Sofia the First (2013–2018): Season 4, Episode 26 - Forever Royal - full transcript

As Sofia, and her siblings Amber and James, prepare for their graduation from Royal Prep Academy, Sofia is called back to the Mystic Isles to face an evil witch named Vor, who is trying to take over the kingdom of Enchancia.


[theme song playing]

¶ I was a girl in the village
doin' all right ¶

¶ Then I became a princess
overnight ¶

¶ Now I gotta figure out
how to do it right ¶

¶ So much to learn and see ¶

¶ Up in the castle
with my new family ¶

¶ In a school that's
just for royalty ¶

¶ A whole enchanted world
is waiting for me ¶

¶ I'm so excited to be ¶

¶ Sofia the First ¶

¶ I'm findin' out ¶

¶ What bein' royal's
all about ¶

¶ Sofia the First ¶

¶ Makin' my way ¶

¶ It's an adventure
every day ¶

¶ Sofia ¶

¶ It's gonna be my time ¶

¶ Sofia ¶

¶ To show them all that I'm ¶

¶ Sofia the First ¶

-[man] Ya! Ya!
-[horse whinnies]

-[man] Ya!
-[girl] Mommy, look!
The princess!

Whoa! Whoa-ho, whoa!

-[horse whinnies]
-[Sofia gasps]

Our old shop.
What are we doing here, Mom?

Oh, you'll see.

Wow! It's just
how we left it.

Mm, almost.

I made something for you.

[angelic music plays]


-They're beautiful!
-Happy graduation, Sofia.

-Thanks, Mom.

OK, now, you better change.

We have to leave soon.

What do you think?

Oh, Sofia!

You look so grown up!

I can't believe this'll be
my last day of Royal Prep.

I still can't believe
you went to Royal Prep.

Or that I'm a queen!

[sighs] We have come
a long way.


Oh, are you all right, Sofia?

The other students chose me
to give a speech at graduation.

-Oh, that's great!
-I know.

If I only knew what to say.

After all these years,
what do you tell everyone
on such a big day?

¶ ¶

¶ It's not that far
from our village
to the castle ¶

¶ But it seems that I've come
such a long way ¶

¶ At first I thought
I wasn't ready to be royal ¶

¶ But I proved I belong
I proved I'm here to stay ¶

¶ So when I stand
in front of all those
whom I care about ¶

¶ I wanna rise and shine
but still there is
a little doubt ¶

¶ I really wanna wow 'em ¶

¶ But I'm not sure
just how I'm ¶

¶ Gonna find
all the right things to say ¶

¶ On such a big day ¶

¶ I never thought
you would wind up
being a princess ¶

¶ But I'm proud how very much
you have grown ¶

¶ You may have started out
a young girl from the village ¶

¶ But you proved you are strong
You proved it on your own ¶

¶ So when you stand
in front of all those
whom you care about ¶

¶ I know you'll rise and shine
Of that I haven't any doubt ¶

¶ Just like the stars
above you ¶

¶ Forever will I love you ¶

¶ I'm sure
you'll discover the way ¶

¶ On such a big day ¶

¶ It's such a big day ¶

¶ I must prepare myself
for when I am the queen ¶

¶ And now I finally know
exactly what that means ¶

¶ I'll need a good heart
to be a big success ¶

¶ But first I must start
with the queenliest dress ¶

¶ I wish that I could wear
my armor to the school ¶

¶ Oh how I'd like
to show them all
my knightly moves ¶

¶ I just have to wait
until the time is right ¶

¶ When we celebrate
at the party tonight ¶

¶ The party tonight ¶

¶ I can't believe
you are really graduating ¶

¶ I remember cradling you
in my arms ¶

¶ It's time to go
we cannot keep ¶

¶ The whole school waiting ¶

¶ Ha! What would we
do without ¶

¶ Our Baileywick alarm? ¶

¶ Oh here she comes
the princess we have all
been waiting for ¶

¶ On this most special day
let's show her what
we have in store ¶

¶ There's nothin'
that can beat food ¶

¶ To put you
in a sweet mood ¶

¶ What a tasty way
to say, "Hooray!" ¶

- ¶ On such a big day ¶
-[birds tweeting]

¶ You know how much I love
your crisp pink apple tarts ¶

¶ And so I thank you
from the bottom of my heart ¶

¶ Remember Princess
you made rubies just for me ¶

[sighs] Sure.


¶ In this tiara now ¶

¶ They'll fit you to a T ¶

[sighs] It's beautiful!

