Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Nominations - full transcript

The Outer Critics Circle (OCC) Award winners, which many see as a precursor to the Tonys, have just been announced. The results amp up the strategies each team uses in securing that coveted Tony nomination. Each of the individual members of the "Bombshell" and "Hit List" teams make some moves - some calculated, some unwitting - that may place them in a bad light, especially in how they deal with their main competition. Regardless of the OCCs, Tom may have problems getting a Tony nomination because of the less than friendly or ethical encounters he has with movie and Broadway star Patrick Dillon, who is on the Tony nominating committee. Thus it may not be good timing for Tom to admit or act upon the fact that he has a crush on "straight" Patrick, whose sexual orientation has been in question by the public. Jerry wants to use the OCCs that "Hit List" won for his advertising campaign for the Tonys, which does not include pushing for Kyle, who he says is getting no buzz. As such, Jimmy does whatever he can to lobby for Kyle. The "Hit List" team may have bigger problems because of the situation with Derek firing Ana and replacing her with Daisy, who only got the part in a blackmail on Derek. Although she cares about the awards, Ivy is more preoccupied by the news that she's pregnant. She has to decide whether she will choose motherhood or career at this important juncture, and if and how she will tell the father, Derek, with who she now feels disconnected. Another person preoccupied with other issues is Julia, who is dealing with a less than amiable divorce proceeding. Julia's relationship problems makes Eileen think about her own failed relationship with incarcerated Nick.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Seems I got to have
a change of scene

every night I have
the strangest dreams

imprisoned by the way
it could have been and

left here on my own
or so it seems

I got to leave
before I start to scream

but someone locked the door
and took the key

you feelin' all right
oh, oh

I'm not feelin'
too good myself

oh, oh

yes, sir,
you feelin' all right

oh, oh

I'm not feelin'
that good myself

oh, oh

Eileen, check it out.

Ten outer critics circle

Hit List got 11.

Ivy, it's time
for the curtain call.

I'll be right out.

I must keep trying,
you're feelin' all right

oh, oh

I'm not feelin'
too good myself

oh, oh

oh, no
you're feelin' all right

oh, oh

I'm not feelin' too good

Daisy! Daisy!

She's sensational, Derek.

I don't know
how you find them.

Yeah, just really lucky,
I guess.

The outer critics circle
are a bunch of sadists.

They don't call you
to tell you if you've won.

You have to keep refreshing
their website to find out.

Yeah, well, checking
your phone every 15 seconds

isn't gonna help.

Without this win, I might not
get a Tony nomination.

Without a Tony nomination,

I might never
get to direct again,

and if I don't get to direct
again, then the whole...

Tom, we have
a real chance here.

Are you ready
to go back in?

There's Tony voters
in there.

They need to see
we support the competition.

All three acts of it.
All righty.

They who desire me to be dumb
on the subject of slavery...

- Unless I will open my mouth

in its defense, ask me to give
the lie to my professions,

degrade my memory,
and disdain my soul.

I will not be a liar,
a poltroon, or a hypocrite


To accommodate any party,
to gratify any sect,

to escape any odium
or peril,

to save any interest,
to preserve any institution,

or to promote any object.

Wh... what are you doing?

My phone, I dropped it.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry.

I just...

Oh, my God, I won.

Are you kidding me?

Haven't you ever been
to a theater before?

Not only have I been there,
I just won a major award for it:

Best director.

Patrick Dillon?

It's okay, guys, you can talk
about it, it's only one award.

- Karen shouldn't have won.

Guess all that trash talking
she did about me paid off.

Yeah, but hey,
awards are not important, right?

You're only saying that
because you just won one,

and for a tiny role.

- Ouch.
- I'm... I'm so sorry.

- Oh, no, it's...
- I don't know

what's gotten into me.

I haven't
been feeling well lately.

You just need some food.

No, uh, why don't you guys
go ahead without me.

- I'ml'm not hungry, I'm sorry.
- No...

She's been like this
all week.

