Smallville (2001–2011): Season 5, Episode 10 - Fanatic - full transcript

While running for campaign to the senate, Jonathan hires Lois as his advisor. Meanwhile, his opponent Lex is visited by a group of fans leaded by the fanatic Samantha Drake, and the deranged woman threatens the safety of Jonathan by attempting to assassinate him at a political rally by using Lois to carry out the deed. Meanwhile, Lana discusses with Clark their sex life on why he no longer wants to make love to her, and Clark exposes his innermost fears to Chloe that Lana will discover his secret superpowers if he continues his romance with Lana. Elsewhere, Lionel takes and eliminates the dossier Griff has prepared to Lex to discredit Jonathan, and offers his financial support to Martha.

And now, the next senator
of the state of Kansas...

Mr. Jonathan Kent.

Thank you.

Thank you, really.
Thank you.

Thank you all very much
for coming out here this evening.

I'm sure that many of you had
more important things to do tonight...

than listen to some farmer...

talk about the importance
of corn subsidies.

When I told my family that I had indeed
decided to run against Lex Luthor...

they were surprised, to say the least.

I don't think they really understood
why I want to run.

Or why this is
so very important to me.

But the truth is actually...
It's actually very simple.

The courage to help all Kansans, whether
they're rich or whether they're poor.

And do my very best to put the heart
back in the Heartland.

Thank you.

Mr. Luthor,
this is your itinerary for tomorrow.

Push the mayor lunch
and get me a photo op at the hospital.

- Yes, sir.
- The nurses' union is key in the 49th.

One more thing. I need the new
poll numbers from last night.

Yes, sir.

Central Kansas Students
for Lex Luthor, sir.

You have 5 minutes tops.

Thucydides said, "We are either kings
among men or the pawns of kings."

The fact that you're here demonstrates
that you strive for the former.

The youth vote is stronger
than we ever expected...

and I have you to thank for that.

But we cannot afford to be complacent.

Great leaders are forged from those
who see beyond the boundaries...

who go beyond the extra mile.

They go the extra 10.

Defeat is not an option.

Samantha Drake,
president of Students for Lex Luthor.

Well, then I should thank you personally
for my spike in the MTV vote.

It's such an honor to finally meet you.

I know it is kind of geeky,
but I'd be so psyched...

if I could get a picture with you.

Well, anything I can do
to keep up morale with the troops.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Could you get the painting
in the background?

That's what your father gave you after
you closed the Metrotech deal, isn't it?

Well, looks like you've done
your homework, Miss Drake.

Thank you very much.

Used to wear a cross.

Sir, the limo is waiting.

Thank you very much.

- This is Lex.
- You wanted a grenade to throw...

In the Kent camp.
I got an atomic bomb.

This isn't a secure line.

Just meet me
at Rampart and Broadway.

Atomic warfare?

A little overdramatic
for local politics, isn't it?

I got no problems
ending this conversation right now.

I believe in the political weapons trade...

the deal usually goes
to the highest bidder.

Thank you.

Is this for real?

Sosnik had it all trucked up
from Metropolis.

I keep expecting some mobster
with a carnation to step out and plug me.

I have to admit, it's not exactly us.

You sure this guy
knows what he's doing?

Clark, Sosnik helped Jack
win five elections.

I'm sure he knows more about this stuff
than we do.

I think he's trying
to turn you into a Luthor.

Is there a problem?

I was just wondering
if you've ever actually met the Kents.

You see someone is gonna vote
for Mr. Kent because they relate to him.

And who is gonna believe
that he supports local farmers...

when he looks like some business
blowhard... No offense, Mr. Kent.

Who wants to buy them out?

Yeah, well, that's called
bridging the demo gap, dear.

Does bridging the gap also include
misquoting the candidate?

Wait a minute. It says,
"Jonathan Kent is quoted as saying:

'It's possible to serve corporate interests
and maintain the public welfare.'"

- I never said that.
- I did.

- You did?
- Yes.

Look, this whole John-boy thing...
Don't get me wrong, you're good at it.

You may win the cowpokes,
but there's a pool of voters...

that are more familiar with lattes
than they are with digging post holes.

What I really need here is somebody...

who cares about what I believe in
more than they care about winning.

I'm sorry, but you gotta go, Sosnik.
You're fired.

- Pack it up, guys.
- I'll go ahead.

Not that that didn't totally rock,
Mr. Kent.

But I have no idea how you're gonna
find a replacement.

I do.

Oh, me?

What do I know about being
a campaign manager?

What do I know
about being a state senator?


I'll get it.

Jonathan Kent.

This is your last warning
to drop out of the campaign.

