Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - The More You Make - full transcript

Faced with mounting problems on the street, Franklin pivots his business model. Andre investigates a murder connected to Franklin's family. Teddy uses Gustavo to help broker a new deal in ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-[straining]: Help...
-Matt? Hey, what hurts?

-My, um...
-He's having a heart attack.

TEDDY: I'll hire help for both of you.

What is so important

that you can't clean up
your own mess?

Certainly isn't looking after

your own family.

The DEA is on a rampage
down in Colombia.

Thought you was immune
to that shit.

I don't know what it is
you think you know, but I am

the only reason that you are
breathing free air right now.

12 units, all two-bedroom,

FRANKLIN:We make an offer, it'll be cash.

-This is the place.
-JULIA: We don't
work together anymore.

We're certainly
not married anymore.

This thing blows up,
you won't be touched.

But you let it be known
to whoever is behind this

that I am not afraid
to make noise if I have to.

And I have product that I need
to get across the border.

I was hoping to use
Lucia's family farm

-and their routes.
-Lucia's gone.

She left months ago.

Manboy here to see y'all.

-Fuck you want here?
-I'm a businessman.

It'd be in my interest to know
what the competition up to.

Couple of my associates took
that notion a little too far.

What, are you trying to rob us?

You'll give me
a chance to square us,

if I get my product from y'all.

Now, this rock
that you're selling,

it's doing real damage
out there.

People are out there right now doing dirt on your behalf,

making mistakes that
I'm gonna catch, one by one,

from your friends
to your auntie to your mama.

And when ain't nobody left,

I'm gonna take you, too.

[indistinct radio chatter]

So you're sure the last time
you saw her was last night.



We thought you might want
to hear this.

It's just that

Claudia didn't show up for work,

wasn't answering her phone,
so I checked on her,

found her here, overdosed.

And that you weren't
the last one to see her.

No. I let Louie in around 1:00,then I took off.

Louie? Franklin Saint's auntie?


[birds chirping]

[dogs barking]

Hey, baby.

Hmm? Mm...

I didn't want to leave
without talking to you.

Just... I'm fine, baby.

-I just need to rest. Go.

Maybe I should stay home today.

Mm-mm. Jerome, I'm for real.

Just go. I just need to sleep.

All right, baby,
I'll see you tonight.

Why are we waiting?

We should take her in.

[indistinct radio chatter]

That's why.

[car door closes, engine starts]

Let's get her.

[knocking on door]

Los Angeles Police Department.

[knock on door]

LAPD. Open up.


Look, I already told you
that shit was clean.

Just me and Fatback, in and out.

You sure nobody saw you?

Franklin, how the fuck
am I supposed

to be sure about
some shit like that?

I ain't been picked up yet,
so why you sweating me?

'Cause Andre came at me
last night.

Seems to have in his head

that we a problem
that need to be dealt with.

Well, ain't Andre had that
in his head for a while now?

Not like this.

They coming for us, man.

Our people, our money.

We got to be smarter,
protect ourselves.

Come on.

What's up, y'all?

-We straight?

You got the cash?

[car door opens, closes]

Hold up.

What's your plan?

My plan? What you mean, my plan?

I'm-a sell that rock.

When it's gone, buy some more,

-then I'm gonna sell that, too.-And expand?

Talking about staying
out of your territory,

-I know what's what.
-You better make sure

your crew
know that shit, too, then.


Remember back at Foshay,

that food fight
that turned into a riot?

Oh, yeah. That shit was crazy.

-[chuckles]: Yeah.
-The fire alarms ringing.

Shit, a couple motherfuckers

went after their teachers
with their trays.

Mm. Knocked that old
lunch lady out cold.

-That lunch lady. Damn.
-You know,

a few of us,
we knew to stay out the mess.

Not to go after each other
or the teachers.

Shit, I hopped that fence
and I was gone.

[Franklin chuckles]


You know...