¶ Ooh! ¶

¶ Seeing all my friends
and royal family ¶

¶ Amber, James,
oh, Rollie, dear ¶

¶ Guess it means we'll soon
be on our way ¶

¶ So happy everyone is here ¶

¶ But as long as I
have all of you beside me ¶

¶ Where were you hiding
that new dress ¶

¶ I know I'll work it out ¶

¶ I know I'll be Okay ¶

¶ So as we go to honor
all those whom we care about ¶

¶ For all
that you've achieved ¶

¶ It's time
to give a cheer and shout ¶

¶ Our proudest graduation ¶

¶ We give congratulations ¶

¶ Somehow I'll find
the right thing to say ¶

¶ I'm sure you'll
discover the way ¶

¶ Now let us be off and away ¶

¶ On such a big day ¶

¶ A big day ¶

¶ Such a big day ¶

All right, everyone,
it's time to go.

You don't want to be late
to your own graduation.

Uh, I need to check
on something before we go.

I'll be right back.


Sofia! You have
to come with us!

Azurine spotted Prisma
on the Isle of Crystals.

Every Protector
of the Mystic Isles

has been summoned there
to find her.

That includes
Protectors in Training,
like you!

Climb aboard
your trusty steed,
my Princess.

Uh-- I can't go
to the Mystic Isles now.

I'm about to graduate.

"About to" means
"not right this second."

-Am I right?
-I guess.

-Then grab your gear,
and get a move on!

If we let Prisma
get her hands on
the Wicked Nine,

she'll transfer
all the power

of those magical objects
to herself!

Then she'll be unstoppable.

Sofia! Sofia, where are you?

What's going on?

I have to go
to the Mystic Isles.

But everyone's waiting for you.

Just tell them I'll meet them
at the graduation, Amber.


[sighs] OK.
But be careful.

I will. Promise.

Meet me upstairs.

Climb aboard, my Princess!


-Let's go, Skye.
-Quick as a lick!

Chrysta, why would Prisma
be on the Isle of Crystals

if she's after the Wicked Nine?

We locked them up
on the Isle of Protectors.

What if it's a trick?

What if Prisma is trying
to lure us all

to the Isle of Crystals
so no one is guarding
the Wicked Nine?

We left Garish behind
to guard the Protectors' Vault,

which has a totally
100% unbreakable lock.

[sighs] But Prisma stole
my Necessi Key.

You don't think that would work
on the Vault, do you?

I don't know. It might!

We better check out your hunch,
just in case!

To the Isle of Protectors, Skye.

Right away, my Princess!

[heavy door closes]

-[cat meows]

-[chuckles] Now, where
did you come from?

I'm sorry, but there
are no cats allowed here.

-No birds, either. Scoot!

Come on, now, both of you.
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

-[bird cawing]
-Scram, you varmint!

-Scoot! Ugh!
-[Chrysta] Garish! Behind you!

-We can't let
Prisma get in there!

What?! How did she
escape her cell?

A diversion. It worked!

Nice try, Princess.

-You're too late!

My transformation will begin!

We have to get in there
and stop her!

Open it up!

We have liftoff!

Orion! Vega!
You've been tricked!

Prisma got into the Vault!

-[keys jangling]


[grunting] Hurry!

-Come on!
-[exclaims] I'm flying!

We will bring together
the power of the villains

who have come before you.


We can't let her
complete the spell!

Release the Wicked Nine!

Feel their power!

Oh, I feel it!




Chrysta, hurry!
Make a wind whip!

[both grunt]

[whip cracks]

[both grunting]

[Prisma] Finally! The power
of the Wicked Nine is all mine!

No one will be able
to stop me!

Sofia! She's too strong!

We have to hold on!

[gasps] Sofia! My Enchantlet!

Quick - grab on!

We've almost got her!


[gasps] Huh? Wha--?

Wha-- wha-- what is this?

What's happening? Oh, no!

No, but-- No!

Wait! This isn't fair!



I think we broke the spell!




The locket!

[grunts] No!

You're not going anywhere,

[groans] You!

I'll take that Necessi Key.
Good job, Sofia!

You caught her just in time!

-Where is Prisma?
-Right there!

My trainee stopped her. Again.

Well done, Sofia!

We'll take it from here.

Come on, you.

Garish, take Prisma
to the tower.

-Right away, Vega.
-Argh, so close!
I could feel it!

Here. This is yours.

And this is yours.

The locket is destroyed
Perhaps the spirit of Vor
is gone forever.

What do you mean,
the spirit of Vor?

Eons ago, an evil being
named Vor

used the power
of her magic ring

to spread her evil
across our worlds.

The Protectors defeated her.
But Vor's spirit could not
be extinguished.

So it was imprisoned
in that locket.

But her magic ring was lost.
Some say it was broken up,

and the pieces placed
inside the Wicked Nine.

That's why Prisma wanted them!

She wanted all that power
for herself.

But if she had completed
that spell,

she might've released
the spirit of Vor
from the locket.

Thankfully, you prevented that
from happening.

Well done, trainee.

Thanks, Mr. Orion.
But if it's OK with you,

I really have to go now.

-Of course.
-Happy graduation!

[bells chiming]

It's time to begin, everyone.
Please take your seats.

[both sigh]

Thanks for inviting us,
Your Majesty.

-Where's Sofia?
-That is a good question.

