Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Fringe - full transcript

"Bombshell", "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Hit List" are all going through problems. Ivy asks Derek for advice on how to save "Liaisons" and/or her career if the show goes forward in its current direction as dictated by its star, Terry Falls. With "Bombshell", Eileen, who had the tie breaking vote - with Julia and Derek on one side, and Jerry and Tom on the other - decides to go with Jerry and Tom and go with an earlier, more commercial book draft rather than Julia's latest draft, which she and Derek feel is the best work she's ever done. In addition, Jerry wants to cut the first song Julia and Tom wrote for the show, and what Julia still feels is the emotional core of the show. And Jerry, who has just found out about "Hit List", informs Karen on the day of the first performance that her contract does not allow her to perform in the show, which if she decides to abide by Jerry's directive will leave Jimmy and Kyle in the lurch at the eleventh hour. These situations leave Derek, Karen and Julia with decisions about their future with "Bombshell". However, some discovered information may in turn affect the production.

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Previously on Smash...

When you love

The Fringe? In two weeks?
That's completely insane.

I usually don't like
a lot of people.

Just don't let
me down, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen,
Terry Falls.

Ah, yes. Young Cecile.

How you have grown.

He's playing
the whole thing like
it's a comedy.

I've decided
to go off my meds.

Thanks for the files.
Eileen will never
work without me again.

Have you got a brilliant
book for the read-through
this afternoon?

I'm not going to produce it.
I have a version that I love.

How did you get this?
He sent it to me.

It was just the draft
I liked the most.

We need a tie-breaker.
Since it's up to me...

Here she is,
Miss Marilyn Monroe

Will she have the answers
that our readers want to know?

From India
And Paris

And from just
across the pond

We have so many questions for
America's smart, dumb blonde

Okay, you lot,
go up stage left.

You lot, go up
stage right.

Because, oh,
look out,

here comes the enormous,
expensive and totally
unnecessary plane

that's about to
land on the stage.

And the steps roll in,
and Karen walks down...

It's gonna be great.

It's for tourists.
It isn't art.

I completely disagree.

It's a dynamic,
Technicolor fantasy of
the way Marilyn made herself.

And it's going
to fit perfectly
in our new book.

Your new book.
As opposed to
mine and Julia's,

which I was
really looking
forward to directing.

Best thing
I've ever written.

We said we'd go with
whatever Eileen chose.

Well, clearly I only said that
because I thought she would
make the right choice.

And I did.
And I agree.

Though we might
have to cut something
to make room for this number.

There's a lot of music.

Is this a theater
or a bar?

I knew the last slot
meant the crappiest space.

It's the Fringe.
You get two days
and a shoebox.

it's a disaster.

But sometimes
you break out.

I like it.

It's not too fancy,
which is good for us.

It's got good acoustics,
'cause it's small.
And who cares anyway.

The show's good.

It better be.
We're on in 10 hours.

The warmth of your love's
like the warmth from the sun

And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

Don't let go of my hand
Now the darkness has gone

And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

And I won't forget
the way you held me up
when I was down

And I won't forget
the way you said

"Darling, I love you
You give me faith to go on"

Now we're there
Now we've only just begun

And this will be our year

Took a long time to



Um, there's a performance
going on upstairs.

So could you guys,
like, shut up?



My bad.

Hey, does anybody
know what time it is? Oh.

Ugh, damn.
I gotta go to rehearsal.

Now? We haven't run
your numbers yet.

We've been running
them all week.

What about the new ones?

Kyle, chill.
It's gonna be fine.

Thank you.
Any time.

I can't believe
she couldn't get
out for one night.

Dude, it's Broadway.
It doesn't work like that.

There's millions
of dollars at stake.

You're not just like,
"Hmm, I feel like taking

"the night off to do
a show in a basement."

It is not just
a show in a basement.

Real people are coming.
I just want it to be great.

It will be.
Look, Karen's a pro.

She knows her stuff.
She'll be ready.

Oh, hold the door.


No problem.

So, how's Bombshell?

It's great.

Yeah. How's yours?

So good.

Terry Falls
is fantastic.