...this shit?

We stay out the mess.

Yeah, I'm with you.

[laughs softly]

Holler when you want some more.

Fo sho.

That's cute.

[car door opens]

He really run away
from that fight?


He was the one that knocked outthe lunch lady.

Fuck you, Andre!

I want my goddamn lawyer
right fucking now!


[grunts, panting]

We have her at the scene,but she lied about the timeline.

All circumstantial.

The last thing we need
is to put an OD

on the board as a murder.

Why don't you let it rest
until the ME report comes in?

Because that's
Franklin Saint's auntie.

The kid who beat the murder rapa couple months ago?

Look, we got her
24 hours, right?

Let me go in there and sweat
her, shake out some evidence,

see if I can get something
to leverage her with.

We do have to go to court today.

All right, Sergeant.

Go in it.

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

-They counter?

Came back with no contingencies,and 50,000 above asking.

50? You serious?

Yeah. They claim
to have another offer.

I'll need
to move additional funds over

if we're gonna counter.

I can pull what we need
from the accounts in Jersey.

Uh, if we decide
to up our offer,

I'll just move cash
to the escrow account.

Why? What's wrong
with our offshore accounts

-all of a sudden?
-You know, right now,

I want to keep all
our real estate holdings clear

-of any money Reed Thompson
knows about.
-[pager beeping]

Just to be safe.


Uh, give me a minute, okay?

[line ringing]

[over phone]:
Hey, it's Yuda. Avi's here.

You can come up to the house.

FRANKLIN:Good. All right. I'm on my way.

I got to run.

-Tell me something,

you think they really got
another offer?

Uh, I have no idea.
It's possible.

Hmm. All right,
let me think on it.

I love you.

[door closes]

Listen to me, Louie.

We got a witness put you
at the scene.

And I also know you and Claudiahad a fight a while back,

put her in the hospital.

That's motive.

Tell me what happened now,
and maybe I can help you.

[Louie laughs]

You full of shit.

The window in the bathroom
didn't have the shades down.

It faces the building
in the back.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

Cooperation at this stage
means a lot.

But once I file witnesses,
hard evidence?

Ain't a damn thing I can do.


To what do I owe the pleasure?

[chuckles softly]


Everything okay?

Everything's peachy.

Just a little preoccupied,
that's all.

So what's up?

I need your advice on something.

Having some issues
on my cash flow.

What, those rocks of yours
not selling?

Actually, they moving
better than ever.

Problem is...

I don't know what to do
with my money.

The best kind of problems.

[chuckles] Yeah.

-But problems just the same.

A while back, you was telling me

-about offshore banking.
-AVI: Hmm.

That something you could
still help me with?

Ah, well. That depends.

How much money we talking about?

Six inch open-bolt

-submachine gun.
-How many rounds per minute?

-[exhales sharply]

Why don't you... let me

talk to some of my contacts?

See what I can do.

-You like?

Hell, no.

You was gonna shoot me
with that, first time we met.

Ah, I was never gonna shoot you.

-I was testing you.

[both chuckle]

There's a big difference.

[Avi sniffs]

Sure you're okay, Avi?

The longer you live,

the more mistakes you make.

And eventually,
if you're not careful...

...they catch up with you.

What mistakes?


No matter.

[Avi sniffles] Never get

too greedy, Franklin.

The minute you do that...

they found your weakness.

You lost your advantage.

Yuda, show our, uh,
young friends out.

And give Leon here

-an extra Uzi
with a couple of mags.

So... you'll see why
the Israelis make

-the best weapons.
-[Franklin chuckles]

Here you go, man. Enjoy.

Hell, yeah.

Keep the advantage, my friend.

[rooster crowing]

[birds singing]

[engine shuts off]

[whistles sharply]


[insects buzz]

[birds singing]

[shouting in Spanish]

Este es Reed.


Oh, es tipico.



