Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 5 - Reunion - full transcript

As teenagers, Lex and Oliver went to the same prep school, where back in October, 1996, Oliver and his friends bullied Lex and his friend Duncan. Lex eventually turned on Duncan to gain their acceptance, prompting Duncan to throw himself off the roof. Ten years later, Lex and Oliver return to the school for a reunion and are startled when Oliver's old pals are killed in violent and mysterious accidents that point to Duncan's ghost seeking revenge for his betrayal. Meanwhile, Chloe and later Clark see satellite photos, provided from Oliver, that show at least four other craters were created around the world on the day he escaped from the Phanton Zone, causing him to believe that others may have followed him.

Excelsior Academy
October 26, 1996

Wait, why are Warrior Angel
and Black Diamond fighting?

I mean, they're friends.
It doesn't make any sense.

Didn't you read issue 126?

No, I didn't have any money that week.
Why? What happened?

Okay, so, you know how Black Diamond's
father is this supervillain, right?

Well, in 126, he busts out of jail,
and Warrior Angel has to take him down.

But there's this accident,
and the guy dies.

Look who it is, boys...

Weirdo angel and his trusty
sidekick, grease spot.

Grease spot, I like that!

Give it back, Ollie.

That's Mr. Queen to you, little man.

It's okay, Lex. I'll
just get another one.

Yeah, Duncan will just
get another one.

Oh, oh, wait, he can't.

Oh, yeah, that's right.
His mommy doesn't have any money.

That's why he's on scholarship.

Shut up, Geoffrey. Shut up, Alden.

Give it back...

Mr. Queen.


You know what?

- Let's make this a two-Parter.
- Don't!

Nice haircut, cue ball.

Come on. These girls
aren't even worth it.


One day, I'm gonna get those guys.

We had a stuffed crow
at Smallville High.

Two different worlds, huh?

In this case, I think I prefer yours.

If that's how you feel,
why come to this thing?

Well, Lana, some of the deepest
pockets the country Went to Excelsior.

These alumni socials
are good for business.

Well, then, let's be social
so we can get the hell out of here.


Your billionaire drag
you to this thing, too?

- Oliver's here?
- I don't get it.

You put a bunch of pubescent
boys in silly jackets

and cram them full of
pomp and circumstance.

You're just asking for a
round of "Lord of the flies."

I don't know.

We all turned out all right.

Didn't we?


I can only speak for myself.

- Geoffrey, Alden...
- Lex...

how's business?

Not as good as you, but, hey.

And you guys were all friends?

Something like that.

Man, after 10 years,

gang's all here.
Except for Duncan.

Who's Duncan?

Know what? Maybe you
ought to lay off, huh?

- What? Like you weren't
all thinking about... - Alden.

Alden, come on.

Yeah, whatever.

Good to see you, Lex.

You did all right for yourself.

Duncan, if you were here,

you'd still be a loser.

Oh, my god.

You all right?

Just missed me.

Must be my lucky day.

♪ Smallville: "Reunion" ♪
Season 6 Episode 5

Original Airdate Oct. 26, 2006

I heard what happened.

Are you all right, son?

Nothing a little dry
cleaning won't cure.

That's distasteful,
Lex, even for you.

What can I say?

It's a nice suit.

You weren't Alden's close
friend, Lex, but still...

I should muster up some tears anyway?

Thanks, but I'll save them
for someone who deserves it.

I know, I know.
Your life at Excelsior wasn't easy.

And I know that memories can haunt us.

But the best way to deal with
them is to leave them behind us,

Bury them where they belong...

In the past.

Along with everything else,

right, dad?

I'm glad you're all right.

- If you need anything...
- I won't.

Perhaps Miss Lang will have
better luck comforting you.

Would you give her my regards, please?

What are you gonna do
when you get out of here?

Don't know... College, I guess.

Then what?

My dad wants me to learn
how to run his business.

Are you gonna do it?

Hell, no.

I can't stand that old bastard.

What about you? What
are you gonna do?

I'm gonna help people,
like warrior angel.

