Smallville (2001–2011): Season 4, Episode 1 - Crusade - full transcript

Three months later. Lois Lane, the second cousin of Chloe Sullivan, arrives in Smallville trying to find the missing Clark Kent to help her to find Chloe's murderer. After being struck by a mysterious ray, she loses control of her car, and finds Clark naked with amnesia in a cornfield. She brings him to Smallville Medical Center, where Martha is with Jonathan Kent, who has been in an irreversible coma. Martha brings Clark back to the farm, expecting him to retrieve his memory. However, Clark is completely dehumanized, having been taken over by his alter-ego Kal-El, whose mission is to find three Kryptonian crystals to assemble into one. Meanwhile in Paris, Lana Lang has an American boyfriend, a young man named Jason Teague, and is having a good time with him, until things take a turn when she gets hit with a mysterious spiritual force containing the spirit of a long-dead witch. Elsewhere, Lex is struggling to recover from being poisoned as he travels to bring an ancient object retrieved from an excavation in Egypt which Clark/Kal-El is also after and uses his flying abilities to steal the crystal... in midair. Also, Lois visits the imprisoned Lionel to talk with him about Chloe, while Martha has a meeting with an associate of Virgil Swan's, named Bridget Crosby, who gives her a new type of kryptonite to combat Clark/Kal-El.

I don't even know where to start.
I know you must have...

a million questions, but I don't know
how many answers I can give you.

If you're watching this,
it means I'm probably dead.

You were always the one good thing
in my life, and if I didn't tell you enough,

I care about you
more than you'll ever know.

Please find out who did this, Clark.

You're the only one who can.


Kent. It's a farm.
Do they even have addresses?

Look, the last super genius I had on the line
told me to turn right on route 31.

Now I'm totally lost.

Oh, about a billion stalks of corn.

That's just great.

Okay, if you smoke this,
you are going to spend

the rest of the night
hating yourself.

Oh, my god.

Are you... are you okay?

What's your name?

I don't know.

I need to get you to a hospital.

I am fine.

You've just been hit by lightning,

you're stark naked, and, uh, and you
don't even remember your own name.

You have a fairly loose definition of "fine."

Look at his face.

I have a blanket in the trunk.

Don't move. I'll be right back.


Who are you?


Lois Lane.

♪ Smallville: "Crusade" ♪
Season 4 Episode 1

Original Airdate Sept. 22, 2004

Try and keep up.

Why are we here?

- To get you checked out.
- I am fine.

Do you know how many people are struck
by lightning every year? Hardly any.

You know how many survive? Even less.

And the number who get
picked up by lost drivers? Zero.

So far you're 3-for-3, so
how about a little less

complaining and a little
more forward motion?

Excuse me. Got a guy here
who needs immediate attention.

Fill out these admission forms
and include proof of insurance.

Slight problem...

I don't know who he is, and...

neither does he.

He's got amnesia. So,
I'm turning him over to you.

You can keep the blanket.

Whoa, whoa,

does this look like an animal shelter?

Now, you have to stay with him until
we find someone who can I.D. Him.

It's hospital policy.


I did the good Samaritan thing,
but I can't be responsible for this guy.

You already are.

Now I have to call a deputy to get your statement.

I think you might want to
get him some clothes first.


Ooh, sorry.

- You're American, right?
- Yes.

Great. Can I ask you a big favor?

Sure... as long as it doesn't get me arrested.

No, I'm supposed to meet
my girlfriend here.

Well, she's not really
my girlfriend...

even though we spend
every waking moment together.

See, we met two months ago today
on this exact street corner,

and I bought her something
to mark the occasion.

I wanted to get
your opinion.

All right.

Well, uh, I think that
would probably be

the last thing she
would be expecting.

It doesn't really scream "romance," does it?

But, see, the first time we met,
I was driving by on my vespa,

and I clipped her. She thought I
was going to steal her purse.

So she kicked me off my bike,

I messed up an old football
injury, and then she spent

five hours with me at the
hospital, and we just clicked.

Well, it sounds like love at first crash.

Yeah. Well, for me it was, anyway,
but I'm just an impulsive kind of guy.

Well, how does she feel?

I don't know. She doesn't really
talk about it. I think she.. uh..

She got hurt by somebody, but...
maybe she needs to talk about it.

Well, nothing says "I love you"
like a motorcycle helmet.


it's for a weekend trip to nice... if she's...

if she's interested.

If a guy did something that romantic for me,

- I think I'd have to kiss him.
- Yeah?


I'd love to go to nice with you, Jason.

