Smallville (2001–2011): Season 5, Episode 7 - Splinter - full transcript

While visiting Lana in Metropolis, Clark opens a package addressed to Lana apparently sent by Lex Luthor and is wounded and infected by a splinter of silver kryptonite. This unusual piece of kryptonite causes Clark to have paranoid delusions, and he sees Chloe, Jonathan, Martha, Lana and Lex plotting against him. He defends himself against his "enemies", jeopardizing the lives of his dearest friends and family. But eventually help comes from a most unlikely of source: Milton Fine.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What are you doing in Metropolis?
- Had to pick up tractor parts for my dad.

And I got your text message,
so I brought you some brain food.

I don't remember texting you.

Is that chow mein?


What were you working on?

Oh, just some astronomy homework,
you know.

Numbers, equations and things I don't
really understand yet, but I'm starting to.

Chow mein.

Oh, this was...
This was at your door.

Oh, that's weird.

Open it.

"Given your new major, I thought
you might find this interesting. Lex."

Lex is sending you gifts?

Are you okay?

Just a scratch.

It's a meteor rock.

But I haven't seen one
like this before.

I gotta go. My dad's probably
waiting for those parts.


And bye.

Has my deodorant gone south?

- Why is he in such a hurry to bail?
- I have no idea.

I guess Clark's just not into geology.

What the hell's wrong with you?!


I know who you are.

Smallville: "Splinter"
Season 5 Episode 7

Original Airdate Nov. 10, 2005

It's bad enough he owns
half the state of Kansas...

now he wants to tell us
what to do with our lives.

Jonathan, I know Senator Jennings asked
you to run after he had to step down...

but I'm not gonna let you
risk your health.

Sweetheart, I feel fine.
I really do. I'm fine.

The election is in January.

Putting together a campaign in time...

who knows what that
could do to your heart.

What about the stress of watching Lex
Luthor get sworn in? That could kill me.

If you run, every reporter in Kansas
will be digging into our lives.

What if somebody finds out
about Clark's secret?

I think someone already has.

Clark, what happened?

Someone ran me off the road
on my way back from Metropolis.

- Did you see who it was?
- No.

By the time I got back to the road,
they were already gone.

Then I got a phone call, and a weird
voice said, "I know who you are."

Look, Clark,
I think the best thing you can do...

is just stick to your normal routine.
Don't do anything unusual.

If these people are trying to expose you,
they'll be watching everything you do.

Let's not give them
anything to gawk at.

Brutus and Caesar.

Jesus and Judas.

They all started out as best friends.

What happened?

Well, if history teaches us one thing...

it's that even the most
powerful men...

can be betrayed
by those they trust the most.

The reason betrayal is a predominant
theme throughout history is quite simple.

Duplicity is human nature.

These classes getting shorter,
or is it just me?


Is everything okay?
You look a little stressed out.

Something really weird
just happened after class.

And yesterday, a truck
tried to run me off the road.

It wasn't black, was it?

- Yeah, how'd you know?
- The same one's been following me.

Do you have any idea why?

We've been fishing
some dangerous waters.

- Maybe the shark's finally getting testy.
- Lex.

Never thought he'd take it this far.
Sorry for pulling you into this.

- I'm gonna go talk to him.
- No, let's not jump the gun.

- We need to figure out if it's him first.
- How do we do that?

I jotted down the license plate
of the truck.

Do you know anyone who can find out
who it's registered to?

- My friend Chloe could dig it up.
- All right.

I'll check with campus security, see if
they've had reports about that truck.

- Thanks.
- Listen, Clark...

whatever happens, we're in this
together. Remember that, okay?

How long do you think
this is gonna take?

We should get a fax
in just a couple of minutes.

What do you wanna bet
that truck's registered to LuthorCorp?

I don't know, Clark.

Lex comes from more of
the Rube Goldberg school of villainy.

I think this sort of direct attack
isn't really his style.

- There's only one way to find out.
- I'll go check the fax machine.

Clark, we've got a problem.

