Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Commitment - full transcript

Teddy forces his way back into the CIA's operation in Los Angeles; Franklin and Veronique have a business proposition for Jerome and Louie.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(radio stations changing)

ALTON: (over radio) Irene Abe
was murdered by the CIA.

-I'm about to drop one on you.
-(muffled groan)

He goes by the alias

Reed Thompson.

I even know his real name,

and I got pictures,

and I'm about to put that out
in the public

- so the world can see.
- TEDDY: He is threatening

to release my real name!

HAVEMEYER: You're out,
and not just from the op.

This is the end of your career
in the CIA.

TEDDY: (whispering)
Always have an exit plan.

Watch your back

'cause they don't care
about you.

I really thought this was
the beginning of something.

Just wanted to let you know,

I'm still vetting the possibles,

but I should have someone here
to replace Teddy by next week.

I'd like to increase the buy.

300 keys per week.

You're making your country,
and your countrymen, very happy.

Don't get too happy just yet.

Hello? Morning.

LADWP. You're,
uh, Grady Williamson?

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, uh, just one second.

Justin. 335685.

90% of how I spend my time now

is being in real estate
with you.

Grady's on our side,

legit business with us.

Got to make it count.

I need you to swear to me that

until the day comes you can
walk away, you'll do everything

you have to do
to make sure our baby,

this family,

is safe and protected.

- Just behind that...
- (gunshot)

I'm gonna do whatever it takes.

(silverware clinking)

(indistinct chatter)

So, the numbers are
gonna be in by Thursday.

We'll have a budget to you
by next week at the earliest.

- Hey, I'm gonna use
the bathroom.
- Okay.

(Havemeyer sighs)

Yeah, you know, I've just been

taking care of a few things
I let slide

over the last few years.
Traveling. That sort of thing.

Resting, I hope.

Yeah. There's nothing like

some real R&R to get your head
straightened out.

It's funny,

I can't picture you

at a vacation resort.

You were right.

I probably had been in
a little too long.

Needed a breather.

I probably should've taken
your advice sooner, but...

So, now, here we are.

Sitting in a restaurant
you followed me to.

So, the thing is,
I've been talking

to some of my old contacts,
you know?

Trying to figure out what comes
next, including a few in Tehran.

That supposed to mean
something to me?

I know what's going on
over there,

and I know it's not going well.

I'm sorry, I don't know
what we're talking about.

Great. Um, in that case,

maybe just...

tell your boss that you have...

a possible asset

who knows about
the seven American hostages,

who also happens to have spent

three years in Tehran.

Okay, what if I did know what

you were referring to?

What exactly are you suggesting?

I'm suggesting

that I know the region,

I'm officially out
of the agency, and I might be

of great value to you.

It's a club soda.

(drink pouring)

Let's say we could use
someone like yourself

in a limited capacity,
is being back on mission

really the best use
of your time?

- As opposed to what?
- I was thinking about

Julia and Paul.
You know, your wife and kid?

Yeah, they're fine. Thanks.

Country needs me now.


I'm gonna be
at the InterContinental

for the next few days,

just in case you want to talk.

It was really good to see you.

Same to you.


AVI: Look, just admit
it can't be worth it.

This is a torch, and I can use
this torch if you want.

- TEDDY: Avi.
- And I cannot.

- (shouting in German)
- Shut the fuck up!

Will you?

I told you, the Iranian

Revolutionary Guard
can't be trusted.

- They've confiscated them all.
- Who the hell is that?

Possible Nazi, never mind that.

I paid the guards off, and they

- fucked us just the same.
- You're saying that you

bribed the Revolutionary Guard,
and they're still screwing us?

- A substantial bribe.
- And the hostages?

The Iranians say

that Hezbollah

- kept changing the terms.
- Oh, my God.

These fucking people.

You can't trust them.
I mean, they're all playing us.

You're telling me.

Hey, what about my,
uh, my commission?

All right.
I'll handle the Iranians.

- Get rid of the Nazi.
- It's a possible Nazi.

If he's innocent, he walks away.

What the hell else
am I supposed to do

stuck in the land
of my people's genocide?