You better hit the gym.
Spandex is tough to pull off.

No, no, I don't mean
like the cape and stuff.

I'm talking like a doctor
or a lawyer or something.


Working pro bono for the poor.

Don't let my dad hear you say that.

Why? What's your dad
got against poor people?


He thinks "poverty" is just
another word for "lazy."

What do you think?

I think it would drive my dad nuts
if I got a job working with the poor.

Got room for a partner?

Allenmeyer and Luthor?

Luthor and Allenmeyer.


Now all we got to do is
graduate in one piece.

- Come on.
- Shh!


- Did you get it?
- I got it.

Let's go.

You're so cool.

Nobody saw us.

What are they doing?

Stealing answers to the midterms.

You know, you really didn't have to
go to all this trouble, Mrs. Kent.

You can't live on coffee
three meals a day, Chloe.

I mix it up with the occasional
blueberry muffin.

What? That has a food group in it.


Did you find anything new?


There have been reports of unusual
occurrences happening all over the world.

It's like the wall
of weird gone global.

The worst attack was on a small village
in the Kashmir region of India.

The entire village was nearly destroyed.

Villagers said they saw something
fall from the sky the night before.

That's the same time I escaped
from the phantom zone.

Do you think whatever it was
got out when you escaped?

Like the park ranger?

How about a trip to the ice castle?

Jor-El could help track down the zoners
Before they do any more damage.


"Escaped super-criminals from the
Phantom Zone" is a little bit of a mouthful.

The fortress is dead. There's no way
to contact Jor-El, ask for his help.

I should have just listened to him.

And done what, Clark? Killed Lex to
stop Zod from taking over his body?

You're not a murderer, Clark.

What about all those
people in that village, mom?

They might have died because of my actions.
I need to know for sure.

Then we need to find more crater impacts.

Like the one you made when
you came out of the phantom zone?

I think our best bet
would be satellite images.

I thought all the satellites
were down on Dark Thursday.

All except for a few
owned by Queen Industries.

Now, if we could get the access codes, I might
be able to find an image of whatever it is

that came down before
the attack on that village.

Oliver Queen still owes me one.

Maybe it's time to collect.

Seeing somebody you laughed with,

shared so many good times together...

Seeing him laid out
on the table like that...

At least they say he didn't suffer.

Yeah. But I'm guessing
it didn't tickle, either.

Alden called me a month ago.

He said he wanted to go
out for a drink, and I...

told him I was busy.

I said I'd catch up with him later.

You couldn't have known something
like this was gonna happen.

All the more reason to live for today.

Keep with touch with old friends?

Why don't you all get
together while you're here?

What about that Duncan guy?
Does he live in Metropolis?

Not anymore.

I actually have to be getting
back to Gotham, anyway.

Got a great gal there, Ollie.

Don't screw it up.

Smart guy. You should listen to him.

I'm all ears.


I was wondering if my security system
would keep someone like you out.

Looks like you need an upgrade.

Or you need to learn how to knock.

It's okay. You know what? You can keep
that arrow. I've got a new one.

I was thinking about developing a
boxing-glove arrow, and then I thought,

"Come up with something a little fancier."

Contained electromagnetic pulse...

Knocks out everything electrical
within an 8-Foot radius...

Cameras, laser systems,


That last one was a joke, Clark.

I'm laughing on the inside.

Maybe we'll get lucky one day,
and it'll bubble to the surface.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I need to talk to you about
Queen Industries, their satellite grid.

What about it?

My friend Chloe, she's doing a story on
the global effects of Dark Thursday.

She needs satellite images from that day,
but none of them were working.

Except mine.

How'd you manage that?

It's a trade secret.
Tell you what...

I'll give your friend Chloe
the access codes to the

grid archive if you do
one small thing for me.

What would that be?

Help me figure out how Lex caused the
accidental death of two of my friends.

You think Lex killed them?

I've known Lex a lot
longer than you, Clark.

I've seen who he really is.

I'm just saying we should
think about this.

What's there to think about?

