Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Comets - full transcript

It's the summer of 1986 and the Saint crew has leveled up; Franklin's personal and professional relationships are flourishing, but a problem in the valley brings trouble to his door.

-How much time?
-Might be a while.

Gustavo will continue
to be your point person

till they bring in
my replacement.

You just keep making the deals,
the same as you've been doing.

I really thought this was
the beginning of something.

I hope that before
you meet your end...

You take a look around you,

try to understand your place
in this world.

Rob vo!

Yo, ho, ho!

-My brother, frankie!

You want some good news?

Pretty good, right?

it's real good.

The valley is thirsty, amigo.

Want three this time?

Ah, ha, damn! Whoa, ho.

- yeah.

I ain't trying to dump more shit
on your lap or nothing,

but I'm not sure
if I'm with any of it anymore.

You're gonna keep doing
what you're doing.

I'm gonna get louie
and jerome straightened out,

and we gonna be a family
again, like always.

Hey, didn't you say you wanted
to wholesale the shit, right?

Focus on real estate.

I'm telling y'all,
splitting up right now,

just when we starting
to get stronger,

isn't the right move
going forward.

We want to run
what's ours our way.

You think over it,

let us know what you want to do.

Got drafted number two

by the best team in the league.

He plays the three.

Know who else on the celtics
plays the three?

The hick from french lick,

aka the best small forward
of all time.

Ooh! There she goes.

Come on, let's see it.

-I know it's in here.
-Mm! Mm!

-Ooh! Look.

got that reebok money.
You only got one problem.

-No, no, no. Michael.

Boston winters.


Shit. Boston racists.


hey, hey, take it easy, man.

-It ain't going anywhere.
- Yeah.

Hey. You ain't got
to worry about me.

I'm good.


I'm a horse!

-Well, giddyup, then.

hey, bro, check it out, bro.

Boston winters. What you know
about boston winters?

I was born in boston.

How long you live
in boston?
-Two years. One to two.

-One to two?

-Seem a lot colder...
Yeah, it was cold, man.


-It's all right.

-might want it back.

-He's getting excited, brother.

Are you good?

-You sure?


Hey. Hey, len.

Yo, len, man.
-Call 911.

-Call 911.
-Hey! Hey!


-Hey, what's happening to him?
-I don't know.

-Get the phone.

-come on, man. Do something.

-len. Len, len...


♪ ♪

♪no, no, notorious ♪

♪I can't read about it ♪

♪burns the skin
from your eyes ♪

♪I'll do fine without it ♪

♪here's one
you don't compromise ♪

♪you own the money ♪

♪you control the witness ♪

♪I heard your promise,
but I don't believe it ♪

♪that's why
I've done it again ♪

♪no, no, notorious. ♪

I won't need it
till next week.

Crew memeber:
Got it.

Veronique called.

She said to give her a call
as soon as you land.

When are y'all two gonna
let me take you up?

When niggas got wings so we
don't die when that shit crash.

give me a minute.

All right.

West-side development.

Hey, betty, it's me.

There's a property on pch
I want you to look into.

Double lot, a few miles north
of the malibu pier.

Veronique around?

Yeah, just a sec.

Boss is on two.

I'm just going to remind you

that we agreed
to remove the contingencies,

and in case you've forgotten,

I've got the paperwork
right here to prove it.

So, you go off and think
about how you want to proceed.

Now, I have to go.

How was your flight?

You in a good mood?

yeah. Why?

Monday morning, they're going to
open up the second development

opportunity downtown.

Ah. Here we go, huh?

I told you not
to doubt affirmations.

I'm gonna start
putting our bid together,

but we need to talk
about our strategy today.

I got to stop by grady's.

I'll come by later,
get into it with you.

See you then.

Let's go to this party.

♪ ♪

hey, did you bring
any more cocaine?

No, he didn't.

Franklin here
is in real estate.

And jessie here is in...
What exactly are you in, jessie?

I'm the vice president
of good time society.

Nice to meet you, franklin.

Vice president of
the uppity white bitch society.

Oh, now, now. Be nice. Be nice.

Hey, place looks great.

Thanks. I have you to thank.

Mind if we find some place
to talk

this shit gets out of hand?

It's always business with him.

Shit, you're telling us.

♪ ♪

I'd like to increase the buy.
300 keys per week.

You're making your country
and your countrymen very happy.

