Snowfall (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Protect and Swerve - full transcript

Franklin and Cissy look to make an investment in the community, while Andre tried to figure out what is destroying it; Jerome unveils his new business; a new cook on the streets competes with Franklin crew.

The weapons are
flowing south.

The Contras are pushing back.

That's how you're funding this?

If we win this war,

we can change
the course of history.

They charged you with a 187 PC.

Murder one.



You wait till I'm in here
to be a fucking dad?

-Stop. Stop!
-Don't you fucking
come back here!

-CISSY: Wait!
-Stay the fuck away from me!

Franklin. Don't hurt him.

This is about getting my nephew

out of that prison.

So, if there is anything
that you can do, do it.

I don't think
our Mr. Reed Thompson's

just some drug dealer.

I think he works
for the government.

And now, well,
I think we work for him.

DEA! Hands up!

-(siren whoops)
-Hands up, hands up.

We've been instructed
to shut down

every facet of this operation
and walk away.

Cut Lucia and Gustavo loose.

What agency would want
to shut down a DEA operation?

Give me just long enough

for us to give
the Nicaraguan people

their democracy back,
and I promise you

that I will hand over

every distributor,
every dealer

and every supplier
that we work with

-along the way.
-FRANKLIN: If you falling

for Claudia,
that's bad for business.

That's a problem.

(yelling, groaning)

I didn't invent this rock.

But I'm-a blow it up.

(knocking on door)

Mr. Wright.

-Officer Wright.
-How can I help you, Officer?

Stay the fuck away
from me and mine.

That all?

(chimes jingling,
wind whooshing)


(indistinct chatter)

* Trash men didn't
get my trash today *

* Oh, why?
Because they want more pay *

(chatter continues,
whooping, laughter)

* Buses on strike,
want a raise in fare *

-(indistinct chatter)
-* So they can help *

* Pollute the air *

* But that's what makes *

* The world go round *

* The up and downs *

* A carousel *

* Changing people's
heads around *

* Go underground, young man... *

It's all there.

Come on, now.
You know how this works.

Come on, just give me the rock.

-DEALER: Bitch, this only nine.
-Nuh-uh, that's ten.

-You saying I can't count?
-Just count it again.

-Hey, get out of here.
-Give me the rock,
and I'll leave.

-BRIANNA: Just come on.

-It's just one,
one fucking dollar.

-Hey, walk away.
-(Brianna gasping)

-Fuck this. You out of
your goddamn mind?
-(engine revs)

-(Brianna screaming)



(tires squealing)

(gasping, whimpering)


(onlookers murmuring)

* But that's what makes
the world go round *

* The up and downs, a carousel *

* Changing people's
heads around *

* Go underground, young man *

(chimes jingling,
wind whooshing)

* People make the world go... *

(dog barking in distance)

(indistinct chatter in distance)

12 units,
all two-bedroom, one-bath,

nine of them currently occupied.

All with water damage
and shoddy wiring.

Any idea
when the heat last worked?

I am pretty sure it does.

And I'm sure the inspections
will reveal good bones.

And the Summer Games has
this whole area on the rise.

We have a lender we like if you
decide you want to move forward.

We make an offer, it'll be cash.

I'd like a minute with
my partner, if you don't mind.

I'll be right outside
if you need anything at all.

(door opens, closes)

Man sell any harder,
he's gonna pull a muscle.

You know, price per square foot
still seems high.

Needs a lot more work
than we thought,

and not just new carpet
and paint.

Mm. But long term?

This is the place.

Hey, Louie!

Come on, now!


(quietly): Getting dressed
all the goddamn time.

Yeah, boy, you look good.

Hey, come on.

-LOUIE: Hmm?
-You ready?

Yeah. I'm waiting on you.

What you mean, waiting on me?
You made me late

-to my own goddamn opening.

Take a breath.

-Come on.

It's gonna be perfect.

I'm so proud of you.

Mm-hmm. Mm.

-I'm the luckiest motherfucker
in the world.

DJ (over radio):
It's just in front of 5:00

at AM stereo KDAY
Santa Monica and...

You ain't going
too short, right?

I got you, baby.

Hey, Fatback,
he going too short?

Oh, shit!


What? Oh, come on.

Leon told me to dress nice.

Shit. Nice according to who,
the Solid Go dancers?

Hey, you good, Rob.
Don't listen to him.

-Hey, we cool?
-BARBER: We good, man.

-Hey, you got a minute?
-Come on, little nigga.

