Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - The Iliad: Part 2 - full transcript

I got a phone call thought

was gonna set my whole family
up for life.

Now, my whole family
might be gone.

- fuck!

- Ah!
- Ah!


- We got hit at the drop.
- Louie!

- Get down.


- What's in the bag?
- Hey, come on.

- Give us a peek, huh.
- I said open that shit.

Everybody get the fuck
out of here.

- Go follow your friends.
- I ain't no ranker.


♪ ♪

Thomas? What a surprise.

- You can do this.
Even if I could,

I'm expensive.

I miss the high you get
from surgery.

Seeing someone so raw.

Who would do something
like this?

Whoever did this was close.
Knew everywhere we was at.

- Peaches with Franklin?
- He called in sick.

What about black diamond
and Dallas?

- I can't sit here
and do nothing.
Oh, no, no, no.

Y'all gonna do exactly that.
Franklin is a survivor.

Leave the money here.

- what the fuck?

Oso. Oso,

wake the fuck up!
There's a tiger in here, man!


of all the houses in l.A.,

and we choose the one
with a lunatic

with a fucking tiger
in his backyard!

Save your strength, güey.

Why? Huh?

You want to wrestle
the fucking tiger?

Se ve pasadito de tueste.

I don't understand Spanish, oso.

- He looks old.
- Old?

I don't want to die here,
man, do you?

What I want has nothing
to do with dying.

Louie again.


There's a goddamn tiger in here!

No one's coming, güey.

Even if they hear you...

...Allá en el barrio.

Nobody gives a fuck.

The fuck you doing, man?

- A ver si tantos huevos.

Hey, hey, my man, what's up?
What's your name?

You ain't gonna believe
what happened.

We weren't even trying
to rob you, man. We...

We got stranded.

Can you believe that shit?

We-we just wanted
to-to use your phone.

Hey, Gertie. Got a couple

of treats for you tonight.

Hey, come here. G-get closer.

Hey, look. I got a lot of
fucking money.

all right?

I got a lot of m--
hey, I could just go

get it for you. All you
got to do is open the cage.

Oh, lucky me.

Thought I caught a thief,

but it's really a leprechaun.

Maybe you're
magically delicious.

- gonna find out.

Open the fucking gate, man.


I suppose you want me

to go in there
so you can rush me?


Fuck. Fuck.




Oh, god!
- Shit...

Oh, god! Stop!


Fuck, man.

- I lift, you go under.
- What?

I lift, you go under.

- I lift, you go under.
- No, I don't fit.

it's a good day
for gorditos.

- Come on, man.
- One, two...

- Three!
- Fuck.

¡salele, moreno!
- Fuck.

- okay.

The divider's stuck.

Shit. Okay.

Oh, my god.

Órale, cabrón.

Adios, motherfucker.

all right, come on.
Let's get out of here.


nobody gonna believe this shit.

We got to get
the fuck out, primero.

We should jack a car, all right?

Let's go this way.

- watch out.

Oh, fuck. Shit.

Oh, my god.

all right, come on, let's roll.

oh, fuck.

- Teddy?
- No.

You think he made it?

Ese güey tiene más vidas
que in pinche gato.


He'll outlive us all.

Go, go.

- All right, get the fuck
out the car...
- No te la mames.

Drop the fucking gun.

Tricky fucker, huh?

The fuck's the money?

Got jacked for it.

Nah, I don't believe you.

All right, man, damn.

All right.

Fuck me. All right.


Súbanse al puto carro,
hijos de la chingada.

♪ ♪

lock up when you're done,

and don't leave no mess
for me to clean.

That's a trip
right there, Holmes.


Los guantes, hijo.

A ver, puñeta.

do I need to translate
that shit for you?

Told you. We got jacked.

it's gonna be a long night.

¿qué no, cabrón?

A huevo.

- Get off me.
- Shut the fuck up.

You need to stop
grabbing my arm.

Hey, sit.
- I look like a dog to you?

- Keep your fucking hands off me.
- Sit your little
motherfucking ass down.

