Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 7 - Magnetic - full transcript

After being hit in the forehead by a snow globe containing flakes of meteor rocks in a struggle at a local carnival, the teenager Seth Nelson is given an M.R.I. giving him magnetic abilities. He uses his powers to date and manipulate Lana who is starting to distance herself from Clark by trying to make him jealous. Meanwhile, a snoopy investigator hired by Lex intrusively breaks in The Torch and finds that Chloe Sullivan is examining deeply the life of Lionel Luthor. Lex offers his protection to Chloe to help him investigate his father's past if he had anything to do with a apartment tenement fire that killed Lionel's parents.

How tasteless is this?
I think they even used real meteor rock.

The American version of closure.

You can only get over your grief...

...when you can
merchandise your tragedy.

Cotton candy.
Come on.

Hi. One cotton candy, please.

Sometimes I think it'd be nice
to get away from all this.

Maybe Clark was right.
Just leave it all behind.

We almost went an entire day without
mentioning our favorite farm boy.

Sorry. I didn't mean to throw
a wet towel over our girls' day out.

It's okay. I just feel I should
take this moment... state something very obvious.

Clark not dating you
was his loss, not yours.

-Lana Lang. Hey!

Lana Lang, you wanna
show off your arm?

-Amaze and astound your friends?
-Sure, why not?

I'll let you in on a little secret too.

The game's rigged.

Magnets. Just get it close,
I'll slip you a prize.

-Won't you get in trouble for that?
-No, it's the last day of the fair.

What are they gonna do?

I rest my case.

Seth is my lab partner.

Yeah, and he's also had
a crush on you for forever.

Isn't he the one who used to
spell your name out with spaghetti?

That was in sixth grade. Now he's into,
like, cars, comics and GameCubes.

What exactly do we have in common?

I don't know.

He's cute, though.

Why not?
Expand your horizons.

-Go for it.
-All right.

-Aim. Aim.
-I am aiming!

I give up.


For a fine effort.

Oh, Seth, l....

You don't like it?

-I'll take it.
-I'm sorry, sir, but you have to win first.

Oh, yeah? Like her?

I think you should...should leave.


I'd like to see you make me.

Here, just take it and leave him alone.

You gonna let your chick
do your fighting for you?

Come on, punk.
What you got?

I'm gonna tear you apart!

Get security.

Seth, oh, my God.
Someone call an ambulance!


Okay, Seth, just relax,
and try not to move.

I'm feeling a little
claustrophobic in here.

That's completely normal.
I'm about to turn on the MRI.

You're gonna hear some noises,
and we'll be done before you know it.

What' s that? What' s happening?
Is that normal?

It's just the magnetic field being
activated. Nothing to worry about.

Help! Help!

Hold on!

I need a nurse in here now!


I need some help in here!

Seth, what happened?
Are you okay?

Chloe was right.

You really are cute.

TB records?

I'm a little confused.

I asked you to look into the tenement
fire that killed my grandparents...

...and you brought me the history of
my father's childhood inoculations.

Hey, these things take time.

Especially when you're
billing by the hour.

Yeah, well, the information I pulled...'s not the records that are important.

It's the list of the individuals
who've accessed them.

Turns out I'm not the only one
looking into the Luthor family history.


Either you're really excited about your
Jell-O, or you're feeling better.

I feel great, actually.

-Yeah, your cut looks amazing.

You should see the MRl machine.
It's a TKO.

Yeah, do they know what happened?

I guess something interfered
with the magnetic field.

Must've just been
an old machine, I guess.

Sorry for ruining your day at the fair.
Thanks for bringing me to the hospital.

I was happy to help.

You know,
I'd really like to make it up to you.

Maybe take you out sometime?

Seth, you don't have to.

Well, okay.

How about tonight?

Clark, what's the rush?

You're not upset that Seth
asked me out, are you?

No. It's great.

I'm glad you think so. Because last time
I checked, you and I were just friends.

Lana, it's fine.
Really, it's no problem.

I just....
I gotta go.

-Hello, sweetheart.
-Hi, baby.

Something must be wrong if he
didn't eat the last piece of cherry pie.

It's nothing.

It's just Lana.

Seth Nelson asked her out.

What did she say?

She said yes so fast,
it gave me whiplash.

Look, Clark, jealousy is a tough emotion.

Dad, I'm not jealous.

Maybe a little bit...

...but he asked her out
on a date right in front of me.

I just find it
hard to believe she'd say yes.

Clark, you made a really tough
decision, son.

You didn't want to endanger Lana,
but you can't have it both ways.

If you're not willing
to go out with Lana...

...she's perfectly free
to go out with whoever she wants.

I guess you have to accept it.

I didn't think you were gonna show.

