Smallville (2001–2011): Season 8, Episode 4 - Instinct - full transcript

When Tess inadvertently activates the mysterious Kryptonian Knowledge crystal found in the Artic, it omits a high-band beacon which summons an alien queen, named Maxima, who arrives on Earth and begins a search for her new mate with a kiss that is deadly to anyone else not of Krypton. Meanwhile, after just moving in together, Jimmy finds a letter that Chloe wrote for Clark that brings Jimmy's insecurities to the surface... again.

You know, lex luthor may
have been wowed

By your high-Tech
smoke and mirrors, dr. Gruel,

But i've come to expect
more hard-Core evidence

From boys and their toys.

So far, my toyshave provided a
breakthrough the crystal's origin.

Prove to me i wasn't wrong
spending weeks

To lure one of lex's
top scientists out of hiding.

After an exhaustive battery of tests,
we discovered

That the crystal's composition
doesn't match any element on this planet.

It appears to be some kind
of computer hard drive.

We believe it may be alien.

You can't be serious.

I know that's hard to accept, but
that's what the facts support.

No, the facts are,
lex disappeared in an arctic

Wasteland here on earth.
He's not lost in space.

This crystal is the only clue
that we have, so stick to science,

Not science fiction,
and find me lex luthor.

Preliminary findings suggest
that the crystal responds

At a molecular level
to sonic vibrations.

If you allow me to proceed,
this frequency generator

May be the key to telling you
what you want to know.

For your sake,
i hope it is.

What just happened?

Look, matt. I know the stock is crap.

But it's pump-And-Dump time,
my man.

So hype it, sell it, and make me
a profit, or you're dead to me.



I came when i saw
your kryptonian beacon.


Whatever you say.

I'm maxima, queen of almerac.

I've been searching for you.

Well, here i am, baby.

Wow, what a rush.

What'd you give me?

A taste of things to come.

You lied to me.

You're not kryptonian.

What's happening?!

You're dying because
you're not the one i came for.

But i will find him.

Smallville 804

Synchro : flolo

Ready for some breakfast, boy?

You know, i still can't get used to it
just being you and me around here.

- Hello?
- I need you, smallville...

I just got to the planet, and i'm already
having the workday from hell.

What's your e.T.A.?

I'm flying into the building
right now. I'll be there in a second.

Go ahead. Come on.

Hey, i thought you said you
were coming in for a landing.

What happened to you...
run into some turbulence?

According to the clock, i'm still two
minutes early. Now, what's the hurry?

Well, i need you to take on
some of my work load.

This is my second quart of java,
and i'm still not firing

- On all eight cylinders.
- Rough night of sleep last night?

More like no night of sleep.

Jimmy moved in so he and chloe
can save their wedding pennies,

But the groom
snores like a freight train.

I am so jealous of you in that
kent farmhouse all by yourself.

So many empty rooms, huh?

It is pretty quiet.

You are about as predictable
as mullets in nascar.

One little mention of you living alone,
and you start singing

The "missing lana" blues.

You know, i hate to be the one
to dish out a helping

Of tough love here, clark,

But lana is gone for good.

Time to get back
in the saddle, buckaroo.

But this go-Round, you need
to look outside your wheelhouse.

I didn't know
i had a wheelhouse.

Of course you do... pretty, friendly,

You need to try another scoop
of the 31 flavors,

Maybe a little less sweet vanilla
and a lot more wild cherry.

Let's get back
to the work... please.

Good idea.

Bury your heartache
in your job.

Here, start with this.

Baby-Face broker
dies of ticker trouble.

How does a healthy 25-Year-Old
suddenly die of a heart attack?

I don't have time to handhold,
but the coroner's report

Said the endorphin and
adrenaline levels in his blood

Were sky-High.

You know... endorphins?

They're hormones that are released

- When the body performs a certain activity.
- Like when you play a sport.

Or there's another kind
of activity two people share...

Repetive motion,

Builds to a climax.

Thank you.

The police say they found
the victim fully clothed.

What, he didn't even
get past first base?

