Smallville (2001–2011): Season 6, Episode 11 - Justice - full transcript

The Green Arrow sends out for reinforcements and Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse, Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Victor Stone (Cyborg) return to Smallville to help him take down LuthorCorp's secret lab called 'Project 33.1'. During a break-in at the LuthorCorp facility, Bart is captured and tortured by Lex for information to who hired him. Clark sets off to rescue him but is felled by kryptonite. An alarmed Chloe goes to Oliver for help, and the newly formed "justice league" springs into action to rescue Clark and Bart. Meanwhile, Oliver painfully decides to break up with Lois, feeling that his dedicating to justice is more important, but he leaves out that information from her.

Clark, I know hunting down Zoners
is your top priority.

But if you haven't found anything
in South America...

we still have a situation back here
in Kansas we need to deal with.

No, he'll be here in 15 minutes.

Okay, great.
See you in a few.

Dr. Caselli. You're early.

And you are annoyingly persistent,
Miss Sullivan.

I've already told you,
I don't know anything.

Don't sell yourself short, doctor.

I think you're a very
knowledgeable man.

In the last few months,
over a dozen patients...

have been transferred
out of Belle Reve.

And I believe that's your signature
on all the paperwork.

Patients are transferred in and out
of mental facilities all the time.

Even ones that exhibit unusual abilities?

Where were they transferred to?

Is LuthorCorp involved?

Does this have anything to do
with 33.1?

Okay. I'll take that as a "no comment."

I didn't want any of this.

But it was so much money.

- Chloe. You okay?
- Yeah.

Just in the nick of time as always.

It wasn't me.
He was down when I got here.

What? Well, if it wasn't you,
then who...

Dude, he's open.
Pass the ball. Pass the...

What's the matter with you, man?

Still too slow, Stretch.


♪ Smallville: "Justice" ♪
Season 6 Episode 11

Original Airdate Jan. 18, 2007

He got away from you?

I thought you were
the fastest man alive.

Whoever he was, he saved your life,
which is more than I can say.

Come on, Clark, it wasn't your fault.
Even with all your powers...

- you can't be everywhere at once.
- I have to be.

I'm the only one who can round up
prisoners from the Phantom Zone.

And stop Lex from experimenting
on people with abilities.

What'd you find out from Caselli
about 33.1?

Nothing. I'm not going to.
Caselli was in and out of prison...

before the ink could dry
on his prints.

How'd he get out so fast?

I don't know. But a LuthorCorp lawyer
paid Caselli a visit...

- right before his release.
- Lex.

Caselli could be stashed
halfway around the world by now.

I'll get in touch with Lionel.
He can tell us something.

I'll sift through my LuthorCorp intel.

Maybe we'll get lucky, come up
with a few crumbs.

Hey, gorgeous.
What's up? You miss me?

Bart Allen. We had a moment in
the Talon last time I was here.

Two years ago.
Before you had a boyfriend.

Oh, right. Wow, it's good
to see you again, Bart.

Yeah, well, the pleasure's all mine,

I'll see you around.

Knock it off.
What's with the Spanish?

Well, I just grabbed lunch
down in Mexico, man.

They got this burrito down there,
El Intestino Bustor.

You gotta take a run down there
with me to try one.

What are you doing here, Bart?

Well, I'm hanging out
with my amigo, man.

- What's it look like?
- That's what I'm trying to find out.

Last time you blew through town,
you stole my dad's wallet...

swiped a priceless artifact from Lex.
Nearly got killed.

Yeah. Yeah. Those were the days?

Yeah, all right. Look, man.

I already told you,
things are different now. Okay?

Back then, I needed a super-kick
in the butt and you laid it on me.

Since then there's been no stealing
for this gringo, I swear.

Am I really supposed to just buy that?

I could squirt out some tears,
if that'll help?

No, but the truth might.

What were you doing
at the Daily Planet?

I saw Chloe-licious had a byline
a while back.

I was in town on business,
figured I had to check it out.

What kind of business?

I'm a courier. I pick things up.
I drop them off.

Lickety-split, don't have a fit.

All right. Look, man, whatever.
You don't trust me, that's fine.

Okay, I'll be gone
before you can even blink.

I don't know...

I can still blink pretty fast.


Wanna go get that burrito?

Now that is what I call
a three-martini lunch.

It's a four-martini lunch.

If you include the one that
you spilled down my shirt.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Well, how am I ever
going to make it up to you?

