Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 13 - Recruit - full transcript

Clark is wooed by the offer of a Football scholarship from Metropolis University but faces a dilemma over whether he should accept, knowing he has such an advantage on the field because of his superpowers. Meanwhile, Lois is implicated in the death of a member of the Metropolis University Football team which leads Clark to investigate to clear Lois in which they suspect that the team's idol, named Geoff Johns, may hold a clue. Elsewhere, Lex tries to persuade Lana that Jason's mother had ordered him to try to break her and Jason up for mysterious reasons.

You guys okay? You want a cracker
to help you put down?

Come on!
Let's go! Let's go!



Now, do you believe me?

This isn't Suzy sorority
you're playing with.

I've drunk vodka with Russian generals,
black and tans with British battalion troops...

stop talking.

Start drinking.

What are you doing, man?

I'm drinking.

We've got physicals coming up.

Ask me if I give a rat's ass.

Stop stalling, and let's go.
Drink up, or pay up.

All right, let's get everybody
out of here, all right?

I got to wake up
brutally early tomorrow.

The recruit's coming.

Dude, you've had enough.

I'm not even tipsy.

Come on, let's get you into bed.

Deep breaths...

fresh air. The world is not spinning.

Hey, wait up.

Shouldn't you be in pink
elephant land right about now?

I got another game for you.

Only this time, we both win.

Come on, give me some.

I've got a game for you, football.
It's called hide-and-go seek.

You go hide, and I'll count to a billion.

Ready, set, go.

Aw, come on!
Don't be like that!

You got a girlfriend,
bonehead. Go bug her.

Come on!

Now, don't you think hide-and-seek
would've been a little more fun?

That hurt.

Night-night, party boy.

Go away.

Please, god...

Whoever is pounding
on a dorm room door

at 7:00 in the morning...

Lois Lane?

Do you mind not talking so loud?

There's been a report that you had
an altercation last night with Dave Cooper.

If "altercation" is defined as "jock attacks,
and I knock the wind out of him," yeah, I confess.

The boy is paralyzed.
You're under arrest.

Smallville: "Recruit"
Season 4 Episode 13

Original Airdate Feb. 9, 2005

I realize I already gave
you my blessing on this,

Clark, and I don't want to lie to you.

This whole thing
makes me feel uneasy.

Dad, we've been
watching Met U.

Football games since
I can remember.

Now they're knocking on my door.

I know that, and I'm proud of you for it.

Then why can't I
have a shot at what

every other high
school kid dreams of?

Because you're not like every
other high school kid, Clark.

On that field I am.

I'm not even using my abilities...
and I can be the

new starting quarterback for
the Metropolis Bulldogs.

There's gonna be
millions of eyes on you.

You're gonna be under
a magnifying glass.

I have pulled it off before.


Met U. Is not like Smallville high.

It's a much bigger stage.
There's gonna be much bigger problems.

You always told me not to walk away
from something just because it's a challenge.

Dad, I can do this.

I know that you can handle it.

I also know you'll behave yourself this weekend...
stay clear of the beer kegs.

Don't worry. Alcohol can't
affect me, remember?

That's not the point.
You're still underage.

Look, son, I just don't want you
to get booted out before you get in.

- All right?
- Okay.

Now, there's one more thing.

It's very important.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Have a great time.

Clark Kent...

future Met. U. Hall-of-famer?


What's the Teflon tailback
doing back in town?

Hey, Mr. Kent.

Coach Calloway wanted to surprise Clark,

send a local boy to pick him up.

Well, it definitely worked. I
would've never expected to see

the Bulldogs' All-Time
leading rusher in my barn.

Hey, I'm no different than you, Clark. I'm just...

a farm boy who happens
to be a decent football player.

"Decent football player".

You're on your way to
the NFL, and you're

quite the legend at
Smallville high.

Yeah, well, your boy broke my record
for single season T.D.S.


You got what it takes, Clark.

You really think so?

I know so.

You got a heck of a
ride a head of you, but

the thing that's gonna
keep you level-headed

is remembering where you come from...

like Smallville high.

You wanna go say hi to coach Quigley?


He was no prince charming, but

nobody deserves to have
that happen to them.

He can't even speak.
I feel terrible.

Lois, it doesn't take an M.D.
to know that a kick to

to the gut is not gonna cause
head-to-toe paralysis.

I hope the judge agrees.
Otherwise, I'm gonna be the star

of my very own
woman in prison movie.

How did you post bail?

Four very good
friends of mine...

