Snowfall (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - The Sit Down - full transcript

Cissy introduces Franklin to the KGB, while also trying to broker peace within the family; Veronique enlists outside help to track Franklin's money.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
with 3.4 million

in cash and product.

- How you want to handle it?
- Told you

the gloves had to come off.

I didn't realize VERONIQUE:

that meant robbing
your own family.

Call Jerome and Louie.

You tell them you
made a mistake.

- Jerome and Louie?
- Yes! This is done!

It was Louie.

with my bosses today,

and they want to
see something now.

You mentioned the
tunnel at the border.

I want to see it.

The longer we wait,
the longer the chances

Teddy will disappear.

Tomorrow morning,
10:00 at the museum.

Bring Franklin with you.

Whoever did this to Avi, TEDDY:

they have my associate.


Fuck you.

I don't need sleep. TEDDY:

I need to find her.

What took you so long?

Fuck Teddy. CISSY:

and fuck the government
Fuck the CIA,

that supported them.

Now, are you with me, Saint?

- Or are you with them?
- Where Franklin keeping my shit at?

We don't know.

- We don't know!
- You tell me where my goddamn money is!

Stop fucking hitting her!

You tell Franklin
JEROME: that I did this,

and I ain't gonna stop
till I get all that's mine.

You're gonna be
all right. Beverly,


Parissa, do you copy?

Parissa, you copy?

Officer, hello.

I'm okay.

I'm okay, thank you. I'm okay.

Where are you headed? OFFICER:

I'm trying to get
home. I-I just...

I-I'm trying to
get home. Officer,

- Okay. Calm down. Just need you to...
- I am calm.

Listen here, dumb motherfucker.

You weren't even
there. It was in a bag.

It wasn't an open container.

Fucking let me out.

Are you fucking stupid?

Fucking let me out!

I want to get out!


Fucking get out of
here? When am I gonna

It was in a fucking bag!

Let me the fuck out!
What is wrong with you?

Are you sure you don't
want to go to the hospital?

No. I just want to sleep.

Do you have any idea who he is?


Did you get a good look
at Before you ran, him?

Oh, yes.

And you believed 'em? LOUIE:

they'd have talked.
If they knew,

How ugly did it get?

I think I might've killed her.

- Nursing supervisor 6624.

Nursing supervisor 6624.

Hi, uh , I'm looking for
Black... Um, Beverly Young.


Oh, shit.

Any word?

Big D and them did this?

Big D must've told him
where we was gonna be.

Told who?


Ms. Ali?

Is she okay? DALLAS:

Her skull was fractured, SURGEON:
and the blunt trauma had caused

hemorrhaging. extensive

We tried to stop the bleeding
and relieve the pressure,

but I'm sorry.

- Get the fuck off me.
- I'm sorry.



Hey, Mama.


What, no watchdogs to frisk me?

What's going on?


Late night.

If you're not ready to
do Franklin, look, this,

- Let's... -It's fine. Let's go.
- Then let's just pause.

Wait, wait a second.

What's going on?

Where's your head?

Want some?

We should bring a dog next time.
At least it'd smell better.



Amanda you know.

This is Oscar.

- They need to come with us?
- Yes.

- Why?
- Why?

Because maybe last night
you're lying in bed,

start second-guessing
your deal with the DEA.

Call some of your buddies,

an agent down to the tunnel,
tell 'em you're gonna bring

and I get dragged off
into the Mexican desert

never to be heard from again.

Now come on.


How you feeling?

Like I have the worst
hangover in history.

Did you make me a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich?

You don't have a
lot of food here.

Got you these, too.

I have something
stronger Well, I think

in the medicine cabinet.

Gonna need you a little
more alert than that.

Something we should do right
now, if you're feeling up to it.



Leave it all out
there. You understand?


Here it is. GIRL:



Pleasure to finally meet you.

- Cissy.
- Hi.

Franklin a nd I are
gonna go for a walk.

You mind watching my case?


My moms used to bring me
here FRANKLIN: all the time

when I was a kid.

Incredibly brave through all
Your mother has been of this.


For everything, you
know. She blames the CIA

Would do anything
to get back at them.

What would you do, Franklin?

How long have you
lived in this country?

A number of years now.

Can't be easy, right?

Living in a place that you hate.

Who you can trust. Not knowing

I don't hate this
country, Franklin.