[whispers] Where's Sofia?

She's on her way!

I hope.



And this year's
graduating class.

[light applause]

[Fauna] Oh, my.
How you all have blossomed

into such fine princes
and princesses.

Thanks, Skye. Desmond?

Oh. Hi, Sofia.

What are you doing back here?

It looks like
they've started already.

I know. If I'd realized
being the best student

meant I'd have to get up
and speak in front of everyone,

I would've failed more tests.

At least you prepared
a speech.

I still don't know
what I'm going to say.

[Fauna] And I am proud
to introduce our valedictorian,

[laughs] ...Prince Desmond!

-[light applause]
-Here! You can give my speech.

-I can't do that.
-Well, I'm not going up there.

[Fauna clears throat]
Prince Desmond!

-I know!
-[Desmond exclaims]

Here we are, Miss Fauna!

[applause continues]


We're going to give
our speech together!

Oh, no!

Uh, did you happen
to memorize your speech?


[clears throat]

When I first came
to Royal Prep,

I really didn't know anything
about being royal.

I felt like I had
a lot of catching up to do.

But I had some help.
From my brother, James.

-[light applause]
-From Vivian, and Clio...

-[Clio gasps]
-[Sofia] Hildegard...

-Zandar, Jin...
-[Jin giggles]

June, Maya, Khalid,

Zooey, Kari, Hugo...

Penelope, and Mike.


And especially...
my sister, Amber.


I had help, too.
Sofia helped me
overcome all my fears.

Even my fear of speaking
in front of lots of people.

The teachers taught us
how to be better rulers,

but we taught each other
how to be better people.

So, as we all prepare
to go off to other schools,

let's take a moment to remember
how we showed each other

what being royal
is truly all about.

¶ At Royal Prep
step by step ¶

¶ We gained wisdom and pep ¶

¶ Heeded the call
and we're all ¶

¶ We could be ¶

¶ Every task, every test ¶

¶ We gave it our best ¶

¶ And they did the rest ¶

- ¶ You see ¶
-[light applause]

¶ We won't forget our motto ¶

¶ To which we'll be true ¶

¶ "Rule over others as you'd ¶

¶ Have them rule over you" ¶

¶ We're royal all the way ¶

¶ All the way ¶

¶ At good old R.P.A. ¶

¶ R.P.A. ¶

¶ It's step by step ¶

¶ With wisdom, grace, and pep ¶

¶ At Royal Prep ¶

¶ Here at Royal Prep ¶

[cheering and applause]


[applause continues]


So, we had a bit
of a setback.

[laughs] That was more
than a setback, Twitch.

That presumptuous
little princess
foiled me again!

-I failed.
-[Vor] You did not fail.


Who said that?

I did.


Open your hand.

My power is restored,

and I am freed
from the locket.

[gasps] So then you'll
give me the power

I so desperately deserve?


No. I will give myself
the power I deserve.

Say goodbye, Prisma.

Goodbye? Why?

Because. Now you
will become Vor.

[gasps] Finally!


You have a new master now,
my pets.

And unlike your old masters,

I know that the only way
to obtain what you want

is to be truly, madly,
deeply evil.

-So, get ready.

Because it's time
to get wicked.

Now that's what I'm
squawking about.

¶ The world has never seen
someone as mean ¶

¶ As yours truly ¶

¶ I was villainously vile
and completely unruly ¶

¶ But then
those pesky Protectors ¶

¶ Caught up to me ¶

¶ They locked me in that locket
and they threw away the key ¶

¶ So I pandered to Prisma
and I offered her power ¶

¶ I would say or do anything
to get out of that tower ¶

¶ She thought she was winning
but I could not be stopped ¶

¶ The greater of two evils
has come out on top ¶

¶ Now I've got a new mission
that I must complete ¶

¶ To bring out the worst
in everybody I meet ¶

¶ I'll help them find
their inner evil ¶

¶ By setting them straight ¶

¶ Being vicious
and suspicious ¶

¶ Is deliciously great ¶

¶ So let's get wicked ¶

¶ Let's do some bad today ¶

¶ Get wicked
Put on an evil display ¶

¶ Get wicked
The point that I'm making ¶

¶ Is when you get wicked ¶

¶ The world is yours ¶

- ¶ For the taking ¶


I feel more wicked already!

And I am just getting started!

What is your plan,
Your Vileness?

I have a whole menu planned.

The first course is revenge
against those who imprisoned me.

And that precious
little princess

who keeps getting in my way.

We shall take her castle
and her kingdom.

And then, for the main course,

we shall wrap our claws
around the entire EverRealm.

You are the master
of my dreams!

No! I am the master
of your nightmares!

¶ So let's get wicked ¶

¶ Let's do some bad today ¶

¶ Get wicked
Put on an evil display ¶

¶ Get wicked
The point that we're making ¶

¶ Is when you get wicked ¶

¶ The world is yours ¶

¶ For the taking ¶

¶ Get wicked ¶

¶ Get wicked ¶

Why, hello, everyone.

