Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Episode #5.5 - full transcript

- Hey.
- Mm-hmm. Sure...

- Hope you're feeling better.
- If so...

Tried to get you
that fancy shit you like.

It's the downtown property,

- Okay?
- Oh, shit.

Have a courier send
the paperwork over.

We'll take a look,
get right back to you.

Of course. Talk soon.

- We got it?
- We got it.


Mmm. Mmm.

Let's not get too ahead
of ourselves, though, huh?

We still got a marathon to run.

First thing we need to do is
get the earnest money in place.

- They want it in escrow
by next week.
- All right.

I'll start the process of
transferring the panama funds.

Thank you.

It's not just our money
needs moving.

uh, this all come
with a translator?

I know it seems like a lot,

but it's the same deal
Franklin and I get,

just a different
ownership stake.

I gave the folks
at banco de Panama

the heads-up
you'll be contacting them.

All you got to do is ask
for Rogelio Perez.

He'll transfer the money
to the cayman account.

Other than that,
all you got to do,

sign where it's marked.


We never said we would invest.

We said we'd think about it.

Well, yeah. I gave you all
a chance to think about it.

Now it's time
to pull the trigger.

Ten million going
through the door

ain't like no trigger
I ever pulled.

Yeah, you know, I get it.

It's a lot of money.

If it'll make y'all

I'll lower the investment
to five million. How's that?

And we wouldn't even need
the full amount today.

We're still in for an arduous
due diligence process.

Inspections. Appraisals.

These things take time.

Right now, all we need is
ten percent of the final amount.

Ten percent.
Come on, you got that.

- I see them earrings.

look, I know there's been
some static between us lately.

I know.

There's no reason
to let it affect business.

- You know that.
- This is not about you and me.

Then what's it about?

We got our own plans, nephew.

Oh, yeah, of course.

Yeah. I mean, I respect that.

I respect that. I'm just...

You know, I want you to be
a part of this.

You can still be a part of this.

I'm just trying to look out,
as always.


We're glad you got
your own dreams.

We are.

But they're not ours.

All right.

All right.

♪ ♪

- Franklin.
- Stubborn motherfuckers.

Letting ego get in the way
of good sense.

So they don't want to be
a part of it, that's okay.

And they wait till now
to tell me?

Without that money,
we're pushing all our chips

into the middle on this one, V.



Come on, it's time.

- Breathe in with me.

this building is gonna work.

And I've built in contingencies
for squeaky wheels,

and palms, and anything else
that needs greasing.

I don't think you should give up
on your family just yet.

Even if I go back in there,
she ain't gonna listen to me.

No, but Louie may just need to
hear things from someone else.


♪ ♪


put this...

Thank you so much, mama.
I appreciate that.

Thank you.

The one with the braids
remembered me.

She wanted to know if I was here
to see "the handsome man" again.


There's nothing to worry about,

We're just two friends
having coffee.


so what's the first step?

Place this in Franklin's office,

and we can take it from there.

I agreed to do this
because of Teddy McDonald.

Yes, and this is how we get him.

By bugging my son?

Teddy McDonald is just one man.

The CIA has ten more lined up
waiting to take his place.

Our goal-- my goal--

is not only to get rid of teddy

but to make sure no one can
come after your family

when he's gone.

That starts with knowing
everything we can

about their business.

Hmm? Gun runners. Drug dealers.

Offshore accounts.

Cissy, I want you to feel
that you can speak your mind.

capturing and killing teddy
is one thing.

Recording my son talking
about illegal activity

is a motherfucking other.

I may not be
an intelligence officer, Ruben,

but I've been around
long enough to know

that whatever agency
you work for is not in it

just to get me help
to find answers and revenge.

You're right.

You're right. I mean,
I totally understand.

Ana said you wanted to move
things quickly,

but the truth is
you don't even know me,

and it is not a small thing
I'm asking for.

- I am happy to slow things down

if that will make you feel
more comfortable.

Alton went about this
the wrong way,

and it nearly destroyed
our family.

I will not make
the same mistake.

I want teddy,

but not at the risk
of betraying my son.

I understand. Truly, I do.

Cissy, I have no intention
or interest

in hurting your son. Hmm?

But without knowing everything
I can about his business,

I can't get you what you want.