Not that Clark Kent ever operates on
the same speed as the rest of the world.

-lnteresting observation, Chloe.
-Hey, Lex.

Clark's not here.

Actually, I was looking for you.

It's come to my attention that
you've been checking into my father.

I saw your name on the
Metropolis County Records log.

Oh, yeah, that. I'm just writing
a story on him for the Torch.

Oh, really? A story that involves
obscure childhood medical records?

-Just trying to be thorough.
-The mark of a good reporter.

And you are a good reporter, Chloe.

So good
that my father pulled strings... make you the youngest columnist
in the history of the Daily Planet.

What do you want, Lex?

I'm just curious.

Wondering why a high school reporter is
digging so deeply into my father's past.

Maybe I'll just ask him
about it at dinner tonight.

Go ahead, since the only way
you could've found out...

...about those records
is if you looked into them yourself.

At least I'm prepared
for what I might find.

I'm not so sure you realize
what you've gotten yourself into.


I owe you an apology.

It did bother me
when Seth asked you out.

But I have to get used to the idea that
you're gonna be dating other people.

I'm sorry too, Clark. I didn't mean
for that to happen right in front of you.

Truthfully, I don't even know why
I agreed to go out with Seth.

Maybe I was just subconsciously
trying to make you jealous.

So you're not really into him.

He's a nice enough guy, it's just....

There aren't any sparks.

He's gonna be here any second
to pick me up.

Lana, I know I should stay out of it...

...but if you don't feel that way
about Seth, it's not right to lead him on.


-Hey. Ready to go?
-Seth, hi.

Maybe we should sit down.


I don't know how to say this.

I know I said I could go with you...

...but I can't.

I really am sorry.

It's no problem.

It's just that
you're always so busy, you know?

You owe it to yourself to take a break...

...have a little bit of fun.

You know what?
You're right.

I'd love to go out with you.

-Could you cover me?
-Sure, no problem.

Seth, what are we doing here?
The fair's closed for the season.

It is, but they don't take the rides away
for a few more days.

And how are we supposed to get in?

Turn around. It's a surprise.

How did you do that?

I guess the no-peeking rule
wasn't really clear.

Can you keep a big secret?

What do you mean?

You know after that guy hit me
and I went to the hospital?

I all of a sudden
got these strange powers.

It's like I could warp
an electromagnetic field.

After the MRl I could move metal objects
like a magnet.

Can you do it all the time?

Only when I concentrate.

Am I scaring you?

Maybe in the past you would be...

...but actually, I think it's kind of cool.

Thanks for not thinking I'm a freak.

Thanks for being honest with me.

It really means a lot.

You're amazing.

Let's go.

-I love this ride.
-Yeah, me too.

Reminds me that there's a world
out there beyond Smallville.

I'm gonna leave one day.

I can't believe
you're here with me...

...even though I've always thought
we've had a connection, you know?

Yeah, me too.

I never realized it was this strong.

I'm sorry.

I'm moving too fast.
I'll stop.

Oh, my God!
Seth, you're crazy.

Seth, what's going on?
You're making me nauseous.

Clark, what are you doing here?

I heard screaming.

I thought you were in trouble
so I pulled the switch.

What switch?
I didn't hear the motor go off.

Do you always come to the fair
when it's closed, Clark?

Did you follow us here?

Are you stalking me?

Better find a new hobby, Clark.

-You actually dated that loser?

Nice trick.

Haven't you got anything better to do
than follow me around?

You can control metal objects,
can't you, Seth?

-So what if I can?
-And you've got some kind of hold on Lana.

Hate to poke a hole
in your little theory, Clark.

Lana's not made out of steel.

I don't know how you're doing it, but l
won't let you force Lana to be with you.

I'm not forcing her to do anything.

I'm persuasive and she's on the rebound.
It's not my fault you blew it, Clark.

She's not into you, Seth.

Could've fooled me.

Look, Lana's all I've ever
thought about, okay?

And now she's mine, so deal with it.

I'm warning you, Seth.
Stay away from Lana.

And I'm warning you, leave us alone.

You have no idea what I'm capable of.

So you think that the
meteor flakes from the snow globe... the MRl, equals Magnet Boy?

Well, assuming we can prove that Seth
can manipulate metal with his mind...

...what does that have to do with
Lana's sudden Seth infatuation?

Her attraction to him
has something to do with the accident.

Or Lana could just think he's really hot.

Seriously. I know you don't want to
admit it, but it's possible she likes him.

-Chloe, they have nothing in common--
-What are you doing?

He's been around,
but they barely know each other.

Well, except for the past two years,
you could be describing yourself.

I found it.

Look at this.

The electromagnetic activity in Seth
is higher after the MRl.

Well, that explains
the walking magnet theory.

