Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 12 - Pariah - full transcript

When Lana is attacked in her apartment and Jason in his car by an invisible being, everyone believes that Alicia Baker was responsible, except Clark. However after a series of circumstances, Clark begins to doubt Alicia's innocence to the mysterious attacks. Alicia tells Clark that she'll offer to prove her innocence if Clark reveals his own superpowers, but Clark refuses. So, Alicia secretly shows Chloe the abilities of Clark, expecting people to leave them both alone. But elsewhere, Lois discovers that the real culprit of the attacks is the deranged Tim Westcott who's jealous of Alicia's abilities which leads to him murdering her, and then goes after Clark. Meanwhile, Genevieve Teague arrives back in Smallville and approaches Lex Luthor to get his help to separate her son Jason from Lana.

Previously on "Smallville"...

You ran off with a girl
you barely know and got married.

It wasn't legal.
I was on red Kryptonite, mom.

Jason, what's really going on here?

Where this is heading with us,
I just don't think you're ready.

There's a part of me that never feels freer
than when I'm with Alicia.

You know what she did. She tried
to kill Lana, and she tried to kill you.

Alicia needs to be in an institution.

Why'd they let her out of Belle Reve?

A little something my doctor came up with.
It keeps me from using my powers.

Why did you just walk out
on this relationship?

I think that my mother arranged it.

You don't even see
what you did was wrong!

You dosed me with red Kryptonite!

Look, I know that we can never be
together after what I did.

Whatever's going on, it doesn't change
the way that I feel about you.

I love you, Clark. For as long as I live,
I'm never gonna reveal your secret.

♪ I love rock 'n' roll so put another ♪
♪ dime in the jukebox, baby. ♪

♪ I love rock 'n' roll so come and ♪
♪ take your time and dance with me. ♪

♪ He smiled, so I got up ♪
♪ and asked for his name. ♪

♪ You. Right there. ♪

♪ Said it doesn't matter 'cause ♪
♪ he said that it's all the same. ♪

Yeah Lois!

♪ I said, can I take you home? ♪
♪ Where we can be alone ♪

♪ and then we were movin' on ♪
♪ and he was with me, yeah, me ♪

♪ next we were movin' on, and ♪
♪ he was with me yeah, me... singin' ♪

♪ I love rock 'n' roll so put another ♪
♪ dime in the jukebox, baby. ♪

♪ I love rock 'n' roll so come and ♪
♪ take your time and dance with me. ♪

First he married the girl,
now he's dating her?

That was subtle, Lois.
Right. Good.

I think I've seen enough for one night.

Lana, wait.

- I just want to apologize.
- For what?

Trying to kill me or not succeeding?

Look, all I want is a chance
to prove to you who I really am.

You already have.

- I can't believe you brought her here.
- Jason, listen...

listen to what... another apology?

You think just 'cause she says

she's better that everything's
going to be okay?

Come on, man.





Hey, can you hear me?


Lana, look at me.

Smallville: "Pariah"
Season 4 Episode 12

Original Airdate Feb. 2, 2005

How is Lana?
Is she okay?

Hey, Clark, yeah,
she's... she's fine.

I mean, lucky for her,
Jason pulled a

T.J. Hooker and broke her
bathroom door down.

Only to discover
that Lana's mystery

assailant had somehow
flown the coop.

So, have they arrested
your arm ornament yet?


Sheriff Adams was just here,
and she spent a lot of time

focusing on the "attacked
in a locked room" scenario.

And the name Alicia
Baker came up...

more than once in a bunny
boiler kind of way.

Alicia didn't do this.

Ever since her release from
Belle Reve, she's been wearing

a lead bracelet. It prevents
her from using her abilities.

And did she also happen
to be wearing anything

low-cut when she spun
you that tale, 'cause

I'm not sure you're thinking
with your big brain here.

Clark, just because Alicia
says that the bracelet keeps her

from teleporting doesn't
mean that it's the truth.

