Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 6 - Prey - full transcript

A serial killer with special powers is on the loose in Metropolis killing people. But Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that the EMT Davis Bloome is responsible, while the skeptic Chloe defends her new friend. John Jones, now working undercover as a Metropolis police investigator, returns to help Clark find out who or what is responsible. Jimmy attempts to find the killer on his own... with Davis' help. Although, the killer is revealed, Davis continues to hide his own mysterious powers from everyone.


...gave me the wrong doll.

And I was so mad...

...I sort of made all the Christmas lights
on our entire block go out.

That's when my parents first caught on
that I was...


- Jesse.
- What?

That was not me.



You know, I don't know
why I came back here.

So Miss Goldilocks could put a bull's eye
on my freakish head.

Putting out cryptic ads in alternative papers
and gathering us all in one spot.


You made the choice
to come here on your own, Mary.

I'm guessing it was for a reason.

Look, I'm not saying
I couldn't use a few friendly faces...

...when I'm lighting up the town...


But people don't want us to exist.

And turning us into poster kids
isn't gonna change that.

I think this group is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

That's because you don't know any better,
Pocket Protector.

Just wait till they spark up their torches
and come after us.

At least if we're not alone,
we're not such easy targets.

Okay, everyone who came here tonight
took a really big step.

And that is the first step towards changing
the way people look at your special gifts.

Thank you for coming.

If you forgot to sign in when you got here,
can you please do so before you leave?

- I'll see you next week.
MAN: Night meeting.

Uh, thanks again, Chloe.





You know, when I suggested we have
dinner-and-a-movie night...

...I didn't exactly think a 3.99
Special Number 2 combo with cheese...

...and a droning police blotter
was what I would have in mind.


Not to mention the communication skills
of a paperweight.

I'm sorry?

Whoa, look who decided
to join the conversation.

Well, um, it all happened so fast,
it was like a blur.

You know what? I have paperwork to do
and you have the world to save... why don't we just call it a night?

We'll do this again, all right? Soon.


As soon as all the criminals are behind bars
and there are no more accidents.

- Good night.
- Try not to stay up all night.

WOMAN [ON RADIO]: Silent alarm triggered
at the jewelry store on Main.

Robbery in progress.
Squads 17 to 33, please respond.


There isn't any more.
Please don't hurt me.




MAN [ON RADIO]: We have an alley
disturbance off Gregory behind the arcade.


- What else you got?
- That's all my money. I swear. Please.

I think he's lying.




to the Ace of Clubs, 12th and Maryland.

Screams heard. No accounts from inside.
I repeat, all cars...

Help. Help.



Are you all right?


WOMAN: Somebody help.
MAN: Okay.

Please help me. He's not breathing.





Davis, you probably shouldn't sit up.

- What...? What happened?
- I was hoping you could tell me.

There's no sign of a bomb
or any kind of explosion.

- Did something attack these people?
- I don't know. I, uh...

- I was walking with take out.
- You don't remember coming in here?

The screams?


Must have gotten a concussion.

Yeah, I probably took a pretty good blow.


But I'm fine now.

You're not fine. You're covered in blood.
You're injured. Go to the hospital.

- Let them take care of you.
- I can take care of myself.

It looks like we were both too late.

Detective John Jones.

Metropolis Homicide?

I figured it was the best way for me
to help people without my powers.

I haven't forgot about them.
We're gonna find a way to get them back.

I've found a place for myself here.

- How'd you make detective so quickly?
- We all have our sources.

Mine happen to be far-reaching.

Now that you're working in Metropolis...

...using contacts at the Daily Planet
to help people...

...I wanted to be close by
in case you needed me.

I needed to get here sooner.
I'd have been able to save these people.

According to the mysterious calls
we got at the station...

...I'm guessing you saved your share.
You can't save everyone, Clark.

The moment I believe that
is when I stop trying.

What have you heard
about what happened here tonight?

People are pointing fingers
at everything...

...from a crazed lunatic
to a gang of murderers.

With lightning speed.

By the time I arrived here, whoever or
whatever attacked these people was gone.

Then you don't have any leads either.

Not yet.


Looks like you picked up
the latest pastime here.

I'm just trying to corroborate my new
theory: Metropolis' very own mystery hero.

I've puzzled together
reports of a Good Samaritan...

...popping up over the city
the past couple weeks.

Is that right? Sounds like an urban myth.

Well, truth has got to start somewhere.

If your Citizen X does exist,
he sure didn't come through tonight.

Oh, I wouldn't give him too many demerits
on his hero badge, Clark.

You can't get the city-savior title
by letting innocent people die on your shift.

Are you stealing evidence
from crime scenes most lately?

I'm gonna return it. But it may have
recorded what happened inside the club.

Well, let's take a look.