[inhales deeply, sighs]

[exhales slowly]


Hello, is anybody there?
I got to use

the goddamn bathroom!




Come on, I got to pee!

[breathing heavily]


I know you fucking see me!

[exhales sharply]


Hey, Louie.

[keys clatter in dish]

Got you some Jim Dandy's.

Sweet bread rolls and peppers.



[dogs barking outside]

Hey, Louie.

Hey, baby.


[Leon laughing]

-[Fatback exclaims]
-[Leon laughs]

-Oh, shit!
-[all exclaiming, laughing]

-Shit. Damn!
-[laughing]: Yeah, yeah.

-[laughing]: All right.

-Hey, let me get a turn, bruh.
-Hey, in a minute.

-What about me?
-Man, come on.

I don't need shit,y'all gon' have to get your own.

Oh, come on, sharing is caring.

-Shit! Fuck, you all right?

-Yeah, I'm good.
-[chatter, laughter]

Hey, Leon, man.

-Hey, hey.

Hell, no, man. What I told
your little ass, man?

-Get your ass out of here.
-Look, I know

what y'all said, a'ight? But...

Man, I really want this shit,
man, I can help.

-What can you do?
-More than you,

-white boy.

I'm a soldier.

-Fuck, a toy soldier.

Huh, yeah, keep talking that
shit, Fatboy, see what happen.

-LEON: Oh, shit. You gon' take

-that shit from him?
-FATBACK: No, no, fuck that.

I'm about to tell
your little ass what's up.

Let's go,
I ain't scared of you.

-Come on, come on.
-[Rob laughing]

-Oh, I don't know, he's fast.
-EAGER KID: I'm right here.

-What's up? Can't hit...
-Yeah-- No, fuck.

-...what you can't see, huh?-Fuck that. Come on, come here.

-Yeah. [laughing]
-All right, bitch. Now, yeah.

You gonna show off?

Well, let's see
if your little ass

-can dodge a fucking bullet.
-ROB: Whoa.

Hey, Fatback, hold on. Hold up.


You know, we don't bring
no punks into this shit.

So whatever we say,

you fucking do it.

No questions.

You understand?

Hey, man, whatever the fuck
you want, a'ight?

I'm with it.

All right, get the fuck
out of here.

Bitch-ass nigga.


-FATBACK: Better run, bitch.
-Fuck you.

Yeah, get your bitch ass
out of here.

Man, I should've shot his ass.

Hey, that little nigga
got heart, though.

[chuckles] All right.

-Let's get this next light
over here.
-Hell yeah, let's do it.

-Eyes closed? All right.
-Eyes closed, fuck it.

I apologize.

[inhales sharply]

Had a lot of people to talk to.


Got a chance to talk to more
of Claudia's people.

I heard some
pretty disturbing things.

Didn't realize her reputation.

Tricking out young girls,

breaking them down,

throwing them out.

She used them.

Probably used you, too.


You were just
a young girl, right?

From Louisiana?

Man, I bet you she messed
with your head for years.

I've seen plenty like her.


Look... nobody
is gonna blame you

for going after
someone who's abusive.

Someone you loved,

who toyed with you,

who liked making you
feel like shit.


Time's up, Andre.
Her lawyer's here.

[indistinct conversation]

Clock's on. You got two minutes.

All right, here it is.
You're exhausted, right?

So let's just end this here
and now. We got opportunity.

Santos clocking your arrival,
leaving you alone with her.

We got evidence.

Your prints are in the house,

on the syringe
she used to shoot up,

all over the bathtub.
We got motive.

I read the hospital report

when you beat Claudia,

'cause that wasn't a fight.

You nearly killed her.

And that's a lot of bad blood.

And, finally, a witness.

An elderly woman, Mrs. Norman,
in the building across the way

has a view into the bathroom.

You didn't put the shades down.

She saw you exchange words.

You push her head under.

The struggle.

And then she was gone.


You a lying piece of shit.

