Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 5 - Run - full transcript

Clark meets a young man with a power of speed that exceeds his own, but the boy lacks responsibility for his actions. Also, Lex finds a manuscript that appears to be some sort of Kryptonian map.

I'm not waiting around for some damn kid.

He's late.

Your watch is fast.

Hey, say... If there's something I am
is never late

I say I'm gonna be somewhere...
I'll be there like a flash.

Nice car, man!
What is this, real leather?

I got places to be small fry!
What do you got for me?

I got some great stuff for you Mr. Hannison

I'm talking top of the line.

You've been busy.

Well you know:
"Idle hands, empty pockets".

- So what do you think?
- I give you $200 for the lot.

It's worth it 10
times that much!

Yeah, I told you I don't handle
this nickle dime crap anymore.

You land a real score you come talk to me...
until then, you take what I give you.

Maybe I should just take it all.

That isn't a threat, is it kid?

Ah, geez!

Doctor said your doing great.

Yeah right before he gave
me this new prescription.

The red ones at least they'll go nicely with
my pink, blue and green ones I'm already taking

I rather have more colors in the
medicine cabinet than not have you around

I just didn't wanna have to worry your mother
anymore with this stuff, that's all.

Dad, we both worry about you.

What Jor-El did to
you because of me...

Wow! Wait a minute, I knew
what the risk was, Clark...

And I'll take it again in a heartbeat
if it meant keeping you safe.

Didn't you and I have a game to catch?

Metropolis Sharks, 50 yard line...
Lex really came through this time.

Look son, I understand what that
friendship means to you,

but please don't forget he had
you investigated, be careful.

Not going into this with my eyes closed.

He wants another chance
to prove he's changed


Dad this is my senior year,
I don't want to have

to worry about Lex or
Jor-El, or any of that.

I just wanna live a normal life,
hang out with my friends and play football.

Alright... why don't you go get the truck
We don't wanna miss the kick off.

Dad you're ok?

Yeah, I think so...

Your mother would be
visiting me in the hospital

again if you hadn't
pushed me outta the way.

Dad it wasn't me. I saw
someone who can move like I can

I couldn't believe it, he saved you.

Whoever it is, not only did he save my life,
Clark, he also stole my wallet.

♪ Somebody save me! ♪

♪ Let your warm hands break right through ♪

♪ Somebody save me! ♪

♪ I don't care how you do it ♪

♪ Just save...
Save... ♪

♪ Come on! ♪

♪ I've been waiting for you ♪

♪ I made this whole world shine for you! ♪

♪ Stay!
Stay! ♪

♪ Come on! ♪

Smallville: "Run"
Season 4 Episode 5

Original Airdate Oct. 20, 2004

Hey! Aren't you two supposed to be at the game?

Well the tickets to the game were in my wallet.

Which was stolen, some kid swiped it
outside the medical building.

Oh my god, your were robbed!
Are you alright? Did he have a gun?

No, he had a very fast pair of sneakers but...

I'm gonna call the credit card company
to report it stolen.

Hey dad, wait!

THis kid... he was as fast as I am,
I should find out who he is.

Just let me talk to
Chloe, maybe she can

track down where he's
been using your card.

Come on dad, if I don't find anything by
the end of the day, then make the call.

Alright, but I want you to be careful Clark,
we don't know anything about this kid.

That's why I've to find out who he is.

Are you sure you're ok?

Sweetheart I'm fine... I wish you
wouldn't worry about me all the time.

You were in a comma for 3 months Jonathan,

it's hard not to worry when you've been
through so much.

With a little help from modern medicine I'm
planning to go through a whole lot more.

Starting with a romantic evening
with my beautiful wife.

Maybe we could have a little' dinner and then...
drive on down to the lake?

I'd love that sweetheart, but I...

I'm gonna have to work late again tonite...

Running the Talon is a lot more involved than
I thought it would be but... eh...

I'll call you later, ok?

What is that?

It's nothing.

Looks like a very large tattoo hovering over
a very provocative spot.

- When did you get that?
- Hum... uh... I got it.. uh...

Before I came back from Paris.

Really? Why didn't you tell me?
I could've come with you and gotten a mermaid...

or an anchor... or a mermaid holding an anchor

I didn't plan on getting it alright?
It kinda just happened.

Tattoos don't just kinda happen...

There's usually some ink and
a fair amount of pain involved.

What was I supposed to do?
Ask you for permission to get it?