Visa, MasterCard, American
Express, and Discover.

Chloe, I didn't know where else to go.

And lucky for you, I'm on my way to Met U.
For my financial aid pitch.

Why don't we just, um, round-trip together,
and we'll figure this thing out?

Lois, I heard what happened.

I see news travels fast.

The guy you put in the hospital

is Geoff's roommate.

Clark, I swear to god,
all I did was knock the

wind out of him. I couldn't
have paralyzed him.

You were drinking, right?

Those days are over.
No more alcohol.

And that includes cough
syrup and rum cakes.

Aspirin, anyone?

"Torch" desk drawer on the left-hand side.

Listen, Chloe, I know that we
were supposed to drive to Met U.

Today, but since Geoff is here,

I understand. Star quarterback...

you don't wanna ride
with the common folk.

You know it's not like that.

It's fine, Clark.

Hey, uh, Clark,

I'm actually kind of surprised
that you took the football route.



I don't know, it just seems like you have kind of
an unfair advantage.

What do you mean?

Well, you have all of
these truly amazing talents,

um, you know, on the field...

well, you know, that's
the way it is in sports.

Some people are better than others.


I guess I just don't understand
as much as I thought I did.

About football.


let's go, C.K.
The festivities are about to begin.

I take it you've contemplated my job offer.

It wasn't a hard decision to make.

I forgot to mention, a
company car is included

as well as a generous
expense account.

I'm not gonna work for
somebody whose mission

it is to break me and
my girlfriend up.


my only concern is Lana's welfare.

But you're not the threat
I'm worried about.

It's your mother.

Did you ever find it strange
that every summer as a child

she took you on treks to the
far reaches of the globe?

Destinations where there
wasn't even running water.

My mother likes to travel.
She always has.

Those weren't vacations, Jason.

They were research trips...

investigating a woman
who was burned at the stake 400 years ago.

Margaret Isabelle Theroux?

The countess whose spirit
possessed your girlfriend.

And the fact that it
happened soon after you

and your mother came into
Lana's life, well...

that bothers me.

That bothers me a lot.

I had nothing to do with that.

I would never put Lana in jeopardy.

And I believe you,
or I wouldn't offer you this job.

What exactly is it that you want me to do?

I have deep pockets, Jason.

Vast resources.
But the one thing I don't have is access.

Two women in your life
are somehow intimately

connected to Margaret
Isabelle Theroux.

I want you to find out everything they know.

So, what, you want me to spy on them?

How you get the information is up to you.

Now I need an answer.


Can you hear me?

It's Lois,
your, um, drinking buddy.

I am so sorry this happened to you,
but I swear to god, I didn't do it.

Last night, I would've given anything
to shut him up. And now...

come on, Lois. We gotta get outta
here before someone sees you.

Maybe someone close to Coop
knows something we don't.

Lois, I...

I don't think that
grandma Betty from

Topeka is gonna
have the answer.

But his girlfriend Monique might.

How do you know it's his girlfriend?

When the card ends with
"I'll love you forever and ever,"

" it's a bit of a giveaway."

The girls of Alpha Alpha Alpha
Hope you get well soon!

This truck looks like it can do everything
but take off and fly.

Hey, check it out. You hit this button...

the operator's there to help you
out with whatever you need...

ATM locations, movie
times, you name it.

That's pretty cool.

Yeah, I hear next year's model is even sweeter.

Unless you want something sportier.

What, you're saying I get a truck like this
if I come here to play?

Let's just say certain alumni are
nice enough to loan their athletes rides.

Clark, college football is big business.

I mean, you get a lot,
but they expect a lot in return.

You have to be better than good.

You have to be a hero out there.

Yeah, I thought you
might want to see where

you're gonna be spending
your Saturdays.

Clark Kent, quarterback
he's a Bulldog, that's a fact.

Clark Kent, quarterback...

Ladies and gentlemen, playing quarterback
for your Metropolis Bulldogs,

from Smallville, Kansas...
number 8, Clark Kent!

It's pretty cool, huh?

That's an understatement.

Get used to it, buddy.
It's just the beginning.

The golden arm of Kansas has arrived.
It's a pleasure to meet you, son.

Coach, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I know a lot of other schools
are coming at you, Clark.

But you go with Met U.,
And you're gonna win a national championship.

Sounds good to me.

Try this on for size.



I know you're gonna make
the right decision, son.

Clark, Gary Bergen... metro motors.

On behalf of the Bulldog booster club,
welcome to Met U.

If there is anything that you need,
you know where to call.

