Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 19 - Memoria - full transcript

Lex is trying to recover his missing memory of the past few months by going to Summerholt, which results in him having flashbacks from his childhood. When Lana finds Lex out on a balcony ...

Where is he?

Out there.

If anyone approaches,
he becomes hysterical.

He claims he's protecting
his brother, Julian.

Thank you. I'll handle this,
Mr. Woodruff.

- Mr. Luthor...
- He's my son.



If this is an attempt to get
yourself expelled, it's not gonna work.

You'll wake the baby.

Lex, Julian's gone.

He's right here.

I found him inside of my dorm, crying.

I told him I'd never let
anyone hurt him again.

Julian is dead, Lex. We both know why.

You have to come
to terms with that. Now!

- No, leave us alone!
- No, Lex! What are you doing?

Just go home!

- Lex, come down off that ledge.
- Stay away from us!

Stop this, Lex. Get down. Now!

- Julian needs me!
- Lex! No!




- Stop it, Lex!
- Julian!

Julian! Julian!


Lex, what were you doing?

Where am I?

♪ Smallville: "Memoria" ♪
Season 3 Episode 19

Original Airdate April 28, 2004

Hope I'm not interrupting.

Chloe told me
you were farm-bound all week.

Yeah, my dad's cardiologist sent him
to Metropolis for some more tests...

- so I'm pulling double duty.
- I thought he was getting better.

He is, but when your heart's been
through something like that...

the scars just don't
magically disappear.


No, I guess they don't.

But I'm sure you didn't come all this way
just to admire my stall-mucking abilities.

I think there's something wrong with Lex.

I was dropping off the Talon payroll...

and I found him out on the ledge,
screaming for someone named Julian.

What is it, Clark?

Julian was the name
of Lex's baby brother.

He died of SIDS when Lex was a kid.

Did he give you any kind of explanation?


He shrugged it off as a bad dream.

Last time Lex had a breakdown...

I found him over there, singing a lullaby
to a blanket he thought was Julian.

Well, maybe he's had a relapse.

Whatever it is,
you better stay clear for a while.

Clark, he's my friend.

The last time Lex went off the deep end,
you got trampled by a horse.

- Lex didn't mean to hurt me.
- But he did.

And I promised myself
I wouldn't let that happen again.

I'll talk to him.

Well, tell him I'm on my way and he needs
to clear his schedule for the afternoon.

Lana told you about my
nocturnal adventure, didn't she?

I could see I spooked her,
and that usually sends her running to you.

Are you okay?

Well, I haven't lost my mind, Clark,
if that's what you mean.

I just indulged in a little
harmless sleepwalking, that's all.

Lex, you were on a ledge,
yelling Julian's name.

You could've killed yourself.

You know, when I found you asleep
in the middle of Route 8 last year...

I don't remember questioning
your mental health.

I hadn't just spent seven weeks
at Belle Reve.

According to my doctors, I'm cured.

But apparently a clean bill of health
isn't good enough for Clark Kent.

I can take care of myself.

These nightmares
are becoming more frequent.

They're not nightmares, Lex.

They're spontaneous memories.

Look, Dr. Garner...

whatever you call them,
they're starting to impact my waking life.

The electroshock therapy
atrophied this part of your brain.

These memories are the equivalent
of a muscle spasm.

They indicate that
the treatment's working.


I didn't come to you to relive
repressed childhood traumas.

If you're concerned,
we can stop at any time.

The choice is yours.

Run scan.


Just relax, Lex.

Close your eyes and open
the door to your mind.

Think about your father.

Take us back to where we left off.

Where are you now?

My 12th birthday party.


I'm sorry, son, that your...

friends didn't get to see the beautiful
party that your mother planned for you.

I told you nobody would come.

Everybody hates me.

That's not true.



They're jealous, Lex.

You're a Luthor, and you're...


You're special, and it's always gonna
be difficult for others to accept that.


Lex, here.

Your mother wanted to give you this
in person, but she's resting, so...