And the m.E. Says the
hormone levels weren't

Only through the roof,
they're higher than any

Normal human body can produce.

You know, unpacking your fianc?

Really should be
a wedding requirement course.

I had no idea
you had such a propensity

For recording bass-Fishing shows
and reading pablo neruda love poems...

And that you've collected
every cd ever made by abba.

I'm complicated.

Who knew there were
so many sides to jimmy olsen?

Why? Do you have
a problem with that?

Not at all. I love a man of mystery.

But i would keep the abba
away from lois.

She's a whitesnake girl,
and i don't think she'd

- Understand this side of you.
- Well, i don't think that lois likes any

Side of me these days. She's still
mad 'cause i didn't tell her the truth

About lex luthor's arctic antics.

Yeah, lois wins medals
for holding a grudge.

Don't worry.

Just a couple of weeks
of walking around on eggs hells,

And it'll all be over.


I guess we sort of skated over the
conversation about boundaries.

Looks like i stumbled into
the razor wire

Surrounding the clark issue again.

I knew that he was
your first love. I just...

Never knew
that you felt like this.

It's ancient history.

I wrote that when i was 15.
I've told you before...

Clark is my best friend,
and that's all.

"I'm the girl of your dreams
masquerading as your best friend."

You realize i'm living
my biggest nightmare right now.

Jimmy, it was a schoolgirl crush.

And to be perfectly honest,
this constant insecurity

About clark is really starting
to wear thin.

Every time i try
and leave it in the past,

It just keeps making its way
into the present.

I don't know what else
i can do.

Why don't you start
by asking yourself...

Why you never said
these things to me?

It arrived this morning.

"Meet me at the ace of clubs."

Oliver sure hasn't lost
his flair for the dramatic.

You'll have him
eating out of your hand.

Thank him for the dress,
but send my regrets.


Talk about being fashion-Forward,

But i'm afraid
you've crashed the wrong disco.

Whoever you are, i think
it's time that you leave.

Where's the owner of the crystal?

Crystal? I'm sorry.
That doesn't ring a bell.

But maybe if you told me about
the owner, i could help you.

He's kryptonian.

And my perfect mate.

You know, i thought there'd be
more of them on this planet,

But every single man
i've come across has been human.

Maybe if we work together...

I could help you find
this... kryptonian.

Find him?

I know the beacon came from here.

Is it the man who sent you this?

You're trying to keep him
for yourself, aren't you?

Well, i've traveled too far
to let you stand in my way.


Lois, i thought you said you didn't
have time to work on this article.

That's when it was gonna end up
buried on the last page,

But with the super-Endorphin angle,
the scoop is a lot bigger.

You just learned to dog-Paddle
your way through a story.

What kind of friend would i be if i threw
you in the deep end without a floatie?

What did the police officer say?

They found evidence of a fire in
the alley, but they suspect it's unrelated.

So, in other words, there was no
reason for us to come down here.

Common rookie mistake.

See, that's why you're lucky
i came along.

The scorch marks are probably
from a homeless homedown.

If we talk to a few local transients,
maybe somebody saw something.

Well, this story just made it
above the fold.

Cops say a string
of hormone-Jacked stiffs

Turned up between metropolis
and smallville...

All males.

Ask me... i think we have
a meteor freak on a rampage.

They make it look so easy.

Women are a complicated
species, dude.

You have to embrace a little
survival of the fittest.

Make her realize she's not
the only fox in the forest.

You are so right.

I see you're the only one
in here that's all alone.

I think you're the man
that i've been looking for.

Am i glad to see you.

Now that lois is riding shotgun
in your mystery machine,

Your old sidekick's
jonesing for a scooby clue.

Let me see
that concrete crop circle.

I know it's not kryptonian.

This is a hypogeous marker.

It's the royal crest
from the planet called almerac.

- This belongs to their queen.
- A planet called almerac?

Chloe, i didn't realize
that your brainiac download

Had included some sort
of intergalactic encyclopedia.

Were there fresh burn marks
in the area?