Don't get too happy just yet.

The game's changing.

Southern border's wide open.

Product flooding the market.

Price of cocaine is going down
by the week,

and I am under a lot of pressure
to stay competitive.

How much less
were you thinking?

Thinking a thousand per key.

A thousand per key times 300--
that's 300,000.

You're a numbers guy.
What's 300,000 times 52?

About 15.5 million.

Gustavo, if franklin here
were to ask you

to give him $15 million,
what would you say?

I'm just telling you
what's happening on the street.

And I'm telling you
that the company is on my ass

about these funds. If I start
coming back with less,

that's gonna bring a lot
of attention

that you and I cannot have.

Yeah, but if my people can pay
less elsewhere, then they will.

And that's a whole other kind
of trouble for us.

I thought
your people were family.

And nothing tears a family apart
like money.

♪you're just a victim
of these times ♪

♪of these times... ♪

oh, where's-where's xiamara?

-Sh-she didn't come?

Why not?

If she comes,
I have to stay all night here.

You know,
you two are the least

fun-having drug dealers
I've ever known.

♪you're just a victim... ♪

okay, I'll see what I can do.

Okay, just you promise me

that we can have some fun now,

Come on! Por favor.

you gonna be walking
even more bowlegged than usual.

- Oh,
you're talking shit?

I come out here with you,
do your thing,

-and you talking shit. Right?

I love that you came out here
with me.

You look great on that horse.

you remember his name?

-Uh, dusty.

Now, you ask for him
every time from now on.

-Won't have to.

-I just bought him.
Yours, too.

What?! you really
just bought these horses?

I did. Still got to do
the paperwork and that shit,

but I told 'em

I don't want nobody riding 'em
from here on out.

thank you.

You're still gonna show me
that reverse cowgirl?

behind the stables?

Ooh. Behind the stables.

-You hear that, dusty?

cocaine may have played
a role in the mysterious death

of college basketball star
len bias.

That, according to police.

Traces of the drug were found
in his body.

Nbc's robert hager reports

that bias' death has touched off
a wider investigation,

and police are now
treating it as a...

Why, knowing what you know,
would you try to steal from us?

You risked your life
for some fucking shoes?

We're the ones out here
doing all the work.

We don't make shit.
That shit ain't right.

Niggas that work the hardest
always make the least,

or is this news
to your ignorant ass? Huh?

Take 'em off.

Oh, thank you, leon.

Look, you ain't never gonna hear
about this again.

-Look, I'm sorry.
-I know.

Huh? No! Get the fuck off me!

Let me see that shoe.

Don't... Don't do this, man.
Come on!

-Shut the fuck up!

don't try to fucking steal
from your fucking dealer!


-ooh! Oh, oh, oh.

My foot broke.

my foot.

-what about these?
-He can keep 'em.

He paid for 'em.

Oh. Oh.

-hey, how are you?
-It's possible.

♪bah-bah-bah, bah-bah,
bah-bah-bah ♪

♪bah, bah, bah, bah-bah ♪

♪bah-bah-bah, bah-bah,
bah-bah-bah ♪

♪bah, bah, bah, bah, bah ♪

-♪baby, I-I-I can't wait... ♪

Oh, my god.

You have to see it.
Tom cruise is, like, so hot.

Oh, my god.
Is he, like, the hottest?

You're a dick.

And you're a walking, talking
valley girl stereotype.

You know what we need to all
go see is the newalien movie.

All right?
I-I've heard it's great.


It's the sequel toalien.

You haven't seenalien?
All right, you have to see it.

It's about the crew
on this spaceship, right?

And they get a distress call,

they go check it out,
so instead of going home,

they-they explore this kind
of celestial landscape, right?

And you got this dynamic cast
of characters.

You've got the, uh,
the machismo pilot,

-right, and you got this...

-I'm josh.
-You've seealien?

You've seenalien?

-Yeah, everyone's seen it.

Hi, I'm brit.

-There's this landscape, right?
-And this is megan.

How'd you two end
up here tonight?
-Hey, man.

Hey. Hey.

Did we say you could have some
of our cocaine?

Uh, no, but this is
my buddy's party, and

I don't know you guys,
so let's just call it cool.

-call it "cool."

uh, no, we can't call it "cool."
I don't care

who your buddy is. You think
you can just come here,

take my boy's cocaine
without asking?

