Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - The Bottoms - full transcript

Andre lets his guard down as he celebrates the LAPD's victory. Teddy questions Franklin's ability to control his operation, then suffers a setback of his own.

I want to start my fucking
private club!

And I want you to be my partner.

The goal is to only deal with
a few high-level customers.

They buy the coke,
they cook the rock theyselves.

All we gotta do is deliver
and collect.

We lost the property.

It's not one we wanted to lose.

Captain, this is something new.

It's called "rock."

And it's expanding
beyond my neighborhood,

and moving up towards
the Coliseum.

What are you suggesting?

You and me, we at war.

- Your men ready to roll,
- Yes, sir, Lieutenant.

Let's go.
Hook 'em and book 'em!

--Do not move!

- Get your hands off...

Fuck you!

You need to be thinking about
how you're gonna handle Andre.

I know how this feels.

How bad you must want
to get back.

But you can't kill no cop.

I'm talking about the hell

that will be rained down
upon black folks

if that happens.

- Franklin, please, just listen.
- Get the fuck out of here

before I call her back.

...mindset and why detectives

across several states were
unable to share information

that might have
prevented further...

So, where did you find this kid?

Through Avi.

Right, the arms dealer.

Yeah. But before that,
he was buying product off me.

LAPD Chief...

Hey, look, I know you have
a job to do here.

I get that. But...

you have to protect my assets.

You can't share their names
with the D.O.

And you think if you keep
saying it over and over,

it will increase my chances
of listening to you?

Because they won't.

What the hell?

...executed four simultaneous

drug raids on various locations

in the South Central region.

These raids resulted in 14
arrests, as well as the seizure

of over 20 kilograms of
cocaine, rock cocaine,

and a variety of
high-caliber weapons,

including a submachine gun.


At this time, I'd like to
turn it over to the officer

who led the raids,
our own Sergeant Andre Wright.

Andre Wright?

Isn't that the arresting officer
on Saint's murder charge?

...37th Street Division.

These seizures are a huge
victory in our ongoing fight

against dangerous weapons
and drugs.

And we all need to stay
vigilant, united...

- This a problem?
- ...and alert

in our fight against crime.

When we return...

♪ ♪

♪ They call me Big Bad John ♪

Seriously, man,
this is your victory.

You own this.

All right?
So let's give it up, men.

- To Sergeant Wright!


Hey. Two shots of Cuervo,
my man.

Oh, no, no, I'm good.
Thank you.

Oh, the hell you are.
You are taking a shot, Sergeant.

That is an order.

I outrank you.

Not in these parts you don't.

Let's go!

♪ They call me Big Bad John... ♪

- Uh-- Hey!
- Oh.

- Oh, shit.

I'm sorry, honey. Here.

- I got you-- Whoa!
- Excuse me!

Easy, princess.
I said I was sorry.

Yeah, you're a real gentleman.

Why don't you go outside, man?

- Have a smoke.
- What the hell is your problem?

- Get some fresh air.
- All right, all right,
all right, all right.

Hey, I'm so sorry.

Your friend always act
like that?

Uh, he had a few too many,
but, uh,

we're here celebrating.

Yeah, I noticed.

Anyway, I'm really sorry.

What are you celebrating?

You win a softball game
or something?

Yeah. Something like that.

I'm Sheila.

- Andre.
- Mm.

You gonna buy me another drink
or what?

- You're lying!

You're lying.
11 brothers and sisters?

Mm. Yep.

Seven girls, four boys.

Good lord. Oh, man.

I mean, I'm raising one,
and I can barely handle it.

Hey, it made me strong.

I learned how to fend
for myself.

Hey, be gentle with this one.

He's a delicate little flower.

- Get out of here, man!
- Okay.

Let's go, boys!

Sorry about that.

You apologize
for your friend a lot.

He's more of a coworker.
Barely even like the guy.

- Hey, well,
that makes two of us.

Where did you come from?

I sure wish I could
take you home.




Look at this place.

You crooked or something?


- How's a cop afford this?
- Oh, well,

this is a-a splurge, believe me.

But it turns out,

these'll get you
a nice discount.

Why don't you get comfortable.

I'll make us a nightcap.



Oh, sorry.
I'll-I'll come back.


♪ ♪

Mm. Give my love to Estelle.

I will.

- Call me when you land.
- All right.

- Be good, baby girl.
- I will.

Thank you.

You be good to her.

♪ ♪

'Sup, Reed?

What's going on?

What's going on is your business
all over the 5:00 news.

We met up right after that shit
went down last week.

You didn't think
that's worth mentioning?

I didn't want to
trouble you with it.