She almost missed
the curtain call today.

She fell asleep
in her dressing room

during intermission
last night.

Seems like old times?

Hey, you guys,
she wouldn't relapse

just 'cause of everything
that's going on now.

I don't know.
She Black-Swaned once before,

and that was only Boston.
This is Broadway.

Congratulations, Tom.
That was a good win.

Well, I tied with Derek
for hit lis but still.

There's hope for us yet.

- Did you see who that was?
- Of course.

I've had a crush on him
for forever.

Think the rumors are true?
No one knows,

but if you ask me,
he's the reason

they came up with the term
"glass closet."

I love his movies.

His Long day's journey
Into night last season,

not so much.

he won a Tony for it,

so he's on the nominating
committee this year.

Not a good person to piss off.
You're joking, right?

Uh oh.Bombshell
only got two awards.

You for director
and Julia for book.

Hit List took the rest.

You better hope
he doesn't hold a grudge.

Only winners get to go

to the outer critics circle

but since we practically
swept the awards,

we have the whole table.

What's this?

Tony nominations.
They're announced next Tuesday.

These are mock-ups
from what we're expecting.

You sure Daisy's photo's
big enough?

It's sufficient, yes.

Why isn't Kyle on here
for best book?

It's not a nomination
we're expecting.

He did a great job,

but Julia Houston won the OCC.

Everybody knows
she's a lock for the Tony.

Our show is basically
sung through.

So were rent and
passing strange and they won.


He's just not getting
any traction out there.

But not to worry... we are
right in line for best musical.

- Yeah?
- This just came for you.


Okay, okay, forget it.

I'll... I'll campaign
for him myself.

I'll take out an ad.
We got a couple days left.

Oh, you two are worrying
about the wrong thing.

This could ruin us.
What? What is it?

It's from
Ana Vargas's lawyer.

She's filing
a wrongful termination suit

against Derek Wills
and Jerry Rand productions.

What? Why?

"Derek promised the diva role
to Daisy Parker

if she slept with him."

Is that true?

You knew about this.

thanks for telling me.

- Jimmy...
- Great.

Wait, I...
Hold on a second.

If this girl blows up my show
during nomination week,

I'll take care of it.

You better.


You need to tell Ana
to back off.

- No, I don't.
- Well, at least tell her

that she's gonna destroy
her own career as well as mine

if she doesn't stop this.
Well, maybe some things

are more important
than a career,

- like self-respect.
- Yeah, maybe.

Ana is a talented girl.

If she's patient,
things will pick up for her.

It's too late, Derek.
It's all coming down on you now.


Derek, I was hoping
we could meet.

I-I left you a few messages,

Look, Ivy, not now.

- I need to talk to you about...
- Ivy, not now, okay?

I'm sorry.

I know it's a big decision,
but meanwhile,

I want to keep taking
your prenatals, just to be safe.

Thanks, Dr. Holland.

You'll let me know
what you decide?

Hit it.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight

one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight

one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight

one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight

one, two, three, four,
five, six

one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight

one, two, three, four,
five, six

one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight

five, six, seven, eight!

I'm sorry the proceedings
with Frank aren't going well.

My divorce was a horror show.

If you want my lawyer,
I'll give her your number.

She's a pit bull.

Ugh, Eileen, we have lost
so much for this show.

Do you ever wonder
if it's worth it?

Every day.

I lost my house,
I lost my money,

I lost Nick.


I thought
you'd like to know,

I fixed the situation
with Patrick Dillon.

I found out where he lives

and sent over
a very nice bottle of wine

and a lovely
little apology note.

Oh, Tom.
You have to cancel that order.

What are you talking

There are strict rules
about giving gifts

to members
of the nominating committee.

Thisthis wasn't a gift.
It was a bottle of wine,

a petite syrah, at that.
In some circles,

they don't consider that
a gift at all.

Let's hope
he sees it that way.

He could use it to sanction you
or, worse still,

disqualify you
from the awards.

Well, um, maybe I can try
and cancel the order.

