Snowfall (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Rubicon - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This will catch on. Those
two always together.

Not when they rolled up on me.
Just Lenny.

Nah, that can't be right.

LEON: Don't tell me.
I was there.

It's all destroyed...
The camp, our pipeline.

I have other suppliers
we can use for now.

(camera shutter clicks)
TEDDY: The Colombians?

That's Jess, right?

And him, you know,
Latin Freddie Mercury.

You have the balls to come in
here after running to daddy?

You want me to run.

(speaks Spanish)

We have to talk about what's
gonna happen with the business.

(engine rumbling)

(brakes squeal)

(engine stops, dog
barking in distance)

Thanks for the lift, man,
for letting me crash.

Anytime, my brother.
You give Leon my best.

(zips bag)

If you need to talk,

you know I'm here for you, okay?

(laughs) All right, man. Thanks.

All right. Also...

you got any more of
that crack stuff,

I'd definitely be interested.

I got you.

Rad! (engine starts)

Oh, don't forget.

Up there to the left.
Freeway. All right?

- I remember.
- Don't get lost again!


(door creaks closed)

Still going good, huh?

It's better than good, nephew.

I don't know why you sleepin'
over that white boy house

like we ain't got a
perfectly good couch.

Think you just answered
your own question.

You was out late last night.

You damn right I was.

And look, we got to
re-up on this powder.

No problem.

You got any idea where we
gon' cook up the next batch?


I know you ain't just look at my
kitchen like you plan to use.

We gonna rent a place.

Somewhere we can store
it and cook the product.

All right, Louie, I'm-a
put you on that.

Go see Walter. He'll hook it up.


Boy, we gotta talk turkey.

I feel like the
product's priced right.

I ain't talkin'
'bout the product.

Now when you first came to me,

you said we was gonna split
this down the middle, 50/50.

Then what you do? Huh?

You turn me away.

I've done all the
heavy lifting, huh?

I'm not giving half away now.

(laughs) You ain't
givin' shit, all right?

Now I'm earnin' it.

You need a partner, not
them little knuckleheads

you be runnin' around with.

You need somebody that know
the game, got some cred.

Set your little
narrow ass straight.

It's my connect, my
product, my process.

I've already got Lee and
Kev to take care of.

(bills rustling)

(sighs) I can give y'all 10%.

- Shit, you trippin'.
- Woman.


20 and even that's pushin' it.

(bills rustling)


- 25%, we straight.
- Deal.

Yeah! That's my family right there!

Move that. I'm-a take a shit.
Y'all gon' keep counting that.

(beads rustle)

(door opens, closes)

(dog barking in distance) Mm.

Ray-Ray thinkin' on it.

Should know soon.

Either way, you're gon'
take care of me, right?

I got you.

What about you? You all right?

You juggling a lot of shit.

You doin' okay?




I will make this go away. Just
like I said that I would.

But I do need one thing
from you to make it happen.

What? Need you to leave
town for a little while.

How long?

Just a month. Maybe
two at the most.

No. That's not possible.

Look, you saw what she did
with the flyers of Kristin.

Right? This is gonna
be so much worse.

She's gonna go to the cops
if she hasn't already.

And then she's gonna
go to the newspapers

and the evening news and your
face is gonna be everywhere.

In two days, I'm making a
deal with the Colombians.

And if I disappear,
so will they.

You'll have no one
to fly the shipment.

No, I can find another pilot.

And you'll still deal
with the Colombians.

You just won't be
doing it from here.

Or I take care of the
girl and nothing changes.

(utensil clatters)

Look... (sighs)

If she goes missing,
especially now,

after finding this, that's
gonna look terrible.

They'll think she ran away
just like her sister.

No, it is too big of a risk. We're
not there yet. (Utensil clatters)

And what if you're wrong, hmm?
And you can't stop her?

I can control this.

I can. I-I... I'll ramp up
surveillance on her apartment.

I'll put a full
tap on her phone.

I will use all of the company
resources to discredit her

and steer her off the path.

I just need you to please
help me do my job.


(footsteps depart)


(men singing in Spanish)

Might have something
for you, Ray.

I have something to share
with you folks, okay?

Come inside. I'm gonna have
one of my guys call you.

Nothing heavy. Take a look.


(exhales deeply)


Remember your cousin
Antonio from San Diego?

Yeah, I remember his breath
stank something awful.

Graduated from San Diego State.
Business and accounting.

You're doing this now?

You said you were fine.

And just because your
father has passed away

does not mean business stops.

It's not stopping.

I'm handling the books.

When I'm ready to take on
someone new, I'll let you know.

You're gonna let me know?