Okay, um...

whatever, dude.

Is he always a fucking asshole?

-Or is this just a...?

What was that?

-You want to say that again?


Let's just chill out, okay?

this fucking...

You take our cocaine,

you call us names,

and now
you want me to chill out?

Look, I'm sorry.

-I didn't know.
-You didn't know what?

Who you were fucking with?

Well, now you do, don't you?

Thad, hey, let it go. Hey.

Let it go.
Let it go. Hey, hey.

It's not worth it, all right?

-Where'd you get a gun?

Uh... Okay.

♪'till my love
walks in the door ♪

-♪I can't wait ♪
-♪wait... ♪

How about that?

Huh? You fucking bitch.

♪tell me what is
on your mind... ♪


Get out! Go!


Crisis for american
farmers continues to worsen.

As bankruptcies and foreclosures
hit a new peak last month,

the export deficit once again
topped 100 million...

Police are on the scene,

and caroline has more.

Last night,
here in north hollywood,

a house party turned tragic.

19-year-old josh hendricks
was shot and killed

after a dispute erupted
over some sort of cocaine use.

Right now, police are looking
for thad brenner.

He's 24 years old. They believe
he's the alleged shooter.

If you have any information,
or if you've seen him,

you are urged to call your
local authorities immediately.

Thanks, caroline.

We'll bring you more
as that story develops.

It's ten past the hour...

Less dependent we are on loans,

the stronger our case'll be.

You worried about coming up
with that number?


But it might be good bringing
this to jerome and louie,

leon, hedge our bets,
spread the wealth if it works.

If you want to go fast,
you go alone.

If you want to go far,
you go together.

It's an old african proverb.

what if I want
to go fast and far?

Then you go with me.

you're enjoying this, huh?

Everything I promised?


-But it's also everything
I've worked for.

I can't just get a "yes"?

Your man hooked it up one time.

You've come through on
everything you said you would.

And a man worth his word
is a man worth me.


-Mm. Somebody gonna see.

It's okay.

I'm the boss.

oh, goddamn.



Morning. Ladwp.

Just making sure your water and
your power have been activated.

You're, uh, grady williamson?
Moved in June 1?

Yeah. That's correct.

So they got you working
on sundays now, huh?

They say it's the only way

you're gonna keep up
with the backlog.

But listen, if you want to call
and complain, I won't stop you.

Looks like I should have
been here yesterday.

It must have been a hell
of a party.



that's all I got on my end.

Unless you got anything,
I'll be on my way.

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, uh, just one second.

"justin. 335685."

just in case I want to call them
and let them know what a fine

and thorough job
you've done this morning.

You betcha.

Don't forget to complain about
those sundays for me, would you?

Yeah. I'll be right on that.

still feeling it, huh?

Yeah, man. Summer colds--
the fucking worst.

All right, come on, let's go.


Come on, man. It's me.

Got it.

...Every imaginable accessory.


Hey, brother.

Oh, thank god you're here.

Man, what a night.

Not only will you
win the second car...

This-this whole thing.

This is so fucked up.

It's like
it doesn't even seem real.

You know? I mean,

the cops-- they're-they're
looking everywhere for him.

It's all over the news.
It's fucking crazy.

You still ain't heard
from him?

Well, he said he knew a place
he could go. You know.

That he'd be in touch,

but I didn't want
to know where he was,

you know, in case
the cops came asking me?

Think it's time
your friends went home.

found this
in the oldest boy's sock drawer,

but that's it so far.

All right, find romeo.

I want to know if that dumb shit
was playing us,

or if he's actually
this fucking stupid.


-Hey, can we get this kid
some help?
-I didn't do nothing.

Wait, baby, baby.

Baby, that's o-- don't you
say nothing, don't you say--

don't say nothing.
Get your hands off my boy!

Man, y'all done lost your mind
coming up in my house like this?

-Beating on my boy.
-Ma'am, do me a favor
and please shut the fuck up.


See, now you don't
talk to me like that.

Think I'm-a need to get your
names and your badge numbers--

-get her out of my face.

Hey! Hey!
-Somebody's gonna pay for this!

Take your hands off my mother!

Baby, it's okay.
Baby, don't you say nothing.

Don't you say nothing.
Baby, it's okay...

I got you! I'm gonna...

Get off of me!
Baby, don't say nothing.