I'll tell you what.

You don't have to put it
in the office,

but take the pen.

And whatever you do with it
is up to you.

♪ ♪


- Peaches called in sick.

You offer sick days now?

Got to look after your people,

Otherwise, they'll sneak
behind your back.

And Louie and Jerome?
What's that situation?

It's a situation.

- fuck!

Oso! Get over here, man.

- come on.


Aw, shit.

- fuck.

stay down!

car's dying.

We need to get off the road.



All right.

Oso, you good?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

I'm good.

Looks worse than it is.

Fantastic. Let's get the fuck
out of here.

Wait, wait, wait. Help me.

tear it.

Here. Yeah.

Yeah, that's okay.

- sorry, man.
- Oh, it's okay.

How much can you carry?

Pos a ver.

Ah, fuck.

Can't walk around too long.

Three million in cash.

Let's stay off the main streets.

- Find a pay phone. All right?

see this?

Gang marks.

Take it they're not
friends of yours?

No, and I lost my gun.

Hold on. Fuck.

No bullets.

Let's roll.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

who were they?

I don't know.

Recognize the car?

People that do drive-bys

don't pull up in they own rides,

You got to know your enemies,

Yeah, well...

People in my way these days
wear Armani suits.

¿cómo sabían que we'd be here?

They followed you.

Maybe they followed you.


how you know that?

Because I have the fucking CIA
in my car, pendejo.

Well, the fucking CIA just
pulled off in your car, too.

Any idea why
he'd ditch us like that?

Got shot. Yo lo vi.

I saw it.

How bad?


Didn't look good.

What about durazno?

El peaches.
He wasn't here today.

Like I told teddy, he's sick.

Sick? Ah.

Qué cagado.

You sure?

Look, man, let's just
find this phone.

All right?

I appreciate y'all taking
the time to talk with us.

Franklin, he felt badly
about how things went.

He had to meet with teddy,
otherwise he would've been here.

I don't need you
to apologize for him.

And I also don't need
to be out here,

having the same conversation
twice, sweating my edges out.

It's not the same conversation,

And I'm not trying to convince
you to work with Franklin.

there'll never be any future
for any of us

as long as we're
in this drug game.

Y'all know that.

Real estate isn't just
a path to legitimacy.

It's a path to a life
where you don't have to...

- ...Live in fear,

wondering when
the ground is gonna drop

from beneath your feet.

I don't need you to invest
with Franklin.

I'm just asking you
to think of an end.

Make some plans.

'cause this...

This empire
you all are building...

...It's gonna crumble.

Hey. I'll be right back.

the casting director
was totally into it.

Yeah, she had her tits hyped up
and everything.

How much longer
are you gonna need?

Oh, it's a guaranteed

Nigga, that old piece of paper
ain't got shit to do

with the projects.

Malcom X said article ii

of the constitutional
amendments provides you and me

- the right to own a gun.
- Nigga, try to talk that shit

to the cops
next time they roll through.

Black man with a gun is
a dead man with a gun.

Y'all niggas need to put
your minds right.

Find ways to use white laws
against white people

whenever it's strategically

- Strategically advantageous,
- Yeah.

- Placed in a position
to be most useful.
- I know what it means,

poindexter motherfucker.
I'm saying this nigga don't know

what the fuck
he's talking about.

You don't know what
the fuck that shit, man.

Nigga, I know
what the fuck it meant.

- Nigga, spell that shit.
- Nigga, we in class?

- shut the fuck up.
Roll this shit up, nigga.

Y'all niggas trippin'.

We shouldn't wait too long here.

We ain't got no choice.

- they're talking about...
- Hey, wrap it up, man.

- Wrap it up.
- I got this.

Hey! What the fuck, man?

- We got hit at the drop.

What? What happened?
You a'ight?

Yeah, we are.

stranded, though.
Need you to come pick us up.

We at bell gardens.

- Louie!
- corner of...

- Get down!


- Jerome?

What's in the bag?

I said, what's in
the fucking bag?

Come on.

Hey, come on, then.
Give us a peek, huh?

And why your homeboy
all bloody and shit?

He fell over.

Think we're playing?

I said open that shit.

It's fucking money. Look.

Everybody get the fuck
out of here.

Want to follow your friends?

