Smash (2012–2013): Season 2, Episode 14 - The Phenomenon - full transcript

The teams and individuals at both "Bombshell" and "Hit List" are going about their regular routines, both with regard to their respective shows and with their interpersonal relationships. This business includes Tom taking legal measures to dissolve his partnership with Julia, much to her ire, and Karen contemplating beginning a sexual relationship with Derek following her fall-out with Jimmy. But all comes to a screeching halt with the news of Kyle's death, he who was struck by a car. The team at "Hit List" is particularly hard hit by the news. The one person who isn't yet is Jimmy, who is no where to be found. However, Derek and Scott have to figure out what to do about this evening's show. Julia wants to do something special to remember Kyle which she hopes will be supported by the Broadway community despite Kyle not yet having done anything on Broadway. But Kyle's death has an unintended result, which is helped along by Jerry, much to Eileen's chagrin.

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♪ The Twentieth Centruy
Fox Mambo. ♪

Previously on

Might almost believe
you were avoiding my calls.

Eileen is pimping me out
wherever she can.

So if we stay open till June,
that Tony is ours.

You wanna get out of here?
Then let's go.

Tell me what you're doing
with Gatsby.

I'm writing a play.

Tom doesn't wanna let go.

You said
we would work on this together.

♪ Is everything
you're not ♪

People are coming tonight

who could bring this show
to Broadway.

It's what we always wanted.

What the hell, Derek?

- This is a private audition.
- For my part?

You know, I've been
cleaning up your messes

since we were kids.

Would it have killed you
to do something for me for once?

- You took their side.
- I have to stop helping you.

You have to start
helping yourself.

[Tires screeching]

Are you gonna walk me home
or what?


Look at that.
We're out.

- Yeah, well, I suppose
5:00 in the morning

is as good a time as any
to stop.

Don't you think
you should get some sleep

before Sam's put-in rehearsal

Oh, God...
Three hours?


- I should go.
- Yeah

You don't have to.

Are you sure?

[Serene music]

♪ ♪

Do you really
wanna do this?

[High and Dry playing]

♪ ♪

♪ Two jumps in a week ♪

♪ I bet you think
that's pretty clever ♪

♪ don't you, boy? ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Flying on your motorcycle ♪

♪ watching all the ground
beneath you drop ♪

♪ ♪

♪ You'd kill yourself
for recognition ♪

♪ kill yourself ♪

♪ to never ever stop ♪

♪ ♪

♪ You broke
another mirror ♪

♪ you're turning
into something ♪

♪ you are not ♪

♪ Don't leave me high ♪

♪ Don't leave me dry ♪

♪ Don't leave me high ♪

♪ Don't leave me dry ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Drying up
in conversation ♪

♪ you will be the one
who cannot talk ♪

♪ ♪

♪ All your insides fall
to pieces ♪

♪ you just sit there
wishing you could ♪

♪ still make love ♪

♪ ♪

♪ They're the ones
who hate you ♪

♪ when you think
you've got the world ♪

♪ all sussed out ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Oh, they're the ones
who'll spit at you ♪

♪ yeah,
you will be the one ♪

♪ screaming out ♪

♪ Don't leave me high ♪

♪ Don't leave me dry ♪

♪ Don't leave me high ♪

♪ Don't leave me dry ♪

♪ Oh, it's the best thing
that you ever had ♪

♪ The best thing
that you ever, ever had ♪

♪ It's the best thing
that you ever had ♪

♪ - The best thing you have
♪ - had has gone away ♪


What are you doing?

Now, I know that you probably
don't wanna see me right now...

You look terrible.
Did you even sleep?

Have you spoken to Kyle?

I couldn't,

not until I said
what I need to say to you.

I think
you said everything

you needed to say to me
last night.

I know, I know.
I was a total ass.

I always am.
I ruin everything.

I told you that
when you met me.

And that's what you say
to make it okay.

I don't wanna hurt you

All right, just tell me,
what do I need to do

to be the person
that you saw in me?

Because when you
look at me like that, I...

I know
that's who I really am.

you okay out there?

- Oh, okay.
- Jimmy! Jimmy!


It's Kyle.
Leave a message.

Hey, it's Tom.

Um, I thought we were gonna
meet up last night,

but, uh, I never heard
from you.

if you're not interested,

uh, I guess
I'll understand,

but just let me know.