Then she must have
teleported in recently.

They use a ucrillian bracelet
that acts as a hyperdrive,

Compressing the fabrics
of time and space.

You said the chemicals
in her victims were elevated?

Endorphins and adrenaline.

All the men died the same way.

She's searching for a mate.

Those chemicals must be
released into her victims

Once she locks lips with them.

She's won the battle
of the sexes on her planet,

And now she's looking
for a new contender.

If she can find someone
to survive her killer kiss,

Then she can live
happily ever after.

The only problem is that humans
can't take the hormone surge.

- They all flatline.
- Certainly narrows down her choices.

If there are numerous deaths,
then maybe i can find a pattern

So you can stop
this kissing bandit.

Chloe, do you remember when you
said we'd talk about your condition?

You know, if things got worse?

Clark, i've analyzed
every possible scenario,

And, as much as it scares me,
you can't wave

Your kryptonian wand
and save me on this one.

- I'll find a way.
- Clark, it's just how it is.

There's nothing you can do,
so just let it go.

Here we go. According to the police wire, it
looks like she's struck again.

They just found a german businessman
outside the ace of clubs.

Clark, i'm not the only one in
the world who needs your help.

You have to go.

Those were some dance moves
you were doing in there.

Get you arrested in most states.

Wait until you see some of the
moves i'll show you now that we're alone.

I'm sorry.


You are really, really pretty,

And... hot.

But i wasn't honest
with you before.

I'm in love with another woman.

I promise.

Just one kiss, and you will see
that i was meant for you.

That's embarrassing.

Help me.

I'm really sorry.

You were so sweet.
I really hoped you were the one.

- Jimmy, what's wrong?
- It's my heart.

Now, that's more like it.

Good evening, miss sullivan.

I am sorry for
the cloak-And-Dagger routine,

But i didn't have time to schedule
this little meet and greet.

- My name is...
- You can save the introduction.

I know who you are.

And i don't care to talk with
anyone connected to lex luthor.

It's no secret that you and lex
have your differences, but...

I'm sure that you are
far too fair a person

To fault me for his mistakes.

Because i really need your help.

I know that you've cracked into
some of the most complex

And protected computer systems
in the world,

And i'd like to hire you
to do the same for me.

I guess lex's lackeys didn't tell you
that he actually dropped

The dime on me
for being a techno-Wiz.

I was locked up.
It wasn't pretty.

Well, no laws will be broken.

You'll be trying to hack
a very unique supercomputer.

Sorry. My plate's full.

Yeah, i'm sure planning a wedding
and starting up

The Isis foundation
have you pretty busy.

How did you know all that?

I have access to all of lex's records.

And i know everything about you, chloe.

Which is why i know you're the
only person that can help me.

So i'm hoping you'll reconsider?

You learned well from lex.

When you don't get your way,
you just... threaten.

This isn't my first tour of duty
on the luthor battlefield.

So you're gonna have to come
at me with a lot more firepower.

Oh, it feels like my chest
was run over by a mack truck

And the rest of me
was dragged behind it.

You got to the hospital just in time.

The doctors say your vitals have
stabilized, so you're gonna be okay.

I need to know what happened
at the ace of clubs, jimmy.

Yeah, it must have been all
those tequila shots.

I know that you were
with a woman, jimmy.

That wasn't my fault, c.K.

I mean, the drinking part was, but...

It all started with that letter.

What are you talking about?

I found an old love letter
that chloe wrote.

And i realized...

... a person never really
gets over their first true love.

I mean...

You believe you're gonna spend
the rest of your life with someone,

That they're the one.

And when you got to start over
again with someone new...

Is it ever the same?

Everyone has to move on, jimmy.

Chloe must have,
because she found you.

You don't know how lucky you are
to have each other.

I kissed another woman, c.K.

It wasn't your fault, jimmy.
You weren't in control.

But i need you to tell me
what she looked like

So i can find her
before she hurts anyone else.

Look, everything's a blur
after she came up to me at the bar.

Jimmy. What happened?