Everybody wants a winning team, Clark...

it's guys like me and you
that make it happen.

Waw, this is amazing.

Dude, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Hi, Clark!

The Tri Alphas are big football fans.


So, we did a little
detective work and found

out that your favorite
flavor was chocolate.

So we made you cake.

Why, you didn't have to go
through all that trouble.

Anything we can do to help you
commit to Met U., Clark.

How about a tour of the house?

Go ahead, C.K. Take your time.

I'll see you back at the dorm.

So you two roommates?

Um... no.

My roommate's on her way
to visit Coop at the hospital.

He's her boyfriend.


From what we hear...

not only do you have an incredible arm,

you've got great hands.

Somebody said that to you about me?


um, you've got a great view out this window.

if you like brick walls.

Let me show you
an even better view.

I meant the ivy.

What was that?

Let me go check it out.

Uh... some sweaters fell down...

in there.

Um, could I... could I get something to drink?


yeah. Sure.

And maybe something to eat?

Lois, what are you doing here?

I could ask you the same question,

but it seems fairly obvious... hef.

What, you just break
into people's places now?

Coop's girlfriend wasn't here, so I

thought I'd take
a look around.

A real page-turner.

"I gained two pounds. From
now on, it's no carbs."

She's no Hemingway, but still...

I don't have time for this.

Here it is.

"Coop is meeting with a newspaper"

reporter and being

"It has something to do with the football
team, but I don't know what it is."

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Hey, Clark...

would you like a piece of this?


Hey, buddy.

Feeling better?

I see it's starting to wear off.

Eventually, you're gonna be able to talk.

And when you do,

you're gonna tell the world about me...

like you were gonna do before I stopped you.

I'm sorry, Coop.

I thought I told you to wait outside.

I don't do well with waiting,
especially when I'm awaiting trial.

I want to hear what Geoff knows.

Speaking of Geoff...


You've, uh, met my friend Lois.

Coach just called.

Coop's dead, Clark.

Oh, my god.


An hour ago.

His vitals were getting better, and then

the doctor said he just stopped breathing.

Look, Geoff, we know Coop
was going to the newspaper

about something involving
the football team.

Lois, I don't think this is the best time...

and when would be the
best time, Clark...

when I'm on the chain gang?

I'm sorry. She's under a lot of stress lately.

No. Stress is when
you're stuck in traffic,

or you have a midterm for a class
you've never been to.

I'm out on bail,
and looking to be

locked up for manslaughter.

Clark, can I talk to you for a second?


I'm sorry about Coop.

I really am.

But if you have
something to say about me,

say it to my face,

because I have this little pet peeve
about people talking behind my back.



I'll catch up with you later.

I can't tell you how
to pick your friends,

Clark, but that chick
seems like trouble.

I'm starting to figure that out.

Yeah, it's probably best if you tell her
not to come around here.

She's done enough damage already.

I can't believe that you would
even consider working for him.

- It's not that black and white.
- I think it is.

Investigating the countess Theroux?
It's all a ruse.

Lana, the more Lex uses
me, the more I get to

use him and find out
what he really knows.

But that's just more secrets
and more lies, and at

some point, it's all gonna
blow up in our faces.

Well, unfortunately, when
dealing with people like Lex

and my mother, honesty isn't
necessarily the way to go.

It doesn't matter. I am done lying.

I can't go along with this.

We've hit a brick wall. Our research
with the countess is going nowhere.

This might be our way
of breaking through.

Or their way of breaking us up.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

Trust me.

How can I trust someone
who's willing to lie for a living?

As far as I'm concerned,
if you think that Lex knows something,

then there's only one way to find out.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Is something bothering you, Lana?

If you wanna know something about me, Lex? Ask.

Don't go recruiting my boyfriend...
to conduct some covert investigation.

Contrary to what you may think,
I'm on your side.

And how would I know that?
With you, everything seems like it's a secret.

What you may perceive as secrecy,
I see as precautions.

I'm a big girl, Lex. I don't need precautions.

I need the truth.

Sometimes, we think we want the truth
until we actually get it.

Lana, if you want me to be honest with you,
I will, but you're not gonna like it.

If you're gonna feed me some story about Jason,

I'm not interested.

Look, I understand he means a lot to you,

but when you're ready to talk,

let me know.

You can let yourself out.

Coop was more than just a great football player.

He was a great guy.

He cared a lot about

what was right
and what was wrong.

Well... to Coop.

- To Coop!
- To Coop!

Well, he would've wanted a party, so...

let's give him a party.

