracted to Serra a little.

A very nice girl.

And very pretty.

I'll get some water, do you want?

Water? No thanks, I don't want to.

Can I get water?



Who do we have here ?!

What's up?

Mrs. Serra was caught shopping ...


Don't overdo it if you want to.

We went shopping. What are you doing here?

I follow you.

Of course, I `m joking.

By the way. Burak, I'm here.

- I'm Pinar. - I'm very pleased.

What did you buy?

We were coming out, we saw a few things and we couldn't resist so we bought it.

You did well.

What's up?


Selim? Truth?

Hi. I am Pinar.

I am pleased to.

Now that we've met, why not drink coffee?

- We were already leaving. - Shell we!

We thought about sitting down and having a coffee, right?

Very clever, very clever.

Only that...

Mrs. Serra doesn't like hanging out with someone outside of school, bro.

There is nothing to fool around.

Oh yeah, you are friends with the whole world and so what, sorry?

Yesterday we saw the results, so to speak.

Let's sit down Serra!

We're on our feet all the time.

Then let's have some coffee.

- Here you are. - Thank you.

Thank you.


And so...

For the first meeting outside the university.



Move over.


I see that you also suffer from Instagram?

I want to capture this moment, okay?

It turned out very nice.


How do you do?

I mean yesterday was a very busy day.

Yes, that's what he was.

You really are very brave.

You went up on the roof right away to get the girl.

What was happening?

No, nothing important!

Yesterday a crazy woman climbed the roof, tried to commit suicide.

Serra, she went upstairs and persuaded her to come down.

Is that the only thing you have to say?

For you, the most important thing was that the crazy girl would jump off the roof?

Wait a minute..


Don't you like our point of view, lady glamor?

And what am I supposed to like?

Are you not sorry that you are causing her to commit suicide?

And what to do, she's in love with me!

That's her problem. What's up to me?

You have no right to play with the feelings of others.

Now I wonder what did you do to this girl?

She was going to die! On death!

She wouldn't go!

Crazy girl.

She decided to end her life over a man she had known for two days.

Then you are sick!

I'm trying to teach mankind someone who thinks only about themselves!

That's enough! Enough!

I don't need to explain anything to you.

Believe what you want!

Selim, don't be silly!

Come on, brother!

Pinar, we're too late too. Let's go!

Enough of this talk!


Thanks for the coffee!

- Cheers ... - Come on!

Let's say another time.

It was a pleasure.

Me too, Pinar.

Girl, you and Selim are very tense.

Besides, what is suicide? Roof and stuff ..? You are fine and you don't say anything to me.

Nothing to talk about, Pinar.

Mr. Selim gave the girl empty hope, and she wanted to commit suicide.

Girl, what a nice university you have.

I wouldn't have known anything if the boys hadn't told me.

Pinar, please change the subject.

You say you didn't like it? Want to see what else is at hand?

Only here Selim, of course ...

What do you mean?

Very attractive! Moreover, very charismatic!

Now I understand very well why all the girls are running after him.

Okay, I understand, I understand. Do not cross the border! Enough!

You can't even gossip! What if you say he's attractive? Will something happen to you?

We don't forget the rules, sir!

Muskhin, pour the tea, our throats are dry, come on, son!

I'm bringing it, brother!

You won, the humor is good, of course.

Of course, brother.

Come on, brother, play. Come on, son.


How do you do?

Fine, thank you, how about you?

All right, my dad is gone. I'm keeping an eye on the store.

Light work.

And what do you do? Where are you going?

I'm going home.

Do you need something

No, thank you very much. Light work.

Thank you see you later.

What's wrong, Bulbul? Behind every customer, do you look like that?

- I'm not looking after anyone. - Don't do this, Bulbul, we're brothers.

My name is not Bulbul, my name is Bülnet.


If you don't like Bulbul then you'll be Dyuldule.

For example, my name is Barbaros.

But everyone calls me Barbar.

And what are we going to do now? Go inside, think about your feelings for that girl.

Got it? Mr. Bulbul ... go!




What is this?

Sometimes we also need surprises, right?

Did you buy it for me? I can not believe it!

We'll see if you like it.

Very beautiful! Very beautiful!

Look at these colors ?!

Do you like it?

Very, my dear.

I like it very much! Serra, very beautiful!

Don't think I forgot the Yildirim mansion. Look at the sheet colors, watch and enjoy.

