Smallville (2001–2011): Season 3, Episode 15 - Resurrection - full transcript

When Jonathan goes to Smallville Medical Centre for a physical examination, his doctor diagnoses arterial blockage and recommends a triple bypass heart surgery procedure. Meanwhile, Vince Davis, the older brother of Clark Kent's friend Garrett Davis, needs a liver transplant - but does not receive one and he dies. His body is sent to Metropolis to be the next test subject of Lionel's experiment by Dr. Lia Teng, who injects his dead body with experimental blood platelets and revives him. When Vince gets sick again (because he needs the life-sustaining blood injections on a daily basis), the unstable Garrett loses control and becomes a threat to the patients, employees, and visitors of the hospital by showing up at the hospital with a kryptonite-infused bomb strapped to himself, threatening to blow himself up unless his brother receives a new liver transplant. Clark must try to find a way to defuse the situation during Jonathan's heart surgery, while the overzealous Sheriff Adams wants to kill Garrett in any way possible... even at the expense of the hostages. Meanwhile, Chloe does some investigating for Lex of Dr. Teng and learns about the mysterious blood platelet serum she's manufacturing and about the first test subject: Adam.

I get to take home the souvenir video
of this when we're done, right?

Jonathan, you can go ahead
and put your shirt on.

How does everything look,
Dr. Scanlan?

Well, I'm afraid the left ventricular
myocardium is still dyskinetic.

- Why don't I like the way that sounds?
- Because of the arterial blockage...

I'm gonna recommend a triple bypass.

You're only in the hospital a few days.
I promise, when you come out...

you'll feel better
than when you came in.

Open-heart surgery?
Don't you think that's a bit extreme?

We've been friends for a long time...

and I know you can be a stubborn man.

Look, given your
current condition, Jonathan...

you could have another
heart attack any moment.

And the next time could be fatal.

And the surgery could be fatal too?

Trust me.

You stand a far greater risk...

if you don't have this operation.

Come on!



Thanks, Clark.

You figure after a couple months,
it'd like me better.

I thought your dad was out of the woods.

So did I.

But here we are again.

How's your brother doing, Garrett?

In serious need of a new liver.

If he doesn't get one soon, I don't
know how much time he's got left.

Of course, if he knew I was out here,
instead of hitting the books, he'd pitch a fit.

What's it looking like for your dad?

They're talking open-heart surgery.

With everything you've told me about your
father, it should be a walk in the park.

You know, Garrett...

I always thought of my dad
as a man of steel.

I guess I was wrong.


Your dad's gonna have that surgery.

And my brother's gonna get
that transplant. A year from now...

we'll all get together and laugh
about how freaked out we both were.


Code blue, room 247.

Code blue, room 247.

God, that's Vince's room.

No. Another milligram of
epi. Come on. Charging.


- No response. Still V-tach.
- Vince.

- Hey, get him out of here. Out of here!
- Vince?

- No, come on.
- No!

No, Vince!

Vince, please!

- Vince! Not yet!
- Come on.

- Come on.
- Don't die.

All right, let's call it.

Time of death, 2:43 p.m.

I'm sorry, son.

♪ Smallville: "Resurrection" ♪
Season 3 Episode 15

Original Airdate Feb. 25, 2004

Poor boy.

Where's his family?

His brother was all he had.

His parents died in a car accident
when he was little.

Who's going to take care of him?

He's got an uncle in Germany.

It'll take him a few days to get here.

- He said something about foster care.
- No.

He shouldn't be there
the night his brother died.

He can stay with us for a few days.

Are you sure? What about dad's
surgery and everything?

I overheard.

Dad's not sure he's gonna have it yet.

I'm gonna go speak with Dr. Scanlan.

Hey, Clark.

Look, I'm...

sorry to hear about your friend, Garrett.
How's he holding up?

He's in shock.

Guess that's what happens when the most
important person in your life is gone.

I know about the surgery.

Can you believe it?
I'm so popular around here...

they want me
to be admitted right away.

So you're gonna do it.

It's not quite that cut-and-dried, Clark.

There must be a way around this.

No, I heard the doctor.

It didn't sound like that.