She was with me when
Lana got attacked.

I was saying good
night in Grandville.

Yeah, but every second?
You have to admit that

she can transport easier
than captain Kirk.

And she did try to carve
herself a jack-o-Lana

before, cut and dry...
emphasis on the "cut."

I'm telling you, Alicia
couldn't have done this.

I know her.


Lana doesn't want to see you.

I'm getting a funny sense
of "déjà vu" here, Mr. Kent.

Haven't we acted out
this particular charade before?

This is different, sheriff.
Alicia did not attack Lana.

She was with me.

I better not find out you're covering
for that girlfriend of yours, Mr. Kent.

Having you as an alibi is the only thing
keeping me from tossing her tail in jail.

Sheriff Adams already has
Alicia tried and convicted.

Sheriff Adams has a point, Clark.

First Las Vegas, and now an assault charge.
What are you doing with this girl, Clark?

Alicia didn't do this.

Son, your girlfriend
has problems, and this

relationship is not healthy.
Why can't you see that?

You always told me to look for
the good in people, to believe in them,

and Alicia deserves a second chance.

Why do you continue to see her
knowing how we feel?

She kept my secret.
She got shot protecting me.

What else does she have to do
to prove herself?

What if she did this, Clark?

What if she attacked Lana
the way she did before?

Ever thought about getting out more?

This coming from the hotshot college student
who ran away from college this weekend.

- It's Greek week.
- So?

So they're wearing their letters on their shirts,
they sing group songs...

the fraternities are having
a power puking contest.

Oh, okay. Enough said.

I don't understand why you
came out to Smallville, though.

Well, believe it or not,
I like spending time with you, little cousin.

Although, that doesn't
mean I'm ready to buy

into your "meteors
make freaks" theory.

It's not just a theory, Lois.

Alicia Baker tried to kill
my best friend twice,

and it was because of
her meteor-induced abilities

that she was able to do that.

Did you know that Lana's
bathroom door was locked?

Who else could've gotten in or out,
for that matter?

That's what I want to know.

Chloe, we need to find out
if there's anybody else

in Smallville who has abilities
similar to Alicia's.

Clark, I'm sorry, but even
if there was someone else

like Alicia, what would
they have against Lana?

Hey, I finished that op-ed piece, Chloe.


- Hey, Lois.
- Hi.

I had a feeling I'd bump into you here. Um,

I was wondering if, uh,
you'd like to maybe

have a cup of coffee
or something with me, maybe.


You know, Lois was just saying
she needs to get out more.

I... I... look

excellent, it's a date.

"Smallville's glory days."

Sounds interesting.

I think it is, and I'll tell you
about it over coffee.

Hey, Tim, uh, you were
at the talon last night.

Did you see anything...

Um, no, nothing out of the ordinary.

But your mother... she was there.
She was cleaning up,

and the blond girl that you
were with was in the alley.

Maybe they saw something.

You look like a big cat in a small cage.

You all right?


Someone saw a blond girl

in the alley behind the talon
when Lana was attacked.

Then somebody saw
another blond girl in the alley,

because it wasn't me.

There's bound to be suspicion, Clark.

People think I did it.

Besides, you couldn't have done it,
because you were with me

and you were wearing your bracelet.


You lied to me.

I didn't... I didn't lie.

I didn't think I needed it.

You don't understand.

I couldn't give up my powers again.
It was worse than being in prison.

What would you do if somebody told you
that you couldn't use your abilities?

I don't know.

But I would... I would
give them away in a

second before I'd use
them to hurt someone.

Yeah, so would I.

I'm better now, Clark.
You know that.

I just want people
to accept me for who I am.

I think if you're honest with yourself,

you'll realize that deep down inside,
you want that to.

Look, I'm... so sorry that I didn't tell you
about the bracelet.

But I didn't do anything to hurt Lana.

I swear.

I swear.

Jason, don't be ridiculous.
I'll be fine for a few hours.