-Rock sell over there.
-Man, I ain't want no rock.

I'm trying to get on.
Heard you was the man to see.

-FATBACK: Hey, come back later.
-Like, when?

Like when you get some hair

on your little balls.
Watch out, yo.

Hey, man, come on, man,
give me a chance.

All right, I'm ready.
Man, I'll sell that shit like

-you ain't never seen.
-Get your bitch ass out
of here, man. We said no.

-Leon, man, come on.
-Ain't you got to be in school
or something like that?


(chuckles) I have another
question for you, Reed.

I love Los Angeles.

Go every few months,
I stay at the Chateau,

eat at Mr. Chow.


well, everywhere.

-This time,

we went to the Roxy,
you know it?

Oh, yeah.

-Yeah, on Sunset.
-RIGO: On Sunset, right.

I'm there, when I see
Burt "Rentals" come in.

Oh, come on. Burt Rentals.

Burt Rentals!
I can't believe it.

I want to say hello to him,
but he is on his way upstairs

to a private club.

I was so angry.

The shame of being nothing.

-Fuck that place!

I never go back there!

I want to start my fucking
private club next door!


And I want you to be my partner.

Sorry, what?

Wh-Wh-Wh-What, what?

Right now, we are connected
in business only.

This is something we can do
that will entwine us,

ensure we are both
in the circle together,

the true fucking partners.

-Yeah, um, yeah. That's...

You know, obviously, I'd love
to be in the circle with you.

You know that. I just... I don't
know anything about nightclubs.

You know the city.

And between us,

we have more money than Dios.

Unless you know of a reason why

you don't want to be my partner.

Listen, um...

...before we agree to this,

I-I think there's something
that you probably need to know.

It's a little tricky, but, um...

Okay. The DEA raids
on your facility,

-it was on the news,
but that's not how I...

...I-I first heard about it.

See, I first heard about it
from Lorena,

because she used to be DEA.

What was it that turned you?

Reed, here,

he convinced me that I was
fighting an unwinnable war.



Thanks for your honesty.

It means everything.

So, let me know
when you've found our space.

To Rigo and Reed's.

That sounds good.

That sounds good. See you.

Hasta luego.

Hasta luego.

"To Rigo and Reed's."

Oh, come on.

-TEDDY: You good?

-* Five minutes of funk... *
-(indistinct chatter)

All I'm saying,
you should've asked us first.

Jammin' Jeromes is the best
shit out. Ain't nothing better.

What about, like,
Saints' Sexy Sounds?

-Broken Boxes and Bullshit.
-(both laugh)

Leather and Loud Shit.

Hunky Unkie's Sultry Sounds.

Y'all niggas funny. I'm gonna
get my pistol, though, for you.

Y'all fucking...
fucking up in my shit.

I have to say, I had my doubts,
but I was wrong.

This is wonderful, Jerome.

Mom and Dad would be so proud.

Thank you so much, Cissy.

Thank you
for coming by, too, Alton.

Black-owned business
in a black neighborhood.

Congratulations, my brother.

-Thank you.

You know, this is just
the start, too.

-ALTON: This is just the start?
-Going nationwide next year.

-Be bigger than that...

-Oh, no.
Make sure this one work first.

Was hoping I'd see you here.

Eva and Shon-Shon.
How y'all doing? Good?

-Not as good as y'all.
-Better if somebody'd

-offer us a fucking drink.

This is my best friend, Leon.
You met him?

Hey. Well, the bar this way.
So, let's go.

-Grab me something, all right?

Look at you. You look great.

I feel great.

Got into Spelman.

Wow. That's... that's amazing.


So, uh, guess that means
you leaving us now?

-Not till next month.

-Classes don't start
till September, but...

I want to get settled,
find a job.

A job? Nah, you got to be
on them books 24/7.

Here. Yep.

-Franklin, no.
-Been meaning to give you

a graduation gift anyway.

So you can focus on school.

* Your master rapper,
but when I'm on the mic... *

Come on,
it's the least I can do.

Hey, picture time!

Family, I need you outside.

If you ain't my goddamn family,
stay out my fucking frame.

Come on.

-Okay, come on.
-JEROME: Come on.

All right,
everybody outside. Come on.

He ain't took a picture
in 15 years.

Well, hey, uh,
don't worry about that.

You know how to use it, though?

Just tell us where
you want us to go, Jerome.

Hey y'all, come on, let's take
this picture so we can...

Oh, no, you go ahead.
It's all right.

