Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 6 - Relic - full transcript

Lana Lang visits a sick, elderly man who has been in prison for more than 40 years for allegedly killing his beloved wife. He shows a picture of a suspect who resembles Clark Kent in an old newspaper to Lana. Clark Kent, after seeing a Kryptonian symbol on a necklace of the suspect, believes that the young stranger was, in fact, Jor-El. After being "downloaded" with the memories of Jor-El from the same symbol in the caves, Clark is slowly able to piece together the events of the past whenever he touches an object with a connection which leads him to the truth regarding who the true killer was.

Louise McCallum... one ever really
said much about her.

Just that I had a
great-aunt who died young.

I'm guessing they never
mentioned she had a husband.

No, but I don't think
you can blame them.

-You were convicted of her murder.

If you were so anxious to see me,
why'd you wait all these years to write?

Your Aunt Nell, she asked me not to.

I don't mean to be rude,
Mr. McCallum...

...but even if I did believe your story,
I don't know what you want me to do.

I just need somebody in Louise's
family to know I truly loved my wife...

...and I'm not the man who killed her.



It was 42 years ago,
and I can still hear those shots.


Louise! No!

Sheriff Tate arrived...

Dex, Louise, you out here?

...and found me with the gun
and Louise dead in my arms.


What have you done?

I swear to you
that's what happened that night.

And when I saw
your picture in the paper...

...I couldn't get over how
much you looked like Louise.

I thought, if you are anything like her...'d be the one person
who could understand.

If you're saying that you didn't
kill her, then who did?

The man I saw leaving the barn.

A drifter.

He killed my Louise.

What happened to this guy?
This drifter?

They never caught him.
Dexter said that people assumed...

...that he made the story up
to cover his tracks.

-But you believe him.
-Well, why would he lie to me?

It's not like he's gonna get
the last 40 years of his life back.

Convicted murderers spend half their day
trying to convince people they're innocent.

Clark, that drawing
looks exactly like you.

So unless Dexter could've
predicted the future...

...there's a pretty good chance
that drifter was real.

It could've been your grandfather.

-Even your father.
-That's impossible.

Why? You must've come
from somewhere.

It's not like you just
fell out of the sky.

I think Lana's right.
It is Jor-El.

From 1 961?

These cave walls said that people
from Krypton had been here before.

-Why not my father?

Don't you think you're trying too hard
to make a connection here?

You saw the medallion he was wearing.
The symbol's Kryptonian.

Okay, let's just say that it was Jor-El.

From what I know, it's not a stretch
to believe he could kill somebody--

That's the thing. We don't know
that much about him.

All Jor-El has been to me
is some distant powerful threat.

But if he was here,
walking the same streets as me...

...maybe we're not so different.

Maybe he's more human
than we thought.



Isn't that what you're looking for?

I knew I'd seen it down here.

Clark. Clark!

What is that?

The images I saw
must've been from the past.

Clark, you really need to lay off
the late-night television.

I'm not kidding, Pete.

I had all these flashes, but they went by
so fast, I couldn't make sense of them.

-Give it over.
-Get away from me!

Give me the money.
I know you've got it.

My hero.

You don't strike me as someone
who usually needs saving.

Thank you.

-Did you see that? He could've killed me!
-Tell it to the judge.


I'm Louise.

You can call me Joe.

Well, Joe...'re the most excitement
we've had all year.

Watch your head.

Well, I guess we owe you our gratitude.

Hi, I'm Sheriff Billy Tate.
Those are some reflexes you got there.

They kind of surprised me too.

I haven't seen you
around Smallville before.

-I'm just passing through on my way home.
-Lucky you.

Forgive Louise.
She's got stars in her eyes.

Always has.

There's nothing wrong with that.


Everything all right?

You go on home, Louise. I know how
Dex hates to miss his bridge game.

I'll drive by and get your statement.

See you around.

I appreciate your help.

Clark, what's going on?

It's like I was back in the '50s.

I was standing right here where Joe was.


It's the name of the drifter.

Pete, you remember when I was
in the cave and I got all those flashes?

I think this medallion
downloaded me with all his memories.

When I touch something of his,
it triggers one.


Louise was here too.

The drifter, he saved her.

Well, of course he did.

Clark, back here in the 21 st century,
we call that a daydream.

There's got to be a way to find out
if what I saw really happened.

Since when can you take
police records out of city hall?

Since I caught the clerk and his girlfriend
playing cops and robbers on the job.

Well, the robbery
should be around June, 1 961.

That's when the movie
was playing at the Talon.

I don't mean to give you the third
degree, but how do you know--?

I told you, it's just a hunch
that the drifter was there.

I get that. It's the robbery outside the Talon
with the Natalie Wood movie playing...

