Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Lions - full transcript

Teddy's return causes tension, forcing Jerome and Louie to negotiate with Skully.

Na have to get

that hate out your heart.

If it was me that got killed...

...Would you forgive?

If you kill us now...

...It ain't gonna never end.

Our people gonna come after you

till there ain't nobody left.

Thought we'd start off
with ten keys a week.

You say you wanted to focus
on real estate.

Y'all can't do what I do.

We the ones that made it right
with Skully.

Now we want to run
what's ours our way.

Well, unless you want to go back

to not having my protection,
I suggest you find

somebody to serve up.

My time now is being
in real estate with you.

Grady's on our side,

in legit business with us.

He don't want anything bad
to happen to us.

You sure you can work
with the asset?

you mean that I saved his ass

with that reporter?

See, I was thinking more
about what you did

to his father in Cuba.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Get Grady in line,
but do it quietly.

Hey, reed, Grady had agreed
to cut the prices down.

$9,000 a kilo.

I'm hoping you can honor that.

Let's keep it at ten for now.

Also, reed's gone.

From here on,
you can call me teddy.

Just like that?
Just like that.

He say why?

Said Grady was
reckless and wasteful

and putting us all in jeopardy.

And you believe him?

Can't say Grady ran
the tightest ship.

it was bound to hit the rocks
sooner or later.

- What did Grady say?
- I don't know.

His house is empty, and he
ain't answering my pages, so...

So what you saying, nephew?

- You think that reed killed him?
- Teddy.

- What?
- Said to call him teddy
from here on out.

And I don't know that, either.

You think Grady
just walked away

from everything,
all y'all's business,

without so much as a phone call?

I think if the CIA shows up,
tells you it's over

and you got to move on,
then that's exactly what you do.

But yeah,
he could have killed him.

Lions sometimes eat their young.

I just can't think
of a lot of reasons

why teddy would've had to.

I can. Saw you and Grady
was like Bert and Ernie

- up in this motherfucker.

wanted to send a message
they knew you would hear.

You mean, in addition

to disappearing his father?

That come up
in your little chat?

Whatever happened to Alton,
he did to himself.

Bottom line is,
whoever the CIA sends,

we got to do business with them.

And that's exactly
what we're gonna do.

Well, we can't do nothin'
without that price cut.

- We still good on that?

Teddy's not gonna honor
Grady's word.

Prices stay the same.

I made promises.

Well, you're gonna have
to break 'em.

How about I take teddy
on a little ride-along?

Let him see how the Colombians
got the game sewed up.

yeah, that'll do it.

Me and him,
we did business for months

when you was laid up.

- Let me try and talk to him.
- I'll talk to him.

Till then, y'all
just keep moving these keys.

Now's not the time to tell teddy
business is falling off.

I'll let you all know more
when I do.

♪ ♪

it ain't on us, they don't
like it, they don't like it.

Fuck we gonna do?

my favorite people.

- Looking well.
- Mello.

What up with you, mello?

Shit, trying to get like y'all.

You got it, boss.

Heads up.

Couldn't get that price cut.

It's not a call I could make.

And for that I apologize.

Well, see, now you put me--


in a bad position.

Hey, ease the fuck off
or shit get ugly.

You see...

I like this,

but I'm not in charge.

You know, just like you,
this is not a call I can make.

And now I got to tell the man
who's in charge

that things aren't as you said.

Nah, fuck all that.
They can tell him.

You know skully; honor, god,
samurais, and fucking spirits.

Oh, he not a fan
of niggas renegin'.

You think there's gonna be
a problem?

I can't call it, big dawg.

You know,
he has good days and...

He has real bad days.

If you've got time,

I'd pray for a good one.

ten grand? Yeah, all right.

No, go ahead and do it.

Send the invoice
to the business.


- New windshield.
- For the Cadillac?

- For the plane.



Looking at me
like I owe you money.

- I could you right now
I ain't got it.

What I do got is paperwork.

Your go-ahead for the bid.

Less than 48 hours
to submit, huh?


All right,
I'll go through this tonight.

- Mm-hmm.
- Finish it up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I need you
to do something else for me.

- What you need?
- Uh, we got to put Grady's house
on the market.

I'm not surprised.

He's got "rolling stone" written
all over him,

and, you know,
they don't gather no moss.

Grady's left town, v.

- He's out.
- Mm.

- teddy's back in.



When'd this happen?

Last night.

You thought
he wasn't coming back.

I was wrong.


Well, did you ask him
about your dad,

if he had anything to do
with it?

