Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 7 - Kandor - full transcript

Jor-El mysteriously arrives at the Kent farm to hide the Book of Rao, but meets Chloe instead. She tells him that his son, Kal-El is on Earth and lives at the farm. Convinced the Blur is Jor-El, Zod enlists Tess's help in finding him to force him to reveal the secret to his powers. Clark realizes Jor-El is alive and on Earth and races to find him before Zod does.

Previously on Smallville:

I remember seeing a new side
of Clark Kent.

I wasn't wearing red or blue.

All you have to do is ask yourself,
"What do you want?"

CLARK: Who are you?
- I am Jor-El, your father.

These symbols appeared all over
the world the night Zod arrived.

You might recognize this one.

The last thing we remember is our blood
being taken in Kandor.

How did we get here?

- Kandorian.
- I thought Kandor exploded with Krypton?

CLARK: Jor-El said there may be others.
CHLOE: We better start looking.

Jor-El betrayed us. He survived.

He didn't just survive.
He has the power from the yellow sun.

And yet we have none?

Make her tell you where this Blur is
or kill her.


CLARK: There's nothing more important
than finding the Kandorians.


Relax, it's just a pinprick.

- I never liked needles.
- Small price to pay for immortality.

Incoming! Get down!

Medic, there's a civil war raging
and you're wasting time.

The forces of Black Zero are closing in
on Kandor and they'll wait for no one.

You're the last of your battalion
whose blood I need.

Get on with it.

There's a war to be won
and we wanna get back to our families.

Right, soldiers?

For Rao and Kandor!


I'm guessing you're not here
to cheer on the troops.

Call it a mission of redemption.

I'll need those blood samples.
I can't let this go on.

My orders come from
the ruling council itself.

- You have no authority here.
- Medic...

...when the most renowned scientist in
Krypton tells you to stop, then you stop.

If the ruling council wants my blood,
let them find it on the battlefield.


Let Black Zero feel the bite of your weapons
and the bravery in your hearts.

Soldiers, move out.

For Rao and Kandor!


Let's go!

- Thank you, Zod.
- You realize the council won't like this.

- You know what you're doing?
- The council can do what it will.

But I'll not let my life's work be used
to commit an atrocity.


- Kandor.
- My wife, my son.

Zod, there's nothing you can do.

Kandor is gone!

None of you recall that tragic day.

The moment your blood was taken
was the last you remember of Kandor.

But I can assure you,
I have not forgotten.

Each one of you, the last sons
and daughters of Krypton...

...are all that is left
from our beloved homeland...

...and I will not allow for your birthright
to be denied.

Now, Jor-El,
he came with us in the orb...

...and somehow he stole
our powers from us.

And yet he flaunts them
all over this city...

...leaving his mark for us to see.

When we find this traitor...

...we will force him to give us
what's rightfully ours...

...and we will be gods on this planet
and Kandor will rise again.

Hey. If you raced here to see me... must mean the I Love Lois show
was preempted this week.

Come on. You know I always speed over
when you call.

Although I may be responsible for
your cousin vanishing from primetime.

I was wondering why she skipped town
without saying goodbye. What's up?

I, uh....

I kissed her.

Oh, yeah, that would definitely
send her packing.

I mean, no offense to you, Clark...'s just Lois' typical response
to intimacy... usually to blow out of town.

I went over there to talk to her...

...the next thing I know,
I couldn't stop myself.

Heh, heh. Yeah, I'm not surprised.

You've had feelings for Lois since,
like, the 1930s.

I was wondering
when you were gonna make your move.

Just take my word for it
and give her a little bit of space.

And in the meantime... LuthorCorp mole dug up some
more information on the Kandorians.

How bad is it?

We were right.

Tess Mercer has teams around the globe
trying to bring the ETs home.

Her operatives have had their noses deep
in the Turkish desert for weeks.

I think that you should wing out there
and take a peek yourself.

Unfortunately, my wings are clipped.
I'll fly coach.

Uh, no, you won't.
Oliver can get you there first-class.

- I'll do this by myself.
- Why, Clark?

- Come on.
- Chloe...


Hear you need a lift.


Your tomb raiders have been digging
for weeks...

...and I still don't have what I want.

Sandstorms haven't let up since we arrived.

Whatever or whoever was here
is either dead or buried.

Well, unless you wanna end up the same
way, I suggest you get the job done.

Oh, hello.

I received your message.

Unlike my super-powered
Kryptonian comrade... have a flair for the dramatic.

I think your deep-cover agent
might have a different opinion.

But I'm glad to see that his
untimely death got your attention.

I won't be toyed with.

A man named Jor-El.

He came with us in the orb.

He took all of our powers for himself.