Come on, man, get in here.
Hey, where Opie at?

Bring old man Peaches
up in here.

(chatter continues indistinctly)

Come on in. Hey, Opie!

There it is.

-TEDDY: You okay
to start unloading?
-MATT: Yeah.

We can't ignore this.

If the Medellín Cartel
has a source inside the DEA,

-we have to alert them.
-I hear you, but listen.

You start rattling
those cages now,

and then Rigo's gonna know
that you're still in contact

with the DEA;
then we're all at risk.

Teddy? These are federal agents.
They're good people.

I'm not gonna let this go,
and neither should you.

Okay, so let me take care of it.

I can have word trickle down
some other way,

some way that doesn't
lead back to us.

-MATT (groaning): Help!
Teddy! Ted...

-Matt? Matt?

Whoa. What's wrong?

You okay?

-Whoa, whoa. Okay, okay, okay.
Whoa, whoa. What's...

-What hurts?
-(straining): My, um...

Did you have any numbness
in your hands today?

Do you have any nausea?

-Yeah? He's having
a heart attack.

(Matt panting, groaning)

(radio playing

-(door opens)

Oh, come on.
I'm only 13 minutes late.

Hey. (chuckles)

It's not my fault.

-Eva didn't want to leave.
-Listen, it's okay.

I don't want to spend our
last month together fighting.

All right?

Besides, it's not like
I can come down

and check on you
every night at school.

Here, sit with me a minute.

What's all this?

Ah, it's bills, taxes.


You have fun?

-It was okay.
-Just you and Eva?

-And Shon-Shon.
-And Shon-Shon.

she the one who came in

-with the hickey on her neck?

-Come on.

What'd y'all do?

-We went ice fishing.
-Ice fishing, huh?

Did you catch anything?

(both chuckle)


One of them big ones.

You know, with the long,
pointy nose.

-Ooh, a marlin.
-A marlin.

Yeah. But, uh, Eva slipped,

dropped the rod,
and it got away.

That's too bad.

Oh, man.

So, uh...

Word is Franklin's uncle
has a new speaker joint

over off Western.

Hear anything about that?



Mel, Mel.

What I said earlier is true.

I don't want to fight.

You've worked so hard.

You've done everything I asked.

I just want you to be smart.

Anything else?

I love you.


-DEJON: Man, I been
wanting to fuck her.

Nah, man, that bitch
got summer teeth, you know?


-You know, some are here,
some are there.

Her teeth are
kind of fucked up.

Hey, I got to piss.

Some bushes over there, bro.

Look, I ain't pissing
in no bushes.

-Then hold it, nigga.
-I ain't good to hold it.

That shit causes bacteria,
give you a bladder infection.

How the fuck you know that,

'Cause my mama a nurse's aide.

-Yeah. Shit, hey,
your mama can nurse me.

Man, hey,
we've been long enough.

-Let's roll.
-Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

(starts engine)

-GIRL: There it is!
-WOMAN: Yeah, ice cream.

(indistinct chatter)

-All right. You all right there?
-Yeah, we good, man.

See that shit?

-Hell yeah. Hell yeah.

Ah, shit.

Hey, what-what the fuck
you two doing?

That the re-up truck, nigga.

Means it's loaded
with cash and rock.

Also mean them boys strapped.

And Manboy told us scope out
the projects, not rob no truck.

We only scoping the niggas out

so we can rob these

Once we get the shit, you just
make sure you're ready, a'ight?

Nigga, I ain't no
getaway driver.




-MAN: Oh, shit!
-(frantic chatter)

Come on.


Oh, shit.

(tires screeching)

(gunfire continues)


-Levon and Dejon?
-They brothers.

Used to stay off Hoover.
Word is they with Manboy.

Who the fuck is Manboy?

Drew Miller.
We all went to Foshay together,

before his family
moved Eastside.

-Fuck kind of name is Manboy?
-Who gives a shit?
Why he all up in our business?

Look, word is they cook and sell
their own shit for a while.

Maybe looking to expand.

But we got to answer
this shit, Saint.

I want to know everything:

where they stay at,

where they sell, where they cook

and who the fuck put them
on our truck.

Hold up.

Are you saying
them boys is dead?

Yeah. I told them niggas
that shit was

seven kinds of stupid,
but they wouldn't hear me.

They just ran up on them niggas
like they was the A-Team.

You dumb motherfuckers.

I told y'all
who them projects belong to.

Was you even listening
to my story?

-You should've stopped them.
-I fucking tried!