Very beautiful, daughter, for your bed. Very beautiful, very beautiful.

But I'm already late. I have to be in school on time.

Where is this? I'll try it on, won't you look at me?


I'll see the rest when I come back tonight.

Come on, good luck! Very beautiful!

Look at these colors ...

Hi! Mrs. Biricik, how are you?

Hello sweet! Well.

Listen, is your mood good?

Of course my dear. I started exercising at bedtime. I recommend you too.

You are very funny, Burak.

Thank you.

- Have you seen Selim? - I saw it.

What's with him? Of course, after all that has happened. How can he be doing well?

He felt a bit uncomfortable, of course, not every day someone wants to commit suicide through him ...

But in my opinion, Selim is not guilty of anything ...

So the girl's in trouble.

Selim and his amazing charisma ...

I don't know a girl who wouldn't fall in love with him two days after meeting him, even if he doesn't do anything ...


I can't believe Selim also came to class today ...

- I wonder what condition the girl is in now ... - Exactly. A person with a calmer soul lives on ...

My conscience is calm, I hope.

I saw Selim came.

Come in.

Come on in, Serra.

Professor, I'm here to ask about Hüly.

Come in, come in, sit down.

He's doing much better now.

Actually, she wants to visit her, but I'm afraid to disturb her.


If you want, you can come. If you don't see Hülya, you'll meet her family.

I am also in touch with her mother. As chairman, I told them we would do our best.

So you will fix his mistake.

Excuse me. I exaggerated professor, sorry.

No, don't take it easy.

But it's not what you think, Serra. In fact ...

Sorry, I thought you weren't busy. I will be back later...

Come on in, Selim. We just chatted. Come in.

AND? How are your lessons going?

- Fine. - Fine.


Do you get along well?

- So-so. - So-so.

Professor, if you please ...

Have a nice studying.

I was wondering if there was any news about this girl?

Are. He's doing better. Besides, you shouldn't blame yourself, Selim.

Hello Mr. Ihsan. Please.

No, there is no need for that, there is no such need. Hello, Onur.

Hello, Mr. Selim

Hello, Dad.

Onur, who is this girl who just got out of here?

Serra, our freshman. I am studying at the Faculty of Architecture. Why do you ask?

Nothing, it just reminds me of an old acquaintance. Irrelevant.

- I'm late for class ... - Selim, Selim, sit down, sit down.

Onur, will you leave us alone?

Of course.

Sorry, son.

I know I put too much pressure on you sometimes, but I want the best for you.

You are my son!

Okay, maybe it's not your fault what is happening, but ..

However, you need to be more careful when choosing the people you are friends with. I'm wrong?

Okay, dad, I'm gonna be late for class.


Thank you, dad.

How are you girls?

- Good and you? - I am fine too.

Can I get tea?

Hi Serra, yeah?

- Yes. - I swear, bravo! How did you convince that girl to come downstairs?

You became a hero, girl. You kept cool.

Bravo, really!

What did you say? How, did you convince her?

- See you later. - Where are you going?

Okay, let's go, she was conceited apparently ..

Don't talk nonsense!

I think too arrogant.

Why is it so dragging ...

Yes you are right.

I don't want to bore you anymore, but if you want, maybe we can have a coffee, we haven't finished in the morning.

Beetroot, I'm in no mood to drink coffee ...

That `s also true. I thought your mood would improve if you keep me company.

Besides, I helped you on the roof yesterday. At least you owe me a coffee.

What kind of calculating people are you? There must be a payment for everything you do?

I didn't mean that ..

Bravo *** She twists all of you.

Biricik, I really hate you.

If you don't hurry up, your relationship with Serra will become a dream.

Soon .. someone else will take it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Moreover ... I think the girl is in trouble.

If I were you, I'd like to know about it for the trouble.

Remember, people get closer to each other by sharing their problems with others.

And how? Do you like it?

Very beautiful, I am delighted!

- Come on, put it on too. - Too, should I put it on?

Yes, let's pretend we're eating in a fancy restaurant tonight.

Okay, then I'll bet.


- Nazli, is that you? - How do you do?

Well. If you are looking for mom

I think she left before I came in.

No, I didn't come to ask about my mother .. hello Mrs. Nilgün, I brought the visitor.

What kind of guest?


I didn't know where to go ...



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