Is she okay?

She seemed so sad.

No. No, she's...

She's just tired, that's all.

This pregnancy's been very difficult
for her...

but once the baby comes,
I know she'll be as excited as we are.


It's just an old box.

No, no. It's much more than that.

This box was forged
from the armor of St. George.

- The dragon slayer?
- That's right.

According to the legend, St. George...

was fighting a particularly
fierce dragon.

The battle between them
had raged on for days...

and St. George
was losing his strength...

and his faith.

So he took a piece of broken armor...

and he made it into this box.

Inside it, he put all his doubts
and his fears...

and then he went out to face
the dragon again.

- Without any armor?
- Yeah.

But when the dragon saw St. George
coming to do battle with him again...

it hesitated and drew back.

And in that moment, St. George plunged
his sword into the dragon's heart...

and it fell dead.

So when people are cruel to you...

you take all your fears
and your doubts...

you put them in here,
in this box...

and then you lock it.

Then you'll find that you're...

You're stronger than you think you are.

Bring him up.

That was a good session, Lex.

We're making progress.

What are you doing with Dr. Garner, Lex?

I thought I told you to stay out of this.

Lex, you know what he did to Molly.
And to Ryan.

- Lex, he's dangerous.
- I don't have to explain myself to you.

Yes, you do, Lex.

I can't understand why my
best friend keeps lying to me.

What if you lost seven weeks of your life?

That's what this is about.

Clark, if I could retrieve those memories,
they would give me the answers...

to the questions
that have been plaguing me.

But Dr. Garner knows no boundaries, Lex.

If you get caught up in his research,
it could kill you.

I don't care.

I'm gonna remember everything.

When I got your call, I was shocked.

I couldn't imagine why you would
want to see me.

Lex is using a highly experimental
procedure at Summerholt Institute.

He's trying to retrieve
the memories he forgot.

Mr. Luthor, you're the only one powerful
enough to shut Summerholt down.

Well, I'm flattered by your rather
naïve view of my business prowess...

but why do you think I would resort
to behaving like a thug?

Because I don't think you really want
Lex to remember what he forgot.

No one cares more about Lex's
mental health than I do, Clark...

but it's not my prerogative to stop him
from regaining those lost memories.

Even if he uncovers the truth
about his grandparents' death?

You know, Clark...

I always thought that your parents'
corn-fed hokum had made you weak...

but clearly, I have underestimated
your dark side.

I'm trying to save my friend.

No, you're not.

You came here trying to strong-arm me
under the guise of concern for Lex.

But it's you who doesn't want
him to regain his memory.

That's not true.

I know your secret, Clark.

I know your secret, Clark.

You want Lex to stop this highly
dangerous therapy?

I suggest you start telling the truth.

What brings you to Smallville, Dad?

Find more evidence of little green men
in the Kawatche Caves?

Another one of your extracurricular
activities has been brought to my attention.

Your excursions
to the Summerholt Institute.

- Where did you hear that?
- Your good friend Clark.

a highly respected institution.


Lex, this Garner character operates
on the outer fringes of accepted science.

Well, then you should feel right at home.


your mind is still very fragile.

Why would you risk jeopardizing your sanity
for the sake of a few lost memories?

What's wrong, Dad?


You're afraid of what
I'm gonna remember?

Because so far,
it's been very illuminating.


It's foolish for you to go on
with this treatment.

- It could trigger another psychotic break.
- Look, that's...

Would you get something
to clean that up, please, Mary?

Yes, Mr. Luthor.

No, let me have Julian.

Yes. Yes.

Oh, look at his eyes.

How he looks at you.
Oh, my. Look at that.

Lillian, he's like a prince.

I don't want to hold him.

Lillian, it's unnatural for a mother not
to want to bond with her child. Please.

I will not let you inflict psychological scars
on my children.

That's why they have you, Lionel.

No, you don't mean that, Lillian.

I told you I didn't want
any more children.

