Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 10 - Disciple - full transcript

Oliver is the first to realize that attacks on Lois and Chloe by a dark Archer, rather resembling him, are the work of his archery mentor, Vordigan. Chloe's research later puts Clark on his trace. As Oliver feared, the loner-rules of the ancient Cletic society they belong to make his disciple Mia the next target. Clark catches up during the archers' final duel. Meanwhile Zod is determined to use Tess's knowledge of Clark's secrets.

Previously on Smallville:

Why don't we have the powers
we should have?

Kneel before Zod.

I have always been true to my word.

And I will find the answers
we are looking for...

...or I will die in the quest.

My brother and sister Kandorians.

He has come.

Kneel before Kal-El.

When you told me
you could find my father...

...I didn't know you wired my house.

I wanted to keep an eye on your place.

- You didn't tell me anything...
- I'm sorry.

Is the person I used to know
still there?

Maybe not.
I took a look in the mirror. You were right.

I've been running away from myself.
Now I know who I really am.

You had a death wish.

I had to push you
in order to pull you back.

Even with your face in the gutter,
you had the hero in your heart.

Thank you.

I know.
I used to fight for the same reasons.

I can train you, I can teach you
how to overcome your fear.

My hero.

What's easier to believe?
That there was some phone glitch...

...or that the farm guy is a superhero?

I must have been crazy to look at Clark
through Blur-colored glasses.

You said I had a secret. You're right.

Let's see what you got.

It's just sometimes I feel like
I see a whole other side of you.

We could grab something to eat

I'll meet you there.

See, that party wasn't so bad.

Plus all the money from the bar
goes to charity.

So somewhere a kid is getting a new pair
of shoes all because I drank a Crantini.

There's more than a few kids
getting shoes.

Not that I was keeping track.

Hey, mister, that was two hours
and five cups of coffee ago.

And, okay, I was just a little nervous.

It was our first public outing
as kind of, like, a couple.

Emphasis on "kind of."

You wouldn't even let me help you
with your coat.

I held your hand.

Only when you were taking
hors d'oeuvres out of it.

Tess seemed okay when she found out
her top reporters are dating.

Although not everyone was doing
the happy dance when they saw us.

Ollie didn't have much to say.
He left right after we got there.

Oliver's gotten over bigger hurdles
in his life than his friends dating.

Well, it is a lot to get your head around.
Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Who knew?

I did.

You know, Lois, we could go back
to the farm and take a walk.

I could give you
Clark Kent's Tour of the Galaxy.

the only planet you know about... the one that you read
at the breakfast table.

Okay, then, that was PDA number four
on date number five.

I'm just keeping track.

Trying not to rush into this relationship
like I've done before.

Lois, there's nothing we'll be doing
in five weeks that we can't do tonight.

I know.

It's just...

This is the one.

You're the one I wanna get it right with,
okay? So....



Please help.
No. No, not my wedding ring.

See you tomorrow morning.

Don't worry,
the galaxy will be there next week.

Damn it.

I knew I should have changed
the alternator myself.

Come on, Oliver.

Jealous much?

Oh, my God.



No. Oliver.

It's you again.


What the hell was that about?

You tell me.

I came here for our training session, Mia,
not an audition for Kill Bill 3.

I thought if I surprised you...

...I might actually stand a chance
of kicking your butt.

But you tried to snap my windpipe.

You make a pretty convincing ninja.

Oliver, that was more than
an overreaction.

You didn't even respond
to your own name.

It was like you were someone else.

This coming from the woman in the mask.


Chloe, what's wrong?

The apple is such a plain,
yet fascinating fruit.

What are you doing here?

You know, it was the apple
that launched the Trojan War.

One of the great epic battles of all time.

It's the apple's fall
from the tree of knowledge...

...that represents the fall of man.

Now, I found that story
quite interesting...

...because it so aptly illustrates
how humans horde knowledge...

...whereas our own Kryptonian religion...

...well, that teaches
knowledge should be shared... all.

I'm sure you didn't come here
for a Sunday school lesson.

What do you want?

When we bowed down before you,

...we embraced you with open hearts.


...some of us feel
as if our favor has not been returned.

- Your people...
- Our people.

Our people have assimilated well. They
don't need my help as much as humans.

No, we need it more.

We have no powers here, Kal-El.

And they expect you to help us get them.

We need leadership, a mentor.

I can't help you. I don't know
how to give our people my powers.

Surely it's a mystery
we can solve together.