-And a fine fucking job you did!
-Hey, chill!

You know how them niggas was.

You couldn't tell them shit.

This ain't on Tyrell.

I didn't teach y'all
how to cook up this rock

so you could get us all killed.

You best figure out
how to handle this shit.

'Cause Saint and 'em,
they don't play.

Hey, look, first,

I need you to tell me everything
you know about Saint,

your boy Leon,

and everybody else
in their crew.

-Okay? Okay?
-Okay. Okay.

(train horn blaring)

You're late.

Just thought you ain't never
been late before.

-Everything okay?
-Yeah, I just hit a little snag.

It's nothing you need
to worry about,

but, uh, I am gonna need
a little more time

to get you the product.

How much time?

Not long. just a few days.

I'll let you know when
we're ready for... for pickup.

That it?

Uh, no, listen.

Uh, prices are rising.

So, for the foreseeable future,

-we're gonna be dealing
at 15 a key.

50% hike, just like that?


You watch the news?

-Read the newspaper?

Right, so then you know
that the DEA

is on a rampage
down in Colombia.

Yeah, I know that, but I just

kind of thought
you was immune to that shit.


You know, thought...
thought you was immune.

You thought that I was
immune to what,

supply and demand, or...?

Never mind.
15's fine, hmm?

Yeah, no, no, I know it's fine.

I just... I'm just curious...

why it is you think
that I'm not subject

to the basic laws of economics.

Hey, Franklin?

I don't know what it is
you think you know,

but I urge you to remember
that I am the only reason

that you are breathing free air
right now.

I'll put you back in that cell
any goddamn time I want.

Someone will be in touch
about the shipment.

(car door opens)

(engine starts)

Mm, you forgot
to sign this page.

Did I? Sure.

(Franklin clears throat, sighs)

And you forgot to sign
this page.


Okay. What?

-Mm-mm. That's not gonna fly.

What was our deal?

You ask, and I tell you.

-The truth.
-So, what is it?

Something about that shooting
in the projects the other night?

-Then what is it?

It's Reed Thompson.

What about him?

Well... I may have overstepped.

Said something I shouldn't have.

Like what?

-Franklin, you said
he needed you.
-I know. I know.

That you had to be in this,

but as long as you're pushing
his-his product,

-he would protect you.
-And I still believe that.

So, what's the problem?


I've had some terrible days
in my life.

But nothing worse
than when I saw your face

behind that glass.

I'm in with you on this,
from now on.

You said you had it
under control.

And I'm happy to do
everything I can to help.

But it's up to you
to protect everyone.

Can you do it or not?

Of course.

(engine shuts off)

(alarm beeping)

(buttons beeping)

(alarm stops)



-(insects chirping)
-(engine shuts off)

(door creaks open)

-(TV plays indistinctly)
-MATT: Hey, Pops.

(door closes)


Hey. Welcome home, boy.

How's the ticker?


she's still ticking.

Yeah, I-I went ahead
and-and, uh, briefed Dr. Wills.

You have an appointment
Friday morning

-at 1000.

Get this thing a second look.

Yes, sir.



You're looking well.

As are you.

You hungry?

I'm just tired.

Yeah, I-I made up the spare,
so, uh... in the back.

I-I wasn't sure
if you'd both be staying.

I-I just figured
I'd stay on the couch.

-If that's all right.
-That's fine.

Yeah. Come on,
let's-let's, uh...

It's good to see you.


-COLONEL: Let me get that.
I got it. I got it.
-(Matt sighs)

(Teddy sighs)

Cookhouse on Avalon
and Manboy's crib on Rosecrans.

Now, they got dealers
working the Pueblos...

Cut the head off,
the body will fall.

How many folks you need?

Four for each house.
We got to talk artillery.

-I mean, the pistols
will get it done...
-(door opens)

...but we want to get
our hands on something heavy.

Sorry to interrupt, but, uh...

Manboy here to see y'all.

Manboy? You sure?

Well, I ain't ever met the
nigga, but that's what he say.

-He alone?
-Look that way.

Is he strapped?

Hey. Make sure he clean,
then send him in.


Keep a lookout.

Make sure it ain't
a setup. Peach.



Y'all don't play
with that security, huh?

Feel like I should tip them
niggas, pat-down I just got.

'Sup, Lee? 'Sup, Saint?

-'Sup, Drew?
-It's been a minute.

Been more than that.

You must be Jammin' Jerome.

Niggas out in Compton
talk about your shit.

Woofers blowing panties
clean off.