But I do think it's criminal,

the hypocrisy of proclaiming
devotion to freedom

while oppressing and
murdering your own citizens.

And you want to expose
that to the world.

Mm, I was under the impression
you wanted that as well.

I want Teddy McDonald.

I want him alive.

I can deliver that to you.

But not until I have proof

importing and selling
cocaine that the CIA has been

in the United States.

Is this something
you can provide?

For pictures or him on
tape, Look, if you're asking

then no, I don't.

What exactly do you need?


Your law enforcement
arrests Some branch of

in possession of
cocaine CIA officers

and large amounts of cash.

Where Teddy keeps his
product. No, no, I don't know

But you two are still
conducting deals, yes?

As of two days ago,

I'm no longer buying
cocaine from Teddy.

But I do know who's taken my
place as his main distributor.

My auntie and uncle.


Everything you can
tell me I need to know

about Teddy and his operation.

Your interactions, How you met,

things you saw,
what you learned.

Of your relationship.
The full scope

Your son is as you described.

And serious young
man. An impressive


We're good.



Will not come
easily, I know trust

but I'm hoping we can get there.

First time I met Teddy McDonald,

from one of our rock
houses. I was driving home

He T-boned my car,

tased me,

chained in a basement.
And I woke up

did you two talk
about? So, what else

Everything he wanted to hear,

which also happens
to be the truth.

What do you want, Franklin?

How do you want this to end?

I want my money back.

Want to have this baby.
I want to marry V,

I was so close to
having I want the life

until that motherfucker
Teddy I could taste it

that's what I want.
Ripped it away,

fighting with Jerome
and Louie And you think

is gonna help you
get any of that?

Anybody coming after
me is in my way.

And I can't have that.

Ever occur to you

that this is exactly
what Teddy wants?

For us to wipe each other
out so he doesn't have to?

Just like they used to do

and the field negroes,
with the house

and the dark-skinned?
And the light

We destroy ourselves for them.

Look, even if I wanted to,

I don't think I can stop it now.

If I can help open up a door,

would you be willing
to walk through it?

You and I are the only ones who
have access to the accounts?

Drawing on them at any
time. Yes, and you can start


How's Dallas holding up?

I'm not sure.

Said I'd stop by
later to check on her.

She's probably not good.

Black Diamond had a kid, right?

- So, what happens now?
- Mm-hmm.

You hit them,

until everybody's
dead? Then we go round

to sit down with Jerome.
My mother wants me

Talk it out.

Your mother's not wrong.

Yeah, it's me.

All right.

I'll be there in 30.

Kane's awake.

Wants to talk.

Sitting down with Jerome
ain't gonna mean much

if you tell Kane
how to kill him.

Listen, um...

for taking care of
this, V. Thank you

I love you.

You love me?

You want to stay t hank you
for what I just did for us?

Swallow your pride.

Listen to your mother and
make peace with your family.


Salut, maman.

Yo, he ain't happy. TERRY:

No shit.

What happened to the warehouse?

Had rats!

- Shit had rats.
- Jerome.

- What?
- Nigga.

Who gives a fuck about the rats?

Everything's fine.

We just need a couple days to
find a place to load the cars

and get you on your way.

Son's birthday is Saturday.

Promised he'd be back
in St. Louis by then.

This is what we
gonna do. Here we go,

Go up to Sunset,
check into Chateau.

All right? Chill by the pool,

get yourself a
drink, some pussy.

Enjoy yourself, all right?

We handle all that shit,
get you back on your way.

That cool?

Mack's about family.

Ain't into all that.

A little side snatch,
right? Every nigga needs

The fuck are you talking about?

24 hours.

We'll have the
cars, the carriers,

everything loaded, ready to go.

How the fuck we gonna find
a new spot in 24 hours?

I don't know, get your side
snatch to figure it out.

Oh, bullshit.


Aw, hell nah.

You playing with me? Hmm?

They're your fucking family.

You don't kn ow where
they at? Telling me

They're staying in a hotel.

I just don't know which one.

You know, since the shootings,

they can't go back to
the club, the warehouses.

This shit ain't gonna be
easy. I'm just saying,

Ain't gonna be easy?

You know what ain't easy?

If you ever gonna walk
again, Not knowing

if your fucking dick
ever gonna work again.

In this goddamn hosp ital
bed, Spending all day

doctors and your own people
keeping shit from you.