I thought we talked about eavesdropping
on private conversations.

If you'd stop trying to protect me
from this, I wouldn't have to.

Dad, I see Garrett out there,
and he's lost.

Just like I'd be without you.

Please do this.


Go out there and tell your mother...

to start filling out
all the admissions paperwork.

Go on.

And, Clark...

don't worry about me, son.

I'm not going anywhere.

I want you to know
how much I appreciate this.

Oh, sweetheart,
we're happy to have you.

Clark, I'm gonna go get some
things together for your dad.

- Garrett, if you want to be alone...
- No.

I really don't.

It's kind of ironic.

My brother worked in demolition.

He risked his life every day with explosives,
and I lose him to liver disease.

If he had just gotten
that transplant, he'd still be...

Your dad's about to have surgery.
You don't need to hear this.

No, Garrett, it helps to talk about it.

You listened to me that time
in the hospital.

Part of me feels like Vince
isn't really gone.

That it's all just
some big misunderstanding.

Garrett, if anyone needs to be told,
I can help. Make some phone calls...

No, it was just us.

He used to call me "runt"
as long as I can remember.

I always hated it. Now I'd give
anything to hear him say it again.


I just got a call from the crematorium.

They want to know where they
should send your brother's ashes.


What are they talking about? He's supposed
to be buried next to my mom and dad.

Let's move.


Welcome back, Vince.

Why have him cremated?
That's not what he asked for.

We didn't send him.
Metropolis General did.

He was helicoptered there
for an organ donation.

Then it couldn't be the
same Vincent Davis.

That's what the paperwork says.

All the documents are signed, including your
brother's autograph on that cremation form.

- No.
- Look.

Maybe you didn't know him
as well as you thought.

- What are you talking about?
- Garrett, calm down.

How am I supposed to be calm when he's
been carved up and burnt to a crisp?

- Look, son, I know this is difficult, but...
- You don't know anything.

I'm sorry.

Garrett, I know this is hard.

Maybe Vince just didn't tell you.

My brother's told me everything
since the day my parents died.

Those documents have to be forged.

I think your embassy would keep tabs...

on North Koreans who
have recently been deported.

Seems like Dr. Teng has vanished
without a trace.

It turns out that's not the only thing...

out of the ordinary
of our friendly molecular biologist.

- What have you got?
- It turns out it wasn't scientific research...

or academic prestige that got her
into this country 12 years ago.

It was wedding bells.

She married a rent-a-cop from LutherCorp.

So my father arranged
a green-card marriage.

Yeah. Now I tracked down the groom
so I could ask him what he knew.

What did the lucky guy have to say?

It wasn't really what he had to say.
It was more where he said it.

He plays watchdog for the old
Metron Pharmaceuticals building.

That's been shut down for seven years.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

But while he was telling me to get lost...

I swear I saw what I think was a
delivery truck pulling around back.

My father's been strangely stubborn
about liquidating that property.

Every market indicator says to sell...

but he insists the neighborhood
is about to be revitalized.

The only thing being revitalized
in that neighborhood is the graffiti.

Now, I think I can make some headway
if you'll just come along with me.

Chloe, I should take it from here.

- Lex, I'm perfectly capable of doing...
- This has nothing to do with your capability.

I'm worried about your safety.

When my father's involved
with covert research...

people tend to get hurt.

I'm sorry I lost it.

I guess I kind of have a short fuse.

You have every reason
to be upset, Garrett.

The thing is,
it just doesn't make any sense.

- Vince?
- It's me, runt.


I can't believe it.

This is incredible.

Wait, I don't understand. We both saw you.
You were pronounced dead.

I guess they were wrong.

There's gotta be an explanation.

All I know is, when I woke up,
I was in a lab...

and this woman doctor with a needle
the size of Kansas was standing over me.

Come on, runt, we have
to get out of here.

- Wait, we should get you to a doctor.
- No more doctors or labs.

- Garrett and I have to fall off the radar.
- Why?

- Who's after you?
- I don't know, but...

Can you tell me where the lab is?


- It's somewhere in Metropolis.
- Are you okay?

Garrett, what's wrong?


Your eyes.

