Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 8 - Idol - full transcript

Superhero twins Zan and Jayna (aka: the Wonder Twins) show up in Metropolis to help 'The Blur' fight crime with their combined shape-changing abilities. But the clumsy and naive teenagers end up botching several rescues, landing Clark in hot water with the District Attorney's office. Clark decides to come forward as The Blur to clear his name despite Chloe's protests. Meanwhile, Lois begins seeing a therapist to deal with her growing romantic feelings for Clark, and gets dangerously close to discovering his secret identity.

I wish we had more time.


Earth to Lois.

It's like you've been on another
planet for the last 15 minutes.

Easy, Armstrong.

This space case is buried in research.

I've got like two weeks' worth
of work to catch up on.

It was a sort of last-minute
vacation, wasn't it?

Yeah, well, I've got a pretty
tightly wound bolt reflex.

Is this about what happened?

Are you turning red?

Believe it or not, my ejector
-seat malfunction...

wasn't totally about you.

We should talk about it.

When I want to talk about it,
I'll send up a smoke signal.

Excuse me? Can you help me?

I need a signature.

I got a delivery out back,
and nobody's in yet.

Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas to me.

Want me to help you with this?

Did I ever tell you that before Christmas,

I used to unwrap all my presents

and then re-wrap them while
my parents were still sleeping?

You know, Lois, that
doesn't surprise me at all.

Just what I've always wanted.

Is that...

I don't think it's
powdered sugar, Smallville.

Lois Lane, Daily pPlanet.

Care to comment on
what illegal activities
you've been up to

that got you trussed up like a turkey?

I'm a cop!

We're all undercover cops!

Our sting went south.

Someone must have thought
you were the real dealers.

Who could be responsible
for such a superscrew-up?

There's something on the building.

Now, that's what I call a scoop.

First, the Blur doesn't call for weeks,

and now he's overnighting
our boys in blue?

Of course, he's probably
tailspinning into the stratosphere

because he doesn't have his
go-to girl to keep him grounded.

There's no way the botched
save is the work of the Blur.

It's not his M.O.

I'll admit sugar-coating
isn't exactly his style,

but the 20-story calling
card was unmistakable.

I never thought I'd say this,

but I'm beginning to lose faith
in our resident hero.

You're breaking my heart, Lane.

I need a feature on the Blur's
questionable tactics

by the end of the day.

You don't really think
this is big news, do you?

Turns out Adrian Pope,
the organized crime boss,

is still on the street because
of the Blur's blunder.

The d.A.'s out for blood.

When is the D.A. not out for blood?

He's just trying to cover up
his dirty connections.

Listen, I am not your Blur girl on this one.

Just run with it.

Listen, just see this as an opportunity

to investigate both sides of the story.

Well, that would require
a certain supersomeone

to actually find five minutes
to give me a call.

What's with the disguise?

All my flannel's at the dry cleaner's.

Go figure.

Lois... ah.

Leave it alone, Inspector Gadget.

I have a top-secret interview I'm doing

for an exposé on the hush-hush.

So don't follow me.

Could you lose the notebook?

I'd prefer that all our meetings

remain off-the-record.

Whatever makes you feel
more comfortable, Lois.

Why don't you start

by describing these dreams
you've been having?

Okay, well, they're as real
as you and me right now.

More real, actually.

And despite some flashes
of some serious NC-17 violence,

really, the situation involves clothes...

coming off... you know, naked.

Skin, skin on skin, just...

Lots of skin.

So, it's a sex dream?

With the co-worker you mentioned before?

Clark Kent?

What is this, "nightline"?

All right, yes, I'm doing
the virtual "Kama Sutra"

with Clark Kent.

My desk is soft-core central.

Listen, Lois.

You came to me to explore
the deeper meaning

Within these vivid dreams
that you've been having.

And all of this doesn't
have to be taken literally.

A lack of clothing in a dream

can signify the desire to
uncover what's actually hidden.

You know, sometimes I do feel
that Clark is hiding something.

It sounds crazy,

but the closer I get to him, the more...

I feel like he's going to disappear.

Could this have something to do

with your three weeks of blocked memory?

Maybe you're trying to protect yourself, Lois.