Yes, I hope
it's not too late.


You need
to leave the show.

Health issue, family emergency,
I don't care what.

Bow out now,
Ana gets her role back,

and this doesn't have to get
any uglier.

Oh. Oh, you feel good
about yourself?

About how you got
this job?

- How did you get this job?
- I worked my ass off.

I found the composer,
and I created the role,

and I didn't sleep
with the director

and then blackmail him.

No, you did everything
but sleep with him.

You played the game too.
Look, Karen,

unlike you, I have been trying
to get here for ten years.

Ten years of lost roles,
endless showcases,

teaching pilates,
all the while knowing

I was just as good if not better
than everyone around me.

After two years of that,
let alone ten, you stop caring

about being a good person.
You do what it takes.

You know who else
has been here a long time,

paying her dues?

And now
she's completely screwed.

She can't even get
a real audition.

I'm sorry about that.

I am, but that's not my fault,
it's Derek's.

All I did was say yes.

And that was your choice.

You can choose another one,
the right one.

I won an award today.
I'm not leaving.


Uh, k-Karen totally deserved
her win today.

We're... we're very lucky
to have her.

Leaving Bombshell
and taking a risk with your show

was a good move,
it seems.

Yeah, I'd say so.

I mean, with Bombshell,
she was just imitating an icon,

and here she actually, you know,
created a real character.

"Imitating an icon."

Is that what you think
Ivy Lynn is doing?

Well, I mean,
I'm just saying

that a lot of actresses
have played Marilyn,

and Karen
is the first Amanda.

Hey, can we get back
to talking about Kyle?

Karen! We were just
talking about you.

Hey, hi.

Yeah, and Kyle...
Kyle, uh...

I asked you to do this interview
so that people would know

that Hit List wouldn't exist
without him.

Oh, what about Julia Houston?
How does she fit in all this?

I'm so... I'm sorry,
what do you mean?

There's a lot of talk about
how close she and Kyle were.

People are assuming she did
a lot of work on this show.

- Excuse me?
- Oh, let me clear this up,

if that's okay.

Hit List
is Kyle's vision.

It all started with him.

It's the statement
he left to the world.

And Julia's a friend of mine,
she's a friend to our show,

we love her,
but whatever you're hearing,

it just... it isn't true.

Off the record,
someone should tell her

to stop speaking about Kyle
so much.

It's giving
the wrong impression.

- Oh, we will. We...
- Thanks for your time.

- Thanks.
- Certainly will.

I cannot believe t
she is sabotaging our show.

Jimmy, she's not.
You're so wound up.

She loved Kyle, that's why
she's talking about him.

Besides, she had
her own dramaturge on Bombshell,

this guy Peter Gilman.

She's sensitive
to keeping a script doctor

behind the scenes.



What are you doing?

That's a delivery
for Mr. Dillon.

Yes, I'm the one
who sent it.

That's... that's my name
on the card.

There's been a mistake.
I need to take it back.

He's on his way down
right now to get it.

You can explain it to him

That won't be necessary.

- Do I need to call the police?
- Oh. No.

Hey, man, what's going on?

It's nothing.

Hi again. Um,

I got you this bottle of wine
to apologize...

If I could just...
Thank you.

Not knowing
that was against the rules.

So I was taking it back,

and I was hoping that you
wouldn't even know about it.

A petite syrah,
that's your apology?


What are you doing?

Just let me take it back, and
we'll forget the whole thing.

- No, let go.
- No.

- You're...
- This is insane.

Please let go of the bottle.
Please let go of...

- You... just...
- You're very strong.

- Stop it! I know I'm strong.
- Please let go of the bottle!

You don't understand!
Gimme it!

Oh... my... God.

Please tell me
those are J. crew.

I don't know
what's happened to me.

I'm usually
so calm and collected.

I... send me... send me
the dry cleaning bill.

- I'll pay for it.
- Tom!

No, please. Please.

Tom, you've done enough.
Now, please, leave me alone.