We tell the headmaster what we saw, and
then Queen and those two jerks are out of here.

But we have something on Queen now.

No way is he ever gonna
try anything again.

We could use this.

Force him to act like our friend so
we can have some respect in this place.

You don't pretend to be
friends with somebody, Lex.

You either are or you aren't.

I'm gonna turn them in.

I thought you said you
were gonna handle this.

You told them?

This is our chance, Duncan.

We don't have to be on
the outside anymore.

I... I never felt that way,
Not when you were my friend.

- Just listen to me.
- Get out of my way.

Hey. Where do you think you're going?

Just keep your mouth shut,
and everything will be okay.

Get off of me!

Why do you have to be such a loser?

Why can't you be like everybody else?

Are you okay?


Bad dream.

What was it about?

I don't remember.

Lex, it's normal to be upset.
Alden died right in front of you.

Yeah, well, maybe he finally
got what he deserved.

How can you say that about your friend?

I only had one friend at Excelsior.

And it sure as hell wasn't him.

Do you want to talk about it?

Not really.

Lana, I'm all right.

I'm the last thing you
have to worry about.

The last thing, huh?

Well, at least it didn't break.

Did you see that?

I'm sure it's nothing
to worry about, Lana.




She sustained a fairly serious concussion,
But the cat scans are negative.

- Couple of days' rest, she'll be fine.
- I'll make sure she gets it.

Where's Lana?

She'll be fine. That's the
only thing that matters.

I want to talk to her.

You lost your visiting
rights a while back, Clark.

I wouldn't be here if
it wasn't for you, Lex.

Since you've been with her, she has
a funny habit of getting hurt.

And how many times did she wind up
in the hospital when she was dating you?

Save yourself a trip next time, Clark.

Just send flowers.


That was harsh.

It's not like he's wrong, though.

I've hurt Lana more than anyone else.

She wouldn't even be with
Lex if it wasn't for me.

Lana made that questionable
choice on her own.

Stop beating yourself up.
That's my job.

And my other one is
sniffing out a good story.

That's why you're here?

I don't think Lana's chandelier
run-in was an accident

or that she was the target.

In the past 24 hours, two of Lex and Oliver's
old friends from boarding school

died in violent accidents.

And you think Lex was almost the third.

I think it has something to do with a kid
named Duncan they all knew, but

Oliver won't tell me anything.

Listen, I don't want you to end up sharing
a hospital room with Lana, all right?

Get some distance between
you and Oliver just for now.

Or I could man up and get to the
bottom of this like a real reporter...

Preferably before the grim reaper drops
something very heavy on my hot boyfriend.

Is Lana gonna be okay?

I think so. Looks like you're wrong about
Lex being the one behind the attacks.

Unless he orchestrated this
one to throw off suspicion.

If Lex was the only one hurt,
then I'd probably think the same thing.

He loves Lana too much to risk her life.

These attacks aren't random.

Lois seems to think it
may have something to do

with a kid you went to
school with back at Excelsior...


It's not Duncan.

How can you be sure?

Because Lex and I killed
him 10 years ago.

Why do you have to be such a loser?

- Lex! Come on!
- Lex, stop it!

Lex, come on, stop!


psycho much?

There's something seriously
wrong with you.


Get away from me!

You want to be one
of them so badly, Lex?

Is that it? You can't
stand being a loser like me?

Well, congratulations, buddy. Now you're
their friend. And you can all go...


Oh my god!

Duncan suffered massive brain injuries.

Is there anything else
that you haven't told me?

Just the denouement...

Lionel Luthor sweeping in with the best
doctors in the world to save Duncan.


I thought it was an act of kindness.

Now that I'm older, I realize
it was just an act.

Lionel was trying to cover up what
happened between Lex and Duncan,

trying to cover up the
stink off the Luthor name.

How do you know about all this?

He got the whole story from Lex.

Duncan was on scholarship.

His parents couldn't afford a band-Aid,
let alone a team of neurosurgeons.

So Lionel promised to take
care of the whole thing.

As long as everyone kept quiet.

