Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 15 - Freak - full transcript

When Chloe spots a meteor freak at a bowling alley during a evening outing with Lana, she follows him and see him getting abducted. Chloe warns Clark and they investigate further. They uncover that one of their high school friends, named Tobais Rice, who is blind, but has meteor-rock powers and is being used by Lex to help him find meteor-rock infected people so he and his crew can research them at his super-secret lab called '33.1'. Meanwhile, Lana gets strenuously close to discovering Clark's secret when she suspects that Clark is a meteor-rock freak when she thinks that Tobias has targeted Clark. But everyone is in for a shock when Chloe ends up getting abducted for having unknown meteor-rock powers that she never knew had.


BOY 1:
Yeah. Whoo!


Okay, so maybe bowling
isn't my calling...

...but it is one of the last
doctor-approved exercises left.

Look, Lana, I love rolling gutter balls
just as much as the next girl...

...but I got to admit...

...I expected something a little different
for the bachelorette party.

BOY 2:
Oh, nice.

I know I could've invited
a bunch of girls...

...and gone out in a limo for a night on
the town. But this is much more special.

Yeah, eating chili fries
and knocking down pins?

With my best friend, like we used to,
one last time.

You're getting married,
not moving to Antarctica.

I'm also having a baby.

And I feel these girls 'nights out
will be a lot harder to come by.

I wouldn't be so sure.

But just in case,
let's document the night.

-All right.


Heh. Cute.




One last picture of Lana Lang
before she becomes Lana Luthor.

Wow, that's weird.

Excuse me.

I couldn't help but notice
your form was perfect...

...but your wrist is a little off.
Could I give you a pointer?

Who's going to man the shoe fort?

I could care less.
My shift's over anyways.

CHLOE: Okay. All right.

Okay, you're gonna point the inside
of your elbow straight down that lane.

I'll try, but don't sign me up
for the pro bowling league just yet.

Oh, trust me.
I've got the magic touch.

All right.

-Oh, my God. I did it.
-Wow, nice tip.

Last frame, you get to go again.


Remember what I said.



DANIEL: All right.
-Good job, Lana.

DANIEL: Why don't you give me your
number and I'll share a few more tips.

I'm not sure
that my fianc? would approve.

Oh. Yeah.

Probably not.

Thank you.

Come on, Chloe.
How about one more picture?

Why here?

Bowling alleys
always attract big crowds.

Okay, Tobias.
It's time to take them off.

Only for a second.

I know it hurts.


There's one right there.


DANIEL: Stay--







I can't believe
there isn't even a skid mark.

Maybe there's a clue here. Are you
sure this guy was krypto-powered?

There was one pin standing
and then boom, it fell. All by itself.

That would be a good reason
to kidnap a bowling-alley employee.

-Did Lana see the abduction?

With the wedding of the century
coming up...

...are you gonna be renting
a tux next weekend or a DVD?

Chloe, what possible reason would
I have to watch them get married?

Maybe because if you showed up... would send a message
that you're actually moving on.

You know, to Lana, to Lex.

More importantly, to yourself.

So, what does this guy look like?

Your bowling buddy?

Uh, he's Asian, about 6 feet tall,
with, um, an earring in his left ear.

You mean, like that guy?

Hey, what are you doing?
We're closed.

What happened to you last night?

Oh, did-- Did you and me, did we--?

-Did we hook up?
CHLOE: Uh, no.

You were thrown
in the back of a van by men in black.

Damn. I thought
I drank a lot last night.

You sure you don't remember
getting thrown in that van?

I don't remember anything.

Figured I just blacked out.

It was Saturday night, I wasn't driving,
so I cracked open a pint.

Next thing I know I'm waking up
in bed like any other morning.

Is it me, or do I look like a waiter
serving high tea?

You look like
the most handsome groom in the world.

Good answer.



About last night.

Why did Chloe go outside
in the middle of your bachelorette party?

She said she needed some air.

In the back alley?

Why not go out front
like everyone else?

Lex, you seem a little obsessed
with the details.