They're bleeding.



What's happening to him?


Vince, no! Clark,
you have to help him. Please.

No, I don't know how to explain it.
This man was dead yesterday.

He said he was revived
at a lab in Metropolis.

Whatever they did, it was short-term.
He's not going to last much longer.

His liver is rapidly deteriorating.

Dr. Yeager, call the lab and tell them
to give him more of whatever he got.

I have no idea what lab
you're talking about.

Don't hold out on me.

I'm not gonna stand here
while he dies again.

Look, I've never had a patient
come back to life before.

I'm just as confounded as you are.

But I promise you, we're doing everything
we can to keep your brother alive.

All right. Here we go.

White male, early 20s. Six feet,
180 pounds. Originally presented with...

I'm not sure coming back here
was such a great idea.

There was no other place to take him.
At least they can try to stabilize him.

I can't lose him twice, Clark.

How's Dad doing?

I feel like I'm being prepped for a
Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm the turkey.

You'll have a good scar to brag about.

What's happening with Garrett's brother?

He's going downhill fast,
and the doctors don't know what to do.

But he mentioned this lab in Metropolis.

If I could find it, maybe I could
figure out what cured him.

You need to help your friend, Clark.

- No, Dad, I'm not leaving you.
- Clark, I'm in very capable hands here.

Honestly, you're not good
at sitting on the sidelines.

Garrett and Vince need you, Clark.

- Yeah, but...
- Son, if there is any chance...

that you could save your friend's life...

then that's what you need to do.

Dad, I want you to know...

I do know, Clark.

And I love you too.

Now go on.

Help your friend.


I thought you and your mom
could use moral support...

and a little sustenance.

Thanks, Lana. My mom
hasn't eaten all day.

I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
I'll be back soon.

Is everything all right?

Do you know Garrett Davis?

Sure, he and Vince used to
come by the Talon.

Vince came down
with this rare liver disease...

and he needed a transplant.

I'm guessing from the past tense
that he never got it.

No. He died yesterday. Then last night,
he showed up at my barn.

He came back to life?

He seemed completely fine until
he started bleeding from his eyes.

I've seen it before...

with Adam.

I found this obituary that said he died
5 months ago of a rare liver disease.

Did you tell anyone?

Why not?

Adam said if I told anyone,
they could be in danger.

Where is Adam now?

He disappeared. I haven't seen him
in more than a week.

Listen, Vince mentioned he got an
injection. Did Adam ever take anything?

Yeah. At first I thought it was
because he was a drug addict.

But maybe that's what was
keeping him alive.

Hey, runt.



I'm sorry.

What are you talking about?

I have a disease.

None of this is your fault.

But if it weren't for me,
you could've had such a better life.

You would've married and had kids
of your own instead of worrying about me.

Garrett, I wouldn't have done it
any different...

even if you are a runt.


There's not much else we can do
except make him comfortable.

Now might be a good time
to say your goodbyes.

I'm not saying goodbye to anybody.

- Son, I know this is hard...
- I'm not gonna let him die.

Do you hear me?
I'm not gonna let him die.

They'll be here any minute.

Now, Martha, you and I both know
that there's a chance...

that things could go south in there.

Don't say that, please.

Now, there's no doubt in my mind
that you and Clark can take...

good care of each other.
But you have to remember our promise.

When he's ready...

you have to let him go.

When that day comes...

you'll be standing right beside me.

We're ready.

Clark, I can run with this if you
wanna be with your dad.

It's all right, he knows I'm here. It also takes
my mind off the fact that I can't do anything.

Everything's gonna be okay.

We need to figure out
what brought Vince back to life.

Well, it looks like my contact
at Metropolis General e-mailed me.

The only organ donors who arrived
yesterday were both females.

That means the medevac chopper
took Garrett's brother somewhere else.

Seems that flyboy is the one to talk to.

Are you Ben Powell?

What's it to you?

Where'd you take that body yesterday?

Look, I don't know what kind of game you're
playing, but I'm an emergency medical pilot.

You left to take a body to Metropolis
General and it never arrived.

I'm not a lawyer, but I guess you could
do some serious jail time...

for using a medevac helicopter
for your own profit.