Wow! Hey!

That's not what I meant...
Why are you biting me head right off now?

- I'm not.
- Yes you are.

Look I just... I don't want you making
a big deal outta this

I don't care about the tattoo, ok?

But what bothers me is the fact that

for some reason you felt like you
had to hide it from me

I've seen what keeping secrets
has done to my parents...

I'm not gonna end up like that

Jason the last thing I ever wanna do
is hurt you.

But there are some things that I am... just
I'm not comfortable sharing with you yet

I'm sorry



You lost?

You know, cause I guess you must
be because... this is my room.

Technically it's my dad's since you used
his credit cards to pay for it

I didn't take anything from anybody.

You can save the innocent act,
I had a friend trace all the

charges you trying to stick on
him after you stole his wallet.

And you went through my backpack!
Man, that's invasion of privacy...

- messing with my stuff.
- Your stuff? You stole all this!


Prove it

I saw you save my dad from
that truck this morning.

Man, nobody sees me
when I'm doing my thing.

Maybe you're not the only one
who can move like that...

Jake Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West...
whatever your name really is...

It's Bart.

Not that it matters
cause I'll be

a 1000 miles away before
you can even blink.

I don't know...
I can blink pretty fast

I'm warning you man

I'm gonna get my dad's wallet, and then

you and I are going to sit
down for a long talk.

Not big of a chit chat, dude.

Smell you later.

Dad, I found the kid who stole your wallet
but I lost him out at the docks.

He just took off across the water.

Uhmm, son...

Hi Clark.

What took you so long?

Dude, I didn't think anybody else
could move like that except me,

because, hey... fastest man alive, right?

You were right up my butt, man... and.

You know I've always wondered if there's anyone
else out there like me and it turns out...

to be you! Jimmy Crack-corn,
fresh from the farm.

What Kind of story did you spin to con my
dad out of a free meal and a bed on the couch.

No story Clark, just the truth.

And what's that?

Well.. A couple of years ago...

there was like this accident... right

a huge flashlight...

and my body went into overdrive.

And this happened in Smallville?


It's my first time here... and.

No offense dude... but.

Hopefully the last

I've never met anyone with powers like yours
that wasn't from around here.

Yeah, well...
Maybe you should get out more.

So, how did you get so fast?

You had an accident too or...

I was kinda born this way...
Why are you living on the streets Bart?

What happened to your parents?

Their son got zapped into a human
lightning bolt that's what happened

I mean, they made this whole big deal that
everything was gonna be ok and that...

I don't know man, you should've just seen
the way they looked at me...

I could tell that...
nothing was gonna be the same...

So you ran away?


I just didn't fit in.

- Man, I guess you don't have that problem...
- Oh, you'd be surprised.

- I ran away once too.
- Yeah, why did you come back, man?

Mow the lawn, milk the cows?

Dude, you should be out there
with me tearing it up.

You mean stealing everything in sight?

It's not like I really hurt anybody...

I mean I usually just swipe a little bling from
stiff upper crust whenever I need some cash.

How much would you call "a have-not" Clark?
I take from "the haves".

Like my dad?

Look man, don't even sweat it ok?
They don't charge you if your card's stolen.

Oh, and that makes it alright?

Look man, my friends down at suicide slums...
they sure changed me...

So I had to boost your dad's
card in order to get a

get a room I don't like spending
the night out in the streets.

Ok? Stuff happens there...

When I'm asleep I'm just
as slow as everybody else.

Don't hit me with the big
cow eyes there stretch? Ok?

- I could always take care of myself...
- Yeah you've done a great job so far.

You know what man? Enough of
the poor little' street urchin right?

Let's take a closer look at
the mysterious Clark Kent

let's see...

you like to read about
native American mythology..

You've scrolled the name "Lana"
on your notebooks.

And you've one of the most
boring hobbies known to man...

- Rock collecting.
- I don't collect rocks...

Dude you're ok?

Put that away

I'm allergic.

Man! I've heard of people
sneeze around cats and dogs

and stuff but never get all weak
in the knees over a rock.

It's a long story.

It's one I'm sure I'd love to hear
after we get back...

Get back from where?

Anywhere we want

I mean do we have
2 super power studs here?

Why else do you think I came all over
to Smellyville looking for you man?

Let's go crank it up!
Go have some fun.

Did you ever seen Florida?


Dude, man, that girl in the black bikini she was
totally checking you out.