Guess who's out of the locket.

-I'm going to miss this place.
-Me, too.

It's just not going to be
the same with all of us

going to different schools now.

Who knows if we'll ever
see each other again?

Friends don't stop
being friends

just because they go
to different schools.

Of course
we'll see each other.

Starting with
the big graduation party

at our castle later.
You're coming, right?

-Of course!
-Yeah, wouldn't miss it!

See you at the party!


Yo, Princess!

Clover, what are you
doing here?

You think I'd miss
my number one princess

and bestest friend
in the whole world graduatin'?

-[Enchantlet chimes]
-[Chrysta] Sofia,
are you there?

-I'm here.
- We thought we stopped
Prisma for good,

- but it turns out,
we didn't!

The evil inside
the locket of Vor
took over Prisma.

Now, she's more powerful
than ever!

And she's got us all trapped!
We need you, Sofia.

Don't worry. I'm on my way!

-Amber, wait!
I need a favor.

Just tell everyone I might be
a little late to the party.

I have to run
a quick errand first.

Would this "errand"
have anything to do

with floating islands
and Protectors?


All right. Fine.

But covering for you
is getting to be
a full-time job.

Thanks, Amber!
You're the best!

Well done, Chrysta.
Very convincing.

What did I just do?

Exactly what
my mind control spell
made you do.

Send your little trainee
straight into my trap.

Now, go join your
imprisoned friends!



Now I just have to find a way
to get to the Mystic Isles.

What I really need is a...


I am at your service,
as always, my Princess.

Oh! Skye! Perfect!

To the Isle of Protectors,

Cling tight, my Princess!


-Won't be long now.

Everything is proceeding
just as I planned.

Did you plan for Princess Sofia
to fly straight at us?

Because she is about to! Look!

Dive! Take cover in the trees
before she sees us!

She didn't see us. Good.

Continue to the gate.

-Time out, I'm confused!
-What a surprise.

First you trick Sofia
to get her to come to you,

but now you avoid her?
What gives?

I have decided
that the sweetest revenge

is one taken
not on Sofia herself,

but on what she holds
dearest to her heart.

Her family. Her home.

I will trap Sofia
in the Mystic Isles

and take possession
of her castle, her kingdom,

and the EverRealm itself.

-Now, get me to the gate.

Chrysta! Orion! Vega!

-Go no further!

-[Sofia grunts]

What's going on?
What is this?

Vor has sealed us
in this chamber
with a powerful spell.

You can get in here,
but you can't get back out.

We cannot break the spell.
Vor wields unspeakable power.

There must be a way
to get you out.

Listen, Sofia.
Vor put a spell on me
to make me call you.

She must want you here
for a reason.

And I am afraid
I know what it is.

Vor is sealing up the gateway
to the Mystic Isles.

If you don't get out now,
you'll be trapped here forever!

But I just can't leave
all of you like this.

Sofia, Vor's goal
is to spread evil
everywhere she goes.

And she's going
to your kingdom.

If you make it out
before the gateway is sealed,

you may yet have a chance
to stop her.

You have to go, my Princess.

OK, but I'll come back for you.

-Remember your training.
-Good luck, Sofia.

Hurry, Sofia!
You really gotta fly

if you're gonna reach
the gateway before it closes.

Right. I wish I was a unicorn.

[Amulet chimes]

Come on Clover!

Ancient magics, heed my cry.

Seal this gateway
so none pass by!

Oh, is there anything
more satisfying

than an evil plan
coming together?

There. Nothing can
stop it now.

The Mystic Isles will be
forever sealed off
from the EverRealm.

Come. I have a realm
to conquer.


Hang on, Clover!

It's gonna be close!

-Did we make it?
-We did.

Now, we have to find Vor.

[Wormwood cawing]



Aah. There is nothing
like the smell

of a fresh, unspoiled realm.

Ripe for the taking.

Yeah, um, speakin' of that,

how exactly are you
plannin' on takin' over
the entire EverRealm

with just you, me,
and a rickety old raven?

-Uh, no offense.

None taken,
you shifty shapeshifter.

The answer to your question
lies in the palm of my hand.

Yeah, OK, I don't think
I get it.

To those lacking imagination,

these may seem like mere bits
of lifeless crystal.

But with a pinch of magic...

and a touch of evil...

they will become an army
of crystal minions!


[sighs] So how
we gonna find Vor?

I don't think
it's going to be hard.



All right,
my crystal minions,

listen carefully.
Our first target
will be the castle

of that detestable
Princess Sofia.

Now, my crystal legion,
march after me!


[gasps] I can't stop
all these creatures
by myself!

-You need help.

Let's go find some. Come on!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The lighting is all wrong.

It needs to be more festive.
More magical!

Did someone say "magical"?

Illuminatus ballroomio!

Cedric, it's wonderful!