You do realize that you were attacked
in your own apartment

behind a locked door.
You want me just to leave you alone,

and spend the evening digging through
the university's microfiche? No.

Well, I am not going
to let you flunk history.

Mom. Ready to go?

Why don't Clark and I stay with Lana?

I think that
that is a great idea.


I'll be fine.

All right.

I won't be long.


Mom, what are you doing here?

I had to come to make sure
my son was all right.

I phoned Dr. Martin on the way here.
He can see you today.

I'm fine. I've been hurt worse in football.

Well, it never hurts to get a second opinion
from a real doctor.

Let it go, mom.

It's just hard to see you
suffering here by yourself.

You'd at least think
your girlfriend would be here.

You really want to play that game?

This is not a game, Jason. This is your life.

And I'm worried about the path
you're heading down.

Oh, you mean the path you sent me down?

What are you talking about?

Lana... the girl you made sure
I met in Paris.

Are you serious?

How could anyone maneuver two people
meeting and falling in love in Paris?

Mrs. Teague.
Um, I didn't know you were here.

Come in, Lana.
We were just talking about you.

Did, uh, Jason share
his matchmaking theory with you?

Yeah, he did.

And what did you think...
that I had somehow used my

mysterious powers to coerce
you into going to Paris

at exactly the same time
that my son was there?

You don't have to answer that.

I think she already has.


I'm not a perfect mother. I can be...

overprotective and
sometimes overbearing,

especially when it comes
to women in my son's life.


I had nothing to do
with getting the two of you together,

as you can probably realize
from my reaction to it.

And why my son
feels the need to blame me

for meeting you...

is something you should be asking yourself.

If you change your mind about the doctor,
let me know.

Feel better?

It won't work.

The one that they made me
at Belle Reve was special.

It had to be able to
release trace amounts of

lead into my bloodstream
to dampen my abilities.


I guess it's the thought that counts.

That's a pretty ugly cut.

Where were you last night?

I was wondering if you were
ever gonna call me again. Why?

Lana's boyfriend was attacked.

I was the one who saved him,
and I found this in his car.

Okay, I didn't do it, Clark.

I don't know how
that got there, but I...

it wasn't me.

Alicia, you have to turn yourself in.

You don't believe me.

I want to.

I really do.
But I need to stop who's doing this.

Okay, well, then find out
who really did it.

- Everybody thinks it's you.
- Why, because of my powers?

Because I'm a freak?

You know what, Clark?
Maybe if everybody knew

your secret, you'd be a suspect, too.

No, Alicia, this is not about your abilities.

That's really easy for you to say, Clark.

Everybody thinks that you're normal.

How do you think your
friends would react if

they found out that you
were exactly like me?

We'll just go to the sheriff.
We'll tell her what happened.

We'll explain everything.

She'll understand, and it'll all work out.

Just explain it to her.

All right, I'll go with you...

if you tell her about your powers, too.

I can't do that.

Why not, Clark?

Don't you understand that...

once people know the truth
about us, then they'll

have to accept us for
who we really are?

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Letting people know
about us is the only way

that we're ever
gonna be free, Clark.

Don't hate me for wanting that.

Goodbye, Clark.


Mr. Kent, didn't see you there.

Did you come to help your mother?

Mmm, she has almost got
that latte machine down.

No, sheriff, I came here to see you.

I found this in the car
when Jason was attacked.

It belongs to Alicia.

You flip-flop more than a politician, Mr. Kent.

So now you think
your girlfriend's guilty, huh?


Well, I hate to disappoint you, Mr. Kent,

but I've already been
down that road.

Despite your claim that
miss Baker was with

you at the time of
the first incident,

I yanked her in for a little dog-and-pony.

The scarf may have been there,
but your girlfriend wasn't.

Alicia Baker was locked
in an interrogation room

with me at the time the
second victim was attacked.

There's no way she could've done it.

"Can any cell hold her?"

Probably not.

Alicia, what are you doing here?