You're not drinking?

What's the matter?
You never had a beer before?

Sure I have.

Yeah, right.
I know where you're coming from, C.K.

But all that's gonna change.

Don't you think you should slow down a little bit?

Kent, you're from the same town as me, so...

I'm gonna be straight with you.

Being a Bulldog is a dream come true,
but you're in the pressure cooker now.

All they want is a winner.

It takes a toll on you.


Sit tight. Be right back, okay?

I told you before, Marcus
we meet in private.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I'm bringing the urine sample by.

Oh, that's a great idea,
bring it to my buddy's wake.

Well, you said you were gonna pay me today.

I told you, never come to me.
I come to you.

- We'll meet tomorrow.
- You said you'd pay me today, man.

I need my money.

Just... just get out of here.

What just happened to me?

I don't know, man. You fell over
or something. I don't know.

Don't worry about it.

Drink up, Kent.

To Coop.

Chloe, if you're trying to
milk any money out of this

university, you may not want to
be seen within 100 feet of me.

Lois, you're innocent,
and this autopsy

is more than likely
going to prove that.

Your father's birth city?

What, are you applying for
financial aid or to the C.I.A.?

I know.

Hey, Clark. Is something wrong?

I think Geoff Johns paralyzed Coop.


He's passing his physicals
by using another student's urine samples.

Black market pee?
What's he trying to cover up...


I don't think so.
I think it's something else.

I just saw him touch this
kid, and he put him straight

to the ground like he hit
him with a stun gun.

And the linebackers... they always say
when they get stiff-armed by Geoff Jones,

they don't know what hit them.
They go down to the turf every time.

I think he has a meteor power.

Using your powers on the field to cheat...
it's pathetic, but it's not paralyzing someone.

What if he can control the intensity
when he stuns people?

If that's true, you're gonna have to
find a way to prove it, because...

nobody outside the Smallville
city limits is going to

believe the Bulldog superstar
has superhuman powers.

The pee peddler may know the truth about Geoff.

- Can you track him down?
- Yeah.

I'm gonna go to the
football dorm.

I'm gonna try to find Geoff
before he can hurt someone else.

Time to see what Mr. Peebody knows.

I'm gonna go door-to-door
in the dorm and see if

I can get any insight into
the real Geoff Johns.

Excuse me.

Do you know where
a person can get some

clean number one around here?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't play dumb with me, pee-wee.
Either you

tell me everything you know
about Geoff Johns, or...

you wanna know about me?

Ask away...
Get lost Marcus.

Um, I'm just curious,

do you think you're gonna be drafted
to the sharks? 'Cause I'm a huge fan.

So why are you talking to Marcus?

What do you really want to know?

Nothing, I swear.
Just what I asked you.

I guess I'm gonna have to wait
and see like everyone else. Bye.

Look, I never wanted to use my powers.

In high school,
I played ball fair and square, but now,

there's just...
too much pressure to win.


I need your pass to get in the dorm!





Clark, I think Geoff has Lois.

- Where?
- I don't know, but...

We were in the parking lot,
and the next thing I knew,

Geoff Johns' car is flying
by, and Lois is gone.

I tried to talk to the campus police,
but they weren't any help. To them,

Geoff is like a hero.
They worship the ground he walks on.

Lois could be anywhere by now, Clark.

No, if they're in his car,
there might be a way to track them down.

I hate to break it to
you, but this is a

little bit bigger
city than Smallville.

He got his car from a booster
at Metropolis motors.

It's got a trip
star system in it.

If we can get the P.I.N. Number,
we can use your cell phone

and computer to maybe hack in
and find out where they are.

Okay, but then how are we
gonna get the P.I.N.?

They keep those things under lock
and key at the dealership.

What are you gonna do...
break in and rip open the safe?

Of course not.

Don't worry.

It'll be quick.

I'm so sorry.
I... I never meant to hurt anyone.

But I don't have a choice.

- Are we in yet?
- Yeah,

all we gotta do is dial up, use the code,
and do our best impression of Geoff Johns.

You know, that was, um,
a pretty quick errand, Clark.

I mean, metro motors is all the way
on the other side of the city.

I hurried.

Hello, Mr. Johns.
How can I help you?

Hello. Hi, um...

I'm driving in Metropolis, and I seem
to have made a wrong turn. There's no...

street signs, and my map screen is broken.
Could you tell me where I am?

No problem, sir. One moment.

- You're at 3rd and grand. Have a ni...
- Thank you.