Happy birthday.




Whoever did this is beyond steroids.

Hey, you missed the sodas and cookies...

...but maybe next week, you can lead
the session with a rousing Kent tale.

Thanks, Chloe.

Sitting with a bunch of strangers singing
"Kumbaya" isn't my idea of self-help.

Oh, what's with the 'tude?

There was a brutal attack
at the Ace of Clubs tonight. It was...


So naturally, that means
it must be someone from here?

Metropolis police don't exactly keep a list
of all the krypto-perps so l...

- Chloe, I need your help.
- Doing what?

Randomly pointing fingers?

You've run the stats before.
Chances are, they're not all innocent.

I can't believe you would throw someone
in a lineup just because they're different.

I let whoever did this
slip through my fingers. I was right there.

This person attacks again,
it'll be on my hands.

Clark, I've learned to navigate your field
of guilty landmines better than anyone...

...but these kids trust me.

I don't know what you expect me to say.


WOMAN: Triage 2 is low on supplies.
I'm taking inventory.

Let's see what we got here.

Can you tell me
where I can find Davis Bloome?

NURSE: Uh, yeah, that's him right there.
- Davis. Thanks.

- Yeah, that's me. What can I do for you?
- Jimmy Olsen.

As in Chloe's Jimmy?

She's mentioned you. I hope you don't mind
me surprising you like this.

It's no problem. Uh, is this about Chloe?

I've been going through her PDA, checking
up on who she's been hanging out with.

No, no, no, I'm just...

I'm just kidding. I'm not some psycho.

Yeah, you never can tell these days.

So I'm just trying to get a scoop
on this club massacre.

I've heard the stories about this killer.
That he's a monster with bony eyelids.

Yeah, I gave my statement to the police.
I don't know anything.

You know how to drive, don't you?

I just wanna ride along.
I figure ambulances are first on the scene.

We'll beat everyone to the next clue.

Trust me, you do not wanna ride shotgun
on my watch.


You don't wanna be there.

It's not something you wanna see,
given the choice.

Come on. Can't you do a favor for a bro?


...then how about for Chloe?

Meet me downstairs at 8.

Thank you.

They all have meteor powers.

- Where'd you get this list?
- I memorized it off Chloe's desk.

I didn't realize photographic memory
was among your abilities.

More like speed-reading,
but let's not split hairs.

She couldn't just give you a copy?

Chloe and I don't exactly
see eye-to-eye on this one.

What about your mouthy cohort?
She hasn't poked her nose into this one.

She's on assignment, which is code
for a monster-truck rally in Lubbock.

I assume your emerald ally and his super
friends are still on hiatus which leaves you...

Solo. I get it. Is there a point to all this?

Obsession. When someone's life is
on the line with every decision you make...'s hard for anything to seem important.
- Because nothing else is.

Careful, Clark.

Even when you save someone,
there are consequences.

I thought you'd be happy.

I'm finally embracing my destiny,
out there making a difference.

Except last night
when I dropped the ball.

We need to find if anyone on the list
is responsible for the attack.

It wasn't just one incident.

There have been five similar murders
in the last months.

I know, I read up on it.

The victims died the same way,
internal bleeding. Their bones were crushed.

And the killer gets away without a trace.

I'll look into these.
But I was working on another angle.

One paramedic has been the first to arrive
on several of the crime scenes.

The driver's name is Davis Bloome.

Chance meeting in a moldy basement
over a corpse.

Will the romance never end?

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see the coroner's
latest report on the victim.

She was a new member of my Isis group.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. I mean, she was afraid
of being targeted, and now...

- It wasn't your fault.
- She was there because of me.

And to top it all off,
there are trigger-happy people...

...who are convinced that one of my kids
is behind all of this.

And you? Checking for strep throat?

You don't have to worry, Chloe. I don't
think that one of your clients did this.

I'd like to think so too...

...but I still need to find a suspect.

Davis, what is it?


I'm afraid that I might be the killer.

Davis, I know that you are not responsible
for these killings.

Hey, I know you.
You save people every day.

What could make you think
you were a brutal serial killer?

I've run the self-denial mantra for weeks,
but how do you explain the blackouts?

How do you explain that I was
covered in blood, none of it was mine.

I wanna believe that you're right, but...

Then it's just a matter
of finding the real killer.

You really don't believe
that it could be me, do you?


Even though we just met?

You're really leaping out
on a limb for me?

If what they say is true
and fools do rush in...

...then I have definitely earned the mantle
of village idiot on this one.

And then you just toss it all aside
with a healthy dose of self-deprecation.

Please don't make me a saint.


Luck isn't part of my daily routine, Chloe,
but I just... I feel like...

I feel like you were sent to me.

You are not a serial killer.

Look, Davis,
when did those blackouts start happening?