I don't know because...

this is my favorite shirt.

Oh, well, then...

I think we should get it
into the laundry...

so that it doesn't stain.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

I gotta take this.

Go ahead.

Give me five minutes.

- I...
- You know...

what I had in mind is gonna take
a little longer than five minutes.

Rain check?


I'll just put it next to the rest of
the umbrellas you keep handing me.

- Lois...
- I mean...

is it just me or is this relationship
all interruptus and no coitus?

You're always running off just
when things start getting interesting.

And I like being interested.
A lot.


Yeah, I know, you're right.

It's not fair to you.

I think we should take a break.

You mean like...? What?

See other people?

Well, okay. Yeah, I mean,
if that's what you want.

I was thinking more along the lines
of taking a vacation.


- Really?
- Yeah. Really.

No rushing out in the middle
of the good stuff?

No. None.

It'll be you, me...

and Monte Carlo?

There's just a few things that I do
need to take care of before we go.

And I think once we get...

oh, God, you're good at that.

- I'll start packing.
- Okay.


I need to talk to you. You alone?

Just me and my shadow, Dad.

Lana's in Paris with Nell,
shopping for a wedding dress.

It's good she's out of the country,
considering what's happening.

Look, if this is about Dr. Caselli...

Caselli? He's the least of our worries.

Another LuthorCorp facility
has been hit. That's six.

Each one of them has some connection
with 33.1.

The only thing housed in those facilities
was peripheral research.

All the vital data is still secure
in the mainframe.

How long do you think before that
is compromised?

If it ever became public that
LuthorCorp is experimenting...

on people with abilities...

It won't.

What's this?

A single frame pulled off
a security camera...

from one of the break-ins.

Whoever's responsible...

has the ability to move faster
than a speeding bullet.

Such a unique individual would...

make an interesting test subject
to add to 33.1.

Don't you think?

What do you plan to do?

Protect our investment.
Come on, I'll walk you out.

Yeah, I got it.

Meet me at the rendezvous.

Hey, are we gonna do this?

You're gonna lurk in the shadows
all night?

Just being careful.

After all...

I'm not as fast as you.


I was just thinking about you.

You got a funny way of showing it.

I've left you half a dozen messages.

I'm sorry. I've been preoccupied.

Helping that doctor from Belle Reve
get out of jail?

Clark, my involvement with Belle Reve
is past history.

But it appears that you still have
a very active interest...

in breaking into LuthorCorp.

- Where was this taken?
- Mexico.

The LuthorCorp processing plant.

If you're going to continue playing
games like this...

you should be more careful.

This isn't me.


Who is it then?

God, Mrs. K, thank you so much.
This is so good.

Where do you put it all?

You eat more than Clark
and he's twice your size.

Yeah. Well, you know,
I burn a lot of calories.

Well, there's plenty more in the fridge.

I have to run to a meeting.

Would you mind cleaning up?

Yeah, anything for you, Mrs. K.

It's nice to have you here, Bart.
I hope you stay longer this time.

Hey, what's up, man?
You just missed a killer spread.

You can cut the act.
I know about LuthorCorp...

and the break-ins by somebody
who's as fast as me.

Yeah, faster, actually.

It's funny, I actually believed your
story about how I changed your life.

Look, it's not a story, Clark.
Okay? Really, I'm not the same guy.

You stole from Lex before,
you're stealing from him again.

- What's the difference?
- It's... It's complicated.

- I'm a smart guy. Explain it to me.
- I can't.

Why not? I thought we were amigos?

Yeah, well, we are.

Then tell me why you're stealing
from LuthorCorp.

I just... I can't.

I'll find out for myself then.

Look, I'm sorry I can't tell you
all my secrets, Clark.

Okay, I thought a guy like you
would understand it.

- I know it's just a vacation, but...
- What? Vacation?

No, vacation is Palm Springs.

Monte Carlo is a fairy tale.

Yeah, hopefully
without Prince Charming...

having a disappearing act
every five minutes.

I think you'll be keeping
his full attention, Lois.

Yeah. You know, I'd better.

It's not like I go Victoria's Secret
for anybody.

What do you think?

- Should I have gone with the black?
- No.

Something tells me
green is definitely his color.

Hey, Chloe...

God, Smallville. Learn how to knock.

What if I'd been naked?

Lois is jetting off to Monte Carlo
with Oliver.


Yeah, I'll send you a postcard
if I'm not too busy.