Down-to-earth, smart, real.
The show is a dream.

See ya.

Ivy, thank God you're here.
You won't believe
what he's done now.

Have a good rehearsal.

Ah, my darling Cecile!
Isn't it glorious?

More of your vision?

Ever since I went off
my meds, I feel amazing!

I haven't slept in four days.
I've been accomplishing
so many things!

I got certified in archery,
I've learned French,
I got arrested!

Ugh, these aren't going to
be real sheep, are they?

Ha! Of course they are.
Stuffed sheep can't act.

I am worried about
the peacocks, though.

They're notoriously
difficult to work with.

That's much better.
Where is Bessie?

It's not too late.
Tech doesn't start till
the day after tomorrow.

Oh, there she is.

Terry's the only reason
this revival is happening.

We have to make it work.

You can't have mirrors
onstage like that!

They're gonna reflect
light into the audience.

Oh, no.
Those aren't mirrors.
They're metaphors

for vanity and

Oh, look.
There I am again!

Who knows? Maybe it'll be
the comedy surprise
hit of the season.

A satire?

Satires are supposed to
be smart and sophisticated.

Ivy! I'm going to make
love to you in these!

In the show! In the show.

When he warned
of the cost and the heart
that he lost

Mr. Yeats really paved the way

For the men that I've known
who have clearly shown

They've been reading him
from the start

'Cause when it comes to me

You still love
this song, right?

Well, their kisses come free

Your lyrics
are brilliant.

But they never give
all the heart
Using that Yeats poem was...

You're overdoing it.

Very nice, Karen.
Okay, let's move on to Mambo.

I'd like a word.

Or we could take a 10.

That's the song.
The song?

To cut.

For Public Relations.

You're kidding.
He's kidding, right?

That song is one of
the most beautiful
ballads in the show.

One of. There's too many.
It's unnecessary.

Some girl on an empty stage
telling me a sad story?
Enough already.

She's not just some girl.

It's Marilyn, looking
back and realizing

that she loved more
than she was loved!

He means Karen.

Our star?

Not yet.

And if we're not
going to have a star,
then we need...

What, an airplane
on the bloody stage?

And with all that
going on around her,
we're golden. But this...

Is the first song we wrote.

It's what got us excited
about the project
in the first place.

It's what got you
excited, Eileen.

It's a lovely song, Julia.
No one's disputing that.

But Jerry's right,
it stops the show.

You just said "Jerry's right"
for the third time
in the last week.

Has everyone lost
their mind?

He's destroying the show!

By the time he's finished,
it's going to be

Marilyn, The Radio City
Christmas Spectacular!

Can I just remind you that
what we're listening to in
there is a book you wrote?

One you were proud of once.
I'm not anymore.

I know it's not exactly
what you wanted.

Or Derek.
Or Derek.

But that doesn't mean
it won't be great.

Let me talk to Eileen,
figure out a way
to keep Heart in.

I'll beg. Grovel.
Blackmail if I have to...

If I succeed, will you please
try to get more on board?
I miss you.

Get me my song,
and then we'll talk.

I know Broadway
doesn't pay its
actors very well,

but did you really
have to moonlight
as a house painter?

Oh. I was painting
pieces for our Fringe set.

It's Hit List's first
performance tonight.

You're still doing the Fringe?
Who's your director?

No one. We're just
throwing the first
act up, like you said.


I didn't think
you'd do it without me.

You were never really
going to do it anyway.
I knew that.

You just got us started.
You're a big
Broadway director.

You can't go back
to Fringe.

Can I take a quick call?


We're in Time Out.
There's a blurb
and everything!

And a picture of you.
It's not that great, but...

Hey! Don't listen
to him, it's hot!

Apparently a bunch of
theater people RSVP'd.
We sold out tonight.

I have to call you back.

What is this?

My assistant
just showed me this.

Is there a problem?

entire marketing campaign

is centered around
introducing Karen Cartwright.

It only works if we're
actually introducing
Karen Cartwright.

But it isn't interfering
with rehearsals.

And it's not going to either.
You can't do it.

It's two days.

I'm your producer.