She's your maid of honor
and she almost got run over.

Lana, I wouldn't want anything
to happen to her.

Neither would I.

I'll see you at dinner.

Dr. Bethany,
do we have an appointment?

The boy is growing impatient.
He keeps asking when the surgery is.

Well, tell him corneas
don't grow on trees.

He's blind, Mr. Luthor, not stupid.

I'm afraid if we keep stalling,
he'll start talking.

You warned me...

...that a cornea transplant
would likely take away his abilities.

If he tells anyone what we're doing,
my career's as good as over.

-I'm the one on the line here.
-Think of your wife, doctor.

If we tracked
these subjects a year ago...

...she might never
have been murdered.

Don't pretend that you care
about crime, Mr. Luthor.

I know about
your meteor-rock research.

I've been victimized
by these people just like you have.

Tell Tobias to be patient.

Daniel may not be the only one.

A mother called 911 complaining her son
disappeared in the middle of the night.

When he showed up in bed
the next morning, safe and sound...

...there was no case.

Son's name: Brian Osbourne.

Also on the wall of weird,
suspected clairvoyant.

People with powers
are being abducted.

And then released with a memory wipe
that reaches back before the abduction.

What's happening to them
on their big night out?

I'm guessing not a pajama party.

And considering Lex's history
with 33.1, I bet he's behind this.

That wouldn't be a shocker,
but this is the only clue I have.

It's you and Lana
having the time of your lives.

Be patient.

See, that's Tobias Rice.

He was blinded
in the last meteor shower.

And he's pointing directly at Daniel.

Why would a blind person
point at someone?

TOBIAS: Come on in.
It's nice to hear a familiar voice.

CLARK: Sorry about what happened.
-Hey, I got off lucky.

My parents, not so much.

Uh, can I get you guys something
to drink? How about an iced tea?

Don't make me drink alone.

Sure, I'll have a glass. Thanks.

CHLOE: Tobias, you were at Smallville
Lanes last night, weren't you?

You sound surprised.

You were pointing at someone.
Someone named--

I hate to break it to you...

...but in my condition I'm not doing
too much pointing these days.

Hopefully that'll change. I'm on this
waiting list for a cornea transplant.

Here, let me help you with that.

No, I can handle it.


I'm sorry.
The glass almost hit the ground.

Are you all right, Tobias?

I'm fine.

When my glasses are off, I get
these raging headaches from the light.

Please, just go.


Call me crazy,
but it was like he saw something.

That's what worries me.

BETHANY: I told you not to call me here.
This had better be important, Tobias.

It is. Dr. Bethany...

...I found another one.

BETHANY: I'm at the hospital now.
We'll deal with this later.

Jimmy, o-okay, you win.

You can come over tonight.
But I'm warning you, I have a deadline.

Yeah, I like you a lot too. Bye.


-Late-night nuptial emergency?
-This isn't about the wedding.

I was just wondering.

Did you really go outside for fresh air
last night? Or was there another reason?

All right, I admit it. I was worried
that he was another Lana Lang stalker.

But, listen, I got my bridesmaid's dress.
And you have amazing taste.

Why do I get the feeling
that you're seriously side-stepping...

...any discussion
about that abduction?

You think Lex had something
to do with this, don't you?

Let's just say,
it wouldn't be a huge leap.

Considering Dan the Man
has a meteor power.

It turns out that his bowling tips
came with an added advantage.

Telekinesis. And I think
that's why he was abducted.

But you and I both know that
just because someone has an ability...

...doesn't make them a bad person.

Some of these people might use
their powers to save people.

Okay, I don't know
who you're talking about...

...the meteor freaks that I've met
aren't in line to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

These people
don't advertise their abilities.

Whoever did this,
how do they figure out who to abduct?

A kid who went to Smallville High
was blinded in the last meteor shower...

...and now he has the ability
to identify meteor freaks.

What's his name?

WOMAN: Well, thank you, Dr. Bethany.
I'll get the results right back to you.

