Smallville (2001–2011): Season 5, Episode 6 - Exposed - full transcript

While working in the night shift at the Daily Planet, Chloe receives a distressed phone call from a woman claiming that she is in danger. Chloe and Lois schedule a meeting with the woman, but a car runs over her and the two friends witness the murder. Meanwhile, the close friend of Jonathan, Senator Jack Jennings, visits the farm to rest from his campaign for the senate against Lex Luthor. Jonathan is surprised by the visit of Detective Maggie Sawyer, who is investigating the death of the nineteen-year-old stripper that Chloe and Lois witnessed last night. She found a picture of Senator Jennings with the girl and is following the lead. Clark believes Lex is involved with the crime, but Lex helps him in the investigation. Lois decides to go undercover by working at the nightclub as a stripper to investigate the murder. When Lois meets the criminal, she is abducted and her life is in danger.

Daily Planet info line.

Yeah, sure, let me transfer...

Oh, dog obituaries.

Oh, I'm sorry.
We don't actually run those.

Yeah, okay. You're welcome.

Die! Die!

Lois, I'm sorry you were in
for a girls' night out...

and I got called in to screen news
that's not fit to print.

Compared to the Kent farm,
this is a rager.

I wouldn't pass up an opportunity...

to watch a big-shot reporter
in action.

All right,
now that I'm swimming in butter...

why are you really here obliterating
aliens with me at 1 am?

I'm racking up brownie points.

I need you to help me move out
of the Kents' next weekend.

You took the apartment
at the Talon?

- How are you gonna live without Clark?
- One word: Blissfully.

How you had a crush on
Richie Cunningham...

I will never understand.

You gotta come back to Smallville.
It'll be fun. I'll buy pizza.

You don't need to Tom Sawyer me.

We're family.
Just tell me when to be there.

- Daily Planet info line.
- I need a reporter to meet me.

Who is this?

I wanna talk to a reporter.

You have to send someone fast,
before he finds me.

Seventh and Edgemont.
Please, you've gotta hurry.

We couldn't have met
at a coffee shop?

I don't think she was looking
for a brunch date, Lois.

Sounds like a story
someone didn't want her to tell.

I thought you were
supposed to pass leads...

to someone who's cubicle
is above ground.

Well, unless I wanna stay subterranean,
I've gotta take a chance.

Please! Help me!

- There she is.
- Help!

Over here!

She's dead.

♪ Smallville: "Exposed" ♪
Season 5 Episode 6

So how much longer do I have you
before you hightail it back to Metropolis?

Well, Lana's gone for the weekend.

I lost out to a comet
her class is tracking...

at the Lincoln Observatory.

How about Chloe or Lois?

Well, Chloe's juggling classes
and the Daily Planet.

And Lois... I'd do anything
to get rid of Lois.

I don't think that's exactly a prereq
for best-friend status.


Hold this.


Is that the best you got?

I had another six inches out here.

I wasn't sure how rusty
your reflexes had gotten.

Senator Jennings.

I know it's been a long time,
but what happened to "Uncle Jack"?

For someone who's on
a first-name basis with the governor?

I don't remember the governor
winning a state football championship.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Anybody push you
to follow in his footsteps?

Hey, it's a lot better than spending
the games underneath the bleachers...

with the sheriff's daughters.

Not both of them at once.

Since when do you trek out here
in the middle of a campaign?

Exactly why I came.

I needed a breather from the rat race.

Besides, I could use your help
rallying the farmers.

You got a lot of pull
with that union.

Why? You always win this county
by a landslide.

the race is about to get a lot tougher.

Rumor has it I'm running against
Lex Luthor.

Let me get this straight.
No ID or make on the vehicle...

no ID on the driver,
and no clue why this girl called.

I'd say you're off to a great start
as an investigative reporter, Ms. Sullivan.

If you remember anything else,
let me know.

I think that's code for,
"We're gonna file this under the rug."

This is a big city,
and bad things happen.

A pretty young girl, not in college,
with no traceable job...

in that part of town. It's not a mystery
what happened down there.

You don't think it's strange
that an alleged streetwalker...

was wearing
$500 Jimmy Choo shoes?

Look, Detective Sawyer,
this girl died trying to tell me her story.

Now, I'm sorry I'm not street-hardened,
but she's more than a statistic to me.