Don't say nothing.
Put your cuffs on me--

get off me, get off me.

I did not know you held
onto this place.


Couldn't bring myself
to sell it.

How's your mom?

-You talk to her much?
-Here and there.

She's all right.

Come on.

Remember the first time
you came here?

You got homesick,
had to call your moms

-to come pick you up?

it's 'cause your house
smelled weird.

It's called food.

Your house smelled like ass.

full of porn stars and shit.

come on, man.

Hey, the minute you hear
from thad, page me, all right?

I got to ask.

How much does he know?

You know,
about who we really work for?

No, he doesn't know anything
about that.

Yeah, 'cause, you know, there's
a lot at stake these days.

Can't risk somebody flipping
on us and blowing this shit up.

You hear me?

It's my problem. Mm.

I won't let it hurt you
or anybody else.

Get some sleep. Talk later.

All right?

Niggas die by the handful
every day

and nobody give a fuck,
but one white boy gets shot

in the valley and the whole city
loses they mind?

Look, as soon as thad
reaches out,

then rob will know
where he's at,

and then we'll go do
what has to be done, all right?

-Well, how rob doing?

not so good. Rob's been using.

Cocaine, freebasing, too,
from the looks.

Oh, this shit just get better
and better.

Can't have no smokers
running around here

-with our names
in his mouth, nephew.
-Look, I know.

And as soon as we deal
with this shit with thad,

I'm gonna get rob out the game.

-Get him cleaned up.
-You think rob down with that?

-He ain't got no choice.
-Well, rob being out means

less product being moved,

less likely grady is
to cut that price,

and I need the price cut,

Inglewood is already threatening
to go straight

-to the colombians.
-Look, I'm gonna straighten

this shit out with rob,
then I'm gonna deal with that,

and then we can talk
about the motherfucking prices.

The fuck you looking at, nigga?

That's right, baby.

Don't be shy.

Tell mama what you want me
to do with that big cock.

you want me to... Slap it?

Uh, okay, baby.

I'll slap the shit
out of that dick.

You want me to stomp
on your balls? For real?

All right, bitch,

I'll crack those motherfucking
nuts if that's what you want.

Wait, hold on, baby.

Hold on-- make it last, baby.
Hell-- hello?

I tried to keep him on the line,
but these niggas

-come on ready to blow.
-Course they do.

That's why they're calling.

It's your job to tease them out,
keep them on the line.

You know,
you got to hold the cream

-...To make the green. Yeah.
-Make the green.

That's, that's it.

So, uh, I know you can do it.

Prove me right.

♪ ♪

what the hell?

White boy rob?

-Hey, wanda.


Franklin didn't call you or...

No, franklin didn't call me.

Somebody want to tell me
what the fuck is going on?

Franklin said
he'd be back later.

So I need you
to keep an eye on him

for a few hours
till he get back.

What do you mean,
"keep an eye on him"?

I got to stay up all night
and make sure

that fool don't try and run?

It mean do whatever needs doing
to keep him here.

I got to go.

you used to be that fool.

you need anything?

how long've you been
staying here?

Maybe six months or so.

Don't nobody want to rent
to a former basehead,

so leon asked franklin
if he would help me out.

I remember...

...Being where you are.

I know it hurts,

but you can get through it.

And then, once you're on
the other side of this,

you get to live.

For real, it's the shape
of marie antoinette's titty.

No shit?

-See, her nipple go right there.

-uh, yeah?

Hey, he's here.

Took him into the vip,
told him you'd be right there.

Okay. Thank you, chelle.

♪tryin' to loosen up
with yourself... ♪

-you want me to come with you?

I got this. You just sit here.

Mm-hmm. Chocolate and pretty.

You better be naked
when I get back.

-Yes, ma'am. Mm.

♪ ♪

who's the new girl?

That's chelle.

She asked what your story was.

I told her you were a cop.
You know what she said?

"fuck that guy"?

"he's too good-looking
to be a cop."

All right.

♪like it's a party... ♪

hey, where big rome at?

He didn't want to come say hi?

He can, if you want him to.

Eh, not really.

I asked around about
your man in the valley.

Narc guys say they don't have
anyone named volpe

-on their radar.
-Appreciate you doing that.


-How much?
-That a real question?

I raided a house today.

44th and normandie.

Ci said it was a rock house.

