Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Cash and Carry - full transcript

Franklin puts his new business plan into motion, then takes a business trip with Avi. Teddy and Julia work hard to forge new alliances in Costa Rica. Gustavo struggles to learn how to work with his new Mexican partner.

- Teddy, it's just me.
- Whoa! Whoa!

The Sandinistas have
found a way to track

our movements out of Honduras.

So we move it south. Costa Rica.
We may have some support there.

A former operative, he has an airstrip.

- Off the grid.
- You're okay?

Doing this with me?

This isn't about us.

I think Teddy's gonna reroute
the coke through Lucia's farm.

I'm finally gonna get those fuckers.

I don't know what to do with my money.

The best kind of problems.

Let me talk to some of my contacts,

see what I can do.

- Sure you're okay, Avi?
- The longer you live,

the more mistakes you make.

I'm-a get you two birds, untouched.

You gonna cook it
yourself, rock it yourself,

cut it yourself.

From here on out, the goal

is to only deal with a
few high-level customers.

So start thinking about
who you want to bring in.

All right, y'all.

These are the territories

of the people we can trust.

What we need all them for?

To put us in touch with the
people moving drugs now.

There's a woman in San Bernardino

named Bernadette Burns.

Sells every pill under the sun,
got a cop in every pocket.

Then there's, uh, what, Spitter?

Over there in Hawthorne.

He used to sell that H, but...

he might be willing to switch it up.

Well, how we gonna control
the flow that far from here?

That's the beauty of it, Lee.

We don't have to.

They buy the coke, they
cook the rock they sell,

- so all we got to do is deliver and collect.
- All right,

and what happens when
one of them motherfuckers

- try to cut into our territory?
- Then, my brother,

you do what you do. Huh?

Hey, we done here?

You buying speakers? This is a goddamn

place of business, ain't
no goddamn clubhouse.

White boy out front.

All right, y'all, we gonna take a break.

Look at this place.

Jamming Jeromes.

Who knew you were all

so enterprising?

'Sup, Avi?

Trying to upgrade your system?

I might.

But right now, we
need to go to the bank.

It's after 3 o' clock, man.
Bank's closed.

For big-time entrepreneurs
of international commerce,

banks are never closed.

At least not where we're going.

This is what you wanted, yes?

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah?

- Then let's go.
- Right now?

I've made appointments, Franklin.

These people need to trust you.

Yeah, well, I ain't
got that kind of money

sitting in my pocket.

I need to go get it.

Yeah, yeah.

Of course. We'll take you.

Nah, you and the Hardy
Boys'll stay here.

I'll be back in about half an hour.

Franklin, this is no
small-time street corner shit.

It's got to be at least 1.5
million for these people.

♪ Snowfall 3x03 ♪
Cash and Carry

What? What's the problem?

Just trying to get my bearings.

You know, these maps
are not always reliable,

and the terrain changes all the time.

You better not get us lost up here.

Yep, that's not likely,

considering the only direction

we really got to worry about's up.

That's always been your problem.


Paying so much attention to detail

that you miss the larger picture.

Larger picture's not gonna mean shit

if we're walking into trouble.

Kim gave the go-ahead
to our man in San Jose.

Oh, great.

Is your contact working with the CIA?

You trust him?

Champagne, Captain?

No, thank you. We are soldiers,

not rock and roll stars or gunrunners.


Here's to you...

... for breaking your cherry

in international banking.

Glad to see you in a
better mood than last time.


makes me happy, dear Franklin,

to know I was right about you.

Right about what?

That you're a mensch.

And here we are, on top of the world.

They won't bite.

Hey, y'all.

I'm Bobby Kim, but around
here, they call me BobBob.

Hey, BobBob.

I'm Julia.

This is Teddy.


You're a little ways
from home, aren't you?

Assuming you being here means
the United States government

needs our airstrip.

What makes you say that?

What else could you want?

We don't have any uranium.

Few hundred miles north of here,

people are fighting for their freedom.

And if we don't arm
them, they will lose.

And only our little tribe can save them?

You know how important an
access like yours can be.


You're wondering about these men.

Nota and Anhil killed a man

because Nota wanted to take his wife.

For this crime, they'll
be burned at sunset.

Do you have a problem with that?

No. No problem.


So, now you know what
we do with our criminals.

Let's go down to my place,

and we'll see how you measure up.

Let's go.


They got you making drops now?

I'm over distribution, Boy.

You always work with me.

No disrespect, little homey.

Not if you got what I need.

Yeah, nice, girl.

Hey, Wanda!

What the fuck is this bullshit?!

Hey, Lee.

- You fucking bitch.
- Look at this nigga over here crying

'cause he can't keep his
bitch off a better man's pipe.

Who the fuck you talking to, nigga?!

Who you fucking talking to?

Grab this nigga, man!

- Fuck you, nigga!
- Nigga, relax!