But you telling me

where to find the bitch-ass
motherfuckers that put me here,

in the fucking world, nigga!
That's the easiest shit

and I'm also hearing
that You know,

maybe ain't a cop no
more, that cop who shot me

that we can touch his ass, too.

The fuck they are,
Frankie, So find out where

or I'm-a start thinking that
you're having second thoughts,

on the wrong side of this
and that puts you shit,

where you don't
want to be, nigga.

Teddy ever com e down here?
Take the drugs down personally?

Not anymore.

Make no mistake.

He's the prize, Gustavo.

You're gonna help us get
him. One way or another,



What are you gonna tell him?

- That I'm with my family.
- No.

Keep things as close to
the truth as possible.

You're here, in the tunnel.

It needed routine maintenance.

You're just doing your job.

Helping him. Right?

My God.

What war we're fighting.
We don't even know



Hey, where are you?

- Well, I didn't
realize - At the tunnel.

We had a shipment
coming through today.

No, there's not, uh...

last time I-I was here,
The lights went out

and I'm fixing them.

Yeah. Hey, just, uh...

meet me at the warehouse.
Leave right away,

Oh, okay. Okay.

Is there a problem?
Why? There's...

No, I just need to talk
to you about something.

Everything all right?

You take care of the hospital?

It was handled today.

It was handled?
Not by you, cabrón?

One of my people.

"One of my people"?

You're gonna get my
family killed, pendejo!

You need to calm
down. Listen to me.

- You remember what I told you?
- To calm down?

If I followed the
rules, Yeah, you told me

I'd be okay.

But you don't fucking know!

I do know. TONY:

you'd better believe it,
too, And I'll tell you this,

because this isn't gonna
get any easier, Gustavo.

The paranoia, the
fear, it only grows.

Teddy doesn't know anything.

He doesn't.

It's all in your head.

Chingada madre.

We can come back. If you busy,

Ey, we got stuff to do.
Bring your ass on out, man.

I'm in here making one
of my secret recipes.

- Y'all want to try?
- Mm.

Our wedding had enough
of your secret recipes

to last a lifetime.

I tried to give y'all a gift

to open the hearts
and the minds,

and now you're all out here
acting scandalous as fuck.

In that accusation.
A lot of bass

- to shoot O. G. Kane?
- Came at us.

Somebody trying to kill you.
Hard to be enlightened when

Y'all got an ongoing
situation here.

O.G. gonna have the
city at your necks.

A motherfucking
lion, And Kane is

"king of the jungle" lion.

eat y'all asses
up. And he's gonna

You want to get that, bro?

For how to take down a
lion, You got suggestions

we're listening.

You got to join the pride,

become family.

Look, you might want
to get that, bro.

It's just my
sister. It's fine.

And you think SKULLY:
that's a coincidence?

Ignoring the universe.
You better stop

That's divine ordinance, man.


You good?

All right. All right.

She making Mama's Sunday
dinner, invited me over.

What'd I say about family?

With your family and
Kane Fix this shit

before karma fuck you all up.

That's all I'm gonna tell
you. Be with y'all in spirit.

A token.

Kane know it was us?

That pig in a blanket you JEROME:
used, word started getting out.

Mm-mm. Maybe could've
thought, but to know?

Only people who know
are me, you and Buckley.

And Franklin.

You think Franklin
in it with Kane now?

You still want to
go to that dinner?

The fuck that mean?

My sister invited me
to dinner, I'm-a go.

Ain't nothing else to that.

♪ Got a job ♪

♪ That's okay ♪

- ♪ But they've got me working
night and day ♪


♪ What you gonna do,
what you gonna feel? ♪

♪ I don't know... ♪

Salut, maman.

Won't someone tell
me... ♪ Ooh, ♪

Oh, hi, uh...

Maybe she has
beginner's luck, too.

Slippery nipples. Two, please.

Just water for me, please.

♪ Won't someone tell me? ♪

♪ What you want to say,
what you want to do? ♪

♪ That's just the way it
goes ♪ - ♪ That's life ♪

♪ Sometimes ♪

♪ C'est la vie, c'est la vie ♪

♪ That's just
the way it goes ♪

We should go.


Hold up.

How y'all doing, you good?

There's an ice cream
truck over there.

Get yourself some,
huh? Why don't you go

No, thank you.

