Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 7 - Rage - full transcript

Lois Lane is furious at lover Oliver Queen for leaving instead of waiting till she 'makes it worthwhile' but ignores he witnessed a thug attacking a couple and was badly wounded by the carjacker he fought off. Clark reads an article about the Green Arrow striking there and drops by finding Oliver uncharacteristically careless and irritable; his X-vision sees Olliver injecting himself. It's a wonder drug developed for Queen Industries by Dr. Pamela Black, which almost instantly restores damaged tissue, but the scientist advices in vain against taking significant doses because lab mouse trials prove a major aggressiveness side-effect. Lex is vehemently against Lana -whose health problems are soon diagnosed a happy surprise- taking charge of fund raising for a half-way house, without telling her his reason for fearing contact with its clients, even on few occasions: he bribed Dr. Black to administer the wonder drug to its problem youths, one of which was the car-jacker. Martha Clark insists to invite Lionel for the first Thanksgiving dinner after Jonathan's death.


I have a surprise for you.

I like surprises...

but I don't like to wait.

It'll be worth it. Trust me.

Shut up!

Come on, get up!

Give it to him!

Come on.


- Come on.
- You want some of this?

They don't.

But I do.


Okay, I'm pretty open
minded, but kinky

hide-and-seek really
isn't my game.

Okay, you win.

Olly olly whatever-whatever.

Okay, Oliver, this isn't funny.

Where are you?

Good one, Lois.

Don't worry, cops will have a key.


♪ Smallville: "Rage" ♪
Season 6 Episode 7

Original Airdate Nov. 9, 2006

Mom, I have a big appetite, but you've
got enough food here to feed an army.

I thought it'd be a good idea to invite
a few people over for Thanksgiving.

Actually, I was hoping
we could keep it low-key.

I'm not feeling very thankful this year.

It's going to be a hard day, especially
after what just happened to Raya...

but company could help.

It was Dad's holiday.
He carved the turkey.

I can carve this year.

Mom, he was the one who made sure
we all said what we were thankful for.

He always made sure
that I was thankful for my abilities...

but you know what? He was wrong.

If I was normal,
he would still be here...

carving the turkey
with grandpa's old carving knife.


So you can scratch Oliver's name
off the Thanksgiving guest list...

or any other guest list, for that matter.

I'm solo.

Well, that's too bad. What happened?

Last night he pulled another one
of his trademark disappearing acts...

smack in the middle of a date.

Well, I'm sorry, Lois.

Oh, don't be. I mean, who's kidding
who here? We had no future.

He's a world-renowned billionaire,
and I am a nail-biting...

Talon-dwelling, tabloid reporter.

Lois, I'm sure you'll find someone
who's better suited for you.

Yeah, I know, I know, life goes on.

At least for some people.
Have you heard the news?

The Green Arrow was shot last night.

It's in today's Planet.

A man found him bleeding...

and ran for help.
When the cops finally got there...

all that was left was a bloodstain.


I found the charitable organization
I want to focus on.

It's Second Chance Halfway House.

I have the time, and I heard you
mention them on the phone...

and then I found this brochure.

What an amazing program.

I don't see why
they can't be in every city in the country.


you'd be in contact with violent
criminals just released from prison.

Maybe from time to time,
but mostly I'd be at the central office.

Why not channel your energy
into the Youth Foundation...

or the Center for Victim's Rights?

Because this is what I want to do.

I'm just trying to protect you.

What is it with people feeling
like they have to protect me?

Lex, I don't need to be watched over.

I didn't say you did.
I want you to be safe.

Well, this isn't about what you want.

This is about what I want.

Pick any other project.

I'm sorry.

You're looking awfully healthy.

It's called exercise, Clark.

Something mortals
have to do from time to time.

According to The Daily Planet...

the Green Arrow was shot last night.

If I was shot, don't you think
I'd be in a hospital or a morgue?

