Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 8 - Bloodline - full transcript

Clark receives a crystal that sends him and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they run into Kara. Kara tries to open a portal for Lois before it's too late but Zod's wife, Faora, manages to escape in Lois's body and proceeds to go on a rampage through the streets of Metropolis.

Previously on Smallville.

Clark, I'm happy you're in my life.

Well, I'm happy to be in your life, Kara.

Kara never came back from Krypton,
did she?

- You'll never see her again.
CLARK: You killed her.

Oh, no, something much worse.

We all have some part of us
that we hold underneath the surface.

Even I do.

CLARK: If this is Brainiac,
we don't know what can happen.

Clark, this is my life.
I'm choosing to look at this as a gift.

TESS: It was stolen. Only a handful
of people knew about that device.

When I find out who has it,
I'm taking it back.

CHLOE: Where did you go?
CLARK: A place I never wanna go again.



Handle with care, Smallville.

I've had those albums since I was 10.

What could I possibly want
with your Def Leppard anthology?

I'm taking you up on your offer.
Just like old times.

You, me, "Guitar Hero" weekends.

I'm moving in.

- Really?
- Hmm.

Uh, you didn't like it here, remember?
The rooster woke you up.

Yeah, but at least the rooster
only crows once.

You try sharing walls
with pre-wedding Chloe and Jimmy.

- I didn't need to know that.
- Ha, ha.

You think it's a good idea
that we live and work together?

Carpooler's dream.

Come on. What's the worst thing that could
happen? I'd see you in your Snoopy boxers.

Oh, I, uh, found this on your doorstep.

Guess Ma Kent is
still gonna make you, uh, care packages.

I think she put lead in the cookies.

There's no return address. That's weird.

What's the funky paperweight for?

I'm not sure.

At least it came with batteries.


Lois, get away.

Run. Now!

Smallville, just drop it!


Hello? Lois?

Can you remind me again why
we're moving stuff you never use?

Not exactly the bachelor pad
I had imagined.

Is Clark expecting you or is this another one
of your daily break-ins?

You keep holding on tight to that grudge,

What's with all the broken glass?

Is everything okay?

Everything except for the bird
that flew into the window.

A bird?

All that brainpower
and that's what you come up with.

It was a large bird.

In fact, Lois and Clark are out buying
a new pane as we speak.

Where's the crystal?

You're still looking for that thing?

Because I can assure you
that no NASA-caliber rock... just gonna pop up
in some innocuous cornfield.

Actually, that's exactly what it did.

My frequency generator recorded
an energy surge...

...about two inches
from where you're standing.

Well, I can't speak
on behalf of your frequency generator...

...but on behalf of logic...

...Clark's the copyboy in your newspaper.

What, uh... What would he would want
with some supercomputer?

More appropriately,
what do you want with Clark Kent? Huh?

Look at you.

So eager to cover his tracks.

Blind loyalty can be dangerous, Chloe.

That means a lot coming
from the protégé of Lex Luthor.





- Are you okay?
- Where are we?

Let's get you up.

What the hell?

Look, I'm no astronomy major but I thought
there was only one sun in the sky.

- Come on. We gotta keep moving.
- Clark, I don't think you understand.

We're not on Earth.

- Impossible, Lois.
- How many spaceships does a girl need... stumble upon to convince you
that there are aliens among us?

Clark, we've been abducted.


When does he land?

Okay, can you have Oliver call me

It's urgent. Thanks.


Um, this a bad time?

It's just one of those days when I feel like
my friends have left the planet.

- Um, can I actually call you a little later?
- I, uh, remember what you said.

I don't mean to
violate your no-fly zone...

...but my blackouts are getting worse.

Are you okay?

I thought if I could find
my birth parents...

...they'd answer some questions
but, uh, I feel I fell out of the sky.

I highly doubt that.
Let me see what you brought me.

That is my life story.

That's a list of all known schools
and foster homes.

"Jones, Webber, Pearson, Vogal,
McBride, Moss," wow.

I mean, I know you leapfrogged homes
as a kid...

...but your family tree
is like the redwood forest.

The problem is, I can't find anything
on the first three years of my life.

That is weird.

Yeah, so, um...

