Smallville (2001–2011): Season 5, Episode 1 - Arrival - full transcript

Together with the meteor shower, two evil super powerful Kryptonians beings, Aethyr and Nam-Ek, arrive in Smallville from a black spaceship looking for Kal-El. Clark Kent is transported with Chloe from the Kawatche caves to the Artic and the Fortress of Solitude is built in the ice from the fully formed Knowledge Crystal. The spirit of Jor-El begins to educate Clark, but when he sees Chloe needing help, Clark stops the class and promises Jor-El to return until the sunset. Chloe discloses to Clark that she knows his secret. Back in Smallville, Lois helps Jonathan to rescue the severely injured Martha from the debris of their house in which Jason Teague was apparently killed by the blast. Lana lures Aethyr and Nam-Ek to the Luther mansion to try to stop them, and Clark arrives just in time to save Lana and trap the Kryptonian criminals in the so-called Phantom Zone, but Jor-El removes his abilities to punish Kal-El for not committing with his promise. Also, the comatose Lionel Luther appears to have been possessed by the essence of Jor-El, and another being secretly emerges from the black Kryptonian spaceship...

Previously on "Smallville"...

Tell me what you've done.

I warned you that the elements
could not fall into the hands of a human.

The three must become one.

In approximately three hours, a meteor
shower is predicted to hit Smallville.

And I want you to have this.
I somehow know that it's meant for you.

Your curiosity seems to always has a way
of landing you in precarious positions.

Where is it?

This is about you
getting your hands on that stone.

I don't have the stone.

Who did this?

You know more
than you're telling me, Chloe.

Now, who took the element?

Lana, you're talking like we're never
gonna see each other again.

I love you.

I love you too.

And now, the
season premiere of "Smallville"...

Kal-El, you have traveled far.

One journey has ended.
A new journey is about to begin.

Welcome home, my son.

Smallville: "Arrival"
Season 5 Episode 1

Original Airdate Sept. 29, 2005

Please don't hurt me.

Lie down on the ground.

Open fire! Open fire!

Where's the girl?

She's irrelevant.

We must find Kal-El.

Hush, Shelby.

- Oh, my God.
- Martha?

Martha? Sweetheart?


Mr. Kent.

Are you okay? Mrs. Kent?


Clark wasn't in here.
He's all right. Martha?

Mrs. Kent.


Here! She's here.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

It's okay. Easy, easy.

- She's barely breathing.
- She... She's gonna be fine.


We're gonna get you out of here.

Can you help me get her out of here?

Come on. Come on.



Where'd you go, Chloe?

Where'd you go, Chloe?

Everything's under control here, officers.
I'm sure you're needed elsewhere.

He has the key.

Who are you?

- Are you Kal-El?
- Who wants to know?

It's not him. Kal-El would not bleed.



I thought Krypton was destroyed.

It was.

But here in your Fortress of Solitude...

the geography of our planet
has been replicated for your training.

I know there's a lot
I can learn from you...

but I have to get home
where I'm needed.

The meteor shower
is only the precursor.

A dark force from Krypton
has been awakened, Kal-El...

and its sights are set on Earth.

What do you want me to do?

You must do as I tell you
and study with diligence...

for that is the only way
to save this planet.


Clark, I know you can hear me. Help.

Clark, please help me.


Kal-El, you must continue
in your education.

You cannot stop.

She's my friend. She needs help.

Your destiny is far greater
than saving one human life.

No, I won't let her die.

Each time you let
human-learned emotions guide you...

you put the fate
of the entire planet at risk.

- "That is your weakness, Kal-El. "
- Please, I'm begging you.

Very well. Under one condition:

You must return to me
before the yellow sun has set.

I'll be back. I promise.

Do not fail me, Kal-El...

or the consequences will be grave.

You have my word.


I think it's time you switch
into super-Clark mode now.

Super Clark?

I know you run
faster than a speeding bullet, Clark.

Take me along for the ride.

Go, Clark.

- Lana, what happened?
- They're still out there.

- They'll kill us if they find us.
- It's okay. You're safe now.

Lana, you need to get off that leg.
I'll call a doctor.

You don't understand.
We're not safe. No one's safe.