Oh, that's very considerate
of you, thank you.

They found a fucking Uzi
on one of your guys.

That tends to get
people's attention.

This the business we in, Reed.

I've come to learn that shit's
just gonna happen.

You familiar with
the Dade County shootout?

Few years ago, Miami.

Cubans, Colombians decided
they were gonna

shoot it out midday
in a crowded shopping center.

Now, the cops found
an armored car disguised

as a party truck,
assault weapons, ammunition

all over the parking lot.

And it changed everything
because it brought

the federal government out
in force.

That was the beginning of the
end of the easy cocaine days

- in South Florida.
- Yeah, but...

Come on, man, it was one Uzi.

You're overthinking this shit.

Am I?


You know the cop that led
the raid, Sergeant Wright?

He's trying to get your
case file unsealed.


He's from my neighborhood.

Known him my whole life.

Things have got
a bit personal lately,

- but again, I'm handling it.
- How?

Seems it might be better
if you didn't know.

Look, you can be involved
if you really want.

But it'd be better for everyone
if you just trust me.



I'll be in touch soon
about next week's drop.

Hey, Franklin?

Good luck.

Terrence in Gardena's
good for ten.

All right.

Uh, Mookie said he can move
about five a week,

maybe more, depending.

All right, cool.

So it's about 80 a week.

What about Inglewood?

What? Ain't nobody got
no connects in Inglewood?

Ain't nothing going through
no goddamn Inglewood...

without Skully.

Skully. And?

And we ain't got no connections
with Skully.

Well, we kind of do.

- Shut up, nigga.
- What?

- Nigga, we do.
- What you talking about,


His sister is Skully's baby
mama. They stay in The Bottoms.

Well, ain't that something.

Leon, I need you
to link up with Manboy,

- go handle that shit.
- Hell no.

Hey, that shit
with Wanda's been dealt with.

Okay? I ain't asking you

to be that nigga's best friend,
but this is business,

and I need you
to handle this shit.

- All right?
- All right.


All right, that's it for now.
Let's make this money.

- Hey, nephew.

Hey, man.
Let me talk to you for a minute.

Can it wait?

Got to go see my moms, man,
already late.


How you feeling?

Looks worse than it is.

Go on, man.

All right.

- I'm-a talk to you later.
- Yeah.

Come in when you're done,

It's not a good look,

- Sergeant.
- The only thing that makes sense

is that she drugged me.

So what do you know
about this broad?

- You ever seen her before?
- Can't say I have.

What kind of drugs
were you two taking?

What? No, I wasn't taking drugs.
I was drugged.

Right. Right, sorry.

But, unfortunately,

I'm gonna have to
bump this up to I.A.

- I.A.? For this?
- Yeah, I'm afraid so.

My hands are kind of tied
on this one.

If people see me
making exceptions

for the big TV star,

I mean, how's that gonna look?


- Hold up. You're not eating?
- I'm not hungry.

You worried about the raids?

The shit that happened
with Jerome?

I don't want to talk about that.

You know, all I'm saying
is we good.

You know, there's nothing
that connects us.

What did I say?

All right.

Let's talk real estate, then.

Huh? You find out who outbid us
on that property?

I did.

And you're not gonna believe it.

Where have you been?
I called the department.

- Nobody knew where you were.
- I'm sorry, I...

I'm fine.
I was just with the guys.

- All night?
- Yeah.

I had a few too many
and didn't want to drive,

so I slept on Nix's couch.

Daddy, it's 1:00
in the afternoon.

You couldn't call me?

I know, and I'm sorry.
I wasn't thinking.

I thought something happened
to you. If I had done

something like this,
you would've lost your mind,

-had the whole department
looking for me.
- Because you're a child.

And I'm the man of the house,
and I don't need to be

- interrogated in my own home.
- Well, excuse me for worrying.

--A-Are you hungry?

You want me to fix you
something to eat?

No. I just need
to get some sleep.

Uh... You know you left your bag

sitting on top of the car.

Oh, shit.

♪ ♪

You want to put your eyes
back in your head?

Send them in.

Mr. Tulfowitz will see you now.

Thank you.

Well, there she is.

Hello, Cissy.

--Hello, Arnold.

Franklin, good to see you, son.


It's been a while.

Have a seat. Have a seat,
please. Please, sit down.


to what do I owe the pleasure?

We want to talk to you about
the property on South Avalon.

- Really?
- Yeah.

We're hoping you might
rescind your offer.

You two were hoping
I might rescind my offer?

- Mm-hmm.
- Why would I do that?


of course.

We'll make it worth your while.

You were the other bidder.

