Snoopy in Space (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Mission 4: Welcome to the ISS - full transcript

Snoopy blasts off for the ISS and is surprised to see a familiar face on board.

[Franklin] Snoopy, stop walking
in slow motion. You're gonna be late.


[gasps, panting]

All right, everyone. Are we ready?

- Yep.
- Good to go, Chuck.

- Ready.
- All systems go.

We are go for launch.

T-minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

- five, four...
- [engine rumbles]

three, two, one.

We have liftoff.


Hang in there, pal.


Approaching the speed of sound.

- [grunting]
- [Franklin] Approaching second-stage burn.


- [pop]
- [engine stops]

[Franklin] Congratulations, Snoopy.
You're now in Earth's orbit.


- [grunts]
- Are we there yet? [laughs]

Not quite.

While it only takes a few minutes
to get to space,

it will take us about six hours
to catch up to and dock with the ISS.


Still not there yet, Astronaut Snoopy.
I did say six hours.

[clock ticking]


[all snoring]

[alarm blares]

You're there!

Space station, prepare for docking.

Jumping Jupiter!
That space station's as big as a house.

Actually, sir, the ISS is the size
of an American football field.

Football. Your favorite, Charlie Brown.

Don't worry. This is a historic moment.
I won't let you down.

For history!


[sighs] History always repeats itself,
Charlie Brown.

I can't believe it.

My dog, in space.

[groaning, grunts]

- [whimpers]
- [Macintosh start-up noise]

[CARA] Welcome
to the International Space Station.

you are now experiencing microgravity.

- You are also completely upside down.
- [yelps]


[CARA] Oh, magnificent, isn't it?

ISS orbits around Earth,

which means you're about to get
a lot of great views of your home planet.

An orbit is the repeating oval path
an object makes

when it is caught
in another object's gravity.

[Franklin] For example,
Earth is in orbit around the sun.

And this baseball is in orbit
around Chuck's big head.


[CARA] Now please, make yourself at home.


- Huh?
- Whoo-hoo!


- [CARA] Woodstock.
- [yelps]

I do not remember
you being on the crew manifest.

Although, I suppose since you participated

in the same training as Astronaut Snoopy,
you may stay.

[both cheer]

It's good that you're such great friends.

Because working with others
is an important part of being on the ISS.

It's time for your first task.

Taking pictures of Earth.

Pictures of Earth
taken from the ISS are super important.

When there's bad weather
or even a natural disaster,

aerial photos help provide
a faster response back home.

- Ooh!
- Neat.

They also help scientists
research Tahiti's endangered giant clams.

So it's serious business. Got it?


- [shutter clicking]
- [laughter continues]

[CARA clears throat]

I think you've taken enough photos.

Now for your second task.

Since your bones and muscles
don't need to work as hard

to move your bodies around
in microgravity,

you'll need to exercise
for two and a half hours

every day to stay strong.




- [screams]
- [crashing]


- [Woodstock squeaks]
- Ahh!

[CARA] Astronauts, this is not a race.


- [screaming]
- [crashing]

- [both groaning]
- Let's move on for now.

This space station may be
your home away from home,

but it's also a lab.

[groans, blows]

Astronauts, you need to keep it clean.

- [vacuum whirring]
- [whines]


- [vacuum whirs]
- [grunts]




[tape pulling]

- Ah.
- Ah.


[grumbling angrily]


- [crashing]
- [fighting, yelling]

[metal rattles]

[alarm blaring]

[Marcie] Uh-oh.

It appears a piece of space debris,
called a micrometeorite,

is on a collision course with the ISS.

No need to worry.

We could readjust your position
from Mission Control.

[buzzer sounds]

Oh, no. There seems to be
something jamming the controls.

CARA, can you help us out?

Sorry, Houston.
I'm a little... wrapped up at the moment.

- [Franklin] Snoopy, we have a problem.
- Huh?

You'll need to clear the jam
to move the space station

so nothing is hit.

But you need to hurry!

[both grunting]

Marcie, where's the micrometeorite?

- [pinging]
- One hundred and eighty-seven miles away.

At the speed it's going,
impact is in 30 seconds.

Oh, I can't watch.

Take shelter, Charlie Brown.


[both sigh]

[both] Oh!


[Woodstock grunts]


[both grunting]

[all gasp]

[Woodstock grunting]

[CARA] Danger averted.


[Franklin] Snoopy, this is Houston.

The micrometeorite
has passed safely out of range.

- Nice work.
- [both laugh]

Well done, astronauts.

While your technique was unconventional,

you managed to avoid damage to the station

and learned to stick together
in close quarters.

Which is a good thing,
because it's about to get closer.



[CARA] Say hello to your colleagues,

- joining the ISS on a brief supply run.
- [chirping]

- [both] Uh-oh.
- [both] Uh-oh.

[chirping excitedly]