No she wasn't.

Look the girl was eyeing you
like you were a snow-cone dude...

you should've
gotten her number.

I can't just walk up to a girl on
the beach and get her phone number.

Yeah, well, lucky for you...

I can.

She said to call her next time
you are in Miami.

- I can't just go running back down to Miami.
- Why not?

- Because it's...
- It's what?

Too much fun Clark?

Come on, nobody's ever died from it.

What are you doing?

I'm eating a cookie, dude
I'm starving.

You can't just take whatever you want
My mom runs this place.

Look man, there's a line...
I don't do lines.

What's up Kent? I thought you'd still be in
Metropolis playing detective

I thought I leave that one up to the authorities.

They never would've caught him anyway.

- Chloe this is my friend Bart, he's from..
- The future.

- Really?
- Yeah

I ran all the way back
in time to tell you that

we are still in love a
100 years from now.


What's your favorite kind of flower Chloe?

Uhmmm... tulips.

- How did you do that?
- Magic.

You wanna see some more?


Knock it off!

Your dad called...
Is that the boy who robbed him?

- Yeah, his name's Bart Allen.
- Why's he here?

I think he's lonely,
wants to be my friend.

Good, maybe you can
talk some sense into him.

I'm trying.

Oh, uh... Lex is looking for you sweetheart...

he asked if you'd stop by the mansion,
he said it's important.

Ok, but I probably
shouldn't leave Bart alone

I really don't think he'll notice you're gone...

I purchased this from a private collector
in St Petersburg...

convincing him to part with
it required a few glasses

of vodka and a small fortune
but it was worth it...

That's very nice.

Take a closer look at the border design.

Embedded glyphs, similar to the Kowaichi
symbols found in the cave.

No one's spent more time down there than you.

Any idea what they mean?


But I thought you weren't interested
in this stuff anymore.

Oh, I'm still interested Clark,
just not obsessed,

Which is why I'm not keeping this from you

I'd like it if we could work on
this mystery together

I'd like that.

So what is it?

It's the last surviving page from
a XIV century manuscript.

It depicts the Grand Prince
Donskov's victory over

his mortal enemy Mamaia
at the battle of Kulikova.

Legend has it that...

this was the only object
adorning the walls of Rasputin's

chamber while he studied at
the Verkhoturye Monastery.

He believed this page will reveal
a path to unimaginable power

Rasputin would stare to it for days at a time
in the attempt to penetrate its secrets.

- It's incredible...
- Don't

I had state of the art security installed
to protect it

I'm keeping it at the
mansion for a few days

before it goes into the
vault at Luthorcorp.

Sorry Clark I have an appointment...

Why don't you swing by tomorrow and...
we'll roll up our sleeves...


- Dude, you know Lex Luthor?
- What are you doing here?

Well, Chloe shut me down,
but you know, her loss...

Man this place is awesome!

- Man have you seen all the cool stuff?
- You were just in there?

Yeah, I just took a quick spin.

Don't worry man, he
won't even have a clue.

You gotta get outta here

Clark, who're you talking to?


Hey Clark!

Just in time son, your
mom's working late again

so I thought maybe
we'd have guys night.

You know, catch up on the highlights
of the game we missed?

I saw something in Lex's
dad, it was a page of an

old manuscript that had
Krytonian symbols on it.

Kryptonian symbols?

Were you able to read 'em?

It had a message, repeated over and over:
"Look deeper"

I used my X-ray vision and I saw
a map hidden underneath.

A map?

A Map to what?

I don't know dad, but I think
it has something to do with Jor-El,

and what he sent me after
when he was controlling me.

- I want you to leave this alone,
Clark... - No, dad... - Son!

You were just telling me how you'd like
to have a normal senior year, right?

Well, how does traipsing across the globe
on Jor-El's crusade fit in with that?

It doesn't, but hanging out with Bart
reminded me that I'm not normal, dad.

Maybe it's time I stopped running
from who I really am.

What you really are is a 17 year old boy.

Sit down.

Dad, it doesn't matter how old I am.

Whatever Jor-El sent
to me find I've a

feeling it's very
powerful and dangerous,

especially if it falls into
the wrong hands, and I'm

the only one who could
stop that from happening.

By stealing this manuscript from Lex?

No, he's no idea of what he has...

All I have to do is to sneak back
in there and get a better look at it.

Clark, it's a bad
idea, he could see you.