- Eat me.
- Eat this, bitch.

Hey, put that shit away.

Y'all supposed to be handling
this peacefully.

They alive, ain't they?

Saw renny outside,
said peaches still missing.

That true?

You thinking peaches got

something to do with this?

What you wasting time
with us for?

We could be out there
looking for Franklin.

Y'all ain't going nowhere.

Think if we was gonna try y'all,
we'd of done it like that?

They got a point.

Yeah, and they ain't up
and disappeared like peaches.

They could've disappeared
peaches for all we know.

I got a few ways
we could find out.

Put that fucking gun
in my face...

Would you two stop it?!

Focus on finding my son.

She right.

We already got niggas
taking shots at us.

We don't need to go
shooting each other.

Me and Leon gonna
go by bell gardens.

- See what we can find.
- Mm. Stay together

and page me every hour.

Where'd you hide it?

- you tapping out already?

I'm just getting started.

Got food.


Y'all get me something?

Who's from durango?
¿su señora?

Los dos.

¿vicente guerrero?

- Canatlán.

andaba por los nogales.

Picking apples.

Estaba bien morro.

No, pos sí somos carnales,

Here, let me get you out.

The posters, they belong
to one of the other girls.

When I get back,
one of you two fuckers

is talking.

No sean pendejos, alacrán.

I didn't understand that,
but I'm guessing it didn't work.

Just tell them.


We tell them, we're dead.

more dead?

I'm supposed to have
an ultrasound tomorrow.

you picked a name?

No, man, we just started
talking about it.


- when he gets back here...

We got to...

No? I thought I heard

you two talking.

Yeah, yeah. I'll tell you.

I need your word when I do,

that you'll let us go home.

Simon que sí.

It's where you found us,

in a house,

but we don't know the number, so

we got to show you.


You can go.

Pero el pinche nopalero
stays behind for insurance.

¿me entiendes, mendes?


Ain't your arm tired?

Nah. He one of them

niggas who got one
very strong arm.

- You trying to get us killed?
- fuck him.

That was a bold move
you pulled today.

The water works
at the crime scene.

get you out of
speeding tickets, too?

more than that.

My mom was a con woman.

She used to take me around
the country, even the world,

working jobs. Sometimes,
I'd get to participate.

You're kidding me.

It wasn't all that bad.

- I got to travel a lot.

and spent a few years
hiding out in Paris.

Je parle couramment le français.

I've falsified documents
in English and in french.

here I thought
you were just a normal lawyer.

well, I am now.

And your mom?

Oh, who knows.

Tulsa. Boise.


How does that work, I wonder?

Getting your daughter
into that life?

I'll tell you how mine did it.

Took me to the Del mar fair
after my dad died.

We didn't even go on any rides.
She just taught me how

- to scam the carnies.

all the loopholes
of ring toss, hmm.

- Tubs of fun.
- Mm.

the first time we had fun
since the funeral.

We never wanted to
leave that feeling,

so we didn't.

It started out fun.

Then, not so much.

I tried to heal myself
from the past

before it swallowed me.

Or maybe I was just trying
to outrun it.

But, hey, here I am,

back at the beginning.

my hand's shaking.

Look. Hold up, hold up. There.

House on the right.

Get behind the wheel.
Keep it running.

You try anything,
I'm blasting you.

The money's back there.

- In the garage.
Then go get it.

¿qué vergas es esto?

What the fuck?

Where's the fucking money?

the fuck out the car.


Just got off the phone
with Jerome.

Franklin is alive.

Stranded in east l.A.

- Oh, my god.
- Jerome's gonna get him now.

That mean we can go now?

Our sitter's about to leave.

Hop on the phone upstairs,
extend your sitter.

Then call up your people,
see who

the streets are saying
did these hits.

Y'all need anything?


I'm-a go make some calls myself.

Thank you, Louie.


thank god, thank god.

Veronique, I need
to say something to you.

Of course.

