Smallville (2001–2011): Season 7, Episode 10 - Persona - full transcript

While Clark is still frozen in the fortress, Bizarro grows closer to Lana, who returns the feelings on just as deep a level, even sharing some badly-needed information with him while he ...



I just wanna remember this moment.

This should help.

We should go somewhere.

Why? I'm happy right here.

No, I mean, we should leave Smallville.

We should go see the world , Lana.
All the places you've ever dreamed of.

How about Paris?
We'll have breakfast at the Eiffel Tower.

-Yeah, right.
-I'll fly you there myself.

Okay, you have a lot of powers, Clark,
but last I heard, flying wasn't one of them.

You make me feel like I can fly.

I'd better go.

I have a meeting at the foundation.

I tell you what,
I will make us a special dinner.

Our very own Paris.

What a beautiful day.
I almost forgot what the sun looked like.

The sun's got nothing on you. Why don't
you close those curtains, come back to bed?

I guess I could spare
a few extra minutes.

I love you, Clark Kent.


Mr. Luthor.

If you've come to complain about my son's
recent acquisition of your newspaper--

This isn't about the paper.
It's about something a little more personal.


You know, I've dealt
with nuisances like this before...

...but from the editor of the Daily Planet?

I'm already late for my meeting.

I admit, I'm not above embellishing a story,
but I couldn't cook up something like this.

What if I told you the reason I'm here... because Lex Luthor
missed his baby brother?

Pretty amazing, huh?

Using DNA from the cord blood
of your deceased son...

...Lex created a carbon copy.

Call me Julian, Dad.

Lex warned me not to see you.

He thinks I'm risking my life
just standing here.

But I'm in control of my life now,
and I plan to attack it head-on.

A courageous point of view.

If you've got a problem with me,
let's settle it right now.


If you truly are my flesh and blood...

...I'd like to get to know you, son.

Hey, beautiful.

What did you find?

Another homeless man
was murdered today.

The seventh in the last two weeks.


The police think it was a serial killer...

...but I think we may have found
the Kryptonian computer you mentioned.


The Brain InterActive Construct.
Why do you think it's him?

From the victims' coroner reports.

All of the bodies were found drained
of their trace metals...

...just like that technician from Lex's lab.

Why do you think this thing
is killing random people ?

It must be regenerating...

...using the trace metals
from the human bodies.

Clark, you have to stop it.

The problem is
if it doesn't wanna be found... can literally disappear
into the woodwork.

I might be able to help with that.


All of the bodies were found
randomly scattered across the district... I triangulated the attacks
to find a possible home base.

Suicide Slums.

I'm impressed.

Chloe's not the only one who knows
her way around a computer now.

What would I do without you?


Oh, yeah.



You've fallen far from your ivory tower...

...haven't you, professor?

You're not Kal-El.

I'm the new and improved version.

Don't fool yourself , Phantom.

You're nothing more
than a failed lab experiment...

...dressed up in a Kryptonian's body.

Where is the Boy Scout?

I'm not sure.

His Martian friend took me prisoner.

But I managed to escape.

When I got back, Kent was gone.

So I thought I'd...

...step into his shoes.

You know what? They fit perfectly.

Aren't you concerned
how Kal-El will react...

...when he finds you in bed
with his girlfriend?


If Kent was alive, he'd be back by now.

Trust me. He's long gone.


...lucky you.

There is one problem.

The yellow sun. It turns my skin to stone.

It's only a matter of time before someone
figures out that I'm not Kent.

I know how smart you are.
I thought you could help.

Try a good sunscreen.

Wide-brimmed hat, perhaps.

Kal-El nearly destroyed you.

Help me, or I promise...

...I'll finish the job.

I'm in no condition to help you.


...there is someone.

A Kryptonian.

He came to Earth years ago and stayed.

His name is Dax-Ur.

One of Krypton's greatest scientists.

He'll know how to fix you.

How can I find him?

When Kryptonians traveled
through a portal...

...they carried a beacon
so they could be located.

A small , shield -shaped device...

to their individual genetic code.

Dax-Ur's fell into human hands.

Find it and you'll find him.

Are you, uh...?

Are you telling me the truth?

Lying to you would be like
lying to a mollusk.

There's no point.


Oh, if this doesn't check out...

...I'll shove you back
into the test tube myself.

Looks like some people lost their jobs.

Casualties of the new commander in chief,
Lex Luthor.

Out with the old , in with the new
and easily controlled. What's up?