Caught me a little off guard.

That definitely wasn't
an accident.

I'm not a mind reader,
so I'm gonna need you to tell me

- how you're feeling, Franklin.

I think as long
as I've done right by teddy,

he's had my back.

I asked how you felt,
not what you think.

I don't know right now, babe.

All I know is that he needs me.

As long as I make him money,
we all good.

That's all I got for now,
all right?

truck outside.
I figured I'd bring it in.

Aw, thank you, baby.
You didn't have to do that.

I know, it's fine.

- I had the time.

proverbs 25:14.

A man that promises a gift

and doesn't give
is like clouds...

I'm guessing y'all ain't pray
for that good day.

How bad?

Tianna's-birthday-tomorrow bad.

Niggas need to see

they consequences in action.

He'd like to see you.

- Now.

how much you hear?

- Sounded like old testament
this time.
- Fuck.


You think this is a fucking
joke? This shit is for real.

You don't fuck with the bible,

♪and move your feet
to the beat ♪

♪and the feeling gets
much better ♪

- ♪when you're feeling
the heat ♪

♪ ♪

♪so get on up ♪

♪ ♪

I wouldn't bring heat
to the fire.

I got enough heat to toast
this motherfucker if I need.

♪we're shakin' up
the party... ♪

the fuck, homie?

Hey, look, I ain't even
the nigga that lied.

It was them marked-ass niggas.

False words, real consequences.


fuck! Oh!

- calm down, nigga.

Shut up. Get your ass up

and get that blood off my floor.

It's over.
Listen close next time.

Get this nigga out of here.

and make sure he don't bleed
all over my baby's balloons.

Thought we was on another plane.

Thought we transcended
this bullshit.

Now y'all want to sell me
wolf tickets again?

What happened to the honor?

Our business with you is
our honor.

Our loyalty.

Lying to me
ain't no motherfucking loyalty.

We didn't lie to you.

We were told one thing,
then we were told another.

- It's out of our hands.
You know,

Titi is in here.

I ain't even supposed
to be carrying on like this.

Ten a key--
that's what you said,

- and that's what it's gonna be.
- Skully, we can't do that.

Man, you can do that!

'cause you said and you owe me.

- You already know that.

We'll do it.

Daddy's sorry, baby.

I don't mean to get loud.

Hit y'all up later
to reschedule the drop

after I deal with this shit.

You know,
possums smell like shit

when they tricking predators
into thinking they dead.

But the smart ones

don't play with
the same predator over and over,

because they afraid he
might become wise to the smell.

Did you smell anything on them?

As in possum shit?

As in, do what you say
and say what you mean,

or you can't be trusted.

- He comin' apart.
- With expenses,

we out at least a few hundo
every bird we sell to him.

We in business with a madman,

and we ain't even making money
doing it.

Way he goin',
ain't gonna be long.

We can wait him out,
let him implode,

wait for the next man to rise.

I see your wheels turning.

You notice mello?

- Itching.
- Uh-huh.

We can use that.

come on.

- come on, come on. We late.

come on.

Wrong place to start some drama.

Girl, ain't no drama.

Y'all know mello?

Skully's boy.

- Hey.
- Who don't?
He stay in the streets.

Saw him yesterday buying
some Jordans at the fox hills.

I heard he hang tough
over where y'all used to dance.

- First kings.
Used to?

Nah. We can't gamble
feeding these babies

- on no damn dope money.
- Might not always be sufficient.

Well, we need somebody
to slide in his ear,

- remind him of his potential.
- Y'all steady playing us
to the left.

Maybe we just shoot you
in the stomach.

- Play a game of spades after.
Look, I thought
we was past that

- when y'all brought us on.
- You think I brought you on?

If it was up to me...

- We'd be dead. Right?
Man, come on.

Why you bringing up old shit?

We've been hospitable
as fuck since.

- You stay trippin'.
Call us past it

if you help us out.

You know somebody to do it?

Puff the magic dragon.

- We'll set it up.

Come on, baby.

little late for this, but...

I'm sorry for...

Shooting you and all.

I'm glad you didn't not make it.

I did it again.

You gonna
be a good boy?

Morning. Listen, um...

Had them get you some coffee.


Thank you.

stopped smoking, huh?

So, I thought
maybe we should talk.

Caught me a little off guard
the other day.

So what?
So anything in particular

- you want to talk about?
- Well, you know, I...

For starters, I hate
to beat a dead horse here,

but I think
maybe I wasn't clear

about why that price cut's
so important.