(footsteps approach)

(Indistinct conversations
in Spanish)

MAN: Señora.





(pats shoulder)

(speaks Spanish)

(speaks Spanish)




(continues crying)

(doors creaking open)

(doors close)

(keys jingle)

Mom? Whatchu doin' home?

I could ask you the
same question.

Where you been sleepin'?


I just came home to shower,
grab some clothes.

You all right?


Listen, Mom, I'm
sorry I lied to you.

It was disrespectful,

and I should've treated
you better than that.

Talk to me.

Tulf fired me.



I called his ass out.

Told him to put me on
them Westside properties

like he'd been promisin'.

Said things had changed,

that he needed to sell it.

(chuckles) That I'd have
other opportunities.

I don't know exactly
what happened then.

I just know I saw red, and
I went after him and...

(sighs) When it was done,
I was bein' tossed out.

Fuck Tulfowitz.

- (scoffs)
- You hear me?

And all the shit he
put you through.

Fuck him.

This is a good thing.

- This is a good thing?
- Mm-hmm.

That was my job, Franklin.

You'll get another job.
One that deserves you.

Where? Doin' what?

I killed myself trying
to make that man happy,

and now I just
threw it all away.

Tulf ain't gonna give
me no references.

There's bills and
then the mortgage.

You ain't gonna worry about
any of that anymore, Mom.


Unh-unh. (money thuds)

I don't want your reefer money.

(footsteps depart)


(closes drawer)

(siren wailing in distance)

(zips bag)

(door creaks open)

No, you can, uh, leave the robe
at home this time, just, uh,

keep an eye on things
while I'm in there.

Yeah, okay. Thanks.
I'll see you soon.

(receiver clatters)

(horn honks in distance)


(line rings) VICTORIA: Hi. If you
have any information on Kristin,

please leave your name and...
(receiver clatters)

(lock clicks)

(opens and closes drawer)



Doesn't change a thing.

(speaking Spanish)

Fuck, yeah. That's
the best time.

Whole family in one place.
Drunk, tired, easy pickings.

You know where they're
having the velario?

I want you to go, Gustavo,
check the place out,

see how many people
we're gonna need,

what the layout looks like.

(door creaking)

(door closes) Oso.

Almost there, vato.

Don't bitch out now.

(Dog barking, rooster
crowing in distance)

(muffled TV playing)

(lock clicks)

(door creaking)



(voices speaking
indistinctly on TV)

(tool whirring in distance)

(whirring continues)

(whirring continues)


(whirring stops)

Get out of here, Teddy.

No, I can't do that.

Of course you can. It's the
easiest thing in the world.

Just turn around, walk out,

close the door behind you.

(exhales sharply)

(strained voice)
This isn't right.

Isn't right?


This is a war, Teddy.

We do what is required of us,

which is exactly what I did
that night at the house,

and unfortunately, what you
are incapable of doing.

So I'm doing this
for both of us.

This is my gift to you.

All you have to do is...

accept it.

(breathes unevenly)

You're doing great, Teddy.

- (exhales sharply)
- You're a hero.

See you soon, okay?

(breathes unevenly)

(whirring resumes)

(whirring continues)

(whirring stops, TV
playing indistinctly)

(gunshot, thud)

(breathing heavily)

(TV continues playing

(exhales deeply)

(TV continues playing

(speaking Hebrew) Fucking shit.

(continues speaking in Hebrew)

What's up with
these crates here?

What crates?

These crates.



- Yuda...
- YUDA: Huh?

(speaking Hebrew)

Did you know Franklin
saved Yuda's life?

- You know that?
- No.

It's true. Yeah. He's a good boy.

So every time he come here,

I offer him a drink,
some snort, some pink.

He always say no.

Shit, I'm good with
any one of those.

Well, I didn't offer
it to you, did I?


(bottle clatters)

Fuck did you bring
them here for?

Told you. Business
is ramping up.

Means we're gonna buy more.
Pay upfront.

That also means might not always
be me here making the runs.

Oh, yes, it will. It's
you I like, you I trust.

You put on the vest.



Hey, you know, Avi,

seeing as that we gonna be,

you know, buying in
bulk, paying upfront,

how 'bout we do a little
bit better on that price?


I know you started
the boy off at 12.

You fronting the shit,
he don't know no better.

Now this shit is real.

How 'bout you shave a
little off that price?

Oh. Maybe.

- (Chuckling) Yeah.
- Yeah, maybe.

Or maybe I'll shave the
eyebrows off your face

and tell you to go suck
on a donkey's dick.

Uh, Avi, 12 is fine, all right?

