Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 8 - Static - full transcript

Clark learns that one of the escapees from the Phantom Zone has landed in Seattle and slaughtered the entire crew of a working ship. Upon investigation, Clark comes face to face with a horrifying Phantom who sucks bones out of people, and a mysterious alien bounty hunter, intervenes on Clark's behalf. Back in Smallville, a patient with the ability to morph into different frequencies escapes for LuthorCorp's secret experimental lab, called 33.1 and seeks revenge on Lex by imprisoning him in another spatial period where he can see and hear everyone but no one can see him. Lana teams up with Chloe and Jimmy to try to find Lex before he is forever trapped in the alternate frequency plane of existence.

What are you doing awake?

Are you okay?

I guess I just have a lot on my mind.

Does it concern us?

Lana, I know you've had your doubts.

I know you sometimes wonder
if you can trust me.

But I give you my word, you can.

I'll always be here for you. Always.

I know.

I'm not sure you do.

You have no idea
how much you mean to me.

In an ideal world, I was hoping for
some sort of response, but it's okay.

It's late. We're both tired.


Mr. Luthor, there's been a breach.

- What's the code?
- One-four-two.

- What does that mean?
- Have to move.

- Everything's gonna be fine. We're safe.
- Move. Move.

Miss Lang, hurry.

- What's 142?
- Come on.

I'll tell you everything
once we're in the panic room.

Let's go, Mr. Luthor. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go. Come on.

Don't worry, Lana, you're gonna be okay.
I'm right behind you.

Lex? Lex?

Where did he go?

Gotta get to the panic room.

- Lex!
- Come on. Shut the door.

Lana? Lana? Hello?

Is anyone... here?

What the hell is going on?

This is insane.

♪ Smallville: "Static" ♪
Season 6 Episode 8

Original Airdate Nov. 16, 2006

- You said it was urgent.
- It is.

A Taiwanese cargo ship
was found off the coast of Alaska...

with its entire crew dead
of unknown causes.

Details are murky, but the manifest says
its last stop was Bellona Island.

Bellona Island?

They got hit by a meteor the same day
I escaped from the Phantom Zone.

Where's the ship now?

- It's being towed to Seattle.
- I have to go there.

Clark. These guys aren't just meteor freaks.
They're from galaxies far, far away.

And more importantly, they can hurt you.
You can't go unarmed.

I won't. I have the crystal that
Raya gave me. I'll use that against them.

Hey, Lana...

Slow down. Are you all right?

Oh, my God. Yeah, of course.

What happened?

Lex just mysteriously disappeared.

I have to go to Seattle.

Clark, I know that Lex isn't exactly
your pick for Man of the Year...

but you can't just
turn your back on him.

Chloe, there's innocent people in danger.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

Lex's car is garaged.
No movement on any financial accounts.

Airline manifests?

All negative.

Well, he can't just have dropped off
the face of the earth. We have to find him.

Lana. Please, come in.

Would you excuse us for a minute?
Thank you, George.

Lana, this is just devastating.

I've taken a suite for you at the Metro
Seasons Hotel. It's for your safety.

For my safety
or to distance me from the cover-up?

A conspiracy?

Security refuses to let me see
any of the surveillance footage.

They tell me that I'm seeing things.

Tell me.

Tell me. What did you see?

I don't even know
how to begin to explain it.

But Lex turned into static
and then he disappeared.

It was dark. Perhaps in the chaos...

I know what I saw.

What else do you remember?

Anything that can give me a clue.

The guards mentioned a number.
A code, 142.

You know what that means?

No. No, but I will find out.

I'm sure you will.

And I'd appreciate it if you let me know
when anything else comes up.

Of course. I know how important
you are to Lex. Of course I will.

Yeah, get me Dr. Chavez.
The genome technology. Yeah.

- Were all the bodies accounted for?
- It's kind of hard to tell.

I'll keep you posted.

You must be the first-year med student
I've been waiting for.

Don't flatline on me now.

What gave me away?

The queasy stare that afflicts all newbies
their first day on the job.

Do you mind?

- How many are there?
- A whole graveyard's worth.

How does a body end up in one of those?

They have no skeletons, although I don't
know how that's anatomically possible.

You mean, someone cut their bones out?

More like ripped them out.

Clean filets, every one of them.

I've seen some stuff that would make
most people run for the hills...

but this is seriously freaky.

All these bodies, they're from the ship?

These last two, they were dockworkers.

Whatever was on that ship
is on dry land now.

Kid, you puking already?

Thank God someone believes me.

You're the first person who doesn't think
I belong in Belle Reve.