We have to find out who did this.

I applaud your spirit, girls.

But you should know that most of those
streets turn out to be dead ends.

I will do my job, you do yours.

Hopefully you'll have more luck
than Officer Stalin.

I ran the number
that Melissa girl called from.

It was from a payphone near
where we saw her.

But the only addresses
within 10 blocks from the place...

was a bunch of warehouses.

And a club called the Windgate.

I'm guessing she didn't get
all glammed up to count inventory.

So your dad outran four cop cars...

and pissed off half the farmers
in Chickasaw County.

It's only because you said
that you knew a shortcut.

These aren't the sides
of the story that I hear.

Got any more? They're useful
when I'm in for a lecture.

No, I don't think...

Hang on. Don't you say anything else.
Just a second.

Maggie Sawyer,
Metropolis P.D.

- Hi.
- May I come in?

- Yeah, sure, come on in.
- Thank you.


Campaign headquarters said
I could find you here.

What can I do for you?

A young woman was killed last night.
Hit and run.

We went through her apartment,
and we found this.

Now, I don't have enough evidence
to bring you in...

but I would appreciate
an explanation.

So would I.
I never seen her before.

Well, that must have been tricky
while she was cuddled up on your lap.

With all due respect, senator,
pictures don't lie.

Hang on just a minute.
This day and age, they most certainly do.

This picture's a fake.

Doesn't matter.

The minute it hits the press,
the damage is done.

This could ruin me.

So it looks like the mudslinging's
already started.

Dad, do you really think
Lex would go this far?

Come on, Clark,
you know Lex better than anybody.

He's not gonna enter a race
unless he's sure he's gonna win.

Is it true, Lex?

You know,
after you've been MIA for weeks...

I don't think a "hello"
is too much to ask for.

How long you been planning
to run for state senate?

Several months now.

If you're implying
I should've told you...

you might rethink the barrier
you've drawn in this friendship.

I can't believe you'd destroy someone
just to win a race.

There's a reason they call it a "race,"
not a "political potluck."

But if you think
I had something to do with this...

Your competition was linked
to a murder...

just before you announce
your candidacy.

It's a bit of a coincidence.

You don't recognize that picture?

The only thing I recognize
is the booth.

It's the Windgate Gentleman's Club.

Not a smart stop-off
for an incumbent on the campaign trail.

I know this guy. If you're not trying
to set him up, somebody is.

Maybe it's somebody at this club.

Clark, there's a reason
that club's so underground.

The city doesn't exactly give licenses
for some of the things that go on there.

Are you sure
you wanna get involved in this?

Jack's like an uncle to me.

And in case you've forgotten,
that's what friends do.

Look, if you're serious
about getting through that front door...

you're gonna need a little more
than your driver's license.

Do me a favor.
Stay out of trouble.

I guess even MapQuest
has its limitations.

Do you get to this place
through a manhole cover?

Or a big neon door.

I'd say the Armani suit's
a dead giveaway.



Sorry, girls.

- Our friend's already in there.
- It's her only night in town.

I promised I'd take her to
the hottest address. Please?

It's a private club.

I'm afraid this is as much of the place
as you're going to see.

I don't like that. That is...

This makes my Halloween
Heidi dirndl costume look tame.

You think that Melissa girl
was a dancer here?

I don't know.

Jimmy Choos are a long way
from angel wings and fishnets.

Excuse me. Hi.

Do you guys know anything
about a woman named Melissa Page?

People won't talk,
but records definitely will.

If she worked here, she'll be on file.

Joel, David, come on up.

- Are you ladies lost?
- We were just looking for...

Oh, don't be shy.
She's here to dance.

Are you the replacement
Rocco sent over?

Yeah, he really hated to see her go.

Take your clothes off.
Let's see what you got.

- I knocked. I guess you didn't hear.
- Oh, I heard you.

I'm here to see Senator Jennings.

Lex, if you wanna sling mud...

I strongly recommend you do it
at somebody else's house.

Don't worry,
I'm not holding my breath for your vote.

You know, I've never liked you
all that much, Lex...

but even I'm surprised by the depths
you're willing to sink to.

I'm sure you have such a good view
of it all from your pulpit.

Holier-than-thou is an easy fallback.

Keeps you from really looking
at people around you.

I've known Jack for 25 years.