You don't go to Paris
and not get a croissant, right?

- (speaking German)
- I am back, mein kommandant.

Tell me, do you remember
the name of your wife today?

Now, in this minute.

(continues in foreign language)

Hezbollah and Iran

are both cheating us.

Everybody's making money here,
except for the U.S.

Still, you got no hostages
being released.

Some of the missile profits
are going to the Contras.

Yeah, a few million,

which is not making a dent,
let me tell you.

Bottom line is

you got to get out
of this mess with Iran.

We have directives
from higher up.

North won't listen to anyone.

He's pushing forward
no matter what.

Yeah, but on what time line?
That's what I'm saying.

'Cause the Central American
countries, they are

turning against us.

The Sandinistas
are winning the PR war,

and soon they're
gonna be winning

- the actual war, too.
- I don't think it's as dire

- as you're making it sound.
- Really? Every contact

I have, every single one,
tells me that the flow of arms

to Nicaragua has slowed.

What is happening
in Los Angeles?

I see what you're doing.


You get yourself back
in my good graces,

prove you're on your game,
sober and fit,

and then-then, when something
goes wrong in L.A.,

what choice
do I possibly have, right?

You're saying there's
something wrong in L.A.

You are fucking incredible.

Who else knows this operation
as well as I do? Nobody.

Right? So, if there
are problems,

I should be able to identify
them pretty quickly.

That's all I'm saying.

After everything that happened,

you'd really go back?

Yes, absolutely.

Look, it's been over a year.

There have been
no follow-up articles,

there have been no reporters
sniffing around, nothing.

Couple of politicians
were asking questions.

Yeah, a couple of PR-hungry,
rookie congressmen

who were desperate to get
their name in the headlines,

and you know what?

Everybody thinks that
they're conspiracy nuts.


Let me go back.

At least see if I can figure out
what's gone wrong.

(camera shutter clicks)

(camera shutter clicks)

(metallic scraping)

They got you working
on Sundays now, huh?

Oh, yeah.
They say it's the only way

you're gonna keep up
with the backlog, but listen,

if you want
to call and complain,

I won't stop you.

(chuckles) Looks like I
should've been here yesterday.

Must've been a hell of a party.



NEWSMAN: Population of
homeless living on the

streets is believed
to be over 33,000,

and shows no signs
of improvement.

NEWSMAN 2: We will continue
to monitor any developments

in this story and pass them on.
The L.A. City Council today...

Jesus Christ.

That is a serious airplane.

Should've seen the Cessna
Dragonfly I flew over Laos.

- Thing handled like a...

I told you that already? Well,

you'll have to forgive me.

Cocaine has not been good
for my memory.

- What's up?
- Got a lot on my mind.

Heavy is the head.


Can we talk the price break?

Well, we can
if that makes you happy.

It will if I get
the right answer.

I can give you your price break

on one condition.

- You want my plane?
- Yup.

I'm kidding, huh?

- How about a joy ride?
- That's it?

That's it.

- Done.
- Now we're talking.


you are cleared for takeoff
on Runway 2.

- Landing gear. Lights.

- GRADY: Flaps.

- GRADY: Climb power.

Fucking plenty.
Get ready for this.

(Grady yelling excitedly)

(both laughing)

Oh, this thing
fucking moves, huh?

- FRANKLIN: Uh-huh.
- (Grady laughing)

Oh, there it is.

There's that smile.

Hey, I worry about you,
you know?

Gonna give yourself
an ulcer someday.

- (laughs) I'm 24 years old.
- GRADY: Yeah,

my point exactly.

Look, the business
will work itself out.

Yeah, it will,

long as I make it.

So how's everything else?

How's the lady?

She's good, real good.

Getting serious.

Think she's a keeper?

- I do.
- That's good.

I've had four good women
in my life,

all ex-wives,

all keepers,

until they weren't.

Four? Damn. I didn't know that.

Any kids?

Yeah, a few.

Love my kids. Hate their moms,

- but I love my kids.
- (laughs)

- (laughs)
- FRANKLIN: Man...

You ever thought about
having some little Franklins

running around someday?

Yeah... maybe.