Enjoy your outer critics
circle award,

in case it's the only one
you get.

You got it?

Okay, so why are you
really here?

My show lets out before yours,
and I wanted to see my friend.

Is there anything wrong
with that?

- Hmm.
- Ivy!

Ivy, over here!


I can't believe Hit List
won all those awards.

Your show
is so much better.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Thank you.

Seriously, Sam, what's up?

Listen, if you're having problems,
you need to talk to me.

What problems?

Karen should not have
beaten you.

Oh, Hit List
is a wonderful show,

and Karen's wonderful
in it.


Everybody is worried
about you.

Worried about me, why?

Did you hear
what Karen and Jimmy

- said about you in The Voice?
- No, what did they say?

- She doesn't need to hear that.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

Your performance is the furthest
thing from an imitation.

An imitation?
Is that what Karen said?

Yeah, and that Bombshell
isn't original.

Listen, the only reason
Hit List even made it

to Broadway is because
Kyle Bishop died.


Uh ohh.

Are you really here,
or am I dreaming?

I can't tell dreams
from truth

for it's been so long

since I have seen you

I can hardly remember
your face anymore

when I get really lonely

and the distance causes
only silence

then I think

of you smiling

with pride in your eyes

a lover that sighs

if you want me

satisfy me

if you want me

satisfy me

- That was beautiful, Ana.
- Thank you.

Thank you
for coming in so fast.

Oh, you have no idea how much
I needed this call today.

What's your life like
right now?

Can you go on tour?

I am wide open.
And I love once.

I'm so honored
to be considered.

You were even better
than Derek said you were.

Derek Wills?

He recommended you,
pushed pretty hard too.

This is why...

You've been acting so nuts.

You're pregnant.

So are we sure
that it's Derek's?

Unfortunately, I narrowed
it down from a list of one.

When are you telling him?

You're not telling him.

We're not even together.

We didn't plan it, we didn't
even want it to happen.

Hey, Ivy, he has a right
to know he's a father.

Right now,
he's just a guy I slept with.

I'll decide if he's going
to be the father.

Sam, do you think
I could be a good mom?

You are a great friend,
and it usually translates.

I'm just such a mess
right now.

And of course,
right when my career takes off,

this has to happen.

Classic Ivy.
Absolutely worst timing ever.

Listen, Ivy, you have
got to discuss this with Derek,

no matter what you decide to do.
I know he's not always easy,

but he cares about you.

Why is Ivy here?

She's the last person
I wanted to see today.

I know. Thank you.

- What can I get you?
- Just water.

I feel like I'm going to be
stoned to death.

I know I shouldn't
say this,

but I thought Hit List
was way overrated too.

I mean, you've seen
the comments online.

We're not the only ones.

Hey. What's going on?

Have you seen this?

Ah, if it isn't
my two favorite P.R. disasters.

What are you gonna do
for an encore today,

burn down table 46?

I guess I've created
a backlash against Hit List.

Should I just leave?

No, you have to show
your face.

You're here to support Julia,
Tom, and the show.

- Patrick Dillon's here.
- Are we not good there?

You should know
that our encounter with the wine

did not go well.

Stay away from him, Tom.
You've done enough damage.

Eileen. Thought
you'd be wearing black today.

No, Jerry, I'm saving it
for your funeral.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're looking
uncommonly radiant.

Did you get your hair done,
or something?

Don't try to make me
feel better, Derek.

I know everybody hates me.
Well, I don't.

Look, sorry, I was
in the middle of something

when you called yesterday.
What did you want to say?


Sounded more urgent than that.

Can we meet up here tonight
after my show?

I just kind of want to talk.

I would love that.

Just six months ago, if you had
told me that I would be up here,

I would have
called you crazy.

Tom, Eileen, Ivy,

thank you
for waiting patiently

while I fixed something
that was nearly broken.

I also wanted
to take this opportunity

to acknowledge one of my fellow
nominees, Kyle Bishop.

I only knew him
a short time,

but I was certain that he had
great things ahead of him.