I love my son very much.
Whatever his faults are,

he's mine, and I decided
a long time ago

that I would do whatever I could
to try to protect him,

even if that means
telling him things

he didn't want to hear.

Your baby almost lost its life.

And whether it was the gangsters
or the government to blame,

it will happen again.

That's this life.

Hey, nephew.

You all right?

No. Y'all got hit, too?

Took out one of Avi's guys.

You find peaches?

Come on, get the fuck
out of here.

Clever, right?

Go ahead and figure your way
the fuck out now.

It's been like
a fucking hour, Holmes.

This these fools bounced
with the feria?

- Chale, you think?

hey, vato.

How much money
were you carrying?

$3 million.

Fuck this shit, Holmes!
We're getting played.

Come on, let's go.

You're gonna take us
to the bags,

or you're gonna get blasted.

- ahí están.

Hey, carnal.

- get the fuck on the ground.

Get the fuck on the ground!

sorry I took so long.

Had to have a conversation
with a tiger.

thank you.

still got your autograph,
oso, huh?


hey, what y'all want to do
with these eses?

Vámonos pa' la casa.

Let's go home.

- damn.

Y'all got lucky today.

Let's rock.

Three coordinated hits.

I didn't see any of them coming.

People hide who they are,

but, sooner or later,

they show it.

I didn't believe
you were coming back.

Don't trust people.

Yeah. I don't blame you.

Shit, I didn't trust you, too.

especially after
you and teddy spied on me.


At the first drop.

First one when teddy came back.

Had a feeling, so, you know,

I went back to the spot.
Found some evidence

in the building.

He was watching, listening.

You really didn't know?

- we good?

We're good.

never coming back
to this fucking place again.

come on, güey.

It's a good day to start,


- you're gonna need stitches.

you have a needle and thread?


- oh!
- You asshole.

- I thought you were dead.

such a funny man.

- You know what's not funny?
- What?

Thinking you left me alone with
those pinches kids, Gustavo.

I would never.

Y'all should head home.

Get some rest, oso.

A huevo.

Good luck with your boy.

A huevo.

- hear from teddy,

you let me know, all right?


Thank you.

Yes, of course.

Still ain't seen peaches?

I got renny outside his crib,
in case he show up.

I'm telling y'all,
put us on the street.

We no good sitting around.

You want peaches found,
we can find him.

It ain't peaches, all right?

Keep an eye on them.

Hey, I'll be right back,
all right?

You're not going somewhere,
are you?

Just got to check on something.

Whoever this was,

they're not coming
after us again tonight.

I think I'll head home.

I'll get d to drive you home.

No, no, no. I'll manage.

You just said they wouldn't
come after us again.

the last time Deon drove,

he sang the whole way
over the radio.

This day's been loud enough
as it is, you know?

Hey, uh...

Page me when you make it,
all right?

I'll be home soon, we'll talk.

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

What you thinking, nephew?

if this was peaches,

only one way to know for sure.

Let's roll.

♪ and walk alone under the sun ♪

♪ and you could tell
by the look ♪

♪ in her eyes ♪

♪ too ♪

♪ I'm falling away from you ♪

♪ from everything we knew. ♪


Thomas, it's parissa.

I'm going to give you
a sedative now.

- okay.

- Here we go.

don't you fucking touch me!

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

No, no, no.

Ah, okay.





there we go.

you're insane.

Only two people knew
about this place.

And I'm one of them.

To come at us like that?

To shoot at Cissy, Vee...


- Ain't no way.
- It was almost $5 million, unc.

Shit hit the fan,
where he taking cover?

He got a girl or something?

Fuck I know, nigga.

Ain't been that tight in years.

I couldn't tell you.

This wasn't no impulsive move.

If he did do this,
ain't no way he stuck around.

He didn't do it alone, neither.

We find who he used
to come at us,

maybe they'll lead us to him.

Till we know for sure,
we got to be careful.

I'm tired.

Going home.

See y'all tomorrow.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪


She left you?


And she's pregnant?

Ten weeks.

It's god's gift
and his challenge, too.