You know him as the Blur.

Now you help me find him...

...I'll give you
what you've always wanted.

Now, you opened that orb...

...the bottled-up hopes and dreams
of Kandor... work with us and now you can... my side... equals.



I've already got a team on it.

I'll let you know when we find Jor-El.

OLIVER: If you wanna bury me in the desert
for going on that date with Lois... could have at least taken me
to Nevada.

CLARK: Oliver, let's not...
- I mean, don't get me wrong...

...I'm still gonna put up a fight...

...but we could have hit the Strip
before the main event.

Maybe a little Blue Man Group,
maybe a little Carrot Top.

You know, what I'm getting you next
year for Christmas is a sense of humor.


All right, look. We're at the exact
coordinates Chloe gave us.

I don't see anything for miles
but sand.

Maybe we need to look deeper.

Kryptonian symbols
that we saw at Watchtower.

They're like high-temperature brands left
when a Kandorian first arrives on Earth.

Out here, the temperature would melt
the sand into glass.

Who'd put your shield out
in the middle of nowhere?


My father.

He's here on Earth.

Shelby? I came to take my favorite blond
for a walk.

Who are you?

My name is Jor-El.

Oh, my God.

You made it to Smallville.

Clark found your markings
in the desert.

You're Clark's father.

You are mistaken. I have no child.

His Kryptonian name is Kal-El.

So this is my son.

And what's he doing here on Earth?

Well, you sent him here as a baby.
It was the only way you could save him.

Save him?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

...but Krypton was destroyed.

My wife, Lara....

Clark's mother,
she's not here with you?

She wasn't part of the experiment.


I'm sorry, I... I didn't know.

Look, we've been searching for all the
others who have come here with you.

They will be difficult to find.
They're very well-trained.

A battalion of soldiers led
by a great commander...

...and the best friend I ever had, Zod.

Jor-El... stand before the ruling council
charged with treason.

The technology I created
was intended to heal those afflicted... wars and disease...

...not to resurrect the dead
through cloning.

The orb will ensure
that Krypton's strongest will endure...

...if our planet is ever destroyed.

But if we send the orb to Earth
and it is opened...

...the clones inside will develop
extraordinary abilities...

...under their yellow sun.

The humans will be powerless
against them.

We cannot doom another planet's future
to preserve our past.

Perhaps you should have had more faith
in your own race.

You leave us no choice.

The punishment for treason is death.



Major Zod.

Your presence is an honor,
but this is a closed trial.

Well, I demand to be heard.

I may have driven Black Zero back
into the ice, decimating its ranks...

...but my accomplishments pale
in comparison to this man's.

Jor-El is the truest hero
I have ever known.

He has dedicated his life's work
not to death...

...or war...

...but to creation.

When Kandor fell...

...many of our brightest
and most promising citizens perished... an instant.

Krypton lost mothers...




What good will come if you extinguish
another life unnecessarily?

I implore you all...

...let Jor-El live.

Your passion is noted, major.


It is agreed.

Jor-El, the council will spare your life.

But you are ordered
to complete the orb.

You must include Major Zod's DNA...

...and your own.

If that fateful day of judgment
ever comes to Krypton...

...our survivors on Earth will be led
by two of our planet's greatest heroes.

I, Zod, am in your debt.

Never forget that, my friend.

If it wasn't for Zod, I wouldn't be here,
and neither would my son.

I'm afraid you've only lived
half the story.

There's a few more chapters on Zod
that you need to hear.

And I'm gonna warn you,
it doesn't have a happy ending.

I can't believe my father's been on Earth
this whole time and Jor-El didn't tell me.

When you say Jor-El, we talking about
the dude in your palace thingy?

He must have known what it would
mean to me to meet my real father.

To speak to an actual person
and not just some voice in the Arctic.

But again, Jor-El kept me in the dark.

I'm sure there's a reason
he didn't tell you the truth.

He's probably afraid...

...that in person,
he's worse than I thought he was.

Do you really mean that?
Or is that the anger talking?

I mean, there's a part of me
that doesn't wanna meet him at all.

Look, man, I...

I can't imagine what it's like
to live your life.

But there's one thing I can relate to
and that's growing up without my parents.


Clark, we don't get a second chance
to be with them.

I'd go to hell and back to wrap my arms
around my old man one more time.

Clark must be flying through
some turbulence.

I can't get a call in to him.
But I'm sure he'll touch down soon...

...and then you'll finally get to meet
your son.

I'm saddened that he spent
his entire youth away from his people...

...and grew up alone.

Well, maybe he wasn't around
other Kryptonians, but he wasn't alone.

Trust me, the Kents are the greatest
parents you could have ever hoped for...