I need you to help me find someone.
A Kryptonian scientist.

Another Kryptonian?
Jeez, Clark, I'm starting to think...

...that Earth was your home planet's
top tourist destination.

-How'd you hear about this guy?
-Jor-El told me.

Look, Clark, usually, I'm right there to help ,
but right now my hands are so full.

And, uh, no offense, but Kryptonians
aren't exactly low maintenance.

The only way I'll find this guy
is to hunt the tracking device.

There's a rumor some people found it.
The Planet's archive might show a record.

Clark, look around.

Lex launched a torpedo
through the hull of the Daily Planet...

...and I'm just barely hanging on
to the lifeboat. Can't this wait?

It will only take a second, Chloe.
As soon as I find out who has this shield...

-...I'll be out of your hair.
-Shield ?

Don't you already have one of those?

The Kryptonian SOS
from the time capsule , remember?

Beauty pageant, gorgeous gold diggers?



...why don't you go home and just take
a breather and I'll call you later?

Where is it, Chloe?

I'm sorry. I just really need to find it.

I was hoping you could jog my memory.

You never forget anything.

Your mind's like a titanium trap.

Look... you remember
where I put the shield or not?

I'm sorry, Clark. I can't help you.



Lex, what is so damn important you had
to pull me out of a crucial negotiation?

Well , according
to the LuthorCorp visitors' log...

...Grant Gabriel
came to see you yesterday.


He did, yes.

To discuss one of your latest projects.

Mr. Gabriel is at the center of it.

You've always shunned newspapers,

You used to tell me they're nothing
but lies delivered daily.

I may have underestimated
the power of the media.

And I was curious
about your trusted lieutenant.

-And what'd you think of him?



Your exact opposite, Lex.

Yeah, well , keep your distance.

I'll deal with Grant myself from now on.

You say that as if he belongs to you.

Now, Grant Gabriel is an adult.

You may be his employer...

...but you can't claim him
as if he were a piece of property.

You know, don't you?

Do you believe you have the right
to recycle your dead brother... if he were part
of some sick vanity project?

I only did what you never had
the guts to do.

What you've done is depraved.
You disgust me.

You're telling me
you wouldn't wanna see Julian again?

To look into the eyes of the son you lost?

It's you I've lost.

It's you I've lost.


-What are you doing here?
-I was actually looking for Clark.

He came by the Daily Planet
and he was acting beyond weird.

Have you noticed anything different
about him recently ?

Yeah, I have.

He's finally opened up and let me in.

Chloe, he's more understanding
than ever.

Lana, he insisted that I help him find
a Kryptonian shield that he already has.

The Clark I know would never forget
something like that.

Well , maybe you don't know him
as well as you think.

After everything he's been through,
I think he's just taking some time... focus on his own happiness.

His priorities are different.

His priorities may be different...

...but his personality
is in a whole other universe.

Lana, I've been a part of Clark's inner circle
for a while now.

I know when he's not himself.

Chloe, maybe it's time for you
to let go of him a little.

I'm not hanging on.
There's something wrong with him.



Chloe, you seem a little tense.

Did you tell her about the move?

What move?

I wasn't gonna say anything
until it was official...

...but after Lana and I tie up
a few loose ends...

...we're leaving Smallville.



I don't know what to say.

Actually, I think I should just go.

Is she okay?

She thinks that there's something wrong
with you.

You went to see her...

...and you completely forgot
about this Kryptonian shield that you have.

I didn't forget anything.
I just can't find it anywhere.

I think Kara might have taken it.

Well , if it's Kryptonian, do you think
that she brought it up to the Fortress?


The Fortress.

Jor-El ?

I'm searching for something.

I think Kara may have brought it here.

Leave here at once, Phantom.

And what if I don't?

You're just a voice, Jor-El.

An echo from the past.

What are you gonna do?

Lecture me to death?

You are not welcome here.

Don't worry, Jor-El.

I'll find it sooner or later.

The lost Phantom has returned, Kal-El.

You must defeat him.




Clark, what is it? I'm right here.

Thank God you're okay.

Of course I'm okay.

You've only been gone an hour.

Lana, I've been gone for weeks.

Clark, I know that time's different
in the Fortress, but check the clock.

You just saw me before
you went up there to find the shield.

No, Lana. That wasn't me.

It was the Phantom.

Lana, he looks exactly like me.

Jor-El trapped me in the Fortress.
He released me to stop the Phantom.