He's gonna be okay.

He was at the ace of clubs,
and things got a little messy.

The important thing
is that you guys are together.

Clark kent.

That's a strong name.

- I like it.
- Who are you?


You don't know how long
i've searched for you.

Not here.



I'll take the stairs.

Let her go.


- Lois, wait!
- What?!

Oh, sorry to rain on your orgy, smallville.
I think i scared off your date.

Where'd she go?

Probably to find you two a motel room.

- You don't understand.
- What's not to understand?!

You were pulling a "91/2 weeks"
in the elevator.

I mean, it may not
get you a membership in the mile-High club,

- But, hey, you got to start somewhere.
- Just calm down.

I am calm! I am perfectly calm!

Why wouldn't i be calm?
Dial down the ego, smallville.

I don't care what you do
with your love life.

Give me a break.

Does he really think i care
who he sucks face with?


That sluttyanna
wasn't even his type.

I couldn't kill you in front of him.

But now that you're alone, i'll make
sure you never take him away.

Who... smallville?

Look, i don't know who or what you are,
but you got it all wrong, lady.

There is nothing romantic
between lois and clark.

You have a deep connection
to him. I felt it.

Then your radar's on the fritz.

'Cause even on a good day,
we're barely friends.

He would never have been able
to pull away from me

If he wasn't drawn
by his attraction to you.

Look... he's about as attracted to me
as a red sox fan to the yankees.

Oh, he may not know it yet.
But believe me... there's a bond.

And i could see it on your face
when you caught us together.

You feel it, too.

But i finally found the man
that i've wanted all my life,

- And you can't have him.
- Freeze!

Chloe, just talk me through
the face-Recognition software.

I'll call you back.

Amazing, kent.

It seems wherever we are in the
universe, our stars keep crossing.

It is strange.

Especially when i find you in a
locked office and you don't have a key.

And how come clark kent
has an all-Night pass

- To a clinic for the meteor-Impaired?
- My friend works here.

She's helping me on an article.

Are you writing a story about that woman?

You know her?

We had a close encounter this afternoon.

What do you know about her?

She's wanted for murder.

That's a pretty big story
for a copy boy.

Up until now, she's only attacked men.

I wonder why she'd be after you.

She has her heart set on finding someone.


The guy who owns this.

I was hoping that chloe
might use her... skills

To shed some light on it.

Where did you get
something like that?

It was the only thing found at
the spot where lex disappeared.

You spent a lot of time with lex.
Did you ever see him with it?


Clark, do you know what this is?

I've never seen that before.


Target located, miss mercer.
Corner of melbourne and holly.

She flipped a car. Civilian female
trapped inside her pontiac.

Hello? What's going on?

Bring it, bitch.


A man with some fight in him.

None of the men on my planet
have the stamina to keep up.

Maybe you shouldn't have
come on so strong.

You didn't seem to mind.
You came back for more.

I came back to stop you
from killing lois.

What would you have done to her
if i didn't stop you?

I couldn't let her have you.
You're my soul mate.

You don't even know who i am.

When i was a little girl,
i heard the stories

Of the brave and gallant men of krypton,
men worthy of standing

By a queen's side.

When i learned your planet
had been destroyed...

I prayed for survivors.

And when i saw your beacon...

The beacon didn't come from me.

It... doesn't matter.

I found the last son
of krypton, and...

You're everything i wished for.

A man who...

... is my equal.

When we kissed...

I felt your passion so much stronger
than i've ever felt from any other man.


I could sense that you were
as desperate as i was to find a mate.

You want me...

As much as i want you.

I don't want you.

Are you sure?

Because no one on this planet
will be a better match.

I know the loneliness
of not finding your soul mate.

You come back with me,
and you will never be alone.

It's our destiny to be together.

My destiny is here.

And you're not a part of it.

Hey. I just talked to the doctor.

I'm bringing jimmy home in two hours,
with his heart

In the right place and his hormones
in check.

I guess you figured out
that maxima kissed jimmy.

Oh, please.