I told you not to call here again.

Hey, what are you doing?

Sorry, but CKU regulations dictate
that all campaign materials...

can be no larger than 20-by-24.

Okay, I think you're taking this
campus gestapo thing way too seriously.

The state's future depends on it,
Ms. Lane.

How do you know my name?

- Lex says, "Always know your enemy."
- Leave it to Lex...

to treat this election like
a hostile takeover...

which is what he's gonna do
to the entire state.

Progress requires sacrifices.

Mr. Kent is neck and neck with
your fascist environmental annihilator.

You heard what Lex said:
"True leaders see beyond boundaries."

He set the bar.
Now we need to raise it higher.

Defeat is not an option.


- Hi.
- Hi.

It looks like someone's
had a long day of campaigning.

More like a long day of Lois.

Well, as much as I'd like to make a fool
of myself at the ice rink...

we could always stay in tonight.


What happened? Did I hurt you?

Unless you're the one who assigned
six diagrams on planetary rotation.

On second thought,
maybe we should go.

Okay, this couldn't be more awkward.

But we haven't been together
since I came to Met U.

- You mean we haven't had...
- Sex.

Clark, you can't tell me
that you haven't noticed.

Things between us
haven't been the same...

since you miraculously
came back from the dead.

I know. I...

Lana, I can't explain that anymore.
It changed me.

Maybe I'll never understand
what you went through...

but you're still the same person,
aren't you?

Clark, I don't know. It's just...

Feels like you're afraid
to touch me anymore.

Did something happen?


Okay, is this where
I have to remind you...

that you said we wouldn't
keep things from each other anymore?

Why is this about me?

You pulled away first.

You moved to Metropolis
two weeks after we got together.

And now you spend every moment
with these books.

- Why astronomy?
- It's homework.

It's an obsession.

And that thing about honesty,
it works both ways.

Nice deflection.

But I don't fall for that anymore.

I'm gonna go get some air.

Now, just who in the hell are you?

Are you the one
that's been calling me?


Are you the guy that's been calling me?
Stay away from me and my family.

It's obviously true what they say.

"Behind every great man,
is a great woman."

The campaign must be taking up
a lot of your time.

Yes, it is. But, fortunately,
Jonathan and I have a lot of help.

Unfortunately, not enough to win.

You know, Lex is entering
the last stretch of the campaign...

with infinite resources.

And I believe you are down, financially,
to nothing.

I'm glad to see you're finally
behind your son.

I thought you knew me better
than that, Lionel.

I would never give up on my husband.

You misunderstand me.

Lex has deep pockets...

and Jonathan needs at least
the money to match that.

This is more than money to match.

We've run this campaign
on his beliefs...

and that's what's gonna win him
the election.

Jonathan would never accept this.

I know. I fully expected Jonathan...

to barrel his way through
the campaign fueled by blind idealism...

but I was hoping
you'd be more savvy.

Perhaps you have your own personal

for wanting Jonathan not to win.

I know you didn't come by this late
just to drop off this press release.

What happened?

Well, how far do you wanna cross
this friendship boundary?

Since when did we have boundaries?

All right. Why don't you just
leave out the details.

Well, everything was fine
between Lana and I, when I was human.

I mean, it was great.

Okay. Clark?

But now that I have my abilities back,
it's like our sex life...

has been on hiatus.

I know I'm going to regret
asking this question, but why?

Because it just takes some time for me
to adjust my abilities to new situations.

Awkward factor eight.

So basically, what you're saying
is that...

you're afraid that in the heat
of the moment you might...

Please don't make me finish
this sentence, Clark.

Well, you see, that's the thing.
I'm not sure what would happen.

- If I couldn't control myself...
- You know what?

That's something
that can never be unseen.

- It's not funny.
- No, you're right, it's not.

It's just that this conversation definitely
cements me as your krypto-hag.

Look, Clark...

You can shake my hand
without crushing it, right?

And you don't incinerate everyone
you look at with your heat-vision thing.

So it's pretty much
the same thing, right?

I mean, metaphorically.

But you didn't need me
to tell you all this. So, what gives?

I think I got used to lying to Lana
when we were friends.

- Now it's different.
- Yeah.

You know, Clark, I mean,
I'm playing my best on defense...

but I think you're in denial
about what Lana knows.

I mean, she's studying astronomy.

The meteors, the fact that
the undead topic comes up daily.

- I can't just tell her. It's too risky.
- Okay, fine.

Don't tell her. Your game has
to switch from defense to offense...

because sooner or later, Lana will ask
all the wrong people...

all the right questions.

You didn't say much on the ride home.
Are you sure everything's okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'll just be glad
when the election is over.