[giggles] Almost as wonderful

as seeing the whole family
together again.

And speaking of which,

where is Sofia?

Oh! She'll be here shortly.

She just had
a little errand to run.

Sofia sure has been running
a lot of errands lately.


-Thanks for giving us a ride
to the party, Vivian.
-Yeah, thanks!

Of course, you guys!
Any friends of Sofia
is a friend of mine.

Ooh! Look at that pretty bird!

That's not a bird!
It's a pink unicorn!


-No way!


Ow! Ugh.

Hi, everybody. Sorry to
drop in on you like this.

-You were a unicorn!
-How did you do that?

My amulet's magical.


Listen, I really need
your help.

A wicked sorceress named Vor
is marching a crystal army

straight for the castle,
and I think our only chance

to stop her is
if we face her together.


I know it's a lot to ask.

Sofia, you've always
been there for us,

and we will be there for you.

Just tell us what to do.

OK. First, we need to find
someplace to surprise them

before they reach the castle.

[gasps] What about
our village?


We can build a bunch
of booby traps,

and then hide everything
until they pass by,

and then, wham, bam!
Let 'em have it!

I can use my magical music
on them!

Oh! And I'll grow
some nasty little
enchanted plants!

Let's draw up the plan.

We can help, too, Sofia.

Yeah! There's a lot more
to us than just adorableness.

Well, Vor does have
Wormwood and Twitch
on her side.

Think you can handle them?

Birdbeak and that
shape-shifting rat?

Ha! They won't even know
what hit 'em.

Yessirree! Troopers Crackle
and Clover reporting for duty!


[footsteps approaching]

[clanging footsteps]

Yeah, so, what about
this village?

Are we gonna conquer it?

All in due time.

First, then castle.
Then, the village.


[whinnies] It's a trap!

Who dares oppose Vor?!

-I do.
-Princess Sofia?!


-[whip cracks]
-[Sofia grunts]


[twinkling music]


[bowling pins falling sound]

What are you two waiting for?
Get in there!

[whinnies] Oh, yeah,
I'm gettin' in!

-[whinnies] Oh! Uh!

Oh, no you don't!

[squeaking] Aah!

Oh, yes, we do.

-Oh, honey trick!

Me. Now, Crackle!

[both grunting]

No more of this nonsense.

I have come too far
to be stopped

by a gaggle
of insolent children.

[all grunt]



-[Lucinda] Hex, hex,
double hex!

I was on my way to your party,
and I saw you were in trouble.

You got here just in time.


[metal crashing]

There are too many of them!

We can't hold them off!

Ruby, the carriage!

-[horse whinnies]
-[Ruby] Whoa, boy!

You won't get away
this time, Princess!

Everyone, get in!

Hurry, you guys!
We gotta go!

-[horse whinnies]

Follow that carriage!

-[Twitch yelps]
-[Wormwood caws]

-Come on, boy, go!
-[horse whinnies]


Stop the coach!


Sofia, what are we doing?

Ride to the castle
as quick as you can
and warn my father.

I'll slow Vor down
as long as I can.

Make sure the king
calls out all the guards
to defend the castle.

They're coming!

I know. Please, hurry.

I've got a better idea, Sofia.

You go and warn your father.

And, uh, we'll slow them down!

-Like I said,

you've been there for us.
Let us be here for you.

Sofia, we're running
out of time! Go!

OK. Be careful.

Run, Sofia!

-Let's go, boys!
-[horse whinnies]


Ooh, here they come!

Enough of this foolishness!

We'll have none of that.

Lower your wand,
little witch.

-Yes, Vor.
-Where is the princess?

She went to the castle.

All of you, stay here.

[all monotone]
Yes, Vor.

-To the castle!
-[Twitch neighs]

If only Minimus were here!

[amulet chimes]

Huh? Wait a minute.

I wonder...

I wish Minimus
would fly to me.

[amulet chimes]


Dad! Constable Myles!



Are you in need
of some assistance? [laughs]

[footsteps approaching]

There's nowhere to run,

And none of your little friends
are here to help you.

I don't need any help.

[both grunting]


[grunts] Whoa-oa!


I... gotcha!


I heard you calling me, Sofia.

I came as fast as I could!


Minimus, how did you...?

I told you! I heard you
calling me, Sofia!

-You did?
-Yep, just hang on!

I'll find a safe place
to take you--

Wait. I know where we can go.

Shall we go after them?

No. Let Sofia watch
as I take her castle

and her family.

is everything ready?

I believe so, Your Majesty.

What is the meaning of this?

The meaning of this
is that your reign is over.

En garde!

Your Majesty, look out!

laser sound]


Wormwood! You traitorous

Your crown, please.


Oh. Then let me ask again.

Your crown, please.

Yes, of course. It's yours.

Go to that tall tower
and lock yourselves in.

-Yes. Let's go.
-Yes, of course.

We'd be delighted to.

Go with them. And make sure
they don't wander off.