According to the DMV, your mysterious
black truck doesn't exist.

You sure
the license plate numbers...?

Why are you getting messages
from Lionel Luthor?

- You read my e-mails?
- Just answer the question.

My job at the Daily Planet requires me
to talk to a lot of different people.

- Even moral pygmies like Lionel Luthor.
- What'd you tell him about me?

What are you talking about?
I didn't tell him anything.

Three people in Smallville know
about my secret. My mom, my dad...

and you.

You think I told Lionel your secret?
Clark, I would never, ever do that.

I can't believe I trusted you.

Clark, I didn't say anything.

I'm paying you for results, Griff,
not excuses. Get it done.

I'll have to call you back.

Is this a bad time?

For you? Never.

I wanted to thank you
for that rock that you sent me.

It's an amazing find.
I'd love to know more about it.

What rock would that be?

The silver meteor rock.

That sounds very intriguing...

but I've never seen
a silver meteor rock before.

It wasn't from me, Lana.

It came with a note from you, Lex.

Someone's obviously
playing a game with you.

I don't know anything about it.

Just like you don't know anything about
the spaceship in the last meteor shower?

- That's different.
- Why?

Why is it different, Lex?

Because there are some doors that
can't be closed once they're opened.


Did you get that
from a fortune cookie?

What I'm trying to say...

everything I've done...

- it's all been to protect you.
- I don't need to be protected, Lex.

I need the truth.

Then I have something to show you.

It's real.

Yes, it is.

And I want you to help me
get inside...

and understand
exactly what we're dealing with.

The hardworking,
all-American farmer.

I can already see
the campaign poster.

No TV spot, unfortunately,
considering your state of your finances.

Look, I don't know how you knew...

that I was considering running
for state senate...

but if you came to strong-arm me
into quitting...

On the contrary.
I am here to offer my support.

You'll need considerable amounts
of money and influence...

to win this election.

You have a more than, shall we say,
privileged adversary.

So you wanna back me for Senate
running against your son?

Why would you wanna do that?

Lex is an extraordinary young man.

He's always had
an extraordinary appetite for power.

But if he succeeds in this first foray
into the political arena...

I'm afraid he'll develop
such a fierce taste for it...

he'll go on to devour the world.

I guess the apple
doesn't fall that far from the tree.

I know you don't trust me, Jonathan.
You have no reason to.

But I'm asking you to accept
my offer of support.

I know about Clark.

Chloe Sullivan has supplied me
with all the information I need.

His true identity, the powers
he possesses and uses.

I know he's vulnerable to kryptonite.

Accept my support and I can
guarantee you a seat in the Senate.

And what happens if I don't accept?

The truth about Clark
will come out in any case.

The only difference is how
he'll be treated when we run the tests.

He can either be a distinguished guest,
or strapped down, helpless, like a lab rat.

It's your choice.

It's so smooth.

It almost feels like liquid.

Frictionless surface.

At least, that's what
my experts tell me.

You've been studying it
this whole time.

And you let me think what I saw the day
of the meteor shower wasn't real...

that I was losing my mind.

I didn't want you to question
your sanity. I was trying to protect you.

You keep saying that. What do you think
you're protecting me from?

This ship...

is one of the most important
discoveries in the history of mankind.

There are people
who have killed for a lot less.

Now, if I had told you the truth
and something happened to you...

I'd never forgive myself.

So, what changed?

I couldn't lie to you anymore.

Is that the real reason?

Or is it because you
and your scientists are stumped?

Because I'm the only person on Earth
who's seen this thing open up?

This is a chance
to finally get answers...

to questions that have been
haunting you since your parents died.

The meteors that killed them,
this ship...

all the strange things that happen
in Smallville, it's all tied together.

I'm offering you
the opportunity of a lifetime.

Whether or not you take it
is up to you.

Hi, Clark.

Your dad was looking for you.

I just saw him in the barn
with Lionel Luthor.


There he is. Clark, come on out
and give me a hand with the tractor.