What do you want?

Take me where you took
Vincent Davis.

What is this place?

They pay me cash. I don't ask questions.

Who's there?

- I thought I'd never see you again.
- What are you doing here?

So this is where you were deported to.

I can only imagine the moves you used
to sway the immigration officers.

How did you get past security?

As I'm sure you're well aware,
this building is owned by LuthorCorp.

Family name tends to open doors.

Now, this looks familiar.

It's identical to the vial found
in Adam Knight's apartment.

It's a very delicate substance.

If you don't leave at once,
I'm notifying your father.

Can't you just send me
to the principal instead?

I offered to fund your research, doctor.

You turned your back on me.

I suggest you tell me the origin
of your little blood-platelet cocktail...

or I'll make sure INS
reserves you a window seat...

on the next flight to Pyongyang.

Something tells me
they don't look kindly...

on North Koreans doing illegal
research on American soil.

Where did it go?

What did you just do?

Are you ready to proceed?


Go ahead, start it.

I want two more milligrams of
potassium chloride in the IV.

Yes, doctor.

- Vitals?
- Pulse has leveled off at 80.

BP, 120/70.

EKG normal.

- Blood ox?
- 98 percent, normal.

Okay, Jonathan, we're gonna have
you out of here in no time.

I suppose all we can do now is wait.

Mr. Kent's strong.

He's gonna fight through this.

Oh, Pete.

I wasn't sure if you guys
wanted your space...

but I thought I should be here.

I'm so glad you came.

Where's Clark?

- He'll be right back.
- Okay.

Dr. Yeager!

Where is Dr. Yeager?

I want to speak to Dr. Yeager!

- What do you think you're doing?
- My brother needs a liver.

So I figure now you'll get him one.

Garrett, this isn't gonna solve anything.

Don't come any closer.

If you want anyone to leave
with their limbs attached...

you'd better make sure
my brother gets that transplant.

We need you to stay
behind the barricade at this time.

Everyone, please stay behind the barricade.
This is a high-alert situation.

- Sheriff!
- Just hold it.

Hey, not now, Mr. Kent. Now if you
can't tell, I am a little busy here.

My parents are in there.
My dad's having surgery.

Please. What's going on?

Let him go.

There is a kid in there...

who is gonna blow this place to kingdom
come unless his brother gets a transplant.

Garrett Davis?

- You know him?
- His brother doesn't need a transplant.

I have medicine that can cure him.

- Where'd you get this wonder drug?
- Doesn't matter.

If you tell him I have this, we can prevent
anyone from getting hurt. I know him.

He's just desperate.

Well, desperate equals dangerous
in my book.

Sheriff, please.

Just get him on the phone.

He'll talk to me.

We have a serious problem.

Clark can't help us in here.

That bomb is laced with meteor rock.

His family uses it
for their demolition business.

More bang for their buck.

Mrs. Kent, you're a nice lady.
I don't want to hurt you.

Don't do this, Garrett.

It's not what your brother would want.

I know exactly what my brother wanted.

A transplant, and to see me
graduate high school.

I'm gonna make sure he gets
both of those.

Even if I have to be locked up
when I get that diploma.

- Yeah?
- Garrett, it's Clark.

I tracked down the lab they took Vince to,
and I grabbed a vial of the medicine.

I'm holding it right here.

- Why should I trust you?
- Because I've done nothing but try to help.

Okay, come in, but just you.

No. I will not allow that.

I'll get one of my deputies
to bring it in.

It's Clark or no one.

You have to let the hostages go.

That's the only way they're
even gonna think about letting me in.


- Mom, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Your father's still in the operating room.
Garrett means what he says.

I need to get this to Vince,
then I'll take care of the bomb.

Clark, you may not be able to.

It's made with kryptonite. Be careful.

There is too much at stake here.

You find a good vantage point.

You get a clean shot. You take him out.


Where is it?

It's right here.

- What are you doing?
- You have a bomb strapped to your chest.

I prefer to just keep my distance.

Is it supposed to do this?

I don't know.


I need you to give my brother
an injection of this...

in his chest.

- What is this?
- Just do it.