This kingdom is mine!

And now, I will remake it
in my image!


[gasps] The castle!

Vor must have gotten in!

Minimus, my mom and dad,

my whole family.
Everyone I know is in there.

-Well, we could try
to save them.
-How, Minimus?

When we couldn't stop her
the first time?

Vor was right!
I can't stop her
on my own.

Maybe we could get more help.

There's no one left to help.

There's nothing left at all.

[amulet chimes]

Huh. "The Tale of
Princess Sofia"?



[Voice of the Library]
Once, there was a young girl
named Sofia.

It's about... me.

She lived in the village
with her mother, Miranda

and was happy,
but missed her father,

a sailor, who had been
lost at sea.

In the nearby castle
lived King Roland the Second,

who had wanted a family
so badly,

he tried making a wish
in a wishing well.

The wish came true,
and twins were born.

But the queen
fell gravely ill.

- The children were happy,

but never knew
what it was like
to have a mother.

Until, one day,
King Roland and Miranda

fell in love and married.

Sofia treasured her new family
more than anything,

and she also
became a princess,

with the responsibility
to protect her family,

- friends, and all those
who dwelt in her kingdom.

So when the day came
that the evil Vor

took everything
Sofia held dear,

the young princess
was faced with her
biggest challenge yet.

I already tried
to give the story
a happy ending.

And I failed.

But Sofia, you are
the Storykeeper.

-Who are you?
-I was the first Storykeeper.

I built this library
many years ago.

Filled it with tales
that were not yet finished.

Not many have been able
to follow in my footsteps,

let alone someone so young.

All whom you love
are in danger,

and only you
can save them, Sofia.

But you must be willing
to face this evil on your own.

And you must be willing
to sacrifice everything.

Today may have been
your graduation,

but the ultimate test
still lies before you.

Good luck, Sofia.

I'm going back for them.

Yes! Let's do this!

No. I have to sneak back,

and the only way to do that
is to go alone.

But I want to help.

You can. Fly back
to the village

and make sure our friends
are all right.

Then meet me on the far side
of the harbor.

But do not go near
the castle, Minimus.

Sofia. Be careful.

You, too.


Oh, right. The boat's
on the other side.

I wish I was a mermaid.

I wish to be myself again.

-[Sofia] I wish to be small.
-[magical twinkling]

I wish to be big again.

-[Vor] You!
-[guards] Yes, Vor?

Gather your fellow soldiers.
We have much to do.

[guards monotone]
Right away, Vor.

[Vor] And you two...

I want all traces of
the ex-royal family

removed from this castle

[gasps] She's got them all
under a spell!

WhichWay bow, which way
are my parents?

They're outside?

[footsteps nearby]

Sofia, what's going on?

My family's in trouble.

I have to get
into Cedric's tower

so I can help them.

Oh! The window!
I just need to get up there.

Too bad you can't fly.

Oh! I can!

I wish I was a bird.

[gasps] Sofia!
You're a bird!

How'd you do that?

Uh, my amulet.
Do me a favor
and get some help

to distract those tower guards
in a few minutes.

You've got it!

Birds of a feather
stick together!

What? She's a bird now.

Oh! Here's one.
Pick a card, any card.

I wish to be myself again.


-How did...?
-It's her amulet.

She has all kinds of powers.

Tell them what else
you can do, Sofia.

Not now, Amber.
You all need to come with me.

-Right now!

So I can save you
from Vor!

-We don't need saving.
-Everything's fine.

[gasps] You're all
under her spell.

Spell? What spell?

Um... what I meant was...

Vor wants me to get a spell
from you, Mr. Cedric.

She was an un-bewitching spell.

Anything for Vor.
Cedric, get her the spell.

Right away, Your Majesty.

There it is!

And a wand!
She wants a wand, too.

Of course!
Use my family wand.

Thanks, Mr. Cedric.

Let's hope all those
sorcery classes paid off.

Encantarum Dispivius!

[all groaning]


That sorceress
took over our castle!

-Who is she?
-She was a Crystal Maker

from the Mystic Isles
named Prisma,

until an evil spirit
turned her into Vor.

The Mystic Isles.
Where all magic comes from.

You've been there, Sofia?

I'm training to be
a Protector.

What an honor! I'm so proud.

And when exactly
did all this happen?

I'll explain everything later.

But right now, we have to go.

Sofia's right!
Everyone, follow me.

I'll take that back,
thank you very much.

Wait! The guards!

Hm? Hm-hmm!

-[Rex barks]


Uh, pardon me.

-[crystal minions Huh?
-[Whatnaught chirps]


Let's go!

Well done!

-Oh, thanks, Whatnaught.

Dad, I have to stay.

It's not up for discussion.
Man the sail, Baileywick!

Yes, Your Majesty.

Mind the gangplank!

Hoist the main!

Hoist the topsail!

Keep the sail tight!

Hold that line!

We can't just leave!

Vor wants to take over
the kingdom!