Well, they'd be lucky
to have you.

Like they'd won
the fucking lottery.

So, how is it?

It's not good.

Grady is a mess.

There's a massive disparity
between the amount of product

being moved and the money
that's making it to Nicaragua.

Now, it's hard to say exactly
how much he's skimmed,

but... my guess would be

mid-seven figures.

And not only that,

he's in business with the asset.

Legitimate real estate deals
using shell companies.

And, as if that wasn't enough,

he's also in a relationship
with one of his people,

a physical one.

- Grady's gone native.
- (sighs)

I think we both know
how that story ends,

unless you want to do something
about it right now.

You sure you can work
with the asset?

Considering the history there?

What, you mean that
I made him rich?

Or got him out of jail?

Saved his ass
with that reporter.

Yes, I think we'll be fine.

See, I was thinking more about

what you did
to his father in Cuba.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Get Grady in line,

but do it quietly.

- What the fuck?
- Don't worry.

(laughs) I'll get it
all put away.

- Ain't nobody worried.
- (laughs)

How was your flight?

It was good. Took Grady up.


You want to sage me
or something?

Mm, I'm thinking about it, yeah.

(laughs) What's this?

This is my attempt
to align our chaos into...

- organized chaos?
- (grunts)

Oh, my God, I don't know how you
sit on the floor like that.

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, shit.

(grunts) Ah.

- That's the day the baby comes.
- If she sticks to the plan.

Or he.

The universe
wouldn't do me like that.

(both laugh)


So, wait a minute, ah, yeah.

- Look at you.
- (chuckles)

Color coded it using
them chakras and shit.



That's the deadline
for signing off on trusts

for me and the baby.

And that over there,
that's the deadline

for the 501(c)(3)
nonprofit corp.

And do you remember
what that color is?

- Something about sex?
- Mm.

Sure, yeah.

The sacral chakra.

- Ah.
- Mm. OB-GYN visits.

You see, I was, I was close.
I was real close.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

And that's the deadline
to submit for the building.

The colors represent

freedom, trust.

Should be green. All the
fucking money we about to make.

(laughs) What we about

to get into with
this building is a big deal,

and you trusted my instincts
to go with it,

and it's gonna provide
for generations to come.

I can feel it.

Which is why you should have
a personal equity stake.

You gonna own a piece, too.

They just canceled
Diff'rent Strokes.

I'm really sensitive
right now, huh.

Are you for real?

Would I lie to a pregnant woman?

- I don't know. (laughs)
- Huh? Would I? Would I?

(kisses) Yeah, for real.


Paperwork's right there
in my briefcase.

Thank you, Franklin.

Don't thank me.

- Thank the universe.
- (both laughing)

I'm serious.

It's nice when someone
sees your value,

you know?



I'm gonna give you
the fucking world.

You promise?

The U.S. Treasury has

started to investigate
money laundering

in Central America.

Panama banks
are solid for now.

There's a better way
to invest your money.

The L.A. Community

Redevelopment Agency is working

to revitalize
this downtown area.

We're bidding on this property,

and we're pretty sure
we can get it.

Mm-hmm. So, the plan is,
using our shell companies,

to repatriate your money
from Panama.

Repatriate? I don't know
what the fuck that mean.

What you trying to do
with our money?

Move it from Panama
into this country

and invest it in this project.

Legitimately, though.

How much?

In order for us
to be competitive

and retain majority ownership,

our ideal buy-in from you two
is $10 million.

Shit, that's almost
all the money we got.

Thing is, the more we put up
for private equity,

the more we own,

and the less the banks
are involved, huh.

(sighs) I don't know.

- Legit ownership?
- All legit.

And once the building's

we'll be getting
commercial rent,

and our stakes will appreciate
as the economy comes back.

How long is it gonna take
to get our money back?

Three years,

- maybe less.
- JEROME: Three years?

Look, this is

a long-term investment,
all right?

Returns in the area
of eight percent annually.

Tax sheltered,
and best of all, clean.

It's passive fucking income,
that's what it is.

How you want to be.

And if we ever
do decide to sell,

your initial investment
can double,

triple, sky's the limit.