- No, Lois, you should...
- Get a couple new bikinis?

Good idea.
Thanks, Smallville.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea
to help Oliver keep his secret from her.

That he's the Green Arrow?
No offense, Clark, but you weren't...

honest with Lana
about your secret either.

Look how that ended up.

Maybe all keeping secrets does

is force you to lie to people
you care about.

Are we still talking about Oliver?

The guy who saved you
at the Planet?

He didn't exactly get away.
It's Bart.

What? Wait a minute.

- Bart can superspeed too?
- He's actually a lot faster than I am.

That's the truth.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

It's fine, you were protecting him.
It's okay. If anyone gets it, it's me.

But why are you outing him now?

He's headed for trouble
and I need to find him.

Can you GPS his cell phone?

Yeah, I can try.
Do you have his number?

He broke into a LuthorCorp plant
down in Mexico.

Now, I think Lex is on to him.

If he tries to break into
another facility...

No good.
His phone must be off.

What about call history?
Can you pull up a record?

Legally? Absolutely not.

There's over a dozen calls
to that number in the last 24 hours.

Let's see who's on the other end.

Artemis Global Consortium?
I've never heard of them.

It's a subsidiary of JL International...

which is a satellite company
currently orbiting...

Queen Industries.

It's Oliver.

He's using Bart to attack LuthorCorp.

I'm in.

Not so fast now, are you?


Look, Clark, whatever's got
your tightie-whities...

in a bunch,
now's not the time.

Where's Bart?

I saw his phone records.
I know he's working for you.

Not for me.
He's working with me.

There's a difference.

It's not gonna matter
when he ends up in jail or worse.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I know how much you hate Lex.

Is that why you recruited Bart?
To help with your little vendetta?

No, to stop 33.1.

You know about 33.1?

Why didn't you tell me
what you were up to?

Clark, do you check in with me...

every time you run off
to save the world?

That's right. For a second there,
I forgot.

You like to just wait
for trouble to show up.

That's not true.

Then why haven't you done anything
to stop 33.1?

I was busy with another problem.

What could be more urgent
than Lex Luthor...

developing an army
of super freaks, Clark?

That's what he's doing.

He's starting a war.

What have you found out?

Not enough.

Last night, Bart infiltrated a place...

that was supposed to house
the mainframe for 33.1.

That's the last time I heard from him.

So I reconned the target this morning,
the place had been stripped clean.

Everything's gone.

The whole thing was a setup.

Lex has Bart.

We have to find him.

My team's already on it.

Your team?

Not everybody flies solo, Kent.

Morning, sunshine.

I know you.

You've stolen from me before.

I want a lawyer.

And I want a ponytail.

Disappointment abounds.

Who do you work for?

What you see is what you get,

You're a low-level thief.

Swiping corporate data isn't your style.

Now, tell me who you're working for
and this won't have to get unpleasant.

All right.

All right.

I work for a guy...

called Mr. Kiss My Butt.
Would you like me to introduce you?

The floor of your cell has been
outfitted with pressure plates...

designed to track movement.

Stop in one place for even
a millisecond...

after I activate them...

and you fry.

Last chance.

Well, maybe you'll feel more talkative
when you get tired of running.

AC, check the LuthorCorp manifests.


How long you guys been
working together?

I joined up about six months ago.

Ollie and Bart had already been doing
their thing.

- What about your girlfriend, Katherine?
- Dude, don't even go there.

She gave it her best shot.

But with all this hardware in me...

I'm sorry, Victor.

Ollie found me, I was living
on the streets.

He gave me a warm meal,
roof over my head...

and a reason to go on living.

Did he just say something nice
about me?

Maybe he's starting to rust.

AC, how'd you fall into all this?

I got into a little trouble sinking
a whaler off the coast of Japan.

A little trouble?
That's what you're gonna go with?

Ollie had to save your scaly butt
from getting filleted.

- I would've gotten out of it.
- Really?

Before or after they pack you
into a thousand tin cans?

Well, at least
he would've been dolphin-safe.

Fish jokes.
That's all I ever get, are fish jokes.

So how's Lois doing, man?
Is she all right?

I think you'd have to ask your boss.

Now's not the time.
We need to focus on locating Bart.

And how exactly did you get him
involved in this?

He's never been much of a team player.

It looks like you two have something
in common.

Actually, I was out on patrol
in Star City one night...

and I came across Bart.