Chloe Sullivan...

ace reporter.

You write all these articles
about the people you call "freaks",

and you don't even realize
that someone close to you is one of them.

Why are you ignoring
what's right in front of your face, Chloe?

Don't you want to know
the truth about Clark Kent?

Everyone knows you're crazy.
Why should I believe you?

You don't have to.
I'm gonna prove it.

And then you can write
the story of a lifetime.

Where are we?
What are you doing?

Giving you your next headline...
and making things better for Clark.

Clark, I'm on old blossom
road, and there's

something really wrong with the car!
It won't stop!

Just hurry!

Once you see this, you'll understand.
And Clark can be who he really is,

and you can use that poison pen of yours
to enlighten Smallville for a change.

- Clark, what are you..?
- Don't worry, Chloe.

Oh, my god.

Voilà, Smallville... about 1988.

Before the meteor shower.
After that, everything changed.

My father used to say that...
that the meteor

shower infected Smallville somehow.
It brought an..

Evil to our town.

Sounds like something
from the sci-fi channel.


I'm sorry, I get a little carried away
by the past sometimes.

I don't have many memories
of my father, you know.

He passed away when I was young.

I know what it's like to lose a parent.

My mom died when I was little.

I cherish the memories I have of her.


my favorites are when my father
used to talk about Smallville

and the way things used to be.

I mean...

look at it now.

Nobody... nobody cares
about right or wrong or...

or morality.

Like that football coach dating a student.

It's not right.

They're both over 18.

Lois, it... it doesn't make it right.

No. I mean, rules...
rules are there for a reason.

If those two got away with it,
then other people would try,

you see?

It's a good thing
that they were punished.

So you think they were
attacked because someone

thought their
relationship was immoral?

I think that they got exactly
what they deserved.

Wow... just look at the time.

I've gotta get back to the Torch.
I have some... studying to do.

Chloe, have you seen Clark?

Have I seen Clark do what?

What? Uh...

- yeah, I've seen him.
- Where?

Something happen?

Bad date. I'm starting
to think maybe

Alicia isn't our
resident psycho killer.

I need to find Clark.

He's probably zipping around,
looking for Alicia.

You all right?

Fine. Yeah.
Fine. Uh...

he's probably out at Alicia's house.

I'll swing by, see if he's there.
Can you

give me a call if he shows up here?


I'm glad you're finally home.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm...

I'm just looking for evidence
to leave at the next murder.

It was you.

Everyone thinks that
I'm guilty because of you.

You are guilty.
I mean, this...

this really used to be
such a nice little town.

You don't understand what you've done.

Even Clark thinks that I'm guilty.
You're not getting to...

I already have.

You certainly have grown.

Forgive me, but... you'll have to
refresh my memory, Mrs. Teague.

I wasn't aware that we'd met before.

No, please, Lex, call me Genevieve.

I served on numerous committees
with your father and your late mother.

I used to see you with them often.

A bored young boy at the opera...

always getting into trouble.

Some of my finer moments, I'm sure.

Can I get you something, Genevieve?

I assure you, my tastes have matured.

I'm sure you've developed a taste
for quite a lot of things, Lex.

I understand you have
a relationship with Lana Lang.

Care to tell me where this is going?

My son is young, Lex.
Young and headstrong...

like that boy at the opera.

He can't always see what's best for him.

And you can.

With the wisdom of age, yes, I can.

And what I see is that he's

throwing his future away,
as is your friend.

Surely you know they're in a relationship
that will never work.

I don't usually involve
myself in other

people's affairs of
the heart, Genevieve.

But you did intervene at the high school.

That was a civic matter.

Look, I'm not a family
therapist, but I

would suggest that you
talk to your son.

Oh, I've tried, Lex.

But as is often the way with young men,

they don't listen particularly to their mothers.

I was hoping I could
persuade you to help me.

As I said, I don't interfere...

in other people's affairs
of the heart, I know.