A fucking witness.

Bring that bitch in here,

Ms. Motherfucking Norman,
bring her in here.

-Louie, Louie, we can
figure this out together.
-Oh, no,

no, no! Bring that bitch in hereright motherfucking now!

I want my fucking lawyer!

Left, please.

Did you okay this?

Having a sergeant
play detective?

Andre was just checking
a few things out

while Aviles and I
were in court.

Wright, you get anything?

No, sir.

But like I told you before,

this family is tied into--

We're up to our necks in this
summer games bullshit.

I don't need you off your watch.

Next time, you clear
this kind of shit with me.

Yes, sir.

You okay, baby? Hm?

-I just want to go home.

[insects trilling, owl hoots]


[both speak Spanish]

[Gustavo chuckles]



[indistinct conversation]


You got a minute?


Okay, s-so we did
the drop in-in Mexico

a couple days back.

Teddy had to tell this guy
that I was DEA.

It's a long fucking story.

Rigo Vasco knew.
He knew I was DEA.

-Jesus Christ.
-Someone's talking.

I don't know if it's someone
in the El Paso office, or if--

I don't-- Somehow he has accessto the undercover files.

I don't fucking know.

-Tony, Tony.

You've got to be
really careful with this.

You start beating the bush now,it points right back at me.

-Hold on, you want to stay in?
-They think I'm clean,

and you see how much
I'm getting.

This guy Rigo,
he supposedly reports

directly back to

Why tell me all this if you
want me to fucking sit on it?

I'm not, I'm not saying that.

Start looking,
but just do it quietly.

Contact anybody
that you have undercover

and get them a warning.


I think Teddy's gonna reroute
the coke through Lucia's farm,

so I'm finally
gonna get those fuckers.

I'd tell you to be careful,

but I know you'd
just make fun of me.

[chuckles] This is a gift.

Don't waste it.

-I got to get back.

[lights buzzing]


Mr. Wright, how you doing?

Boy, what the hell
you doing here?

I was just wondering
if Melody was home.

-She in?

If Mel-- Hey.

How you doing?

What's up? Wanted to see if youwanted to go to Baskin-Robbins.

Don't do this here, boy.

My treat.

Not tonight, Franklin.

No problem.


Got this for you.

She don't want it.

[gift clatters]

Have a nice night, sir.

D-Dad, Dad.

Hey. Hey. Hey, hey.

Evening, Andre.


Everything all right?


Night, Mel.

[car door opens, shuts]

[engine revs]

[car pulls away]

-[birds chirping outside]

[distant clatter]


-Whoa, whoa.

It's just me.

[stammering] What the--

What the fuck
are you doing here?

You're a hard man
to get ahold of.


-The recent airdrops...
-TEDDY: Have been disrupted.

-I know.
-Not just diverted or delayed,

but shot down.
Weapons taken and used

against the Contras.

Have you even read
the latest dispatches?

[exhales] This week...
uh, hasn't been...


Had to take Matt home, so...

The Sandinistas
have found a way

to track our movements
out of Honduras.

We need to find another way.


I'll figure it out.

I already did
a little looking into it.

The problem...
is the entry point.

So we move it south:Costa Rica. A private airstrip.

You'll be able to make
your flight paths

more unpredictable
and use ground transports.

And the Costa Rican government?

Can't know anything
about it, of course.

But we may have
some support there.

From who?

A former operative
in the Talamanca region.

A smuggler.

He has an airstrip, but...

it's a matter of establishing
contact and he's a bit...

off the grid.


You got, uh, the details for me?

For us.

I'm here to help... quietly.

I'm to brief you with the option

of coordinating and aiding.

Y-You're gonna stay here
and help me?


When you came to me in D.C.,
sent me to Havemeyer,

you put me
in the middle of this.


yeah, so I guess...

that means that you're reportingback to them.

You threatened
to make noise, Teddy.

What did you think
was gonna happen?