It's all in there,

along with
the comparative analysis

of other commercial properties
in the area.


We need to talk about it.

Yeah, yeah, of course.

Take a look at the projections.

- Let us know.
- VERONIQUE: I'm gonna head back

- to the office. Mm.
- All right.

- I'll see you later.
- Mm-hmm.

(Jerome chuckles)

Anything new
about Rob and his friend?

Yeah, it's all taken care of.
Rob's out.

His friend who did
the shooting, too.

By "out," you mean...


Rob was on the pipe.

Couldn't be trusted anymore.

Damn, nephew. Wow.

(phone rings)

Thank you, baby.

Now, you know, you always
got to ask for me, Karen,

and then we'll always have fun.

(chuckles) Mm.

I can't wait.

I'm getting wet already.

Oh, yeah.

I'm busy.

This shit is short.


The FCC's getting
more complaints

about bill cramming,
so I'm taking

- a bigger cut for fines.
- That ain't my problem.

Fines can put me
out of business.

No business, no job.
Your problem.

(clicks tongue)

You know how much
the telephone company takes

after each call? 40%.

And then there's rent and upkeep

and equipment. I'm barely
staying above water here.

I could give a fuck.

So, this is the new deal.

You don't like it?
Door's right there.


Mmm. (sniffs)


if you want to party with me,
we could work something out.



That's all I got to do?

That's all, baby.

- Fucking bitch!
- Fuck you! And fuck this job.

You think you'll get
another gig like this?

Sit on your ass all day
and bullshit on the phone?!

Vamos, apúrenle
que vamos bien tarde.

- It's your fault.
- No, it's not. Shut up.

- Yes, it is.
- W-Why would you even say that?

Échenme la culpa.

Tell your teacher
it was my fault, okay?

I was... I was the whole morning
in the, in the, in the toilet.


- Ew!
- That's gross.

- Ándenle, ándenle.
- Yuck.

And learn something.

No quiero burros.

GIRL: I know. I don't want
to be late. Come on.

- (school bell rings)
- Your kids look happy.

Pos hay la llevan,
gracias a Dios.

Took a long time.

And Xiamara?


Pos resulta que...
She likes this life.

Maybe too much.

Well, I wondered if maybe
I wouldn't find you with...

Lucia. Thought about it.

Lanzarme a Miami. Show up.

But then I realized

my family's here, you know?

I think it's a good choice.


What you doing here?

Grady's sloppy.

He's compromised.

He's a danger to himself,
to the mission,

to everyone.

So, they're bringing you back?

Entonces el Grady's out?

Shortly, yeah.


He loves it here.

His job.
La feria más.

This-this guy is not gonna like
being told to leave.

It's not his choice.

I'm here

'cause I need to know
if I can still count on you.

Pues ya sabes.
Just want to take care

- of my family.
- Of course.

And I'll look out for you,
same as before.


Grady's not a bad guy, you know?

And he's more fun than you.

I'm fun.


You are mi carnal,
but fun, you are not.

I got eight AKs, five MAC-10s,

and my new favorite,

a Mini Uzi.

Invented by a friend of mine,

Major Uziel Gal.
Got 15 of these.

- Feels like a toy.
- A toy that does 950 rounds

per minute.

And it never jams.


You like?

We do.

Look at you two,

regular Bonnie and Clyde.
Do you know that movie?

Know shit ain't end up
too good for them.

No, no, no, ignore that part.

I meant, just, you know,

having a partner in crime.

I'm jealous,
if you really want to know.


You got each other,

you got money, you got the city.

Hope it's making you happy.

Next time you come, stay longer.

Hmm? We'll talk more.

(sighs) That was weird.

You think he got something
going on with him?

You start thinking what
might be going on with Avi,

you end up in a straitjacket.



I mean, is he right, though?

You happy?


I'm rich, I'm alive,

got you sitting over there
in that skirt,

and the Raiders in L.A. (laughs)

I don't see how
I could be much better.


maybe I ain't say it enough,

how much I appreciate you.

Was a time you didn't want
to be in this game at all,

and now you all the way in,

and I know that
that's because of me.