You were why I paid 40K

over asking.

Son of a bitch.

And here I was
thinking you were coming in

to beg for your old job back.

No. I work for myself now.

Well, good for you.

Look, we're willing to cut you
a check for $50,000

- just to walk away.
- 50 grand, huh?


we have a vested interest
in the property.

We'd like to build up
the community.

Provide decent housing
for low income families.

Well, that's very commendable,

but if you want it so bad,

why didn't you just make
a better offer?

We would have.
It was a timing issue.

Timing, yeah.
Timing's everything,

- isn't it?
- Look, just name your price

and you can walk away with

a chunk of change
for doing nothing.

Did you guys win the lottery

- or something?

Is there a-a rich uncle
you didn't know about?

- Something like that.
- Well, uh,

I wish I could help you, Cissy,
I really do,

but this-this property,
it-it means a lot to me, too.

You know, you're not
the only ones who care

- about the black community.
- Yeah.

You're a real man of the people.

What's that supposed to mean?

I love the blacks,
you know that.


I worked for you
for a long time.

Long enough to know
all about the payoffs

to Building & Safety,
the asbestos,

the mold that you
just painted over.

You know as well as I do,
those buildings

are a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Well, sweetheart,
if you know me so well,

then you know, uh,

I don't take too kindly
to threats.

And I don't care how much money
you've made snatching hubcaps,

or dealing smack,

or whatever it is that
you people are involved with.

You will never make enough money

to muscle me
out of a fucking deal!

Now get the fuck
out of my office.


- Think that'll do it?
- Absolutely.

- I like his new wig.

How many drinks did you have?

- I don't know. A few.
- How often do you drink?

Not often.

Just special occasions, huh?

Whose decision was it
to go to the hotel?


Was there any money exchanged?

No, she wasn't a prostitute.

You sure about that?

Hey, there's no need for that.

Guys, this was a setup.

I was targeted.
That woman, she drugged me.

The tox screen will prove it.

Targeted? By who?

I just said it, man, the woman.

Is there anybody else who might
have reason to come after you?

I don't know.
I lock up a lot of bad people.

Are you aware that you're named

in three active lawsuits
against the department?

Property damage,
excessive force.

One of them claims that you held
a woman without cause

for 24 hours.

Says that she had to piss
in a wastebasket

- while she was in your custody.
- That was a mistake.

Some might call it
a civil rights violation.

This is bullshit.
I didn't do anything wrong.


Are you gonna do something
or are you just

- gonna sit there and watch?
- Yes.

Can we please keep
the questions limited

to the case at hand?

Damn. I'm a good cop.

Just ask anybody.

Sergeant Wright.

We're just trying to get
a clear picture

of who you are.

Unfortunately, there seems to be

a pattern of questionable
behavior here.

We need to take a look at that.

Watch my motherfucking door,

Shit, you damn near need a horse
to pull this bitch.

Bitch, you're a horse.

Fucking up my suspension.

This some bullshit.

Hey, look, I know
you ain't trying to be here.

I need you to check yourself
before we walk in there.

- Fuck you mean, check myself?
- I mean,

you need to
cheer the fuck up, nigga.

Your little pit bull shit
ain't about to fly

- with Skully.
- Yeah, all right.

You ain't hearing me.
This nigga

is crazy;
anything could set him off.

What you mean, crazy?

Like, I mean, like,
real-life crazy, nigga.

Like, Bellevue.

This motherfucker shermed out.

Been getting wet
since grade school.

So just be cool.

Act like you're at
your mama's house.

- All right?
- Yeah.

♪ Egypt ♪

♪ Egypt, Egypt ♪

Is Skully here?

He's expecting us.

♪ Egyptian Lover... ♪

Yo, Skull.

What's up?

Some little homies here.


- What's up, my brother?
- What's happening?

Oh, shit, get your ass
up in here.

Hey, that's the homie, Leon.

What's happening, little man?

Right there is Fatback.

What's happening, big dawg?

Look at you, nigga.
What, you been lifting?

- Little bit, little bit.
- I can see, nigga.

Looking all swole and shit, man.

Have a seat.

- Have a seat.
- All right.


So, uh...

I hear you niggas looking
to move some weight, man.

Yeah, they got
a real good connect.

- Best shit I've ever seen.
- Yeah?

That's what I heard.

Streets is talking.

♪ Egypt, Egypt ♪

How much are we talking?

15 a key.

Goddamn. Y'all niggas
doing it like that?

Yeah. We are.

Okay, well, we get it
from the eses for nine.

But all that's stepped on.
Our shit is pure.