Not that it mattered.
Duncan died two days later.

It was an accident.

It just happened.


No, I told myself that
same lie for years.

The truth is all of us might as well have
pushed him out in front of that car.

Alden, Geoffrey, Lex, me...

We all killed Duncan Allenmeyer.

What about his family? If they believe you
killed him, one of them might be behind this.

The only relative I could
find was his mother.

Where's she?

Grandville cemetery.
She passed away a month ago.

There must be someone else,
someone else you may have missed.

I don't know.

The only one who had contact
with Duncan's family was Lionel.

I'm not exactly high on his buddy list...
Not a good chance of him talking to me.

I, um...
I was just on my

on my way down the
street to Pastis for lunch.

You hungry?

- No, this isn't a social visit.
- Oh, that's a pity.

The owner's wife does a

soufflé au fromage that is,
well, it is out of this world.

Duncan Allenmeyer.

How do you know that name?

Oliver Queen filled me in.

Ah, yes, the Queen boy.

He should know better
than to dig up old skeletons.

I'm not sure he's the only
one with a shovel in his hand.

These attacks... I think someone who was
close to Duncan is trying to settle a score.

Lex was the only one close to him.

No other family members
besides his mother?

Didn't have any.

There's got to be someone.

What is it you're not telling me?


Two people are already dead.

Do you want to add
Lex to the body count?

Now please tell me.

It was a tragedy, what
happened to Duncan.

I did everything possible to help him.

I have continued to do
that for the past 10 years.

Duncan's alive?

My medical team was able
to keep his heart beating.

But the injuries from his accident have
left him in a permanent vegetative state.

Why did you let everyone
believe he was still dead?


I didn't want Lex to be
crippled by his mistakes.

I decided to make an arrangement
with Duncan's mother.

In exchange for her silence...
Going along with the story...

I agreed to fund a research
program dedicated to

reversing the damage
to her son's brain.

This is still going on.

The best research minds in the world have
tried hundreds of different treatments, but...

What if one of them worked?

It's time for your treatment, Duncan.


Lois, what are you doing here?

I'm following a lead. I checked
out Duncan's mother.

She's dead.

I know that, Sherlock.

On a hunch, I dug up all
her old phone records.

And every day while she was still kicking,
she placed a call to this facility.

She was checking on her son.

Duncan? I thought he was dead.

Yeah, so did everyone else.

I think he's in this room.

How do you know all this?

You're not the only one with hunches.

Nice work.



It's my story. I don't share by-lines.


It's locked. You stay here. I'm gonna
flirt us up a set of keys, all right?


Maybe it was just stuck.

Well, ladies first.


He's arriving now, Mr. Queen.

Thank you.

Lex, I was wondering how long
It was gonna take you to pop up.

I've been busy...

at the hospital.

I heard about Lana.
Is she gonna be all right?

She'll be fine...

Not that you really care.

No, I do care.

I care that a nice girl like that
ended up with a guy like you.

Ever since you came to Metropolis,
I've been kidnapped,

my life put in jeopardy, and now the
woman I love is lying in a hospital bed.

And you think that's my fault.

Sounds to me more like bad karma.

Go back to Star City, Oliver...

While you still can.

I've seen that look before.

When was it?

Oh, yeah...

When you almost beat your only
friend to death back at Excelsior.

That's good.

First one's free. Next
one's gonna cost you.

Poor little Lex,

Always blaming everyone else
for all of his problems.

Only when they're the cause.

You never could take responsibility
for what happened to Duncan.

Like your hands were clean.

No, not even close,

but since then, I've been
scrubbing them real hard.

Yours just keep getting dirtier.

Look out!


I'm not a doctor, but I've seen
enough discovery channel to know

you don't get the squiggly lines
when you're in a vegetative state.

Unless your new treatment is working.

What new treatment?

Something called 12-B. It's experimental.

It's derived from refined meteorites.

Clark, they started giving
him this stuff two days ago.

Look at the injection times.

They coincide with the attacks.

Maybe we just found our killer.