Great, all right, let's go, I'll drive.


Why isn't it working?

Tell me where she is!

It was never supposed to be like this, Clark.

Where is she?!

I never even used my powers in high school,
but when I came to college,

I had to win so bad, I started.
I couldn't stop.

Geoff, listen to me.

You have to tell me where she is.
You don't want to murder another person.

Coop was gonna tell the world
that Teflon tailback was

some kind of freak cheating his
way into the record books.

I couldn't let him do that.

Tell me where she is.


She's down there.





Lois, can you hear me?


Okay, we're going to be okay.

Is Lois going to be okay?

Luckily, the paralysis wears off.
She's already been released from the hospital.

Who would've thought?

Geoff Johns seemed like such a nice kid.

Yeah, if I take this
football scholarship,

I'm going to be in the same
situation as Geoff.

I'm gonna have to lie on every physical...

rig every test.

I'm gonna have to do anything I can
to protect my secret.

I want to believe that I can go out there
and play football like any normal college kid,

but the fact is, I have powers
that no other athlete has.

Coop was right.

It's not fair that Geoff was
out there on that field,

just like it's not fair
when I'm out there competing.

So I've decided to give up football.


I know how difficult it is
to give up something you love.

But this decision you've made,
son, shows...

integrity well beyond your years.

Then why don't I feel good about it?

Look at me, Clark.

If you have your heart set on going to Met U.
Or any other school,

somehow, someway, your mother and
I will make sure that you get to go.

Is that understood?



This photograph of Jason and his mother
was taken in Paris...

a day before he met you.

No, that can't be.
His mom was in the Hamptons.

Look, Lana, I'm not gonna be so presumptuous
as to judge Jason's integrity,

but I'll lay out a few facts.

Genevieve Teague has been researching
the countess since before Jason was born.

He grew up in a house full of
ancient artifacts and reams

of research material about
Margaret Isabelle Theroux.

He never told me that.

Contrary to what you may think,

Jason's been aware of the countess
since he was a child.


No, I don't believe that.

You have to ask yourself, Lana,

how well do you really
know Jason Teague?

Knock knock! You should think about
putting up a door or something.

I don't know, maybe it's
a city thing, but where

I come from, we like to
have a little privacy.

Lois, who would've thought that
I'd be relieved to hear your voice?

Look, Clark,

I don't know how you did it, but

if it weren't for you, I'd be at the bottom
of the Mississippi right about now.


I'm just glad you're okay
and going back to school.

That's not entirely true.

I kind of got punted out of the university.

I thought you were cleared of all charges.

Oh, I was, but...
see, the thing is, I am

still busted
for the booze, and, well...

that wasn't the first time I've been invited
to the disciplinary board's kangaroo court.

Why am I not surprised?

You heading back to the barracks?

Not an option. My dad's
trying out the tough love

approach with an
emphasis on "tough."

So are you gonna go stay with Chloe?

They've got a tiny one-bedroom apartment.
I can't do that to them.

It's fine, really.
I'm just gonna check into a motel,

and when the money runs out, I can
always sleep in my car. The back

seat's not too bad if you bend your
knees and avoid the drive train and


you know, if I have to sell my car for food,
that's okay, too. I've always dreamed of

being a hobo, riding the rails,
cooking beans over roadside fires...

if you want, I guess you could stay with us.

You're a lifesaver.
God. Am I in need of a hot shower.

Don't worry, Smallville.
I'll try to keep it under a half-hour.

What just happened?


Looks like you've got a carpool buddy
for weekenders back to Smallville.

You got into Met U.?

The financial guy said that
it's pretty much a lock.

Can you believe it?

Now I don't actually have to rob banks.

Oh, Chloe, congratulations.
You deserve it.

Thank you. You just have
to promise me one thing...

that once you're
everybody's All-American,

you will still remember
your old high school buddy.

I mean, you'll still say hi
to me on campus and stuff.

Yeah, um, well, I'm not going to Met U.


What happened?
Did another school

sweep down and give you the
keys to the kingdom?

I'm not playing football anymore.
I turned down my scholarship.

Let me get this straight. You
were offered a full ride

with chrome wheels to play
the game that you love,

and you said, "thanks, but no thanks?"

I don't know, I'm just not sure
that football's my calling.

I'm proud of you, Clark.

You're proud of me?


I just have a feeling that
you're destined to do a

a lot more in this world than
just score touchdowns.

Chloe, you've been saying a lot
of weird things to me lately.

What makes you think
I'm destined to do anything?

Just a hunch.

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