♪ The Egyptian Lover ♪

♪ Sexy Senior, it's not just ♪

♪ A name, it's an adventure ♪

♪ I mix so fast,
I scratch so sweet... ♪

Check this shit out.

♪ There's not another DJ ♪

♪ On earth who can compete ♪

♪ You know it ♪

♪ I want you ♪

♪ Egyptian Lover ♪


For real?

Okay, okay.


- Hey, y'all heard that?
- Nigga, can't nobody

hear shit over this music.

Turn that shit down.

You ain't hear that shit?

What is it?


Didn't I tell you
to shut the fuck up?

--Shut your bitch-ass mouth!

--Bitch, don't even breathe!

Do you understand me?
Fuck your life!

Punk-ass motherfucker.
Shut up now.

Cut that shit back on.

♪ Total female population... ♪

I love this shit!

- ♪ I don't care
about my reputation ♪

♪ Give me a freaky,
kinky nation ♪

♪ With a total female
population ♪

♪ I can deal
with that situation ♪

♪ I don't care
about my reputation ♪

♪ I'm the Egyptian Lover ♪

♪ Sexy Senior ♪

- That's my shit!
- ♪ It's not just a name ♪

♪ It's an adventure ♪

--♪ I mix so fast ♪

♪ I scratch so sweet... ♪

So how much weight we talking?

♪ Who can compete. ♪

Any idea how your husband

got the kid's case tossed?


The DEA agent
who witnessed the shooting

recanted her statement.

I got to hand it to him.

Teddy's doing
a better job than I thought.

From where I'm standing,
we're exposed

in a million different ways
on this.

Order up.

Every one of his assets
is totally disposable.

This black kid, the Israeli,
the Mexicans.

Any of them ever go public,
no one would ever believe 'em.

I guess Teddy's
disposable, too, huh?

That's how he sold us
on letting him

run with this thing
in the first place.

So, how long...

before you know
all the principals,

can start running them?

It's hard to say.

He still trusts you, right?


Yeah, he trusts me.

Motherfucker had a hostage
chained up in the bathroom.

- And a grenade.
- A grenade?

Yeah, nigga, a grenade
sitting right there

on the fucking coffee table.

Well, what y'all
looking at me for?

Told you he was crazy.

The cost to do business
in Inglewood.

How much weight can he move?

Said he want 20 birds a week.


20 keys sound great till you the
nigga tied up in the bathroom.

- You think you can handle him?
- I can handle it.


Make it work.


Lee, got to get to my mom's.

Come on.

Melody, yo, open up.

Now, you know we don't do
locked doors in this house.

Uh, just one second.

Pack your bags.
You're leaving in two days.

Two days? What you mean?
I thought we were driving?

Change of plans, all right?

You're gonna be staying
with your Aunt Bernice

- until the dorms open up.
- But I don't even know her.

Well, this will be
your opportunity to change that.

But why, Daddy?
This don't make no sense.

Look, I don't want to argue,
I don't want to argue.

I made a decision. Now, you best
get your bags packed

and say your goodbyes.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ There's demonstrations ♪

♪ And demonstrations ♪

♪ Listen to the weathermen... ♪

♪ They're not saying anything ♪

♪ They're tripping flags
for you ♪

♪ This crazy face for you ♪

♪ You don't have
a point of view... ♪

You got a page.

♪ You don't have to say you do ♪

♪ No tears ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ Colors ♪

♪ Yeah. ♪


Cocaine never dropped, amigo.


At the farm in Sinaloa,
people waited all day.


Look, it's probably just
a miscommunication.

Let me check
with the Colombians.

I'll get back to you.


All right.

What's up?

♪ Call it interaction ♪

♪ Caused by human beings ♪

♪ And feel the extraction ♪

♪ Our minds in harmony... ♪

Ah, my friend. Please.

- Hola.
- Join us.

Hello. Mind if we talk
in private?

Really? Always business
with you, brother?

Uh, sorry.


Adiós, mamacita.

Thank you.

I love that.
I love that.

♪ ♪

Where is Matt and the DEA girl?

Uh, we're not gonna be
working together anymore.

That's too bad. I liked them.

- Should I be worried, brother?
- Oh, no.

- You have nothing
to worry about. No.
- Sure?

- I promise.
- Okay.

Do you want a line?

- Oh, no, thank you. I'm good.
- I insist.

- Really, I'm good.
- Do the fucking line.

♪ ♪


The other side.

Para emparejar, papi.

Good, right?





- You like this place?
- Sure.

Listen, we got to talk...
about the drops.

My people in Mexico
have been waiting.

It was supposed to arrive
two days ago.

Where's my club?

- Sorry, what?
- My club.