Ugh, I feel like a teenager.
Maybe because you're a teenager.

[Elevator dings] Oh, my God!

I'm going to delete this
and re-record the message.

Sorry we're late!

The line at Starbucks
was atrocious.

Um, the line was fine.

She had to stop
and sign autographs

and pose for pictures.

She did everything
short of bless a baby.

- I did that yesterday.
- [Laughs]

Oh, good!
You're all here.

Everyone ready
to talk Tony?

Yeah, yeah!
Where's Julia?

Yeah, uh, how are you guys
doing after last night?

We're fine.
Let's start without her.


What's this?

A declaration of war
from Tom.

It's a move to dissolve
our partnership.


It lists every name

of every title
we have ever optioned,

including Gatsby.

So he's gonna tie it up
for months, so you can't do it?

For him to move this fast,
he must be really angry.

Well, don't worry.
I'm gonna fight it.

'cause I need you to.

If I pull this play,
I'll lose my job.

I know.

Look at this.

Right back where we were
15 years ago...

My fate in your hands.

Not mine, Tom's.

You will talk to him, right?
Reason with him?

Look, I may have burned you
15 years ago,

but I'm not gonna
do it again.

And I won't let Tom
do it either.

As we get closer
to the Tonys,

things are looking up
for Bombshell.

Imitation of Life
is closing,

which isn't
a very good omen.

Uh, Harold and Maude
is struggling

to retain the magic it had
on the West End.

And if Road House
gets a nomination,

I'm gonna retire.


Drood and Pippin
are contenders.

No, not for best musical.
They're revivals.

- I meant for directing.
- Ah, ah, ah.

What about Hit List?

It's not transferring.

I'm afraid
it's gonna end its run

where it began last month...

So it's official, sweetie.
We're the show to beat.

And the key to staying
that way is marketing.

Subways, billboards...

This fabulous ad
that you took out in the times.

I didn't place
a full-page ad in the Times.

Then who did?


Don't get upset.

We need all the help
we can get.

Not from him we don't.

That is a great ad.

Look at that.
You're up there twice.

Yeah, but supporting
for Liaisons?

We closed in a week.

With glorious reviews
for you.

You were a bright light
in a bad show.

Don't think
the nominating committee

won't notice.

But that puts me
up against you.

That's right.
[Acoustic guitar ringtone]

It would be embarrassing
to beat my own daughter.

Kyle, that was fast.

Guess I still got it.

[Indistinct chatter]

So are we gonna talk
about what happened?

Nothing happened.
We stopped ourselves.

So that depends
on your definition of "nothing."

He's no good for you,
you know that.

And you are?

Oh, God.
What do we tell everyone?

We don't have
to tell them anything.

- Tom.
- Hey!

What's wrong?


I called, uh,
Kyle this morning.



Uh, he called me back,
but it wasn't him.

It was the police.

He got hit by a car
last night.

- Oh, my God.
- Shh.

He's gone.

[Soft music]

Smash 02x14
The Phenomenon
Original Air Date May 4, 2013

Kyle: I wish I knew how
to fix this.

Because Amanda's death
does not work.

- We're missing something.
- Like what?

Like, um, like a chance
for the audience to grieve.

Um, a tribute
or a candlelight vigil.


She can't just die.
You wanna know she mattered.

What about dimming
of the lights,

like they do on Broadway?

I've always loved
that tradition.

You do?

When I was in school,

we went to a show
the night they dimmed them

- for Wendy Wasserstein.
- [Clicks tongue]

And I just thought
it was such an elegant

and beautiful gesture.

Um, could she sing
another number

even though she's dead?

Ha, you know,
I knew that was terrible,

- even as I said it.
- [Laughing]

She can't.
But he could.

The song
she stole from him.

The Love I Meant To Say?

She dies in the arms
of the man who loved her,

as he sings the song

that brought them together
in the first place.

That would be
incredibly moving.

Yes, it will.

You're good at this, Kyle.

You keep having ideas
like that,

they might just dim the lights
for you yet.

And that's all we know
for now.

How you doing?


I don't care about me.

I'm worried
about them though.

Has anyone talked
to his parents?

We should reach out,

let 'em know that we're here
if they need anything.

I can... I can do it.

I'll call them.


We'll do it together.
Come on.


I tried Jimmy.
He's not answering.

Maybe you should try him.