I've never had a more
trustworthy or loyal friend.

This state needs somebody like him.

Somebody who's willing
to stand by their word.

Somebody who's willing
to do what's right for everybody...

not just for himself.

Somebody who's willing
to go up against people like you.

Well, if you know him so well...

maybe you should ask
your good old boy to explain this to you.

After Clark's visit...

I decided to look into the senator's
unfortunate snapshot myself.

It's his cell-phone record.

Seems he's been calling his
dead stripper friend...

a little more than frequently.

When are you releasing this?

I'm not.

But if I found it, you know the press
won't be far behind.

I thought he'd like a heads-up.

Lois, are you almost done?

You didn't have that much to put on.

Remind me when all this is over...

to never, ever
ask a favor of you again.

This isn't just about me.
This is about getting the truth.

Well, the last girl
that knew the truth...

ended up as a hood ornament
on someone's car.


You know, my friend's really excited
about working here...

but I think it's kind of dangerous.

Especially after that girl
was killed and everything.

How can I explain this to you?

Don't talk to me.
Don't talk to any of us.


What do you think?

All I can say is...

God bless America.

Good evening.
First time at the Windgate?

Yeah, Lex Luthor referred me.

Will Mr. Luthor be joining you
this evening?


I'm meeting Jack Jennings.

The senator?
Let me show you to his usual table.

- On second thought, I...
- No, no, no.

Thinking bad, dancing good.

Just ask Mr. Shoot-First-Think-Later
over there.

Now, I need you to dig deep down
and find your inner Demi Moore.

- Okay?
- Okay.

You better at least use this distraction
to find something about Melissa.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You're welcome. Have a good evening.

Hey, handsome,
what can I get for you?

I'll have a Coke.

Straight up, on the rocks.

let's give Colette a nice au revoir.

And now, making her first
Windgate appearance...

welcome to the stage...

all-American girl Amber Waves.



I'd salute to that anytime.

Let's give it up
for our red-blooded recruit.

And now, let's give a good
homegrown welcome...

to Dixie.

- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?

It's Chloe's fault.
We're following a murder story.

Well, that makes two of us.
But I think I'll stick to my method.

You're gonna get me fired if you keep
looking at me like I'm Jabba the Hutt.

What do you want me to do?

I don't know.
Give me a 20 and meet me out back.

Bravo. That new girl, who is she?
I want her.

I don't know, she's new.

For 500K, you know
I don't ask any questions of my girls.

And for that much
you better not answer any, either.

Everybody, freeze!

Metropolis P.D.
Everybody, take it easy.

We have a report of minors working
and being served in this establishment.

We'll be interviewing you

- Come on.
- What?

Do you want to stick around
and get arrested? Come on.

Really wrong time
and really wrong place, kid.

You're under arrest.

What is this about?

We had a tip that a car
involved in a hit-and-run...

was seen leaving
your establishment.

- You can't just arrest...
- The city's looked the other way.

Your clientele can pull a lot of strings.

Now I've got a dead 19-year-old
on my hands. I gotta go by the book.

Okay, people, listen up.
I know that it's 5:00 in the morning.

Your cooperation would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

All right, ladies.

- Clark?
- Chloe.

- Where's Lois?
- I don't know.

What are you...?
Clark, what are you doing here?


What do you wanna know?
Maybe I can help you.

You're the bouncer.
You know everything that goes on.

- Cut me a deal.
- Tell me about Jennings.

He was drunk. I took him home.

He had nothing to do with the girl.
He's innocent.

Wow, these are...
They're heavier than they look.

They're way better than the heels,
trust me.

So you guys must have been
pretty close with Melissa, huh?

Sorry, okay. Premature segue.

Come on, we're obviously
on the same side here.

I just wanna know
what happened to her.

It's a tragedy is what it is.

She finally gets her shot
at Prince Charming...

and, wham, bye-bye, ivory tower.

Are you talking about the senator?

No way. The only thing he did wrong
was fall for her.

There's this suave guy,
kind of Euro-looking.

- What'd he want with Melissa?
- Every few months...

he picks some lucky girl
and takes her out of this dump.

Probably to some tropical island

You know why they invented fairy tales?

Because no one wants to face reality.

All we know is that the girls disappear,
and then no one ever sees them again.

Somebody should've warned your friend
about that.

- Lois?
- Yeah.