Shelby, hi.

What's the matter?

What's wrong?

I moved the rally to next week
so Mr. Kent can recover.

- Or not.
- Dad, what are you doing?

I can't let them stop me.

I will tell them the rally's a go again.

I thought the doctor said
he was going to keep you overnight.

No, then they'd have
exactly what they want.

It's not the first time they've called,
is it, Dad?

Jonathan, how could you keep this
from us?

We're in this as a family.

Are we? You were never happy
about me running...

and now you want me to quit.

Maybe you're willing to risk your life
over this, but I'm not willing to watch.

I have got to see this thing through,

Do as I say, not as I do, huh, Dad?

Look, I never taught you
to buckle under pressure.

Especially not from Lex Luthor.


You think he'd go this far?

There's no limit
to what Lex Luthor would do, son.

Clark, I heard what happened.

I wanna make sure
your father's okay.

Trust me, this is about as close to
my father as you wanna get right now.

He thinks I was behind it?

- What do you expect him to believe?
- The truth.

I issued a press release
denouncing the attack...

and offered a reward for information
leading to the assailants' capture.

Lex, why is some state senate seat
so important to you?

It's a stepping stone.

To what?

It's like Apollo asking Icarus
why he's building wings.

You have everything you've ever wanted.
I'm sorry if I'm still searching.

What if you don't win?

What if you get to the capitol and
haven't found what you're looking for?

There's always the White House.

Look, I promise you, we're gonna
find out who did this to your dad.

Didn't work. We failed him.

Well, now we know
what we need to do.

- And I already have everything in place.
- Samantha, chill out.

We already went too far,
and it totally backfired.

We need to turn ourselves in...

before somebody points
the finger at Lex.

Lex asked us to go the extra 10 miles.

- Am I the only one willing to do that?
- What are you saying?

There is one thing
that Kent can't bounce back from.

I'm going to the cops
before this gets any more out of control.

Lex would have never...

given up that easily.

I waited at the drop-off,
but Griff never showed.

Find out what happened to him.

I didn't recognize you for a moment.

I wanted to show you
how devoted I am to you.

Well, you certainly have.

I have all the enabling devices
I need, thank you.

Though, apparently,
I could use better security.

Don't they always say never use
your birthday as your security code?

Or more specifically...

your brother's?

Interesting choice of perfume.

Hermès. It's your favorite.

I know everything about you,
Mr. Senator.


Now, aren't you
a little ahead of yourself?

Not now. Not with Jonathan Kent
out of the picture.

I would never condone
what happened to Mr. Kent.

Of course not.
You've got to distance yourself.

It's like you said in the "Herald" article:

"Strike when you can,
but never leave yourself vulnerable."

Please tell me you weren't responsible
for that attack.

It's okay, Lex.

I know what you want me to do...

and I would never want you
to take the fall for it.

You may have read
everything about me...

but don't assume you know me.

I would never hurt the Kents.

You're losing your edge, Lex.

And you've clearly gone over it.

My security will escort you
to the police station.

You're just having
a moment of weakness.

That's why you need me.

Lex Luthor going "Godfather"
on your dad? I don't know, Clark.

Lex seems like the guy who lives
for the fight as much as the victory.

Here's a list of the calls
logged on our phone today.

Dad pawned that one off
as a wrong number. It's blocked.

I'll let my fingers do the walking.
Just give me a second.

It's not like your dad
to keep something like this a secret.

He's turned into a different person,
like he's got something to prove.

Maybe just to his son.

What does running for senator
have to do with me?

Think about it, Clark.
It must be hard being a role model...

for a guy who pulls people out of
a burning building and stops missiles...

all between chores and dinner.

- No one's expecting him to do that.
- True.

But it's not gonna stop him
from trying.

Oh, here we go.
Let's see what we got.

All right.

The call was made from...

The Students for Lex Luthor office
at CKU.

To do my part to put the 'heart' back
in the "Heartland."

- Great closing line.
- They're Martha's words.

I just hope she shows up in time
to hear me say them.

Are you sure you wanna do this?
We have extra security...

but it's not too late to postpone.

What kind of leader would I be if I let
some pranksters make me back down?

And now, the next senator...

- Jacket?
- Oh, yeah.

- "Mr. Jonathan Kent!"
- You look wonderful.

- Knock them dead, boss.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Thank you. Really, thank you.

- Thank you all very much for...
- Excuse me.


When I told my family that I had...

indeed, decided
to run against Lex Luthor...

they were surprised,
to say the least.

But their support
has been unwavering.

You see, I've been inspired.

I've been inspired by my son,
whose courage seems to...