Happy anniversary, Lana.

"After breakfast, I wanted
to talk about the dead man

"and guess how he come to be killed.
But Jim didn't want to.

"He said it would fetch
bad luck, and besides,

"he said, he might
come back to haunt us."

Huck Finn.

Jonathan's favorite.

Martha, I wanted to know
if you thought about what we discussed.

I'm not pulling the plug on my husband.

It's been three months,
and there's been no change.

Jonathan is brain-dead.

Your insurance is already capped out.

You need to think about the future.

My future is lying in that bed.

I will not give upon him.


we need to stay in the room.
I'm not supposed to be here.

Yeah, well,

that makes two of us.

Stay. Good.

I came to Smallville to investigate
my cousin's death.

Her name was Chloe Sullivan.
Heard of her?

Of course you haven't.


I've given up smoking.

These are the only things
that get me through the day.

It started when I was 15.
It's my father's fault. He said if he

ever caught me smoking, he'd
kill me, so in a fit of

teenage rebellion... I
started, then I couldn't stop.

Now I've got a gum addiction.

You talk a lot.

Well, I'm just not very comfortable
with uncomfortable silence, and

you're not exactly keeping up with
your end of the conversation.

45 minutes, and still no doctor?

You know, if this
isn't an indictment

of small town medicine,
I don't know what is.


Where are you going?

I'm leaving.

Well, you're gonna have to get through me first.


Wait! Wait!

Wait, Clark!

Okay, stop!

What was that?

It is you! I can't believe it!

I thought I'd lost you forever.

Who are you?

It's me mom.

Don't take it personally. He doesn't
even remember his own name.

Lois Lane.

I found him lying in a field near route 31.

Thank you for helping him.

Guess I'm a sucker for stray dogs and naked guys.

Okay, that didn't come out right.

It's been a long night,
and I am nicotine deprived.

Come on, sweetheart.
Let's get you home.

I'm waiting for the sign.

I think you should have a
doctor take a look at him.

I'm starting to think the
lightning fried his brain.

Um... Lois?

I'm so grateful, but...

this is a family matter.


Here's me backing away.

I don't know what's going on, but you need
to come home with me right now.

I can help you find the sign,

but I need to get you out of here, okay?

Come on.

I passed amnesia boy off to his mother.
I didn't catch her name.

Yeah, Martha Kent. She's in here all the time.


As in Clark Kent?

Wait a minute! I have to talk to...


Heat too much for you, Mr. Luthor?

I don't want any record that I was here.

Bury everything.

We will be like footprints in the sand.

You're two hours late.

I'm well aware of my tardiness, doctor.

But some things are worse the risk.

What's more important than your life?

The truth.

Your body survived a
massive chemical onslaught

that would've killed
99.9% of people.

That in itself is a miracle.

Spare me the lecture.

I told you, if your blood
isn't purified every 72 hours,

your internal organs
will start to shut down.

You're living on borrowed time, Lex.

Stop trying to borrow more.

What is this place?

Well, your dad calls it
your fortress of solitude.

It's where you come
to think and look at the stars.

Well, here's some pictures.

Maybe they'll jog your memory.

Who are these people?

People who love you.

Do you remember anything
about where you were

before you showed
up in that field?

I was in a place that felt like home.

No, Clark,

this is your home.

- I recognize this man.
- Good.

That's your dad.
You're starting to remember.

He's not my father. He tried to
prevent me from being reborn.

No, Clark.

He loves you, He tried
to save you from Jor-El.

Either way, he's dead.

Better buckle up, Dr. Vaughn.

We're about to hit some turbulence.

Oh, no!

Lex, no, wait! I'll get it for you!
I'll get it for you! Sit down!

I am Kal-El of Krypton.

It is time to fulfill my destiny.


That's Jor-El talking!

He did this to you!

I want my son back! Give me my son back!

Clark Kent is dead.

Jason, stop it. We are in a church,
and I have an art history project to finish.

Okay, when my girlfriend invites
me to some old crypt for some

brass rubbing, I thought that
was code for something else.

Mr. Teague, you have a dirty mind.

But I have a pure heart.

Wait, wait,

Come on, I've already scoped out our victim.

Meet your art project

countess Margaret Isabelle Theroux.

It says here she was a warrior princess who...

kicked a lot of ass and broke a lot of hearts.

Is that a direct translation?

No, I just... I figured you
guys had a lot in common.

You know, you're both, uh,
you're both strong and, uh,

both uncompromising. Both beautiful.

We should get to work.

- The church closes in an hour.
- Not me.