CLARK: Dr. Bethany?
-Yes. Can I help you?

I'm friends with Tobias Rice.
He called you today.

He's a patient of mine.

Tobias said, "I found another one."

I'm not sure what that meant,
but I'm worried about him.

Well, I'm glad that Tobias
has such caring friends...

...but anything said between my patients
and myself is strictly confidential.

What about Daniel Kim?
Is he a patient of yours?

I've never heard of him.

WOMAN: Ah, Dr. Bethany,
I have something for you to sign here.

BETHANY: All right. Just a moment.
Oh, good, the requisitions.

Okay, just-- Just let me get my--


WOMAN: I'm so sorry.
I don't know what happened.

-Where is it?
-Where's what?

My computer. You took it, didn't you?


Clark, please tell me
you know where Chloe is.

She's not here?

No, I can't find her. To tell you
the truth, I'm starting to freak out.

She's not answering her phone,
she always answers.

Wait, calm down.
When was the last time you saw her?


It was at the Planet this morning.

She's on a deadline.
She's supposed to be here working.

If she's under a deadline
she's probably out researching her story.

On the downtown parking meters?
I don't think so.

Look, I swear, Clark,
if anything happens to her--

Jimmy, take this computer.
See if you can break into its files.

Chloe's the one with techno skills. I'm
the guy with a camera and a kidnapped--


-Where is Dr. Bethany?

How'd you get in here?

He's not at the hospital. And he's not
answering his pages. Where is he?

How am I supposed to know?

He kidnapped Chloe.

He took my friend. Now, where is he?


-I don't understand.

Don't lie to me.

He said he was helping people.

He's not gonna help Chloe, Tobias.
She's a witness.

God knows what he'll do to her.

If he took her,
it's not because she's a witness.

He's trying to lure me in.


Why would he want to do that?

Why would he take Chloe?


You guys are such close friends.
I thought you knew.

Knew what?

She's meteor-infected, Clark.

Blood iron levels?

MAN 1:

MAN 2: Copper, creatinine
and chloride all high.

BETHANY: The clock is ticking.
Let's not waste time.

MAN 2: The erythrocyte
and leucocyte counts confirmed.

Initializing full body scan.


Scanning in progress.

MAN 2:
Vertical A with X.

Prepare for DNA extraction.


Hello, beautiful.

How are the two of you doing?

Oh, we're-- We're both doing just fine.

Lex, have you ever heard
of Tobias Rice?

No, why?

Well, I ran into him in the bowling alley.
We went to school together.

He lost his vision
in the meteor shower...

...and now he has this ability
to sense meteor-infected people.

That's intriguing.

But why do you think I'd know him?

Because I know what kinds of things
you're interested in.

And meteor powers
are high on the list.

Maybe so...

...but, in this case,
I'm afraid I'm in the dark.

I've never heard of your friend.



any luck with the computer?

I tried every trick I know, but I'm
an amateur in the encryption game.

-Look, what about the doctor?
-He's nowhere to be found.

What if she really is gone, Clark?

I've never met anyone
like Chloe Sullivan and I never will.

And you know
what the most pathetic part is?

Is that that I was so busy
playing it cool...

...that I never got to tell her
how I really, truly feel.

Well, now's your chance.


Chloe. You're back.

Jimmy, easy with
the anaconda squeeze.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe
you're standing here.

-Why? I live upstairs.
CLARK: Chloe... were abducted last night.

Oh, my God.

You don't remember?

The last thing I remember is going
to sleep. And then I woke up in my bed.

I don't understand.
Why did they take me?

Because you're a witness.
They wanna shut you up.

If that was the case,
they wouldn't have released me.

Maybe they just wanted to scare you.

Look, Chloe, I'm just glad
that you're back. All right?

And we have Bethany's laptop
and all the files are encrypted.

Maybe you can pull off a miracle.

If you've come here with complaints,
they're gonna fall on deaf ears.

This has nothing to do with Tobias.

I don't know how else to say this...

...except that, ah, sensitive information
about our project has been...




Glasses are misplaced, car keys.