Yeah, if he's not picking up
for you,

I don't think
he's gonna pick up for me.


So what do we do
about tonight's performance?

We cancel, obviously.

Are you sure?

Uh, yeah, I think
"The show must go on"

isn't apropos at
this particular moment, Scott.

Sam hasn't even had time
to rehearse.

Everyone's devastated.

I'm not sure anyone
is in a position to perform.

But Hit List is Kyle's show.

I mean, I can't think
of a...

a better way
to honor him.

Absolutely not!

I'm not turning this
into a bloody requiem.

We are canceled, got it?

All right,
all right.

Let's... let's go call
the ticket holders.

Where are you going?

There's something
I need to do for Kyle.

Such a tragedy.

So young.

Too young.

We need to be very sensitive
about this.

We don't wanna be silent,

but we don't wanna look
like we're jumping

on any kind
of grief parade either.

Tony Vot...

Agnes, I think we need
to take a break

from the Tony campaign
for today.

Of course.
[Knocking on door]


I'll leave you two.

- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.

[Sniffles] That's why I'm here.

Kyle lived for Broadway.

I wanna try and get him
a little piece of that dream,

get the lights
of the marquees dimmed tonight.

It's only awarded
to Broadway veterans.

I know, I know.

I can reach out
to a couple of people,

I know what they'll say.

Thank you.

Still nothing?

I can't believe
he's out there somewhere

and still doesn't know.

- He'll turn up.
- He was wired this morning.

He can't find out
the wrong way.

It's okay,
we'll tell him.

As gently as possible.

And whatever he needs,
we'll be there for him

no matter what.

Thank you, Derek.

Don't thank me
for doing the right thing.



Yeah, yeah, it's me.

The guy that ruined
your show.

Well, wrote it,
then ruined it.

But who really cares
about that part, right?

Don't freak out.

I'm just getting my stuff,
and then you'll never...

have to see me again.

I promise.

God, you still don't know?

Know what?

What, how much you guys
probably hate me?

Like, how disappointed
Kyle is?

'Cause trust me, I know.
He kicked me out.

He won't answer his phone,
and he wasn't home this morning.

So Kyle can go screw himself,
all right?

What is it now?

Kyle's dead.

He was hit by a car
last night.

Okay, come on.

That's screwed up, Blake.

Jimmy's here.
Come quick.

Where is he?

We told him,
and he just left.

You let him leave?

What was I supposed to do,
block the door?

If he needs to be alone,
he should be alone.

No, that's exactly
what he shouldn't be.

Kyle: What are you
doing up?

I was about to ask you
the same thing.


I have this thing
where when I have an idea,

I have to write it down
immediately, or it's gone.

And what idea
did you have?

Um, I always wanted
to put these transitions

between songs in Hit List.

Sort of, um,
social media subtitles

to walk you through the story
behind the story.

Didn't you open already?

Well, yeah, but theater's
a living thing.

It never stops changing.

The text does.

You have to put the pen down
at some point.

I had to with Bombshell.

Oh, really?
'Cause I have notes.

[Laughing] Oh, do you, now?

Well, one, actually.

Okay, in At Your Feet,

when Gladys takes Norma Jeane
to the Chinese Theater,

why does she have
to just leave her there?

'Cause that's
the way it happened.

Well but it's sad,
it's, like,

right there,
the second number in the show,

this melancholy chord.

It's the truth.

And sometimes
the truth is too hard.

Sometimes, you wanna
remember things better

than they actually were.

Which is what I think
Marilyn wants to do

when she remembers her past.

Why don't you
come back to bed?

I still have
a little more.

[Clears throat]

[Playing upbeat number]

At Your Feet.

Feel free to sing along.

So you're gonna try
to pull my focus, are you?