...on Earth.

I would have expected as much.

My father sent me here
when I was younger... a rite of passage.

Like a walkabout?

I met a man called Hiram Kent.

I felt so much love in this house.

And perhaps that's why
I sent Kal-El here.

But if you didn't know
that your son even existed...

...why did you come to Smallville today?

I have many very fond memories here.

I wanted to see the place again.

Well, your instincts
about the Kents paid off.

Clark is the most amazing person
I've ever met.

And your guidance helped make him
into the man he is.

I worry that he isn't the only one
I've influenced.

Perhaps I played my part in making Zod
the man he became.

Look, whatever you did to him...

...Zod is the only person responsible
for choosing to become a monster.




Sorry about the accommodations.
Not exactly five-star, is it?

- Who are you?
- A friend.

We both know that's not true.

Look, I don't expect you to believe me...

...but I had to take drastic measures
to protect you and Kal-El.

How can you protect anyone
when your only concern is yourself?

Well, your Kryptonian instincts
must be on the fritz...

...because I am not the enemy here.

Major Zod has been turning this planet
upside down...

...looking for a man who we call the Blur.

Now, I let him believe
that you have all the powers.

Zod doesn't even know
that Kal-El exists.

So your son is safe, for now.

Why are you involved in our affairs?

Because I see.

I see what mankind is doing
to this planet.

The Earth is doomed...

...and your race is the only answer
to saving it.

That's why I released you all
from that orb.

You shouldn't have done that.

We are abominations
that should never have been created.

If the Kandorians get their powers...

...then what you have done
will not save this planet.

It may, in fact, destroy it.

Not if they turn out like your son.

You are mistaken to think
that we are so different from humans.

Our sacred book of Rao teaches
that where there is light...

...there is darkness.

Which is why I want
you to help me protect Kal-El.

If not, Zod will find out about him.

And he may very well kill my son.

For Zod is a foe not to be taken lightly,
with or without his powers.

If you wanna save your son,
you have to make a sacrifice.

You must convince the Kandorians
that you are the Blur.

Chloe? Hey, are you okay? Wake up.

- Chloe, are you all right?
- I'm fine.

- I'm fine.
- What happened?

Tell me who did this to you.

- Chloe?
- Jor-El.


My father's here?

Chloe, he came all the way to the farm,
but he didn't stay to see me?

Before he knocked me out... he seemed as though he had some
unfinished business with someone else.

I don't understand.

Who else does he know in Smallville?

Clark, Jor-El isn't the only one
who came in for the Kryptonian reunion.

So did Zod.

I see my crack security team
is on the job.

Why wouldn't they let me in?
We are partners now, after all.

I just came to get a progress report
on our search for Jor-El.

Let's just say
that the, um, noose is getting tighter.

This calls for a celebration.

Looks like you've already
been celebrating.


I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

This is my favorite discovery
on your little planet.

The wine cup... the little silver well
where truth...

...if truth there be, doth dwell.

See, now I'm impressed.
You've read your Shakespeare.

And he's amusing...

...but I find the pleasure I get from wine
much more satisfying.

Every sip reveals a new riddle...

...a new truth.

Just like you, Tess.

Every time we're together,
I discover something new...

...and I can't wait to see
what my next sip reveals.

The bitter truth:

That I'm not interested.

We're keeping this partnership
strictly professional.

The lady doth protest too much.

Whether she doth or not, I can guarantee
she won't be revealing any more tonight.


But not to worry.

While we were enjoying our drink...

...I had my people grab something
much more valuable from your cellar.


When you told me you'd find my father...

....I didn't know you wired my house.

CHLOE: Before you burst a blood vessel,
let me explain.

I set up those cameras
after your last dance with Doomsday.

To keep an eye on your place
until you came home.

I've been home for weeks.

Don't look at me, man.

Look, Clark, I'm sorry, okay?

I think the cameras
may have recorded something...

...that might lead us to your father.

Jor-El didn't give me
the sleeper hold to get away.

He sensed danger.
He was trying to save you.

There's only one person who would send
operatives and it's not Zod.

Clark, I know how you feel, okay?

Going to confront Tess
all eyes a-blazing is not a good idea.

You're gonna do something you'll regret.

- Why don't you just let me talk to her?
- Oliver's right. You're not in any place...

Hello, old friend.

I've seen what you've done
for the humans in Metropolis.

It's time you did something
for your own people.

You give us our powers.

Considering what happened
the last time we met...

...I think it's the least you can do.


The council's demands have been met.

The orb is ready and so are these...

...the stones of knowledge.

The teachings of the 28 galaxies
will be available to our people...

...if ever they are resurrected.

All that is left is
for you and I to include our DNA.