Not classified information.

I know.

It-- It seems that... laptop was somehow stolen.

On it are files that will not only...


...jeopardize our project but obliterate
my medical career in the process.

Sounds like a real blunder, doctor.

For your sake, I hope it hasn't gotten
into the wrong hands.

For both our sakes.


I have nothing to do with you
or your research, remember, doctor?

That was our agreement.

I understand.

But it's more than likely that
there is some mention of LuthorCorp.

Then you give me no choice.

What are you implying?

I don't tolerate loose ends, doctor.

Bring me Tobias.






It's Lana Lang, from Smallville High.

I haven't talked to this many Crows
since graduation.

Come on in.

I know about your ability, Tobias.

I wouldn't call blindness an ability.

I know that you're identifying people.
People who are different.

But you have to stop.

Whoever's put you up to this
is exploiting your powers.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I have money.

I can put you on a plane.
We can get you far away from here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm in line for a cornea transplant.


Then, you can get
the surgery somewhere else...

...where there aren't
any strings attached.

I'll make sure of it.

Why would you do that for me?

Because... may be putting someone
at risk who saves people's lives...

...on, practically, a daily basis.

I can't let that happen.

Who told you about me?

Clark Kent?

Clark was here?

You seem surprised.

Did you tell anyone about him?

What's to tell?

Tobias, it's okay, you can trust me.

I know that Clark's infected.

You must be talking
about a different Clark Kent.

Because the Clark I know
is the most normal guy I've ever met.


The files are barricaded.

But in every wall
there's a door somewhere.

What's more impenetrable
is the way you keep staring at me.

-Do I have something on my face?
-No. No.

I'm just relieved.

We were all really worried about you.

Nice try, Clark.

Cough it up.

-Cough what up?
-You know the real reason...

...why I was abducted, don't you?

I'm some kind of meteor freak,
aren't I?

We don't know that, Chloe.

Well, maybe this will help
demystify things for us.

We're in.

-That's a map of Smallville.
-With a GPS overlay.

Clark, I think Dr. Bethany
is tracking meteor freaks.

Now the question is, why?

Maybe he's trying to observe them
in their own environment.

I just got off the phone
with the Planet.

Daniel Kim was killed in a car accident
outside Smallville Lanes 15 minutes ago.

Or someone tried to make it look
like a car crash.


CHLOE: There's a new red dot on
the street outside the bowling alley.

That red dot must be Daniel Kim.

And a blinking green one
just turned red in Granville.

Chloe, they're killing
these people one by one.

There's a green dot in the Talon.

What's going on here?

Chloe, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Um, I need you
to go to the Smallville Lanes...

...find out everything
about Daniel?s death.

-I'll call you when I get there.
-Okay, thanks.

Clark, I need you to x-ray me.

-Clark, come on, we're both adults.

Now, just do it.



There, underneath your collarbone.

What is it?

-I don't know.
-Please, Clark...

...I don't wanna die.

Just get it out of me.

We have to get you to a hospital.

Clark, there's something inside of me.
I don't wanna go to the ER...

...and wait for the doctors
to figure out what it's gonna do to me.

How accurate's your heat vision?

-Chloe, don't even go there.
-Is it pinpoint accurate?

-Chloe, I'm not gonna burn you.
-Clark, Daniel Kim is dead.

Every single one of those green dots
is turning red one by one.

I will not be the next red dot.

Fine, if you're not gonna do it,
then I'll just do it myself.

Chloe, wait, wait.
Just hold on a second.

Do it.

All right.

Hold on to me.

You can't move.



All right.


-I'm sorry.
-Just get it out.

It's a GPS device. That's all it is.


And my green dot's gone red.

In high school, I assumed the only thing
Lana Lang cared about...

-...was lip gloss and pom-poms.
-You didn't know me very well.

Well, I'm sorry for ever thinking that.


Where are you going?

What's she doing here?

He's coming with me.

Why would he do that?

I have to take him
to the medical center.


...the time has finally come.

We're prepping you for surgery.