I'm not bulletproof like you are, Clark.

Besides, you should know better
than to believe everything...

you read in the newspaper.

It's The Daily Planet, not the Inquisitor.
A witness saw you lying in a pool of blood.

Maybe it was someone else
with a preference for green.

What's your Green Arrow gear
doing in the middle of the room?

I'm uploading a video.
Check this out.

See that?

Now I've got footage of the scumbags,
so if they try to get away...

I can track them down.

Oliver, you're getting sloppy.

Your gear's out in the room, the door's
unlocked. That could have been Lois.

Yeah. You know what?
I've had a lot on my mind lately.

You were too busy using your powers
to bale hay...

than to realize
there's a crime wave in Metropolis.

Let me ask you a question.

Are you ever gonna get off your ass
and do something for a change?

- I didn't come to be insulted.
- There's the door.

- I don't remember you being invited.
- Oliver, what's going on with you?

I don't need advice from someone
whose only worry in life...

- is to protect his identity.
- That's a lie, you know it.

Let me tell you, when I'm on the streets,
I'm protecting people, all right?

I got much bigger things
to worry about. Like staying alive.

Are you okay?

- I'm fine, just get out of here. Go!
- You sure?

Come in.

When did you turn the apartment
into a florist shop?

They're from Oliver.

Wait a second.
The guy smothers you with flowers...

- and you forget everything he's done?
- Please, I'm not that gullible.

The whole botanical overkill
was just a lame attempt to beg forgiveness.

Well, if he shows up in person to beg
for forgiveness, don't answer the door.

Lois, I went to talk to him
at his apartment.

You didn't. What were you thinking?

- I was looking out for you.
- I have 20/20 vision. I look out for myself.

When I was in his apartment,
I found a needle and a syringe.

Unless they're doctor-prescribed,
I think Oliver's doing drugs.

This actually explains a lot.
All those times he disappeared.

I should have known.

He said that Thanksgiving was a hard time
of year, made him think about his parents.

Lois, I think you might wanna
keep your distance.

He has a substance abuse problem,
not leprosy.

I'm not going to abandon him
when he needs me the most.

He's not himself now.
Based on his behavior...

I don't think
he's someone you wanna be around.

Well, see, that's the difference
between you and me, Clark.

I don't desert people
when they need help.

- You're a miracle worker, doc.
- We need to talk, Mr. Queen.

We certainly do.

I finally found myself injured
badly enough to use the RL65...

and it works perfectly.

Not just once. I cut my hand,
and after one injection...

I was completely healed.

Well, don't take any more.

Last time I checked, doctor,
you worked for me.

The lab mice have been exhibiting
irrational cognitive behavior...

- and more troubling, violent tendencies.
- I'm not a mouse, I feel fine.

Do you? No lapses in judgment?
No sudden outbursts of anger?

Not really, but I am starting
to feel one coming on right now.

It's not worth risking possible psychosis
just so you can climb Mount Everest...

or parachute out of your Learjet.

This isn't about
my recreational activities, doctor.

We're on the verge of a medical
breakthrough that can save countless lives.

I'm more than honored
to be the guinea pig.

Trust me, I can handle
the occasional temper tantrum.

Okay, well,
I'll talk to you after the break, senator.

You have a happy Thanksgiving too.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Come on in.
I was just about to call you.

I didn't get your R.S.V.P.

Well, that is why I'm here.


came in person to tell you that...

I won't be coming for...

Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, that's too bad.
I was really looking forward to seeing you.

After Lillian died, I somehow decided that
I would stop celebrating Thanksgiving.

Why don't you make an exception
and celebrate with us?

We'd really love to have you.

I don't think Clark would agree.

The holiday's going to be difficult this
year, without extra complications for him.

You're not a complication, Lionel.

You're a part of my life now,
and I'm very thankful for that.

Do you know what that means to me?

Do you know what you mean to me?

Martha, I...

I didn't mean to...