No, I'm sure it was you.
Clark, it had to be.

Chloe said that you've been having troubles
with your memory.

Just think, Clark.

Remember in bed when you said
you were going to fly me to Paris.

We were going
to leave Smallville together.

It wasn't me, Lana.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry. This is all my fault.

I need to get you out of here. There's not
much time. He could be back any second.



Change of plan.

We have a problem.

Having trouble finding your scientist?

The Boy Scout's back.

The prodigal son of Krypton has returned.

I need to kill him.

When I get near Green Kryptonite,
I drain him of his power.

That's not a problem. I'll do it.

Look at yourself.
You can barely catch a rat.


I am the Brain InterActive Construct.

No matter my form,
my intellect remains formidable.

Do not underestimate me.

You should continue your search
for Dax-Ur.

Not before I get Lana away from Clark.


Fall prey to the same human emotion
as your counterpart... open yourself up
to the same weakness.

Perhaps you two aren't so different
after all.

He's nothing like me.

Oh, then strategy dictates
that we divide and conquer.

Once I divert Kal-El , you can fetch
the young object of your affection.

The Phantom's back. He's been living with
Lana while I've been trapped in the Fortress.

Oh, my God. Is she all right?

She's a little shaken up.
I took her to Oliver Queen's apartment.

I need to get rid of this thing for good.
I don't know how to defeat it.

You're Jor-El's emissary.
Do you have any ideas?

The only way to destroy the Phantom
is to expose it to Blue Kryptonite.

I don't understand.
Everything affects us in opposite ways.

If Blue Kryptonite takes my abilities,
won't it make him stronger?

Yes, but his power
will increase exponentially.

His body won't be able to contain it.

It's like a light bulb being powered
by a nuclear reactor.

Jor-El's ring was made of Blue Kryptonite,
but it was destroyed.

How am I supposed to find more?


...I believe there is another Kryptonian
living here on Earth.


He is a scientist who came to study...

...the effect of the yellow sun
on Kryptonian minerals.

If you can find him...

...he will have what you need.

Why didn't you tell me about him before?

He disappeared.

He made a journey here over a century ago
and then he vanished.

The shield.

It's a Kryptonian SOS.

I found it in the time capsule
that was buried over a hundred years ago.

It may belong to this scientist.

You may have found his beacon.

If you activate it... should lead you directly to him.

I don't know how to work it.

Sound recognition.

Put it in your hand. Speak his name.

I believe that the device will do the rest.

Chloe, thank God you're okay.

Okay? I just found out you and Lana
are leaving Smallville.

I am nowhere near okay.

Chloe, that wasn't me.
That was the Phantom.

I've been trapped in the Fortress.

That would definitely explain
the bizarre behavior.

How do I know you're the real Clark?

Chloe, it's me.

I know how to destroy the Phantom.
I need the shield in order to do it.

But I can't find it anywhere.

That was what the other Clark
was looking for.


...look me in the eye.

Nice try.

From what I've heard, everything about
the two of you is exactly the same...

...right down to your baby blues.

If I was the Phantom, direct sunlight...

...would make my face change.

It's me.

Oh, my God. Thank God it's you.

Your domineering double
had me seriously worried.

I need to destroy him,
but I can't do it without that shield.

I think I can help.

I didn't know what would happen
if you found this... I went to the farm
and I kind of borrowed it.

You saved me again, Chloe.

Please be careful, Clark.

Kryptonians don't roll out
the welcome mat...

...and if this guy ditched his SOS,
he may not wanna be found.

I don't have a choice.

Stay back.



Good luck.


Excuse me.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for someone.


...if they live all the way out here,
I probably know them.


Dax-Ur? No. No, uh, nobody
from around here by that name.

Actually, he's not from around here.
He's from Krypton.

So am I.

I'm Kal-El.

The House of El.

You always were survivors.

So tell me, how did you leave Krypton?

I thought the portals were destroyed.

My father, he built a ship.
I was found by a family in Kansas.


How you doing, buddy?

-Hey. What's for lunch today?

DAX-UR: Sandwiches?
I'll be with you in a minute, Grace.

GRACE: I didn't know you had customers,
so we'll wait out back.

Okay. Come on.

You have a family.

You live like a human.

I understand the only way to do that
is with Blue Kryptonite.

I didn't put it on overnight.

When I first arrived, I wanted to be alone.


Sometimes a scientist can get caught up
in theories.

My work led to the creation
of the Brain InterActive Construct.