I'll be in and out before
he even knows I'm there.


Lex's place was sweet!
I mean that guy's got like 20 cars!

Man, there's no way you get that rich
playing it straight.

Man, I gotta step it up a notch
because that's definitively how I wanna live.

Listen, Bart, there's something I've got
to take care of, alright?

Can I come?

No, it's personal, but maybe
we'll hang out when I get back.

Oh dude, there's this
midnight showing.

"Speed" at the Mann's
Chinese theatre...

best popcorn and Keanu rules in that one...
So do you wanna go?

You know it sounds great, but...
just don't mention it to my dad, ok?



Man, it's been really cool hanging out
with somebody like me, you know?

So I gotya something,
just to say thanks for everything.

It's an mp3 player. That
way you can download all

your favorite tunes and
listen to 'em wherever we go.

Where did you get this?

I got it for you Clark.

- It doesn't matter where I got it.
- Yes it does Bart.

You haven't been listening
to anything I've said to you.

You can't go around
stealing whatever you want.

- Why not?
- Because there are laws

for normal people!

And dude, why do you treat your abilities like
they're a curse? They're not man!

They're a gift!

- I'm gonna use 'em.
- I'm not saying you shouldn't.

Just use 'em to help people not hurt them.

- Whom am I hurting?
- The store I swiped this from?

- Cause they're insured.
- That doesn't make it right.

Whatever dude, I'm not sticking around
for another lecture.

What are you gonna do?
Run away again?

You're not gonna solve all your problems
like that, Bart.

Look, I'm not running away, Clark

I'm running towards something.
I'm gonna have everything

I've ever dreamed
of one way or another.


Look, I thought you and I
were the same but I was wrong.

You are nothing like me


Don't Move!


What the hell are doing here?

Would you like to explain what happened here?

Just came by to say hello.

Next thing I know all this alarms and lights
are going off.

It's a little' late for a...

- Social call Clark...
- Yeah, I just...

I should've called but
I just figured you'd be up.

Are you sure you didn't see anyone else
when you came in?

No, I didn't see anyone.

Then you don't know who did this?

No, I don't

I believe you

I know a real friend would never lie to me

I better go and let you take care of this

I'll let you in on a secret...
I'm not that worried...

You said this manuscript page
was worth a fortune.

It is.

And there aren't
that many fences in

Metropolis that can move
such a high-end item.

If I put a reward at him,
sure some fiscally

challenged citizen will point me
in the right direction.

Do you think that'll work?

Don't worry Clark.

Our thief is gonna learn
that there's nowhere

on Earth he can run
from Lex Luthor.

I'd like that too, Jonathan, but I can't.

Because I still have all this work to do

I'll be home as soon as I can
that's the best I can do

ok, bye.

You're working late?

Oh god, it's like this never stops,

I don't know how you managed all this and
went to school too, Lana.

It wasn't easy... but I don't remember
staying this late after closing every night.

Well it's easier to do this here than at home.

Is everything alright Mrs. Kent?

Oh, Jonathan thinks the only reason I took
this job is to help out our finances

I love him... so much...

But after everything that's happened,
all his health problems...

The only time I'm not worrying about
losing him is when I'm here...


But if you're here all the time then...

you don't see him anyway.

Isn't that like you lost him already?

That summer in Paris's really
given you some insight, Lana.

Thank you for reminding me.

Reminding you of what?

That it's easier to
deal with your fears

if you can share them
with someone you love.

Sure, however you wanna handle it
No problem, it is my pleasure.

Well it's about time.

Well I had some things to
take care of, maybe when

you grow up you'll understand
how men do business.

Is this grown up enough for you?

It's a start.

Mr. Luthor I believe that I've something
that belongs to you.

Is this the dangerous criminal
you warned me about?

Hey, it's not your problem
Come on, let's talk about that finder's fee.

He's just a kid Let him go.


You've no idea what that freak is capable of.

If I were you I'd be more concerned
about the police right now, Hannison.

What did you do?

In about 5 minutes this place will be
swarming with Metropolis P.D.

Well ok, then I guess
we better hurry this up, uh?


Look at the mess you made kid!

Let's see if you're faster than
the speed of a bullet!

You don't wanna be here!

You still think what you do
never hurts anyone?



I am sorry Clark.

This doesn't change anything.

You don't understand...
it'll kill me.

You're not a murderer!
That's not who you are!