Didn't you say that the last time
you opened up to someone...

Your mysterious caller...

He vanished?

Speak of the devil.

The halley's comet
of phone dating himself.

Sayonara, superstud.

You still have strong feelings
for this mystery man.


Remember 8-tracks and Rotary phones?

That's him... ancient history.

And the fact that you haven't
gotten that news flash

means I'm probably wasting my time

with all this head-shrink
mumbo-jumbo stuff.

Lois, you have projected so much
onto this mystery caller.

Maybe you should focus

on the man that's right in front of you.

I can't believe she's not picking up.

You freeze the girl out,

she's gonna give you a
cold shoulder, hero or not.

After what happened with Corben,

I stopped calling her as
the Blur for her own protection.

Sorry. This is a really bad time for
your P.R. Queen to go M.I.A.

She's the only one who can
tell the world the truth.

Lois has to know the Blur is not responsible

for the failed drug bust or
the crime boss getting away.

You know, Clark, you need to get to work

on some serious spin-doctor magic,

because whoever's posing as the Blur

is a genius at marketing
and self-promotion.

He's co-opted your brand.

I'm not a brand.

The Blur has a blog.

And apparently, you Twitter
and you're on Facebook,

where you have 10,000 friends, by the way.

You've come quite a long way

since being scarecrowed in high school.

Why would somebody go through
so much trouble to discredit me?

Now, here's the hitch.

I think he's actually trying to help you.

I discovered five messy,
but successful, saves

obviously not done by you.

Whether this person means well or not,

they need to be stopped...

before someone gets hurt.

Pull over by the power station.

Nice and easy.

These ladies and I
have a date with destiny.

Gun it!


We did it.

Did you see that guy's face?

Pretty slick, Z.

Way to go aggro, J.

Once the police see this,

they'll be off our backs for
your genius cops-in-a-box idea.

Hey, they were undercover.

Think we should tie him up?

He's out cold.

Let's just get some shots to upload.


What are you doing?
You're in the shot.

This is our evidence.

Got to give props to the man.

Come on, Zan. Let's fly.

Whoa! Whoa!

Two hours to get here
with the monorail down.

Chalk another one up to the blundering Blur.

He may have stopped a diamond heist,

but his blackout belly flop
has crippled Metropolis.

And the scavengers
have already started circling.

District attorney ray sacks,
my pet research project.

Since when is a veteran D.A. newsworthy?

Since his Christmas-card roster

reads like a Soprano's hit list.

I call him "sacks-ophone"

'cause he loves to blow his own horn!

Susan, I'm not here
because I'm running for mayor.

I'm here because I think it's a travesty

that this city has been brought
to its knees by the Blur.

Lois, I can't help but think
there's more to this story

than people are seeing.

I think it's pretty obvious.

Either the Blur is hitting
a quarterlife crisis,

or his ego has gotten really supersized.

And you're sure he didn't try to call you

and explain himself?

He called.

I didn't pick up.

Since when did you become
the Blur's big defender?

He just doesn't deserve the silent treatment

just because he's been
out there saving people.

Of course you would say that, Clark.

You're a guy.

The Blur can't expect me
to be his beck-and-call girl

after weeks of no contact.

I spy with my little eye
a potential witness.

I totally tanked this one.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

You're not the one
who lost her phone.

Are you sure you don't have it?

I must have dropped it
back at the power plant.

I know I sort of pulled you into this,

but maybe we're just not hero material.

It's you, J.


This can't be good.

What if someone's already on to us?

What do we do?

Time to motor.

Powers, activate.

Whoa, what the...

Where are we?

How did we even get here?

It had to have been the Blur.

No, come on, z., there's no way.

Think about it. Who else
could have stopped us?

This is the Blur's lair.

He doesn't have a lair.

I'm telling you, this tech
is definitely off the grid.

Oh, wait until I tweet everybody about this.

That's not gonna happen.

Welcome to Watchtower.

And if you chat one word
about what you see and hear,

I will vaporize your twitter
accounts, facebook pages.

Every trace of your virtual
existence will be obliterated.

Holy hacking.

You can do that?

Our tweets are totally sealed.