For as long as I could remember.

When I was a kid, I would go
a couple of months without a blackout...

...but they're just...
They're getting so frequent.

Is that why you bounced
from foster home to foster home?


I've always felt like...

You know,
like there was this darkness inside me...

...just fighting to get out.

So you close yourself off to everyone.

After all these years of keeping this secret,
why are you telling me?

I think you know.

I've never met anyone like you.


But what if I'm right?
What if you're looking at a murderer?

Davis, there are a lots of people
who could have done these killings.

Well, we're gonna find who did.

I walked right by here last night.

It could have been any of us.

You think somebody's hunting us down?

Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

But so far, Mary's been the only victim
that's been...

...a club member.

And after last night,
we're all at the top of their suspect list.

Look, I don't know what flag
you're waving...

...but making them out to be all bad is no
better than what people have done to you.

You don't know what it's like.

People don't look at you the same
once you tell them you're a freak.

Some of them do.

And turning against each other
is not gonna stop all this.

Look, I came here tonight
because I wanna help catch Mary's killer.

I thought that maybe some of you
may have seen something...

...or you might have known why someone
would have wanted to attack Mary.

Because you think it's one of us.

- No, it's just that...
JESSE: Come on, Chloe.

Some cop's been showing up
at our homes...

...asking each of us if we know anything.

It's kind of a coincidence...

...unless you gave him our names.

I would never betray you guys like that.

Well, somebody did.


Uh, Chloe told me about the girl
in her group. It's a messed up world.

You know, Davis, it took a lot to go
into that room full of screaming people.

Who knows what
you could have been running into?

Yeah, well, I suppose it should be
somewhat comforting that good gossip...

...spreads just as fast as bad.
- You didn't save those people?

Haven't we been over this?
I'm not some larger-than-life hero.

The truth is,
I don't know what happened.

But you do know
more than what you've told me, don't you?

I don't fish much, so why don't you
just tell me what the hell you're after?

What are you doing with a file stuffed
full of morbid pictures of murder victims?

You broke into my locker?

Collecting pictures of murder victims
is a pretty strange habit.

Do you know how many murders
go unsolved every year?

I show up, take away the bodies,
case closed.

Maybe I wanna do more than just
clean up the mess after it's too late.

Now the whole city
refers to you as a hero, huh?

I'd have an easier time believing if there
was proof that that's what happened.

Okay. I understand if you don't wanna join
the knee-jerk ticker tape parade...

...but are you really up in my face
because you're trying to catch a killer?

Or is it because you're trying
to hide something yourself?

Don't try to turn this on me.

Why don't you take a second look
at those photos?

I'm not the only one at these crime scenes.
There's another figure in the background.

You seem to be
the city's own peeping Tom.

I'm a reporter. It's my job.

These photos were taken before
any press could have made it to the scene.

So, uh, next time you feel anxious to shine
a light on things that don't make sense... might wanna stay closer to home.


Sharpening your pitchfork?

You're gonna lead a marauding posse,
you come prepared.

Clark, you gave the police
the names of my Isis group?

How could you use your powers
to betray me like that?

I didn't mean to,
but you were so defensive...

Like I've been defensive of you?

Clark, you don't get how much of my life
I spend protecting your secret?

And if you ever had enough courage to step
forward like the rest of these kids did... would be the first one on that pyre.

How could you, of all people,
be the ring leader for this witch-hunt?

You're taking the side of people
that you hardly know.

After eight years of friendship, you might
be able to give me the benefit of the doubt.

That works both ways.

And your bonus features don't give you
the right to trump anyone else's judgment.

We'll let the facts speak for themselves.

These are the test results
that Davis was trying to hide from me.


With your brainiac ability, you might be able
to make sense of the results.

Oh, my God.

The skin under the victim's nails
is Davis'.



You ready to catch a killer?


So how often do you get a dispatch?

Depends on the night.

Some nights are busier than others.

I bet you see
a lot of horrible things, huh?


All units in the area...

...we have a 4- 11 in progress.
Corner of Liberty and 8th.

- Uh, what's a 4-11?
- It's the reason you came along tonight.




Stay here.





His ambulance number is 17.

I'm surprised you haven't enrolled
the services of our Martian on the force.

Jones can't help
unless we have hard proof.

We need more evidence
to arrest someone.

Yeah, the evidence you have
isn't exactly conclusive.

The victim could have reached and grabbed
Davis when he was trying to help them.

But I have to admit,
Davis would have the perfect setup.

He attacks the people and then pretends
to arrive at the scene to save them. It's...

I know it isn't easy.

What, my perpetual knack
for getting into lose-lose situations?


Got it. Davis' ambulance just stopped.

He answered a call a few minutes ago.

Help. I'm at Liberty and 8th.