- Don't touch me!
- Lana, you're in shock.

It's over.

The meteor shower stopped.
It's over.

There's a man and a woman...

they're right behind us.

- They came out of...
- Out of what?

What did they come out of?

A spaceship.

- Where?
- Landers Field.

After what you've been through...

it's normal for your mind
to play tricks on you. Trust me.

No, Lex, you trust me.
I know what I saw.

- We have to get as far away as possible.
- Lana.

Thank you.

I wonder who's more freaked out
right now.

Me, knowing that I'm in a hospital...

where they get their medicine
via dogsled...

or you, finally finding out
I know your secret?

- How long have you known?
- I guess I've always had my suspicions.

The quick exits, the miraculous
recoveries, the lame excuses.

But I think when I
saw you catch a car...

like it was a beach ball...

that kind of confirmed everything.

Why didn't you say anything?

I figured if you wanted to tell me you
were of the super-powered persuasion...

you would when you were ready.

On your terms, not on mine.

You're a good friend, Chloe.

Obviously not good enough.

There were so many times
I wanted to tell you.

Clark, I don't blame you.

Loose lips sink ships, and God knows
I've sunk my share of flotillas.

What about Lana? Does she know?


Well, I want you to know that I will
never be the iceberg to your Titanic.

And your secret will never, ever
leave my lips. No matter what.

I appreciate that.

There are still a few blind spots, though.

Like, how did we get beamed from
the Kiwatche cave to the North Pole?

And what was really going on
in that 40-story igloo?

Chloe, there's a lot of things about me
that even I don't understand.

The meteor rocks...

they didn't make me who I am.

So you're saying
you were born this way?

I wasn't born
anywhere near Smallville.

In fact, I wasn't born
anywhere near this galaxy.


Okay, so that would then
make you, like, an...


But you... You look so...


I'm still the same person.

Clark, I...

I think you're so amazing.

You save people's lives
and take zero credit for it.

To me, you're more than just a hero.

You're a superhero.

- Chloe...
- I'm serious, Clark.

If more humans were like you,
the world would be a better place.

In what scientists are describing as
an incredibly rare astronomical event...

Smallville, Kansas was hit by
the second meteor shower in 16 years...

killing 23 people
and injuring scores of others.

They didn't get out.
My parents didn't get out.

Smallville needs you
more than I do, Clark. Go.


Mr. Luthor?

Mr. Luthor.

Are you okay?

The Disciples of Zod...

they must be stopped.

You're talking about
the people from the ship.

Their home is their only poison.

Their home...

is their only poison.

Where are they?

- He's dropping EP.
- Team to ICU, please.

- Team to ICU.
- Got it.

Oh, Martha Kent, if you were trying
to scare me, you did one heck of a job.

For a minute there
I thought I lost you.

I guess I found my way back.

Has Clark come home?

Sweetheart, please, you need to use
all of your energy to get better...

not to worry about Clark.

Our son can handle anything
that's thrown his way.

Mrs. Kent.

I have to say, you look a whole lot better
without a china cabinet on your back.

Hi, Lois. It's good to see you.

- Lois was quite a hero out there.
- You guys put a roof over my head.

Least I could do is help
when it came crashing down.

- Where is Kal-El?
- Who are you?

You know where he is.

I'm sorry, I don't know
who you're talking about.

Okay. Everyone needs to calm down
and count to 10, okay?

So put the nice man down.

Look, super freak,
you wanna find your Kal-El buddy...

you better start working
on your communication skills.

I know where Kal-El is.

He's hiding out at the Luthor mansion.
I can take you to him.


Mom? Dad?


- Thank God you're okay.
- Where's my mom and dad?

At the hospital. Your mom
has a concussion and a broken leg...

but she's gonna be okay.
She's out of danger now.

- What about Lana?
- Lana's safe.

It's Chloe I'm worried about.

- Why?
- She was down in the cave with me...

when the meteors hit.

I was knocked out,
and when I came to, she was gone.

She must have escaped
while you were unconscious.

Or someone helped her out.

What, you think I did?

- Lex, how could I...?
- Clark, before I passed out...

there was a light
brighter than anything I've ever seen.

And I could have sworn I saw you
standing right in its epicenter.