Fuck is this? I let you bring
your friends into my house,

and you fucking strong arm me?

Hey, look, nobody trying
to strong arm nobody.


Hell you're not.


And just so you know who's
in fucking charge here,

it's gonna be 13 a key.

- Come on, Avi.
- Keep on talkin'. It'll be 14.

Or you can go someplace else.

You greedy motherfuckas.


Now get the fuck out. (bag zips)




I asked y'all to be cool.

Hey, man, it ain't our fault
the dude is crazy, cuz.

Hey, man, he more than crazy.
Motherfucker's racist.

It doesn't matter.

Unless y'all know where
I can get pure product

at those prices, Avi's our guy.

I know where you get the
product at a better price

and you ain't gotta deal
with no crazy ass Jew.

Look, he getting
it from somewhere,

and it's much less
than 12 a key.

Now you have somebody stake
out his little crib,

see who comes and goes,

get right to the source.

Can't just sit outside
his house and wait.

Be arrested in five minutes
in this neighborhood.

You right. We can't. But
you know someone who can.

(lock turns)

(bird cawing)

(keys jingle and thud)

(door creaks closed)

(object clatters)

(Train whistle
blowing in distance)

(machine beeps, click)
JULIA: Hey, it's me.

Uh, haven't heard from
you in a couple of days.

Starting to get a
little worried.

Could you please just give me
a call when you get a chance?

(baby whining)

Are you okay, honey? You
a little bit hungry?

Oh, you wanna say hi? Wanna say hi?
(shower running)

Dada... Uh, all right.
I hope you're okay.

Um... love you. Bye.

(machine beeps and clicks)

(shower continues running)


(Indistinct conversations
in Spanish)

(speaking Spanish)

(pouring liquor)



No, mi amor...



(door opens, closes)

(muffled voices
speaking indistinctly)

(vehicles passing)

(indistinct conversation
in distance)

(inhales deeply)

Smoke with me?

(speaks Spanish)

Maybe you're smoking
the wrong shit.

Yeah, maybe.

(inhales sharply)

(exhales deeply)

(siren wailing in distance)

Ramiro's bringing someone
in to learn the books.


You laugh 'cause you
know you were right.


Why are you still here?

Because I have faith
in you, chola.

Yeah, seriously.

We can run this
business together.

What if I told you I
don't believe you?

Or paranoid.

(inhales sharply)

(exhales deeply)

That if I go through with this,
I'm not doing it for you.

I know.


And I have to be there.

So they won't think I had
anything to do with it.


Call Stomper. Tell
him I wanna meet.

(lighter clatters)

(lighter clicks)

(lighter clatters)

(exhales deeply)

(dog barking in distance)

Sure you good to be out here?

Yeah. Need to get out that
madhouse for a minute.

That laid up shit
getting old already.



Bullshit. You got
somethin', don't you?

(indistinct conversations)

Made a couple moves
with Ray-Ray.

Think I got everything set up.

- All right, then, I'll be there.
- No, man.

You're gonna be a
liability, and you know it.

I mean, fuck that shit, cuz.

Look, man, for real.

Sit this one out. I got it.

(siren wailing in distance)

(Man shouts indistinctly
in distance)

Hey, Frank.

When you had that gun on Carvel,

what were you thinkin' about?
What stopped you?

I don't know. A lot
of shit, I guess.

Well, when you dealing
with Ray-Ray and Lenny,

I want you to think about
taking care of your people,

your folk.

Your moms, your
uncle, Louie, Melody.

I even want you
to think about me

bleeding on that fucking ground
and you pull that trigger.

You hear me?

You eat them or they
eat you, that's all.

We gonna be good, man.

(indistinct conversations)

(fast-paced classical
piano piece playing)

(knock on door)



(pounding on door)


(button clicks, music stops)

(door creaks)

H-hey. (Clears throat)

You don't answer your phone?

(door creaks closed)

(horns honking in distance)

- (sighs)
- Julia called.

Said she hadn't heard from
you in a couple of days

and was worried there
might be something wrong.

(sighs) Things, um, um...

Get dressed, Teddy.


I didn't know you
were a classical fan.

Who was that? Chopin?


James, I don't think
I'm the guy for this.


I went to bat for you, Teddy.

I'm sorry.

Want my advice?

You need to learn
to let things go.

I mean, come on, this is just
like Tehran all over again.

Sometimes shit just goes
wrong in our business.

I could've prevented Tehran.
I could've.

I should've pulled my agent out.

I knew he was in trouble, and nobody
would listen. What does it matter?

It happened. It
wasn't your fault.

But you came back to D.C.
wound way too tight,

and you took a samurai sword

into the country
coordinator's office.