So I would like to dedicate
this award to his memory.

Thank you.

And now, for outstanding
direction of a musical,

I'd like to call up
our co-winners,

Tom Levitt and Derek Wills.

Thank you.

this is awkward.

Um, do you want to go first,
kind sir?

Um, you first. I'll finish.
That seems familiar.

Um, do yogo first,
yes, it does. Um, very well.

A great man once said,
"to triumph without risk

is to win without glory,"
and if that's true,

then my journey from safe,
traditional Broadway

to the cutting edge
of east 4th street is...

Probably the greatest triumph
of my professional career.

And I owe
nearly all of it

to this extraordinary company
of young artists,

so I thank them all, and you.
Thank you.

Besides Eileen Rand,
my dear friend Julia Houston,

and the amazing Ivy Lynn,

the person I most want to thank
today is you, Derek.

I wouldn't be standing here
if you hadn't

made that crazy leap
and quit Bombshell.

And even though you and I
go together

about as well
as Lena Dunham and a bra,


I've learned
a tremendous amount

about the art of directing
from you.

Since I probably
won't get to make another speech

this award season,

I just wanted to acknowledge
that debt.

This award shouldn't be
half yours.

It's all yours.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

is very proud to award...

Hey, can I talk to you
for a minute?

To Daisy Parker
for Hit List.

- What do you want?
- To apologize.

What I said about Kyle
and your show was awful.

I wish I could
take it back.

Yeah, well, it's all over
the place now, so too late.

Play the role of the diva,

and to my phenomenal cast
for embracing me...

- Is everything okay over here?
- She can't take back

anything she said either,
now, can she?

- Excuse me?
- You two

are completely messing up
Kyle's chance to be recognized.

I've been nothing
but gracious.

Oh, you're so gracious,
everyone thinks

you wrote the damn show

Don't you raise your voice
to Julia. She's...

No, no, no.
I want to know what he means.

You keep talking about
how close you were to Kyle.

- People just assume that...
- Who? Who, the press?

They will twist anything
for a story.

I have done nothing
but support your show,

sometimes to the detriment
of my own.

I supported Kyle.

You want to know
how you can support Kyle?

You tell people that you
did not work on Hit List at all!

But that's not true.

Well, the truth doesn't really
seem to matter, does it, Tom?

If it did,
people would know that

Julia didn't write Bombshell
all by herself either.

- What are you talking about?
- Karen said

you had a dramaturge too,
Peter somebody.

What? No, I said
everyone has dramaturges.

Oh, well,
then Julia won't mind

if I start talking about it,
now, will she?

- Are you threatening me?
- No, he doesn't mean it.

Jimmy, shut up.

Julia doesn't need a lecture
in theatrical ethics from you.

Derek, I don't need
your support,

not after you ripped apart
our "safe, traditional" show.

I did not mean that
as an insult.

What is the matter
with you?

What is going on here?

Please, would you
get back to your seats?

We're professionals here.
My God.

It was a long and difficult
trip from east 4th street.

What's the matter
with him now?

Derek, he's not been
feeling well. Besides,

you won't have to deal with him
much longer.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Ana knows how you tried
to buy her off with some role.

She's going public.

to all our winners,

and we hope to see you all
here next year.

Thank you, enjoy your day.

Are you out here?

I know, I know,
I was too hard on Julia.

Jimmy, you're sick.
You're losing your voice.


Your understudy's going on.
You need to rest.

It's the last night
for members

of the Tony nominating

and they're gonna see me.

What's the matter?

You afraid they might
like him better?

Oh, come on... I'm not leaving
this theater, Karen, all right?

Okay. Then don't.

- What's that?
- A ticket.

You're gonna sit and watch
what you and Kyle created.

You can't see the hook

We can't sell the look

I hear it every day

you won't be a star
if you're who you are

so I just fade away

make me someone new

tell me what I do

to rewrite this story

I gotta get out of here.

- Where are you going?
- Out of town.

What about nominations?