No, wait a minute... These
treatments, they might

stimulate brain activity, but
he's still in a wheelchair.

His body is, yeah, but
look at his charts.

His new cocktail is whipping up
a hell of an electrical storm.

Now, I read this article in the Inquisitor
about brain waves and astral projection...

Astral projection?

Do you have a better explanation?


When was his last injection?

20 minutes ago.

Oh, my god.

It's happening again.
Smallville, I...


What happened?

You went awol while things
heated up, as usual.

I went to go find a phone
to warn Oliver and Lex.

Did you get ahold of them?
Are they all right?

A little worse for wear. Oliver said
whatever happened just suddenly stopped.

Well, Duncan went flatline,
like he blew a fuse or something.

I wonder what caused it.

You need that for your article.

Well, it would be good if
I were still going to write one.

But you're not?

It would make a juicy story for the
Inquisitor, but considering the outcome,

"An exploitation piece on a catatonic patient
astral-projecting his way to revenge"

might be in bad taste.

Would you still feel the same
way if Oliver wasn't involved?

We've all done things
we're not proud of.

I just wish that Oliver didn't feel
like he had to hide it from me.

You know...

sometimes in order to
protect the people we love,

we keep secrets.

That is...

totally retarded.

I wasn't the most popular
kid at Excelsior...

The way I looked,

the rumors about what
happened to my brother, Julian.

But Duncan didn't care.

He was my only friend.

And I betrayed him.

Lex, you were just a boy.

What matters is the man you've become.

You're early.

It's not often I get invited
into the lion's den.

I didn't want you changing your mind.

I'm sure you two have a lot to discuss.

Mr. Queen.

Ms. Lang.

You're a lucky man.

In more ways than one.

I should be dead, But

here I stand.

You would have done
the same thing for me.


I wanted to say thank you.

And that's all I wanted to say.

I'm sure you have
business to get back to.


What happened to Duncan...

the way I treated both of you...

it's not something that I'm proud of.

I want you to know how much I regret it.

And I regret...

Ever thinking I needed friends like you.

Why did you lie to me?

All those years, you let
me think he was dead.

What would you have done
if you had known the truth?

Make daily pilgrimages
to the poor boy's bedside?

Yes, I let you think he was dead.

I was giving you a chance
to move on with your life...

To go forward, not back.

You didn't do this for me.

You convinced Duncan's mother to declare him
dead so you could use him as a guinea pig.

And one of your treatments tapped into
a very powerful part of the human brain.

All right, all right, let's assume that's true.
Would that have made a difference?

You were responsible for what
happened to Duncan Allenmeyer.

Nothing is ever gonna change that.

Well, like you said, dad...

the only thing I can
do is look forward.

I want to see the data
on Duncan's last treatment.

Have it on my desk first
thing in the morning.

So, the thing that attacked us,

Duncan's astral body or
whatever you want to call it,

must have been some form
of electrical manifestation.

And it got fried by your electromagnetic arrow
along with what was left of Duncan's brain.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

You know, making the wrong choices and living
with the consequences... It's not easy, is it?

Speaking from experience, huh?

More than I'd like.

You know, we all make
bad choices, Clark.

All we can do is hope to make
the right ones in the future, right?


I'm sorry. I didn't
realize you had company.

Chloe, Oliver Queen.

Oh, hi.
I feel like I know you already.

Lois talks about you all the time.

I was actually just gonna
go see Lois right now.

Maybe it's time I did some talking.

Well, look, I'm looking forward
To your article on Dark Thursday.

I hope my satellite images helped.


Good. It's good to meet you.


Wow. In person,
he is really...



were you able to pull anything
off the satellites?

Oh, yeah, well, I'm still
sifting through the images,

But I already found
a handful of craters

that match the one you made when
you busted out of the Phantom Zone.

Which means more
zoners on Earth.

Did you find the one in India?

That was just a smoking hole, but
I did find another one in Australia

that I thought you might
want to take a look at.

Is there someone in the crater?

I blew it up as much as I could.
It's not very clear, but...

What is it?