I have the right to approve
any other project you do
while you're in my show.

That's in your contract.

Look, if you want to go, go.

But don't bother
coming back here.

Derek, you know
I can't not go.

You're opening on Broadway.
What's more important?

Sorry, love. I guess
we're both stuck here.

Whether we like it or not.

SMASH S02E06 The Fringe
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But the show is in six hours.
And you're the lead!

I had no idea
this would happen.
I feel terrible.

Tell them "no."
You have to be here.

I tried. Jerry Rand is not
the most understanding person.
And Derek...

Ah, there's
the real reason.

It's my career, Jimmy.
I want to be there
for you guys so badly...

But your career's
more important than
your friends, got it.

I'm still a part of the show.
I just can't be
in it right now.

Yeah, we need to
find a replacement.

There's no time for someone
to learn the songs...

Whoever we get
can hold the music.
It's Fringe.

I can help call some people.

Don't bother.
You've done enough.

Thank you, though,

for waiting till six hours
before to bail.

It's really classy. Oh, and
thank your boyfriend, too.

I'm sure he had
nothing to do with this.

Don't we have enough
to deal with? Just go.

You look like
you've just come
from a funeral.

We have. For the death
of our careers.

It can't be that bad.

Tomorrow's press day,
and we're considering

going to that really bad
sushi place on 50th

and praying for
food poisoning.

Do you wanna talk?

Come on.

You're in prime position.

Everyone expects you
to be good in a good show.

But if you're
good in a bad show,
you stand out.

That is a
time-honored tradition.

But how am I
supposed to be good
opposite a lunatic?

You got a big number, right?

Yeah, but I've
been underplaying it.

We're all underplaying
since Terry's so big.

Forget about Terry.

Just block out the white
noise and do it the way
you know it should be done.

Like I'm not doing
on Bombshell.

It's isn't going very well?

Yeah, Jerry's cutting
everything, Julia's sulking,

Eileen's policing us.

And I'm just sitting
in the middle wondering

what I loved about
it in the first place.

You loved Karen.
You "saw" her, remember?

I saw her as Marilyn.

You'll see her again.

I got to go.

Thanks for the advice.

Only thank me if it works.

Wow. That sounds
like an amazing day.

I'm sorry to vent.
I just had to talk to someone.

I'm glad that you trust me.

I wouldn't go that far.

Maybe you should
leave Bombshell.

You're sitting around
torturing yourself

when they don't
need you anymore.

They made that very clear
after the read-through.

Come on, that's not true.

You should see Tom
going out of his way
to make me feel better.

Yeah. I like Tom,
but partners, they talk.

They consider, compromise.

They don't just make
choices unilaterally.

Eileen made the choice.

I've been hired to
help out on a new play
at the Royal Court.

I fly out Friday.

You're leaving?
Yeah. You should come.

Collaborate. I loved
working with you, Julia.

I hadn't been this excited
about a project in forever.
Neither had you.

I'm in the middle
of rehearsal.

Yeah, of a sinking ship.

I mean, you said it yourself.
It's making you miserable.

I can't leave.

I haven't gotten
to spend enough time
with Leo as it is.

Bring him.
He'd love London.

He does have
winter break coming up.

I don't know.
It just doesn't feel
right to leave Tom.

Why not? Seems to me
like he's already left you.


I forgot you did
the She Loves Me revival.

Nine Tony nominations.

What can we do for you, Tom?

I wanted to talk to you about
cutting Never Give All
the Heart from the show.

I know producers
have a great
deal of say, but...

Legally, Eileen
isn't a producer.

I'm a "friend of
the production."

Whose opinion
I value highly.


Anyway. The song is really
important to Julia.

So important you
came instead of her?

She kind of hates Jerry
with a burning passion.

Like you used to.
Oh, I still do.

I don't need
people to like me.

I need them to
deliver a good show.

And that song,
it's too intellectual.

I like songs that
make me feel something.
And so do you.

Ah. Don't the best do both?

This song is the emotional
core of the show.

It's a downer.
It doesn't have to be.

What if we were
to make you a deal?

Say you change the song
into something that wows us.