How about it, Chloe? Do you wanna dust
off your reporter's hat and help a guy out?

CLARK: Come on, Lois.
You're doing great. Keep moving.

At least somebody thinks so.

We've been hoofing it for hours.
My legs feel like two-ton barbells.

Something tells me standing still
isn't a good idea.

Right, because you've been here before?

Let's move.


Come on!



What is that thing?

Stay back.


I don't wanna die here, Clark.

All we have to do is keep an eye out
for each other, okay? We'll be fine.

We're not fine.
We're standing on our graves.

We're gonna die, us together.
No more farmhouse, no more Daily Planet.

Listen to me! Listen to me.

No one's gonna mess
with Lois and Clark.


They better not.

- Let's keep moving.
- Okay.





It's me.


I should have known
that Brainiac put you here.

Kara, are you okay?

I thought you were Zoners.

Zoners kill.

For the blood.

They can smell it.

What were you thinking
bringing Lois here?

Lois was there
when I touched the crystal.

We need to find a portal back.

I did.

Zor-El built me an escape hatch.

If you know a way out,
then why are you still here?

I didn't wanna make the same mistake
that you did.

Zoners got out when you left.

They're just waiting for me
to open the portal again.

So you stayed here all this time...

...fending for your life to protect Earth?

Your lifeline.

You lose it, you die.

She better be able to fight.

She won't have to.
We're sending her back.

How many innocent lives
is she worth to you?

Why are you acting like this?

What happened to you, Kara?

The same thing that would have happened
had you been here for more than a day.

The portal stays closed.

She doesn't belong here.

She's not one of us, Kara.

I'll guard the gate, but she's going home.


Oh, my God.



They've abducted you too?

You know, for a guy with three cell phones,
you sure are hard to get a hold of.

Chloe, hey. The captain hasn't even turned
off the "fasten seat belts" sign yet.

What warrants this visit out
to the tarmac, huh?

Clark and Lois disappeared this morning.

Did you check the Planet?
I'm sure they're chasing firetrucks again.

Yeah, I checked everywhere.
I think it has something to do with this.

It's Clark's crystal.
It's his link to his Kryptonian heritage.


Look, uh, when it comes to Clark's...

That, I, uh, I steer clear.

I need you to steal a piece of equipment,

It powers this crystal. Now, I think that if I
can gain access to the crystal's database...

...I may be able to reverse its effects.


That's your plan?
You're gonna hack into alien technology?

Come on.
That's ambitious, isn't it, even for you?

There is no Door Number 2.

This is my only option.

Even if that thing is responsible...

...I don't think Clark
would want you messing with it.

- That stuff is dangerous.
- I'm not messing with anything.

I know what I'm doing.

What are you not telling me, huh?

I don't have time to explain.
Are you gonna steal the generator or not?

Who does this fancy piece
of equipment belong to?

Tess Mercer.


Well, why didn't you just say so?


So first Kara, then Clark and I.

It's like the Kent farm is ground zero
for alien abductions.

The important thing is
we get out of here.

You go ahead with Kara.

Actually, I think I'll stick by you
and your right hook.

You can't. He's guarding the entrance
so we can open the portal.

It's okay, Lois.

I'll be right behind you.

You better be.

The altar's this way.



This is our DeLorean?

We just have to touch it.


- Clark. He needs us.
- No.

He'll be fine. You have to go.

We can't leave yet, Kara.
We have to wait for Clark.

Lois, there's no time.

- Go!
- Aah!






This will do.


Well, look who decided to show up
to work today.

Oh, I'm sorry. Am I bothering you?

I need to find my son.


Your son?

I have to admit, it's difficult to imagine
a mini Lois running around.

You mind me asking who the father is?

A great leader.

General Zod.

Our creation arrived here
attached to the Kryptonian spacecraft...

...housing the baby Kal-El.

A Kryptonian spacecraft.

Well, that makes perfect sense.

You know about it?


I can connect you with your son.

Tell me what you know.

I'm actually searching
for a Kryptonian artifact myself.

A crystal was stolen from me,
diamond-shaped, and I think...

You want to exploit me?

Of course not.

We'd be partners.

We could combine our resources.

You're lying.

You're worthless to me.






I thought you got out.

A wraith escaped.