...that's a little more detailed
than your average hunch.

Well, as curator of the Wall of Weird,
just go with me on this one.


There's pages missing
from the day of Louise's murder.

Well, someone gets a D in subtlety.

-All right, here's the robbery.
-You see our heroic drifter anywhere?

No, but look at the name of the robber.

Lachlan Luthor.
That's Lex's grandpa.

Oh, come on, I had
a three-megabyte file on Lex.

I know his favorite cereal.

Maybe he knows something.

Well, you're gonna have to find out.
I gotta meet Lana.

Nell found some of Louise's things.

This is where I'm going to have to bail.

Last time I researched
the Luthors, Lex almost got killed.

Please, you're gonna have to
deal with him sooner or later.

I always assumed my father's knack
for taking people's money was inherited...

...but I hardly think petty crime
runs in the family.

Well, Smallville isn't exactly
teeming with Lachlan Luthors.

Your grandfather has to be
the one who was arrested.

Chloe... one in my family
set foot in this town...

...until my father bought
the creamed corn factory.

Isn't an age-old robbery
a little off your usual teen beat?

This one's pro bono. Lana's really
worried about her great-uncle.

Something tells me you're not here
because of Lana.

Anyway, we think Lachlan met
the drifter, and we were hoping--


That my family
sat around at Thanksgiving...

...sharing old crime stories?

Your family isn't exactly
a Norman Rockwell painting.

Look, Lex, we're just
trying to find what we can.

I wish I could help you, Chloe...

...but I'm afraid you've met a dead end.

-Hi, Lana.

Look, I'm really sorry about
being so defensive this morning.

You don't have to apologize.

I kind of dumped a lot on you all at once.

I guess it's just when you're adopted,
you dream about where you came from...

...and what your birth parents were like.

The biggest nightmare
is that they were criminals.

With all the strange surprises I've had
in my family, I know it's not easy.

There are only
a few of Louise's things.

But I think we'll be able
to find something.

It's a love letter.

Dexter must have written this.

Wow. Who knew he could be so....


Only an initial?

Could you?

I couldn't stop
thinking about you all day.

I've never felt this way about anyone.

All I know is I want to be with you.


Lana, I don't think that love letter
is from her husband.

I think it's from the drifter.

They were in love.

Congratulations, Lex.
That was an excellent presentation.

The board was impressed.

It was smoke and mirrors,
but skillfully done.

What can I say? I guess the
art of deception runs in the family.

And the day was off
to such a sweet start.

Deception, huh?

You think I've been
deceiving you about something?

You tell me.

You've always described
grandfather Lachlan... a hardworking entrepreneur
from Scottish nobility.

What are you driving at, son?

Maybe you could explain
why a Lachlan Luthor...

...was arrested in 1 961
for petty robbery in Smallville.

Not all entrepreneurs can have the luxury
of being both successful and honest.

Why would you go to such lengths
to hide our past?

When I was young...

...and trying hard to get a foothold
in the world of overachieving lvy Leaguers...

...I quickly found that confessing
to the fact that I was born and bred... a place like Suicide Slum wasn't gonna
win anybody over at a cocktail party.

So you took the liberty
of rewriting our history?

That's right. Why should l
have to pay for the sins of my father?

Sounds familiar.

Is the memorial
in our family plot even real...

...or do I have grandparents
wandering around Suicide Slum?

No, no, they....

They both died... a tenement fire.

The only reason I'm alive
is I was moonlighting at the....

At a print shop when it happened.

Ever since then,
I've buried myself in work.


This is the barn
where Louise was shot.

Clark, it's been over 40 years.
What do you expect to find here?

I have to leave tonight.

I'm leaving with you.

I told you, that's not possible.

I can't stay with Dex anymore.
I don't love him.

You're the one I want to be with.

We wouldn't be accepted.

I don't care what people think.
I never have.

Dex says that's my curse.

No, Louise...

...that's a gift.

We're not that different, Joe.

I'm willing to try.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

I have to return home alone.


Because it's my destiny,
and I can't change it.

Louise, as much I want this,
I can't have it.

My father told me
that someday I'd understand...

...that my actions have consequences.

I guess this is what he meant.

It's not fair.

We should be together.





Don't leave me.

I'll never leave.

I love you.



No, Louise.



I know who killed her.

The Edgecliff Condos.

They're owned by LuthorCorp...

...but I'm missing the connection
to my grandparents.

Well, before the condos
and the coffeehouses...

...this was the worst
part of Suicide Slums.

That high-rise...

...stands on the site of the tenement
your grandparents died in.

So my father's story is true.

They died in a fire.

If you call an explosion...

...that blows the windows
out of two city blocks a fire, yeah.