Something that
makes us feel good.
You could keep it.

How long do I have?

Twenty-four hours.

After that, I don't want to
ever hear about it again.

So who'd you
get to replace me?
Is she able to sing the role?

Audrey, from my last show,
and optimistically? No.

But at least we
didn't have to cancel.

Maybe I should go in,
give her a few pointers?

No. That is not
a good idea.

What? Jimmy?
You know how he gets.

He's like the Incredible Hulk.
One little thing, and he's
ripping through his shirt.

Come on. You're about
to open on Broadway.

This should be
your last concern.

Five minutes.

I got to go.

Break a leg, okay?

Don't wake the Hulk.


Do I know you?
Cynthia Moran.
We met in Boston.

Ellis Boyd's girlfriend?
Ex, actually.

You two aren't
on good terms?

No. Turns out he was kind of
a psychopath. Also gay.
Did you know that?

I had an inkling about both.

So what's he up to now?

I have no idea.
After he got that job
with Jerry, he took off.

Wait, job with Jerry?

Yeah, Jerry Rand.
Isn't he producing Bombshell?

He and Ellis made
some deal or something,
and that's when he left me.

Good riddance, right?
Coming up?

No, no. Go ahead.

Oh, Hey, somebody
tweeted about us!

Oh. No. Never mind.

What'd they say?

"Hit List at the Fringe.
WTF, what a mess.


Ana's gonna work
with Audrey all day.

It won't matter,
'cause there's not
gonna be a show tonight.

What are you talking about?

We have no director,
there's no star,

we have no second act,
there's no heat
in the theater.

People bought tickets.
We have a responsibility.

To not look like asses?
Yes, I agree.

Canceling is not an option.
I get that you're
upset that Karen bailed...

This is so not about Karen.

But this is the last chance
for our work to be seen.

I'm not giving up
because of one setback.

I'm not, either.
I'm just saving us
the embarrassment.

We'll do it
without you, then.

You know? Good!

I didn't want to
act in this thing
in the first place.

It was you and Karen
that convinced me to,
and it was a stupid idea.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I'm going to go get high
and then go to work,

since we spent
everything we had
on last night's disaster.

So Sunday we'll
sit down with Derek,
talk about the projections.

I'm still not
sold on them yet.

After that, I asked Drew
from SpotCo to sit with us
to talk radio ads.

Where are you right now?

I'm here.

No, you're not.
I know you.

Peter asked me to go
to London with him.
And I'm thinking about it.

Before you say anything,
it's not like that.

It's to work.

So you're going to leave
because you didn't
get what you want?

I only said I was
thinking about it.

I get you're upset.
But this is how
collaboration works.

You make compromises.

It's not just that.
It's the whole thing.

Bombshell is troubled, sure.

But it's not like
we've got the problems
Wicked had.

And look what happened.
Nine years later,

it's still one of
the highest-grossing
shows on Broadway.

Yeah, but will ours be,

after Eileen and Jerry
cut everything
I love out of it?

I told you I'm going
to get the song back.

I'm going to.

Give me a chance.

Welcome members of the press.
What you're about to see is
the almost-finished product.

We've been doing some
experimenting with
the tone of the piece.


We're just gonna
show you a couple of
scenes and songs.

Just keep in mind that this...

Feel free to laugh! Or cry.
Whatever you're feeling,
all right?

This is live theater,
all right! Don't hold back!

I cannot comprehend
another cruel day on this
earth without you.

I would rather die
a thousand deaths

than not feel the warmth
of your embrace.

Thanks, Ivy,
I really felt that.

Eileen, I was wondering
if I could talk to you.


Karen? You ready
for Tom's experiment?

After the number.

We've been
waiting for you.

I stopped
to buy you some tea.

Usually when you
bring me presents,

it's because you have
something to hide.

Not anymore. I've changed.

Originally we thought about
this as Marilyn looking back
at all the mistakes

she made with men,
falling too hard too often.

Here's a new idea.
Guys, will you hit
the spots we talked about?

I want you to think about
this as a cautionary tale.

Be empowered,
not wistful.

You've learned your lesson,
now show them.

So what if you moved
between the men?