I have to keep them safe.

- Avi, you understand?
- Don't worry.

I can have a few men...

Maybe a woman...

You know, to be closer.

Professionals, good people.

Very good.

Thank you.


My friend azim

was shot down yesterday
right here.

Died at my feet.

And here you are...

...Bringing life to the world.

I never married.

Never had a child.

Because I'm a soldier.

Always a soldier.

I go from one battlefield
to another.

It's what I do.

It's what I am.

But you?

You're not like me.

How'd you see that?

First time I met you

I said to myself,

this young man can do
anything he wants.

And that's the biggest curse
a man can have.

A curse?

I have no choice.

I do what I am.

But you?

You could do anything.

You could be anything.

A teacher, a businessman,

a rabbi...

A drug dealer.

It's all in you.

It all wants to come out.

I go from war to war.

Whereas a man like you

has the war inside.

All the shit
I've done for this nigga.

He was a broke-down fucking vet

before I put him on.

Never believe he'd do
some shit like this to us.

You might've brought him in,
but he was Franklin's guy.

If anybody should've seen
this coming, it's him.

Come on.

Heard y'all had a bad day.

Yeah, what else you heard?

Like who did the shooting?

Fuck we look like?
Shaft and company?

I'm just asking you
to keep your ear to the ground.

It was big hit,
a lot of people involved.

Somebody gonna talk.

Yeah, all right.

What about that drop though?

You heard what she said, right?

Nigga, I just said all right.

But trey want
to know about the drop.

How about you get the drop
when I say

you get the motherfucking drop,
how about that then, nigga?

You know what, y'all should try
to be a little more respectful.

'cause then maybe niggas won't
try to light y'all asses up.

- Back the fuck up.
The fuck?

fucking what, nigga?!

go ahead and pick up your boy.

Pick him up.

teach your man how to squabble!

You get that trigger next time,



Slow this time, slow, go-- okay.

Goddamn it!

Oh! There we go.

I need to use your phone.

Call my people.

Find out what the fallout is.

The fallout from what?

I still don't know the story.

I was meeting with an asset,

and we were attacked...

Fuck me...

Who would attack you?

Well, they weren't after me.

I read an article in
the herald examiner last year.

Around the time you disappeared.

About a CIA officer

who was smuggling cocaine

into the country

to fund the contras.

Pretty sure
that story was retracted.

What do you want?

Other than my $500,000?

- 250k.
- That was before

I found the 300 kilos
in the back of your car.

I counted.

Well, other than the money,

what do you want?

Two days ago,

I would've just been happy to...

Quit the hospital.

No more...

"hey, paki,
help me take a shit?"

what are you doing?

I have wanted to do that
ever since Tehran.

But you were in love.

Then you were married.

The last two days have

been the most fun
I've had in years.

So maybe that's what I want.

I'll bring in the phone.

the first sonogram,
we're just exploring.

And I suggest

you lay down any expectation
you came in with.

We might find out there's twins.

We also might find
there's no heartbeat.


Yes, ma'am.

- Sorry.
They were
ready a little early.

- It's fine.
We were
just about to start.

Do you mind getting the lights?

- Okay, lift that shirt for me.
- Okay.

oops, oh, sorry.

Little cold.

And we've got...

...One little baby.

Now let's check for a heartbeat.


Could we have a minute?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

you know, I...

Wish you had said something,
instead of

just taking off like that.

You would've tried
to convince me to stay,

and I didn't want to argue.

I don't blame you
for what happened.

You told me who you were.

I'm the one who let myself think
this couldn't touch me.

Saw avi this morning.

You'll have security
starting tomorrow.

Did you find out
who came after you yet?


But we'll find them.

I'll take care of this.

Maybe this time.

What about next time, huh?

What about when the CIA decides
they're done with you?

The CIA?
Where's this coming from?

It doesn't matter.

You said you could keep me safe.

But you can't.

So now...


I have to keep
some distance from you

until you're actually
free from all this.


What does that even mean?

It means I'll see you at work.

But nothing else.