I see how you treat Alexander...

chipping away at his spirit.

Because you have made him weak.

- You'll pit these boys against each other.
- No.

Make them fight for your affection.

I won't let you turn them into monsters.

I want a divorce, Lionel.

Lillian, these threats, these constant
threats of yours are tiresome.

I allowed Lex to come home
for your sake.

Now, you're going to start to try.

Lillian, try.

Try. That's it.

The four of us are going to be a family.

All right, I'm going to give Mary
the night off.

I think you need some time alone
with your son.


Lex? What...?


Lex, what are you doing?

- Dad, it was an accident.
- Lex, what are you talking about?

Hello, son.

What are you two boys up to, huh?


He wouldn't stop crying.

I tried to rock him, and then...

You have to believe me.

What have you done, Lex?


What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?!

Lex. Son?

- What happened?
- I don't know. We were talking...

you went into a catatonic state and...

- I'll call a doctor, all right?
- Don't bother. I'm fine. I'm fine.

This is a side effect of your treatment,
isn't it?

- You're playing with fire, son.
- Stop it!

You only care about preventing me
from getting back those seven weeks.

I've got nothing to hide from you, Lex.

You spend too much time living
in the past. Start looking to the future.

Get out.

- That's always been your weakness.
- Get out!

I love you too, sweetheart.

Okay, bye.

I just spoke to your dad. He's well,
but they want him to stay an extra day.

Did you tell him about Lex?

I thought it better to keep that under wraps
until it looks like more of a threat.

I'm afraid that time has come.

Excuse the intrusion, the door was open.

What are you doing here?

Clark didn't tell you?
He came to see me.

Your son has always had...

a penchant for secrecy.

Mom, can you give us a minute?


Martha, I...

Would you...

give my best wishes to your...?
To Jonathan.

I'm sure it must be a challenge for him
to run the farm in his weakened condition.

Don't worry about Jonathan, he'll be fine.

His strength of character
will see us through anything.

I miss your sage advice, Martha.

There's always a job waiting for you if you
ever want to come back to LuthorCorp.

Thank you, Clark, for letting me know
what Lex has been up to.

Unfortunately, our collective
meddling has...

convinced him to accelerate
the whole process.

But he could seriously hurt himself.

I know, but he's an adult, Clark...

and people have to make
their own mistakes sometimes...

before they realize they've gone down
the wrong path.

What if he doesn't?
What if he comes out of this a vegetable?

Well, then I'll have no choice...

but to have him committed again
to Belle Reve. This time permanently.

Where is he?

Where's Lex?

How did you get in here?
I'm calling security.

If he continues his experiments,
his father will have him institutionalized.

Lex is well aware of the risks.

What's the matter, Mr. Kent?
You're not looking well.

You have to stop what you're doing.

You've always been intrigued
with my research.

And now you're going to have
the opportunity to be a part of it.

Strip him.

The mouse took the bait.

All right. Now I've delivered my end
of the deal, I expect you to live up to yours.

Lex will never undergo another
treatment at Summerholt.

Now we can put your talents to use
on a far more interesting project.

I want us to begin studying Clark Kent...


We're ready.

I'll feed you the questions, all right?

I want to know the truth
about Clark Kent.

Where does he come from?

I'm here to see Dr. Garner.

Dr. Garner left word with your assistant.
Your session's been canceled.

I got the message.
I wanna speak with him personally.

Well, I'm afraid he's off-site
at a seminar.

Thank you.

Lex, I'm in a meeting.

At Summerholt? Is that why Dr. Garner
canceled my session?

I don't have time for this now.

Then you better make time
because my treatment worked.

I remember everything.

- Where are you?
- You know where I am, Dad.

I have to solve a problem.
Wait till I get back.

Lower him into the tank.

I'm not waiting for anyone.

Clark, I need you to relax.

Take me back to your earliest memory.

Where did you come from?

Put him inside, Lara.

Our time has passed.

The hourglass is empty.

What if they don't love him?