- Where is it?
- Oh, it's by the barn. I think we need...

- Where is it?
- Whoa, hey!

- Clark!
- What are you doing?

See, he got this
from Lionel Luthor.

- He's helping him put me in the lab.
- What?

Clark, Lionel stopped by
to talk about the campaign.

Sure, he brought me Lex's balance sheet
so I could see what I was up against.

- What about the money?
- What money?

This money!

Why are you doing this to me, Dad?

- Why are you doing it?
- Hey!

Clark, stop it!


No more lies.

Tell me the truth.

- Tell me!
- You want the truth?

You were never really my son.

You were the thing
I found in the cornfield.

Clark, please, I don't wanna do this.
Just calm down.

You're all in this together.

- Clark.
- I knew it.

Mrs. Kent, are you all right?

Chloe, how long
have you known about Clark?

Since last year.

Yeah, what...?

How much did he tell you, Chloe?

Well, everything, I think.

I mean, that's how I knew about
the kryptonite he kept hidden in the barn.

I just came by to check in on him,
and I heard this commotion...

What's happening?
Why is he acting this way?

I don't know. He came to visit me at
the Daily Planet, and he just freaked out.

He was just accusing me of revealing
his secrets to Lionel Luthor.

I tried to explain to him,
and he wouldn't listen.

- It was like he was a different person.
- It must be Red Kryptonite.

No, sweetheart, it's different somehow.
I don't think so.

- Red Kryptonite?
- There's another kind of kryptonite.

It's red instead of green.
It changes Clark's personality.

He loses all his inhibitions
and becomes very unpredictable.

What about Silver Kryptonite?


I think I may know
what's gotten into Clark.

- Lana.
- Clark, what are you doing here?

Waiting for you.
Get your stuff together, we gotta go.

- Go where?
- Up north. I know a place.

- They'll never find us.
- Wait, slow down. What's going on?

- They turned against me, Lana.
- Who did?

Chloe, my parents.

You're the only one I can trust now.
You're the only one.

- Whatever they did, it can't be that bad.
- No, Lana, you don't...

She's coming. She's coming.

Chloe's coming. All right, listen.

I promise I'll come back to you,
all right? I'll find you.

- Don't listen to a word they say.
- Clark, I'm just gonna call your parents.

Lana, thank God.
Has Clark been here?

- Why?
- Because I need to talk to him.

Did he ever touch
that silver rock you had?

He's been here, hasn't he?

He told me not to trust you.

Okay, Clark's gone
all Captain Paranoid...

and I think it might be
because of that silver meteor you have.

- He did prick his finger with it.
- Lana, Clark's been infected.

He thinks everyone's
turned against him.

If we don't help him, he'll end up hurting
someone. Do you know where he went?

He was here for a second, then he was
gone. The way he was acting...

It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna call the Kents.

They're looking in Smallville.
I'll see if I can find him.

- I'm gonna come with you.
- No, Lana, don't.

You stay here, and if he shows up
just call me and try and keep him calm.

I think you're the only one
he'll listen to right now.

Clark, I was wondering
if you'd forgotten about me.

- Is everything all right?
- No.

Chloe's in on it too.
So are my parents.

In on what?

The truck following us, did you get
any information from campus security?

- Campus security?
- You said you were gonna talk to them.

Clark, I haven't seen you
in over a week.

No, no. We spoke this morning.

After class we talked about the truck.
You were gonna talk to security.

I had a class but you weren't in it.

Yes, I was... No, I was... Yes.
No, we talked. I know...

Look, Clark...

Look, I got a faculty meeting
right now...

but why don't you wait
for me in my office.

I'll make an excuse,
I'll be right back.

Clark, whatever's happening,
we're in this together.

Who's there?

What is this?

The investigation into Clark Kent
has yielded a surprising revelation.

Clark Kent is not of this Earth.

He is an alien,
an intruder from a distant galaxy.

The first vanguard of an invasion.

No. No, it's not what I am!

But I know his weakness.