-Operational reports
out of Nicaragua

are fine;
I do not want them knowing

-the identities of any
of my assets here.
-Of course.

I won't jeopardize your people.


I mean, you're okay?

-Doing this with me?
-You read about

the American journalist killed
in the La Penca bombing?

The Sandinistas are getting
the upper hand, Teddy.

This isn't about us.

Show me the, um...

-show me the airstrip.
-Okay, mm-hmm.

So he's in the mountainous
region here.


Which gives us these options.

The cove in here...

Yeah, I know.
Stern and Aviles briefed me.

You gave it a shot.

I appreciate
the initiative, Wright.

You'll make Sergeant II in no
time. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you, sir.

But... something's happening
in my neighborhood.

There's more money
on the streets,

more shootings, new drugs.

Something's changing
in a big way.

You run it up the chain?
Lieutenant Todd?

Oh, yes, sir.
But the Lieutenant

isn't that, um...

Well... it's admirable
to live and work

in the community.
Good on you, Wright.


This is something new.

Okay? It-it's,
it's called "rock."

And it's expanding beyond
my neighborhood

and moving up
towards the Coliseum.

Chief Gates got that area
locked down.

Oh, of course he does, but...
with the opening ceremonies

around the corner, I figured...

it should be brought
to your attention.

What are you suggesting?

Here he come.

I hate this nigga, man.


Ease up.

Good to see you boys
enjoying this nice summer day.

Should be nice
if you got the cash.

'Course I do, Lil' Lee.

I trust the count's right.

Think I'm gonna fuck around
with y'all

the way that pure rock movin'?

So, you got my re-up or what?

Come on.

All right,
so, we gonna do things

just a little different, Drew.

I'm gonna give you two birds,

You're gonna cook it yourself,
rock it yourself,

cut it yourself.

Little more sweat
for a lot more cash.

You feel me?

-That a problem, little man?
-Just wondering why

y'all switching shit up already.

'Cause you can handle it.

That's why.

I mean, what, you got...

cornerboys, cookers.

No need for us to do the workyou can do for yourself, right?

You wanted trust?

Here it is.

All right, Saint.

See you soon.


See y'all, boys.

[car door opens, closes]

[engine starts]

I still think trusting
that motherfucker

don't make no sense.

It makes perfect sense.

We getting hit, Lee.

Cops is on us.

Cornerboys getting sloppy.

More street business
means more problems.

Problems we don't need.

Nickel-and-diming rockseventually gonna get you busted.

Our advantage is pure product

at basement prices,

and that's where
we gonna focus on.

From here on out,

we only want dealers
who can buy kilos.

Identify 'em, send them to Leonand Peaches to check out,

and Louie'll make
the final decision.

But we're
still moving rock, right?

For now...

we need the cash flow.

But eventually,
the goal is to only deal

with a few high-level

and serious fuckin' weight, huh?

-Start thinking about who

you want to bring in,
all right?

-All right, y'all.

All right, now. What's up, boy?

-See you, boy.
-A'ight, Unc.

-We're gonna get there.
-Thank you, man.

You feeling better?


[Louie chuckles]

♪ Came home♪

♪ Early one morning...♪

My damn speakers.

[Franklin chuckles]

-Time for you to go.
-I know what time it is.

-Get on, nephew. Get on, now.

See y'all tomorrow.

♪ And my life♪

Come on, baby.

♪ Was standing so still♪

♪ The bright lights♪

♪ And the big city♪

♪ I heard them♪

♪ Calling out my name...♪

♪ I heard them
calling out my name♪

♪ I made up my mind♪

♪ Said I wasn't gonna
turn around this time♪

♪ Oh, it gets lonely sometimes♪

♪ In this great big,
old, lonely town♪

♪ Seems like everything I do
goes wrong♪

♪ Ain't nobody♪

♪ Nobody else to blame♪

♪ Nobody but me...♪