Snowfall (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - All The Way Down - full transcript

..., I'm running a piece of

I've been seeing
the changes, like you.

One of manboy's

fuckheads lost it.

Y'all really trying

to stay here in harm's way?
For what?

Stubborn fucking pride?

We didn't run the first time
you came to us with this,

- and we ain't running now.
- Fix this.

Hear about the san pedro shoots?

- I can get you all the players.
- What's in it for you?

They're bad for business.

They got rock, cash
and the shooters

- from the san pedro thing.
- They got people

up and down the block
and on the roof.

Don't bother us again
with this bullshit.

Tell franklin if he ever
tries to set me up again,

he's not the only one
getting hurt.

Now, you got something
to say to my boy,

you tell him yourself.

$100,000 a week
sounds fair to me.

That's highway robbery.

All we're asking is that
you look the other direction.

It costs a lot
for me to turn my head.


What are you doing?

What do you think?

I think you're gonna
get yourself killed.

handle this. Not this way.


Not hungry?

Stomach's not feeling so good.

Stress will do that.

- It's a killer.
- Yeah.

And it's also not helped

by you showing up
to my father's shelter,

getting in his face.

You tried to have me killed.

No. I gave you good money
to handle a job if you could.

You ain't like it. It's fine.

But don't you ever...

Ever come after my family again.

We clear?

Or what? Hmm?

The fuck are you gonna do?

You can have that if you want.

Now, there's a couple
things you're forgetting.

Me, forget?

- Yeah.
- You see, you seem to think

you have something on me.

Maybe you did four months ago.

But instead,
you decided to take the money.

Take what you're getting,

do your job

and please, shut the fuck up.

Have a nice night,
officer nixon.



Who were they?

Mexican intelligence.



You called the dfs on me?

To stop you from being a fool.

And to help us

get fuentes.

And why the dfs would help us?

Because I'm not a drug dealer,

I'm with the cia.

Which means
that you are now, too.

You want to get the men
who killed hernan or not?

♪ We allowed the days
to come tomorrow ♪

♪ been so hard for me
to get along... ♪

Oh, better make that two.

- Doubles.
- Okay.

♪ I don't understand... ♪

If I'm gonna talk to press,
I need fortification.

Am I that scary?

"Scary" is a loaded .45
in a killer's hand.

Talking to a reporter

is more like
40 days and 40 nights.

Then why'd you come?

I want to see
franklin saint in prison.

♪ Alone. ♪

His aunt

filed a lawsuit for damages
caused to their house

from what she claimed was
an illegal search and seizure.

There was something, also,
about the use of excessive force

when they took her in
for questioning.

It didn't stop andre.

Even after they suspended him,

he still continued on
with the investigation.

- Questioning about what?
- He thought that she had

something to do with the death
of her girlfriend,

- claudia lewis.
- Did she?

It's not the aunt
that bothers me.

It's how franklin skipped out
on a murder charge.

What murder charge?

He killed his best friend.

Kevin something.

We had an eyewitness.

A dea agent.

It should've been ironclad.

- There's no record of any of this.
- There has to be.

You-you must've missed it.

This is me you're talking to.

There's no record,
sealed or otherwise.

That's impossible.

Okay, I was there, okay?

We brought him in ourselves.

He was arraigned,

denied bail...

You're really telling me
there is... There's no record

of any of that?

♪ What ever happened to you,
to you? ♪

I ain't scared of nothing.

Just don't want to be
no goddamn sellout.

There she is.

How you doing, mrs. Mosley?


Franklin saint.

Ah. Lj, look.

Hey, boy.

Haven't seen you in years.

Well, it's actually been
a few months,

but it feels that long.

So, how are you?
How's your mother?

Uh, she's fine. Yeah.
Better than ever.

So, um, can I help you
with something,

or are you just here to browse?

Uh, no, actually.

I have some things
I wanted to discuss.

Oh. Well, what's that?

Can we sit?

I heard about the problems
you been getting from the city.

Thank you.

People trying
to tear down this block.

It's a real tragedy.

This bookstore has been
a symbol of hope

and knowledge
in this neighborhood.