Earth is not another Krypton.

And trying to make it one
is a dangerous plan.

Our people,
they don't wanna conquer.


...if we don't deliver their powers soon,
then sooner or later...

...they will do whatever it takes
to get what they want themselves.

We, um....

We have to be able to defend ourselves,

These humans' brutality
is, uh, extraordinary.

And if they discover us...

...they will hunt us down like animals.

I won't let that happen.

You are reluctant to take action
because you don't trust me.

You think I killed Jor-El.

I lost a son.

And I would never deprive anyone
of his father in his life.

You must believe me.


Lois. Is she all right?

I'll be right there.



I'm so sorry.

I shouldn't have left you.
This never would've happened.

It's not your fault
that I had a bad alternator, Smallville.

Look, some psycho obviously wanted
to get himself on the front page... he decided to shoot
the ace reporter.

What did he look like?
Did you see him?


He was dressed up like Green Arrow.

Hey, you okay?

You don't look so great,
which for you is not exactly easy.

I didn't realize
Lois already had a visitor.

Come on, Ollie...'s been years since you and Lois
steamed up any elevator glass.

I know. I know.

You have a suspect?


Uh, he was dressed up like you, actually.

- What?
- Yeah.

I didn't want to tell you this
over the phone, but....

Lois was shot with an arrow.
It went in under her right shoulder.

The doctor said that if it had been
a centimeter to the right or the left...

...her artery would have been ceviche.

She would have died in minutes.

Lucky for her,
the guy wasn't exactly William Tell.


This guy makes William Tell
look like a summer camp archery coach.

We're not dealing
with some random shot here.

That's a target designed to take down
your enemy without killing them.

Shooter's not an amateur.
This guy's a crack marksman.

Not many people in the world
could hit that shot.

Where's this arrow?

The police are running tests on it.

It's pretty low tech
compared to your titanium missiles.

- What?
- Nothing.


Clark. Thank goodness.

A girl cannot live
by online blackjack alone.

I'm so sorry to disappoint...

...but I was hoping
to make it up with flowers.

Not that I'm against taking flowers
from men I've never met, because I have.

I think you have the wrong room.

Forgive my lack of manners.
America must be wearing off on me.

I'm an old friend of Clark's.

I was donating blood...

...and I thought I'd stop by
and see how you're recovering.


Look, Clark must have mentioned me.
I'm Zod.

Can't say that he has.

And being a Championship Wrestling fan,
I'd definitely remember a name like that.

Well, you may have never heard of me,
but I've heard all about Lois Lane.

Is that supposed to impress me?

Ah, that Clark Kent, huh?

Can't stop talking about you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

After meeting you
I can see that he's not exaggerating.

How do you know Clark again?

We've got a lot of history together.

And one night, when, uh, you're better...

...we'll go out, I'll tell you
all about the real Clark Kent, hmm?

Tequila's on me.

I'm not sure Clark's parents
even know the real Clark Kent.

Huh. Uh, do you mean
his adoptive parents?

His only parents, really.

I don't think he has any idea
who his birth parents are.




Oh, uh, here's to a speedy recovery.

The kids on the second floor
were selling them, and it's a...

It's a charm.

Interesting shape.


You tell that Clark Kent...

...that he's a very lucky man.


I will.

You wanna tell me what you're doing?

Because this looks serial-killer scary.


This is where you tell me you hate the
taste of flesh and make me feel better.

It's nothing, really.

You have every surveillance photo
Queen Industries can capture of you.

What the hell's up with that?

I think someone's following me.

That would explain
our near fatal meet-and-greet.

Yeah, not a great time to dress up
in black and go Steven Seagal on me.


All I'm seeing so far in these pics is...

Isn't this where that lady got shot
last night?

Oh, no, no, no. Hell, no.

You put that back where you found it.
You're in enough trouble as it is.

Look, Mia, there's a lot of things here
that you don't know about me, okay?

I had no right trying to play mentor
with you, it's way too risky.


No. No,
I'm not just gonna leave you like this.

The hell you're not.

I'm not your teacher anymore,
you understand me?

I want you to walk through that door
and don't look back.

Get the hell out of here.

Watchtower. Security breach.

Watchtower. Security breach.

Watchtower. Security breach.

Watchtower. Security breach.

Chloe, what happened?

I'm starting to think our favorite archer
isn't all green.


Oliver's got a greater destiny...

...and you're gonna help me fulfill it.