-lt sounds like you have your doubts.
-I was a detective in that precinct.

Back in those days when they told
you to drop a case, you did it.

The slumlords controlled city hall.

Well, I'm retired now.
It doesn't really matter.

I think you'll find
my original report enlightening.

I don't mean to rain on your parade...

...but Lachlan was in the jail
at the time of the murder.

-I know it was him.

You can't expect us
to follow these weird hunches...

...without telling us what's going on.

It's crazy.

You passed "crazy"
about four random clues ago.

Ever since I read that newspaper article,
I've been having memories from 1 961.


It's like some weird deja vu thing.

Could it be like reincarnation?
You know, like past lives?

-Or genetic memory.

Science has theorized that we store
our ancestors' memories in our DNA.


Well, wherever your hunches are
coming from, they're eerily accurate.

I asked the Ledger to e-mail me
the newspaper's police blotter...

...from the day missing in the logbook.

Lachlan was released from jail
the morning Louise was murdered.

He only spent a few nights
in jail for armed robbery?

Yeah, and look at the name
of the deputy who released him.

Billy Tate.

Or affectionately known now
as our Honorable Mayor William Tate.

Dex and Louise were my best friends.

Arresting him was
the hardest thing I ever had to do.

You bear a striking resemblance
to your great-aunt.

Has anyone ever told you that?

Do you remember booking
someone named Lachlan Luthor?

He was released
the same day Louise was killed.

It's hard to keep track
of all the arrests I've made.

We think your friend
Dexter is innocent.

Trust me, of all people, I wanted
to believe that more than anyone.

But, finally, I had to admit
there was no drifter.

He made up the story
to cover his own guilt.

Careful with that, young man.

Hey, you two lovebirds.

-Billy, it's not what it looks like.
-Sure. Okay, big shot, out of the car.

I don't know
what business this is of yours--

You've overstayed your welcome.
Move along before you cause trouble.


...he was just taking me home.

You better make sure
this is what you want, Louise...

...because I think
you're making a huge mistake.

I never wanted to marry Dexter.

Don't get me wrong.
He's a nice man. He's just...

I made the mistake
of telling my father my dreams.

I wanna go to Hollywood...

...become a star.

The next thing I know,
he's putting me together with Dex...

...saying what a great wife I'd make.

I finally gave in.

And here I am.

I think our fathers would get along.

See, I'm not
what you'd call a model son.

My father sent me here
as sort of a lesson.

I didn't want to come here.

Now I'd give anything to stay.

But I can't.

Then take me with you.

We'll be like James Dean and Natalie
Wood in Rebel Without a Cause.

-lt'll be romantic.
-I don't think you understand.

When I said I wasn't from here,
I wasn't talking about Smallville.

Where I'm from, we have colors
that you've never seen.

Our moons are so close
they fill up half the sky.

We have sunsets that last for hours.

You almost had me there.

For a second,
I was actually believing you.

Oh, my God.

So you want me
to dredge up an investigation...

...that was put to bed 40 years ago?

The mayor knows more than he's telling.

Oh, yes, that mysterious drifter of yours.

We think that Mayor Tate made a deal
to drop the charges on Lachlan Luthor...

...if Lachlan killed the drifter.
They were gonna pin it on Dexter.

Well, you make a great storyteller,
Mr. Kent, but not much of a detective.

See, I will need two small things
called motive and evidence...

...before I'm gonna haul the leader
of our community off to jail.

The writing on the police log
matches this love letter.

-It's the same signature.
-He was in love with her.

With the drifter dead
and Dexter in jail for his murder...

...Mayor Tate could have Louise
all to himself.

I don't know if you
can hear yourselves...

...but you might want to be careful
about who you're pointing fingers at.

If you'll excuse me, I've got
a few cases in this century to attend to.

Martha, we can't even tell
if these visions are for real.

For all we know, they could
be just another test from Jor-El.

Jonathan, when have you seen
Clark this determined for no reason?

I know this is hard,
but we can't blame him...

...for wanting to know
about his birth parents.

Every time I hear the name Jor-El...

...all I can think of is that we
aren't his real birth parents.

We're just the people who were
lucky enough to find him.

But right now he's here with us.


Clark. Have you had
any more of the visions?


Listen, son, I'm sorry I doubted you.

If you like, we can go over to McCallum's
barn, see if you missed anything.

What is it?

That's grandpa's gun.

I saw it in the cave
when I had my first vision.

I don't want any trouble.

Easy there, son.

You already got one murder
on your hands...

...if you're the one
the whole town's looking for.

I didn't do it.

I'm not a killer.

I loved her.
I'd never hurt her. You got--

You gotta trust me.

I'm Hiram.