Please, just do it.

What are you waiting for?


How long is it supposed to take, Clark?

I'm not sure.

There's no change in his vitals.

It's not working?

- You lied to me, Clark.
- No, I didn't.

- That's it. My brother's getting a liver now.
- We don't have one, Garrett.

Yes, you do. You've got
a man lying in the OR.

- That's my dad.
- I don't have another choice.

- No, you're not touching him.
- Clark.

You'll still have a mom.

If Vince dies I have no one.

- Son, the chances of success are very low.
- Just go.


- Doctor, you can't do this.
- I know I can't.

But there are 20 other patients in this
building. I don't know what to do.

You don't want to do this, Garrett.

I'm sorry, Clark.

Is everyone all right?

Everything's stable.

Let's continue.

Your father wanted to cut off
his medication.

He said Adam Knight's role
in the project was done...

but I couldn't do it.

It was barbaric.
It would've killed him.

That's why you've hidden him
down here from my father.

Why don't we just keep the kid
on the medicine?

The platelets are in extremely
short supply.

You haven't told me where these
blood platelets come from.

I don't know.

Why would I lie to you?

You're my only way out
from your father's grip.

But I do know they have the remarkable
ability to revivify necrotic tissue.

So why is it that all the subjects suffer
from the same liver disease?

The cells in the liver are the
most resilient cells in the body.

I want you to relax, Adam.

It's me, Dr. Teng.

What's wrong with him?

He's deteriorating.

I told your father not to rush
the serum's development.

But he wouldn't listen.

I don't think it's gonna get much cleaner.

What brings you to the far
reaches of the Talon?

I thought I might be able to find a clue
to the former tenant's whereabouts.

Why? He's gone.

That's what's important.

You wouldn't know where he is,
would you?


I just want to forget
that he ever lived here.

Yeah, I can see that.


is there something
you're not telling me?


Of course not.

I guess I'm gonna have to put
all his stuff in storage.


I want you to know...

if you ever feel
like talking about Adam...

I'm always here.


Why are you still interested
in him, anyway?

You came to me and asked
if I could get him out of your life.

I'm just following up
and making sure he stays that way.

Hey, thanks for the lift.
I think I can take it from here.

Easy, Jonathan.
The doctor said to stand slowly.

If I stand any slower,
I'll be standing still.

Thank you so much
for everything. Bye-bye.

Hey, Clark...

It's all right, son. The doctor says
that the worst of this is behind me.

Hey, Clark?

What's bothering you, son?

When I went to pick up the vial
for Vince, Lex was there.

He was talking to one of the scientists.

From their conversation, it sounds
like Lionel Luthor is behind all of it.

Now, why doesn't that surprise me?

When the serum got close
to the kryptonite bomb...

it reacted the same way as my blood.

- So you're saying the serum...
- I know.

It sounds crazy, but I think
Lionel Luthor's found a way...

to use my blood to bring
people back to life.

If my blood can save lives...

maybe I should come forward.

What if something inside me could
repair dad's heart permanently?


your mother and I both know that you
are gonna save a lot of lives in this world.

Even more than you have any idea.

The only life I'm interested
in saving is yours.

You do.

You save my life every day
that you're with us.

And we wouldn't trade that
for a single moment without you.

- Hey.
- Hey, how's your dad feeling?

You'd never know
he just had a triple bypass.

My mom bought the doctor
a combat helmet as a thank-you gift.

Only your dad could survive
surgery during a siege.

I talked to Garrett's uncle.
He wanted to know what happened.

What did you say?

Well, I couldn't explain
Vince's resurrection...

but I told him that Garrett
was a good kid.

You know, he was desperate.

He wanted to do whatever he could
to save his brother.

I should've said something
about Adam sooner.

- I feel so guilty.
- None of this was your fault.

Still, I let him threaten me into silence.

Because you knew it would put
people in danger.

I understand keeping secrets
for that reason.

It was really hard
keeping it from everyone.

It's kind of a relief to tell you.

Lana, no matter where we stand...

I'm still your friend,
and you can tell me anything.

You know that goes both ways.


What do you think was in that serum?

I have no idea.