First, I have to make sure
you're all safe.

Our family is
more important to me
than anything.

I know, Dad. You'd do
anything for us.

But when you're in charge,

it's like the whole kingdom
is your family.

¶ ¶

¶ They taught us
to always be royal ¶

¶ But what do those words
really mean? ¶

¶ When you're a prince
or a princess ¶

¶ When you're a king
or a queen ¶

¶ We have to look out
for our family ¶

¶ But our family
is bigger than this ¶

¶ It includes everyone
in the kingdom ¶

¶ Every boy, girl,
mister, and miss ¶

¶ I have to take a stand ¶

¶ A stand for one and all ¶

¶ Even if I'm the one
who takes the fall ¶

¶ Being royal
means being loyal ¶

¶ To those who count on us ¶

¶ For the kingdom
I must fight ¶

¶ For in me
they placed their trust ¶

¶ For one and all ¶

¶ I'm standing tall ¶

¶ For one ¶

¶ And all ¶

Sofia is right.

As the future
Queen of Enchancia,

I owe it to my future subjects
to fight for them.

I say we go back.

I know you mean well,

but you're still
only children.

I promise, I will gather
my bravest men

from all across the land
and go back once
you are all safe.

¶ Once you spoke
of my destiny ¶

¶ Of all that I'm truly
meant to be ¶

¶ Now it's finally
clear to see ¶

¶ The path that lies
ahead of me ¶

I'm sorry, but I have
to do this.

I wish I was a flying horse.


[gasps] Sofia?

I'm coming with you!

Amber! No!

¶ As a prince
and a future knight ¶

¶ I must go back
and join the fight ¶

¶ Sir James is right,
we all must go ¶

¶ To save Enchancia ¶

¶ Tally ho! ¶

turn this boat around!

Already turned,
Your Majesty.

¶ We have to take a stand ¶

¶ A stand for one and all ¶

¶ Even if we're the ones
who take the fall ¶

¶ Being royal
means being loyal ¶

¶ To those who count on us ¶

¶ For the kingdom
we must fight ¶

¶ For in us
they placed their trust ¶

¶ For one and all ¶

¶ We're standing tall ¶

¶ For one and all ¶

¶ Though we may fall ¶

¶ For one ¶

¶ For one ¶

¶ For one ¶

¶ And all ¶

My crystal legion,

Enchancia is ours!

Now it is time to make
the rest of the EverRealm

ours as well.

Oh, Sofia, I'm glad
you're all right.

I checked on your friends.
They're all under
some kind of spell.

[sighs] I don't know
how we're going to beat Vor.

Doesn't your amulet
have a power
that can stop her?

[gasps] The amulet
had a princess inside it once.

So maybe, you can
trap Vor in it!

Amber! That might be
the best idea you've ever had!

Will your amulet be the same
if Vor is inside it?

If it's not, then so be it.

You know, I was thinking
we should re-name it
the "E-Vor-Realm."

Has a nice ring to it,
don't ya think?

We are not stopping
with the EverRealm.

Excellent. I'm sorry,
what else is there?

Above the island
of pirates and fairies,

beyond the second star
to the right,

lies a portal
to another world.

When we finish with this realm,
I will conquer that one.

And my dark destiny
will finally be fulfilled.

I'll take care
of her sidekicks.

That is an exquisitely
evil plan, Vor!

I must say-- oh!
Caw! Caw!


Capture them!

[both scream]

Now, Sofia!

Amulet, I wish for Vor
to be trapped inside you.


-[Sofia struggling]



[Sofia struggling]

Hold on, I'm coming!

-[Twitch neighs]
-[Amber gasps]

[Sofia struggling]

-[Sofia grunts]

Don't let go, Sofia!



[grunts] I've got you!


[pants] I'm not gonna let go!

-[Sofia straining]
-Hold on!

-[Sofia yelling]


[Sofia exclaiming]



[gasps] She did it!
Sofia broke the spell!

[footsteps approaching]


-A rat?!
-Facio cageum!

You spineless sorcerer!

You worm! Facio cageum!



Where is Sofia?

Vor pulled her into the amulet.

-[gasps] No.





I wish I was out of the amulet.

Take me out of the amulet!

Silly little princess.
Now what kind of trap
would this be

if you could wish your way
out of it?

Looks like it's just
you and me now.

But not for long.

You see, my dear,
I know what makes people tick.

Their darkest impulses.
Their greatest fears.

And I know your greatest fear
has just come true.