Which is why you will understand
why I need you to do this for me.


My wife gave me this
before I went off to battle... I could always keep my most
precious treasure close to my heart.

It's all I have left of my son.

Be careful, Zod. They will see you.

My friend...

...I beg of you.

Use these fragile cells
to bring my little boy back... I can hold him in my arms again.

But it is not an exact science.

There can be complications, mutations.

No, no, no. Don't give me excuses.
This is my son.

You could bring him back to me.

But we cannot change the past.

After everything I've done for you... dare you deny me this request?

We do not have the right.

Think of how you'd feel
if you had a son.


I am truly sorry.


You are as dead to me as my son.

Defend yourself!

I have no powers.

I used the Blue Kryptonite
to take them away.

The same way I corrupted the orb... none of you could rule this planet
as gods.

But you did have it.
You came with us in the orb...

...yet you harnessed the powers
of the yellow sun for yourself. How?

I shall never tell you.


You owe this to us.

You owe this to me.

Krypton is gone
because you destroyed it.

That's impossible. You're lying.

Here on this planet,
when we emerged from the orb...

...we were shadows
of our former selves.

But those we were created from
stayed behind on Krypton...

...and had full lives, spouses, children.

Many years later, you decided to lead
a military coup to take over Krypton.

But on the eve of your defeat,
instead of surrendering... chose to raze our planet.

- How would you know that?
- Because it is the truth.

But we've been given a second chance,
to have lives here on Earth... live among the humans.

To be different.
To be better than we were before.

This is the same selfish morality that
kept me from ever seeing my son again.

Perhaps you are right.

Perhaps if I'd given you
what you wanted... never would have betrayed

Like you betrayed me.

I feel your pain now more than ever.

How could you?

How could you fathom my pain...

...if you've never had a child?

You do understand.

That look in your eye...

...I've seen that before, in the mirror...

...when I prayed that you would bring
my son back to me.

You said after we were put into the orb,
our lives went on.

We had families, spouses...


You're hiding something
with selfless conviction. The shields... didn't put them in Metropolis,
did you?

You're protecting someone...

...somebody that did not come with us.

The same person that told you
of Krypton's destruction.

- Someone from the House of El.
- No.

Someone you'd give your life for.

- Release Jor-El.
- Major, I don't understand.

He will lead us to the one
that will give our powers. His son.


Clark? Just when I thought
you'd flown off my radar.

Where is he?

I've already checked every LuthorCorp
facility, the Daily Planet and this house.

I found no one.
Where are you hiding him?

I'm gonna need a little bit
more information, like a name.

You know who I'm talking about.
His name's Jor-El.

Sorry. I can see how upset you are,
but I don't know who you're talking about.

You're lying.

You have operatives all over the world
tracking aliens. You know.

The only alien I know
is standing right in front of me.


Where's my father?
I wanna see him now.

Clark, I have waited so long for you
to admit your true Kryptonian heritage.

I always hoped you'd tell me
because you trusted me...

...but I'll take what I can get.

Where is he?

- Tell me.
- Zod has him.

Don't worry, Clark.

I had a tracking device
put on Jor-El's clothes... we could locate him.

You wanted Zod to find him... you could find the others.

- You used my father as bait.
- Clark, I was just trying to protect you.


Find him.

He's at your farm.



Who did this to you?

I don't know.

Okay. Hold on, I'll get you help.

Kal-El, I'm so proud of you.

So proud.

Please stay. Don't go.

I can save you.

Save Zod.

No. No!

When Dad died,
I remembered thinking... least I'd have the memories
of being with him here on the farm.

With Jor-El being gone,
all I'm left with is....

Empty feeling inside.

I had so many questions
I wanted to ask him.

Figure out who he really was.

Seems to me like
you're a chip off the old block.

After seeing how he saved our spunky
sidekick, I'd say you're both heroes.

I'll never be able to live up
to everything he accomplished.

I don't know.

I don't think anyone wears
that super shield quite like you.

Still, he sacrificed so much,
sending me to this planet.

And he sacrificed himself again
to protect my secret.

Of course he did, Clark.

- You're his son.
- But he didn't have to die.

I asked Chloe to scan the footage
she has from the farm.

She's gonna use the Watchtower
to figure out what really happened.

Look, um, ahem...

...I know you and I haven't always seen
eye-to-eye lately, but, uh...

...I got your back. Always.


Because I'm gonna need your help
to figure out who killed my father...

...and bring him to justice.

Jor-El, you lied to me.

Looks like you had another reason
for coming to Smallville.

I'm sorry.

I can't give you what you wanted.

I can't save Zod.

You might remember him as a friend...

...but I know what he becomes.