Joe, Arthur, JFK,
break their hearts.

Show them and us how not
to give all the heart.

Want to give it a try?

Fascinating. You're not
re-envisioning the song,

you're actually just
directing it differently.

And, oh, guess what,
that's my job.

I'm just trying
to save the song.
You can do it if you want.

I would if I agreed
with anything
that you're doing.

Oh, go on, then. Try it.
No one cares what
I think, clearly.

Let's start center.
And start the movement
around "Irishmen."

Just play with it.

As the wise man
once wrote

Never give all the heart

Well, it's easy to see

He was writing for me

I just wish I could
play that part

As he scribbled that love
isn't worth thinking of

That it fades out
from kiss to kiss

If I just learned those lines

Well, just think of
the misery I'd miss

I got the idea from
your version of the book.
Look, Marilyn and her men.

As the Irishman said
"Don't put your
heart up to play"

When he warned of the cost
and the heart that he lost

Mr. Yeats really paved the way

For the men that I've known,
well, they've clearly shown

What you do think?

They've been reading him
from the start

'Cause when it comes to me

Well, their kisses come free

This is the complete opposite
of what it's supposed to be.

Julia, you can't be
happy with this, either.

I love it.
So do I.

Good work, Tom. It's in.

I never give all the heart

Never give all the heart

Well, wasn't that lovely.

Okay. Can someone tell me
what I'm doing here if my
opinion no longer matters?

I just asked
what you thought.

What? Sorry?
Of you commandeering my show?

It's my show, too.
I wrote half of it.

Did it not occur to you that
I might have my own idea
about how it should go?

Okay, just checking.

How many Best Director Tonys
have you got, then?

Derek, why don't
you take a break?

Tom, you can go on
working with
Karen on that song.

What? Are you kidding me?

Are we taking
turns directing now?

I'll tell you what,
I'll pop off.
I'll go catch a movie.

You give me a call and
you let me know when I'm next
up at bat. How about that?

Maybe if you got on board
with the creative
vision of the show...

No. The creative
vision of the show, Tom,
is my vision!

I am the director!
This is how it works!

Not when it's the money
I raised at stake.

Thank you, Derek.

Yeah, okay, um...

I'd like to make
a little announcement,

If you could just
give me one little
minute of your time, um...

Julia. I'm sorry.
I tried to make
the show we wanted.


Oh, and, Jerry,
you truly are what is wrong
with American theater!

And Eileen, you're smarter,
classier and better than
your producing partner,

and if I were you, I wouldn't
agree with a single decision
he makes from here on.

Tom. Oh, Tom.

We've got a long history,
haven't we?

And I'm not sorry to
say that it ends today.

You want to direct
this show so much?
Well, now's your chance.

Because I'm done.

Oh, ladies and gentlemen,
sorry, thank you.

It's been a pleasure
working with you.

Some more than others.

Sorry, love.

I quit.

Derek. Hey!

You're not really
quitting, are you?

Look, this isn't
what I signed up for.

I don't believe
in this anymore.

You can't leave.
Apparently, I can.

You should find
a way out, as well.

Hey, I'm not like you.

This is my big break.
It may never happen again.

Of course it will.
Just have some
faith in yourself.


Come back to rehearsal.

I would, but I quit.

I understand,
but you can't just
walk out of there.

You love this.

"Loved" it.

You're a great
producer, Eileen.

I would love to work
with you on something,
just not this.

Good luck.

I didn't expect
that to happen today.

Eileen, that thing
I wanted to talk to you about.

I'm sorry. I have no time.

I ran into Ellis Boyd's
ex-girlfriend last night.

She said something I can't
shake about Jerry and
Ellis working together?

Jerry and Ellis?

Do you have any idea
what that means?

Listen, don't say anything
about this to anyone, okay?

I've got to go.


After Valmont successfully
seduces Cecile, she composes
a letter to her friend Sophie.

Cecile, my darling
daughter, practice for
your harp recital.

Your fianc? just might
be in attendance.

Yes, Mama.
I do so hope to meet him.

Dear Sophie.