A lot stranger things happened in Smallville.
Don't worry, we'll find him.

Lana, thank God you're all right.

So where exactly was Lex
when he vaporized?

He was somewhere in the middle
of the room, like, around here.

Oh, no. You can't see me.

You said Lex backs up all of his security
footage on an internal server, right?

- Yeah, I think so.
- We're gonna need a password.

You and Lex are close.
Are you password close?

No, I guess not.

Lana. The password is your birthday.

Why don't you try Julian, his brother?
Or Lillian, his mom.

Your birthday.

Lxnay. Okay, how about Lana?

- No. Anything else?
- I don't know.

Damn it!

Don't worry.

We'll just upload the whole hard drive
and I'll work on it later.

Chloe, the way he disappeared, what if...
what if Lex is really gone?


Don't worry,
I'll find my way back to you.

You can't think that way, Lana.
We're gonna get him back.

I've had so many doubts about
this relationship, so many suspicions.

But now that he's gone,
none of it matters anymore.

I just wanna see his face again.

Lana, I love you so much.

I'll crack this back at the Planet.

Either we'll get footage of Lex sipping
bourbon and diddling on his computer...

or we'll actually hit the jackpot.

Lana, wait. Don't go.

How does it feel, Lex?

Have your whole life ripped
from under you?

I know you.

Well, you should.

You saw my face
through the observation window.

You're the 142.

I know that "Lex Luthor Lost"
is a juicy headline.

But why are we searching for
the root of all evil?

I'm not doing this for Lex.

After talking to Lana,
I've got to put my skepticism in check.

I mean, she really cares about him.

Women are such a mystery.

Finding Lex is a bigger mystery.
Where's Clark when you need him?

What does Clark have to do
with anything?

Look, I know that you feel sorry for the guy
because he's always flying solo.

What can that guy do that I can't?

You know, you're probably right.

He wouldn't brave the rush-hour crunch
to get your favorite cuisine.

All so that you can have time to continue
the hunt for a man that nobody misses.

- Well, maybe except...
- Lana.

The hunt for Lex is on.

Get you anything from
the basement buffet?

Thank you, but I'm okay.

So I do have some good news.

I managed to stumble
on the magic password...

and it turns out to be none other than
the birthday of Miss Lana Lang.

I was able to access the surveillance files
and look what I dug up.

There's something there.

Can you make it any clearer?

I'm doing my best, but I don't have a lot
to work with. It's gonna take some time.

- Hello?
- I know what happened to Lex Luthor.

Who is this?

If anyone knows we're talking,
we're both in danger.

What's wrong?

It's just Lex's security.
They wanna give me an update.

- Did anyone follow you here?
- No.

Please, what happened to Lex?

I took him.
And if you wanna see him again...

you'll keep your mouth shut
and listen to exactly what I have to say.

Whatever you want, just don't hurt him.

You know your boyfriend has a secret lab
hidden inside LuthorCorp Tower called 33.1?

Why is it secret?

Because they run experiments on the people
who've been infected by the meteor rocks.

When patients are released from Belle Reve,
instead of freedom...

they get a one-way ticket to
a secret laboratory.

How do you know all this?

Because I was one of them,
until I broke out last night.

Why should I believe you?

See, that's the point. Nobody believes me.
I'm a former mental patient.

But you. You're Lex's beloved girlfriend.

Once you blow the whistle on this place,
people will have to listen.

Where's the evidence?
You don't have any proof.

Of course I do.

I can take you there.
You can see for yourself.

And then you'll release Lex?

Let's keep the area clear, please.
Back up. Thank you.

Hey, this area is off limits.

I'm with the coroner's office.

Better you than me.

I heard the bodies are pretty messed up.

Anyway, our theory is
the perp was hiding out in this container...

and somehow busted out of this thing
and started his killing spree. It's wild.

We thought it was blood,
but the guys say it's human bone marrow.

It's fricking disgusting.

There are a few more remains
that need removal.

The forensics team is over there
waiting for you.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

- Who are you?
- Someone who's hungry.

Oh, no!

You said you were infected by the meteors.
What happened to you?

I was an electrician.

I was working up in a radio tower last year
when the meteors hit.

I got thrown off and somehow, l...

You ended up with an ability.

What is it?

I can move through alternate frequencies.

I can shift into planes of existence
that nobody knows exist.

If you think I'm strange, wait till you see
some of the other people on this floor.

Aren't you afraid they're just gonna grab
you the minute those doors open?

If I have to sacrifice myself
to get the truth out, then so be it.

The fact is they're not gonna grab you.