I'll get you out of here.


Open the portal.
Get out before more prisoners come.

No, Kara. Unh, they'll kill you.

Kal-El, look at me.


It was my destiny to find you and
protect you, not the other way around.


I'm not going anywhere.


- Are you okay?
- I read your articles, Chloe Sullivan.

What do you know about the Kryptonian
spacecraft that landed in Smallville?

Where's Clark?

The man you call Clark will
die in the prison his father created.

What did you do with Lois?

I needed her vessel.

Not my first choice...

...but surprisingly flexible.

And you would be?


Wife of Zod.


Where's my son?

Tell me where he is
or suffer the consequences.

I don't know what you're talking about.
Please let me go.


You must know more.


I can't breathe.



Thank you.


So not the night to mess with me.

No, "Hello"? No, "How are you?"

What do you know about the crystal?

That depends. How good is your shot?

- Who do you work for?
- I'm self-employed.

It's sort of an
occupational safety hazard.


Well, then you know that getting blood
out of leather can be a total bitch.


You can't move now
but in a couple of minutes...'ll be back to your normal,
cuddly, charming self.

Thank you. I'll see myself out.



Excuse me, miss. This area is restricted.

Please. That's my son.

DAVIS: There you go and now
all your friends are gonna be envious.

High-five. Yeah!

- Okay.
- Okay.

- She's gonna help find your dad, okay?
- Yeah.

You helped him.

Hey. What are you doing here, Lois?

I might ask you that question.

Heh. Is everything okay?

I don't understand.

All that human carnage.

Is that not your doing?

Maybe we need to find you a doctor.

All I need is you, my son.

Mother's here.

Phantom Zone, huh?
Seriously, who names these things?

Picture an alien Alcatraz.

And if I don't bail Clark...

...who knows what kind of havoc
Lobot will leave in her wake.


That doesn't explain
how you're hacking into that crystal.

- It's not hooked up to anything...
- Do I tell you how to shoot your arrows?

I don't think so. Stay back.


Chloe, you're bleeding.

All right, you know what?
Chloe, we're done here.



Kara, you have to stay strong.

- Take my blood.
- No.

It'll open the portal
and take you home, okay?

You are my home.

Do you hear me?

You're my family.

You make me feel like I actually belong.



Kara, grab my hand. Please.

Kara, I can't let you die here.

You're meant for more than to rot away
in the Phantom Zone.




Are you okay?

I'm fine.

- Chloe, what did you do?
- It doesn't matter.

You're safe now and I see you snuck
something through customs.

- Where's Lois? Is she all right?
- Far from it.

She was infected by something.

Does the name Faora ring any bells?

Strong, quick, hater of man?

- Zod's wife.
- Yeah.

The wraith that escaped.

Go to the Metropolis Police Department.
Find John Jones. Ask him for his crystal.

- He'll know what you mean.
- Hey, Clark, just a heads-up.

Lois has all of your abilities
without any of your inhibitions.

Don't worry.

I can handle Lois.

Here. This won't sober you up,
but it'll help clear away the cobwebs.

You don't recognize me.

But you are the spitting image
of your father.


You gotta reason with me.
What kind of drugs did you take?

Pills, powder, paste?
Don't tell me you injected anything.

You don't know who you are.

You experience blackouts?

Hours of your life mysteriously lost?

Your body's still evolving.

Okay. Um...

How do you know that?

Before we were Phantoms...

...Zod and I were unable
to have children.

So we created you.

You, uh...

...created me, uh...

You arrived here as genetic matter...

...containing our planet's
most powerful life forms.

So that in time... would evolve to
become Earth's ultimate destroyer.

Heh, l... I drive an ambulance.

The duty of a child... to continue the legacy...

...his parents began.

Our family is meant
to take this planet as our own.

And after seeing you
with these humans...

...I realize that you are still too weak
to fulfill your destiny.



Trust me, my son.

That which kills you makes you stronger.

I'll be back when you're ready.


I've been looking for you.

You're too late, Kal-El.

Zod may be gone but
our creation will destroy your world.

Lois, I know you're in there.

Remind me, Kal-El.

Did Jor-El and Lara come looking for you?

Of course not.

They didn't love you like I love my son.

This is all my fault, Lois.