Oh, no, I understand

why competitive pricing
is important.

I just don't really think
that pricing is the issue here.

So, for reasons that
I will never fully understand,

in my absence, you decided
that you would make yourself

a middleman
inside of your own organization.

My prices,
right at market levels.

I think the problem here is
the prices

that Jerome and Louie
are paying you, right?

So please,
in the future, feel free

not to call me out here
and ask me to cut my margins

and get people that are trying
to fight a war killed.

Why don't you get your own house
in order first?


But prices
aren't really the reason

you asked me out here to talk,
are they?

No, not really.

come on, man,
you really gonna make me ask?

I wish that I had something
for you here, man, I really do.

The truth is, I have no idea
what's happened to Alton.

He went after the CIA.

He pissed off a lot of people,

people that are way above
my pay grade, trust me.

So what-what you saying?

CIA went down there
and found him and what?

Kidnapped him?

- Killed him?
- You have to understand.

The CIA, that's only part
of the equation here.

From the minute your parents
touched down in Cuba,

they would have been targeted

by any number
of intelligence agencies.

I'm talking about the DGI,
the KGB.

And your father,
a former panther,

would've been what they called
a high-value target.

But wouldn't they want
to use him? Turn him?

A lot of times
it starts that way,

but if he resists,
if he doesn't cooperate,

then things can get out of hand.

You know, or, I don't...

you know,

he could be in some
Cuban jail cell right now.

I understand how hard...

This must be.

You spent all this time
hating him,

and then you form a relationship
with him again, and...

And he betrays you.

And then this.


I swear to you, whatever
happened to your father,

I had nothing to do with it.

Anything else?


That's it.

Do me a favor.

Don't ever come to my house
like that again

or my place of business or
anywhere I'm not expecting you.



Oh, by the way, I got ducks
to put in rows tonight,

so Gustavo will meet you
for the exchange, same as ever.


how'd it go with the Colombians?

Pos iqual que siempre.

So listen, I got a few things
I got to take care of tonight.

So are you good to make the drop
with Franklin without me?

Pos iqual que siempre.

Two for one drinks

- at the top of the hour.
Saddle up, boys.
- ♪ ♪

the sexy stallion is coming up.

♪lay some sugar on me ♪

♪lay some sugar
on me ♪

♪ooh, that sugar is sweet... ♪

I missed that ass.

Where you been?

I only come
when it's worth my time.

Heard you were here, so...

- It's worth my time.
- Hmm.

Heard you moved up.

Working for ole boy
in Inglewood.

I do not,

nor will I ever work for anyone.

So you're not his right hand?

Enlighten me.

What the fuck
is you really doing here?


'cause the boss is.

She's got
that sauce, silettos and...

♪lay some sugar on me ♪

take your fucking clothes off.

I'll get in trouble.

Baby, I thought you came
to fuck with a boss.

♪ lay some sugar on me ♪

♪ lay some sugar
on me ♪

♪ ooh, that sugar is sweet ♪

♪ ooh, that sugar is sweet... ♪

paid me an extra two grand
just to get naked.

Definitely feeling himself.

Don't act like y'all ain't
got me out here on a Tuesday.

And you're so welcome.

- young bitches so ungrateful.

you good?

Yeah, yes. I...

I don't think I'll ever get used
to all this shit.

Yeah, I'm overdue a panama run.

Till then, don't get no idea.

I like being alive
more than I like money.

- Mm-hmm.
- Huh.

- why don't you call it
after this?

Ah, no, I'm good. Shit.

It's not about you.

Whatever you got, I don't want
to give it to veronique.

Head on home. Get better.

I'll be fine.

All right.

- Uh-uh, nigga.

you alone?

Yeah. Thought the two of us

could spend
some quality time together.

How's the family?

kids are a lot of work.

that's what they say.

Worth it, though, right?

A huevo.


What's up with the drop spot?

Was it your idea or teddy's?

Not mine.

You know he was coming back?

What about Grady?

If he did,
he didn't tell ni madres.

Look, man, I don't mean
to put you in a tough spot,

cause any problems,

but Grady had ties here,
you know.

Business and personal.

So it's just,
it's weird to me that he

would just up and disappear
like that.

Shit don't make no s...

You know what? Fuck it, man.

End of the day,

Grady was a clown. Right?

Only a matter of time before
he turned this whole operation

into a circus.

Shit, me personally,
I'm happy teddy's back.

Get us back to doing business
the right way, right?

See you next week, Oso.

Hey, when's your birthday?

You've had that jacket
for too long, man.