Turns out, some lady
and her kids live there.


I mean, I go into the station
these days,

I got gray-haired dudes,

veins popping out they necks,
screaming about numbers.

And more busts, more arrests,
more headlines.

A ballplayer ods in maryland

and shit starts
to roll downhill in l.A.

♪dancing, I'm a disco child
born to dance ♪

♪I'm a disco child... ♪

you know, we've come
a long way, you and me.

Feels like we got
something good going on here.

And I want it to continue.

You want that?

Me looking out for you,

gracing you and your girls
with my, um,

what'd she say, uh,

"too good-looking
to be a cop"visage?

-That depends.
-On what?

What it is you're getting ready
to ask me for.

♪celebrate each day... ♪

I need something
to give to my bosses.

Get them off my back, you know?

Little red meat.

I ain't no snitch, beau.

Ain't nobody said shit
about no snitching.

This is about self-preservation.

I can't help you
unless you help me.

So unless you want to go back

to not having my protection,

I suggest you find somebody
to serve up.

♪watch me dance ♪

♪watch me dance... ♪

you can send chelle
over here now.

♪whoa, watch me dance... ♪

♪I'm a disco child,
born to dance... ♪

Good morning.

Made you coffee.

I don't drink coffee.

well, maybe you should start.

What were you gonna do?

Just go wander in the streets?

Looking for any random
corner boy?

I heard from thad.

I know where he is.

I just needed something to...

Even me out
before I go out there.

-Out where, rob?
-Palm springs.

Where some family friend
of theirs has a place,

it sits empty in the summer.

I said I'd take care of this
and I will, you know?

Just... You just
give me a car and a gun.

No, I'm not letting you
go out there alone.

Peaches will go with you.

Thad's freaked out, man.
He's, like, paranoid.

If peaches shows up with me,
he'll know something's off.

And if he doesn't,
I got to worry about

you getting high
and fucking it all up.

Now where does that
leave us, huh?

I mean, you could come with us.

You know, thad knows you.
It'll relax him.

He'll think
we're coming to help.

call thad.

Tell him we're coming
out there to get him.

I'll get peaches
to get you some cocaine,

straighten you out, huh?

We'll all go out there
to the desert,

make sure this shit
don't come back to bite us.

Then after, we come back here,

I'll fly you to some fancy
fucking rehab place,

and you promise me
that you gonna get sober

and stay that way, all right?

Oh, yeah, that sounds
fucking perfect, man. Thanks.

I mean it, rob.

Promise me.


Yeah, I promise.

so I heard
this story last week.

the cops,
one weekend on the freeway

from l.A. To vegas,
they put out a sign that says,

"one mile ahead, all cars
are being stopped and searched."

so all these people,
partying on the drive to vegas,

they see this, get freaked out,
start to panic.

Then they see there's an exit
a half-mile ahead.

So the cars with drugs
and stuff in them,

they start getting off
at the exit, you know?

to try and get around
the search?

Want to guess what happened?

They all got away.

♪bring it out,
let's hit the dough... ♪

cops set up the real search
at the bottom of the off-ramp.

Everybody who has something
to hide came straight to them.


And it wasn't cops,
it was the fucking dea.

Goddamn. Like a nigga

ain't got enough to be worried
about already.

-♪and a gun ♪
-♪go 'head ♪

♪fired up, can't take no more ♪

♪fired up... ♪

hey, how close are we?

At least another hour.

-♪sing! I'm fired up ♪
-♪can't take no more ♪

-♪fired up ♪
-♪I'm tired of being poor... ♪

You got a piece for me?

♪fired up... ♪

It's in the trunk.

Yeah, can I grab it now?

Yeah. To get used to it?

♪what I'm gonna do ♪

♪breakin' out,
it's 'cause of you... ♪

Fuck it, I got to piss anyway.

-♪take no more ♪
-♪fired up ♪

-♪I'm tired of being poor ♪
-♪I'm fired up. ♪


You ever shot one before?

My dad had one.
We used to take it

and drive out to the antelope
valley, shoot at cans.

The safety's on the side.

I wonder if we'll be able
to see halley's comet

out here tonight.


Halley's comet?

It circles earth once every,
like, 75 years or something.

And right now, it's as close

as it's gonna be
until we're, like...

...You know, 150 years old.

Come on, let's keep moving.