- You don't know who I am!
- Yes I do.

Why did I say you saved my dad?

I've seen the good in you

Bart, you gotta stop running
or in the end you'll just

be alone and you don't want that.
I know you don't.

I know because down deep...

we're the same

I wish that was true Clark.

- You've no idea of where Bart could be?
- Lex was unconscious...

I stayed with him until I heard the
police sirens then I went after Bart.

By then he could've been
halfway around the world

I think it could be for the best, Clark.


Now look, I know how much you
wanted to help him about but...

you can't force people to change
no matter how strong you are.

He's not a bad kid, dad, he's just different,
at least he's willing to accept that.

Clark, embracing your
abilities and flaunting them,

are 2 entirely different things.

I know.

It's just sometimes
there's a part of me

that wishes I could
be more like him.

I mean... I've spent so much
time trying to hide who I

really am, I'm starting to
feel like 2 separate people.

Clark, I think you'd be
really surprised to find out

how many normal people
feel exactly the same way.

Yes, son, everybody has secrets,
yours is just...

it's just bigger than most.

- I better go check on Lex.
- Alright, you wanna use the truck?

No, I uh...
Kinda wanna stretch my legs.


Thought you'd be
at work all day.

Well that's one of the
benefits of being the boss.

I promoted Linda to assistant
manager so I can take a break

and spend some time with a
ruggedly handsome farmer.

Well, you're in luck,
there just happens to be one...

sweating in your driveway right now.

Maybe I should get the hose
and a bucket of soap.

- I really missed you.
- Me too.

This is amazing.

When Clark first found this caves...

I had no idea why was he
so obsessed with them

I always felt like he was
keeping this secrets from me

because he was afraid of
how I was going to react.

I don't wanna live like that
I don't wanna be afraid all the time.

You don't have to be, not with me,
that's what I've been trying to tell you.


Remember the church we went to in Paris?

Yeah, I had to live early to make
arrangements for your birthday...

Well after you left
I noticed something

strange on the tomb
of Countess Thoreau.

There were these symbols edged into the rock,
like the ones in this cave.

How is that possible?

I don't know.

And when I touched them, there was this
blinding light and then pain...

and all I remember is waking up the next
morning to you knocking on my door.

And I had this.

Ok wait a second...

So you're saying...

that some strange symbols on the tomb
of a dead countess...

gave you a tattoo?

You know how odd it sounds...

Why do you think I didn't wanna tell you?

That's why you left Paris

I had to come back to these caves

I had to find out why I was missing
12 hours of my life.

But all I found were more questions.

It's the same as yours.

What does the symbol mean?

I don't know.

- Jason I don't know what's happening to me.
- Ok, Ok.

Whatever it is...

we'll figure it out together ok?



It's good to see you keeping normal hours.

Just came by to see if you're alright

I heard you ran into some trouble
in Metropolis..

- News travels fast.
- The curse of a small town.

So, what happened?

I decided to play cowboy
and got my spurs handed to me.

To be honest I don't know why I'm not dead.

There must be somebody watching over you.

In more ways than one.

How did you get this back?

I didn't.

It was sitting on my desk when
I returned from the Hospital.

Whoever took it must've had
a change of heart

I guess he did.

Look, we'll have plenty of time
to study this later...

Right now, I'm still
nursing a bit of a headache.

I'm just glad you're feeling better.


I thought you'd like to know
I had the manuscript page

examined by a team of experts
as soon as it turned out.

Do you know what they discovered?

That I payed too much for it.

Thanks for checking in on me.

Dude, your drawing sucks

I'm sick of the hero thing.

You mean like returning a
priceless artifact to its owner?

Kinda all that money would've just
slowed me down anyway.

To a dead stop if I hadn't found you.

Yeah, how did you do that?

What are you? Fast? Strong? And psychic?

I wish

I spent a whole night down
at suicide slums trying to

convince someone that I had
a 1000 of these to fence.

A few guys pointed me in
the direction of Hannison.

Look at you,
channeling your inner criminal.

So, uh...

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.
It's a big world.

We gotta to check it out.

See if there's anyone else out there like us.

Maybe start like a club
or league or something.

You know you could come with me...

or you could stay...

You've a great life, Clark, but...

It's not mine
I've no reason to stay in Smallville.

You've me.

Thanks for being my friend.

Are you sure there's nothing
I can do to change your mind?

Tell you what...

you can catch me,

I'll think about it.

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