Just like I promised.

Let me get my jacket.

Tobias, you can get
this surgery somewhere else.

It's okay, Lana.



What the heck did you do
to my girl, Kent?

Jimmy, there was
a tracking device in me.

-Clark had a pocket knife.
-We improvised.

-Jimmy, it barely even stung.


There's only one green dot left.
Off Highway 52.



The powers that be want me
to take you to them...

...but if I do that, I'm a dead man.

So if anyone asks... just disappeared.

Please, don't hurt him.


Don't worry.

This amount of voltage...

...will stop the heart immediately.
He won't feel a thing.

And neither will you.

But you will.


I always thought my father
had too many guns in the house.

-And now I'm glad he did.

What good is a gun if you can't see?

TOBIAS: But I can hear
and the next one's going in your heart.


Tobias, go. Go now.

Don't move.

Drop it.

Put it down or I swear to God,
I'll pull the trigger.

I think I'll take my chances.


What happened?

I'm not sure.

But we're safe now.

Are you okay?

I think so.

I'll call the police.




MAN: Excuse me.
-You have someone to assist you?

-I can.


The deputies told me what happened.
Are you okay?

I should've known what was going on.

I wanted my sight back so badly
I never questioned it.

It's okay. It's all over now.

A friend of mine's gonna
get you your operation.

You'll be safe.

Lana wanted to do
the same thing for me.



She had this crazy notion
that you were infected by the meteors.

And she didn't want me
to tell anybody else.


-What'd you tell her?
-The truth.

That you're the most normal guy
I've ever met.

Your ride's here.

Thanks, Clark.

For everything.

Thank you.

LANA: Once again, fate intervenes
and lives are miraculously saved.


Paramedic said
he died of a heart attack.

It's bizarre.

What's really bizarre is this.

I fired the gun, but the bullet smashed
into the cabinet behind me.

Must have ricocheted.

Off of something pretty powerful.

The important thing
is that you're okay.

Where did Tobias go?

Star City.

Oliver Queen is arranging for him
to get his cornea transplant.


...Tobias told me
what you were gonna do for me.

I'm not sure where you got this idea
that I was meteor-infected...

...but I appreciate you
looking out for me. It means a lot.

You know...

...even if it were true,
even if you were meteor-infected... wouldn't matter.

You'd still be the same Clark Kent.

Miss Lang?

Are you ready
to finish your statement?


Thank God you're all right.

What were you doing
at that kid's house?

I was trying to save him.

You should've come to me.

I didn't know it was
gonna turn out that way.

Lex, that doctor,
I saw you meeting with him.

Of course you did.

I was talking to Bethany
about LuthorCorp's donation... the new trauma center.

So it's just a coincidence
that he was here.

A sad one.

Who would've ever thought that a man
whose job it is to save lives...

...would do something like this?

Lex, if you were involved
in this you'd tell me, wouldn't you?

Lana...'re my bride-to-be.

-The mother of my--
-Tell me the truth, Lex.

On the soul of my unborn child...

...I swear...'s the truth.

You look dazed and confused.
Are you okay?

I can't sleep.

I can't work.
I can't think about anything else.

You've been through a lot.

There's a reason they took me.

And we both know
it's not because I was a witness.

Tobias didn't identify you, Clark,
because you're not a meteor freak.

It was me.

-Chloe, it must have been a mistake.
-How do you know that?

I've been exposed to more kryptonite
than anyone else in this town.

It's not much of a stretch to think that
I could've been infected along the way.

But you don't have any powers.

Do you?

No, but that doesn't rule me out.

There's a percentage of the wall
of weird that were latent.

They didn't exhibit powers
until long after their exposure.


All right, let's say it's true.

But who's to say you're ever gonna
develop any powers at all?

All I know is that
every single meteor freak...

...I've ever run into has ended up
either dead or in Belle Reve.

Face it, Clark.

I'm a walking time bomb.

Well, then consider me
your own personal bomb squad.


Regarding our most recent subject...

...keep a close eye on her.