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- I take it this wasn't a party favor.
- I broke into his apartment.

- There might be some residue still left.
- I call Oliver Queen a lot of things...

- I never thought I'd call him a junkie.
- I don't think he's getting high.

Come on, Clark. You of all people should
know that everyone has their secrets.

It's not a stretch to think that a jet-setting
billionaire might have a habit to hide.

Can you just get it checked out?
We'll know for sure.

I'll text my bio-chem buddy at Met U.

Hopefully he hasn't left for Thanksgiving.

That Green Arrow story.
That victim actually see him get shot?

No, but the people that owned the car
did come forward...

and say that he saved them that night.

He hasn't been spotted since.

- I'm gonna get this syringe to my chemist.
- Great.

Why don't you head out, and I will get
a hold of you as soon as I find anything.

- Are you trying to get rid of me?
- No, why would I wanna do that?

- Lana.
- Hi.

Us girls were just gonna get some lunch.

That's great. Have a good time.

Well, that wasn't awkward at all.

I try to keep the heavenly bodies from
colliding, but there's only so much I can do.

I want you to check
something out for me.

Yeah, okay. My Google is your Google.
What do you need?

I'm curious about this halfway house
that LuthorCorp supports.

I offered to get involved,
but Lex won't let me. He says it isn't safe.

Well, most halfway houses
aren't exactly amusement parks, Lana.

I don't think that's it.

Lex swears that he's honest with me,
but lately he's been a little secretive.

I don't know, maybe I'm reading into it.

No, I think you're just being cautious,
which is smart.

Don't worry, we'll figure things out.

Are you all right?

Lana. Lana.

- Are you okay?
- What happened?

From where I was sitting,
it looked like you fainted.

- Let's get you to a doctor.
- No, it's okay.

Can we keep my little
siesta between us?

I really wouldn't
want anyone to worry.

Well, it's a little late for that,
but, yeah, okay.


- I didn't...
- Get away from me.

I swear to God,
I'll rip your green head off.

I'm calling the cops.

See? 911.

- Hello?
- 911.

I need an ambulance.


Have you ever fainted before?

Three times.
All in the last month.

These headaches you've been having...

would you describe the pain
as sharp, or dull?

Sharp, like a knife.

And it's getting worse.

I've tried all of the over-the-counter
pain relievers, but none of them work.

They're just migraines, right?

Just a few more tests,
we'll have a clearer picture.

Martha, I'm so glad you came here.

Haven't been able to stop thinking...

about what happened.

I wanted to apologize for...

I didn't come here
for an apology, Lionel.

- You did nothing wrong.
- I did.

I had no right to
presume that I could...

No, look...

there's something between us.

What it is, I don't think
either of us knows...

but I do know
I'm not ready to find out.

Not yet.

- I understand.
- I don't think you do understand.

I value our relationship.

I really want you to be with me
for Thanksgiving.

Well, then, of course.
I will be there.


- what happened?
- Well...

lucky for me,
I walked in on Green Arrow...

pulling a reverse Santa Claus
on Oliver's apartment.

The Green Arrow did this to you?

Guess it was only
a matter of time

before he hit up the new
billionaire in town.

Luckily, I was able to get in
a few solid licks of my own.

He'll be nursing
a couple broken ribs for sure.

Have you talked
to Oliver yet?

Has he visited you
here in the hospital?


I tried him on all his numbers,
and he was nowhere to be found.

Clark, I'm nervous.

Either he's on some
kind of crazy

drug bender, or Green Arrow
has gotten to him.

Lois, don't worry.

I promise I'll do everything I can
to track him down.

Yeah, that'll be a big help.

Look, I'll just call Chloe.

I'll take that.

I put a bullet
in your chest.

And now you're
gonna pay for it.

I don't think so.

Hey, buddy.

How did you
survive that fall?

Yoga. Now let go of me.

You tell me how,
or I'm calling the cops.