Why didn't the doctors flag it?

According to this,
they chalked it up to an accident.

They're gonna keep an eye on him
for a few weeks.

Let's head back to the Torch... we can check up on the effects
of electromagnetism in the body.

What's going on?

What are you two doing in here?


Sorry, we were just taking a break
from candy-striping.

This is a hospital, young lady.

Volunteering is about helping patients...

...not about makeout sessions
in the file room, okay?


A good reporter
always thinks on her feet.


I heard you warned Seth
to stay away from me.

First you follow us
to the fair, and now this?

-Who do you think you are, Clark?
-Lana, I had to.

Seth is different.
He was affected by the MRl.

-lt somehow made him magnetic.
-I know that, Clark.

Seth showed me.

He's been completely honest
about his abilities.

And I think it's great.

Well, it's not just metal.

He's affecting you too. He's using
his powers to make you like him.

Don't be ridiculous.

Your brain is like a circuit board of
magnetic impulses, and Chloe and l--

You talked to Chloe about this?

It's like he's a giant magnet.

And he's able to control
those impulses...

...make your brain secrete the
chemicals that control your emotions.

That's crazy.

Lana, the brain releases chemicals
that control depression and hunger.

-Why not attraction?
-Seth isn't touching me now.

But I'm beginning to care more about
him than I have for any other guy.


-So how do you explain that?
-I don't know.

Maybe it's like metal.

The longer a magnet touches metal,
the longer the effects last.

Look, Clark. If you don't wanna
date me, that's fine.

But to make up some crazy theory
so I don't--

Lana, that's not it.

I came here to tell you that
who I date is none of your business.

-Lana, Seth is dangerous.
-No, Clark, you are.

We're not together anymore,
and that was your choice.

So let me go.



Go ahead, call the cops.

The first question
they're gonna ask is...

...why would a person like me
break into a high school newspaper?

Whatever could I be looking for?

Who are you?
What do you want?

I'm working for someone who's
interested in the same thing you are.

Which Luthor sent you?

Why would you jump
to that conclusion, Chloe?

Wait. What do you think you're doing?

Something I doubt that you'll
want to tell the police about.

You have a nice night.

I gotta say, I like the new Lana.

I took your advice and
splurged on a whole new wardrobe.

I can't wait to see the rest later.

I could do a fashion show.

You know how you said you wanted
to get out of Smallville someday?

Why not today?

Are you serious?

Where do you wanna go?

I don't know. I figured we'd just
see where the road takes us.

What do you say?

I'd go anywhere with you.

You know we're probably
gonna need some money.

I think I've got that covered.


Meet me out back.
I've got a surprise for you, okay?

What are you doing, cleaning us out?

Taking an advance
on my share of the profits.

Okay, joke's over.
Put the money back.

I'm not joking, Lex. I need the cash.
Seth and I are leaving Smallville.

Lana, you can't be serious.

I can't stay in Smallville
for a coffee shop, Lex.

Try and understand,
my whole family's gone.

My friends have changed.

I found someone who really wants
to be with me, who trusts me.

For the first time in a long time,
I don't feel like I'm alone.

Hop in.

Pretty sweet ride for a 1 6-year-old.

Lana, you're making a serious mistake.

Have a nice life, Lex.

Let's go.

Where's Lana?

Leaving town with her new boyfriend.

She just cleared out the register.

Don't worry, I'm calling the sheriff.
They won't even make it out of town.

What happened?
What's wrong?

We're stuck.

Look at this.
It's like the road melted.

I can't believe this.

Oh, my God.

Seth, it's the sheriff.

What are we gonna do?

Don't worry, okay?
We're gonna be together.

Trust me.

Lana Lang, remain in the vehicle
and put your hands on the dashboard.

Clark, you were right.

-I didn't believe you before, but now....
-It's okay.

We all make mistakes, believe me.

Sheriff Adams knows
that you didn't steal the car...

...and Lex has a lawyer
working on the other charges.

I was so mean to you.

You still didn't give up on me.

Do you have any idea where Seth went?

Well, he's got a brother
in Grandville, works at a diner.

We were gonna stay with him.


Thank you.

You're a Luthor, so it's a given
that you're unscrupulous.

But I really thought
petty larceny was beneath you, Lex.

Can you be a little more
specific with the charge?

I caught some creep in my office,
trying to steal one of my computers.

I figured either you
or your father hired him.

But you're accusing me.

You're what they euphemistically
call "the lesser of two evils."

I admire your take-charge attitude.

Barging in here
and accusing me took guts.

Or sheer stupidity.

What do you say
we pay a visit to your intruder?

How did he die?

Natural causes.

-Apparently, his heart just gave out.
-You believe that?