Sorry, our club.

Rigo and Reed's.

Oh, right. That's...
no, I'm working on that.

I mean, is that why
you're not making the drops?

I'll resume the drops
when you get me my fucking club.

Uh... Okay, Jesus.

Rigo, listen,
I'm, I'm working on it.

It's just gonna take me
a little longer, you know?

I'm looking for the right place.

I already found it.

Helena's, on, on...
on Temple Street?

- Helena's?
- Where Jack Nicholson hangs out.

That's the fucking club I want.

Great, yeah. That's, you know,
it's gonna be tough,

but that's-- yeah,
I'll-I'll check on that.

In the meantime...

...could you please start
making the drops again?

No club, no cocaine, hermano.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


You okay?


You were talking in your sleep.

Oh, yeah?

What'd I say?

You said "Wait."

Tulfowitz pulled out.

Got the call today.

The building's ours.

That's great.



Come on, Mama.

That man treated you
like a slave for 15 years.

Took advantage of good,
honest people.

Shit, he sent men over here
to mess us up,

and we took care of them.

You mean to tell me
it don't feel great

to put that asshole
in his place?

- Franklin...
- Come on.

I mean, even just a little bit.

Just the tiniest bit great, huh?

--Boy, get out my face.


We did it.

You did it.

Later, Mama.

- How'd it go?
- Not great. Not great.

Could've been, you know,
could've been better, but

it's like...
Here's the thing I realized.

These people, they don't want
to listen to reason,

so you can't reason with them.

Like, I don't even know
why I'm surprised.

What am I surprised about, even?

I should just be relieved
that he didn't try

- to force me to do more cocaine.
- You did cocaine?

Mm. I did cocaine.

I did cocaine.

I mean, I didn't want to, but
he insisted, and I'm... like,

I'm sitting there,
and I'm thinking, you know,

if-if that's
what it's gonna take to get

the drops back on, then, yeah,
I'll do the fucking cocaine.

- So the drops are back on?
- No!

The-the drops are not back on,
Julia, that's what I'm saying.

- Are you listening to me?
- I'm listening to you.

Calm down. Jesus, take a breath.



I know that I said
that I didn't want you

to meet with the Colombians,
but I do think

-that I'm gonna need
your help on this.
- Sure.

I... That's what I'm here for.

What do you need?

What do you know
about nightclubs?

- What's wrong?
- My daddy acting crazy.

He's sending me to Spelman
this weekend.

- How come?
- I don't know.

- Well, ask him.
- Hey, One Time!

The fuck you doing here, bitch?

- "Bitch"?
- You know your daddy
and the rest

of them pigs snatched up
my cousin, fucked up his house.

- What you got to say about that?
- Stop tripping,

You know she ain't got nothing

- to do with that.
- The fuck she don't.

I'm gonna go.

- Hey, I'm talking to you!
- Shon-Shon...

Don't walk away from me.

I ain't doing this with you,

- Yes, you is.
- What?

- What the fuck?
- Bitch!

You want one?

Nah, I'm good.

- Look...
- Before you say anything,

I just want to say
I appreciate you.

I know, a lot of people
take a beating like that,

they want out the game.

I'm concerned
about my shop, nephew.

I put a lot of money in that
thing. I need it to work out.

You and Cissy,
you got the real estate thing.

Louie got the club.

Jammin' Jeromes?

That's my shit.

Need to give it
my full attention.

Can't be no old nigga

out here slinging rocks
on the block, man.

Man, that's why I'm trying to
get this wholesale thing going.

So we can make that money and
never have to be on the street.

I.A. first, then we'll expand.

Detroit, New York, Chicago.

Making money
and staying in the house.

Like them
white motherfuckers do. Huh?

- We ain't no goddamn
white motherfuckers.
- Listen, Unc.

We close, so close,
but we're not there yet.

And I need you in this with me.

All right?

I remember when you were
selling dime bags of shake.

Yeah, that I got from you.

We gonna be all right.

I got you.

What's up, Sarge?

What are you doing out here?

Rat Squad go hard on you
or what?

I'm suspended.

Fucking Todd,
that piece of shit.

I need you to do something
for me, Nix.

Name it.

I'm gonna bury Franklin Saint.

About fucking time.

What are you thinking?

Can't plant evidence on him.

Kid's got somebody up high
protecting him.

And everybody knows
I'm gunning for him,

so we got to tread lightly.

I'm-a need you to find out
where he lays his head.

He's not staying with his uncle
or his mama anymore.

I can do that. Then what?

Then get your wife and kids
out of town

for a couple of days,
and we go to work.

♪ ♪