That's exactly why
I'm here, sir.

My mother and I,
we have an investment group

that's gonna keep black
businesses in black hands.

I talked to her, and she said
if the two of you agree,

maybe we can come up with a plan
to help save your store.

You mean get the city
off our back,

and lj and me can stay?


The gooch quit? How come?

He said he's trying
to get back into lacc,

but that nigga just scared
is all.

- Scared of what?
- Shit. Everybody think skully after us

after the shit frank did.

We gave them motherfuckers guns.

Skully crazy.
They say he got a bazooka and shit.

And the weak-ass

- is hardly doing shit.
- Whoa.

They taking our hard-earned
money for nothing.

These niggas think
they can take our money

with rock they dig out
of their dirty ass.

Bitch, I will fuck...

Don't come for me...
Yeah, you stupid-ass punk nigga.

- Wanda.
- I will kick you

in your nuts, have you humped
over like a ho.

- Wanda?
- What?

The fuck is wrong with you, huh?

You know
these niggas don't play.

Hey, lee.

I'm in pain.

It's-it's this cheap-ass rock
you selling us.

What happened to you?

What happened to us, baby?

I got to go, all right?

Just try to act right.


It was good seeing you, lee.

♪ ...Dogfight,
I'm the commander ♪

♪ you nothin' but a rookie,
ain't no hair on my chest ♪

♪ but I'm one tough cookie. ♪

- Bam! Bam! Bam!
- Bam, nigga.

Killer jerome in the building.

You should have seen
your man out there,

sprayin' niggas like he was
baby faced nilton.

I think you mean "nelson."

Ain't nothing baby-faced
about me.

Right. You look old as hell.

You yellow bastard.

Hey, shit was crazy
out there, though, huh?

Everybody shootin',
bullet's whizzin'.

Felt like I was in vietnam.

Except for your boy franklin.

Everybody got to fighting,
and that dude ran off

with that egg salad white boy.

Good. That's a good one.

Hey, look, man,
I remember shit being fine

when it was just us three
doing business.

Franklin get back,
shit get shaky.

You don't know what
you're talking about.


- Mrs. Saint.
- Yes.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Follow me, please.

Mrs. Saint.

- It is an honor.
- Please call me cissy.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

It was quite a surprise
to receive your donation.

And we thank you.
Both the mayor and I.

Well, I'm just glad that we were
in a position to help out.

You know, willy tells me
that you had something

you wanted to discuss.

Yes. I... um, actually,
my son and I

bought the fundraising table
for two reasons.

First, we love mayor bradley,
and want to keep him

right where he is.

And second...

To get your attention.

Oh, well, you've got it.

Though I'm still
a little uncertain as to

how I even came to yours.

I've been working in real estate
for 17 years.

Your name has continually
come up

in connection with large...

Very large deals
in real estate development

and local politics.

When you back a project,

city council almost always
votes your way.

Well, that's just a lifetime
of cultivating relationships

that have the potential
to move business forward.

That's exactly why I'm here.

I think I may be able
to help you.

Oh? How so, exactly?

In the last year,
my son and I have been

acquiring commercial properties

- in south central los angeles.
- Mm.

As you well know, in order
to maximize a property's value,

it's essential to understand
the comps

and the competition.

Four years ago, your company,

backed mostly by bank loans,

started buying up properties
in leimert park.

Building what you called
the eastside business complex.

But you underestimated
local resistance,

and despite your connections,

the process has been
dragging on.

You've been hemorrhaging cash
to the tune of about 13%

while you try to push
the final few holdouts

out of your way.

And I'll bet you're here
dangling your son's drug money

to bail me out.

Hmm? Is that it?

My son is no longer
in that business.

You've come this far,

angling to get yourself
into my business.

So I need to ask you...

What is it you want, cissy?

Is there anything at all
that you want to say?

I guess I should have known.

Yeah, I sort of figured
shipping guns

to central america
would have tipped it.

You know, the good news is
it means you're protected.

Protected by a government

that sells cocaine
to their own people, hmm?