- Talk about an initiation gone wrong.
- Get up.

Those basic training skills
are looking a little rusty.

Like I said, know your enemy.

Look, magna cum laude psycho...

you are not gonna shoot
Jonathan Kent.

You're right.

You are.

In fact, it is because of my family
that I have the courage to run at all.

I don't think they really understood...

why I want to run or why this is
so very important to me.

But the truth is actually...
It's actually very simple.

The courage to help all Kansans,
whether they're rich...

Nobody will ever believe
I would shoot Jonathan Kent.


Beautiful girl comes to live
under his roof.

His wife gets a little too busy
at that coffee shop.

Suddenly, he fires
a seasoned political consultant...

and takes the girl
on the campaign trail.

Until it all goes wrong...

and the spurned lover
gets her revenge.

Now, just aim
at Jonathan's head and shoot.

Didn't General Lane
teach you anything?

Actually, he did.

Get down, sir.


- Lois.
- Don't sweat it, Smallville.

Better late than never.

"Regard your soldiers
as your children...

and they will follow you
into the deepest valleys."

"Look on them as your own
beloved sons, and they..."

"Will stand by you,
even unto death."

You really don't have to quote
"The Art of War" to me, Dad.

I read it cover to cover three times
before I finished high school.

Although, I still would have preferred
a bike for my 14th birthday.

Yes. Well, despite
your intense studies...

it seems Jonathan Kent,
after yesterday's theatrics...

has surged ahead of you
in the polls.

- I didn't have anything to do with that.
- No, no, of course you didn't.

It looks like your disciples
tried to follow in your footsteps.

They have succeeded
in creating quite a mess.

How does it feel, Lex,
to have people worship you?

Being the idol for a cult of psychopaths
isn't exactly a power trip, Dad.

No, but I suppose being
a state senator would be.

Isn't that why
you're running for office?

You wanna know the truth?

I'm running because it's something
I have to work for.

Yes. And your noble efforts
include employing hired guns...

to dig up information about the Kents
that could destroy them.

Well, so much for your fatherly pride
and support in this campaign, huh, Dad?

Griff's dead.

His body turned up in the back alley
of Suicide Slums this morning.

And somehow, I don't think
the Kents did it.

Dangerous neighborhood, Lex.

Would it have killed you this one time
to actually be on my side?

You're slipping, son.

First Professor Milton Fine vanishes
from your radar. Now, Griff. It...

It might be time to dust this off.

- All the teachers will be there?
- Yes.

All right. Great.

And here are the talking points
for the teachers' union.

- And don't forget...
- I've got the firefighters' breakfast.

Don't worry, Lois,
I'm not gonna forget.

Firefighters. I might have
to tag along for that one.

- There's gotta be a few perks to this job.
- Good news.

You're up 10 points in the polls
after the rally yesterday.

Looks like we can
win this thing after all, huh?

- I gotta run. Bye.
- Bye.

It's great to see him so optimistic.


I hate to be the one
to burst his bubble.

What do you mean?

Lex is running 800 ads
and dropping three mailers...

in the next two weeks.

We're ahead,
but that much coverage...

will make Mr. Kent
a distant memory by election day.

And as far as I can tell...

We're out of money.

I've been trying to figure out
how to tell him for a couple of days.

If we don't find some major green...

he can kiss that fancy leather chair
at the capitol goodbye.

There is one other option.

But you have to promise me
never to tell Jonathan.


I wasn't expecting to see you here.

I wasn't about to leave things
the way they were.

- Look, Clark...
- Look, Lana, I...

You were right.

I was pulling away.

It's because I've been wanting
to be with you for so long.

But I feel like I'd just screw it up.

Clark, I would never
let you go that easily.

Maybe we just need to slow down
and try and get back to where we were.

I freak out...

I screw up and I blame everything
on you, and you forgive me.

No questions asked.

Maybe that's because it's not
all your fault.

What you said about me
running off to Met U...

and getting all caught up
in my homework.

It's not entirely false.

Clark, I've been studying
the meteor showers.

- You were gonna leave that in the past.
- I know I did, and I tried to.

But those meteors changed my life.
And now with the second shower...

Clark, there is no way
that they're random.

What are you saying?

Okay, well, you know that spacecraft
that I saw during this last shower?

I was looking into the satellite imagery
from the first meteor shower...

The one that happened
when we were kids.

And there's something
that doesn't crash...

the way the other meteors do.

It... Well, it kind of lands.

Clark, what if a ship came down
in the first meteor shower as well...

and whoever was in it
has been here with us this entire time?

- Thank you for coming.
- It's my pleasure.

I'm always here for you, Martha.