I don't understand. This is wrong.

It was here.

Twenty-four hours ago, it was all here.
The holding cells, the labs.

Take me to Lex.

What did that bastard do with everyone?

I know that you believe
that something was here.

But clearly,
nothing's been here for a long time.

- I'm telling you, it was here!
- Okay.

Just relax. We'll figure out
where everything was moved to.

But first, I need you to tell me
what you've done with Lex.

I put him in a place
where he can't hurt anyone else.


What did you do with 33.1?

I didn't do anything.

- It's obvious I haven't gone anywhere.
- Don't lie to me.

It's the truth.

The truth?

The truth is you kept me locked up
in a concrete bunker...

just when I was about to go back
to a normal life.

Normal life?

You were never gonna be released
from Belle Reve.

It was a figment of your fractured mind.
I was trying to help you.

- Where are the other patients?
- If I knew, don't you think I'd tell you?

I didn't wanna have to resort
to violence, Lex.

- You're not giving me much of a choice.
- Okay. Calm down.

Maybe when I bring Lana here...

we'll see if you talk.

Wow, I knew you were a gadget junkie...

but this stuff looks like
it's from the Jurassic era.

When I heard about Mr. Frequency Jumper,
I decided to dust off my pop's ham radio.

Ham radio?

Yeah. People were communicating
worldwide long before the Internet existed.

I used to sneak downstairs
onto the late-night airwaves.

My handle? Jimmy the Infuriator.

Why does that not surprise me?

All right. Just listen carefully, girls.

Password. I know you guys are close.
Are you password close?

No, I guess not.

- Right there. Did you hear that?
- How could you not?

It's a radio frequency.

After scanning all the footage,
that sound kept coming back.

I tried blending the narrowband frequency
modulation with a uhf modulation.

Okay, just... Here, check this out.

- I'll find my way back.
- You can't think that way.

- It's him.
- We're gonna get him back.

Lex was there. You couldn't hear him.

- Or see.
- Oh, my God.

I just wanna see his face again.

Lana, I love you so much.

He heard everything I said.

Look, this may sound absurd...

but I think that Lex may be trapped
in another frequency.

Okay, kind of like radio. The way AM
and FM are different frequencies...

but they move through
the same space.

Can we communicate with him?

There's a frequency loop in the library.

So as long as you're in that room,
it might be possible.

Help! Help!

Somebody, help!

Run. Go.

You stole my food.

Nice try, Krypton Man.

- You escaped from the Phantom Zone.
- But I'm no Phantom.

I think it must be
some kind of a glitch or...

I don't know much about this stuff,
but I do know that... Excuse me.

That when you hack into
a secure operating system...

you could pick up
some very nasty viruses.

Well, I guess
I'd better take that to heart.

Miss Sullivan, LuthorCorp considers any
breach of security a very serious matter.

- And you know that.
- Mr. Luthor, I'm trying to find your son.

I appreciate that. In fact, I was hoping,
being the diligent reporter you are...

that you'd provide a clue
that would help me to find Lex.

Well, the only clue I have
is a little lab called 33.1.

Otherwise known
as meteor freak central.

- I was always under the impression that...
- Meteor freaks?

You're not in high school anymore, Miss
Sullivan. This is the real world. Please.

What's devious Daddy Warbucks
doing here?

Lionel Luthor just ransacked
all of my research.

So now we're back to square one.

Well, maybe not square one.
More like triangle one.

Jimmy, what's up?

Triangulation. I might actually have a way
of squeaking Lex out of that frequency.

Lex, I know you're here.

Hopefully you can hear me...

because there's something that I...

that I wanna confess.

I have been so focused
on our problems...

that I have lost sight of how much
you really mean to me.

All those times
I was reluctant to trust you. The fact is...

you're more honest with me
than anyone's ever been.

I miss you... I miss you so much.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

I love you, Lex.

I love you too, Lana.

Please. Please, don't leave us here.

I don't wanna have this baby
without you.

I know I should have told you.

Stay away from her!

Lex, you are here.

I'm sorry to have to put you through this.

Either you tell me where you moved 33.1
or you can say goodbye to Lana Lang.

Whatever Lex has done in the past,
I'll make him stop. He'll listen to me.

You hear that, Lex?
Even your love wants you to come clean...

- and tell the world what you've done.
- Let her go.

You can see him?

Where is 33.1?

I told you, I don't know!

- Now let go of her.
- Lex!

Well, then, let's get started.

I didn't know you had it in you.

Why do you think they call me
Jimmy the Infuriator?

Lex is a dead man.

Don't let him get away.

He's not going anywhere.