I'm gonna get you a new jacket,
get you some fly shit.

♪ ♪

I ain't got time
for guessing games, chelle. Hey!

- Spit it out.
- You know who is here?

- And he brought a pot.
- Sorry, what?

Like, a pot pot.

Uh-uh, he's...
He's not back there.

♪don't stop, no ♪

♪you weren't made just to
walk the streets, no, no ♪

- ♪I think in life... ♪

you ready
for a little taste of home?

Family recipe.

I mean, it's missing
a few things, but...


This is my office.

I really need you
to respect that.


What's missing? Flavor?

No. Pork lard instead of oil,
for starters.

My daddy's recipe.

That man could cook.

Hey, I never told you about him?

He was a giant.

Played in the negro leagues,

Gave it up
once my sisters came along,

'cause he was needed at home.

Gave up a lot after that.

Well, ain't that part
of growing up?

- Giving up childish things?
- Oh, for some, maybe.

I think that's the problem.

- Giving up what makes us wild.


Thing one, thing two downstairs.

Jerome saint, how's it going?

It's your world, nigga.

How about I get chelle
to come up here

and keep you company
till I get back?

That all right?

Chelle's always a good time.


I told you I needed
a little red meat.

Where we at on that?

It ain't a little thing
that you asking for.

And right now
I got a lot of balls in the air.

So I just need
a little bit more time.


♪no, no, no, n-n-no... ♪

mello stuck around
after puff did her magic.

Started throwing money
all over the place.

- Throwing it?
- Like it was raining
dollar bills.

I ain't never seen nobody
show out like that.

I almost got my ass
on the stage.

Sound like he ripe
for the pickin'.

Appreciate y'all for doing that.

♪ ♪

come on.

♪n-n-n-n-no ♪

♪just say no! ♪

they only loyal
to the highest bidder.

Said that themselves.

Franklin must
be paying well, then.

Fuck that shit.

You really more mad than me?

Putting money in they pocket.

What part of the game is that?

all right, what's so urgent
it couldn't wait?

After we do this next deal,

skully wants to take y'all out.

Why are you telling us?

Because, as I said,

I like this.

And you know
with him out the way,

- we could do 12 a key.
- So you gonna take the throne?

Tomorrow he goes to see
a psychic to talk to Tianna,

for her birthday, alone.

No one is feeling skully
at this point,

and no one will shed tears
over his death.

- Trust me.
- Okay. So go handle that,

and let us know when
you're ready to do business.

Thing is, need you to handle it.

Can't inherit the kingdom if
I got ties to the king's death.

You set him up, we take a shot.

We both in on the alley-oop.

A lot of trust involved in that.

We all want the same thing.

Gonna need a sweetener
for that kind of heavy lifting.



You should've said a hundred.

A hundred, then.

Since you insist.

He'll be there tomorrow at noon.

Reach out when it's done.

Yeah, that's it.

What if she know?

What if who knows what?

She's supposed to be psychic,


- oui?
- Bonjour.


what bring you to cross

mama mambo's threshold...

Saw the sign out front.

Having trouble with some people.

Need some work done.

today no good.

- You come back tomorrow.
I'll get you straight.
- No, no.


Work best for me.

when I said I wanted to invest
in property,

like you and ole girl,
this ain't what I meant.

It's all good.

We just gonna look around.

For... Ghosts?


You go on ahead.
I'll watch the car.

You scared?

Of doing white people shit like
going up in abandoned buildings

for a look around,
mm-hmm, sure am.

See something you don't like,
shoot it. Come on.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


- we good?
- Come and rest your heart

I knew you motherfuckers
was possums.

I knew it!

This ain't what I wanted
to go down.

I really am sorry, skully.

Mello want a shot
running things.

Came to us.

Told us about how you plan on
sticking us up at the next drop.

Afraid that don't work for us.

You good, baby?

I'm good.

It's handled.

You sure?
Streets, police scanners,

news, all mighty quiet.

Ain't amateur hour
over here, nigga.

I feel you, but I'm gonna need
a little more than words

to feel comfortable.

Keys to the fucking kingdom.

It's gonna take a few weeks
for me to seize the throne.

Got to play the part, you know?

Pour some out
for the dead homie.

- now, come on, skully.

You know me.

You already know she came to me

with this whole plan...

rest your spirit.

through god...

We shall do valiantly,

for it is he...

That shall trample down
our enemies.

You, too, huh?
You unfunny-ass nigga.

You know what? Take these niggas
back to the white room.

I want to test it out.