How many people you know kill a
dea agent and get away with it?

I'll stay with you as long as
we kill the people

that killed my family.

Teddy mcdonald?

Teddy mcdonald.

These men crossed the border
yesterday evening at 5:23.

They returned
less than two hours later.

We believe they are the ones
who killed your assets.

You know where they live?

Of course.

Fuentes? The men?


I've been instructed to provide
local support

with some conditions.

No violence here in tijuana.
No executions.

No shooting up private homes
or, say, a police station.

- You know what these people did?
- I do.

What else do you have
on fuentes?

There are a few options.
Ideally, we should isolate him.

This, uh, his house
near san vicente

on the ocean, is it secluded?

Secluded and fortified.

He'll go there
if he feels cornered.

We can use informants,
have word trickle down

that the cia has him
in its sights.

Our intel indicates
he would take men with him

for protection,
likely the same ones

that killed your assets.

Could take a little while
to have word leak.

We do have
some time constraints.

We need to scare him.


Make him run.

My grandmother got this poodle

cost... $500.


Ain't no dog
worth that much.

I'm gonna steal that dog,
I'm gonna sell it,

and we all got rock
for a week.

There's something in my tooth.

Oh, shit!


What's wrong with y'all?

Put it under her pillow.


How could you even consider
doing that, cissy?

We are about to close
on a deal on a property

that the mosleys can use.

You know they were gonna lose
that bookstore

in the end either way.

We're just trying to do
what's right, you know.

What's right is to ask them
what they want.

It's been their store their whole lives.


- Who is it?
- Lapd.

- Evening. Cissy saint here?
- Why?

- It's an arrest warrant.
- Arrest for what?

There's been a complaint.

We're here to bring her in
for some questioning.

A complaint?
What is this about?

Orders are to bring you in,

What is this?
What are you doing?

Put your hands behind your back.

- Orders to bring you in, ma'am.
- What are you doing?

- Get your fuckin' hands off my wife!
- Back off!

A call to prentice,
she'll be out in an hour.

Listen to him, alton.

Let me handle this. Huh?

You're making a big fuckin'

Don't worry about it.
We'll come and get you.

What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?

You can't just take me
out of my house like this.

You need to bring me
to the station,

let me make a phone call.

I have rights.

Just 'cause you carry
a badge and a gun

doesn't give you the right to...

It doesn't give you the right
to misuse people like this!


Get out.

Get out.

- Can you free my hands?
- No.

Where are you taking
me? What do you want?

Stop talking.

He was a good man.

Franklin murdered him.

Your son.


- You okay? Huh?
- I am.

Oh, honey.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Come here.

- What did he do to you?
- He just wanted to scare me.

What'd he say?

Nothing I didn't already know.

Come on.

Finish this deal with davis.

Let's go.

Whatt I don't understand

is why do you have
to buy us out?

Because that way you become
a part of the corporation.

And they lose their leverage.

But where am I gonna be
if it's your store?

It's still gonna be your store,
mr. Mosley.

I'm just giving you money,
like an investment.

Well, how much of an investment
are you talking about?

My mother's authorized me
to pay you twice market value

for the store.

We'll, of course,
assume all your legal fees

and costs for code violations.

I got the cashier's check
right here,

and a contract right here.

You would do all of that for us?

Of course.

You have my word.

This time it's
coming from a cop, henry.

Could be just a mistake.

If the kid hadn't got off,
I might agree.

W-we're talking about
a potential cop killer

who's bringing in millions
a week slinging that poison,

and someone... someone official...
Is protecting him.

Honey, you need to calm down.


Because this is sounding
familiar, that's why.

- Come on.
- You got passion...

What makes you good
at what you do...

But it's got you hurt
in the past.

That's all I'm saying.

Don't want to see you
getting stepped on again.

Will you stay with me tonight?

I can't. I...

Started seeing someone.

Good for you.

Was waiting to tell you

until I knew
it was something real.

It's fine.

Had to happen eventually, right?

I, uh...

...Talked to jane...

...A few days ago.

She got an internship
in the city after graduation,

at j.P. Morgan.