We're ready.

Y'all may have a bigger
problem than peaches.

How's that?

We're hearing another name.

Some O.G. Motherfucker,
just got out the pen.

Name's Kane.

- Kane?
- It's got to be him, right?

Hadn't heard he was out.

Me, neither.

Been long enough though.

We ain't telepathic.

Somebody want to tell us
who the fuck Kane is?

I want to see hustle!

I want to see hustle, I want
to see motivation, come on now!

there we go!

Back into position one,
come on now!

Hustle up!

Get in your position!

Go ahead.

Y'all niggas better act right.

lil' lee and Frankie.

Didn't think y'all
would find me this quick.

Good for you.

What's up, Kane?

When did you get out?

Few months ago.

You couldn't look us up?

Come on, nigga,
you know how shit go.

Lot of people to see,
things to do.

Broken family to look after.

Old friends to shoot at?

Old friends?

More like little brothers,

come on, you remember
when you and lee

weren't much bigger than them.

And his mama dragged him out
of that pool hall by his ear?

That wasn't Leon.

That was me.


Shit, now that I think about it,

you right about that.

Yeah, more power to Mrs. Saint
for trying to raise you right.

You know you took a shot
at her, too, right?

I ain't shoot at anyone.

What I'm wondering is...

Did peaches come at you or...

Did you get at him?

You know what? I taught
you boys a lot of things.

Thought I taught you to
behave like men.

But I guess
that shit didn't keep.

Oh, it did.
It's exactly why we're here

having this conversation

rather than wiping out you
and everybody else you got left.

You know...

When I heard
about my little cousin Delroy

getting stabbed
while slinging for you...

...I was in solitary.

wouldn't even let me out
for the funeral.

Then I heard about Kev.

And I didn't want
to go to the funeral.

Would've been too angry.

Done something crazy.

Probably added more time.

So I just sat

and waited it out, patient-like.

- You don't know what
really happened.
- No?

You didn't shoot and kill
my baby brother?

Did I get that wrong, Frankie?

And then what'd you do?

Show me the proper respect,

and say it to my face, nigga.

I was in prison.

Yeah, well, I was
wondering about that shit, too.

Who you snitch on to get out?

If you had a problem,
you should've

just come and spoken to us.

listen to Gucci shoes-- yo, lee,

you better get your man,
look at him telling me

what the fuck I should've done.

What, you gonna tell me
the same?

We just want
to make this shit right.

Well, unfortunately,
some things can be made right.

And some can't.

But I do...

Sincerely apologize
if shit got out of hand and...

Mrs. Saint and anybody else
got caught up in it.

That's all on me.

Next time I'm gonna
have better people.

Next time we get it right.

You know, we can come at you
at anytime, anyplace.

This is your one chance
to do things a different way.

Of course you can get at me,

Does it look like I'm fuckin'
hiding, little nigga?

you know what?

You little boys run along.

And when I pour one out
on Kev's grave,

I'll think of you.

all right, fellas, let's get it!

Hey, that's my man right there.

I see you, big boy.
All right, hustle!

Hustle! Yes!

Y'all are champions!

♪ you've been used ♪

♪ and you've been abused ♪

♪ seven days a week,
you had the blues ♪

♪ didn't know ♪

- ♪ if you were coming or going ♪
- ♪ coming or going ♪

♪ but let your trust in me ♪

- ♪ keep on growing ♪
- ♪ keep on growing ♪

♪ and if you're thinking ♪

♪ I'm gonna mistreat you ♪

♪ oh, stop ♪

♪ don't worry about it ♪

♪ oh, stop ♪

♪ don't worry about it ♪

♪ you ain't never had no love ♪

♪ like my love ♪

♪ don't worry about it ♪

- ♪ don't worry about it ♪
- ♪ don't worry about it ♪

- ♪ oh, stop ♪
- ♪ stop, stop, stop ♪

- ♪ stop, stop, stop ♪
- ♪ don't worry about it ♪

♪ don't worry about it. ♪

♪ ♪