You'll call the cops anyway.

You may be able to heal,

but that doesn't mean
you don't feel pain.

- Let go.
- You start talking.

There's this doctor
who comes to the halfway house.

We get these shots
they say are vitamins.

That's some kind
of vitamin, huh?

What's the doctor's name?

How am I supposed to know?

What does he look like?

It's not a he. She's a chick.

Waste not, want not.

What happened, doctor, bad batch?

The project's shut down.

Look, I might have come into this game
a little late...

but I'm paying you a lot more
than Queen.

- He isn't shutting down anything.
- You're right. I am.

And I could care less
about your petty rivalry.

This has gone beyond
one-upmanship, doctor.

Your research is now
a personal cause of mine.

Find another cause.

I won't be responsible for
any more violence.

Should have thought about that
when you took my money.

I admit, I was blinded by greed...

but now that people are getting hurt,
money means nothing to me.

I'm going back to the drawing board.
All existing RL65 is being destroyed.

I'm sorry, doctor,
I can't let you do that.

Hey, how's Lois?

Physically, she's fine.
She's looking for Oliver.

- I can't find him anywhere.
- Maybe this will help.

My geek analyzed the liquid
in that syringe, and you're right.

No one's gonna take it and go to a rave.

It's a cutting edge molecular modifier...

that has to do
with tissue regeneration.

So it has some sort of healing power.

Conceivably, but according
to my Einstein,

it also packs a
mean punch...

to a part of your
brain, the amygdala,

which triggers
violent behavior.

Now, why in God's
name would Oliver

be injecting
something like that?

I don't know, but we better find him
before he does something he regrets.

Who created the drug?

A woman named Pamela Black

is the only one doing
that level of research.

She's a professor
at Princeton,

and has been taking a
recent sabbatical...

to work with Queen Industries.

If she's supplying drugs, then most likely
Oliver's gonna show up for more.

She's dead.

And her place
has been completely pillaged.

Drugs or no drugs,

I can't believe Oliver
would kill someone.

I don't think it was Oliver, Clark.

It was the Green Arrow.

Looks like our green
hero has made the leap

from Robin Hood to
cold-blooded killer.

I just don't understand
why a scientist was his target.

- Chloe.
- Clark!

These folders
are from a halfway house...

in Metropolis called Second Chance.
This doctor...

she was giving the kids
the same drugs Oliver was taking.

Lex's foundation
funds this halfway house.

Lex co-opted Oliver's scientist.

Those two have been at each other
since high school.

And the Green Arrow
got in the way.

Ever the crusader for
the underprivileged...

he must've gotten wind
of Dr. Black's experiments...

and taken care of her his own way.

If the Green Arrow found out
that LuthorCorp is behind this...

Lex could be the next target.


I'm looking for Lex.

He's not here.

You okay?

Lana, what is it?

It's nothing. I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

You can talk to me, it's okay.

It is.

Do you ever wish
that you could go back in time...

and everything would be different?

All the time.

What happened? What did...

- What did Lex do?
- He didn't do anything.

If you're in trouble, Lana, I can help.

Clark, this has nothing to do with you.

Could you please just go?

Your car is ready, sir.

Sorry, Luthor.

Work's not over yet.

- What is this?
- Sign on the dotted line...

and all your assets will be divided
among the 50 global charities listed below.

Would you mind telling me
what I've done to deserve this?

After your support of the
Second Chance Halfway House...

I think it's a natural step.
I went by to check out the facility.

After some prodding, the director told me
what you were doing to the residents.

He was lying.

So then I went to pay
the good doctor a visit, and guess what?

She's dead.

I knew you weren't a saint, Luthor,
but killing a woman to cover your tracks?

You're delusional.

Sign it.

What the hell are you doing?

It's out of ink.

Drop it.

- You first.
- What do you think is faster?

An arrow, or a bullet?

There's only one way to find out.


What have you done?