I saw her leave with him
during the raid.


Let's go.

You can thank Lex Luthor
for some very generous phone calls.

Detective Sawyer, I think the guy
that killed Melissa Page has my cousin.

It's the same guy who made some deal
with the club owner before she vanished.

Do you know this guy's name?

Let me see if I'm understanding you.

Your cousin,
who I'm assuming is "underage..."

was stripping and making deals
with wealthy patrons.

- Managed to escape a police raid...
- It's not like that.

- She was just helping me to investigate.
- Investigate?

Okay, Luthor may have pulled a
get-out-of-jail-free card for you this time...

but it will not happen again.

If you wanna play
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy...

"do" it in someone else's precinct.

Look, if I don't change my stance
just because some poll tells me to...

I am certainly not going to
because some journalist hears a rumor.

Okay, Jordan? Goodbye.

You just could not resist, could you?

You still have a nasty habit
of leaving your keys in the ignition.

Get in.

With you at the wheel?

I guess it wouldn't be the first time
I put my life in your hands.

What? Damn thing's been stuck
ever since I bought it.

Try that with a four-cylinder.

So, what's the real reason
for the joyride?

When were you gonna tell me
about the girl, Jack?

You think I had something to do
with what happened?

I have no idea.

But I do think it's time you gave me
some straight answers.

Look, I didn't want you to be involved.

There's only so much
you should ask of a friend.

- So instead you lie to my face...
- Well, what do you want me to say?

That my marriage is
more of a business arrangement?

And the only person who makes me
happy is some dancer half my age?

- How much of it do you understand?
- I might not understand any of it.

But come on, all of our lives
have taken turns that we didn't expect.

You've never had a lie get out of hand?

Or you've never been caught at it?

I've never been in a position
where people look up to me.

You are Clark's hero.

Oh, so I'm not supposed to have
any faults, huh? Who can live up to that?

You know why there's no heroes today?

Because at the end of the day, people
don't respect them, they envy them.

- They're waiting for them to screw up.
- What are you gonna do, Jack?

What do you want me to do?
I'm a good senator.

You wanna give that kind of power
to somebody like Lex Luthor?

I might not agree with Lex Luthor's
politics, but at least I know who he is.

- Nice place you got.
- Thank you.

thanks for helping me out back there.

My pleasure.

I think I have something
a little more your size.

I won't peek. I promise.


You want me to help you tie it?

Oh, no, that's fine.

Almost got it.

What you doing there?

It looks so much better on you
than any of the others.

You're going to make them
very jealous.

You know,
I think I'm just gonna call a cab.

Think of your taxi days
as a thing of the past.

You have a whole new life
ahead of you now.

I don't know what kind of kink
you're into, but...

You are seriously behind
on your Gloria Steinem.

Yeah, that's fine.

The owner of the Windgate is selling
his strippers to the highest bidder?

It's Kansas, it's definitely not Smallville.

Five hundred grand
for a massage with benefits is a lot.

- Do you know anything else?
- The bouncer told Detective Sawyer...

the guy was the son
of some foreign diplomat.

Then he'd have diplomatic plates.

See, while you were inside,
I was out in the parking lot...

taking shots of the license plates
of all the cars.

- Here we go.
- Okay, check that one.

That's the U.N. Tower.


- Chloe Sullivan.
- "He's got Lois."

Any psychic guesses on this guy's
computer password?

God, don't even try. He's probably got
like a zillion layers of security on it.

It's still warm.
They must have just left.

- The printer's still on.
- Try pressing print again.

Chloe, it's a fake passport for Lois.

Think they're gonna try to smuggle her
out of the country?

Even if he does, I doubt he'll take her
through an airport.

Clark, there's a helipad on the roof.

We're stuck on something.

Hey, 007. Nice of you to show up.

I'll start assuming
that means thank you.

Looks like it got caught on the cable.

This scumbag
was about to air-cargo me...

to the honeymoon suite
at the Grope-a-cabana.

I'm glad you're all right.

Now, if you will release him,
I'm afraid Mr. Lyon is free to go.


You can't just let him walk away.

Diplomatic immunity.

As a consulate guest in our country...

"Mr." Lyon can't be arrested or tried
for any crime he commits on our soil.

Even murder.
I'm sorry, I can't touch him.

Well, I can.

