Snoopy in Space (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Big Picture - full transcript

The gang gets awards for their discovery. Franklin felt depressed because he didn't want any award. So snoopy gives Franklin the big picture of the Milky Way. There's gotta be life out there, so never give up.

I can't believe
it's already time to go home.

Maybe next time.


We barely have any time for the gift shop.

- [chimes]
- Don't worry.

I have something even better.


What's this?

In honor of your contribution
to NASA's search for life,

I'd like to present you with…

- mission medals.
- Whoa. Ooh.

- One for you. Here you go.
- [gasps]


- There you go.
- [giggles]

- Here you go.
- [exclaims]

There you go.

- [grunts]
- Oops.

Wait. I think this one is Franklin's.

I don't want one, Charlie Brown.

I wish I could accept a mission medal.

But medals are meant to reward
a job well done,

and our job isn't done.

Hey. Don't be so hard on yourself.

We worked together
and made lots of great discoveries.

Like an interstellar asteroid.

And that was great.
But we didn't make "the" discovery.

I'm not going anywhere until we find life.


Franklin, I'm sure I'll be seeing you
again for a future mission,

but for now, it is time to go home.

- Really?
- Really.

[sighs] I thought if we could just find
the right piece of the puzzle,

we'd figure out the answer.

But after all that exploring,
all we have are more questions.


[Snoopy groans]
[Snoopy groans]

What do we do now?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't look at me.

The complexities of human emotions are
outside my programming parameters.



- Oh!
- Hmm.

- Huh.
- Mm-hmm.

- I can do that.
- It just might work.

- Great idea, boy.
- Count me in.

Sorry, Snoopy,
but I just wanna be alone for a bit.



That's a nice wagon.
But I'm not sure what it has to do--

[gasps] Whoa!

- [birds chattering]
- Um…



[shudders] Uh…

[birds straining]

[shudders] Whoa!

What's going on in-- Whoa.

Behold! The once inscrutable cosmos.

Revealing its secrets
with each new discovery.

[chuckles] Whoa. This is pretty neat.

Is that Mars?

Hey, look. It's the ice we found.

You got it.

The same ice that makes scientists think
Mars may have once had lots of water.


Which makes us wonder if one day

we'll find evidence
that life existed long ago.

- Like a fossil.
- Yeah.

Or maybe even evidence of microorganisms
that could be there right now.

Whoa! [grunts]

Good catch, sir.


I am the tides of Europa
dancing to Jupiter's rhythm
I am the tides of Europa
dancing to Jupiter's rhythm

beneath a mysterious cap of ice.

Who knows what kind of life
might be flourishing in there.

- [snarls]
- [all scream]


- [snarling]
- [screaming]


Well, it sounds like science fiction,

but with all that water and plenty of time
for life to have developed,

that's actually a possibility.

Thick atmosphere. Must be Venus.

Really? A cloud?

I was informed I would be playing
a leading role in this production!

[Linus whispering]
Just say the line. Please.

Quoting Charlie Brown,
"Has it really come to this?"


Don't forget about
life as we don't know it.

Yeah. Poisonous air, underground lava.

Venus doesn't seem too hospitable

until you remember that life outside Earth
may take a completely different form

than what we expect.


There might even be life
in Venus's extreme environments.

And if life could be there,
where else might it be?

Exoplanet, you're up.


We can't forget that there are planets
positioned in just the right place

to have the perfect conditions for life.

I'll use the other door.

They're just too far away
to reach right now.

Check it out.
A traveler from a faraway solar system.

Ah, our big discovery.
An interstellar asteroid.

Could it be carrying information
from distant planets?

Or life itself?


Hey. Maybe questions actually
can be as good as answers.

Every time we hit a snag,
it just inspired us to try something else…

- [whirring]
- …or think in a different way!
- [whirring]
- …or think in a different way!



Look at all these stars.

You know, given that scientists think

there are over 40 billion planets
just in our galaxy alone

and over 100 billion galaxies
in the universe,

it's almost harder to believe
that there isn't life out there somewhere.

It's just a matter of
not giving up the search.

Thanks, everyone.

I get it now.

Whether or not there's any life
outside of Earth is a big question.

We can't expect to come up with
an answer all at once.

What we can do is keep exploring

and use what we learn
to figure out which new questions to ask.

That's the whole point of science.

Don't forget your mission medal, Franklin.

[Sally, Snoopy] Aw.

Thanks, everyone.

Aw. Look at you.
Aw. Look at you.

Oh, no! I'm late for the gift shop!

I get it now, Snoopy.

Life is amazing, and it's worth the wait.

[grunts, strains]

Come on.

Turn the planet, you blockhead.

[brakes squeal]

[gasps, whistles]