Calm the fuck down.

Here we go trying to
make your stupid ass rich,

and you got a fucking spy
giving our recipe, nigga?

Probably set up my truck, nigga?!

Fuck you! And fuck you, too, bitch!

I miss you, too, Leon.

Hey, we out. Shit.

- Bye, Lee.
- Shut the fuck up!

You done messed up, girl.

I told you to stay your ass
in the back when he was here.

Yeah, but you didn't
tell me he was here.

Bitch, I said his fucking name!

Sorry, I didn't hear you.


- Ah, welcome back, Mr. Drexler.
- 'Sup, man. Hey.

- May I take your bags, señor?
- Hola.

Sí, señor.



Why don't you get cleaned up,

and I'll meet you downstairs at the bar?

No, my duffel bags don't drink.

Then dinner maybe?

They don't eat, either.

This place got room service?

Are you planning to spend
the whole time in this room?

Not if we go to the
bank before dinner, Avi.

The vice president we need
to see can't make it today.

- We'll go some time tomorrow.
- Wait. Hold up.

Thought you said the banks are
always open for people like us.

Something came up. He
had to go out of town.

Just for the night.

I'll have his secretary
give us an exact time.

Maybe then you'll be relaxed, huh?

Ain't there some other bank
officer we could talk to?

No. Mr. Castallan is the man for you.


One thing I've learned
over the many years I've lived:

if you don't enjoy life
today, you never will.

Avi, you know what I got up here, right?

Your money's safe.

Oh, yeah? How you figure that?

Hold on.

Avi sent me to guard the
room so you can go downstairs.

What's in the box?

Your money will be safe.

Raw pigs' brain is a delicacy only eaten

fresh out of the skull on celebratory

and somber occasions.


I heard some of the
people call you "Dima"?

You're good with language.

Yes, Dima. It means crocodile.

Why do they call you that?

My job in your language is procurer.

The name "Dima" means...

that I get what I hunt for.

- And what is it that you hunt?
- Medicine.

Clothes. Things that
make our lives easier.

Using our plane and refueling stations,

we travel the Caribbean

getting what we need
by moving contraband.

The CIA has taught me many skills.

I read your file.

It didn't say why you left the Agency.

Well, at first, I was a patriot.

And after that,

there was innocent blood on my hands.

And then, finally, I was alone.

We've also sacrificed everything

to remain faithful to a cause.

And, yes, we need your landing strip

to provide weapons and supplies
to those who need our help.

For your Contras in Nicaragua.

We'll need to expand the landing strip

to accommodate larger planes.


Tell me why you fight this war.

To free the people of Nicaragua,

stop the spread of communism.

You really believe you can
just hand a man his freedom,

like a coconut?

Oh! Franklin! Come here!

Yeah, I love Franklin.

This is Franklin, pretty ladies.

When I met this guy, well,

he was a kid trying
to make a few dollars.

In less than a year,
he became a millionaire,

running his... gang like a big business.

Ain't that right, Franklin?

I watched you grow from a schoolboy

- to big-boss millionaire.
- Excuse me.


What happened?


You speak English?

I mean, I speak some Spanish.

I understand you.


Well, um, I just saw
you and wanted to speak.

I mean, I-I saw you
with the flowers today, right?

Yes. I supply and arrange flowers

for four hotels in the city.

Wow. They're beautiful.

So, um,

would you like to join us?

Your friends are not my type.


We could get a different table.

Thank you for your hospitality.

It's been a long day.

We could probably use some rest.

So we'll talk some more in the morning?

I'm afraid we're just getting started.

What is this?

The tea brings the inner man out.

But first, your body purges itself.

The robes are so you
won't soil your clothes.

- We didn't come here to get high.
- It's part of the ritual.

Every adult present must drink
the tea to honor the dead.

You honor criminals?

We honor life.

And if you want to work with us,
you must share in our rituals.

How you doing?

For a while there...

For a while there,
it felt like I was gonna die.

But I think it's getting better.

What about you?

I'm good now.

Almost good.



Chingada madre.

- What?
- What time we going to the bank?

- Franklin?
- What time?

The secretary hasn't got back to me yet.

I mean... we'll go probably today,

maybe tomorrow.


This ain't no damn vacation.


I need you to go down
and do something for me.

The fuck you mean you
ain't give Manboy his coke?!

Louie, I just don't do fucking
business with niggas like that!

All right? He lucky I
didn't put a cap in his ass.

Lee, this ain't about you.

This about all of us.

Franklin and me and everybody.

This is motherfucking business,

and you acting like a
bitch with six sore tits!

Oh, I ain't got to hear that bullshit.

Peaches, I need you.


- No, gracias.
- Mm.


Ooh-wee, Louie.

Damn, mama, you so fine.

I could eat your ass with a spoon.


I understand you and Leon
got some kind of problem.

You mean Leon got a problem.