Given what he was looking into...

...I doubt there was anything
natural about his death.

How do I know you're not
just playing me, Lex?

You're right, Chloe.
I could be.

I often bring high school girls to the
morgue to show them what happens...

...when trained professionals
cross my father.

Well, there's nothing
in my files worth killing for.

We've got a corpse here
that says you're wrong.

Chloe, you're involved
in a very dangerous game.

I can protect you.

Yeah, like you protected him?

Mason knew the risks
of tangling with my father.

You clearly don't.

I'm the only choice you've got.

Hey! What are you doing in here?
You're not supposed to--!


I'm so happy you're here.

Really? I just saw Clark leave, and I thought
you were having second thoughts.

Clark's my past.
You're my future.

I made up a story, told him
that you were headed to Grandville.

Put your hands in the air.

Go on.

Seth doesn't have
a brother in Grandville.

Lana was trying
to throw me off his trail.

She lied to me, right to my face,
and I believed her.

She's clearly not herself, Clark.

I know. I'm not angry.

I realize that that's what
I've been doing to her.

Your feelings
for Lana are not a lie.

You think I made the right decision,
pushing her away?

I don't know.

I miss the days when your answers
were yes and no.

Me too.

Hey, Seth pulled a Bonnie and Clyde
and broke Lana out of jail.

-Sheriff's got all the roads blocked.

She's gonna ruin her life
being with him.

-I gotta find them.
-Clark, they could be hiding anywhere.

They're a needle in a haystack.

Depends on the needle.

I can't believe you came back for me.

You could've been caught.

I'd never leave
Smallville without you.

-You're all I've ever wanted.
-Let's go now...

...and get out of here,
just the two of us.

No, not yet.
It's too dangerous.

They take the rides
out tomorrow morning.

We'll slip away on one of the trucks.

Come here.

You're not taking her anywhere.

I told you to stay away from her.


Let him go.

Let him go, Clark,
or I swear, I'll shoot.

Get away from him, Clark!

Lana, I can handle it from here.

Just go. Just meet me outside, okay?

You need help, Seth.

No, you're just saying that
because you want Lana back.

But you can't have her.

Looks like I'm not
the only one with special powers.

Clark, you can't fight physics.

Neither can you.

Nice outfit.

It goes with the community service.

Which is getting off easy,
after what I did.

Lex, thanks for all your help.

What good are lawyers
if they can't jump through hoops?

Any word on your friend Seth?

He's still in a coma.

They don't know what he'll remember
if and when he ever wakes up.

Lex, I'm sorry I let you down.

I can't defend my behavior,
magnetism or no magnetism.

But I'd really like
my job at the Talon back.


I'm serious.
The place needs you.

And I make a lousy latte.


...I did a lot worse things than
steal a sports car when I was your age.

And I'm the last guy to criticize someone
for falling for the wrong person.

But I'm sure the right guy is out there.


I was thinking about what you said,
and I need your help.

All right, Chloe, you have the floor.

It all started with the Wall of Weird.

Your dad was interested
in the effects of the meteor rocks.

He wanted me to start feeding him
information about the more bizarre incidents.

It's always been an obsession of his.

But I can't imagine that's
the extent of your arrangement.

He wanted me to spy on a friend.


It doesn't matter.


-And did you?
-Of course not.

I would never do that.
Clark is my friend.

And I told him that,
but then he threatened to fire my dad.

So I figured that in order to
get out of my agreement with him...

...I had to find something on your father.

You know, something damaging enough
so that I could blackmail Lionel Luthor.

That was a very dangerous decision.

I know.

I'll protect you, Chloe.

You have my word.

But in order to do that, I need to know
what you found out about my father.

Have you ever heard
of a man named Morgan Edge?

Before he was killed, he was
the biggest crime lord in Metropolis.

He was also your father's
closest childhood friend.


I came by to say thank you
for saving me from Seth.

And to apologize.

For real this time.

I should've believed you, Clark.
I'm sorry.

You weren't acting
of your own free will.


But even though
I was under Seth's influence...

...part of me always
knew you were right.

I just kept telling myself
that you were jealous.

I guess that's just the way
I wanted you to feel.

It wasn't easy for me
to see you with another guy.

Are you still sure
you don't want to be that guy?


It's all right. I just wanted to
make sure before I told you this.

Even though my compass
was way off with Seth...

...he still had the courage
to be honest with me.

Then he used his abilities
to manipulate you.

I am not condoning what he did.

Believe me, I'm paying for it.

It still felt good caring for someone...

...and having my feelings returned.

I want that again.

I don't expect you
to wait forever for me.


Because one of these days, someone's
gonna come along that's right for me.

And I'm going to
want to be with that person.

And you're gonna
have to deal with that.