My bad. I didn't know
there was a female in the house.

How you doing? My name is Drew.

Everybody call me Manboy.

-I'm Louie.
-MANBOY: Oowie.

Louie. How you end up
with these...

-these undesirables?
-Hey, little boy.

The fuck you want here?

Guess you with him, huh?

I mean, I'll cut
straight to it if y'all...

I think that'd be best.

I'm a businessman.

Being as such,
I'd say it'd be in my interest

to know what
the competition up to.

a couple of my associates

took that notion
a little too far.

You mean, tried to rob us?

That is indeed what I mean.

But I thought, seeing as though
how y'all ain't

out your rock or your cash,

and two of mine
are already cooling,

you'll give me a chance
to square us.

How you gonna do that?

First, I get my product
from y'all.

Y'all shit cheaper and purer

than anything
we're cooking up anyway.

That's it? That's your shit?

And I give you the nigga
that got away in the projects.

Say what?

The driver.

I'll tell you where
he hiding out at.

Could do with him as you will.

That's my offer.

What y'all think?

I think,

24 hours,
either your boy'll be dead

and we'd be in business,

or you...

and everybody you know
will be gone.

And we won't.

Either way, you'll know soon.

You want the address
where my boy holing up at?

-Just in case?

We already got it.


Thank y'all for y'all time.

I'm-a show myself out.

Bye, Leon.

Our boys, they grew up, man.

-Good to see you.
-Just get the fuck out.

All right.

(birds chirping)


You want coffee?

I had mine hours ago.


How're the tomatoes doing
this year?

Goddamn deer
keep getting in 'em.

I should shoot 'em.

No... I wouldn't shoot
the tomatoes, sir.

God forbid someone
discharge a firearm

in their own backyard.

(newspaper rustling)

I'm gonna get some coffee.

What happened to your brother?

I told you he's...
there's damage

to the lining of his aorta.

West Point, flight school,

Strong as an ox, that boy.

He ran through walls
his entire life.

What was that thing
you used to say?

"Ships and harbor are safe,

but that ain't
what ships are for."

Yeah, but some captains
bring their crews home intact.

So, what now?

A few more days,
and you run off?

Back to the land
of the fruits and nuts and...

leave me to take care of him?

I have money.

I'll hire help for both of you.

Oh, that'll solve it.

I have work to do.

What's that?

Shuffling papers
for the State Department?

What is so important
that you can't clean up

your own goddamn mess?

Certainly isn't looking after
your own family.

I'll keep sending the money.

Yeah, keep your guilt money.
We don't want it.

Take care of yourself.


(alarm bell ringing)

(ringing continues)


Met with our LAPD friend today.

It was Claudia,
that shit at Jerome's.

He sure?

Yeah, he's still
on her payroll, too.

I guess she tried
to get him to go at us,

and when he refused,
she found somebody else.

And I guess you ain't
told Jerome yet.

You crazy? Hell no.

Shit, he'd fucking be shooting
that club up as we speak.

No, he think it's kids.
I'm gonna let him think it.

Yeah. Well, we got
a lot on our plate

without worrying about
fucking Claudia.

Yeah. I mean...

I'll try and talk some sense
to her before we act.


Love you.

(engine starts)

Hey, chiquita.

I'm dying of thirst over here.

If only that were true.

How come you're always
ignoring me?

Because you don't tip, pendejo.

You want a tip?

Just got to ask. (laughs)

You motherfucker!

Ah, come on, mijita.

(patrons murmuring, shouting)

-MAN: That's right, son.
-(indistinct shouting)



That's enough.

Time to go.


(Gustavo groans)



Ugh. You're the worst bouncer
we've ever had.

You should go to the hospital.


No más hospitals.

Then you're coming home with me.

At least there
I can patch you up right.

I'll be fine.


You know she's not
coming back, right?

(door opens)

We're closed.

(door shuts)

Even old friends?

Hi, Gustavo.

Got a minute?

I lost Matt.

Means I'm down a pilot,

and I have product that I need
to get across the border.

And I was hoping to use
Lucia's family's farm

and their routes.

Lucia's gone.

She left months ago.

No idea where.

You want her family routes?

First, go find her.

I tried.

Only person there's
any record of is you.

You get a lot
of parking tickets.

Look, Lucia must have talked
about the place at some point.

Where it is, who's still there.

She hated it.

She didn't talk to her mother.

I don't see what
that has to do with you.

Or business. I mean,
if they still have the farm,

they still have the trucks,
they still have the routes.