[Playing Vienna]

♪ ♪

♪ Slow down,
you crazy child ♪

♪ you're so ambitious
for a juvenile ♪

♪ but then
if you're so smart ♪

♪ tell me,
why are you still so afraid ♪

♪ mmm ♪

♪ Where's the fire,
what's the hurry about ♪

♪ you better cool it off
before you burn it out ♪

♪ you got so much to do ♪

♪ and only so many hours
in a day ♪

♪ hey ♪

♪ But you know that
when the truth is told ♪

♪ that you can get what you want
or you can just get old ♪

♪ You're gonna kick off ♪

♪ before you even
get halfway through ♪

♪ mm-hmm ♪

♪ When will you realize ♪

♪ Vienna waits for you ♪

♪ Slow down,
you're doing fine ♪

♪ you can't be everything
you want to be ♪

♪ before your time ♪

♪ although it's so romantic
on the borderline tonight ♪

♪ tonight ♪

♪ Too bad,
but it's the life you lead ♪

♪ you're so ahead of yourself
that you forgot what you need ♪

♪ though you can see
when you're wrong ♪

♪ you know you can't always see
when you're right ♪

♪ you're right ♪

♪ You got your passion,
you got your pride ♪

♪ but don't you know
that only fools are satisfied ♪

♪ Dream on, but don't imagine
they'll all come true ♪

♪ mm-hmm ♪

♪ When will you realize ♪

♪ Vienna waits for you ♪

♪ Why don't you realize ♪

♪ Vienna waits for you ♪

♪ ♪

You know, I've never been
serenaded before.

[Song ends]

What did you think?





I am so sorry.

We all are.

I really appreciate that.

I almost didn't come here

Talking about business
at this moment

just feels...

- Maybe we should postpone.
- No.

I mean, the sooner
we get it over with, the better.

I don't know
what's happening to you, Tom.

We have one fight
last night,

and suddenly you're dissolving
the partnership?

I thought that's
what we did last night,

dissolve the partnership.

If you're trying to stop me
from working...

- Stop you?
- I promise...

I will fight you.
This is gonna help you.

Julia, if you wanna Gatsby,

we have to dissolve
the partnership,

so you can re-option it
on your own.

Right now,
thanks to you,

I hold half the rights.

But you don't wanna
be running

every little decision you make
through me.

The sooner we separate it,
the better.

For you.

And me.



Was that everything,

or is that it
for today's installment

of "Tom the Monster"?

Uh, no, that's it.


All right, then.


can you find Linda for me?

There's something
I wanna take a look at.


[Indistinct chatter]

Wait, wait, wait, wait.



I can guess
why you're here.

You saw my advertisement
in the Times.

Yes, I did.


Should I duck?

You know,
I wasn't very happy about that.

I don't appreciate
these little stunts of yours.

That's not a stunt.

I put a lot of money
into Bombshell,

and I have a lot more.

I wanna do something
with it,

something that will
make a difference.

I knew you'd say no
if I asked.

Well, you haven't
even tried.

All right.

Do you want more money?

[Chuckles] Of course not.

I went
into the wrong business.

I should've been
a psychic.

Bombshell is mine, Jerry.

And I'm gonna take it
all the way to the Tonys

without your help.

Stay away from my show.

Am I clear?

And here I thought the ice
between us might be melting.


No, it's as cold as ever.

- I can't believe it.
- It's amazing.

[Indistinct chatter]

- Julia.
- What's going on?

You and Marissa,
you canceled, right?

but they're coming anyway.

They want the show.

- How did they even find out?
- Who knows?

Maybe we should
go on tonight.

Maybe it's
what everybody needs.

I know I'm probably
the hundredth person

to ask you this today,
but how you doing?

Are you holding up?

Oh, I have to.

Not with me.

There are ticket holders
lined up outside.

We canceled the show,
but they turned up anyway.

What are you gonna do?

I have no idea.

I'm sitting
in the kind of place

that I never thought
I'd go back to

'cause of a sweet kid
who can't be here

to enjoy the rest of it.

You know I'm good
at putting on a front,


I'm not good
at caring this much.

What if I were there?

What, to hold my hand?

Look, I know we left things
in a weird place,

but I still care about you.

Oh, what does it matter?
It's just a play, right?

That play is the only thing
he has left.

You're going to put it on,
and I'm gonna be there for you.

haven't you got
a show tonight?

I think I'm feeling a tickle
in my throat.


You'd do that... for me?

I would.

Okay, everyone.

Can I have your attention,

I think we've all
had a chance

to honor Kyle
in silence,

and now,
we need

to honor him
up on that stage.

It seems
it's what the people want.

So we'll do
a concert, okay?

Just the piano,
music stands.

That way, you'll know
what you're doing.

Thank you.

What about Karen?

Isn't she here?
Where is she?

I don't know.

All right, okay.

Just give me a minute.
Excuse me, guys.


I can't find him.
I've been everywhere.