And how many arrow-toting Rambos
out there know about Watchtower?

And of those,
how many could hack into my system?

Going after Lois....

It's been hard for Oliver
ever since she and I...

It doesn't seem like Oliver would
ever do anything to hurt Lois and me...

...but his dark half might.

He left that half behind.


He bounced back just a little bit fast.
Maybe he suppressed it.

Split personalities
don't know what the other half is doing.

You think that's what happened to him?

It would take more than drugs
and boxing blows... make him go Jekyll-Hyde.

There's something I have to tell you,

When Oliver saved Victoria he pulled
his life out of the emergency lane...

...and crossed the finish line a hero again.

But he didn't do it on his own.

I changed a couple of tires along the way.

I set the whole thing up.


He was dead hero walking, Clark.
I had to do something.

So you went out by yourself
and you saved him?

Isn?t that what you do every day?

You should have told me.

And this is exactly why I didn't tell you,

Anytime you have to pull the trigger,
you always just walk away.

I do what's right.

You're not willing to do
what's necessary.

Pulling the trigger on Oliver,
was that necessary?

Not if it really shattered him.

- Where are you going?
- To pick up the pieces.

What are you doing here?

Well, someone planted an arrow
pretty damn close to my heart...

...and I don't think it's Cupid.

There's someone after me.
And I think they did this to you.

Okay, I get that you have secrets,
but why would they have attacked me?

Because they know we were together
and they're trying to hurt me.

What about all the other girls
you were with?

Why couldn't they have shot
the Danish model?

This person knows everything about me.

That out of all of those women,
the only one I really cared about...

...was you.

Oliver, I know you're under
a lot of stress right now...

...but you have to pull yourself together.

You have to find
whoever attacked Chloe and I.

Chloe was attacked?

Yes. She's okay.

Now, I get why this person would
go after an ex-lover, but not a friend.


Oh, God.

The vows.
No lovers, no allies and no disciples.


Look, I know
you probably don't wanna see me...

...but I finished my research
with those arrows.

And they were heavily collected,
just not by Oliver.

Maybe I was wrong.

I wish you were.

I hate to add another boxcar
to the bad-news train...

...but I've seen this same symbol before.

Where is it from?

There's a secret Celtic society...

...founded by apprentices
and master archers.

They were made up of a group
of 13th-century vigilante assassins...

...defending coastal towns from attacks.

Think like the CIA,
with arrows and plaid skirts.

Do they still exist?

Well, they don't exactly have a website,

Some sort of a mentorship cult.
The apprentice follow orders of the master.

And vow to swear off lovers,
allies and disciples.

It doesn't sound very Oliver.

Not exactly the Oliver
that we know now.

But when he left that island,
he went AWOL for like a year.

Maybe he joined this group.

He never did tell me
where he honed his skills.

There's only so much
you can teach yourself.

He was still getting over
the loss of his parents.

He wouldn't be the first orphan
to go and join a cult.

So there's a chance this night stalker
isn't Oliver.

Maybe it's someone from his brotherhood
who needs to settle a score.



Who are you?

Call me Vortigen.

I taught Green Arrow
almost everything he knows.

Green Arrow?

And now it's time
for my prize student to come back home.

If you think he's coming back
for a class reunion, forget it.

He may not come for me...

...but he will for you.

At last.

The apprentice heeds his master's call.

You know why you're here.


Our paths split a long time ago.

You took your vows, Oliver.

Now it's time to fulfill them.

You embraced me as your own son...

...but I can't follow in your footsteps.

There comes a time when every master
knows his best years are done.

I was badly wounded for the first time,

...because I wasn't fast enough...

...physically or mentally.

I realized the process of decay has begun.

Our tradition dictates...

...the master must leave this world
while he is still strong and respected.

As my chosen successor... must complete your final test.

You need to kill me.

You taught me many things, Vortigen...

...about the kind of man
I wanted to become...

...and the kind of man I didn't.

Some men
don't get to choose who they become.

Your heart is dark like mine, Oliver.


When I saw your true colors, Vortigen,
I left.

Come on, Oliver.

You didn't abandon us...

...because of some
higher moral conviction.

You left...

...because you liked the thrill of the hunt
a little too much.

But you can't outrun fate.

If you won't fulfill your duties...

...I will hunt down
and kill your apprentice.

And when you see her dead body,
the Dark Archer in you will rise up.

And you will hunt me down
and take vengeance.

I'm not gonna kill you, Vortigen.