I know how to stop this strange visitor
from another planet.

I'm the one
that's gonna kill you, Clark.

I should have known
you'd pull something like this.

You can't stand
to see us together, can you?

This is the part where I usually say,
"Lana, what are you talking about?"

I don't know how, but you knew what
would happen when you sent this.

I swear this is the first time
I've ever seen a meteor rock like this.

I don't have time
for any more of your lies, Lex.

What did that do to Clark?

I just shared the most important secret
in the world with you today.

What would I have to gain
by lying to you now?

If you didn't send this to me,
then who did?

I honestly don't know.

Now, you said this did something
to Clark. What happened?

Chloe thinks it infected him.

He's acting all paranoid,
like everyone's turning against him.

- The way he looked when I saw him...
- Listen to me.

We'll take this to LuthorCorp and get
my best people working on a cure.

Whatever's happening to Clark,
I promise I'll find a way to help him.

Thank you.

You're my partner now.

It's the least I can do.

I'm sorry that I didn't trust you, Lex.

I know we've had our differences,
but you have always been there for me.

And I always will be.

Call in as many people as you need.
I want an update every 30 minutes.

My security is coordinating
with Chloe and the Kents.

They're not gonna hurt him?

If that happens,
somebody's transferred to Siberia.

Let's get this sample
over to LuthorCorp.

The sooner we have it analyzed,
the faster we'll be able to help Clark.

Stay here.

I'll see what's going on.

- A lot of people are looking for you.
- I know they are.

I want you to listen to me
very carefully.

Something's happened to you.

Yeah. It's been a revelation.

Clark, you're very sick.
We need to get you to the lab.

We should get to the lab.

We should get to the lab
so you can experiment on me.

You know, Lex,
it all makes sense now.

See, I thought
you were obsessed with me.

But it's not about me at all, is it?
It's about Lana.

- It's always been Lana.
- Clark.

And all these things
that you do to me...

all the digging, all the tests,
all the lies...

it was just to get me out of the way
so you could have her all to yourself.

Listen to what you're saying, Clark.
This isn't you.

I don't know what you did.

I'm not sure what you did
to trick her...

into believing that she was
in love with you. I don't know.

- I'm not gonna let you get away with it.
- I need you to stop.

I don't wanna hurt you.

But I wanna hurt you.



Lana, I know you're down here.

Come on, I wanna...
I wanna talk.


We were meant to be together.

It's okay, Lana, I'm here.

Whatever Lex was doing to you,
I stopped it.

Oh, God. What did you do?
Did you hurt him?

Why do you care
about him so much?

Whatever you think Lex did,
it's all part of some delusion.

- I saw you kiss him.
- No, I would never do that.

Stop lying.

Stop lying.

I loved you, Lana.

More than anything else, I loved you,
and you betrayed me like everyone else.


You don't wanna do that.

Trust me.

I can't trust anyone anymore.

- You one of Lex's experiments?
- No, I'm your friend.

If you hurt Lana, it'll destroy you.

- What the hell are you?
- I'm a Kryptonian, just like you.

And I'm sorry...

but this is really gonna hurt.

You'll be all right now, Kal-El.




What have you done?



You know, the caffeine in my system
is getting to a dangerously normal level.

I'm gonna go get a cup.

- Lana, I...
- Clark.

It's okay.

Chloe told me everything.

- She did?
- Yeah.

How that silver meteor infected you.

How it made you think
that everyone was out to get you.

Even that it gave you
some sort of temporary powers.

Lana, you know I would never
do anything to hurt you.

Of course I know that.

Clark, whatever you think you saw...

was just the meteor
playing tricks with your mind.

It wasn't real.

There could never, ever be anything
between me and Lex.

I was imagining
some pretty crazy stuff.

Chloe turning against me.

My dad making a deal with Lionel.

You and Lex
talking about a spaceship.


I'm just glad you're all right, Clark.

Thanks for covering for me.

Of course, Clark.

You know, I have to admit,
for once in my life...