Derek, I feel like something
terrible might happen.


There's just one last place
I gotta check,

somewhere Kyle told me
he used to go.

♪ It's show time,
let the dream begin ♪

♪ with each star
who's ever been ♪

♪ step inside the footsteps
that you should ♪

All: ♪ fol... ♪

- ♪ low... ♪
all: ♪ low... ♪

- ♪ in ♪
all: ♪ doo wop ♪

♪ so I leave you
in the best of hands ♪

♪ in this most Chinese
of wonderlands ♪

♪ your dreams will truly
be complete ♪

♪ when the stars
that you're wishing on are ♪

♪ at ♪
all: ♪ at ♪

♪ your feet ♪

♪ ain't she sweet ♪

[Cheers and applause]

That was a really nice change,
by the way.

- Yeah.
- What made you think of it?

- A friend.
- Mm.

What happened to Ivy?
When did she call out?

She went home sick
an hour ago.

Saw her this afternoon,
she seemed fine.

If you ask me,
she was fine at half-hour too.

Of course.


You're not thinking of doing
something stupid, are you?


Then come down.


I'm coming up.

What are you... no!
What are you doing?

You shouldn't be
sitting up here.

Yeah, well...

Neither should you.

It's my fault.

You know, he's dead
because of me.

No, he's not.

It was an accident.

But he was coming
to talk to me, Karen.

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

I can't even believe
it happened myself, but...

But what? What?

You gonna try
to make it better?

Is that what you think
you're doing here?

I'm just trying to help.

Why would I ever
let you help me?

Is this about Derek?

Nothing happened.

Okay, I stopped it
before it did.


I couldn't sleep with him
because I...

Because I'm in love
with you.

I wish I wasn't,
but I am.

I love you, okay?

You shouldn't love me.

I don't deserve it.

Come back with me.
Come do the show.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

- You need to.
- No, no, I don't.

Jimmy, I know you.

Don't throw
everything away.

No matter what you do,

it's not gonna
make it hurt less.

Come and face
what happened.

We can deal
with it together, you and me.


I'm already late.
I have to...

I'm gonna go.


I'll see you there?

[Indistinct chatter]

I can't believe
everyone showed up

even after you called
to cancel.

We didn't.

- Didn't what?
- Cancel.

Scott said you changed
everybody's mind.

He had me call
the ticket holders back

and tell 'em we would be
putting on a show tonight

in Kyle's honor.

I'm sorry,
did you not do that?

We'll have to finish
this interview later,

okay, Frank?

No problem,
I wanna see the show myself.

Julia, I was just coming
downstairs to stand next to you.

I know what you did.

I'll see you both

- You lied.
- No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.
And you used me to do it.

Saying I turned
the cast around,

so the show would go on?


You exploited
that poor boy's death,

and for what?

For him,
for his show.

For yourself,
to keep your job!

It is not my fault
that this happened.

But if it keeps
his work alive,

why shouldn't we do this?

You saw what was happening
out there.

We're a phenomenon.

People are going to remember
this night forever.


You know how much
I need this to work.

I hope it does.

'Cause now,
that's all you have left.

Okay, we can't
wait any longer.

He'll be here.

- Look, we're late as it is.
- Derek, five more minutes.


He's not coming.


Okay, guys, um...

Look, I know things
are pretty intense right now,

and, um...

I know that going out
on that stage

might feel like a mistake.

But I assure you,
it is not.

There's a lot of people
out there

that wanna hear
what you have to say.

And more than that,

they wanna hear
what Kyle had to say.

and you guys...

you're the only ones that have
the power to tell them.

So... do him proud.

[Indistinct chatter]

Remember when this place
used to be cool?


Now, it's just a bunch
of condos.

- Focus on your work.
- Why should I?

It's not like anything's
gonna come of it.

Oh, my...
Yes, it is!

Karen's got Derek Wills

All we need is a second act,
and we're on our way.

How can you be so sure?

I'm not.
I just pretend that I am.


You know what?

Maybe we should
set a scene here.

It's kind of our place,
you know?

What about when they meet
for the first time,

when Amanda tries
to kill herself

and Jesse stops her by singing
The Love I Meant To Say?


Yeah, and then when she
gives it all up to be with him,

they come back here
right before she dies.

Are you sure
she has to die?

Musicals usually
have happy endings.

[Scoffs] Not the ones you like.