Leon always ran hot.

Got a Napoleon complex.

But if y'all want to
do serious business,

I suggest you get your
fucking boy in line.

Look like to me Leon
trying to do business

and then he see the woman
that gave you our recipe

and our route.

You lucky he ain't shoot you.

I mean, I can't help it
if Wanda see the benefits

in being with a nigga like myself.

Give it to him.

Two birds.

Why the fuck they call you Manboy?

'Cause I was a full-grown man

when I was still just a little boy.


Let's go.

Let's get the fuck up out of here.


Where Leon?

He ain't want to come?

Tell him I say hey.

We should've killed you
when we had the chance.

I don't know what you blaming me for.

Kevin's the one sold the
recipe to the Mexicans.


They told me about Claudia.

That's just too bad.

Bitch, I'm-a...

- Oh!
- Hey, hey, hey.

Wait here.

You forget something?

You got to get rid of Wanda.

Get rid of her?

If you want our product,

our business,

you throw that bitch to
the motherfucking curb.




Where have you been?

What are you, my mom?

Where's the money?

Ximena, she had a contact

at the Banco De Panama Internationale.

Put my money in there.

Good, right?

Why would you do that?

Why wouldn't I do that?
Came here to look for a bank,

didn't I? Now I got one.

I had plans for you.

I made arrangements.

- Arrangements?
- Yes, arrangements.

Come on, Avi.

You want to admit what
this shit really about?


An official in the Israeli
government is blackmailing me,

bleeding me fucking dry.

Because of that, I can't
pay Reed's gunrunners.

- Blackmailing you for what?
- Doesn't matter.

What matters is,

if I can't pay my arms supplier,

Reed's gonna dump me.

My enemies gonna kill me.

So you're gonna steal from me?

I was gonna borrow from you...

just enough to cover the debt

and pay you back with interest

before you even knew the
money was fucking missing.

You know, if my people knew about this,

I'd have to kill you.


if one of my people did this...

I'd kill them.

I'm already dead.

You understand?

What's the bare minimum you need?

$1.5 million.

I could get by with maybe a million.

A million.

Okay. At six percent a week.

- What? A week?
- Yeah.

That's the going rate
at the Bank of Saint.

Take it or leave it.

Two weeks is all I need.


Let's go get your money.

Where are you going?

Oh, the money's upstairs.


Those duffel bags are
full of sheets and linen.

I had Ximena take out a second room.

In it there's a million for you

and another million for
you to help me deposit.


Come on.

How long have you been standing there?

I don't carry a watch anymore.

What did you dream?

There was a man...

chained to a sinking boat...

on a shark-infested shore.

Then I threw him the key.

When he reached for it, it
slipped between his fingers...

and fell in the water.

Come, let me show you something.

We will need medical supplies.

25 M16 rifles with ammunition,

a Cessna 441 Conquest II,

and 10,000 American dollars a month.

Yeah, we can have our construction crews

on the ground by a week from today.

They'll only work at night. And then...

You know, you and Julia
want different things.

Wh-What does that mean?

We, you and I...

we're not in this for ourselves, Teddy.

We are more than patriotic

because we are willing
to die and even worse,

to suffer and destroy, for the cause.

In the end...

we expect pain and death.


Even insanity.

And Julia?

She believes in a higher calling,

a truth that does not allow
for failure or weakness.

She will never truly
understand men like us.

Just put it in my head.

There's no reason to suffer.

Give me the radio.

The radio.

Please, please, no. I'm not fucking...

Yeah, I told her ass she was cut off

- and had to move out.
- No, no, no, no.

Please. Stop. I'm not fucking...

- Wanda!
- Please.

- You outta here.
- No, you can't kick me out.

I ain't got nowhere to go.

Please, come on, baby.

I gave you the recipe.

I showed you how Franklin
and them do business.

- And you had a free ride till now.
- I know.

The motherfuckers don't want
you here, so you got to go.

No, no, no, Manboy, no!

Don't do it!

Stop, no, Manboy!

Stop! No! No.


- No.
- Bitch, you better get

the fuck outta here before you get hurt.

Fuck you, you little dick nigga.

I know why they really call you man-boy.

Move. Move.

What you talking?

What's all that shit you talking?

Talk that shit now.

What's all that shit
you was talking, huh?

Fuck, there's witnesses,
man. There's witnesses, man.

This rockhead bitch ain't worth it.

You talkin' that shit,
huh? Talk that shit?

Come on, man!

Come on!

The fuck off me, nigga!

Good to have you back.


What happened to Avi?

Uh... told him to get his own ride home.

Huh. I suppose if you're paying,

you should have it the way you want.

That's right.


Yes, Franklin.

I got the cash for this, but
if it's all right by you...

I'd rather pay by check.


Mucho gusto.

I quit the agency and I joined Reed.

So I'm your contact now.

Get used to it.