I have a hot date to plan for tomorrow.

Somebody failed to mention it was their birthday.

Who told you?

Sources at the highest level of government.

All right, I slipped
the admissions clerk 20 euros.

Look, Jason, I don't expect

stop talking. Start rubbing.

By the way,

festivities begin at 10 a.m. tomorrow
at the Cafe de Fleurie.

All right.


No, it can't wait a couple of days.
I need to speak with him now.

Look, just

tell him it's regarding my son Clark Kent.


I tried calling earlier,
but I kept getting a busy signal.

I don't know how you survive without call waiting.

Where's Clark?



Um... sleeping.

Is that fresh coffee?
I have been waiting for a cup all day.

I can't believe this is the town
that Starbucks forgot.

I heard the only decent
coffee shop in town shut down.

The falcon or something?

Uh, Lois, I really appreciate
everything you did for Clark, and

I don't mean to be rude, but


I didn't come here fishing for thanks.

I think Clark might know something
about my cousin Chloe's death.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


Were she and Clark ever an item?

Uh, I think for
a minute, but...

that's funny. I never thought
she'd fall for the farm boy type.

Trust me, that can happen to the best of us.

Not me. Give me a nerd with
glasses any day of the week.

Clark has many sides.

Yeah, I've seen several of them already.
Speaking of Clark,

- do you think he'll be up any time soon?
- I... I doubt it.

Right now he is my only chance
to get justice for Chloe.

The FBI investigation closed last week.

They've ruled the explosion an accident.

I mean, how many gas leaks
do you know of in safe houses?

And in two weeks,
Lionel Luthor is going to walk free.

And Chloe's death...

it will have been for nothing.

I'll have Clark call you
if he remembers anything.

You know, Chloe said in her notes

that you used to work for Lionel.

And I'm trying to get in to see him,
but he keeps refusing me.

Any advice?

Stay away.

You don't want to get pulled into Lionel's web.

How did you escape unscathed?

I didn't.

Goodbye, Lois.


Check this out.

What is it?

A bird, a plane?

I'm afraid that the answers
that you're searching for

won't be found in this barn.

I'm Bridgette Crosby.
Dr. Swann sent me.

You'll have to forgive me.
I was...

You were expecting to speak to Dr.
Swann personally.

The matter I need
to discuss with him

can't exactly be relayed
through someone else.

I can understand your hesitancy,

discussing Kal-El with a complete stranger.

Dr. Swann promised Clark
that no one else knew.

He promised that your son's
secret would not

leave the confines of the
foundation, and it hasn't.

This was a mistake. I never
should've called. I wish that Clark

hadn't contacted Dr.
Swann in the first place.

Your son's destiny was set in motion

long before their paths crossed.

You don't know anything about my son.

You're right.

You're right. I don't.

But I do know what it's
like to love somebody

whose calling is
greater than your own.

You and Dr. Swann?

In a different lifetime.

Martha, I can help you if you'll let me.

- Now, where's your son?
- I don't know.

He flew.

He flew away.

So he's...

he has completely embraced
his Kryptonian destiny.

Do you know what that destiny is?

No, but the symbol

burned into your field three months ago...

that's the Kryptonian symbol for "crusade."

I don't know what Jor-El did to him, but

I know, deep down, Clark is still in there.

Martha, the only challenge to a father's will...

is a mother's love.

I... I can't possibly face Clark alone.

You don't have to. Look.

It's black Kryptonite,

You're his only hope.

Wow, dad, you are in great shape.

Lex, I've been reading about you.

Interesting article.

You know, they, uh,

they dubbed Mussolini a savior.

And look what happened to him.

Dad, if you want to blame someone
for LuthorCorp's woes,

why don't you lookin' the mirror?

A CEO on trial for murder
usually erodes consumer confidence.

Yeah... to go gallivanting around
the world on a fool's errand

ain't gonna win any points
with shareholders, either.

I'm in a cage, Lex.

I'm not dead.

Think I haven't been keeping tabs on you?

- Then how'd you do it?
- Do what?

Break into my jet at 20,000 feet.

You look pale, Lex. Are you all right?

Where is it?

Honestly, Lex, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Well, then perhaps I can refresh your memory.

Three artifacts

hidden around the world
by scientifically

advanced ancient cultures

legend has it that, when united, they

they point the way to a
treasury of knowledge

that puts the library
of Alexandria to shame.

You're chasing a fairy tale, Lex.

A fairy tale you believed
in enough to finance

six expeditions over
the last two years.