I was nowhere near those caves.

If you weren't with your parents when
the meteors hit, where have you been?

They insisted I get a head start.

I got a ride on one of the military vans.

Why do I get this feeling
you're being less than honest with me?

- I have no idea.
- I'm beginning to get the impression...

that lying is a habit of yours.

- I don't have to listen to this.
- Then be straight with me for once.

If you're my friend...

just tell me the truth.

Were you in the cave
when the meteors hit?


Look, I understand that the police
have their hands full...

but Mr. And Mrs. Universe...

- they're killing people.
- Lois.

Clark. You're okay.

Yeah. You?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Have you seen my parents?

- They're gonna be fine.
- Where are they?

Actually, we have another problem.

Kind of a big problem, really.

A happy, loving couple
came through here...

with superhuman powers
and a really bad attitude.

It got pretty ugly.

What'd they want?

They were looking for some guy
named Kal-El. You ever hear of him?

Where'd they go?

Kal-El's in there.

It's a trap. Get the door.
Seal it.

Lying is their way.

Not for long.

I heard you're looking for me.

I'm Kal-El.

At last.

Who are you?

The last survivors of Krypton.

- What do you want?
- We want you to join us, Kal-El.

- And help us make this land our utopia.
- I saw what you did at the hospital.

- It's not utopia, it's murder.
- The few must be sacrificed...

for the sake of the many.

Then sacrifice me.

Because I'm not gonna let you kill
anyone else.

If that is your decision,
so be it, Kal-El.

We cannot destroy you, Kal-El.

But we can lock you in a place
where you will never be able to stop us.

It is done.


Are you okay?

- Where are they?
- They're gone.

Do you know who they were?

We need to get you to a hospital.

Oh, my God.

Our home.

It's just wood and plaster, Martha.

Fact is, our family's still standing.

We might be a little bruised,
but I think we're stronger for it.

You're right.

A house can always be rebuilt.

It doesn't hurt to have
a one-man construction team as a son.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Don't worry. Things are gonna
get back to normal soon.

Actually, things will be a lot more
normal around here than you think.

My abilities are gone.

- How?
- Jor-El took them.

But I'm not sure it's such a bad thing.

All I've ever wanted was to be normal.
And now, finally...

I am.

I don't think that this adjustment is
gonna be quite as easy as you do, Clark.

But that's why I'm lucky
to have parents like you.

Every time I woke up
and had a new ability...

you were there to help me adjust.
And this time's no different.

It is different. You can get hurt now.
You're vulnerable.

Isn't that what it means
to be human?

No, I can't imagine Jor-El
giving up on you that easily.

I took care of the danger
he warned me about.

If losing my abilities is the consequence,
then I think he's done with me.

Look, it's all in the past now.

I'm ready to take a step to the future.

Start by rebuilding this house
one board at a time.


Now, how could Clark
possibly be here?

We're in the middle of the Yukon.

I don't know.
I must have been dreaming, I guess.

What's going on, Lex?

I came to take you home.

Clark, really, you shouldn't have.

- Actually, I didn't.
- Too sweet for words.

How'd you get that frog
in your throat?

That's what happens when you get a
neck massage from Barbie the Barbarian.

Doctor says I shouldn't talk too much.

Oh, gee, that's too bad.

Don't get your hopes up, Smallville.
It's not permanent.

I gotta catch a plane in two hours
for Geneva, and if I'm late...

the general will court-martial me.
I did wanna say thank you.

You were there for my parents.
It means a lot.

I'm sure it does.

But not enough to give me
this deluxe iris arrangement...

from Main Street Florist.

She's down the hall, room 258.

Hope irises are still
on your favorite-flowers list.

Some things stay number one forever.
Thank you.

Lana, before the meteor shower,
you came by the barn.

You said some things.

And three words sort of stood out.

Clark, the sky was literally
about to fall down on us.

I never knew if I'd ever see you again.


We were in the middle of a crisis.

Sometimes people say things
they don't mean.


I meant every word.

The question is...

did you?

No more secrets.

No more lies.

Clark, I wanna ask you something.

Do you believe in life
on other planets?

Actually, I do.

I saw something in that crater.

It was a spaceship, Clark.

It was unbelievable.