Lara, his destiny is set...

as is ours.

Goodbye, my sweet Kal-El.

Lara! Lara!

Who's Lara, Clark?

Why isn't he responding?

I'm not sure, doctor, but he's having
some sort of reaction to the solution.

- Lara!
- We need to pull him out.

No. He hasn't told us what we want.



Lex, what's so urgent that you needed
to call me out of a meeting?

What's the problem, son?

I don't know, Dad.

But the fact that you
co-opted Dr. Garner...

tells me that you really are scared
of the memories I could recover.

What did you give him?

Shut it down!

- What the hell was that?
- The alarm in the memory well was triggered.

Looks like I'm not the only one
playing with fire.

Lex. Lex?



- Lex, help me.
- I'm gonna get you out of here.

I wanted to see how you were feeling.

- You looked pretty messed up.
- Yeah, I'll survive.

What were you doing
at Summerholt, Clark?

I was trying to save my friend
from making a big mistake.

That was your opinion.

I told you to let it go,
but you kept pursuing it.

You even involved my father.

Believe me, he's the last person
I'd ask for help...

- but I didn't have any other options.
- He betrayed you, Clark.

He stopped my sessions with Garner
by offering you up as a lab rat.

I've tried to keep my father away
from you, but he's obsessed.

If I'd got back those seven weeks,
I could have finally stopped him.

Maybe, Lex,
or maybe you'd make it worse.

You always tell me how you don't want
to turn into your father, and I believe that...

but the more you two go at each other,
the more like him you become...

and the more people get hurt.

I will never become my father.

I would never sacrifice you or anybody
I cared about to bring him down.


why does your father
hate you so much?

Take care of yourself, Clark.



What did you do?

Don't wake the baby. He's sleeping.



What about Dad?

It's nothing to worry about, sweetheart.

Julian's happy now.


Lex? Are you all right?


Yeah, I'm fine.

I see once again you managed to walk away
from a major debacle unscathed.

I was only there at Summerholt,
Lex, because...

I was concerned about you.

And Clark.

I was as shocked as you were
to find out...

that Dr. Garner was holding him there
against his will.

In yesterday's melee,
I didn't get a chance to tell you...

- about a repressed memory I recovered.
- Oh, Lex.

Don't worry, Dad...

it wasn't about those seven weeks.

It was about Julian.

Yes, well...

we put that tragedy
behind us years ago, didn't we?

I didn't kill him.

Lex, I understand that you need...

to excuse your behavior, but I...

I saw you, Lex.
I saw you standing over Julian's crib.

It's the past. It's history.

Mom did it.

I walked in and I found her.

- That's what I repressed.
- Don't you dare.

I won't let you desecrate
your mother's memory like that.

I don't blame her. I blame you.

What are you talking about?

Your mother loved Julian.
She would never...

She wasn't capable of murdering
her own child. She loved him.

Loved him so much she couldn't subject him
to your particular brand of parenting.

All right, Lex...

why would you take the blame...

- for your brother's death?
- Because I was your sole remaining heir.

I knew you wouldn't let anything
happen to me.

But Mom...

she would be the lamb to the slaughter.


If I'd known... If...

- If I'd seen...
- What?

Things would've been...

so different between us.

Yes, Dad.

You might have actually loved me.




You barely said anything about what
happened at Summerholt.

Don't worry, Mom, my secret's still safe.


I'll be in the house if you want to talk.


is my biological mother's real name.

How did you know that?

When I was in the tank,
I saw my earliest memory.

She was putting me in the ship.

Her only fear was that
no one would love me.

I can't imagine the agony of putting
my son in a lifeboat...

and sending him across the stars.

Because of Jor-El, I always thought...

that my biological parents were monsters,
but she wasn't.

I just can't believe I forgot about her.

You didn't, Clark.

Your first word was "Lara."

Your father and I could never figure out
what it meant.

Now we know.

I wish she could have met you.

To see what a great mom I have.

She knows, Clark.

A mother's love never dies.