Perhaps you should look
at the bigger picture, Lex.

Helping me could work
to your advantage.

I recently came across
some information

about how your father
managed to overturn

his conviction and
get out of prison.

Information you might find...

very interesting.



No. Please, no.

Please, Alicia.

No... no.





Oh, my god.

Clark, what happened?

I think I know who did this...

and where we can find him.

Even you thought she was guilty,
didn't you? Huh?

Try not to feel too bad. I mean, hey,
she did try to kill your girlfriend last year.

You tried to kill Lana.
What does that make you?

No, try to understand, Clark.
I did what's right for Smallville.

I have to make things right.

You killed Alicia.

I loved her, and you took
that away from me.

You killed her!

All she wanted was a chance.

- You killed her!
- Clark! Stop!

Stop! Clark!

Let him go!

It's gonna be okay.

Clark, it's gonna be okay.

Now, why would Lex Luthor
want to see me?

Let me take a stab at it.

'Cause you want to lecture me
on the evils of a part-time

coach dating an 18-year-old
high school student.

I took a hard line about
the school rules, Jason, but...

that doesn't mean I don't appreciate
the individuals involved.

I'm sorry I cost you a job.

And I'd like to make it up to you.


I mean, you still
haven't rescheduled my

meeting with your H.R.
guy over at Luthorcorp.

I have a position you might
find more appealing.

A position that pays $100,000 a year.

Because I'm obviously qualified
for a $100,000-a-year job.

My mother put you up to this,
didn't she?

She is trying her best
to get between Lana and me.

She's trying to do
a lot more than that, Jason.

That's why I want to work together...

to find out what she's really up to.

You want to team up
against my mother?

The enemy of my enemy.

And how do I know I can trust you?

You don't.

But what other choice do you have?


honey, you've been up here for two days.

What happened to Alicia...

wasn't your fault.

If I had believed her,
she wouldn't be dead.


she was framed. There's...

there's no way
you could've known that.

I could've trusted her.

Did you know that Alicia
wanted me to go to

the sheriff with her and
tell her everything?

Alicia thought that if people knew
the truth about me and what I can do,

they wouldn't be so quick to judge her.

But I didn't go.

I was too afraid of
what people might think,

how they would react.

What if she was right?

Because if people knew

what I can do and who I really am...

maybe she'd still be alive.

And I just can't
forgive myself for that.

I'm headed back to school.
I have an 8:00 class tomorrow.


Looking for clues about Tim's ability,

things we should have
seen before, blaming Alicia?

I think maybe
I've seen too much already.

I've spent the last four years
ferreting out meteor freaks, trying to

expose them.

I never should've started this wall.

Chloe, you're a reporter.

You investigate and expose.
That's who you are.

Yeah, well, I guess
sometimes it sucks being me.

Lois, if...

if you found out something...

something someone
didn't want you to

know about them...
would you tell them?

That depends. Is that person
someone you care about?


And has keeping
the secret hurt anyone?


Then my answer is no.

If I really cared about that person,
I wouldn't tell them that I knew.

But I would go out of my way to be
supportive of them so that hopefully,

one day, they would be comfortable
enough to tell me themselves.

No offense, Lois, but that's the last thing
I expected to hear from you.

I've learned the hard way
that people keep secrets for a reason,

even from the people
they're closest to.

Chloe, is there something
you want to tell me?

Are you the one with the secret?


No, it's not me.


I'll see you in a couple
of weeks or so.


I'm sure whoever it is
that you're talking about

will tell you when they're ready.


Bye baby.


- Safe drive home.
- Okay.


why don't you just tell me?

Local teen discovers Indian caves.

Hey, Clark.

I... just wanted to say
that I am so sorry.

For everything.

It must've been so hard

being so different,

having everyone judge you
before they even know you.

Knowing that there's some people that...
might never accept you.

I just...

I want you to know
that I'm here for you...

if you ever need to talk.

Thanks, Chloe.
I appreciate that.