He pulled a gun, Clark.
I had no choice.

Lex? Lex?

No, let nature take its course.

Oliver, that's the drugs talking.
It's not you.

Hey, that drug is the best thing
that ever happened to me, Clark.

I'm not bulletproof like you are.
I gotta do whatever it takes.

- I need that drug.
- Oliver, you're not a killer.

No, but he is, Clark.

Listen to me, you
and I both know

the world's a better place
without Lex Luthor.

That's not for us
to decide, Oliver.

Where are the drugs?

Lex, he took it all.
He took it all from the lab.

Let him die.

You killed him.

You killed him.

Who am I dealing with?

Jekyll or Hyde?

Just plain old Oliver today, Clark.

You haven't broken any glasses.
That's a good sign.


What made you come to your senses?

Actually, you did.

This whole time, I
just wanted to be

like Clark Kent, you know.
I wanted to...

I wanted the ability
to bring justice to the world...

without having to worry
about getting killed in the process.

And then something occurred to me,
and I realized...

that Clark Kent would never take
another man's life.

I came within an inch of doing just that.

I'm not even in your league.

Oliver, you do a lot of good in this world.

You don't need to be indestructible
to be a hero.

Yeah. No, you're right,
you're right. Yeah...

I should be thankful
for who I am, right?

And the abilities that I have.
I know that.

Me too.

Now, come on,
you can't be alone on Thanksgiving.

The bird's waiting.

Thanks, Clark, I...

No, I appreciate the
offer, but I can't.

Lois is gonna be there...

and I'm pretty sure she doesn't
want to be in the same zip code as me.

Now that you're back on track,
I'm sure Lois is gonna want you there.

- Trust me.
- Whoa, trust you?

What happened to lectures
about guys with secret identities...

not able to handle relationships?

The truth is, you and I are different,
and Lois isn't Lana.

If you two are meant to be together,
then who am I to stand in the way?

Hey. Are you feeling any better?

Hanging in there.

Well, make yourself comfortable.
I did my due diligence...

on the Second Chances
Halfway House, and I found...

Chloe, I'm not here to talk about
the halfway house.


But there's some stuff I think you
should know about Lana. About Lex.

I don't want to hear anything more
about Lex. I can't.

What's going on?

Lana, what happened?

Hey, you know you can tell me anything.


I'm pregnant.



Did you cook that on the barbecue?

It's a little crispy
on the outside,

but it's what's on the
inside that counts.

I'm sure it's delicious.

Clark, would you put the hot plate
on the table, please?

Did you talk to Oliver today?

Don't go there, Smallville.

I think that's for you.

Jimmy says hi from his mom's house
and, ever the reporter, he has news.

I guess the Metropolis P.D. Arrested...

Pamela Black's killer,
and you were right.

It wasn't the Green Arrow.

It was some kid from
the halfway house.

I'd bet anything
that Lex is somehow behind this.

Maybe. I doubt
we'll be able to prove it, though.

I guarantee you Lex's shredders
are doing some serious overtime.

Does Lana know about this?

I went by the mansion the other day,
and she was upset about something.

Is she all right?

Yeah. Yeah, as far as I know.

She's fine.


Happy turkey day.

Where you been?
I've been worried about you.


Listen, that's all over now.

I'm like a walking drug-free zone. Honest.

If I were to hug you right now, I wouldn't
stab myself on any stray needles?

Get over here.

I'm so sorry I ever hurt you.

If I could have
everyone's attention, please?

I'd like to make
a little announcement.

Our family has a tradition...

that goes back
way before I was even born...

where everyone takes
a moment

to say what they're most thankful
for in their lives.

I would just like to say that
I'm most thankful for my mom and dad...

whose faith in me
taught me to have faith in myself.

Thank you.

- Hear, hear.
- Let's eat.

You haven't said a word all night.

Is everything okay?

Everything's fine.

Happy Thanksgiving.