I funded several educational digs
through the LuthorCorp foundation. So?


So they all focused on
sites that unearthed

the same symbols as
those on the cave wall.

You think those artifacts can save your life, dad?

I don't have time for foolishness, Lex.
I'm about to stand trial for murder.

And when I'm cleared,
those responsible

for putting me here will
certainly feel my wrath.

Like Chloe did?

Chloe Sullivan

was killed in a tragic accident.
She didn't deserve to die.

But I did?

Is that why you poisoned my brandy?

Oh, what kind of a
monster do you think I am?

I lay there for 10 minutes before
the paramedics came, dad, 10 minutes.

They said that dosage would
kill an ordinary man,

but apparently,
I'm not ordinary.

No, you're not.

You're my son.

God help me.

You shouldn't wound
what you can't kill, dad.

What's going on?
You were supposed to

meet me at 10:00. It's now
12:00.Are you okay?


I don't know how I got here.

I must've passed out.

I'll meet you downstairs.

You shouldn't have come here,
Martha Kent.


if you're still in there, I love you.

Humanity has made you weak.




It's me, mom. I'm back.

What'd the doctors say?

Well, she said that your father is A...

walking, breathing miracle.

And that's thanks to you.

The real hero's mom.

If it wasn't for her, I'd still be Kal-El.


do you remember anything
that happened after you...

got pulled into that wall?

I just remember that last couple of days.

Even that's a little jumbled.


your mother tells me you...

can fly?

Kal-El can fly.

Clark Kent is still earthbound.

How did that feel?


And scary...

because if I can do that,
maybe I'm capable of anything.

You are.

No, that's you, mom.

Cause I don't know if I would've
had the strength to hold on for

three months, not knowing where I
was and if dad would pull through.

Well, my father used to tell me,

life asks of you what it thinks you can handle.

There were days

when I thought that it had asked too much.

But then I would think about

this family and...

all the things we've endured

and the good things ahead of us.

And I found the strength
to keep going because...

I knew the three of us would be together again.

You're not Martha Kent.

Would you have seen me
if they said it was Lois Lane?

Lois Lane. Yes.

You're Chloe Sullivan's cousin.

What a loss.

You bite your nails. Bad girl.

But getting through the door
doesn't mean I'll talk to you.


I don't believe that safe house
explosion was an accident.

Of course you don't.
You believe I'm responsible.


A stunt like that is...

thuggish and obvious.

It smacks of desperation

all the things you aren't.

All right, miss Lane, you have my attention.
What's your theory?

I don't have one.

Then why are you here?

Because I wanted to look
into the face of the son of a bitch

who's responsible for my cousin's death.

You may not have blown her up,

but you're the reason she's gone.

Before you begin to
anoint her for sainthood,

let's get some of the facts
straight, all right?

The simple truth is,

I made her an offer, she took it.

I kept my end of the bargain, she didn't.

She's dead as a result of her own actions.
I had nothing to do with it.

And the next time you come
at me with accusations,

try to have a little more than
righteous indignation.

Zoo hours are over,
miss Lane. Good day.

You know,

it must kill you that
somebody has given you this gift.

And you don't know who
and you don't know why, but

without Chloe's testimony,
you're probably

gonna walk out of
here a free man.

Or are you being set up?

I have a confession to make.

I didn't go to your funeral.

I hate funerals.

Dad says everybody does,

but it's a way of paying
tribute to a life well-led.

I hate myself for being weak.

I just knew that, the moment I came here,

it would make it real.

I promise I'll find out who did this to you...

even if I have to do it alone.

You're not alone.

A fact you could've shared before
you were breathing down my neck.

I'm sorry, Lois. I didn't know you were out here.

Glad to see we've moved beyond the
clothing-optional stage of our relationship.

I'm surprised you even
remember who I am.

Chloe's cousin.

Nicorette addiction,
can't stand uncomfortable silences...

I guess this means your
synapses are all firing again.

Look, I can't
explain my actions over the past few days.

But Chloe was my best friend.

You're not the only one who misses her.

I'm just the only one doing
something about it.

I get the feeling you like to do things yourself.

My dad raised me to be
independent and self-sufficient.

That would be one way to describe you.

You know, the only thing I like about you
at the moment is your mom.

You can't possibly be as weird as I think
you are with a mom that cool.

Look, why don't you let me help,
find out who did this to Chloe?

Come on, you can stay
at our house while you're in town.

It beats living out of your car.


But you should know I
don't pay attention to curfews,

and I never make my bed.

I'll give you some time alone.


Chloe's still alive.