It was a Civil War saber.

I don't understand. I thought
that you'd be relieved

that I'm out of this.

The director's
very proud of you.

You know, money and
supplies are flowing south.

Contra fighters are
back on the offensive.

This thing is starting to work
just like you knew it would.

He's extremely pleased.

So is the President.

You're full of shit.

He asked us to, uh, pass
on his appreciation

to the responsible parties.

When I was 8,

my dad took me to
the White House

where he was being
honored for his service,

and we had lunch, and
I met Kennedy, and...

That was the proudest
moment of his whole life.


I mean, it's in my file.
I know you read it.

Look, I am not
manipulating you, Teddy.

I am just passing on
the, uh, sentiment.

This is working.

Okay, but the question is

is it gonna keep working
because of you,

or do I need to
find somebody else?

(glass clatters)

(door creaks)

Suey! (Laughs)

Hey, this place dope, man.

I mean, a few couches,
some lava lamps,

a big screen TV.

Hey, we could a waterbed
in this motherfucka, too.

This ain't no motherfucking
bachelor pad.

It's a goddamn cook house.
Just calm your ass down.

We need to get the
gas on right away.

The stove the whole point.

LOUIE: Can get that done
as early as tomorrow.

(chuckles) (beeping)

(beeping stops)


(dog barking in distance)


(indistinct conversations)

(engine turns off)

(dog barking in distance)

(siren wails in distance)

We need to talk.

What about?

How to avert a war.


Yeah, there we go.

(engine rumbling)

(engine turns off)

(car door closes)

Didn't know you was
bringing somebody.

Just my uncle.

Hold up your end, you ain't
got nothin' to worry about.

Let's just be clear, I'm
not the bitch here.

Whatever the fuck y'all did
to Lenny fucked him up.

Would've got us all killed.

We know.

You're doin' the
right thing, man.

Get 'em out.

I'm-a help you.

(trunk creaks)

Get your ass up.

Get up.


Aah! (Groans)


Motherfucking Judas.

A'ight, we good?

Afraid we ain't.

Need to know word of this shit
never gonna leave this spot.


Nah, man. Fuck that, man.

You told me to bring him here.
That's what I did.

Either do it so I know
you'll keep your mouth shut,

or you both dead.


- Ray-Ray.
- That wasn't the deal!

- Well, it's the deal now.
- Come on, man.

Hey, man, I understand
this ain't an easy ask.

I know.

Plenty more where
that came from.

We use men who know how
to handle theyselves.

Future could be bright.


Hey, hey! Don't you
do this shit for him.

I told you to let this shit go.

Man, you ain't never
gonna forget this shit.

You won't and you know it.
Look at me, nigga.

Hey! Oh, he thinkin' 'cause
he doin' this shit for you,

that this blood ain't
gonna be on your hands,

but it is, nigga. Ray-Ray!


Yeah, you better
watch your back!

- Uh-huh.
- Get the fuck...


- Come on, Ray-Ray.
- Ray-Ray, man, come on!

Come on, man. What the fuck you doin'?
Look at me, man!

- Do it, motherfucka!
- All right, all right!

- Ray-Ray!
- Do it!

Ray-Ray! Ray...

(gurgling sound)

For Leon, motherfucka.

(gun rattles)

You ever wanna make some ends,
you know where to find me.


(engine starts)

(gravel crunches)

(indistinct conversations)

(exhales slowly)

(latches click)

(latches click)

(exhales deeply)

(clearing throat)

(speaking Spanish)

(inhales and exhales)

(exhales deeply)

(click) (speaking Spanish)



(speaking Spanish)

(paper rustles) Diego...

(utensil clatters)



Hi. How are you?

I'm fantastic. How are you?

- American?
- Oh, absolutely.

(punch lands) (speaks Spanish)

- Okay, okay, hold on, hold on.
- Explain this shit!

O-obviously, you're upset.

Okay, you have
every right to be.

But just... okay, please
just put the gun down

and we could talk.

(all shouting in Spanish)

Alejandro Usteves.
(exhales deeply)

What was that?

Alejandro Usteves.

Okay. (Exhales deeply)

You're here to make a
deal with him, right?

Alejandro was already
bringing cocaine

into the United States.

He just needed DEA assistance
to get it across the border.

You two are gonna be
bargaining chips.

He was setting you up.

I know that the same way I
know everything about you two.

I know that you like being
in the United States.

And I know that the Orejuelas
trust you and leave you alone

as long as the money
keeps rolling in.

And I can ensure that
that continues to happen.

Keep the DEA and local law
enforcement off your ass,

provide you with intel
about your competitors

and security at certain
border points.