My life has to be
about more than this show.

Hello again.

Our publicist told me
you were here, so...

Well, I'm on the committee.
I had to see the show.

I know I'm breaking probably
every rule, but have to ask,

what'd you think?

Well, you know what they say
about Tony voting?

First, you vote for yourself.
No show this year.

Then you vote against
your enemies.

You, yesterday.

But then
you vote with your heart,

which is what I'm doing

I don't know how much support
you have out there,

but you have mine.

Thank you
for being honest.

Patrick Dillon, you gave me
more than a fair shot.

You're very talented,

but when I saw how gracious
you were to Derek,

I thought,
"you deserve it."

- I'm sure I'll see you around.
- Okay.

Glass closet, my ass.
That door is wide open.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Hi. Who can I make it to?


- Hey, stupid.

What'd you think?

Uh, well,
it was incredible.

You were on fire out there.

It's fun.

I felt Kyle.

It was like... I don't know,
it was like he was there.

He is.

People know his name,

Awards or not,
they'll remember him.

- Yeah.
- Hi.

Hi. Am I interrupting

- No.
- What are you doing here?

I was thinking
about what you said today,

and I wanted you to know
that I'm not gonna lie.

Not about what I did for Kyle
on Hit List,

and not about what Peter
did for me on Bombshell.

Artists shouldn't feel ashamed
about helping each other.

It shouldn't always be
a competition.

You're right.

Well, you helped both of us,
so I'm sorry.

Good luck
with the nominations.

You too.



- Hey. Ana, are you okay?
- I need your help.



Oh, God. Let me guess.

You've come to tell me that
I'm gonna pay for what I did.

No, I'm here to tell you that
you're gonna get away with it.

I had my lawyer
rescind the letter.

I'm gonna take the tour.


I'm sorry
how everything worked out.

That's the thing,
I don't think you are.

Otherwise, you wouldn't
keep doing this again and again.

You know, the only way
you would have stopped

is if I would have exposed you
for who you really are,

and that's what's really hard
for me to live with.

Yeah, well, it's hard for me
to live with too.

I'm sure you'll be just fine.
You've had a lot of practice.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, great.

What, are you up next,
are you?

Come on, then.
Start kicking.

I came to tell you
something important,

but I'm actually glad
they got to you first.

What have I done now?

Uh, Ivy, no, wait.
Listen, let me explain.

I've heard enough.

You've never done
the right thing, Derek,

and you never will.

We did everything possible
to blow these nominations.

I take solace in that.

We didn't go halfway,
it's true.

It's open!
Hurry up, it's coming on.

I brought scones.

And scotch,
in case things go badly.

I don't even know
why I'm watching these.

I'd understand
if you didn't.

No, I'm pulling for the show,

and for you.

Can you get that?

Oh, hi.

I was hoping you guys
wouldn't mind some company.

Oh, no, of course.
Come in.

- Oh.
- Oh, my God, they're on!

- I'm gonna make it big.
- Here.

- Hey.
- Okay.

And the nominees
for best performance

by an actress in a featured role
in a musical are...

- Leigh Conroy, Bombshell.
- Oh, yay!

Ivy Lynn, Liaisons.

What? What, we were open
like five minutes!

- Oh, my God!

Anika Noni Rose,
Imitation of Life.

Of course, that's her.

She probably wants me
to withdraw.

Hi, mom.

And Daisy Parker,
Hit List.

- What?
- Oh, come on!

Of course.
Just the icing on the cake.

No, this is not over.
I'm getting you that part back.

She's not gonna be here.
She's gonna be on tour.

The nominees
for best choreography are...

Casey Nicholaw,
The gathering storm;

Susan Stroman,
Imitation of Life;

Derek Wills, Bombshell;
And Derek Wills, Hit List.

And the nominees for best book
of a musical are...

Kyle Bishop...

- Oh, my God!

- Hit List.
- We did it.

Harvey Fierstein...

- He did it.
- The gathering storm.

Julia Houston, Bombshell.