Code of silence all the way.

So, who are you?

It's the Blur's sidekick.

We don't know that.

Not exactly.

I'm doing pro bono for the Blur

and keeping an eye on you two.

Wait, you're not gonna hand us
over to the cops, are you?

We just wanted to help
fuel the Blur's legend.

Okay, about the helping.
Right idea, wrong execution.

Look, I've been where
you guys are. I get it.

You're just a couple of mega fans

who really want to make a difference,

but you are single-handedly destroying

what the Blur stands for.

We know we made some mistakes.

How can we make up
for what we've done?

You just wait for the right moment.

You'll know.

So, the Blur trusts you, right?

I mean, how do you always know
the right thing to do?

You don't.

And neither does he.

But you stick around a hero long enough

and you get your share at saving him...

sometimes even from himself.

Oh, man!

I don't know how old-school
journalists broke a story

without breaking somebody's neck.

I will never take you
for granted again, I swear.

I suppose you were the one
who gave us that little reboot.

In a way, the city
going dark was my fault.

The least I could do is put things right.

You know, just because
you threw a few switches

Doesn't make up for all
your bonehead moves lately.


I wasn't the one behind the saves.

The Blur has an imposter nipping at his heels?

How did you let that happen?

It's not that simple.

They were just misguided fans.

I'm not turning them over to the D.A.

Without proof, nobody's gonna
buy the misguided-fans angle.

You're risking a lot to protect
some feckless meteor freaks.


But doesn't everyone
deserve a second chance?

Oh, you want to go there?

Let me tell you about
second chances, buddy.

There's a way you treat a woman.
It's called respect.

So, how did you guys
end up on the street?

Oh, for a long time now,
we've only had each other.

Nobody really bought us as
transfer students from sweden.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That taps into cellphone frequencies.

Just don't touch anything, okay?


That's because you're some fancy hero.

Lois, I tried.

There is no try, Skywalker.

You have superpowers.

Why don't you pick up a phone?


you're just gonna have to do something

you've had trouble with lately.

You're gonna have to trust me.


Last night was a whirlwind
of happy endings

as Metropolis' Blur worked overtime

to bring the city out of the
darkness and into the light.


I didn't realize you were
filling in for the paper boy.

You look pretty chipper.
Busy night?

My story about the Blur
made it above the fold.

I think he'd be pretty happy

that I included his side of the story.

So, you finally heard from him.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot

about my carbon footprint lately,

and I figured, you know,
we could start carpooling.

I thought, you know,

the ride would give us a chance

to get past the whole
kiss-and-run of it all,

and... get to know each other better.


You tell me the color of
your underwear every day.

What else is there to know?

I hope you didn't misunderstand

all my Blur-bashing I did yesterday.

Deep down, I never doubted him.

I'm sure he'd be happy to learn

that your faith in the Blur never wavered.

Of course, he never explained
why he didn't call me back.

Lois, what's going on?

Okay, look.

I woke up this morning...

and I saw things clearly for the first time.

In breaking news, Metropolis'
D.A. has called out the Blur.

No one has the right to take
the law into their own hands.

Not you, not me, not even the Blur.

Now, because of the damage
he has caused this city,

I am asking the Blur
to come out of the shadows,

to stop this vigilante behavior

And agree to work hand-in-hand
with our law enforcement.

Now, I will be holding a press conference

later this afternoon.

At that time, I will ask
the Blur to show himself

and to take responsibility for his actions.

Big news day.

I'll have to take a rain
check on the carpooling.


Dr. Evans...

I'm going to save you
a lot of time and money, okay?

It's all your parents' fault.


Oh, she had to take off. Family issues.

Look, I know you think
you're pretty good

at this head-shrinking stuff.

But thanks to you,
my head is about to explode,

and I don't know what to do.

I focused on the man in my dreams,

and now I found out that
my mystery caller and Clark

are the same person.

The same?

Up until today,

he couldn't lie his way
out of a speeding ticket.

And... and now he can
hold down an alter ego?

Lois, take a step back.

What do you think is more likely...

That your mysterious caller
and Clark are the same man,

or that you're trying to
make them one person

in order to create your dream man?