At the convent
of St. Ursaline

Under lock and key
we always felt secure

We were taught
that heaven is divine

And all who enter it
are innocent and pure

And inside
those medieval walls

We had no reason to
believe it wasn't true

But it's hard to stay
strong when one leaves
those holy halls

And, Sophie, that is why
I'm writing this to you

For there's this man, you see
This man, Vicomte Valmont

A second cousin to
the cousin of my mother

Who would look at me
as he played faro with my aunt

And he wasn't looking
at me like a brother

He is with us in Deauville
as my dear mama prepares

For my marriage
she's brokered and arranged

But last night as
I lay still I heard him
coming up the stairs

And now, Sophie,
I am permanently changed

As my corset
he unlaced I pleaded,
"Heaven calls the chaste!"

I begged, "Don't spoil me, sir
Before you I do kneel"

But then spoil me he did
So now I say Heaven Forbid

I'm never stopping,
I'm in heaven

Signed, your loyal
friend, Cecile

Cecile, that racket!
What are you doing in there?

Are you practicing
your lesson?

Yes, Mama. I'm working on
a very hard passage.

At the convent...

This is great work, Ivy.
I see a nomination
in your future.

Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

I'm looking forward to it.

He's right.
Your number was great.

So funny.

And because I'm off my meds,
I could actually laugh.

Thank you. I thought
maybe you didn't like it.

I loved it.

Unfortunately, we're
going to have to cut it.

What? Why?

I am the lead of this show.
The audience is
coming to see me.

So if I'm not the funniest, or
saddest, or most anything-est
person in the show,

they'll be disappointed.

It's just one of
the great burdens
of being a celebrity.

I have to be the best
all the time.

So you're saying
I can't be funny, too?

You can be funny.
Just not as funny.

I'm so glad
we had this talk.

Timothy! Timothy!

I wasn't sure you
were going to show.

Yeah, I'm just
going to get my stuff.

You just happened to show up
20 minutes before curtain
to get your stuff?

You put a lot into this.
You should see it through.
Oh, like Karen did?

What the hell
are you doing here?

They fire you
or something?

No, actually,
I could get in big trouble
if the producer finds out.

Look, I know you're
pissed at me.

But I'm here.
Doesn't that
count for something?

you're here for one night.
Then you'll be gone again.

It's not enough.

Get out of my way.
No, I'm trying
to talk to you.

Today sucked.

Rehearsal was crazy.
It made me question why
I'm even doing this at all.

But as soon as I got out
of there, the only place
I wanted to be,

the only person that
I wanted to be with,
was you.

On stage. Singing.

Because when I do,
I remember why
I've ever wanted this.

Yeah, just not enough
to actually stick with it?

You can be mad at me, fine.

Don't take it out
on everyone else.

They worked hard for this.
It's their last performance.

Do it for them.
Do it for yourself.

Jimmy, Karen, we're
opening the house.

Allergy attack?


Stomach ache?
No. I'm crying.

Sometimes I cry
for no reason, too.

Like if I eat a really
good peach cobbler...

There's a reason!
The show is terrible!

Ooh! Gossip. Which show?

Our show.

It's really, really bad.

I've been thinking
the same thing for days.

Everybody in it,
except for you and me,
is awful.

No, you're really,
really bad, too.


Your choices are all wrong.

The set is ridiculous.

And the one thing,
the one thing that
I was holding onto,

my song, you cut.

And why? So that you
can dance around
in your underwear

on stage a little
while longer?

Nobody wants
to see that.

Some people do.



I'm fired, right?

No. No.

That's the most honesty
I've heard in 20 years.

You reach
a certain level of fame,

and everybody just
says "yes" all the time.

Nobody tells you the truth.

You can have your song back.


Just always keep
telling me the truth, okay?

Can you do something for me?

Kung pao chicken.
Cold noodles.


That's what we always eat
when we're really depressed.

Then we feel fat and
we get more depressed.
That's what we do.

I'm not depressed.
I'm excited.

I'm sorry?
Were we not in
the same rehearsal?

It's the best thing
that could have happened.
The bomb went off.

Derek's what was toxic
about the production.