¶ You've always had
a friend or two ¶

¶ Someone to lend a hand ¶

¶ When times are tough
you look to them ¶

¶ To get out of a jam ¶

¶ But now no matter
where you turn ¶

¶ There's no one here
but you ¶

¶ You're all alone,
your greatest fear ¶

¶ Has finally come true ¶

¶ Just because I'm by myself ¶

¶ Does not mean I will fold ¶

¶ I don't need help
to battle you ¶

¶ I just need to be bold ¶

¶ Spare me
your heroic speech ¶

¶ We both know you are wrong ¶

¶ I'm not afraid
to stand alone ¶

¶ Oh, my dear,
you won't be standing long ¶

¶ You're on your own,
can't run away ¶

¶ You've met your match
this very day ¶

¶ I'm on my own
but won't give in ¶

¶ I'll get back up
to fight again ¶

¶ The good in you
is fading fast ¶

¶ And when it's gone
you're mine at last ¶

¶ But like the sun,
I'll rise once more ¶

¶ Until night falls
and wins the war ¶



¶ There's a bond
you'll never know ¶

¶ A power you can't feel ¶

¶ The love you give
comes back to you ¶

¶ And makes you strong
as steel ¶

¶ If I remember those I love ¶

¶ I keep them close to heart ¶

¶ My love will shine
from deep within ¶

¶ And chase away the dark ¶

¶ My darkness
cannot be denied ¶

¶ Your little light
won't last ¶

¶ I'll show you where
real power lies ¶

¶ One final wicked blast ¶

¶ You tried your worst
to keep me down ¶

¶ But I'm still
standing tall ¶

¶ How can this be happening ¶

¶ Because I stand
for one and all ¶

¶ I'm on my own
I found a light ¶

¶ To see me through
the darkest night ¶

¶ You're just a girl,
this cannot be ¶

¶ I'm more than that
but you can't see ¶

¶ I maybe small
and own my own ¶

¶ But I can feel
how much I've grown ¶

¶ My will is strong
my heart is true ¶

¶ My love will be ¶

¶ The end ¶

¶ Of ¶

¶ You ¶


[breathes deeply]

[all gasp]

What was that?

I don't know.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Sofia.

I never meant
for all this to happen.

[sighs] Are we going to be
imprisoned here forever?

I-- I don't know.

Can you get her out?

I might have a spell
that will work, Your Majesty.

But a great deal of magic
will be required.

Meet me in the courtyard.

I know I have the spell.
It's got to be here somewhere.

[stressed humming]

There it is!

Father! Mummy! Come to me!
The princess needs you!

Come, we must hurry!

Place the amulet
right here, Princess.

Where's Sofia?

Vor pulled her
into the amulet.

-We're going to try
to get her out.

Oh, good, a witch.
I'll need your help.

Oh, fairies! Even better.
We need to save Sofia!

Everyone who is magical,
form a circle.

What about the rest of us?
We want to help.

We could use all the help
we could get, son.

All right, fine.
Everyone, join hands!

[magical twinkling]

Who are you?

We are the Protectors
of the Mystic Isles.

Yes, yes. No time
for formalities.

Just get in a circle!

Oh! But what if the spell
brings back Vor, too?

Then we'll be ready for her.

Now, I need everyone

to concentrate
all of your energy

on Princess Sofia
and the amulet.

Here we go!

Amareen! Evincit! Totum!

Keep concentrating!






Cedric, you did it!
You saved her!

From now on, you will be known
as "Cedric the Great."

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Sofia, you're safe.

What happened in there?

Vor is gone. For good.

I'm so sorry for all
the trouble I caused.

I'm ready to go now.

Take her back
to the Mystic Isles.

[Prisma sighs]

King Roland. Today,
Sofia defended both our realms

from an ancient, powerful evil.

She has proven herself
more than worthy
to be a Protector.

A Protector?

Princess Sofia, step into
the circle of light.

-Don't worry, Mom.
I'll be OK.

By the power
of the Mystic Isles,

I hereby declare you
Protector of the EverRealm.

Whoa. Brilliant!

Congratulations, Sofia!
I knew you could do it!

Well, I couldn't have done it
without you, Chrysta.

Um, please enlighten me.

What exactly does this
Protector business involve?

Oh, it's a tremendous honor,

And only occasionally
life-threatening. [laughs]

I'll tell ya
all about it inside.


That's right! We do have

a graduation party
to get underway.

Please, everyone,
come inside.

You are welcome, too,
um... Protectors.

I love parties! [laughs]

-[Sofia giggles]

I believe this belongs
to you, Princess.

Thank you for bringing me back,
Mr. Cedric the Great.

Yes, well, it's about time
somebody noticed.

See you inside, Sofia.

Well done, Ceddykins.
Well done.

So proud of you, Cedric.

-You're back!

'Tis a relief
you are unscathed!

I'm OK, guys.

-Talking to animals again?
-Yeah, I am.

[Minimus gasps]
Who are you calling an animal?

Sofia, what you did today...

That was the most noble thing
I have ever seen.

I thought I lost you.

But we'll never lose
each other, Amber.

Because we're sisters.

Oh, Sofia! Yes, we are.

[sighs] You're going to make
a great Protector.

And you're going to make
a great queen.

Amber the First!

I like the sound of that!

[giggles] I'm just happy
to be home.

I'm happy you're home, too,

[end theme playing]