Where is Lex? What's the frequency?

Lana, what are you doing?

Okay, that can't be a good thing.

We need that
radio frequency jammer now.

I think I'm picking up on something.


She wanted to say goodbye in person.

- Hurry.
- Whatever frequency they're in...

- I have to jam that signal.
- What's the problem? Do it.

Okay, sure, no problem.
Only a gazillion to sort through.

- I'm getting too much interference.
- Jimmy, hurry.

Chloe, do you hear that?

Lana. Wake up.

Lex. You're okay.

- Why are you here?
- I had to find you.

You shouldn't have done that.

- I'd rather be trapped than never see you.
- I think I'm getting something.

Come on. Come on.

Is it true?

You did hear?


I'm trying to bypass the oscillator
and go direct.

I'm gonna try increasing the agitator.

Your blood must make you strong.
I should taste it.

- Why are you doing this?
- Everyone's gotta eat.


That was you, wasn't it?

Whatever was on this floor
wasn't your typical cubical farm.

There's enough power pumping in here
to light up Metropolis.

Something tells me it wasn't just
for the fluorescent lights.

Well, it's just a matter of time
till I get to the bottom of it.

You really manned up
and got right into this fight.

Still wish Clark was here to help?

Come on. Clark Kent can't hold
a candle to the Infuriator.

Hey. Find anything interesting?

Yeah, I gotta say,
this all just feels a little strange.

Have you ever considered the possibility
that maybe Bronson was telling the truth?

And this was some secret laboratory?

Chloe, I don't think Lex would've given us
clearance if he had something to hide.

It seems a lot of hoops for someone
bent on revenge to jump through...

- if 33.1 never even existed.
- Well, Chloe, that guy was delusional.

The meteor exposure made him sick.
He spent over a year in Belle Reve.

There's a lot more to this story
than meets the eye.

- You don't know the Luthors like I do.
- You don't know Lex like I do.

I'm not gonna take the word of
a homicidal maniac over Lex. I'm sorry.

Lana, you can't prove that
33.1 didn't exist.

And you can't prove that it did.

It says on the door out there that
this is my office. My private office.

that doesn't mean much to you.

You interfered with
a project you have nothing to do with.

Oh, you must be talking about...
What do you call it? ...33.1?

You should thank me
for coming to the rescue.

I'd hate to think of the legal repercussions
if that clinic was discovered.

Not to speak of the dirt that would
stick to our corporate image.

You did this for selfish reasons.

Your fascination with the meteor-infected
started long before mine.

But you've gone farther with this scientific
experiment than I ever believed possible.

Kudos, son. I'm proud of you.

Your methods are a tad disappointing.

You've still got a lot to learn
when it comes to the fine art of secrecy.

What did you do with 33.1?

Moved it. The whole shebang.
To a top-security location.

I'm happy to let you have
the coordinates.

Just one condition.

- And what might that be?
- Make me your full partner.

I wanna know everything
about this project.

It'll give us a chance to spend
more quality time together.

So, what, your cell phone
doesn't get reception in Seattle?

I was preoccupied.

That's fine. But you were up against
an alien from another planet. I was worried.

I'm sorry.

So the crystal was a success?

No, it wasn't.

Then did the Zoner just decide to pack up
and leave the solar system?

Someone else killed him.

Someone who can do things
I could only dream of.

So this someone, he's on our side, right?

I'm not sure.

Clark, it's me, your most
trusted friend and secret-keeper.

How about a few details?

Believe it or not, there are some things
you don't need to know.

I understand that you feel like all these
psychopathic space invaders are your fault.

But you can't keep it all inside.

You feel the need to carry the world
on your shoulders and that's noble.

But there are other people
who wanna help you fight the good fight...

and you need to let them in.

Because sometimes,
even heroes need to be saved.

Lana, you should be off your feet.

Here, sit down.
Can I get you something to drink?

Lex, I'm pregnant, I'm not an invalid.

I'm sorry. I just wanna
make things perfect for you.

No, I'm sorry.
I had no right to keep this a secret.

I wanted to tell you, I just...
I wasn't sure.

Of how I'd react?

Lana, it's the best news I've ever heard.

- Really?
- Yeah.

The woman I love is carrying my child.

Our child.

What more could a man want?

Listen, Lex, about this 33.1 place...

I already told you. It never existed.

But if it did.

I'd understand why.

These people who've been infected
by the meteors, they're dangerous.

They've hurt me
and they've hurt people that I care about.

The more we learn about them,
the better we can protect ourselves.

Then there's something else
you need to know.

Lana Lang...

I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?