He was helping himself to a free meal.

I could tell he was a good kid.
You know, he just...

needed a little direction.
So I offered him a job.

Look where that got him.

I underestimated Lex.

It won't happen again.

I've compiled a list of all LuthorCorp
holdings within a hundred-mile radius.

Bart could be held
in any one of those facilities.

That's a lot of real estate to cover.

I think I know someone
who can help us narrow it down.

Victor Stone and Arthur Curry
are working for him too?

Oliver's been busy. Is there anything
in your LuthorCorp intel...

that could help find out
where Bart's being held?

I don't know. Wait.

When I had my feelers out
for Dr. Caselli...

I managed to shake loose
some internal documents.

In the last few days, there's been
equipment transfers...

to the Ridge Facilities in Metropolis.

LuthorCorp moves equipment
all the time.

This isn't a couple of forklifts.

Half a ton of lead shielding,
electrical pressure plates...

more than $20 million of equipment
to measure high velocity particles.

It's Bart. Take everything
and bring it to Oliver.

Me? Clark...

I can get to the Ridge faster myself.

I can't let anything happen to Bart.

Mr. Queen, its Chloe Sullivan.
Clark sent me.

- Where's Clark?
- He went to rescue Bart.

He told you about Bart?

We trust each other.
Clark tells me everything.

Well, almost everything.

I did have to figure out about your
green leather fetish on my lonesome.

Don't worry, I didn't say
anything to Lois.

Although you might wanna consider...

Hey, let's just stick to the
main plot there, sidekick.

- So, what do you got?
- Hopefully a solid lead on Bart.

Where are Victor and AC?

I guess we're not that good
at the whole secret part of this yet.

Yeah, but you're great
at getting caught by the villain.

Anyway, I think Bart's being held
at a place called the Ridge Facility.

That's down by the docks.

It's on our list of possible 33.1 targets.

All right, boys, you know the drill.
Let's gear up and get out.

Oh, no.

What now?

Lead shielding.
This isn't just for Bart.

I think the Ridge Facility is being used
to refine meteor rock.

Clark's in trouble.

Green Arrow to Watch Tower.
We're in position.

Okay. There should be a security
access panel near the east door.

According to the schematic, you
need to carefully rewire the system...


I could just jack in
and shut the whole perimeter down.

- You can do that?
- Queen Industries upgrade.

Accessing perimeter security.

Perimeter neutralized.

Aquaman, you're up.

Perimeter breached.
Proceeding to target.

You make one hell of a can opener.

And you'd look good
on a bag of green beans.

All right, we're in.
Which way?

The refinement vault's
a hundred meters southwest.

- Still no word from Clark.
- If he's in there, we'll get him out.

- Let's go.
- You've got a different mission.

- You're the boss, Robin Hood.
- What mission? What are you doing?

Watch Tower to Green Arrow,
what's your status?

Switching to Silent Running.
Stand by for instructions.

Aquaman, do your thing.

Hey. You're not supposed to be here.

Neither am I.

All right. Come on.

- I'm all right. Yeah.
- You sure?

Green Arrow to Watch Tower.

Boy Scout's out of the woods.

Boy Scout?

If you hadn't ran off,
you could've picked your own name.

You don't wanna play for the team,
that's fine. Be smart about it.

Point taken.

- Where's Bart?
- Impulse.

He didn't get to pick
his own code name either.

Watch Tower will guide you to where
he's probably being held.

What are you gonna be doing?

What I do best.

Watch Tower to Boy Scout,
let's find Impulse.

Cyborg to Aquaman.
Where the hell are you, Fish Stick?

Dude, what took you so long?

Nice. But please, put a shirt on.

- I swim faster when I'm naked.
- I bet you do.

You're lucky I still got my pants on.

Boy Scout's located Impulse.

Bart. You okay?

I don't care. I want a Level one
lockdown. No one gets in or out.

Little late for that.

You got 10 minutes to clear
your people out of here...

before I blow this place off the map.

- You.
- You remember.

- I'm touched.
- Well, it's a little hard to forget.

Last time we met,
you put an arrow in my chest.

You put a bullet in mine. Bygones?

Go to hell.

You first.

Can you superspeed?

Yeah, I just... I need a minute
to catch my breath.

You know what, you're gonna
have to catch it later.

Aquaman, Cyborg.

- Rendezvous Alpha, confirm.
- We're on the move.