Can anybody hear me?
It's some kind of monster.

Clark, that's Jimmy.



What did you do with Jimmy?









Davis, are you all right?


- Jimmy, what's going on?

It could be anywhere.
It's some sort of shadow creature.






Jimmy. Jimmy.


- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

I'm good.


I lost perspective.

I can be a little stubborn.

And I hate to admit it...

...but there was a part of me
that was really frustrated...

...that you trusted someone else
instead of me.

It's funny how that happens
when you go behind someone's back.

My obsession... pushed me past the line
with you, Chloe.

I'm really sorry.

But you were protecting a killer.

Yeah, well, then there's that.

I didn't understand how you hand over your
trust so easily to people you didn't know.

Three hundred and twenty-seven.

That's how many of the meteor infected
I've profiled since ninth grade.

You know how many I've actually saved?



I guess I've so busy rescuing people from
them, I never looked at it from that angle.

It's not just the damsels in distress
that need saving, Clark.

When I first thought that you were
one of the meteor infected...

...I would have done anything
to protect you.

But I guess that's what scares me.

I'm afraid that someday, you're gonna
put your trust in the wrong person.


Been waiting long?

I don't know how to thank you for believing
in me when I was up against the ropes.

We all need someone
to pitch a seat in our corner.

I guess. Most of the time it's not
a possible murder suspect standing there.

Davis, you were scared and paranoid.
That's all.

Seriously, backing someone who's actually
innocent isn't much of a sacrifice.

Besides, everything with you is so...

- So easy.
- Yeah, easy.

Have you ever felt that way
with anyone before?


With Jimmy.


Look, Chloe, I'm not trying to get between
you and the rest of your life, but, uh...

Davis, I help people.

That's what I do. You know, this doesn't
have to mean any more than that.

Yeah, but it does.

Did you help me
because of some personal code of ethics...

...or was there more to it than that?

I shouldn't be here right now.

Why, because you feel guilty
about something?

No. And I'd like it to stay that way.

I think it's best
if I don't see you for a while.


How could I have been
so wrong about Davis?

This shadow guy confessed to every killing
in the last few weeks.

What we think is a good instinct... just our mind trying to convince
ourself of what we wanna believe.

He may be in custody, but that just means
there's another psycho right around corner.

I've been here working every night
and I still have to do more.

You can't allow yourself to get caught.

Combing through police blotters
at your desk every night?

Peeling back the sides of a bus
in broad daylight?

Speeding into a crowded bar?
You're fixated on being a hero...

...not paying attention
to who might be watching.

- Is this your idea of a pep talk?
- It's not my identity that's at risk.

Every day, I have to run
faster and faster interference...

...on these Good Samaritan reports.

It just means I'm doing my job.

Just have to make sure
no one sees my face.

Well, you can't be sure of that
unless you plan to put on a mask.

You're joking, right?

You are not in Smallville anymore, Clark.

Metropolis has millions of people
walking the streets...

...every one of them
watching for a miracle.

To change their lives, to give them hope.

You are that miracle.

And it's just a matter of time
before someone discovers that.

I'll be more careful.

Hey, Clark.

Perfect. None of your fellow comrades...
They don't wanna give me the time of day.

But you look like you're a
thinking-outside-of-the-box kind of guy.


There's, uh, a mystery hero
roaming the streets of Metropolis.

Scout's honor. Out of nowhere,
these tires come floating through the air.

This guy gets knocked around
like a Ping-Pong ball.

Slow down.

Olsen. James Olsen,
photographer, Daily Planet.

Well, James, uh, adrenaline
can play strange games with a person.

Ha, ha. Oh, no, no, he's... He's real.

I know it.

I hope you're right.
We could use the help.

When you get some hard evidence...

...I'll be more than glad
to continue this conversation.

Evening, Mr. Olsen.

Mr. Kent.


I'm gonna prove that this guy exists, C.K.

He's out there.

You look a little uncomfortable.

- You're not a lawyer.
- I'll take that as a compliment.

Congratulations on your Page 1.

It's nice to have your work recognized...

...after so many years
being the good little boy in the shadows.

You have more admirers than you think.

My boss, Miss Mercer, has been gathering
a small group of talent, if you're game.

You've read my list of accomplishments.

- I'm not interested in sharing top billing.
- Cut the bravado.

You didn't commit all those murders.

You're just a copycat
looking for attention.

Cops haven't found this yet...

...but we have security footage of you
at an arcade during one of the crimes.

It's a crime I'm sure you've studied
if you were looking to mimic the real killer.

You remember the nun at Saint Vincent's,
crushed to death.

That surveillance time code must
have been wrong, because that was me.


Then I suppose you can tell me
where her missing onyx crucifix is.

The one on the rosary.

You didn't kill her.