You didn't have to
come here. DALLAS:

Look, I want you to know,

whatever you need, I got you.

Money, time, it's all good.

I'm out, Franklin.

Yeah, like I just said,
take all the time you need.

No, I'm out.

For good.

We had a pact.

If something happened to one - of us, the other had to leave.

No questions asked, no revenge,

just take the kids and go.

- Auntie?
- Yes, baby.

When's Mommy getting here?

Soon, baby. DALLAS:

You hungry?

Want some Fatburger?


- Want some?
- Okay.

Come on in.

It's just us.

Last time I saw these...

was after that
fight about the car.

Mama cooked enough
to feed a whole army.

what we pass on to
our kids. It's amazing

I know she was furious
about him not telling her

he bought it.

But I swear...

like he was ten feet
tall Daddy looked

when he stepped
out that Cadillac.

That's how you remember it?

What you want from me, Cissy?

The last two men standing.
You and Franklin are

Last of the tribe.

Cissy, the boy stole from me.

Pulled a gun on my wife.

Dropped four bodies
outside my club.

He turned you into
a drug dealer.

But you don't want
to desert him.

Cissy, when you ever had my
back the way you have his?

You're right, maybe I haven't.

Why we're here.

And it might not be fair...

but it is all on you.

You are my family,
and I need you.

What are you gonna do?

Wait, you
did what? We need help.

Yeah, but after everything
you said about her,

I didn't think helping
was something she did.

That money we just laundered,

it was her ex who pointed
us in the right direction.

She made that happen.

She made that happen, huh?

She also took 200 grand off
the mark that put me there.

Look, unless something else has
changed in the past 24 hours

I don't know about, we don't
have a lot of options here.

But you can trust her?

I can trust her to be her.

Just sit with her.

Listen to what she has to say.

And if you think she
can help, that's great.

We 'll send her on her
way. If not,


I don't know.

He could've altered
his appearance.

I have no idea.
Never seen him.


If you think of anything else.
Keep this copy. Let me know


You understand that
whoever this is,

they are out there,

and they're trying to bring

this whole operation
crashing down.

Sí, señor.


Oh... Ah.

Oh, this looks so
good. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy.

Hi, um, can I have
a beer, please?

- Sounds good.
- Thank you.

You Cassandra?



If there's one thing
you can't get in Paris,

it is a slab of ribs.

Help yourself.

I'll pass. Thanks.

Do you want a beer?
You seem tense.

I don't drink.

V filled you in, on all of it?

She did.

Oh, thank you.

You brought my daughter into.
Quite an impressive mess

that's what she said
about It's funny, you.


To force her back to
me. And yet, you managed

V seems to think you can help.

But you're unconvinced.

Man we're up against is no joke.

Smart, manipulative.
He's trained,

And when the chips
are down, a killer.

So I've been told.

So, let's get one thing
straight from the jump.

This works, my fee is 20%.


You'd rather have
100% of nothing?

Yeah, I knew this
was a bad idea.


This man you're up
against may be trained,

a killer,

but the person who helped
him steal your money

most likely isn't.

What makes you
think he had help?

He definitely had
help. Oh, honey,

And he wouldn't have
used someone in-house,

because the CIA would have
to account for the money.

Got your attention, huh?

Mmm. You got to be kidding.

Are you sure you don't
want This is so good. any?

No. How would somebody
have helped him?

Well, lifting that much
from overseas banks,

you need to set
up dummy accounts,

forge documents,
impersonate you.

Impersonate me?

Th ere is a very
short list of people

a job of this scale.
Who can pull off

Just need to know where to look.

And you do?

Typical finder's fee is
five percent. All right?

but there is nothing
typical Yes, Franklin,

about any of this.

Give me a week.

I'm gonna need to borrow
your soon-to-be wife

a couple of tickets to
Panama. For a few days and

If I find the person Teddy
used, we settle on ten percent.

Daughter and grandchild in my
And a chance to have my life.

How does that sound?

Chingada madre.

- I
- didn't know he was CIA at first,

just thought he was the plug.

Could get shit done.

Until he got me out
of jail But it wasn't

put it all together.
That I really

I realized what it was
I'd become a part of.

- How soon are you meeting
- again?

- Two days.
- Good.

Approval to begin surveillance
In the meantime, we have

on the Mexican, Gustavo Zapata.