I checked Oliver's plane, his boat,
all the usual places, I found nothing.

There's not much information on this cult.
That's the problem with secret societies.

They're just, uh, secret.

Still, I was hoping to find
some search results.

Oliver's not the only one
I've been worried about.

You've been looking at the world
through a camera a lot lately.

It's time you go out and live in it.

I'm just looking out for people, Clark.
Same as you.

The problem with looking out for people,
sometimes you lose yourself.

No one's getting lost, okay?
Everything's under control.

Here's something.

An altar with markings similar to
the ones used by the band of merry men.

An entrepreneur bought it.

Had it shipped from Ireland
to his estate in Coast City.

There's a naval base.
There should be satellite coverage.

I can switch to passive microwave image.

That way,
we can actually see through the clouds.

Chloe, look. The symbol.

It's in the form of a maze.

There's movement.

That's the girl who's been training
with Oliver.

Like an apprentice?

My God, Clark, there are these vows.

"No lovers."
That would explain why Lois was hit.

"No allies,"
which would explain my Purple Heart.

And "no disciples" outside of the cult.

That's her.

He always said that eventually
my dark side would rise up...

...and that I would take his life.

You were wrong.

I shot him in the shoulder.

Exactly where he taught me.

Clark. Sorry I'm late.

I was watching
the Monster Truck Jam finals.

Grave Maker lost his drive train.

He is never coming back.

It's okay, Lois, it's just a truck.

Oh, Clark.

Come on, that's like saying
Tommy Lee's just a drummer.

Sometimes I worry
there's no poetry in you.

You just have to look a little deeper.

What I wouldn't give for x-ray vision.

Might give me some insight... to why I had to take a cab back
from the hospital.

Sorry that I didn't visit you more
at the hospital.

I was trying to get information
on Dark Archer.

That's okay.

Lucky for you your friend
kept me supplied with flowers and gifts.

- Who gave you that?
- You know, Zod.

Really? What did he have to say?

Nothing but good things about you.

- We talked about getting together.
- No, that's not a good idea.


Are you afraid he's gonna let it slip
that you tipped a cow once?

There aren't any secrets in your life
worthy of the front page.

It's okay.

That's PDA number five.

Not that I'm keeping track.


Someone taught you well.

Yeah, then told me
he didn't wanna see me again.


Mia, I was trying to protect you.

I felt like if I split from you,
Vortigen would leave you alone.

Yeah, well, next time
you're being an unselfish hero...

...I could use some explain-o,
Green Arrow...

...or Mr. Green Arrow.

Don't worry.

I'm not gonna go tell all my friends
I used to train with the Emerald Archer.

Well, he's not done with you yet.


I mean, unless, of course,
you're done with him.


No, I'm actually glad
my old teacher showed up again.

Yours, not so much.

I still can't get him out of my head.

I keep thinking, by the time Vortigen
gets out of prison, he'll be an old man.

I think you got better things
to worry about.

I'm not worried about him.

Mia, it's what he said.

I think he's right.

What if I can't outrun
these dark places inside me?

That's why you need me... keep you in check.

There's a dark place inside everyone,

What we do with it
depends not on who our teachers are...

...but what we do
with the lessons learned.

Lois Lane is off limits.

A Rao charm for good luck
is hardly cause for alarm.

Why would you give her
some Kryptonian symbol?

Rao symbolizes all that is good.

Once again,
you assume the worst of me.

We both know
the only reason you visited Lois...

...was to send me a message.

You can't hurt me,
but you will hurt those I care about.

Living on Earth
has made you mistrustful.

I trust those who trust me.

You trust no one, Kal-El...

...not even the woman
that you're supposed to care for.

She has no idea who you are, does she?

Crossing that line
is why I won't help you get your powers.

I'm just trying to save our race.

You're just doing this
to save your army.

Without them you're just an officer
with no one to command.


I do not do this out of ego,
I do this out of desperation.

Don't act like there isn't some agenda
you're not telling me about.

You go near Lois again,
I will destroy you all.

You won't have to.

- Did you find what you were after?
- He didn't recognize the symbol.

- We don't have much time.
- I know.

I guess the Book of Rao
is not on Earth after all.

No, Jor-El, he left it here.

And when we find it...

...we will have the means
to complete the tower.

And we will turn the yellow sun red.

And then Kal-El will not be the only one
with powers on this Earth.

He will be
just one of many soldiers in my army.

Or a prisoner in my stockade.