You know it's a cold game we in.

Pain had me doubt your loyalty.

Why didn't you take a shot?

It is a cold game we in, skully,
but somehow...

We found warmth
in that hospital.

And you right...

We owe you honor.

You know,
we are our own persons.

Ain't nobody controlling us.

you let my angel be a reminder
to you of that.


You were right.

We going back
to the original price.

What about the money?

Keep it.

I don't want that juju shit
on me.

where you going? Come on.

we got to celebrate
getting that proposal in, honey.


♪we got them files in... ♪

you want to dance with me.

♪they wanted thousands ♪

♪oh, back, back, back, back ♪

♪we gave them millions. ♪

okay. All right.

- Who do I need to beat up?

I'm a pregnant lawyer,
pretty much un-convictable.

And we both know I got hands.

come on, talk to me.

Is this because of teddy?

Nah, nah. It's just...

Just a lot of tension, you know.

A lot going on.

Do you wanna...

Uh, I'm not in the mood
to meditate or cleanse,

anything like that, v.

...Have sex?

You release some dopamine
that way.

- rain check.
- Hmm.

- But I appreciate you.

- and everything you do.
- Mm-hmm.

- Excuse me, Franklin.
- Wanda?

Hey, uh, sorry
to mess up your happy hour.

Franklin, you think
we could talk for a second?

- What's up?
- Okay.

So, I was eavesdropping
at the house the other night--

not even gonna lie, my bad--

but I thought
I heard you say something

about Betty having
water on her knees?

Can't walk up all the stairs
to collect the rent?

Well, I'm not sure if you know,

I used to run track at Jordan.

- I didn't know that.
- Okay, well, I, um, grew up

doing construction work
with my daddy, too.

So handiwork?
Pssh, ain't no thing.

I mean, shit,
you could ask Leon.

One time I had to fix
his mama's dryer, right?

No wrench, all hands.

Last time
I went in the projects,

dryer still blowing.

You asking for a job, Wanda?

Look, I need something else
in my life.

This-this scraping-by shit...

I don't know how much longer
I can do it.


- All right, all right.
- Okay. Thank you so much.

Ooh, thank you, thank you,

Look, take as much time
as you need.

But not too much time.

- Bitches is broke.

- thank you.
- All right.

How'd it go in Inglewood?

Settled everything
without firing a shot.

Long as it's settled.

You talk to teddy?


- And?
- You know, honestly,

I'm tired of talking
about this shit, Louie.

We about to start
this shit up again?

Yes, we are.

'cause they got no idea
the shit we going through

out in the street, and you
won't let me talk to him,

so pardon me if I want to know
what the fuck he said.

- You want to know what he said?
- Yeah.

He said the prices
ain't changing,

'cause the prices
ain't the problem.

- Know what is?

Y'all two.

Breaking away from me.

- Going out on your own.
I see.

So you just gonna bend over

- and do whatever he say?

But this time he's right.

Look, I gave y'all a chance.

Did this shit
for as long as I could.

But this little experiment,
it's not working.

I'm happy to split the profits
with you all fifty-fifty.

But you got to come home.

Get this operation
under one roof.

No, we ain't doing that.

- Why? Why not?
- Because I don't want
to put my life--

our life-- at risk
for your bullshit-ass decisions.

Is that it?

Or is that you're so sure
that you're so much smarter

than everybody else?

Getting tired of this.

Lions fighting over sheep.

- This between me and him.
- Oh, yeah?

So why don't you
handle it, then?

Boom! That's right.

'cause I know breaking away
wasn't Jerome's idea.

And I let it go,
'cause you'd been shot,

been through
some traumatic shit.

Hey, you let it go?

Yeah, that's right. For her.

Don't talk
out your goddamn neck, boy.

then maybe you can enlighten me,

unc, on what the fuck she wants!

Nah. Why don't you ask her
yourself, then?

What would you like,
queen Louie?

What's gonna make you happy?

'cause nothing seems to do it
for you.

How about not being
under anybody's thumb, nephew.

Well, I hate to break it to you,

but everybody's got to answer
to somebody. And me?

I answer to the man who may have
disappeared my fucking father,

and who will do the same to us
if we don't move this product.

Now, I don't know about y'all
two, but I'd like to stay alive

long enough
to enjoy what I've made.

So from here on out, I don't
want to hear anything else

about kilos or prices.

Y'all want to go out
on your own? Fine!

But do not for one second
fuck around

with what I got to do
to get mine,

'cause I promise you there is
nothing I'm not prepared to do.