To Teddy's warehouse.
He should lead us

The Center also responded about

the material we took
from Avi Drexler.

One last weapons shipment
It appears there is

en route to Costa Rica.

It's on a cargo ship right
now crossing the Atlantic

in about three weeks'
time. And should arrive

The Center wants us to use
our Sandinista contacts

to intercept the shipment.

Teddy and his people
know Avi's missing.

So either they already
rerouted the shipment,

or they'll be waiting for us.

Either way, we lose.

They're not asking.


Been a while since I've been
FRANKLIN: to one of these.

Or just feel safe here?
Feeling nostalgic,

I know what Teddy did to you,

and I'm sorry I-I
couldn't help you, moreno.

You're sorry?

Listen to me, Oso,

if you called me all the way
down here just to apologize,

then you're wasting
everybody's time.

Where'd you find this? Teddy?

You know who he is?

What if I do?

What's it worth to you?

Listen to me very
carefully, Oso.

That picture is radioactive.
You know what that means?

I can tell you who he is.

The only way that happens is
if you get me Teddy first.

You do that, and in return,

after I get back what's
mine, I'll make you rich.

How rich?

$10 million rich.


First, you tell me who he is,

and you tell me
why he's after us.

How this is gonna happen.
No, no, that's not

You want to know,
I get Teddy first.

And how do I know yo u're
telling me the truth, cabrón?

Jerome and Louie's wedding.


Until then,

it poisons everyone
who gets too close.

- Taste this shit!
- Shit.

You want something?

I'm a'ight.

Ain't got to worry.

Cissy wanted me to
come here and talk.

Let's talk.

All right.

The way I see it, you
know, shit's pretty simple.

Yeah. I hit you. You hit me.

Let's just call it square.

Stay out of each other's way,

everybody lives.

Call it square?


When I first came to L.
A.? I ever tell you about

I don't know.

Couldn't get my mind
right back in Texas.

Place wouldn't have fit no more.

Cissy was moving
to the West Coast,

landed in the Bay.

I knew that peace, love,
hippie shit wasn't for me.

L.A. sounded a'ight.

I realized the mistake.
Minute I got here,

I ain't had no people here.

No way to fit in.

But I wasn't gonna run
back home, stuck it out.

Got a job at the Chrysler plant.

Went out every night.

Pussy ain't help.

Liquor and drink did a little.

No matter what I threw at it,

the big hole inside me
just kept getting bigger.

Then Alton fell off.

Panthers shit.


Cissy trying to save his ass
while trying to raise yours.

She was drowning.

So I told her to come out here.

Told her I'd set her up.

Be whatever she needed me to be.

She came.

Suddenly you was here.

Instantly I had
love, I had purpose.

The man that raised
you. I was gonna be

For the longest time, I thought
that by lifting you up...

watching the young man
that you were gonna become,

that that may be
the greatest thing

to ever happen in my life.

And now I look at you...

and I wonder how the...
How did I fuck up so bad?

Is it my fault

a scandalous, cutthroat,
that you've become

that you are right
now? Bitch-made nigga

That's how you see it?

That's what the fuck it is, man.

Well, uh, you kn ow, I guess
another way of seeing it is

everything you have
is because of me.


What I got? Hmm?

What I got, nephew?

Blood money?

Bodies on me?

Cops and CIA on my ass?

Your mama losing
her goddamn mind?

You was going nowhere,
doing nothing,

selling dime bags on the porch,

waiting for your bitch to
come down from that sherm.

I'll crack your
motherfucking jaw.

I tried to give you a legacy,

something more than
asubwoofer and a weight bench.

And if you hadn't let
yourself get played

by that trick you married,
you might've had it!

Fuck you think
you're talking to?

Y-You ever lay...

Nigga, you ain't gonna
do - shit!

I ain't gonna fucking do shit?!

Do it.

Pull it, nigga.

Kill me.

End this shit right now.

Do it!

Do it!

♪ I was ♪

- ♪ Slippin' into darkness ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh... ♪

♪ Hold me, Lord ♪

♪ When they ♪

- ♪ Took my... ♪

♪ Friend away ♪

♪ I was ♪

♪ Slippin' into darkness ♪

♪ When they took ♪

♪ My friend away ♪

♪ Slippin' into darkness ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ All my troubles ♪

♪ So I choose ♪