I realized much too late...

...that my technology could lead
to the destruction of worlds.

So you came to Earth.

To clear my conscience.

I planned to study the yellow sun's effect
on Kryptonian minerals...

...but discovered... was the sun's effect on me
that really mattered.

I could save the human race.

You gave up your abilities for Grace.

It must have been a difficult decision.

I knew in the span of a heartbeat.

The Blue Kryptonite,
do you have any more?

What's her name?

It's okay.


It's not every day a fellow Kryptonian
asks me for help.



I was just calling you.

Did Lionel know anything?

Well , we have a problem.

The Phantom found Brainiac
and now they're working together.

I can't take them both down on my own.

-It's all my fault. I led them right to it.
-None of this is your fault , Lana.

Lana, we should get you out of here
as soon as possible.

They could be anywhere.

Let me just go get my bag.

Come on, Lana.

We gotta go now.

I'll be right there.




I guess my secret's out.

Lana, please.

Stay away from me.

I would never hurt you.


I'm the same person you've been with
all this time.

You're a monster.

You told me that you're happier
than you've ever been.

I made you feel that way, Lana,
not Clark.

-You pretended to be him so you could --

When I first came to Smallville, the only
thing that mattered was my own survival.

But that all changed...

...when I met you.


Lana, what are you doing?

-Will this destroy him?
CLARK: Yeah.

But take it and go, Lana.
Around Blue Kryptonite, I lose my abilities.

-I won't be able to protect you.
-I'll do it myself.

-Lana, no.
-Stay back.

You spent the last month telling me
you felt like we were meant to be together.

Don't listen to him, Lana.

PHANTOM: I know what's in his mind.
He doesn't love you.

-That's a lie.
-You're lying, Clark.

To yourself.

You're so worried about doing
the right thing, you don't even see it.

You know he won't commit his life
to you like I will.

You know that.

He's right, Clark.


I've never been more in love
than I have the past month.

Only it wasn't with you.

It was with him.

Nothing will ever come
between us again.


I love you.

It's okay, Lana. He's gone.

Good evening, Dax-Ur.

Who are you?

You should know.

You created me.

It took two super-powered beings
to find you.

If they weren't busy
destroying one another...

...they might have figured out
I was using them.

Don't lose your bracelet.

Why are you here?

I'm damaged.

And you're the only one
who knows how to repair me.

You're on your own.

All I need is the information in your mind.

I'll never tell you.

Oh, you don't have to talk.


You're so busy,
you can't return my calls?

I barely have time to do my job.

I don't know how you expect me
to run a world -class paper...

...with such a limited staff.

I don't. You're fired.

Excuse me?

I told you not to go near my father.
He's dangerous.

Lionel would have found out about me
sooner or later...

...and I wasn't gonna hide forever.

I trusted you.

-You shouldn't have told him.
-Why not?

He's made a reservation for us tonight
at the best steak house in Metropolis.

It seems Dad wants
to get to know me better.

You know, for a newspaperman,
you are shockingly naive.

Do you think you can build
a relationship with that man?

-Don't be stupid.
-What's wrong, Lex?

You afraid I'll become the favored son?

-I'll accomplish something you couldn't?
-I'm afraid he could have you killed.

Look, you need to leave Metropolis
for your own safety.

I set you up with a spot
on the desk of the London Times.

Don't do me any favors.

You never help anyone, big brother.

Lex only looks out for Lex.

Don't walk away from me.

Haven't you gotten used to it?

People leaving you?

How many times
have you been married now, anyway?

You son of a bitch. If it wasn't for me,
you'd still be a smudge in a petri dish.

Yeah, you're some genius.

You're so lonely and pathetic,
you had to build yourself a brother.

I gave you everything.

You turn your back on me,
you throw it all away.

I'm not throwing anything away.

Go ahead, kick me out of my office.

It gives me more time to enjoy
the full benefits of being a Luthor.

Last I heard,
I was practically made for this family.

There's nothing like
a good New York sirloin.

Dry-aged for 35 days...

...and enjoyed over two glorious hours.

-Thanks, Lionel.

Well , after a good dinner... can, uh, forgive anybody,
even one's own relations.

That's not me. That's Oscar Wilde.

Oh, I bet Oscar Wilda?s brother
didn't cook him up in a lab.


I don't care how you came into this world.
You are a Luthor.

You're my son.


Give me your money now.

-All right, we don't want any trouble.

Okay, okay.
Just please take it and get out of here.