This should be it.

-you good?

Yeah, man. I'm fine.

calm your ass down.

-You sure he here?

that's his car.

come on.

Hey, thad.
-Jesus christ!

You scared the shit out of me.

What the hell
took you guys so long?

I'm going fucking crazy
out here, man.

Came as soon as we could.

-All right, who's that?
That's just my guy.

It's peaches, he's my security.

Rolls everywhere with me,
it's all good.

Put that shit away.

Thad, what are you doing?

-What the fuck, man?
Hey, thad, come on, dude.

Lower the gun.

-Come on, man.

-It's me, huh? Come on.
-Lower the gun.

Thank you. Shit.

You're scaring everybody.

Can we go inside, talk?

I'd rather just get my shit
and get out of here.

Yeah, yeah, sure. Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Anybody else know you're here?


No, just you guys.

-All right.
-So what's the plan?

Rob said you got a plane.

I don't really care where we go,

as long as it's far away
from here.


I was thinking maybe
your cia guy

can get me a new passport
or something.


oh, my god.

holy fuck.

Finish him off.

rob, no. Please.

Oh, my god.

-I can't. I can't.
-Come on.

Oh, fuck.

Rob, don't. No, no, no.

Rob. Please, please.

Rob, no, no, no.

No. Please, please, rob. Don't.

Please, don't. Don't.

Rob, please.

No, please. Please.
Rob, no, no, no.

No, no, no. Please,
please, rob. Don't...

Right here.


You did good.

Shit couldn't have gone down
any other way.

One last night, right?

Got to make it count.

hey, beautiful.

It's almost 11:00.

yeah, late night.

do I want to know?

No. Probably not.

Well, now I need to.

it's just a friend of mine
I went to high school with,

got into some trouble,
needed a little help.

It's all good.

You okay?

what ring's that?

It's my first stone.


I bought it when I decided
I didn't want

my mom's energy around anymore,

but I didn't quite know
how to tell her.

Why do I feel like you about

to hit me with some bad news?


It's not bad.

Listen, I know you didn't bust
your ass,

make it all the way
through law school,

just to be some housewife.

Some things will change.

Everything will change
if we have this baby, franklin.

Yes, I know.

But you can still have
the life that you want.

I believe you.

I do.

I love you, franklin.

Even though having this child
is nowhere in my five year plan.

I know this baby
will be amazing.

That a higher power put this
in our lives for a reason.

But I need you to hear me.

I will not accept a life
that does not support

this child in every way.

-And your other life...
-Is ending.

- Okay.

Come here.

90% of how I spend my time now

is being in real estate
with you.

Grady's on our side,
in legit business with us.

He ain't gonna want anything bad
to happen to us.

Hmm. But until then,
you can't control it.

Neither can I.

I have to accept that.

Make my peace with it.

And I have.

I need you to swear to me

that until the day comes
you can walk away,

you will do everything you have
to do to make sure our baby,

this family,

is safe and protected.

wish we could find that comet.

It's got to be
out here somewhere.

What it look like?

I think it's, like,
a bright spot

-with a tail behind it.
-A tail?

Think I read it was supposed
to be in the southern sky.

That way.

Oh, wow.

I think I see it.

Yeah? Where?

It's right there. See?
Just behind that...

I'm gonna do whatever it takes.


Spotted it during my flight
on Saturday.

I want to build us a compound.

A place for us to start
our legacy.

But I need to know
I have your loyalty, v.

baby, of course.

I'm serious.

You know, people I loved
told me they had my back

and then stabbed me in it.

But you see, the thing is,
all those people today,

they're all gone.

What you had, that predates me.

What you need from me now,

that's yours.

♪ ♪

♪some people think
they jive me ♪

♪but I know
they must be crazy ♪

♪don't see they misfortune? ♪

♪guess they just too lazy ♪

♪je suis the grand zombie ♪

♪my yellow belt of choison ♪

♪ain't afraid of no tomcat ♪

♪fill my brains with poison ♪

♪walk through the fire ♪

♪fly through the smoke ♪

♪see my enemy ♪

♪at the end of they rope ♪

♪walk on pins and needles ♪

♪see what they can do ♪

♪walk on gilded splinters ♪

♪with the king of the zulu ♪

♪kon kon, the kiddy kon kon ♪

♪walk on gilded splinters ♪

♪kon... ♪