Snoopy in Space (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Exoplanets - full transcript

Looking for life beyond our galaxy, the gang begins to see how life could exist somewhere else. The discovery is great, but the distance to get there isn't possible at this present time. It's always nice to dream.

[Franklin] Hmm.

There are lots of promising leads
for life in our solar system,

but so far, nothing definite.

That's why NASA and its international
partners run overlapping missions.

So they can follow
as many different leads as possible.

So maybe we need to think even bigger
and look outside the solar system.

I thought you'd never ask, Charles.

As this map shows,
the galaxy is pretty big.

[both yelp]


- [gasps, gulps]
- [gulps]

Our solar system is right about there.

By that speck of dust?

It is that speck of dust.



Where are all these planets hiding?

When you look at the night sky,
all you see is space and stars.

True, but each of those stars is
a sun that might have its own planets.



[all gasp]

Sorry about that. [chuckles]

I've been working
on my dramatic entrances.

[chuckles] But Marcie is right.

Every star is a sun,

and the planets orbiting
those distant suns are called exoplanets,

or planets outside of our solar system.

NASA has been looking for them for years.

The search for exoplanets is
one of NASA's most exciting projects.
The search for exoplanets is
one of NASA's most exciting projects.

One way we look for them is
to study distant stars

to see if there's a little dip
in their brightness.

That dip could indicate
a planet passing by as it orbits the star.

We can follow up with other telescopes
that look for a little wobble in the light

that could also be caused by a planet.

When we do find a planet,

we use very powerful space telescopes,
like Hubble or the James Webb Telescope,

to examine the planet more closely,

to see if it might be able
to support life.

We've already recorded
quite a few exoplanets.

Have a look.



[both] Oh!

[all] Whoa! Wow!

Here's a planet that orbits the star
once every 18 hours.

That means a year is only 18 hours long!
That means a year is only 18 hours long!

It would be your birthday every day.

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

[inhales, blows]

[watch ticking]

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

[hums "Happy Birthday"]

Unfortunately, Sally,
that planet is incredibly hot,

and the surface is made out of gas.

Not the best spot for a birthday party.

Oh, well, I'd probably get a stomachache
from all that cake anyway.

Here's an exoplanet that has two suns.

Imagine how fast my garden would grow.


[sighs] Nothing beats a double sunny day
and some hard work in the garden.



[groans] I'm tired just thinking about it.

Don't let the two suns fool you, Lucy.

The average temperature on that planet is
much too cold to grow your garden.

Also, minor point, it has no soil.


These exoplanets don't seem
very promising so far.

That's only two. It says here
NASA has discovered over 4,000.


[whirring, beeping]

And that's just the ones we know about.
The actual number is probably closer to--

A jagillion?

That's not a real number.

More like a hundred billion.

And that's just in the Milky Way.

Which is one of billions
and billions of galaxies!

[gulps] Billions and billions?

Just when you think
you understand the universe.

[alarm beeping]
[alarm beeping]


[gasps] Those are the controls
for a high-powered telescope.

Charlie Brown!

[groans] I hope I didn't break it.

I don't think my allowance can cover
the cost of a NASA telescope.

[electronic twittering]

Hang on.

Hmm. Interesting.

I may be wrong,

but it looks like the light
from that star is dipping a bit.

Checking coordinates.

Beep-bop, boop-boop-boop, beep-bop-boop.

[gasps] Outstanding.

Charlie Brown,

I think you may have just discovered
a brand-new exoplanet.

- [gasps]
- [CARA] Congratulations.

My-- My very own exoplanet?

- Way to go, Charlie Brown!
- Nice work.

- [cheering]
- Awesome! Yeah!

It's about time.

[Peppermint Patty]
Charlie Brown does it again.
[Peppermint Patty]
Charlie Brown does it again.

It looks like it's almost
the same size as Earth

and about the same distance from its star
as Earth's distance from the sun.

That means it could be
a perfect planet for life to exist.

A perfect planet?

["Charlie Brown" playing]

Are all those valentines for you,
big brother?

There's even one
from The Little Red-Haired Girl. [sighs]

Before we start, I just want to say
how much I appreciate you, Charlie Brown.

No charge today.

[song continues]

Say what you will about Charlie Brown,
he knows how to fly a kite.

[Franklin] Strike three! You're out!

Wow, you pitched a perfect game,
Charlie Brown.

We won!

[all] Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown.

- Charlie Brown!
- [music stops]

I mean, wow, an exoplanet.

How soon can we get there?

Get there? [chuckles]
It would take hundreds of years.

Entire generations.

It's a terrific discovery, Charlie Brown,

but going there is pretty much impossible
with today's technology.




[engine starts]


[Marcie] Hey!

Has anyone seen my map of the galaxy?

How do you lose a whole galaxy?

[Snoopy, Woodstock chattering]