Okay, they're not that different.

My mystery caller is brave and selfless,

and so is Clark...

in his own way.

I can't believe how difficult
this must have been for him

to carry his secret all this time.

I just want to tell him
that it doesn't matter to me.


maybe coming clean
isn't the best idea, either.

Right now, Clark has this
really big decision to make.

And more than anything,

I just want to help,
but I'm not sure how.


I know what I have to do.

Thanks, doc.

You're a gem.

There's got to be something
to this therapy stuff.

Clark, hey.

Don't worry... the twittering twosome

have sung their last song.

As we speak, they're in Watchtower,

taking down the Blur's blog.

You seen today's news?

Don't tell me you're taking
that blowhard seriously, Clark.

You know he's just gunning
for the mayor's office.

You are, aren't you?

Clark, why?

The last time you had a coming-out party,

it was a disaster.

What changed?

I've changed.

I'm wearing my father's shield now.

And I've worked hard to give
people a symbol of hope,

something that they can believe
in, that will inspire them.

I am the shield.

I know you want to honor
your father, Clark.

But if you sacrifice yourself,
there is no shield.

I won't just do nothing

while the D.A. drags down
my father's crest

and everything that it stands for.

That's exactly what you
have to do. I'm sorry.

Look, this guy's gonna call you
a menace and a coward,

and probably a threat to the city.

And you have to let people believe his lies.

Your father lives on through you...

not your shield.

Good afternoon.

Thank you all for joining me.

If you're out there, Blur... come.

Come join me at this very podium,

and take your place as a role model

in this great city of ours.

A true hero would not hide.

He would show himself

and take responsibility
for mistakes he's made.

Out of my way! Excuse me!

Move it or lose it.

Zip it, counselor.

I'm Lois Lane from the Daily Planet,

and I'm here to tell you
that I know the Blur.

The D.A. says that a true
hero would come forward.

Well, the Blur can't.

It's because he knows

that the best way for him
to protect you and I

is to steer clear of all this political hoopla

and remain the one thing
that you and I need most...

a light in the darkness,

a symbol for us to believe in
when all other hope is lost.

I've looked
into the Blur's heart,

and I can tell you that
his intentions are good.

Let the Blur be the hero he needs to be.

When you said you had looked
into the Blur's heart,

I had no idea how close
a relationship you had.

Not that it's any of your business.

Oh, the safety of this city

is always my business, young lady.

Now, tell me the true identity of the Blur,

and I'll overlook your annoying antics.

You talk a good game, counselor.

But you don't believe a word of it.

All your shady back-room deals
with organized crime

have just come home to roost.

I've picked out a nice little
font for my exposé.

"Shady sacks sucks the city dry."

Well, well, well.

I actually had another headline in mind.

And you're standing right on top of it.

"the Blur murders Lois Lane."

Has a nice ring, doesn't it?

will ever believe you.

Honey, when the Blur
decided not to come forward,

he put the ball back in my court.

I can make him whoever I want him to be.

It just takes a little doubt.

You don't give people enough credit.

Why would the Blur
suddenly turn into a murderer?

Because you just announced
in front of millions of people

that you're the only person
who knows his true identity.



You're the one who's
hiding in the shadows,

not the Blur, you coward!

Unfortunately, that's not a
story you're gonna get to write.



All right, let's get out of here.

Grab your camera! Hurry!



Hold on, I'm coming.


Grab my hand.

I can't!

All right, hold on.


Come on, stretch.

You can reach!

It's too far!


Hey, J. So, what's going on?

The Blur's in even deeper,
and it's all our fault.

Well, then what are we waiting for?
We can't just ditch Chloe.

We promised her we'd lay low
till this all blows over.

She said sometimes
you need to save a hero,

even from themself.

Dad always used to say we're
stronger when we stick together.

Powers, activate.

Lois, hold on.

Let me go.

That's insane, Lois.

You can't reveal yourself to the cameras.

You mean too much to the city...

to the world.


I know that you've been living two lives

and having to lie to me
about it every day.

Lois, you're not making any sense.

It's gonna be okay.

Just hold on.

I've always known, deep down,
that you were a hero.


All right, let's go.