And that's everything.

(banging on truck)

You a king among men.

I hope you know that.

Ocho, cuatro, dos, seis.

Yeah, Havana.

Sí, sí. Del La Province Habana.

Look, could you
connect me, please?

I'm having trouble
calling direct.

- Aquí tiene, señor.
- (line beeping)



Mom, you there? Can you hear me?


It's so good to hear from you.

Sweetheart, how are you?

Uh, Mama, these connections
are getting worse.

I got to find a better one.


I got some important news
about Veronique.

I know they say
it's too early to tell people,

but you know
I had to tell you, though.

She's pregnant.

What did you say?

Mom, we gonna have a baby.

A baby?

Can't believe it. (chuckles)

How exciting!

Sure wish you was here.

Mama, can you hear me?

(line beeping)


(indistinct chatter,

Chaperoning field trips now?

Just trying to open up
their worlds a little bit.


Do it again in a few weeks?

You got it.

Where'd you take them?

Uh, Santa Monica
for the last few times,

but got hassled by the cops,

so been going down
to El Segundo.


Remember when you, me and Kev
went to the beach that time?


First time
I'd ever seen the ocean.

Shit's scary as fuck.

Come on.

You ever look
at that book I gave you?

Mm. Meaning to.

Haven't got around to it yet.

I wanted to talk to you
about this

development opportunity

Appreciate it, but...

gonna have to pass on that one.

Look, you know
I don't care about

what you do with your money.

Just want to make sure
you got a plan.

Look, already got more
than I ever thought I would have

- or could need.
- Yeah. (scoffs)

You know, can't be
doing you any good.

You know, you burying it or...

stashing it in shoeboxes

or wherever you keeping it.

Well, I'd rather that than
using it to build some building

that white folks will just want
to keep Black folks out of.

All right. All right.

Jerome told me about Rob.



He was on the pipe.

- Maybe he could've cleaned up.
- You didn't see him.

Could've folded any time.

Said some shit
he shouldn't have.

Couldn't have been easy.

It wasn't,

but it had to be done.


Veronique's pregnant.

- Oh, shit, for real?
- (chuckles) Uh-huh.

It's only been about six weeks.

I ain't told nobody else.

But you see, that's why, man.

That's why.

Why I got to keep
this motherfucker tight.

I see you thinking it,
might as well say it.

(clears throat)


I'm happy for you.

About to be a daddy. (laughs)

- (chuckles)
- Shit is crazy.

About to be a daddy.

(crickets chirping)

I admire your taste in wine.


But without the wig.
I'd offer you a line

or a drink,
but I'm guessing you'd say no.

- Yeah, I'm working.
- Right.


So, what, did you
come here to warn me?

You gonna rap my knuckles?

What'd you expect?

This house, those cars...

That's before we even get
to the millions of dollars

that are flowing
directly into your pocket

- and not to the cause.
- Well, there's a lot
of looking the other direction.

I just figured I was included.

You're not.


I got the message.

Now, you can go tell
your masters

that you did your job,
all right?

(chair scraping)

It's too late.

Your contract's canceled.
It's over.


No, I don't...

I don't think that it is.

Who has a relationship
with the Colombians?

Who can get 500 keys
across the border

and knows how to move it?

Yeah, you know, if it was
anybody else sitting here,

those might be problems.

Wait, you're the guy?

Oh, my God.

You're the, you're the guy.

You're the guy that...

You're the guy that almost
went down with the ship.


Well, how'd they get you
to come back?

Was it the carrot
or was it the stick?

You can keep the cars,
whatever money you've managed

to squirrel away.

Wait, maybe they
didn't come back to you.

Maybe you volunteered.

You're one of the last
true believers

who's not in on the joke yet.

You know,
all the "God and country" guys

that I come across,
they're-they're looking

for something else
to fill, you know?

They want to be important.

They want to feel
like they matter.

They want to feel like
they're not a fucking joke.

I'll be back here tomorrow,

- and I expect you to be gone.
- GRADY: Well, hold on.
Let me guess.

Your wife left you. She's off
fucking some other guy.