Watch Tower. Have all of
Luthor's people cleared the building?

The last heat signatures
are moving away from the north.

Wait a second. What are you doing?

What do you think? You want
more of your friends in here?

Yeah, I'm voting no on that one.

Watch Tower, are you sure
everyone's out of the building?

One hundred percent positive.

All right, let's do it.

All right, have the jet fueled and ready.

I wanna be in the air
as soon as possible.

Hey. I hope your bird's
got some serious lift...

because this thing weighs a ton.

Aren't you packed yet?
Where's your stuff?


Don't even think about saying
what I think you're gonna say.

I'm sorry. I have to go away
on business.

Postpone it.

It's not that simple.

Nothing with you ever is.

You're like
two completely different people.

There's the charming, romantic guy
that I fell in love with...

and then there's this other guy...

who can't stick around in one place
long enough to see what he's missing.

Ever since my parents died...

I've jumped around from city to city,
from continent to continent.

And in all those years...

not once have I regretted
leaving anyone.

But then I met you.

Then stay.

I can't.

Because there are more important
things in this world than what I want.

And what I love.

I hope someday I can explain why.

Don't expect me to be waiting around
for that when you get back.

I'm not coming back, Lois.

At least not anytime soon.

I'm sorry.

I never wanted to hurt you.

Well, you finally got around to it
anyway, didn't you?

This is the moment, right?

The moment that I'm gonna regret
for the rest of my life, isn't it?


Bart Allen gone, he escaped.

A multimillion-dollar installation

33.1, irrevocably compromised.

But at least you found out, son,
that the, Jolly Green Archer...

and his extraordinary cohorts...

they're not your
run-of-the-mill adversaries.

Which is exactly why
we have to continue with 33.1.

If terrorists like Green Arrow
are recruiting people with abilities...

the only way to protect freedom
and democracy is to fight fire with fire.

Freedom and democracy? Well, well.

I hadn't realized your goals
were quite so lofty.

Well, there's a lot that escapes your
attention in your declining years, Dad.

But not mine.

The security footage from
the Ridge Facility was destroyed.

However, several guards described
one of Green Arrow's men...

as someone that sounded
remarkably like Clark Kent.

Clark? Impossible.

A word that always seems to pop up
when talking about him.

Lex, it was not Clark.

How can you be so sure?

Because I was having dinner with him
last night when all this happened.

Martha made pot roast...

with new potatoes and
tiny little baby carrots.

It was delicious. Clark...

Clark had three helpings.

But don't worry, son.

You still have plenty of enemies
out there, plotting your downfall.

Okay, thanks.

So the Daily Planet
is running with the story...

that a gas explosion destroyed
the vacant LuthorCorp building...

down by the docks.


The Luthor cover-up machine
is in full swing.

Well, at least we got Bart out before
Lex ran him into an early grave.

Oh, come on.

No worries. I had plenty of juice left.

Could've fooled me, the way
you cleaned out Mama Kent's fridge.

Well, it's because I like to stay
fueled up.

Just in case I need to spring
into action.

I still have a boyfriend.

Yeah, well, a man can dream, can't he?

Now you know why we call him Impulse.

Impulse, Cyborg...

Aquaman, Green Arrow,
what do you call your team?

I don't know. I've been thinking.
We need something cool.

We need something like...

I was thinking about something
with the word "justice" in it.

After all, that's what Lex
is gonna get a big dose of.

Victor and AC were able to hack
into the 33.1 mainframe...

before we blew the building.

That was your other mission.

Haven't met the computer yet
I couldn't crack wide open.

What'd you guys find out?

Lex isn't satisfied playing
in his own backyard anymore.

LuthorCorp is starting up divisions
of 33.1 all across the globe.

Wherever there's evidence of people
with abilities...

there'll be laboratories
to do experiments.

We can't let that happen.

We won't.

Gentleman, our first target is a large
facility on the island of Corto Maltese.

You guys know the drill.
Wheels up in 30 minutes.

Get your gear.

You coming, amigo?

- Yeah, you gotta come with us, man.
- We could use the big guns.

They're right, you know?
You'd be a major asset to the team.

I wanna be a part of this, guys.
I really do.


That problem I told you about...

the one that I caused.
I have to take care of that first.

This isn't the end of the story, Clark.

This is just the beginning.


Come on, boys.

Let's go save the world.

You know, you have some pretty
amazing friends, Clark Kent.

Yeah. I do.