I'm sorry.

You have feelings
for this creature I inhabit.

Heh. Like father, like son.



Lois, stop.

Lois can't hear you.






Does that mean she's okay?

I don't know.

I hope so.

I just came from Tess.

I got a raise.

Why would she give you a raise?

Because I'm me. Hello?


Right, but it feels kind of random,
doesn't it?

Oh, hang in there, Smallville.

You pay your dues until the boss sees that
you can photocopy like the best of them.

- But did you see Tess yesterday?
- Beats me.

All I remember is touching that rock,
having some Arabian Nights acid trip...

...and waking up very confused.

Pretty intense hallucination,
even for you.

- So I passed out, just like that?
- Probably a blood-sugar thing.

Lois, the best part about you living
at the farm is I can keep an eye on you.

Yeah, about that.

Change of plans.

Nothing against you.

It's just... This raise means I can afford
a place, you know, without farm animals.

Does this have anything to do
with the hallucination you had?

Heh. Yeah, right. It was a dream.

It's called make-believe.

What other reality stars you
as my knight in shining armor?

I was your knight in shining armor?

Like I said, crazy.


Miss Mercer wants to see you.



I shouldn't have underestimated Lois.

She really blew me away yesterday.

So you did see her.

When I thought she couldn't get
an interesting bone in her body...

...she starts going on
about a Kryptonian spacecraft...

...carrying someone called Kal-El?


Well, she hit her head.
She was hallucinating.

I'm sure Chloe told you
that I stopped by your farm?

It's a hell of a muddy driveway
you got there.

You were the last one to see Lex alive,
weren't you?

This was taken in the Arctic.

If the boot fits.

A lot of people have work boots.

You don't think I was in the Arctic
based on these pictures.

There's a lot more to Clark Kent that
even Clark Kent doesn't want to admit.

A farmer turned journalist.
Not a very interesting story.

I know that you're hiding something
about his disappearance.

I can't wait for the day when you realize
that you and I are on the same side...

...and that maybe it's not in
your best interests to lie to your boss.

If you wanna fire me, Miss Mercer,
go ahead.

I have nothing more to tell you
about this.

Clark, I don't wanna fire you.

I wanna trust you.

And I wanna know why Lex didn't.

In time,
I'm sure the truth will reveal itself.


Hallmark didn't have any, uh,
"Welcome back to Earth" cards, so...

Oliver. It's nice to see everyone
has a key to this place.

- Ha, ha.
- I spoke to Chloe.

She said if it wasn't for you,
I probably wouldn't be here right now.


Actually, uh...

...if it wasn't for Chloe tweaking into
a supercomputer, you wouldn't be here.

Her eyes turned white and then she, uh...
With one hand, mind you...

...pushed me into the other room.

So, uh, what happened to her?

It's Brainiac. He infected her somehow.

- What are you doing about this?
- Everything I can.

I've tried to talk to her
but I can't control her life.

Her life? It's not her life anymore, Clark.

She's living yours.

Chloe's knee-deep
in these situations that...

Pardon the expression,
but humans just don't understand.

As her best friend...

...make her stop before she gets hurt.


Looks like someone's got cold feet.

He's not even at the frozen tundra yet.

After what this crystal did, there's no
way I can trust it to rebuild the Fortress.

So did your adventure with Lois end
with you telling her your secret?

Not exactly.

All I ever wanted was to keep Lois away
from my secret.

Yesterday, that nearly got her killed.

You want your cousin's two cents?

Lois can handle it.

She's tough.


You wouldn't have let her get so close
if you didn't think so too.

I was beginning to miss
these family lectures.


I'm leaving Smallville.

Kara, you just got back.

When I was in that hellhole...

...I heard rumors that Kandor still exists.

Kal-El, I think that a part of our civilization
may have survived before the explosion.

If I can find that city,
I can save our bloodline.

Then I'll go with you.

Kal-El, there is a reason
that you were sent to Earth...

...and raised as a member
of the Kent family.

Your path is on Earth.

Living amongst the humans
and inspiring mankind.

Kara, we can do all of this together.

We can't.

I don't fit in here.

My journey is somewhere else.

I'm gonna miss you.


You're always with me.

Close to my heart.