Your kids,
they don't want to talk to you

'cause you're a fucking idiot.

And-and your parents,
I'm guessing that

they probably kicked you around
so much as a little pup,

that you started to believe

that you didn't matter,
that you weren't worth a shit.

Am I close?


You think I didn't
see this coming? (chuckles)

Yeah, you go back,
and you tell them

that I know an awful lot
that they don't want coming out.

You tell them that
I am this operation,

and that they better
think twice next time

before they come to this house.

(door closes)

Want me to send
some folks down there,

fuck his whole day up?

Nah. It was a stupid-ass
job anyways.

You wouldn't believe
how disgusting

some of these niggas are.

But it took me months of looking
even to find that one.

Thought of going back out there,

trying to explain the whole
two-year gap in my life...

The way people look at you

when they realize
you was on that rock.

So, don't tell them.
Make some shit up.

Mm-mm. That's part
of the recovery,

being honest with yourself
and the world.

(scoffs) You know,

I thought getting sober
was gonna be the hard part,

but staying clean, sh...

It's almost worse.

Especially when you
got to keep paying for shit

you did while you was high.

I got to do something, Lee.

I might need you to put me on.

You was here, remember?
Walked away for a reason.

I know, but that was
almost a year ago.

Temptation's still the same.

You really want to be
around that shit all day?

Don't think I got a choice.

You do.
And I'm gonna make it easy.

Ain't nothing here for you.

Gonna have to figure
something else out.



(coughing, gasping)

Should've taken the out.



I want you to understand,

this is not because
you insulted me.

(labored breathing)

It's because
you're bad at your job.

Your waste cost countless lives.


(doorbell rings)

You forget your key again?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Can I come in or...
- Yeah.

Come on, man. (chuckles)

Yeah, welcome.
(clears throat)

It's a nice place.

It's safe.

It's quiet. Secluded.


Guess it's everything
I'd expect from you, right?

When'd you get back in town?

Uh, a few weeks ago.
You know, what's crazy is

I never, in my life, thought
that I would miss Los Angeles...

But I don't know, man,
somehow this place

has a way of growing on you.

Oh, shit, I hear
you're coming up.

Got your pilot's license.

- (chuckles) Yeah.
- Holy shit.

And a lady, that right?

Yo, you want a cigar
or something?


Thing's been moving smooth, man.

Got to call Grady.
He's doing a great job.

I know you like Grady.

I know that he is...

easy to be around.

That's his job.

Make you like him,
make you trust him,

make you think that
he's looking out for you.

Saying he's not?

Saying he makes
some really poor choices.

Now, partying,

that's something
I could forgive, but...

he goes and he gets
himself into...

let's call it

a romantic relationship,
with one of your crew,

and that's before we even get

to the two of you

in real estate together,


Look, I get it.

I know that, at the time,

it probably seemed
like a really good idea.

If you're entwined
in legitimate business,

he's more likely to protect you,

look after you, all that.

Why do you keep talking about
him in the past tense, Reed?

What I cannot
wrap my head around here

is how you could possibly think
that it is a good idea

to get that close
to your contact.

Figured if somebody
had a problem with it,

they would've said something.

Here I am, saying it.

Grady was not your friend.

It's a matter of time
before he got everybody

in a lot of trouble.
Good news is

it's been taken care of before
things can get too out of hand.

We can get back to doing things
the way they should be done.

Starting when?

Right now.

We got shit done before.

No reason why we can't
get shit done now.

That's really great to hear.

'Cause I don't think
I have to explain to you...

...that the stakes
have never been higher,

so there can be no more
mistakes, no more foul-ups,

and no more loose ends.
Is that okay?

Yeah, okay.


I'll, uh, be in touch about

the next drop.

In the meantime, uh,
this house that

you helped him get
through your trust,

go ahead and sell that.

Get me the cash. You know what?

I don't carry a lighter anymore.

You mind?

It's your world, man.

I just sell dope in it.

Hey, Reed.

Grady had agreed
to cut the prices down.

$9,000 a kilo.

I'm hoping you can honor that.

Let's keep it at ten for now.

Also, Reed's gone.

From here on,
you can call me Teddy.