I was actually glad
I wasn't the object of your desire.

You know, you're just lucky
you snapped out of it when you did.

- If I'd have killed Lana...
- But you didn't.

So stop beating yourself up about it.
I mean, Silver Kryptonite, who knew?

I just don't want it to happen again.

- Did you get that rock?
- No.

I went to see Lex, and he said it just
disappeared during the excitement.

Not that he ever even admitted he sent
the rock to Lana in the first place.

I still don't trust him.
It's not about being paranoid.

Yeah, well, he is a Luthor.

You know, speaking
of the evil dynasty...

I need to come clean
about something.

Those e-mails that you saw
on my computer from Lionel...

well, you weren't imagining them.

- So you are talking to Lionel?
- Yeah, but not about you, about Lex.

Lionel's been feeding me information
about Lex's campaign for state senate.

Why would he do that?

Maybe because he knows his son
better than any of us...

and the thought of what Lex would do
in office scares him.

He's not the only one.

Look, Clark, I understand
that you haven't been yourself...

but you know that I would never
tell Lionel your secret.

I'd never tell anyone.

I'd die before I'd ever betray you.

Those Kents, they pack quite a punch,
don't they, son?

Might be wise to avoid any more
press conferences...

- until your face has healed a bit.
- I wasn't planning to.

Not that it's any of your business.

Fatherly advice, I can't help it.

But a front-page story that you were
soundly beaten by a jealous young lover...

will hardly aid your bid for office.

I have a team
of political advisers, Dad.

Last time I checked,
you weren't on the payroll.

Last time I checked,
Lana Lang had a boyfriend...

and I don't think
she's in the market for a spare.

I think you know the way out.

This isn't about serving the greater good,
or even about power.

It's about you changing the way
people perceive you, isn't it?

That's why you're running for office.

Even if you were president
of the United States...

you think it'd make a difference?

Because the people
who are close to you...

will always know
what is truly in your heart.

That's why Lana Lang
will never love you, son.

I don't know exactly
what was real and what wasn't.

Your parents loaning you to Lionel Luthor
for medical research...

definitely not real.

Well, I know you'd never do that.

- I'm sorry.
- It wasn't your fault, sweetheart.

I'm just glad the infection
burned itself out when it did.

Yeah, me too.

No matter how much
I trust someone...

I'm always gonna worry about
my secret coming out.

That's what I never wanted
to have happen.

Which is why...

I've decided not to run against Lex.

Dad, I don't want you to put
your life on hold because of me.

- Clark...
- I'm not gonna let fear control my life.

Or ruin yours.

I want you to run against Lex.
It's the right thing to do.

If anything happens...

we'll deal with it the same way
we always have, as a family.

Professor Fine?

How are you feeling, Kal-El?

So I didn't imagine that part.

No, you didn't.

I thought I was the last
son of Krypton...

but you people keep popping up.

Well, a superior civilization
is difficult to eradicate.

- Why are you here?
- To stop what's coming.

And to help you walk the path
of a true Kryptonian.

So I can be superior? No, thanks.

Why do you continue to trust humans
more than your own people?

Just going off what I've seen.

Maybe you need to look closer.

Why didn't you just tell me
who you really were...

instead of posing
as my professor this whole time?

Why do you keep your identity a secret,
even from the woman you love?

You've been on this planet
many years, Kal-El.

I had to observe you
before revealing myself...

to determine just how much you've
been influenced by these humans.

You say human
like it's a bad thing.

Just going on what I've seen.

This race shows promise...

but at this point in history, they're still
duplicitous by their very nature.

Even the ones you think you love
can't be trusted.

You don't know
anything about this race.

Yeah, they can be petty and dishonest
and betray each other over nothing...

but they can also be
honest and loyal...

and they would give up everything
to protect someone they love...

even if they were
from another planet.


My name is Clark.

And I'll always believe
in my friends and my family.

I sincerely hope your trust
hasn't been misplaced.

You know where to find me...

when you're ready
to accept the truth.