Snoopy in Space (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Hera - full transcript

Astronauts can't learn on empty stomach. The search for lunch leads them to H.E.R.A. and being in a simulated environment where people have to live and be in close quarters with other people. They also learn about food production and how to survive.

So our work on Venus showed us
that the universe is full of surprises.

Life could exist
in ways that we don't expect.

Which means we can consider places
we might not have tried before.

So, what's next?

[stomach growls]



There's no time for that.

There's always time for lunch.

How are we supposed to find life
on an empty stomach?

[chuckles] Sally's right. I have observed
that humans have a hard time focusing

if they're not fed at regular intervals.

[Peppermint Patty snores]

Point taken.

Remember, NASA is a big campus.

So make sure you know
where you're going before you set out.

Hello? Anybody? I have a map here.


The cafeteria is this way.


It's in this building right here.


Here it is. I think.

[door hydraulics hiss]

This is one weird-looking cafeteria,
big brother.

- [door hisses]
- Charlie Brown,

- make sure the door doesn't…
- [gasps]

- [grunts]
- …shut.

- [chimes]
- [droning adult chatter]

- "Launching HERA mission"?
- [beeping]

Wait. Mission?


I can't go to space!
I can't go to space!

I don't have my toothbrush.



Not all of us went
through astronaut training, Snoopy.

I just learned how to tie my shoes.


Okay. Let's stay calm.

[all grunt]

- Everyone, find a station.
- [pants]

- [switching radio stations]
- Country? Smooth jazz?

What does everyone feel like listening to?

[country music playing]

[grunts] My shoelace is caught.


[beeping continues]

Everyone in position?

- Mm-hmm.
- Check.

- Yep.
- Uh-huh.


[Charlie Brown] No.


- [music stops]
- [alarm blares]

Huh? According to this,
we're already out of Earth's atmosphere.

But our feet are on the ground
like there's still gravity.


Yes, we can all see
that gravity is working.


[CARA] Oh! There you are.

- We didn't mean to launch.
- Charlie Brown locked the door.

- We were just hungry.
- [chuckles] Don't worry.

You're not in space.

You're in NASA's HERA simulator.

Simulator? What's that?

A simulator lets us pretend
to be in a situation,

so we can see how people react.

This simulator is NASA's
Human Exploration and Research Analog,

or HERA,

which studies the unique challenges
of long-term space flight,

like being in very close quarters
with other astronauts,

far from Earth for long periods of time.

We also want to see how astronauts

will cooperate,
problem-solve and use teamwork…

…over the course of their mission.

Can it simulate how cranky I'll be
if I don't get lunch?

Hey, everyone! I found some food in here.
Hey, everyone! I found some food in here.

- Food!
- I want some!

- I'm so hungry.
- Me too!


[crunches, coughs] It's a little dry.


This is what we get
for listening to Charlie Brown.

Okay, everyone, cheer up.

This is a great opportunity for you
to practice the kind of creative thinking

that might help you find
life outside of Earth. Or find lunch.

Over here.

For this exercise,
everything you need is in this box.

Good luck.

Oh, great. Robot food.

Excuse me, sir,
could you use a little less of the table?

I need space, Marcie.
Miss Othmar says I'm a tactile learner.


Lucy, your elbow is in my face.

Your face is in my elbow.
Your face is in my elbow.

- Come on, everyone. We need to work--
- Does anyone have a wrench?

- [banging]
- [groans]

I'm using it! [grunts]

Knock it off! You're hurting my ears.

- [squabbling]
- Excuse me.

- But could we maybe--
- [Lucy] Not now. I'm trying to focus!

[Marcie] I need that!

- I had that--
- No, I do!

- That's mine!
- I had that first!

- I called it.
- I had that first!




This exercise is supposed to be
about teamwork,

determination and problem-solving.

If we're ever going to find life
outside of Earth,

we're going to need to work together.
Now is not the time to just give up.

Okay, everyone, my big brother says
we should just give up.

No. That's not what I said at all.

Wait a second.

- It almost looks like these go together.
- [gasps]

Come on.

- Ooh.
- I don't believe it.

Hmm. It still looks like
it's missing something, Charlie Brown.

- [indistinct chattering]
- [chortles]


- Yeah!
- Yay!

Congratulations! You've worked together

and combined all your projects
into the final result: a food rehydrator.

Yeah! A what?

A rehydrator adds water back to food,
so you can eat it.

Right. Just like in the kitchen
on the International Space Station.

Let's give it a shot.

- [gasps]
- Ooh.

- It's about time.
- Mmm.

- Looks good.
- Wow!

I'm starving.

[chomping, chewing]

- [all groan]
- Yuck.

[chuckles] Well, it is a prototype.
[chuckles] Well, it is a prototype.

[doorbell rings]

[CARA] Is someone gonna answer that?

I would, but we're locked in.

That door doesn't have a lock.

That would be unsafe in an emergency.

I tried pushing on the door,
but it didn't work.

Did you try pulling?

- [groans]
- Charlie Brown.

[all] Pizza!

Snoopy, you ordered pizza for us?

- Thanks, pal.
- [chuckles]

To celebrate your successful HERA mission,
let's take a crew photo.

- Say, "HERA."