One look at jimmy's blood panels,
and i put it all together.

I can't say i'm thrilled
that he macked on an alien goddess,

But i got to say... maxima knows
how to rev a guy's engine.

Yeah, speaking from experience,
he didn't stand a chance.

Especially since she went after
him when he was vulnerable.

He was really shaken up
about some letter.


That letter was for you.

I, read it to you sophomore year in
high school when you were really sick.

The only way i had enough guts
to tell you how i actually felt

Was when you were unconscious.

"I may not be the one
you love today,

"But i'll let you go for now,
hoping one day you'll fly back to me."

The kicker is, you did respond,
with one word...


I guess i always knew. I just...

Clark, that was a long time ago.

Don't worry. I don't feel that way now.

I just wanted you to read it
so that i could finally close

That chapter of my life
and put it behind me.

But... don't get me wrong. I don't regret
having had those feelings.

But that's because
they helped prepare me so

That i was ready to share
my love with the perfect person.

And to me, that person is jimmy.

So you blew it, bud.

I just want you to be happy.

Clark, what you and i have,
i will never share with anyone else.

You're my bff.

Which is why, um...

When jimmy and i get married,
i was hoping that...

You would give me away at the altar.


I'd be honored to, chloe.

And i may have an early
wedding present for you.

Since jor-El created brainiac,
i think he can cure your infection.

Maybe so, but i thought that when the
fortress disappeared, so did your father.

Jor-El's just complex computer programming
inside a kryptonian crystal...

The same crystal
that produced the fortress.

And now tess mercer has it.

That's the computer
she wants me to hack into.

And i think i can re-Create
jor-El and the fortress.

I just need
to get that crystal back.

The only problem is, i've already searched
the daily planet and the mansion.

I haven't found it.

Maybe this time, we use a little
less brawn and a little more brain.

Kickbox, chloe?

I find it helps focus my anger.

Maybe i should rush over to the dojo,
'cause i have a lot of it

Building up right now.

Call me paranoid, but it sounds
like that rage is directed at me.

I don't appreciate people breaking
into my office when i'm not around.

The door was open.

Do it again, and i'll press charges.

You made your point.

Listen, while i'm here, maybe i could
take a look at that supercomputer.

Sorry, but, uh... looks like the little
hacker bird missed the worm.

What do you mean?

I thought you said that i was the
only one capable of getting into it.

You might be, but we won't know now,
because i don't have it.

It was stolen.

Well, who else would want it?

I intend to find out.

Stay by your phone, chloe.

Only a handful of people
knew about that device,

And when i find out who has it,
i'm taking it back.

Lois, what are you doing here?

You know, if you're worried
about the editor taking away

The story, buck up.
It's not your fault.

Metropolis pd says that,
as far as they know,

Our big-Haired bimbo has vanished
off the face off the earth.

I'm afraid this may not be
the last we've seen of her.

Well, i'll be ready for her.

The late-Night game of bumper cars
might have knocked

The wind out of me,
but one supercharged fembot

Can't put a serious dent in lois lane.

Thanks for showing up when you did.

I guess you could say you saved my life.

Tell me about it.

If i hadn't severed your love connection,
you would have ended up

Like all her other dates.

You know, she said
some... weird things to me.


She said she was my soul mate.

I think you can do a little bit better
than, uh, a man-Eating meteor-Freak.

I know she's not the one, but...

It got me to thinking.

Chloe showed me this love letter
she wrote to me years ago,


Her feelings were really intense.

And chloe was right there in front of me,
and i never realized how she felt.

What if my soul mate comes along
and i'm too blind to see it?

I don't know, smallville. I think...

That when the right girl
walks into your life...

You'll know.

What did maxima say to you?

Nothing for the front page.

Well, i got to go. I'm meeting with
a realtor, finding my own place.

Those love birds are so sweet,
my teeth will rot if i don't move out.

Hey, lois, um...

You were right.
This house is pretty big.

If you want your old room back, it's yours.

Being housemates didn't work out for us
the first time, smallville.

Why tempt fate?