Hiram Kent.

-What is it?
-The drifter was here.

He was here on the farm
with Grandpa Kent.

I haven't opened this...

...since the day
my father passed away.

Maybe something in here
will trigger another memory.


...your grandfather wore this old thing
every single day of his life.

It was his favorite belt.

I wish you could have met him.

Do you recognize
anything from your visions?

At least you won't stand out
as much if they stop you.

I know all the back roads.
We'll take them.

I appreciate your help,
but I'll find my way on my own.

I am not sending you alone.

Are you sure these friends
of yours are gonna show up?

They'll be there.

You're welcome to stay
and try to clear this thing up.

I've got no reason to stay anymore.

Be careful.

-Bye, Gene.
-His name is Jonathan.

We're still deciding.

Come on, let's go.

Thank you.

Grandpa helped him escape.

Now, look, I'd like
to believe you, Clark, but--

He wanted to name you Gene.

After Gene Autry.

We had all of his old records,
but Mom finally won out.

Hiram was a pretty good
judge of character, Jonathan.

I don't think he'd help a guilty man.

Well, I don't think an old bomber
jacket is gonna prove anything.

I'm not too sure about that.

Sheriff Tate.

Mr. Kent. I'm not sure how you got in,
but I don't find this very amusing.

I think you've got me confused
with someone else.

The police are on their way.

Where did you get that?

I knew you'd remember me.

This can't be real.

You've done a pretty good job
of hiding what's real.

I know you made a deal
with Lachlan to kill me.

But how did you feel when you
found out that he killed Louise instead?

It was supposed to be you.

You can't kill me.
I'm already dead.

Mother of God.

If you ever want
another day of peace...'ll confess what you've done
to the sheriff.


I'm not going to jail.

You're not taking the easy way out.

Mayor Tate. You okay?

-We got the silent alarm.
-He's trying to kill me.


Lachlan was supposed to kill the drifter.

I never meant to hurt Louise.

I loved her.

I never expected to see this day.

It's still so hard to believe about Billy.

Did you know he came
to visit me every Sunday...

...for the first two years
I was in here?

I'm sorry. I know he was your friend.

I guess I always knew
how he felt about Louise...

...but I never imagined
he could do a thing like that.

And him confessing
after all these years....

It doesn't make any sense.

Maybe it had been haunting him.

It'd be a terrible thing when love
consumes you and takes over.

I was so in love with Louise.

I just couldn't see she didn't feel
the same way about me.

I wish I'd known when to let go.

The explosion originated
in your family's apartment.

There were traces
of ammonium nitrate, Dad.

Your parents' death was no accident.

Well, I've always suspected this. I--

I knew my father had enemies, but....

That's not what you told the police.

I was young but never naive.

I knew, automatically, that whoever
did it would be watching me.

So you knew they were murdered.

It's not like you
to pass up a chance at revenge.

I had no resources.
I couldn't pursue it.

Then. What about the last 30 years?

I couldn't bring them back.

There was nothing I could do... I chose to move on, forget about it.

But you can't, can you?


I owe you a thank-you, son.

Your grandparents were murdered.

They deserve justice.
Oh, I was such a fool.

I always thought that their murder
could stay buried in the past.

We both know that's not gonna happen
until we find out who did this.


Lana. How's Dexter?

I think he's just relieved that
his name has finally been cleared.

Personally, I think I'd be more relieved...

...knowing I wasn't getting
locked up again.

I am not quite sure why, but I think Dexter
has you to thank for his freedom.

You're the one who believed in him.


He was wrong about the drifter.

I'm not so sure he was.

Nothing would've happened to Louise
if she didn't fall in love with him.

I know what Louise did was wrong...

...but I can't help thinking
she was lucky.

Even if it was only for a few days...

...she knew what it felt like
to really be in love.

-It's too bad it couldn't last.
-What if that's not the point?

Maybe you have to be grateful
for the time that you spend together...

...and stop holding on
to what could've been.

What is it, Clark?
What are we doing here?

I'm not sure.

What are you doing with that thing?

I was supposed to return
it to my father...

...but there's too many
bad memories attached.

Thank you, Hiram.

I can usually tell
an honest man when I see one.

Sorry you ran into trouble here.
There's plenty of good folks in Smallville.

I'll remember that.

Congratulations on the baby.
He's lucky to have you as parents.

If there's anything you ever need,
you know where to find me.


What did you see?

He buried this here because he
didn't want his father to have it.

It acts as some sort of journal.

I think Jor-El was sent here
as some kind of rite of passage.

Grandpa Kent was down here too.

He told Joe that if there
was anything he needed....

What is it, Clark?

I don't think you and Mom
found me by accident.

I think you were chosen.