I ain't no ranker.

Oh, yeah?


Puta madre.


- Move.

- ¿a dónde vas, eh?

Let's go!

Oh, my god!

Hey, hurry up!

Somebody help him!

Morris? Morris? You all right?

Oh, my god. Baby, no!

Please. Oh, my god, please.

Somebody call an ambulance!


Are you... Are you hit?

- Are you okay?
- You all right?

I'm okay.
Are you... Are you okay?

He's okay. I'm okay.

- Baby?
- Okay? You okay?

Good. We're fine.

We got to go.
- Okay.

- We got to go. We got to go.
- Somebody call an ambulance.

- oh, my god. Please help.

We got to go.
We got to fucking go.

We got to go right now.

Jerome, what's going on?
Who's shooting at you?

I don't know,
but they came at Franklin, too.

- What?
- He a'ight, though.
- Give me your guns.

- What you gonna do with them?
- Don't worry about it.
Give me the guns.

- Get those hands up
where I can see 'em!

- Get 'em up. Get 'em up.
- Right there. You, off the curb.

- Down here.
- Hands on top of your head.

- Do it.
- Okay, calm down,
calm the fuck down.

- Get off the curb, let's go.
- I said turn around.

- Okay, already.
- Get over here.
- Turn.

- You step down.
- Turn around.

You shouldn't fucking grab me.

Put your hands on your head!

Eyes straight ahead!

Nobody moves.

fuck. Go.

- hurry up.

Oso, hurry your ass up.


All right. Come on, come on.

Fuck. Give me the bags.

the fuck they go?

All you fuckers are
slow-ass fools.

Split the fuck up.

This way. Come.


Your pinche people coming,
or what?

No. They got hit, too.

Puta madre.

Yeah, I heard gunshots
on their side of the call.

Somebody's coming
after my whole fucking family.

we need to get the fuck
out of here.

You go out, Moreno,
and you're dead.

So what happened, huh?

- You mess up
with another dealer?

- this retaliation?
- I don't know shit, man.

I'm having lunch with my family.

Check the ladies.

Ma'am, I need you to stand.

I'm not asking again, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

That man...

That man, he's dead.
He was right next to me.

- Calm down...
- Stop it! She's pregnant!

Officer, can I talk to you
for a second?

I'll tell you
everything you need to know.

So, I work as a CI
for detective Beau Buckley

with the southwest crash unit,
and he be telling me

that if I ever needed anything,
to give him a call.

If you're lying,
we're gonna have a problem.

I ain't lying.
Y-you want to call him?

You need his pager number?

who's bleeding in my house?


What a surprise.

Hey, parissa.

How you been?

Better than you, apparently.

Wait, no, no.

No ambulances.
No-no cops. Please.

Sure. You want to be buried

at forest lawn
or Hollywood forever?

You can do this.

Even if I could, I'm expensive.

That's not really a problem
for me.

A quarter million.

can't be too careful
around blood lately.

A nurse at the hospital,
she caught HIV from a patient.

Can you imagine getting HIV
without the fun?

Come, I need to examine you.

- up, up, up.

oh... Did that hurt?

- Come.

- oh...


where the fuck have you been?

You stop sending my money,
then you vanish?

Things got a little hot.

You sound like a criminal.

you look like a criminal
with all this red.

- I was running an op.

such a meaningful difference.

Come. Your pupils are dilated.

You know, the sh-shock, right?

What's this operation?


Fine. Clean exit.

Missed your axillary artery.

You won't die
unless I want you to.

Where are you going?

I'm off to the hospital
to steal surgical supplies.

- nothing keeps you awake
more than pain, Thomas.

keep pressure on it.


Still nothing?

Shit just ringing.

He ever hit you with a 911
like that?

Can't remember
the last time he did.

Hey, it's time for Chinatown.

Come on.

deal with this crazy

Who the fuck
this nigga talking to?

He forget he work for me?

He ain't talking to my ass,
I know that.

Tried to get some m202 flash
multi-shot incendiary launchers,

ever since commando came out,

they're really hard to get.

change of plans, Avi.

Don't need the heavy shit

Looking for handguns
and shotguns, lots of them.

Clean and registered.

I'm not Macy’s, Simmons.

These don't come with receipts.