What do we have to do for you?

Well, you have to provide me
with absolutely pure cocaine

at prices that's gonna
make your balls hurt.

Who the fuck are you, man?

Doesn't matter who I am.

Only matters who I represent.

And who's that?

The United States government.

(coughs and sniffles)

(elevator bell dings)

(indistinct conversations)


(indistinct conversations
in Spanish)

(woman singing in Spanish)

(speaking Spanish)



You have to help me out.
You have to back me up.

- I can't do that.
- Why not?

- (scoffs)
- Mija...

("Fantasy" by Earth,
Wind & Fire playing)

All right, all right, all
right, give it up, give it up.

How much we make today?

- Oh.
- Man, what'd I tell you?

Put the 1's in front of the 5's,
right, and the 20's in the back.

Hey, y'all paying attention?

This is where it
starts, you hear me?

All right, then.

♪ Every man has a place Which one
of y'all messed up my count?

(speaks indistinctly) ♪ In
his heart there's a space

♪ And the world can't erase
his fantasies ♪ Tell

the brothers to stop
messing with my money.

♪ Take a ride in the sky

♪ On our ship fantasize

♪ All your dreams will
come true right away ♪

(children shouting playfully)
♪ And we will live together

♪ Until the twelfth of never

(cheering) All right, all right,
all right, who's got money?

You got money? You got money?

Y'all kids gotta learn
nothin' in life is free.

Who's got money? You got money?
You, you, you?

Broke-ass kids. Get
away from my truck.


Never ride through my block
without stopping, all right?

These kids, they want
something, anything,

you serve 'em up, and I'll
take care of you after.


Yeah. Cool.


- Here you go, baby.
- Check out Franklin.


♪ Come to see victory
Y'all get what you want.

(children shouting playfully)
♪ In a land called fantasy

♪ Loving life for you and me

♪ To behold to your
soul is ecstasy ♪

♪ You will find other kind

♪ That has been in
search of you ♪

Hey, Jules, it's me.

Yeah, I know.

I'm sorry.

It's just, um...

things out here kind of...
took a turn and...

No. It's not.

I got some bad news, Jules.



(speaking Spanish)

Hey, I just...

I just wanted to say I'm
sorry about everything.

I just...

I love you and I'm happy
that it's just us again.

(sniffles) This family.

It's late.



(sniffles, exhales)

Make sure he gets home safe.

(speaks Spanish)

(Indistinct conversations
in Spanish)

(clears throat)

Ciao, Papa. (Sniffles)

(Indistinct conversation
in Spanish continues)


- Wanna join me?
- No, not tonight.

I just wanted to say
about the books...

I'll call Antonio tomorrow.

I'll sit down with him, and
I'll go over everything.

Sounds good.

(footsteps depart)

(indistinct conversations)

(telephone rings)

(Lucia speaking Spanish)

- órale.
- Man, let's do it.

(receiver clatters)

(crickets chirping)

(door handle clacks)

(engine starts)

(engine starts)

(indistinct conversations)

I'm not armed.

Out of respect for the dead,
I'm gonna let you leave here.

You come near any one
of us again, that's it.

(whispers) I'm gonna kill you.

I just wanna say goodbye.
Then I'll leave.

You'll never see me again.


(door closes)


(indistinct shouting,
woman screaming)

(man shouting in Spanish)

(women screaming,
shouting continues)

(rapid footsteps)

(shouting continues)

(engine revving)

(men shouting in Spanish)

(man speaking Spanish)


My God.


LEE MOSES: ♪ All the
leaves are brown

Just like that.

Please, I do know my way
around the kitchen.


♪ And the skies are gray

(speaks indistinctly)

♪ Oh, yes, I did

♪ On a winter's day

You got it.

♪ I'd be safe and warm

♪ If I were in L.A.

♪ California dreamin'

♪ On a winter's day

♪ Yeah

♪ Went to the church,
yes, I did ♪

♪ I stopped along the way

♪ Oh!


♪ But I'm down on my knees

♪ I begin to pray

Whoo! (Laughs)

Go ahead, girl. ♪ You know
the preacher digs a call ♪

(speaks indistinctly)

♪ 'Cause I'm gonna stay

♪ I'm gonna stay,
I told him so ♪

♪ California dreamin'

(indistinct conversations)

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Oh

♪ Somebody help me now

♪ Gotta go so bad, yeah

♪ Oh, oh

♪ 'Cause all the
leaves are brown ♪

♪ And the skies are gray

♪ Went for a walk

♪ On a winter's day

♪ Oh, I'd be safe and warm

♪ If I was in L.A.