You're right.

Then she must die...

So that your character
can learn something.

♪ I'm high
above the city ♪

♪ I'm standing
on the ledge ♪

♪ The view from here
is pretty ♪

♪ and I step off the e... ♪
don't do it!

[Audience murmuring]

No, I-I don't want
to stand.

I wanna do it.

Okay, so let's do it.



He wants to do the song.


[Soft guitar music]

♪ ♪

♪ Over ♪

♪ I can't believe
it's over ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I can't believe
the love I left ♪

♪ ♪

♪ to show some other day ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Listen ♪

♪ I hope that you ♪

♪ can hear me ♪

♪ as I kneel down
and pray ♪

♪ with the love I meant ♪

♪ to say ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Shadows ♪

♪ You took away ♪

♪ the shadows ♪

♪ before you,
life was black and white ♪

♪ though tonight
the room's ♪

♪ gone gray ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Golden ♪

♪ all the love you gave
was golden ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Gold that I would
gladly pay ♪

♪ to show the love
I meant to say ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ music ♪

♪ you made me
hear such ♪

♪ music ♪

♪ without you here
to guide me ♪

♪ I fear our song ♪

♪ will fly away ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Sorry ♪

♪ that's the word
I wanna sing to you ♪

♪ ♪

♪ the other word is ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ to hear the love ♪

♪ I meant ♪

♪ to say ♪

♪ ♪

[Song ends]

Hey! What do you think?
Can't wait for act two, right?

Yeah, it's good.

It's really good.

I'll just admit
it's a little strange for me.

Um, 'cause she's better?

- Karen, I'm kidding.
- No, you're not.

- [Laughing]
- That's so rude.

Hey, um,
did Jimmy talk to you?

I told him not to.

I thought it might
scare you away.

- It didn't.
- I'm glad.

Are you?

'Cause sometimes
I feel like

you think I'm in the way
or something.

Maybe a little, at first.

But then I saw
how happy you make him.

And, um...

Look, I've never seen him
care about anybody

the way he cares
about you.

Maybe you can fix
what I couldn't.

[Cheers and applause]

[Indistinct chatter]

The show was amazing.

Thank you.

Technically it
wasn't all me.


That might be
the first time

you've ever said
something like that.


How does it feel?

What happened with us?

One minute, we were hanging out,
and then you were gone.

Derek, I don't think
right now...

Please just...
I need to know.

The night
of my birthday...

I know the only reason
you came to see me

is because Karen
rejected you.

Wow, okay.

Um, well, there's nothing
going on there.

I was at her apartment
the whole of last night,

and I slept on the couch

because of you.

I just came as a friend.
That's it.

Don't walk away from me
because of Karen.

It's not Karen.

It's you.

You'll always have
a Karen.

It's just who you are.

I know that now.

You should too.

- Two minutes.
- This was a great idea, Tom.

You are definitely
not a monster.

Not today, at least.


What are you doing here?

I saw Hit List tonight.

Scott invited me.

Did you like it?

I think
it's a great story.

So do I.

And also, I was thinking
what a lovely gesture that was,

putting the ad
in the paper.

Thank you.

You, thanking me?

To what do I owe this?

Well, the reminder
that life

is shorter
than we think it is.

Does this mean
we're friends again?

[Scoffs] No.

But you can be a friend
to Bombshell...

If the money's still
on the table.

Oh, I'm sorry.

That money's
no longer available.

I committed it
to something else.

- To what?
- To Hit List.

I'm moving it to Broadway.

We start previews
at the end of the month.

You're right, you know?

It's good we're not friends.

This way, I can take that Tony
away from you

and not feel guilty.

What are you doing
after this?

Do you wanna go somewhere
to talk?


Y-you know, I can't.

Maybe tomorrow?

Yeah, I mean, I just have
a lot to deal with.


are you mad at me
about something?

No, of course not.

What about what you said to me
this morning?

You guys
don't have glasses.

Uh, actually, no,
I'm not drinking anymore, so...

You can have one.
Go ahead, celebrate.

I mean, you're going
to Broadway, right?

[Sighs, chuckles]

- Here we go.
- Okay.

Okay, can you hold this?

[Soft music]

♪ ♪

Tom: Well, we couldn't get all
of Broadway to dim but...

they can't stop us from
using our own house.

To Kyle.

All: To Kyle.