Think about all
the problems we had.
They all go back to him.

What about Rebecca Duvall?

Almost all him.

And without Derek,
we could make it the show
we both want it to be.

We'll find a director
who doesn't play
divide and conquer.

I mean, are we
a team or aren't we?

What about Jerry?

We'll get Eileen on our side.
She'll make him come around.

Oh, it's like
she has us wired.



Can you come
to Chinatown?

I'm not scared
to tell the truth

I've been to hell and back
And I went with you

Remind me what we were before?

When we said
"You are mine, and I am yours"

I don't know much,
but I know myself

And I don't want
to love anybody else

So let's break the spell
and lift the curse

Remember why we
fell for each other


Look at this
heart-shaped wreckage

What have we done?

We have got scars from battles

And nobody won

We can start over, better

Both of us know

If we just let
the broken pieces

Let the broken pieces go

Let the broken pieces go

Just hold on to
each other tonight

Look at this
heart-shaped wreckage

What have we done?

We have got scars from battles

Nobody won

We can start over, better

Both of us know

If we just let
the broken pieces

Let the broken pieces

Let the broken pieces

Let the broken pieces

Tomorrow we go into tech.

Now is the absolute
last moment to tweak
anything major.

So I thought it would
be nice if we took the time
to say whatever it is we feel.




Anything at all.


Fine. You don't have to
talk about each other.

How about me?

What do you think
of my performance?


You guys, he's asking
us to be honest.

He means it.
He wants to hear the truth.

This is our chance
to make it good.

Just tell him how bad it is
and we can make it better.

Please, tell me.

It's dreadful.


I've never been
so embarrassed by
my work before.

And I was in
Urban Cowboy.

It's that bad.

- It's really bad.
- It's just awful.

Yeah, it's terrible.

Is any of it any good?

The text was.
The music is.
The cast is.

You can be, too,
if you want to be.

Do we still have time
to make some changes?



Hey. You came.

I did.

It has real promise.

So, you really quit, huh?

It appears I did.

You ruled!
She did.

Thank you.

Nice work.
You, too.

I agree. You were wonderful.

Where can I find
the writers?
They're right here.

I'm Kyle, I did the book.
Jimmy wrote the music
and lyrics.

Scott Nichols.
I'm the artistic director
at Manhattan Theater Workshop.

Wow. And you came
to see our show?

I'll admit I only
came because the show

I had tickets
for got canceled,

but I'm glad I did.
It's really intriguing.

It's just the kind of
project that I look for.

Who's the director?

We don't have one.

Yeah, you do.


Hi, Scott.
How you doing?

What are you doing here?
Aren't you directing

Not anymore, no.

And you'd both be
on board to star?

I'm not an actor.
Yes, he is.

And what about you?

I can't.
I'm in Bombshell.

Oh, that's too bad.

Would you all like
to go and have a drink
and talk about the show?

God, yes.

Where we going?

Hey. You're coming, right?

Hey, don't you have
to be at rehearsal
early tomorrow morning?

Yeah. Well, have fun.

Yeah, see you around.

What's that?

That's proof that Jerry
is a lying son of a bitch.

It's a background
check on Nick Felder.
Ellis did it last year.

I found it in Jerry's office.

Wait, what does
that mean?

It means that Jerry
was paying Ellis
for information

so he could shut down the show
and take it over himself.

Mission accomplished.

Oh, my God.

Have you talked to him?

No, and I'm not going to
until I get the show back.

Then I'll kill him
if he's lucky.

What do we do
until then?

Even if we got a new
director tomorrow,

he or she would
need weeks of prep.

What if he were
already prepped?

What do you mean?

We have a director.

Oh, my God.

We have a director.
Tom, we have a director!


You know this show
better than anyone.

You know the cast,
the costumes,
the choreography,

sometimes he does it
around the apartment when
he thinks no one's looking.

Look what you did
today in rehearsal.

You've got the vision, Tom.
You see the show.

Like Derek used to.

Even better.
'Cause you see it the way
we want it to be.

I will be with you
every step of the way.

What do you say?

You want to save
Bombshell, or what?

I thought you'd never ask.

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