Some people live above the rules.

Guess what. That's life in Metropolis.

You want justice...

I suggest you stay
a little closer to home.

We'll finish this later.

- All right.
- Yes, sir.

I just wanna say thank you.

When I asked you to stay out of trouble,
I thought that might include...

being caught at a strip club
using my membership...

while I'm gearing up
for a campaign.

- I didn't mean to drag you into this.
- Come on, Clark, who you kidding?

You had me masterminding this plot
before you walked through those doors.

- I didn't think he was lying to me.
- But you assumed I would.

I can't believe that I looked up to Jack.

Tell me what you remember
about King David.

Humor me.

King David.

He slew Goliath, saved his people.

And afterward...

he saw a beautiful woman bathing
and fell madly in love.

Problem was, she turned out to be
his best friend's wife.

So you know what our great hero did?

He sent his best friend off to die in battle
so he could have her to himself.

Kind of leave that part out, don't they?

We all need to believe in heroes, Clark.

And even the best ones
are far from perfect.

Surprised to see your car out front.

I thought you'd be gone
now that you're clear of murder.

I've been mulling over
some pretty tough decisions.

This seemed like a good place
to get my bearings again.

Have you talked to my dad yet?

I'd say he did most of the talking.

After 20 years, the man's still got a hell
of a knack for the guilt trip, doesn't he?

Usually works because he's right.

Your father's always had pretty high
expectations of the people around him.

He's the one man
I never wanted to disappoint.

You should try being his son.

The thing I always try to remember is,
no matter how much he lays on...

he never expects
more than he expects of himself.

You think your dad
will ever forgive me?

Yeah, I've given him a lot of trial runs
in the forgiveness arena.

Look, I know my dad's friendship
means a lot to you...

"but" there's a lot of other people
out there who look up to you.

I guess you can only pull off the disguise
of being superhuman for so long, huh?

What are you gonna do?

I've called a press conference.

I'm pulling out of the race.

Going back to the city, facing
all those reporters takes a lot of guts.

After facing you...

live feeds and bloodthirsty journalists
are a walk in the park.

Look, if we let a couple of rough days
destroy over 25 years of friendship...

"then" I guess we weren't
as good of friends as I thought we were.

if you're pulling out of this "race..."

because your old buddy
can't seem to climb off of his "pulpit..."

that's not what I wanted.
All I really ask is that you be honest.

I'm pulling out of the race because
I'm no longer the best man for the job.

Are you sure?

If you wanna hang in there and fight,
I'll be behind you 100 percent.

I know.

But all those things you said
about me being loyal and trustworthy...

and willing to take on
the Luthors of the world...

I might have been that man once,
but I have to step aside...

when I see somebody
who still embodies all those qualities.

Jack, you can't seriously
be talking about Lex Luthor.

I'm talking about you, Jon.

Kansas could use a senator like you.

You should think about it.

Hey, Smallville.

Your personal space
is about to be reinstated.

What are you doing?
You just moved back in.

Well, now that Lana's living with Chloe,
I'm taking the place.

You don't have a key to the apartment,
do you?

You know,
now that you two have been doing it.

- No, we...
- Good.

I wouldn't want
any surprise midnight visits.

Anything I can do
to make this move go faster?

Pack your three closets of clothing?

Burn your loofa? Take your
Whitesnake collection to Goodwill?

You can take this.

Come on, Smallville. Move it.

You know, this is weird.
I've spent so much time here with Lana.

Clark, it's not like I'm taking her place,
just her sublet.

Okay, before I start
any of the real heavy lifting...

you have to indulge me
for just a moment...

in my first Daily Planet byline.

It's not exactly the "Torch," Clark.
Page 73.

At the bottom.

- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.

Thanks, you deserve half the credit.

I'd still be playing point guard at the pet
obituary hotline if it weren't for you two.

Oh, it says here
Interpol was able to arrest him...

due to an anonymous tip.

About that heavy lifting...


Look, I'm not great at this, so just
keep your mouth shut and listen up.

Even though I was kicking butt
on the helicopter...

it was nice to have backup.

And you didn't have to come after me,
but you always do.

So I wanted to say thank you.
You're a really good friend.

Oh, and about the lap dance?

If you decide to tell anybody about it...

your Elmer Fudd night-light
will make a very public appearance.

Aye, aye...