What do you want me to do?

Hmm? Just show up and say,
"Hi, I'm Gustavo.

I want to start
a cocaine business with you"?

You'd be amazed
at how often that works.

Or stay here, keep getting
the shit kicked out of you

by drunk barflies.

It doesn't matter to me.
I'll find someone else.

Can I ask you one more question?

If Lucia's been gone for months,
why are you still here?

Just 'cause...

if it was me

and I was trying
to find my girl,

I think that getting
into business with her family

would be a pretty good place
to start.

(doorbell rings)

(door opens, shuts)

It's Louie.

Pat her down.

(door opens)

She's good.

(door opens)

(door closes)

I have some things to say.

Didn't think they could wait.

Well, you better hurry up.
The tub's filling.

I came to apologize, Claudia,

for my part in what went down.

I never meant for it
to go that way.

But you hurt me.

I hurt you?


I know you're upset,

but I'm here to tell you
to let it go.

Let the past be the past.

You ever have a migraine?

The pain is crippling.

I've been to more doctors
than the Elephant Man.

I took all the pills.

And when that didn't work...

...I took matters
into my own hands.

Care to join me?

(water sloshing)

Be a dear.

See you in the morning.
Love you.

Evening, Franklin.

Been spending a lot of time
at your mama's house

since you been out.

Sure hope you don't have her
wrapped up in all this.

I got someplace
I got to be, Andre.

Afraid that's gonna
have to wait, son.

I'm gonna need you
to take a ride with me.

This official?


It's just two neighbors talking.

So, you're not gonna tell me
where we going?

Let me ask you something.

What you see
when you look at me?


Certainly not the man
who you grew up with.

Who helped raise you
after your daddy disappeared

into that bottle.

So, what is it?

Gun and a badge,
overprotective father

-or fucking asshole?
-You really want to know?

-I really do.
-I see a fraud.

A man who betrayed his people

to a system built
to keep 'em down.


Is that what you think?

That I'm one of them?

If the combat boot fits.

Oh, damn.

I mean, did it ever occur to you
that I was a spy?

-Doing time behind enemy lines.

-Trying to protect my people
from that system.
-Oh, yeah?

And how's that
working out for you?

(shuts engine off)

I don't know, pusher man.

How's shit on your side
of the line?

I see. I'm just some
nickel-and-dime thug, huh?

In this for the cars
and pussy, right?

If the gold chain fits.

Ain't no rope
around my neck, Andre.

Not like you.

And Joe Kennedy,
he was nothing but mick trash...

till he wasn't.

And what'd he do?

Lifted his family up,
and his boys...

they ran this country.

Now, that's real power.

Not a policeman's salary.

Taking orders from whitey.

You really want to help
your people?

Best thing you could do
is toss that badge

back to the racist motherfuckers
that gave it to you,

and get on my side.

Unfortunately, Franklin,

that's not gonna work for me.

Don't knock it
till you tried it.

That's just it.

I already did.



Been back from 'Nam
a few years.

I was working at
the Chrysler plant in Commerce.

When it closed,
my wife up and left.

Baby girl to feed,
mortgage to pay.

'Nam was a clusterfuck.

But Uncle Sam taught me
a few things.

How to secure a location
using force,

take what I wanted
and get out.

What the fuck you saying?

Huh? You was a jacker?
A bank robber?

What I'm saying is,

you take something
from a man at gunpoint,

you gonna feel a way about it.

At least I did.

Now, my bills were paid,
but I couldn't sleep.

Got tired of imagining the cops
busting in my door.

I still don't sleep
that good these days,

but at least it ain't
my conscience keeping me up.

Now, this rock
that you're selling,

it's got a special hold.

It ain't weed or sherm.

It's doing real damage
out there.

And I think you know it.

So my question to you is...

How you sleeping
at night, son?

Like a baby.

Well, now, you and me...

we at war.

Your business
has gotten too big,

and now you exposed.

Your people out there right now

doing dirt on your behalf.

-(TV playing indistinctly)

Oh, shit.

Making mistakes.

-(body thuds)
-Mistakes that I'm
going to catch.

Mo matter how small.

And which I will use
to bring you all down

one by one.

-From your friends
to your auntie...
-(crying) your mama.

And then, when there ain't
nobody left...

...I'm going to take you, too.

(door opens)

-(engine starts)
-(door closes)

See you soon, Franklin.

(indistinct chatter nearby)



(indistinct arguing)

(baby crying)

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