David Lindsay-Abaire,

The last good year.

And Tony fact,

Kyle Bishop
is the youngest person

ever nominated
for this award.

- Original score's next.
- Oh, boy.

The nominees
for best original score,

music and/or lyrics
written for the theater, are..

music by Tom Levitt,

- Lyrics by Julia Houston.
- We're racking 'em up.

Hit List,music and lyrics
by Jimmy Collins.

So is Hit List.

Imitation of life,
music by Jeanine Tesori...

- What's next?
- Lyrics by Tony Kushner.

Both: Director.
- Oh, no.

And the nominees for best
direction of a musical are...

Rob Ashford,
The gathering storm...

It's not gonna happen,
you know it.

We can't hear
if you're talking.

- Tom Levitt, Bombshell.

- Diane Paulus, Oliver!

And Derek Wills,
Hit List.

And on a historical note,
Derek Wills is only

the second person
in Tony history

to be nominated for three awards
in the same year.

The first one
was Bob Fosse.

That is impressive.

- Wow.
- Whoa.

Now, the nominees
for best performance

by an actress in a leading role
in a musical.

Kate Baldwin, Seesaw,

Karen Cartwright, Hit List.

- Oh!
- Oh, my God!

You are nominated
for a Tony!

You are nominated for a Tony!
I know!

Sutton Foster, Oliver!

And Audra McDonald,
House of flowers.

It didn't...
It didn't happen.

Wait, that was four,
there's five.

- It's alphabetical.
- That's it, I didn't get it.

Oh, God, I didn't get it.


- Wait.
- Whoops, I skipped one.

Ivy Lynn for Bombshell.

Sorry to give you a heart attack, Ivy.

- Agnes.
- 12 nominations, Eileen,

including one for best musical.
We're back in the game.

How many for Hit List?

13, but that doesn't
mean anything.

That's just one more
than us.

Well, it'll be
the only one they get.

Oh, can I call you back?

Sorry you came all this way,
Ms. Rand.

- Nick Felder's no longer here.
- What do you mean?

He was released
three weeks ago.

He's out?

Well, I'm gonna go
in the other room and...


Hey, what you did for me
last night...

That's okay.
You already thanked me.

No, no, that's not
what I'm trying to do.

I owe you
an explanation.

I know that I pushed you away
after Kyle died.

I know.

And I think maybe you think
that it was because

that I was mad about you
and Derek, but I wasn't.

I just was afraid to let
someone else get close to me.

And so I just thought it better
to let you go.

I'm sorry.

Uh, you know,
seeing the show last night

did something else too.

It made me realize
it could live on without me.

- What do you mean?
- I mean that it was still great

even with my understudy,

and it would be great
without you too.

The show stands for itself.

Are you going somewhere?

No, no, I just...

Just thinking
about the future.

Kind of nice knowing that
you're leaving something behind,

no matter what.

Thank you so much.
Have a good one.

It's Frank.

Maybe he's come around
about mediation.


- I can't believe you did this.
- Did what?

Hire Eileen Rand's

I was angry the other day,

but I was still considering
my options.

This makes things
so much easier.

- No, no, Frank, I was just...
- Declaring war?

You're the one
who had the affair.

It happened. Julia,
this isn't a no-fault divorce.

It is your fault,
and you are gonna pay for it,

and I am gonna take you
for everything you're worth!

Three nominations today.

You are the hottest director
on Broadway.

- Mm.
- What a year of vindication

for you for those allegations
last fall.

Anything you want to say?

Well, as my good friend
Ronnie Moore always says,

the work is the only thing
that matters.

Doesn't matter if it's Broadway
or a black box at the Fringe.

If you stick to that rule,
you'll probably be okay.

Well, I guess we were
all wrong about you.


What is it?


Actually, you weren't.

Uh, I promised Daisy Parker

the role of the diva in Hit List

if she would sleep with me.

She made good, and so did I.

Ana Vargas was collateral damage.

And wrongfully terminated.

I'm sorry.