You're alive.

Thank you.

I'm flattered, Lois.

I wish I could have been
the one to rescue you,

But I'm not that fast.

I took the elevator.

Even after all this, you still can't tell me.

Just stay here.

Next time you take on
the D.A. of Metropolis,

remember to watch your step.

But that was just...

hope I made up for not calling.

Lois, who was that?

The Blur.

The Blur is back on top!

This makes up for everything.

I have you to thank for that.

Oh, my god.

It's him.

I put my shield out there

to inspire people to step up
and be their own heroes.

And you did.

We believe in you, Master B.

Don't believe in me.

Believe in the shield
and what it represents.

Most importantly, believe in yourselves.

But... we're not the hero.

You are.

That depends on you.

Metropolis doesn't need more Blur fans.

It needs people who are willing to do

exactly what you did today.

But you do need to be more careful.

Heroes don't get second chances,
and people need you

to make life-and-death
decisions every day.

There's no room for mistakes.


Not when the world is watching.

I am happy to see that you're alive, Lois.

After what I saw on the nightly news...

and I never would have guessed
that your mysterious caller

was none other than Metropolis' famous Blur.

I can't believe I was so stupid.

I must have been crazy

to look at Clark through Blur-colored glasses.

Lois, you are not crazy.

That's the point of therapy...
to learn about yourself.

But just looking at the facts...

what's easier to believe?

That there was some phone glitch,

or that the farm guy who sits
across from me every day

is a superpowered hero?

It's perfectly natural, Lois,
to project the heroics

of the unattainable men
you tend to fall for

onto someone close to you.

But it would be so much easier

if they were the same person.

When I heard the Blur's voice again,

something stirred inside of me.

But my thoughts...

I keep going back to Clark.

That scared guy who stepped down
onto that ledge to save me.


Cheers... for earning
another strike today.

Where'd you get that?

The street vendor on the corner.

It also comes in t-shirts and key chains.

I had to be the first one on the block

to get the superhero swag.

Next thing you know,

your wonder twins
will be a household name.

Thanks to the fog and dog duo,

sacks is on his way to the slammer.

You know, with some training,

they may be able to give the Blur

some much-needed backup
in the halls of justice.

I guess I have more backup than I thought.

How'd you pull off the whole
Blur-impersonation thing?

Just your typical sleight-of-the-ear stuff.

Now you hear it, now you don't.

Hello, Lois.

Pay no attention to the blonde
behind the curtain.

Relax, Clark.

I'm not exactly the great and powerful Oz.

I just created a program

where everything I type in
here comes out Blur.

How'd you know when to make the call?

And how'd you know what
to say to convince Lois?

I hacked into the security
cameras on the rooftop,

and I've been monitoring
all cell communication

in Metropolis.

You've been eavesdropping

on my personal calls with Lois, haven't you?

Chloe, there's keeping a bird's-eye view,

and then there's playing big brother

with people's private lives.

Easy on the dress-down, Clark, okay?

If I hadn't stepped in,

Lois would still be beating down
the "Clark is a superhero" door,

and believe me,

once the bloodhound Lois is at your door,

you'd better find a better way

to disguise your superhero scent.

Your eyes still closed?

This isn't what I had in mind

when you said you wanted
to meet in the copy room,

but, hey, I'm open.

You said I had a secret. You're right.

I was dangling 100 stories
above the pavement.

I think I get a free pass on that one.

Let's see what you've got.

I'm a bit nearsighted.

I've been trying not to wear them.

They're very...

... Clark Kent.

I guess you're not the only one
who's a little shortsighted.

It's just sometimes I feel like
I see a whole other side of you

than anyone else.

It's okay.

It's my hero complex to resolve.

I take the nicest guy that I know,

and I weigh him down
with all this shining armor.

And it's not fair.

Nobody can be two different people.

I wish I could.

Is this your long-winded way
of saying that you hate these?


I don't mind the bump
in your geek factor.

But, professionally,

There are these newfangled
things you can try.

They're called contacts.

It means a lot that you thought
I had it in me.

Don't worry, Smallville.

I'll only call you four-eyes
every once in a while.

But just so you're clear on one thing.