How'd we raise a daughter
decided to be a banker?

There's an answer for that.

Thanks for telling me.

Give her some time.

She'll come around.

You okay?


Jesus, this
guy's a piece of work.

Whoa, whoa, where are you going?
What are you doing?

Relax, güey.

Hey, hey.

Nothing public, remember?

Just gonna check something.

♪ She's never hard
to please, oh, no ♪

♪ that girl is pretty wild now ♪

♪ the girl's a super freak ♪

♪ the kind of girl
you read about ♪

♪ in new-wave magazines ♪

♪ that girl is pretty kinky ♪

♪ the girl's a super freak ♪

♪ I really love to taste her ♪

♪ every time we meet ♪

♪ she's all right,
she's all right ♪

♪ that girl's all right
with me ♪

♪ yeah... ♪

Fuentes is on the move.

They don't know
how many men are with him,

but it's at least two carloads

and they're headed
for the hacienda.

So it worked.

No, it didn't work, man.

'Cause we needed support.
We needed the dfs.

And we wanted the upper hand,
not a dogfight.

And so now
it's just the two of us

against god knows
how many of them are out there.

Should just let you go
in there by yourself,

see how that works out for you.

You are right.
I know you are, but...

I can't help it, amigo.

Nuvia and hernan are dead.

The kids are orphans.

What do you want me to do? Hmm?

Have you ever lost someone
so close?

I know these men have to die.
I know that.

And I'm with you, but listen,

if we go in that house
and we are not on the same page,

we will not make it out alive.
You understand?

I do.

From now on,
I will follow your rules

as long as your rules
make him dead.

One thing you're
gonna have to learn

is that many of our people
are like children.

- They need to be led.
- It's done.

Here's the deed.


I got to ask you
something first.

If it's about your cop problem,
consider it taken care of.

Nah. I was just wondering.

This, um, business complex...

According to my mother,
it's a multimillion dollar deal.

If you were in my position,

if you controlled the paper

to make that deal a reality,

what would you do?

I'd ask for a buy-in
at ten percent.

No, I would demand it.

Demand it.

Listen, why don't we have lunch
next week?

See you soon.

Come on in.

I don't know whose wife
you been fucking

or what pocket you robbed,
but whoever, whatever,

you're out of here
and off the street,

to evidence downtown.

You're joking, right?

Captain? This is bullshit.

Say one word, take one action,

bring one charge
against the department,

and not only will you lose
your job,

you might find yourself
on trial.

Look, I found
some cookbooks in here.

Don't tell
me, after all this time,

you're gonna start cooking.

Why not?

Any news from the city?

You have to move.


I sold the store to paul davis.

You can keep the money
we gave you...

...But the store is gone.

This store has been
in our family for 30 years.

I know. I know.

We've got another property.

It's a bigger one.
It's about a mile away.

We'll give it to you.

You keep your silver, satan.

You know you was gonna lose
the store no matter what, right?

Fuck you, franklin saint.

You have until Friday.

Then you're out.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no.

No, no.

No, no, you-you don't
have to shoot me.

We can, we can
work this out. Huh?

No, no. No, no, no, no.
No, no.

You were
right. The file's gone.

I called over to the dea.

Took a little prodding,
but eventually they told me.

The dea agent, the one
who witnessed the murder,

her name is lorena cardenas.

She's been out of pocket
for months.

Do you mean disappeared?
As in presumed dead?

She'd been working deep cover.

Now, there's some evidence
that she'd crossed over

- and taken off.
- What evidence?

- Honestly, I didn't ask.
- Okay.

If she was undercover,
she had a handler, right?

Who was that?

And-and who'd you talk to
over there?

Maybe we should just
go over together, first thing,

- and... what?
- This is as far as I go, irene.

Okay. I get it.

But... Can you give me anything?

Listen, whatever this is,

okay, people are dying over it,

and other people
are going to lengths

I have never seen
to cover it up.

This is the kind of stuff
that'll get you killed.


The truth beats a bullet
any day of the week.

Tony marino.

He was lorena's handler.

Start there.

Be careful, irene.

Good luck.