- I get that.

♪ ♪

this morning I got
a phone call I thought

was gonna set
my whole family up for life.

Now my whole family
might be gone.

This morning
I was making pancakes.

- In dinosaur shapes.

pero they never look
like dinosaurs.


Veronique's pregnant.

No mames.


- it's been quiet for a while.
- Yeah.

Think we can make a move?

Let's find an empty house.

Break in
and use su pinche phone.

No, no, no.
Leave the money here.

All right?

Come back, get it later.

I want to take a statement
from them next.


Leon again.

Getting tired of looking
at this chump face.

You know anybody else
that can get us out of here?

Whose cheerios did y'all shit in

got them taking shots at you
in the middle of the day?

- We about to go find out.
We good?
- Yeah. Sure.

Just, uh, give me
a proper thank you,

and you can go.

Or would you rather go to jail?

Nah, you right.

What'd you like to be
thanked for?

Our hospitality at the club?

That shit you pulled
at the projects,

and you disrespecting my wife
every chance you get?

Hmm? Or maybe I could thank you

by splitting your head
to the white meat,

crack your motherfucking skull

- How about that?
- Jerome. Damn.

Nah, nah, nah, it's all right.

You know, if I had people
shooting at me, I'd probably be

- a little upset, too.
- Hmm.

But I don't, and you know why?

No, why?

'cause I'm the fucking police.

And we appreciate
you looking out.

You see? Ain't nothing to it.

Why don't you come see me
after you stop peeking

behind that goddamn badge
of yours?


Bitch nigga.

Boy sniffs so much goddamn coke,

he's like
a goddamn vacuum cleaner.

I miss the high you get
from surgery.

Seeing someone so raw...

So exposed.


Here in America,

I'm only allowed
to change bedpans.

I used to have this fantasy
as a girl.

A guy goes down on me,

after I've just knocked
his teeth out.

I always thought it was
a bit weird, so I hid it.

I never told anyone.

But I don't hide anymore.

that one?

Yeah. No window bars.

No car in the driveway.
De aquí somos.

What the fuck is
"de aquí somos"?

Let's find a window.



- really, nigga?

oh, fuck. Shit.

what the fuck?

Puto Oso de mierda.

Yo, this shit real?
What the fuck?



Fuck, it's dead.

What the fuck?

oh, fuck, fuck.

f-- Oso.


what the fuck did you do, man?

Told you, muchachos.

Keep bothering me,
I'd get new security.

you gonna stuff us?

You're too skinny.

This other one, though...


Oso, man. He gon...
He gon' stuff you.


The CIA is aging you.

- Okay.

what are you doing?

I need to move your car.

Oh, don't move it.

This neighborhood isn't the kind

where a bullet-ridden vehicle
will go unnoticed.

You're funny.

♪ ♪

- hey.

Deon and Renny keeping watch.

- Einstein?
- Holding down the projects.

Niggas back there
ready to fucking go to war.

- Where the fuck is Franklin?
- Said he's in bell gardens.

That was hours ago.
He could be anywhere by now.

- Who would do something
like this?
- This teddy guy, is this him?

Teddy wouldn't hire no
gangbangers to take shots at us.

They left one of
their dead behind. No id.

- Don't know the motherfucker.
- Whoever did this was close.

Knew everywhere we was at.

- Peaches with Franklin?
- He called in sick.

Anybody heard from him?

Shit ain't got nothing to do
with no peaches.

What about black diamond
and Dallas' asses?

It's their day off.

Oh, I'll find 'em.

Haul these stripper bitches in

Baby, you knew peaches
better than all of us.

Take renny, go check on him.

Let Leon and big d handle
black diamond and Dallas.

I'm sorry, I can't do this.

I can't sit here and do nothing.

Yeah, me neither.

Oh, no, no, no.
Y'all gonna do exactly that.

Franklin will lose his shit
if he find out

that y'all out in the street
with all this going on.

We gonna find him, all right?

Franklin is a survivor.

He probably on his way back

grew up with you. I loved you.

I loved...

Oso. Oso, wake up.

Oso. Oso, wake the fuck up!

- There's a tiger in here, man!
- What?

- What?
- There's a fucking tiger.

A tiger?

why is it moving?

we need to get the fuck
out of here.